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March 5, 2013

Rihanna scolded by mother over naked pictures


Rihanna was severely reprimanded by her mother after a set of naked pictures of the star appeared online last month.

The singer was shown undressed in two photographs taken by her friend Melissa Forde as part of a new picture book project, and Rihanna's mom Monica was furious when the images hit the web.

Rihanna reveals she is "terrified" of her mother and felt "humbled" by her harsh words.

She tells Britain's Elle magazine, "I'm not afraid of any person in this world but my mother, I'm terrified of her! She called me two days ago and reeled me in about two naked pictures Melissa (Forde) put up on Instagram, a sneak peek from a photo book she’s making about me.

"She went crazy on me, I was like embarrassed. I felt like I got my a- whipped in front of my class at school! She humbled the f- out of me."

Source: sfgate

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November 20, 2012

Rihanna Covers Billboard December 2012

By Celebrity-gossip

Rihanna_billboard_cover_sexy.jpgWith her new album Unapologetic hitting stores today (November 19), Rihanna covered the December 2012 issue of Billboard magazine.

The 24-year-old singer looked stunning in a black bikini top for the sexy front page shoot while her manager Jay Brown dished about the young singer's monumental success.

Manager Jay Brown from Roc Nation noted that hopes are high for Unapologetic to score the top album spot on Billboard. “It’d be great if she gets [a #1 album], but she’s broken every other record out there just about. The process is to make good music and when you make good music everything plays itself out. It’s great that people take it tastefully and piece by piece and they’re still buying. It’s about the marathon, not the sprint.”

As for sponsors for Rihanna’s 2013 Diamonds world tour, Brown noted, “We have a lot of offers but w’er not in a rush. She wants to do the right thing. If she’s going to work with a brand, it has to be something that she’s into. She won’t just do anything.”

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May 18, 2012

Rihanna Poses Topless For Esquire, Gets Close To Knicks' J.R. Smith?

by MTV News


Rihanna will appear in the upcoming July issue of Esquire UK, and the singer strips down for the camera in the new feature. The magazine gave fans a sneak peek this week with a few shots from the full spread.

Rihanna's love life has very much been a topic of conversation these days, and according to In Touch Weekly she was spotted with New York Knicks player J.R. Smith at New York City nightclub Veranda a little over a week ago showing some serious PDA. "They were very flirty in the club all night and holding hands," an eyewitness told the magazine. "She was sitting on his lap and was really into him." Another source added "He is the team’s most controversial player, so it’s no wonder that Rihanna likes him."

Smith was recently fined $25, 000 by the NBA after tweeting a picture of Joe Budden's ex-girlfriend Tahiry in a thong, and maybe that caught Rihanna's attention.

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April 17, 2012

Rihanna Shares Topless Pics From Hawaiian Getaway

Pop star shows off her beach body in photos posted on her Facebook page.

By John Mitchell

Rihanna_topless_photo_hawaii_vacation.jpgOh, to be young, beautiful, rich and famous. It sure looks like one heck of a good time.

At least that's what we gather from the photos Rihanna posted to her Facebook Monday night of the Hawaiian getaway she took earlier this year. The Barbadian pop star posted 169 pics of herself and friends enjoying a little fun in the sun, horseback riding, swimming with sharks, enjoying some Bud Light on a boat and lounging on a surf board. Oh, and taking her top off under a waterfall.

For photos from Rihanna's relaxing Hawaiian getaway, click here.

If there was ever any question that the "We Found Love" singer is just about the fittest pop star in the game, these pictures confirm it. From every angle, Rihanna looks amazing; she's rocking visible abs, toned arms and loose, curly locks, and stripped of her diva costumes and makeup, she's a natural stunner. In one pic, RiRi even bares some skin. Bathing under a waterfall, she doffs her bikini top and shoots the camera an ear-to-ear smile.

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April 7, 2012

Rihanna: Battleship made me fearless

By: Bang Showbiz


Rihanna says appearing in 'Battleship' has made her fearless.
The 24-year-old singer makes her acting debut opposite Taylor Kitsch and Brooklyn Decker in the movie and identified a lot with her character Petty Officer Cora Raikes.
She told more! magazine: "Definitely, I'm a fighter. I was able to identify with the character in lots of ways.

"She's tough and focused. But embodying her also helped me to become more fearless.
"I had an incredible experience on 'Battleship'. I learnt a lot about myself. I had to ask myself a lot of questions to get in touch with the right emotions. And it was great working as a team, for the first time in a long while it wasn't all about me."


Rihanna admitted she has always wanted to star in an action movie and is delighted by the finished movie.
She said: "Funnily enough, action was what I wanted to do. It seemed badass and cool.
"I didn't imagine I'd be fighting aliens, but 'Battleship' was a great way to get into movies and it was a role I could do. I was blown away when I saw it. It's really fun."

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December 26, 2011

Rihanna’s New Video Hits 4.6+ Mil. YouTube Views in Opening Weekend



Rihanna’s new video for ‘You Da One’ was the talk of social media during the holiday weekend as it reached over 4.6 million views since being uploaded on Friday.

The video directed by Melina Masoukas, who has worked with Rihanni on six other videos, hit over 3 million videos in her first day with the help of Rihanna’s 11 million plus followers on the social media website, Twitter.


"This sh_t is pretty punk and irreverent this b_tch @rihanna can pull off anything… Even on negative sleep…,” tweeted Masoukas before the upload.

Featuring references to Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film, A Clockwork Orange; Michael Jackson-like crotch grabs and pelvic thrusts; and the 23-year old Barbadian singer writhing around in various states of undress, “You Da One” looks to draw multiple views from Rihanna fans.

So what is next from Rihanna?

“I’m gonna release “The Making of TTT” soon! I love it! The edit’s almost 100%….I think you’re gonna love it too,” tweeted Rihanna.

Although short, fingers are crossed we see a “Birthday Cake” video.

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December 11, 2011

Can Rihanna Keep 'Battleship' Afloat?

By: Jessica Sager

A new trailer for Rihanna's film debut, ‘Battleship,’ hit the ‘Net yesterday. While seemingly everything the pop diva touches turns to gold, how does it look like her first movie might fare?

It’s safe to assume that ‘Battleship’ isn’t gunning for any Oscars. One way to tell? In the opening clip, the line, “From Hasbro, the company that brought you ‘Transformers’” is listed as a bragging right. While ‘Transformers’ was no doubt a fun ride, it wasn’t exactly brain food or a critics’ choice flick.

From what we can see of her part, Rihanna performs pretty well for someone without acting experience. A role like this won’t really stretch her dramatic chops much, but she’s proven herself capable before - her acting in her ‘We Found Love‘ video is disturbing and moving at the same time.

The trailer opens with a giant craft rising from the ocean, then to a seemingly normal ship setting, where ‘Friday Night Lights’ star Taylor Kitsch smooches Sports Illustrated pinup Brooklyn Decker. A shot later, an unknown object is spotted, and RiRi appears with Kitsch. “Is this an exercise?” she asks.

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November 16, 2011

Rihanna Booed On Stage At London Gig After Arriving An Hour Late!

Perhaps It's All That Partying!

By Richard Gilzene

rihanna_booed_concert_london.jpgRihanna took the stage at London's O2 Arena to a chorus of boos from angry fans on Monday night after making fans wait almost an hour for her appearance.

The 'Loud' tour show, which was scheduled to start at 9pm, didn't get underway until 9.55pm.

Fans were left further disappointed when the singer then reportedly put in a half-hearted performance, one fan telling The Sun: "Fans weren't happy at all. Especially as, when she did finally come on stage, her performance was half-hearted."

Perhaps the Bajan beauty was delayed by a slight hangover, having been photographed leaving London night club Whiskey Mist en route to another nightspot in the early hours of Monday morning.

In other news, during alcohol-fuelled celebrations for brother Rorrey's 22nd birthday, Rihanna had reportedly snatched a microphone to warn stunned clubbers to 'always use a condom.'
Is RiRi out of control?

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October 31, 2011

Rihanna Named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire

Isabel Sheen


The “We Found Love” singer knows that she's got it and often flaunts her striking beauty and sex appeal during her music videos and live performances. The singer admitted, however, that she feels anything less than sexy after performing on stage.

“At the end of a concert, I don’t feel like I’ve been this sexy thing,” Rihanna said.

Whether it’s the glistening sweat rolling off of her body from the heat of the stage lights or the utter exhaustion that the singer most likely feels after nearly two hours of non-stop movement and vocalizing, Rihanna may not feel the part but her beauty and well formed features are still in tact. The singer later went on to admit that most of her provocative appearance isn’t intention, except for when she is singing songs that relate to the subject.

Earning the title puts her in the same class as Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson, both of whom have previously earned the title.

Rihanna is currently trotting across the globe as part of her world tour. She most recently wrapped up filming the video for her single, “We Found Love,” which is under massive gunfire from various women’s groups due to its imagery of sex and drugs. One rape group has feared that the video objectifies the singer herself, who has been the victim of domestic violence at the hands of former boyfriend and R & B star Chris Brown.

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Rihanna Named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire

Isabel Sheen


The “We Found Love” singer knows that she's got it and often flaunts her striking beauty and sex appeal during her music videos and live performances. The singer admitted, however, that she feels anything less than sexy after performing on stage.

“At the end of a concert, I don’t feel like I’ve been this sexy thing,” Rihanna said.

Whether it’s the glistening sweat rolling off of her body from the heat of the stage lights or the utter exhaustion that the singer most likely feels after nearly two hours of non-stop movement and vocalizing, Rihanna may not feel the part but her beauty and well formed features are still in tact. The singer later went on to admit that most of her provocative appearance isn’t intention, except for when she is singing songs that relate to the subject.

Earning the title puts her in the same class as Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson, both of whom have previously earned the title.

Rihanna is currently trotting across the globe as part of her world tour. She most recently wrapped up filming the video for her single, “We Found Love,” which is under massive gunfire from various women’s groups due to its imagery of sex and drugs. One rape group has feared that the video objectifies the singer herself, who has been the victim of domestic violence at the hands of former boyfriend and R & B star Chris Brown.

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October 22, 2011

Rihanna's Relationship History: In Her Own Words

By Jocelyn Vena (@jocelyn1212)

rihanna_chris_brown_relationship_love.jpgMany fans who watched Rihanna's "We Found Love" video were quick to tie the clip to the pop star's own experiences, describing the video as an "intense" visual experience.

The video, directed by Melina Matsoukas ("Hard," "S&M," "Rude Boy," "Rockstar 101"), tells the story of two young people driven not only by their dangerous passion for one another, but an equally dangerous passion for drugs. While their experiments with drugs certainly plays a big part in the story, their abusive relationship also helps weave the tale of the couple, played by Rihanna and British model/boxer Dudley O'Shaughnessy.

Rihanna has always been open about her own struggles in an abusive relationship, notably her relationship with Chris Brown, which culminated in a 2009 assault. In the two-plus years since the headline-making experience, Rihanna has moved the narrative toward her musical endeavors, which includes her forthcoming album, Talk That Talk, but the video also reminds fans of the singer's past, one she's never shied away from discussing.

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August 9, 2011

Rihanna Pays Her Stylist Over $1 Million a Year

Ursula Stephen is living the good life, thanks to her No. 1 client.

By Kimberly Walker


For the cost of one year’s in-state college tuition, Rihanna keeps her hair laid. According to a member of the singer’s entourage, Rih-Rih spends a whopping $22,400 a week to employ the services of super stylist Ursula Stephen.

The hair maven, who’s responsible for all of Rihanna’s trendsetting ‘dos, charges a daily retainer fee of $3,200. “She makes several public appearances a week, and the cost soon stacks up,” reveals the source to the UK’s Daily Mail. “Ursula is a close confidante and they are together all the time. You have to wonder why she insists on keeping such an expensive member of her entourage on the payroll 24/7. Most of these costs are paid for by her management.”

Rihanna just recently abandoned her infamous red tresses for brown, two-toned waves. Guess you really do have to pay the cost to be the boss.

Source: BET
(Photo: REUTERS/Brendan McDermid)

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July 5, 2011

Rihanna Songs Are Really Expensive


How much does it cost to make a hit single? NPR decided to deep-dive into Rihanna's "Man Down" as a case study, and what they found was predictably eye-popping: When you add the costs of pulling together a songwriters' camp (which, in Rihanna's case, is about $200,000), and covering expenses for the songwriter, producer, vocal producer, mix recording, and promotion, a single song can easily cost over a million bucks. "The reason it costs so much is because I need everything to click at once," explains Ray Daniels, who manages the "Man Down" songwriters. "You want them to turn on the radio and hear Rihanna, turn on BET and see Rihanna, walk down the street and see a poster of Rihanna, look on Billboard, the iTunes chart, I want you to see Rihanna first. All of that costs." And no doubt, Usher appreciates Ri-Ri's expensive leftovers. [NPR]


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June 14, 2011

Rihanna gets a 'boob guard'


While it's common for celebrities to hire bodyguards, singer Rihanna has gone a step further and kept a booby guard to protect her assets from being groped in public. Apparently one lucky fellow has landed the job of Rihanna's 'boob minder' when she steps out wearing risqué clothes. And not surprisingly the man is totally dedicated to his job.

Recently, the booby guard, who was pictured cupping her assets in Australia a few months back, kept his eyes on the prize while escorting Rihanna after a club gig in Montreal, reports

Considering Rihanna's penchant for revealing dresses, seems like this man has his hands full!

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May 3, 2011

Rihanna Shoots "Man Down" Video in Jamaica

by Contessa Gayles

Rihanna teased her fans with a behind-the-scenes look at her island video shoot for her new single 'Man Down,' the latest from her fifth studio album 'Loud.'
The Bajan babe chose to film the new video in Jamaica and tweeted all the way. "WELCOME TA JAMROCK!!! #projectmandown," she posted upon her island arrival. Rihanna teamed up with long-time partner in crime, director Anthony Mandler for the 'Man Down' video. Mandler began working with Rihanna in 2006 on her 'Unfaithful' video and most recently worked with the superstar on the set of 'Only Girl (In the World).' He has also worked with stars like Drake, Usher, Jay-Z, T.I. and John Legend.

"Eatin a roti, on my way to #JAMRock Rah Rah!!!!," she posted to her Twitter page on her way to the shoot (left). She tweeted another ... behind ... the scenes photo of her self in colorful, barely-there-bottoms and signature red hair with a pal "chillin on set" (right).

The singer made sure to stay relevant and on top of current events despite her mini island vacation away from the States -- she wrapped that video shoot and her series of tweets with a mash up of her 'Man Down' lyrics and a nod to the news of the Osama Bin Laden's death. "Obama Bama Bama...sry I meant, oh Mama Mama Mama, I just shot a man down #brrrap," she wrote earlier today (May 2).

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April 21, 2011

Rihanna the Youngest Female Star to Get 10 Billboard Hit Singles

Krazy Katty Writer

rihanna-sketch-art-work-billboard.jpgThe Billboard hit wizard Rihanna is a top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart again courtesy of her controversial S&M single.

With S&M holding down the #1 spot it signifies Rihanna's 10th holding of the #1 position which makes her the first artiste to get ten #1 hit songs in less than five years. This achievement also labeled Rihanna as the youngest female artiste to score ten number ones (23-year-old)…Mariah Carey, the previous record holder was 25 when she got her 10th #1.

When Rihanna found out about her 10th billboard hit she immediately began to tweet, "10th!!! Now look at what you did, Rihanna Navy. You rocked the sh*t out! Thank you so much, this is the best news!" you guys #werk hard

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April 19, 2011

Sexy Rihanna - Her Messed-Up Rolling Stone Interview Is Sad

Story by sfgate

sexy_rihanna_photos.jpgRolling Stone Magazine has done it again: managed to get a revealing interview out of an iconic star: in this case, Rihanna. The Hip Hop singer still most-closely linked to artist Chris Brown says she likes to be spanked, is into sexting, and has been making songs about abuse in the wake of her violent relationship with Brown.

Two years ago, Chris Brown and Rianna had an argument that turned ugly, with Brown hitting her in the face, causing it to be badly disfigured. Brown gave an apology that to this day many don't believe, and is still (as evidenced by his recent blow-up after being interviewed by Good Morning America's Robin Roberts) not completely normal and has anger problems.

Rihanna also has her problem - with the fact that she's a public figure.

In a recent Twitter dust-up, Rihanna got after blogger Sandra Rose criticized her for agreeing to have the restraining order against Brown partially lifted. Ms. Rose said that "The true fans who supported Rihanna through those tough times after chris brown beat her azz deserve better than this." The hot singer / model tweeted back "I would've sworn he beat YOUR ass, just by how upset u are! My fans don't care abt a restraining order and neither do I! My bad!"

In Rolling Stone, Rihanna said the issue was essentially none of Rose's business and that it was her personal decision.

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April 12, 2011

Rihanna Takes Aim At Opinionated Blogger For Chris Brown

rihanna_chris_brown_relationship_status.jpgRihanna has fired off at one Internet blogger who bashed the R&B beauty for refusing to continue her court-imposed restraining order against ex-boyfriend Chris Brown earlier this year (2011).

The Umbrella hitmaker allowed the order to expire and agreed with a judge that Brown had been punished enough for his attack on her in 2009.
But not everyone was happy with her decision and one blogger, Sandra Rose, called it "a disgrace".

Rihanna has used a new Rolling Stone interview to hit back at the opinionated writer, insisting, "A lot of people get so brave behind the computer screen."

The singer rages, "When she's jumping to conclusions about my personal decision, it really p**sed me off. That's my decision. You don't make that decision for me."
And the star insists the relaxing of the restraining order does not mean she has any plans to get back together with her ex.

She adds, "It doesn't mean we're gonna be in a relationship, or make up, or even talk ever again... We don't have to talk again ever in my life. I just didn't want to make it more difficult for him professionally."

Under the terms of the original order, Brown had to stay at least 100 yards away from Rihanna after pleading guilty to assaulting her. That meant there were awards shows and functions he simply could not attend.

Source: contactmusic

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March 14, 2011

Was Rihanna Drunk Last Night on Chelsea Lately?



Last night Chelsea Handler sat down with Rihanna in Australia. They patted butt’s to say hello, Rihanna wore a long-sleeve sheath and enormous, suffocating wig. Mostly Chelsea, who doesn’t understand reggae time, wanted to know why Rihanna invited her to her birthday party a couple weeks ago but didn’t bother to say hello or participate in the situation till way late, well after Chelsea left. As consolation Rihanna offered that it was a Sunday night, she doesn’t remember what time anything happened, that it was fun because eventually they “kind of let everybody in.”

This established, Chelsea asked why are there no black people in Australia. Rihanna’s belabored conclusion? It’s actually extraordinary when you see black folks in Australia, you actually notice it, “they’re usually really dark, which is beautiful.” They talked more about beautiful skin and Rihanna’s Nivea campaign before things got real. Around 6:30 in this clip, Rihanna confesses to getting drunk on the first date. Without pause Chelsea says it’s important to be drunk in all situations, then struggles to understand Rihanna’s woozy promise that “there’s no judgment” again boozing on her end.

Source: TheFader

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December 12, 2010

What's My Name Remix Rihanna Ft. Sean Kingston


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November 25, 2010

Rihanna Makes History With Seventh No. 1 Single

by Latifah Muhammad

rihanna_fur_coat_pink.jpg'Only Girl (In the World)," the first single from Rihanna's fifth album, 'Loud,' has skyrocketed the pop princess to new Billboard heights, making her the artist with the most No. 1 singles since 1992.

The song was released in September and gives Rihanna her seventh No. 1 appearance on Billboard's Mainstream Top 40 chart, breaking a new record in the Nielsen list's 18-year-history. This puts Ri-Ri ahead of number two contenders Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Beyonce, who each have six No. 1 singles under their belts.

Rihanna's previous number one hits include: 'S.O.S.' (May 2006), 'Disturbia' (July 2008) 'Live Your Life (feat. Rihanna)' (Dec 2008), 'Rude Boy' (May 2010) and 'Love the Way You Lie' (Aug 2010). Her most recent single, 'What's My Name?' featuring Drake, debuted on Billboard's Hot 100 chart two weeks ago. The two recently filmed the video for the song in New York City.

Source: theboombox

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November 16, 2010

Nicki Minaj Recording New Song With Rihanna

nicki_minaj_shorts.jpgNicki Minaj is adding to the long list of artists that she has collaborated with by recording a track with Rihanna!

Nicki has already worked with Christina Aguilera, Trey Songz, Will.i.Am, Jay Sean, Sean Kingston and heaps more. And now she's teaming up with Rihanna for Nicki's upcoming album.

WATCH - Nicki Minaj's video for 'Right Thru Me'

The ladies recorded a song called 'Fly' for Nicki's album 'Pink Friday'.

Nicki wrote on her Facebook page, "I wanted to work with Rihanna for a long time. I'm very proud of her accomplishments; especially since she was born on an island like me :).

"This song is a female empowerment song. But then again, it's not specific to just women. It speaks about flying, soaring high in the face of every single solitary adversity that comes your way. I speak about how the media has attempted to box me in and how that has made me feel suffocated."

They'd make a great team!

Source: take40

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November 15, 2010

Katy Perry Wants BFF Rihanna To Say “I Do” As Soon As Possible

Written By: Pau De Arco

rihanna_katty_perry_friends_lolipop.jpgNewlywed Katy Perry is emanating with the married bliss that she wants her bff Rihanna to walk down the aisle real soon!

RIHANNA could be the next one to say "I do” if her pop pal Katy Perry has anything to do with it!

The Barbados born singer says, her friend fellow artist Katy Perry has been bugging her to tie the knot with boyfriend Matt Kemp.

"Katy thinks I should get married now, but she needs to calm down on that one. I mean, one day, but not just yet…. we’re having too much fun,” she said.

Rihanna and Matt have been dating since January.

As previously reported,the 22 year old Rihanna was so disappointed about ditching Perry and Brand’s wedding in India last month due to her prior work commitments.

To atone for missing out Katy’s big day,the red haired Rihanna has apologized by arranging a lavish second honeymoon in Tokyo for them costing $60,000.

“Rihanna hasn’t stopped apologizing since the wedding day,” a source told British newspaper The Sun. “She told Katy she’d been racking her brains about how to make it up to them.

“She knows how much Katy loves Tokyo, so this way she could give them a trip they would always remember.”

Source: showbizgossips

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November 12, 2010

Rihanna Gives Lady Gaga A Run For Her Money

By Gavin Martin

rihanna_loud_album.jpgShe is an artist who has learned to grow up fast. During her half-decade in the limelight, the 22-year-old Bajan bombshell's image has developed at an ever accelerating pace.

Now, with Loud, her lust-filled fifth album, Rihanna moves closer to fulfilling her ambition - stated early in her career - to become "the black Madonna".

"I like things strong and edgy," she smiles.

"I don't like things that are expected."

The teenybop, carnival reggae princess who appeared on her tentative 2005 debut Music Of The Sun seems a world away from the flame-haired hip-hop temptress who strides, and writhes, her way through Loud. In a pop world driven into a hormonal frenzy by Lady Gaga and her pal Katy Perry, Rihanna is clearly ready to compete.

Of course, much has happened between then and now. She left her Caribbean home to find the fame she dreamed of while growing up in Barbados in the shadow of an absentee crack-addicted father. In America, Jay-Z spotted her determination right away.

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October 9, 2010

Rihanna Says Boyfriend Matt Kemp Prefers Her Loud Ballads

By Mawuse Ziegbe

matt-kemp-rihanna-dating-dinner.jpgRihanna's making a bold statement with the title of her fifth disc, Loud, but her boyfriend, Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp, is all about the quieter moments on her new album.

In an interview with U.K. radio station 95.8 Capital FM, the "Only Girl (In the World)" singer revealed that she's played some of her new tracks for her beau, and while he's feeling most of the record, he's really into the slow jams.

"He really likes, actually, the ballads on the album. Those are his favorite ones," Rihanna said. The songstress, who described the vibe of her next effort as "fearless," "bold" and "colorful," predicted that one of the slower numbers could turn out to be a hit.

"The ballads on this album are really special. I didn't want to just put a bunch of ballads on the album, I actually wanted to keep it minimal with slow records," she explained. "But there are really two powerful ballads. One is called 'Straight Up Beautiful' and the other one is called 'California King Bed' which is ... one of my favorite songs on the album. It's probably going to be the biggest song on the album. It's talking about being this close to someone yet feeling so far away, like falling out of love."

Rihanna said she often looks to her man for feedback on her music.

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September 7, 2010

Bikini-Clad Rihanna Shows Off Gun Tattoo on Thigh

Rated R for revolver?

rihanna-gun-tattoo-body.jpgRihanna spent her Labor Day soaking up the sun and the surf in Hawaii.

The singer, 22, showed off her physique in a skimpy, turquoise bikini. Seen on her right thigh? Yet another tattoo -- this one of a life-size gun.

The "Love the Way You Lie" singer already has over a dozen tats -- but a source close to the star tells Us this one's not real. Instead, the source explains, the temporary tattoo is for her role in the upcoming flick Battleship, shooting now.

Last month, Rihanna showed off new, bonafide ink on her neck which read "rebelle fleur" (roughly "rebel flower" in French).

On Tuesday, the star announced, via Rihanna Daily, the title of her upcoming new album: Loud. The new songs will be "sassy, fun, flirty, energetic," she said. "I'm just gonna be ME, cuz that's what you guys love the most, and that's what makes me feel best! Just being normal, normal for me is LOUD!"

Source: usmagazine

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August 19, 2010

Kim Kardashian wishes that she had kissed Rihanna

Kim-Kardashian-Rihanna-swimwear.jpgKim Kardashian recently let slip a secret desire to kiss Rihanna.

The reality TV star said she would love to have locked lips with the Umbrella singer.

Her pal PR guru Jonathan Cheban joked on US radio that the list of people Kim had kissed was ‘really long’.

He said: ‘I’m kidding, have you kissed Rihanna?’

She replied: ‘I wish!’

She also told Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show that she is ‘just friends’ with football ace Cristiano Ronaldo.

‘Uh, next question…we’re friends,’ the 29-year-old said.

Seacrest added: ‘Have you ever thought about kissing him?”

‘I’ve thought about a lot of things…none of the above!’ Kim replied.

She is now dating NFL star Miles Austin after she was linked to Ronaldo earlier in the year.

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April 23, 2010

Too rude: Rihanna hospitalised

Rihanna is recovering from an injured rib.

rihanna_hospital.jpgThe Rude Boy singer was rushed to the accident and emergency department of the Hirslanden private clinic in Switzerland on Monday night after hurting herself during her sell-out concert at the Hallenstadion venue, in Zurich.

The 22-year-old star's publicist has now revealed Rihanna only "went to have it looked at to be sure it was nothing serious" and insists everything is now "OK, and the tour is going great".

Rihanna - who was discharged from the hospital two-and-a-half hours after being admitted - was able to continue on the European leg of her Last Girl on Earth tour and is now heading to Germany for a show in Frankfurt today before playing in Oberhausen on Sunday.


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April 14, 2010

Rihanna makes her debut as a baseball WAG as boyfriend Matt Kemp kicks off new season with a home run

By Daily Mail Reporter

rihanna_at_football.jpgAfter months of being coy over her burgeoning romance with Los Angeles Dodgers player Matt Kemp, Rihanna has made her debut as a baseball WAG.

Sitting in the front row at the first home game for the new season, the R&B singer cheered and whooped as her new love scored a home run against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Looking like a regular baseball fan in her blue Dodgers hoodie, Rihanna, 22, watched her outfielder beau, 25, intently during the game's nine innings.

Her attendance proved to be somewhat of a lucky charm for the team, who won the game 9-5.


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March 21, 2010

Rihanna To Give BFF Katy Perry The World's Fiercest Bachelorette Party

by Maria-Mercedes Lara

rihanna_katty_perry.jpgCelebrity besties Katy Perry and Rihanna are as close as two mega-famous pop stars can get, so it is no surprise that Rihanna is throwing Katy Perry a bachelorette party. Sounds like fun! Oh, we're sure our invitation was just "accidentally" lost in the mail, right Ri-Ri?

Perry has been telling her fiance, Russell Brand, that her party is going to be "every bit as wild as any party he and his boys will throw," which is kind of a bold statement to make, considering that we are talking about bad boy Russell Brand here.

Perry has a reputation for wacky parties: previous party themes have included paint wars and Willy Wonka. We just hope Rihanna knows better than to invite that party-killer swastika boy to this particular fête.

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March 6, 2010

Rihanna gets a Lap dance From Tiny Stripper

Rihanna treated to a little lap dance at birthday bash thrown by boyfriend Matt Kemp


BY Patty Lee

Rihanna got a little birthday surprise from her new beau this weekend.

Los Angeles Dodgers star Matt Kemp threw the sexy singer a surprise 22nd birthday party in Phoenix, Ariz., reports E! News.

Though RiRi was lead to believe Kemp had planned a very "private and intimate" gathering for her, the singer was reportedly "shocked" by the ballplayer's efforts.

Around 40 of Rihanna's friends and Kemps' baseball pals attended the bash, which included flowers, Sprinkles cupcakes, engraved bottles of Ace of Spades and Johnny Walker Blue and a Jamaican chef who prepared appetizers for the guests.


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February 17, 2010

Rihanna: "People Assume I'm AB*tch…"

By Candi Kays

rihanna-bad-girl.jpgRihanna reckons that people assume she's a "bitch" when they first meet her because she's so quiet, but the truth is she's actually kind of shy.

The Russian Roulette said:

"If I don't know someone often I don’t say very much, I observe and people think I am snooty because of that."

"People assume that I’m a b*tch. But I don't think that I am. I just don't feel I have to be that enthusiastic if I don’t know who you are yet."

Which is actually kind of funny because when we spotted her arriving at LAX last night she was in a particularly friendly mood as she smiled for the cameras and posed for pictures with a couple of fans.

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January 14, 2010

Rihanna - "Every woman should have naked pictures taken"

rihanna-magazine-photos1.jpgIn recent months, Rihanna has been in the headlines for her lack of clothing nearly as much as her music.

Just weeks after declaring 'every woman should have naked pictures taken', the 21-year-old has peeled off again for a revealing new photoshoot.

In stunning black and white images for the new issue of American magazine W, Rihanna goes topless as she talks about her recovery from her difficult 2009.

The topless shots, taken from the side and behind, give Rihanna the opportunity to show off her extended tattoo collection.

The star has a series of stars on the nape of her neck, a gun under her armpit and a tribal pattern on her right hand.

In the accompanying interview, the Bajan singer admitted recording her latest album Rated R proved a therapeutic experience, with many of her songs being inspired by her break-up from Chris Brown after he assaulted her.



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January 5, 2010

Rihanna Heats Up with New Man

rihanna-new-man-photo.jpgShe may be extremely busy with her career, but Rihanna is finding quality time to hang with her new beau, Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp.

The 21-year-old singer, introduced to Kemp, 25, by friends in November, is currently vacationing with the outfielder at a luxury resort in Cabo San Lucas.

While hanging poolside on Jan. 4, the lovebirds "couldn't keep their hands off of each other," says an eyewitness, adding that once back on their patio the pair "kept kissing while gazing out over the ocean."


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November 27, 2009

Rihanna 'embarrassed' by nude photo leak

rihanna-swim-wear.jpgRihanna has spoken out about the naked photos of her that were published earlier this year.

The singer was embarrassed when pictures she sent to an ex-boyfriend appeared on the internet.

'I just felt like my whole privacy was taken before that and then, when that came out, I thought, "Oh great, so now there's nothing they don't know about me and my private life",' she said on New York radio show Hot 97.

'It was humiliating and embarrassing - especially my mum having to see that.'

But Rihanna, 21, admits she doesn't regret sending the snaps.

'If you don't send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him,' she added.


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November 9, 2009

Rihanna Watched Dad Abuse Mom

rihanna-and-daddy.jpgIn her very revealing 20/20 interview, Rihanna revealed that, long before she and Chris Brown were dating, she had experienced the heartbreak of domestic violence. The singer told Diane Sawyer when she was a child she witnessed her father beating her mother.

"I always anticipated it happening," Rihanna said. "At night I wouldn't want to sleep, because I was too afraid it would happen. She never went to the hospital, but he broke her nose...Domestic violence is not something that people want anybody to know, so she would just hide it in the house. I always said to myself, 'I'm never going to date somebody like my dad, never.' I always said that."

But last February she found herself in a similar situation to her mom's, where she was repeatedly hit by the person she loved. But, even after Chris' attack, Rihanna couldn't just walk away from her love.


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November 3, 2009

Rihanna Breaks Silence About Chris Brown

By Jessica Herndon

rihanna1.jpgNine months after her fight with Chris Brown, Rihanna finally opens up about the night that left her bruised and bloody.

"This happened to me. … It can happen to anyone," the singer, 21, tells Diane Sawyer in an interview airing Thursday on Good Morning America and on 20/20 on Friday.

Rihanna says it was particularly difficult because of the special place Brown held in her heart: "He was definitely my first big love."

Both singers have worked to move on. Brown is serving his sentence and working on new music, his album Graffiti will drop Dec. 15; and Rihanna is shaking things up with her edgy fashion and releasing her fourth album Rated R on Nov. 23. The album's first single "Russian Roulette" debuted last week.

Source: people

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September 8, 2009

Rihanna Spotted With a New Man

can28-rihanna-jamaica.jpgThere may be a new guy in Rihanna's life! She's been spotted out with Travis London, who was previously linked to Mary-Kate Olsen. According to NY Daily News, Rihanna and Travis have been seen in numerous places in LA since last Saturday.

They apparently dined at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, hung with Katy Perry, and canoodled at the Chateau Marmont.

A source says, "They were very silly and touchy-feely. She looked like she was having a really good time."

Well, Rihanna definitely deserves to have a good time! She's been through a lot this year! What do you think about her latest choice in a man?

Source: hollyscoop

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August 18, 2009

Rihanna Could Do With a Little More Chris Brown in Her Life

Source: eonline

Does Rihanna want her face time with Chris Brown to be a little less coincidental?

rihanna-brown-11.jpgThe pop star's attorney tells E! News that his client is looking to do away with the order of protection that's been in place since Brown copped to beating on Rihanna in February, which requires the "Run It" singer to stay at least 50 yards away from his ex-girlfriend.

The court allowed some leeway in case the duo were both in attendance at a music industry event, meaning Brown wouldn't be hauled off to the clink if he and Rihanna happened to rub elbows at the Grammys.

But whether she wanted this all along or was moved by Brown's videotaped mea culpa (and the promise of yet another apology on Larry King Live Wednesday night), Rihanna, who declined the court's offer of a restraining order back in March, feels that a level-one protection order will be sufficient from now on.


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July 27, 2009

Rihanna And Chris Spend Weekend In Same Hotel

Source: yourtango

Trump International Hotel & Tower won't comment on pair skirting a court order to stay separate.

rihanna-chris-brown-together-hotel.jpgA week before Chris Brown is scheduled to be sentenced for beating Rihanna last February, there's evidence that the two are unwisely disobeying court orders to stay separate from each fact, they spent this weekend in shockingly close proximity.

Despite a judge's orders for Chris to stay 50 yards away from Rihanna (10 yards at music industry events where other people are present), he was spotted Friday night checking into the Trump International Hotel & Tower on New York's Central Park West - the same hotel where Rihanna reportedly already was staying. Limelife claims they spent the weekend stealthy coming and going from the hotel's underground garage in decoy vehicles that drove multiple times around the hotel to ward off fans and paparazzi. While they were never caught on film in direct contact with each other, sources say neither one had an event in New York for which they needed to be present; plus, witnesses are wondering why they couldn't have checked in to two different hotels. A Trump International Hotel & Tower spokesperson has declined to comment whether Rihanna and Chris were staying on the same floor.


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July 9, 2009

Rihanna is in trouble with the law


rihanna-tattoo-guy-illegal.jpgRihanna just can't catch a break now can she? According to sources, Rihanna may be arrested for tattooing civilians. Anyone who is anyone knows that Rihanna has a slight obsession with body art, so much so that she has decided to become a student to the pen, the tattooing pen that is.

Apparently during her tattoo lessons, she decided to give 3 of her fans her own signature tattoo that consisted of an umbrella with the letter "R" under it. Though this is an act that deserves an applause the NYPD is looking to slap some cuffs on her wrist.

The New York Police Department and the NYC Health Department are looking into Rihanna tattooing without a license. The agency told gossip site,TMZ, that "only licensed tattoo artists can administer tattoos in the city according to the City's Health Code. We are sending someone down to follow up on this."


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June 5, 2009

Celebrity Look-Alikes, Vol. 61: Rihanna & Woody Woodpecker

Rihanna's raising more than eyebrows these days.

The hot singer, who will reportedly testify against Chris Brown this month if his assault / criminal threats case reaches trial (don't bet on that), has been demoing more new fashion and hairstyles than we can even keep track of.

This latest one is an all-timer, too.

As you can see in the photo comparison below, she's apparently going for the Woody Woodpecker look. Rihanna conjured up images of the beloved, acorn-loving avian cartoon critter when she wore her hair back - and in a giant crest - this week.

How that's what we call a hair-raising experience:


Source: thehollywoodgossip

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May 28, 2009

Comeback queen Rihanna sizzles in lingerie and not much else in new Kanye West video


Troubled singer Rihanna has thrown herself into her work since returning to the spotlight.

And despite saying little about the alleged attack on her at the hands of ex-boyfriend R&B singer Chris Brown, the 21-year-old is content to let her actions do the talking.

Rihanna sizzled in a sheer boned basque as she teamed up with rapper Kanye West in the video for his new track Paranoid.

Although she says nothing, her confident appearance speaks volumes.

Despite it being West's video, he was content to let Rihanna take centre stage and she is seen tossing and turning restlessly in bed and striking a series of seductive poses.

She later swaps the rather risque lingerie for an eighties-style white body con dress.

Rihanna has appeared at several high profile showbiz events over the last few weeks, while former lover Brown, 20, has been in hiding.


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March 16, 2009

Rihanna Eyes Role in "The Bodyguard" Remake

Rihanna_%40_MTV_Movie_Awards_.jpgFollowing the infamous altercation with boyfriend Chris Brown that left her battered and bruised, Rihanna is looking to put the focus back on her career. She's reportedly been in the studios, and is now rumored to be seeking a role in a remake of the 1992 hit film "The Bodyguard."

Following in the footsteps of Whitney Houston, who starred in the original film, Rihanna is set to take on her role as a music star who lives in fear of a stalker.

A source told the New York Daily News, "Before the situation with Chris, Ri was getting a lot of scripts. She's been wanting to do movies for a while now."

Source: clevelandleader

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March 4, 2009

Rihanna: Role Model No More?

riribreezy_chris_brown.jpgTo some, Rihanna is a victim. To others, in light of reports that she's back with Chris Brown after allegations that he beat and bruised her, she is something completely different.

"She's not sending the right message to kids," said Maggie, 15, a former Rihanna fan and sophomore at New York City's High School for Environmental Studies. "She's just retarded and I just hope she knows that I'm not going to listen to her ever again."

Maggie, who asked that her last name not be used, isn't the only teenager upset with the 21-year-old pop superstar, who reportedly reconciled with Brown, 19, at Sean "Diddy" Combs' Miami Beach mansion this weekend after their reported Feb. 8 altercation.


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February 28, 2009

Rihanna's Dad Says He'll Support Her Choices

rihanna_daddy_Ronald_Fenty_photos.jpgLearning that his daughter and Chris Brown have reconciled, Rihanna's father says he supports the singer in her decisions.

"Whatever road she chooses, I'm behind her," said Ronald Fenty, when reached by telephone on Barbados. Fenty took the reunion in stride Saturday, as he worked selling novelty items on a street corner in downtown Bridgetown. He says he hasn't spoken to his daughter since earlier this month, for her 21st birthday, and only found out about the reconciliation through the media.

"We are a family who stick together even though we are apart," he tells PEOPLE.

Rihanna and Brown have been in Miami Beach together, almost three weeks after Brown, 19, allegedly battered the "Umbrella" singer on Feb. 8, a source tells PEOPLE.

"While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves," the source says.

As for Rihanna, Fenty would only say, "She's a smart girl." When asked what he would tell Brown as a father, he demurred, "I have no comment on Chris Brown."


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January 26, 2009

"Rihanna is too sexy for Malaysians", said Islamic group PAS.

Rihanna_malaysia_protest_singer_artist.jpgBy Krazy Katty Writer

Malaysia’s Islamic group PAS has threatened to take serious action if the Barbadian star Rihanna is allowed to perform in their country.

According to the Islamic group, they will not support Rihhana’s raunchy performance and daring outfits.

However, even though there has been a massive protest over Rihanna’s presence in Malaysia the Malaysian government has not ruled in favour of the Islamic group.

"They can always protest, but the ministry has the final say," Minister of Unity, Culture and Arts Mohamad Shafie Apdal was quoted as saying by the country's Bernama news agency, yesterday.

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December 25, 2008

Rihanna: Hottest Pop Star Of The Decade?


Sexy Barbadian singer Rihanna is one of eight superstars tipped to be the Hottest Babes for 2009.

The other two favourites on the list are Scarlett Johansson and Katty Perry. However, many believe that Rihanna will be the only one on the list to continue reaping success in 2009.

Katty Perry who Kissed A Girl is tipped to continue her controversial ways, while Rihanna who is now being hailed as the pop star of the decade is expected to continue her chart topping trend or even better.

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November 17, 2008

Rihanna Is Apparently Very Scared To Go To Indonesia

rihanna.jpgHollywood (ChattahBox) - Rihanna is apparently scared beyond belief about the idea of going to Indonesia.

Rihanna was supposed to perform in Indonesia last Friday, but it never happened.

Just hours before the show was set to begin, the 20-year old made it clear that she was not going to perform.

She was going to put on a concert in front of a sold out crowd of 6,000 people in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta.

She decided to stay in Australia though as she felt her safety was in jeopardy by going there.

She plans to return to Indonesia in 2009 at some point.


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October 18, 2008

'Umbrella' named catchiest song in poll


'Umbrella' by Rihanna is the UK's catchiest song, a new poll has found.

The song, which stayed in the number one spot on the singles chart for ten weeks last year, finished ahead of dancefloor classics 'Dancing Queen' by ABBA and 'YMCA' by the Village People in research from

Other tunes listed included 'Come On Eileen' by Dexy's Midnight Runners and Kylie Minogue's 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'.

"'Umbrella' was the hit everyone loved to hate. We loved it at first but it was annoying the 100th time," said the company.

"Even worse, while it was number one it seemed to be raining constantly."

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October 3, 2008

Rihanna Gets Mistaken For Prince

rihanna_prince_look_like_photo_artistes.jpgWe never would have made this connection, and it's too funny! Rihanna, with her cute new pixie haircut she's been donning all summer, has been getting mistaken for Prince!

Star magazine reports that Rihanna, who is used to people yelling and screaming for her, will pass by fans and then realize they're screaming the wrong name.

Last month, she was at the airport in London when fans started calling her the "Purple One" and yelling "Prince!"

We have to admit, when Rihanna has sunglasses on, the two definitely resemble each other. She's a hell of a lot hotter though with glasses off! Not to mention the gender difference…Do you see the resemblance?


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August 31, 2008

Rihanna Gives Katy Perry the Kiss-Off

By David Jenison

rihanna_swimwear_beach_blue_singer_artiste.jpgThis week Rihanna's a bad girl gone good.

Her new single "Disturbia" just gave the singer a third No. 1 hit from Good Girl Gone Bad and ended Katy Perry's seven-week chart-topping streak for "I Kissed a Girl."

Perry was the first female artist to hold the top spot for seven straight weeks since, ironically, Rihanna did it last summer with "Umbrella."

Rihanna's latest single made the two-spot jump to No. 1 after selling a week-best 148,000 digital downloads. Impressively, her previous chart-topper "Take a Bow" remains atop the Hot 100 Airplay chart, making this one of the rare times in which an artist simultaneously dominates the regular Hot 100 and the Hot 100 Airplay chart with different songs.

Good Girl Gone Bad originally scored just one chart-topper with "Umbrella," but Rihanna released a Reloaded version last June that contained the new hits "Take a Bow" and "Disturbia." As happens with bonus tracks on deluxe editions, fans often buy the individual tracks instead of the new version and this helps drive an artist's digital track sales.

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