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June 1, 2012

Dancehall film to be screened in Trinidad and Tobago

By M. Jodee Freelance Writer


A popular Dancehall film, which has already made waves in North America and Europe, will finally be shown in the Caribbean as Trinidad and Tobago prepares to unveil it in the coming days.

Hit Me With Music, a film featuring many of Dancehall's pioneers, will be featured at the annual WeBeat Festival, which will take place between June 2 and June 7 in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Additionally, the film hails as a part of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival as well as the BPTT Community Cinergy series of film screenings.

Directed by Spanish filmmaker, Miquel Galofre, Hit Me With Music features a plethora of elite Dancehall acts credited with making the genre a global phenomenon while highlighting elements of Jamaica's music that form an integral part of the island's nightlife. Additionally, the Dancehall documentary, which was originally screened last year, takes notice of many controversial trends that have greatly impacted Jamaican culture including skin bleaching, feuds between prominent Dancehall acts as well as the 'Daggering' dance which became popular between 2007 and 2009.

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November 25, 2011

Twilight Breaking Dawn sparks 'convulsing, snorting' seizures in US cinemas

Epileptic fits in male viewers blamed on light effects during vampire birthing scene

Xan Brooks

The%20Twilight%20Saga%20Breaking%20Dawn%20-%20Part%201.jpgThe critics have labelled it slow, bloated and joyless. The Guardian's own Peter Bradshaw described it as an "emo-operetta" that "sweeps us away on a riptide of mawkish euphoria". Yet it transpires that the latest Twilight picture may possess a power that was somehow missed by its early detractors. It is now being blamed for triggering epileptic seizures in filmgoers across America.

Brandon Gephart, from Roseville, California, was reportedly rushed to hospital after falling ill during the movie's climactic birthing sequence. "He was convulsing, snorting, trying to breathe," his girlfriend Kelly Bauman told reporters from CBS Sacramento. "He scared me big time." The screening ended prematurely following the arrival of paramedics.

Elsewhere, ABC4 in Salt Lake City ran the story of an unnamed Utah man who suffered a similar seizure while watching the film. "I didn't really remember what happened after that," the man explained. "I think I blacked out. According to [my wife] I was shaking and mumbling different noises."

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July 6, 2010

'Inception': The Early Reviews Are In!

'Leonardo DiCaprio finds the tortured center of his character,' one reviewer writes.
By Eric Ditzian


Almost one year ago, the teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's "Inception" hit the web. It featured acrobatic fight sequences, hallucinatory imagery, and left us with far more questions than answers. Just what the heck was this movie really about, anyway?

In the months that followed, Nolan slowly peeled back the curtain to reveal peeks at his top-secret follow-up to 2008's "The Dark Knight." Now, with the movie's July 16 release date approaching, "Inception" has been fully unveiled to industry insiders, and the first reviews are beginning to pop up online. Here's what folks are saying about the flick.

The Story
"Leonardo DiCaprio plays Cobb, an expert in what the film calls extraction, the theft of secrets or information from the subconscious mind," Todd Gilchrist wrote in After botching a job thanks to the intrusion of his wife Mal (Marion Cotillard), Cobb finds an unlikely opportunity for redemption from one of his former victims: Saito (Ken Watanabe), CEO of a flourishing multinational, offers him amnesty in exchange for planting an idea - known as inception - within the mind of Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy), one of Saito's competitors. Enlisting the help of teammates Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Ariadne (Ellen Page), Eames (Tom Hardy), and Yusuf (Dileep Rao), Cobb reluctantly agrees to the mission, only to discover that the mind's defenses are more formidable than any physical threat he could face. Heist-movie plot details notwithstanding, the above description scarcely scratches at the surface of what's in the film, and certainly reveals nothing of the deeper conceptual and thematic dimensions of its story."


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May 11, 2010

Iron Man tops UK box office for second week

iron_man_two_2.jpgLONDON (Reuters Life!) - Superhero movie "Iron Man 2" held on to the UK box office top spot for a second week, according to Screen Internationalon Tuesday, easily seeing off the challenge of a clutch of new releases.


Starring Robert Downey Jr as a billionaire with a suit of invincible armor, the film made 3.2 million pounds ($4.9 million) after its debut 7.6 million pounds last week.

Of the five newcomers to the Top 10, "Furry Vengeance" did best, reaching second place with Brendan Fraser and Brooke Shields fending off local forest animals whose homes are at risk from a housing development.

Horror movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street" came in at three with the tale of suburban teenagers being stalked by killer Freddy Krueger.

Making its debut at four was time-warp buddy comedy "Hot Tub Machine" while Jennifer Lopez determined to become a mother in "The Back-up Plan," was new at five.


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May 9, 2010

'Men In Black III' Script 'Looks Really Good,' Josh Brolin Says

By Eric Ditzian, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

men_in_black_III.jpgWill Smith probably has to hook up a pair of 3-D-enhanced, Neuralyzer-blocking sunglasses, 'cause he's headed back to the big screen as Agent Jay for "Men in Black III" ... in 3-D.

Shortly before Columbia Pictures' announcement about the film's May 2012 release on Friday (May 7), MTV News spoke with Smith's new co-star, Josh Brolin, about the upcoming flick. Though he hasn't yet inked a deal to play a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones' Agent Kay, Brolin spoke effusively about "MIBIII" and exactly how he decided the role was right for him.

"It looks really, really good," he told us. "I can't tell you the story, obviously, but they pitched me the general story, and I was like, 'Eh, I don't know if that's really my thing, man.' I was extremely grateful that they were even interested in me. But then they got more specific with the story, and I go, 'Yes, that's f---ing great!' This is a character where I feel like I can do some actual acting work within this franchise that everybody knows."


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April 15, 2010

Rated: Clash of the Titans

Article By: Nils van der Linden


The gods are miffed. They just can't get no respect from man.

So big kahuna Zeus gets little bro and Underworld badass, Hades, to show them who's boss. The deal: sacrifice a hot princess or we unleash a computer-generated sea monster. But Perseus - half-god, half-Australian - is having none of this. So he treks off in search of something that can kill the beast. Giant scorpions, weird guys with glowing eyes, a scarred mofo, and one ugly bitch get in his way.

Or something like that. 'Clash Of The Titans' doesn't pay much attention to its plot. Neither should you. After all this is a 21st century ADD remake of a 30-year-old movie that had Harry Hamlin in a dress fighting off miniature plastic monsters with the help of a mechanical owl.

The 'LA Law' man is now action-hero-for-hire Sam Worthington, the stop motion creatures replaced by CGI nasties, and R2D2-with-wings dumped by the side of the road. But the smell of cheese still lingers.


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February 1, 2010

Mel Gibson Can't Topple 'Avatar'


edge-of-darkness-mel-gibson.jpgThe much-hyped return to the multiplex of Mel Gibson, whose drunken and anti-Semitic outburst in 2006 turned him into a Hollywood pariah, proved no threat to James Cameron's "Avatar," which was No. 1 at the weekend box office for the seventh weekend in a row and passed the $2 billion mark globally.

"Avatar" sold about $30 million in tickets at North American theaters for a new domestic total of $594.5 million.

Overseas "Avatar," from 20th Century Fox, did about $95 million in business over the weekend. It now ranks as the No. 1 film of all time in terms of revenue (without adjusting for inflation) with $2.04 billion in global sales.


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January 22, 2010

Review: Tooth Fairy Is Only Very Bad, Not Terrible



Tooth Fairy stars Dwayne Johnson as an arrogant minor-league hockey player who is forced to serve a stint as the title character as penance for his disbelief in magic, or dreams, or something. The motivation for this scenario, obviously, is that someone thought it would be hilarious to see The Rock wearing wings and a tutu. Not that I dispute this, necessarily, but it's hardly enough to hang a movie on.

The best that can be said for the film is that, despite its description, it is not unbearable. It can be borne. Indeed, there are actually some laughs in the early scenes, thanks to a supporting cast whose comedic skills are more finely tuned than those of the broad, hammy Dwayne Johnson. We will get to them in a moment, once I have filled you in on the stupid premise of the stupid plot.

It is as follows. Derek Thompson, whose name was probably chosen because it sounds a lot like Dwayne Johnson, is a smug, preening hockey player nicknamed the Tooth Fairy because of his penchant for knocking out opposing players' teeth. He's a big star, the Tooth Fairy; the crowds love him. Yet the film tries to tell us that, in addition to being a fan favorite, he is also a washed-up has-been who everyone thinks is too old to play. Why the movie thought it could pass him off as both of these things, I do not know, but here we are.


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January 10, 2010

'Avatar' sets sights on director Cameron's 'Titanic' record

By Scott Bowles, USA TODAY

Is it time to talk Titanic?

avatar-movie-pictures.jpgJames Cameron's sci-fi opus Avatar claimed the No. 1 spot at the box office for the fourth straight weekend and continues to demolish records.

The film raked in $48.5 million, according to studio estimates from Nielsen EDI. The haul brings Avatar's total to $429 million.

The picture shattered the record held for highest fourth-weekend ticket sales. The previous title holder: Titanic, which did $28.7 million in 1997.

The weekend haul also moved Avatar to seventh on the all-time list of biggest films. The strong hold - the movie dropped just 29% from last weekend - means it could be in striking distance of The Dark Knight, which is the second biggest film.

That would leave it chasing Titanic's most prized title: highest-grossing film of all-time with $601 million.


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January 8, 2010

'Daybreakers' Predates 'Twilight,' Willem Dafoe Says


"Daybreakers," the latest film to drive home the idea that vampires are most definitely in right now, is about as far as you can get from the romance and diamond sparkles of "Twilight." It's bloody, it's violent, and it portrays humanity as an endangered species, a dwindling food supply squandered by the excesses of the latest dominant life form on the planet.

The near-future world created by writer/directors Peter and Michael Spierig is one that falls very close to our own, with the main difference being that Average Joes and Janes are mostly active at night. And a change in their diet, of course. It's a clever twist on established vampire tropes, a look at a world in which the blood-suckers have won.

"I thought the approach was really fresh," Willem Dafoe told MTV in a recent interview. The actor stars as Lionel "Elvis" Cormac, a one-time vampire who regains his humanity following a freak accident. Dafoe plays the role of hero in the movie, working to save the last remaining vestiges of humanity from being turned into lunch.


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January 5, 2010

Avatar Is A Must See - Movie Review

"Avatar" had another stellar weekend with $68.3 million domestically, shooting past $1 billion worldwide, only the fifth movie ever to hit that mark. - Washingtonpost

avatar-movie-photos.jpgPosted by: jasonjim

I saw Avatar on December 30th. Avatar is a movie that must be seen in a 3D theatre to get the best effect and pleasure out of it. It would not be the same watching it on TV, much of the impact would be lost or diminished.

This is a beautiful movie to watch. Earth has trees and mountains and plants, but you have never ever seen trees and mountains and plants like they appear in this movie on the planet of Pandora. Especially the trees, they are truly majestic. When the Hometree is destroyed by military gunfire it brings a pang to the heart to see something so majestic and powerful finally fall to the ground. The mountainous scenes are awesome. The CGI is spectacular, worth the price of admission alone.

Much of the characterization is done by computer, but the blue characters are believable and you relate to them, sympathize with their plight, and the love between the native blue Princess and the hybrid Avatar is uplifting to watch.


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November 22, 2009

The end of the world ... again

By Sara Veal


Disaster-movie king Roland Emmerich has decided we're due for another effects-laden vision of the end of the world.

This time it's not alien attacks (Independence Day) or global warming (The Day After Tomorrow), it's those darned ancient Mayans.

Not content with advancing chocolate and maths, to the delight and despair of schoolchildren everywhere, they've gone and predicted that the world ends on Dec. 21, 2012. Well, at least we get a movie out of it, one that's heavy on the action and easy on the eyes and mind.

2012 opens in the present day, as geologist Dr. Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) goes to India and learns there's been troubling solar activity that confirms the Mayan prediction that the world is going to fall apart in three years' time. (Don't worry too much about the science; in fact, if you need a popcorn refill this would be a good time to go).


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