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July 29, 2008

Editor's Note - Lost in the Music

By Nomad Writer

LOST%20IN%20DA%20MUSIC%20-%20EDITOR%27S%20NOTE.jpgIn recent weeks, several emails have been sent to our office recommending that we interview artistes highlighted in our ‘LOST IN THE MUSIC’ feature. As a result of this, and in the practice of professional journalism, we have embarked on a mission to find the artistes.

As of next week, we will begin with a re-run of some of the artistes we have done. However, we cannot promise that we will be able to find everyone that is on the lists that most of you, our readers, sent. We will however try our best to locate them. The feature for artistes that we are not able to the get in touch with will be published in a similar manner to the way we have practiced in the past.

Continue reading as we yearn to give you, our readers, creative and quality articles that will whet your reading appetite and keep you informed.

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July 22, 2008

Terror Fabulous – Lost In The Music

By Nomad Writer

terror_fabulous_jamaica_danccehall_artiste.jpgThis week in Lost In The Music, we will be looking at one of dancehall’s genius - Terror Fabulous. Terror is no ordinary deejay, but is an artiste that sets himself apart from the dominant deejays in the ‘90s that included the likes of Louie Culture, Terry Ganzie, Shabba Ranks and at the time the fast rising Buju Banton.

Terror Fabulous was definitely one of the most talented deejays to emerge on the dancehall scene. Dancehall as a genre should be honoured that someone like Terror Fabulous got a chance to bless the microphone and display his versatility. His resourceful and potent lyrics still stuck adamantly to our tongues and we cannot help but sing along whenever we hear his songs. Songs from his fabulous catalogue still ‘mash up’ nuff dancehall sessions worldwide.

Terror Fabulous is not just a ‘fly by night’ deejay. He has class, versatility and one of the best voices dancehall fans have come to know and trust. His colourful catalogue includes hardcore hits such as Gangster's Anthem, Have You Ever Seen A 45 Before, and for the ladies he has Glamorous Glitterous, Miss Goody Goody, You Nuh Kotch, and much more. Terror Fabulous also boasts one of the most compelling anti-gay songs in Number Two, bettered only by what some describe as Buju Banton indomitable Boom Bye Bye.

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July 15, 2008

Abijah - Lost In The Music

By Nomad Writer

abijah_lost_music_reggae_man.jpgAbijah's first (and only) hit single Revelation debuted at number 6 on May 25, 2001 and climbed to number 1, remaining on several local charts for 30 weeks. That is really the end of his story…

While writing this article I am pondering whether it is under the correct heading. I was thinking more along the line that Abijah should in fact be written about under the heading “One Hit Wonder.”

Aside from Revelation in 2001 and a remake of Bob Marley’s Sun is Shining in 2005, which we don’t really consider because it is not original, Jamaica has not really heard any other mainstream production from the man who dubs himself ‘The Ambassador for Peace.’

Abijah did commercials for the Jamaica Tourist Board and has realized the dream many who enter music in Jamaica wish to become a reality, performing on Reggae Sumfest. He has spoken at the prestigious Harvard and Oxford Universities and is a part of the "Healing the Nation" program here in Jamaica.

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July 8, 2008

Merciless - Lost In The Music

By Nomad Writer

merciless_jamaican_artiste_dancehall.jpgFor Merciless it is not about being lost in the music, it is about not being able to be found, literally. The last we heard of Merciless was that he was in lock up in the United States, and there was rumours circulating within the entertainment fraternity that he was in Miami ‘running taxi.’

Whatever the situation is with ‘The Gal Dem Gizadda’ one thing is for sure, he once gripped the attention of the dancehall arena.

Merciless blast to the pinnacle of dancehall in 2000 at the annual Sting festival when he annihilated three of dancehall’s biggest guns Ninja Man, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man. Dressed for war in army fatigue and with his face painted to match his striking attire, Merciless waited patiently as he sounded his war cry: “Real war mi come, … “light!, b*mb*h*le dead tonight.”

Ninja and Merciless were head to head initially, however, Merciless used his witty rhymes and chatter to win over the crowd. His line “It look like yuh lef’ yuh under pants inna Kid Ralph prison cell,” got the better of Ninja Man who struggled to find a comeback.

“How Laing fi inna him right mind and clash mi wid ‘Junkie’ (Ninja Man), sen’ out bl**dcl**t Bounty,” Warhead said to thunderous roars from the crowd. The Killa was no match for Merciless who easily dismissed him. Beenie Man soon joined the fracas and was himself embarrassed. After that famous clash, Merciless killed three goats, each representing the three-dancehall giants that he slewed.

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July 1, 2008

Predator - Lost In The Music

By Nomad Writer

predator_lost_artiste_alliance_girls.jpgThe response towards our latest feature - ‘Lost In The Music’ has been fabulous. We have received tons of emails with lots of names that some of our readers request us to feature. There are names on some lists that surprised us here at and we will be paying close attention to those artistes in the coming months.

This week in ‘Lost In The Music,’ we will be featuring Predator - ‘The War Editor’.

The slang “mad, sick, head nuh good,” raged like a wild fire throughout Jamaica, and even caught on overseas. However, as Bob Marley sang: “Yuh can fool the people sometimes, but yuh can’t fool all the people all the time, so now you see the light…” Well the world has seen the light and have stepped into it and left Predator in the dark.

At the dawn of 2000 Predator was so hot that even internationally acclaimed dancehall artiste Elephant Man and his protégé at the time Kiprich ‘borrowed’ his ideas and turned them into local hits. His songs Nah Nuh Head and Head Nuh Good stuck to the tongue of thousands and Predator looked destine to make it big.

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June 24, 2008

Mr. Lexx - Lost In The Music

By Nomad Writer will be starting a weekly feature looking on reggae/dancehall artistes that burst onto the scene and then vanish into thin air. You, our readers, can assist us by sending in names of artistes you think should be on this list to

We will be kicking off this feature with The Prince, a man in the music business that have gone through many name changes, but still haven’t manage to climb back up the treacherous dancehall ladder.

Initially we know this person as Lexxus, who then changed his name to Mr. Lexx and currently wishes to be called The Prince. However, despite all the name changes Mr. Lexx’s career has remained stagnant for the last couple of years.

Born Christopher Palmer, Mr. Lexx emerged on the scene in the late 90s with a plethora of hits, including Make Some Money, Prayer, Full Hundred, Ring Mi Cellie, Cook, Let Those Monkeys Out, and others. He also gave breathtaking performances at two of Jamaica’s biggest stage shows, Sting and Reggae Sumfest. The girls usually scream when they hear his name. His songs frequented the charts and he ruled the airwaves.

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