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January 29, 2015

Why is Delus afraid to love again? - @DelusDj

Delus_Love_Again_.jpgRecording artiste Delus has been receiving a lot of support for his single 'Afraid to Love Again'. The single has also sparked much debate on social media from his fans about his personal life. 'Afraid to Love Again' speaks about his heart breaks and relationships and shows a more vulnerable side of the artiste.

He shared "the inspiration for this song was based on true events in my life. Most people who have been in relationships and break up because of infidelity can relate to this song". The single produced by World Union on the 'Four Seasons Riddim' came after the success of 'Another Gal' which was released in January of 2011. 'Another Gal' also spoke about infidelity in relationships but, if you follow the storyline carefully Delus released another single entitled 'Mi Find Her' in December of the same year; now he is afraid to love again!

The Subkonshus signed artiste has since released 'Love Hates You' produced by Broxton Music and let us not forget the popular 'Gallis (From Birth)' single by Blaqk Sheep. When asked about his present relationship status and the releases of these story telling singles he had this to say,
"I honestly had not planned that these songs be released in any particular order; I guess it's just musical destiny. As for my relationship status, I am sure my music will give you updates".

Delus is set to release his EP in March 2015 and possibly the lady interest influencing the lyrics behind his singles.

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@WalshyFire: Vybz Kartel Dubplates, King Turbo & Black Chiney vs Jugglerz - @gibbopresents

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September 26, 2014

T.O.K "Taking Over"... Radio and TV - @Flexxtok @Craigy_Tok @bombrushmuzik @TOKjamaica

TOK_taking_over_ep.jpgSince the release of the 1st episode of T.O.K Taking Over Reality Series which airs on CVM TV on Sundays at 9pm, the show has been gaining fans every week and becoming more popular with viewers after each episode.

Now at it's 10th episode, there is a growing fascination with the realness but distinct personality of each group member. The positive reviews and social media commendations include, but are not limited to, the quality of the production and the entertainment value. Riding on the popularity wave of the series, the group will be doing more outside of the show to concretize their success in the industry.

T.O.K just released three singles EP on iTunes called "Taking Over", "We Bring The Party" and "Good Good" ft Dj Blass & the title track "Taking Over" which features new comer Mariel Jacoda from the Therapist music camp. Additionally, the group just came back from the United States promoting the release of their EP and was featured at a number of events in Massachusetts and the New York Tri-State Area the most recent performances being over the Labour Day Weekend where they, as usual, delivered great calibre of performances. Based on the crowd responses to their quality catalogue of old and new singles. This year marks the 15th anniversary of T.O.K's reign in the music business and they will be celebrating this milestone October 18th at Famous Night Club along with some of their closest friends. It's evident that T.O.K. is definitely "Taking Over".

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September 9, 2014

Multi Media Personality @NikkizHot20 Social Impact Recognized by Hip Hop Legend @LLCoolJ

Nikki-Z-Ll-Cool-J.jpgDubbed the Caribbean Ryan Seacrest, popular media maven Nikki Z social media impact is evident in her many endeavors, but never more so than this week when she received an acknowledgement nod from legendary Grammy winner legendary LL Cool J.

As dancehall appeal becomes more evident in today's mainstream music, notable acts collaborations between genres delight worldwide fans. Such is the case for the recent hit single "Hustler" featuring LL Cool J and Mavado. Producer Jerry Wonda as many others in the business, sent Nikki the track to listen and get her honest feedback. Nikki Z is the host of her popular syndicated weekly radio countdown program "Nikki Z HOT 20".

"As soon as the producer Jerry Wonda sent it to my inbox, I had heard the song, loved it, so I uploaded the song with the Nikki'z Radio drop as to prevent illegal download. It was late but I happen to be awake those hours. The post went viral while i was sleeping". stated the Diva.

By morning the post was all over social media sites where it reached LL Cool J who couldn't resist saying thank you personally to the Diva. "Jerry put me on a conference call with LL and he thanked me for starting the movement with this track, It's still surreal to have someone you grew up watching through TV, magazines. someone so established take time out to recognize my work." Her version was subsequently chosen by LL as the soundtrack for the official video release on world famous WorldStar. When asked why she thought they used the version with her stamp in it. Nikki said "I was told by Mavado's manager LL felt it was right because I was the 1st person to play the track"

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August 29, 2014

Getting To Know Ghetto T - @Ghettotmusic @Patadolphus

Ghetto-T-artiste.jpgFew people have the vocal dexterity to meld hip hop and dancehall into great songs that can appeal to any fan base, but Ghetto T is one of those rare artistes.
The entertainer's diverse upbringing and exposure to different cultures gave him a unique perspective from which to make his music.

Born Dave Ferguson, he grew up in the tough neighborhood of Waterhouse in Kingston, Spanish Town, Dam Head and later St Maarten. He then migrated to Canada where he landed a job at Toronto's Pearson International Airport. It is this range of experience that has influenced his music.

He discovered his true passion for music at age eight.

"I idolised Ninja Man; he is the one who inspired me to be an artiste. At first, it was a rough struggle to sacrifice music for making a 'day to day' living. I used to sell in downtown Kingston market and at night, I used to go to community stage shows," he said.

Seeking better economic opportunities, Ghetto T moved to St Maarten where he picked up a regular job. He still continued to hone his craft in his spare time but his job dominated his life. He migrated to Canada where he landed another job. It was in Toronto where there is a vibrant music scene and a large Jamaican population, where he began to fine-tune his sound and his craft.

He released his first single and album. One of his most popular songs is Home Alone (Dead Wrong) for which he shot a video. The video can be seen on YouTube. Other songs include the saucy Tic Tac and Gal Start Breed.

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August 21, 2014

The Gleaner Company celebrates 180 years with its first ever 5K Run - @JamaicaGleaner

Gleaner-180k-run.jpgKingston, Jamaica: The Gleaner Company Limited celebrates its 180th anniversary on September 13, 2014. As part of our celebratory activities, the 'Old Dame of North Street' will host the 'Fit for 180, Fit for Life' 5K Run.

The Gleaner has always promoted healthy living and The Gleaner's 180 5K Run is an extension of that goal. The race will begin at The Gleaner Company's head office at 6:30 am, with a pre-race warm up session with Spartan Health Club's Steve Ming at our East Street parking lot at 6 am.

The Gleaner continues to promote 'Destination Downtown', so runners will be led on a route along South Camp Road, onto Marescaux Road, down Heroes' Circle and ending on East Street.

The Gleaner's 180 5K Run is for runners and walkers of all fitness levels and ages and is being organised by Running Events Limited.

Persons wishing to participate in the run will be required to pay $1000. The first 1000 persons to register will receive a limited edition Gleaner 180 bag. Teams with 50 or more persons will pay a discounted price of $900 per person.

The fun will not end at the finish line as participants will be feted to a breakfast party, using their race BIBS for entry. A first of its kind, the breakfast party will see participants being treated to an array of healthy meals, refreshing beverages and high-energy music by Flava Unit Sound System.

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August 1, 2014

@21stHapilos Digital Presents Digital Awards & Recognizes Biggest Names in Reggae/Dancehall Music - @Jwonder21


Jamaica, U.S.A (21st Hapilos Digital) - In 2011 Dancehall and Reggae digital distributor giants 21st Hapilos Digital created the coveted 21st Hapilos Digital Awards in order to reward and recognize excellence by artists, producers and record labels for their various achievements in the global digital market place.

21st Hapilos Digital Distribution emerged from the need for an avenue for local music to tap into the international market. The distribution of music was evolving and 21st Hapilos saw digital distribution as the future of music distribution. The company’s goal is to open up markets and help take Reggae and Dancehall music to the heights which it has never been taken before while administering the services needed by the clients to facilitate that journey.

Mr. Johnny Wonder, Executive Vice President, 21st Hapilos Digital was on hand in Jamaica to distribute the digital awards. "On behalf of myself and the entire 21st Hapilos staff, we would like to thank all the artists, producers, ZJs, DJs and industry insiders for the overwhelming support with the distribution of the 21st Hapilos Awards we love and support all our real supporters. We see you all believe me. Although there are many of you to thank, I would especially like to recognize Anju Blax, Elvis (So Unique Records), Rvssian (Head Concussion Records), David and Jordan (Chimney Records), Teflon & Zinc fence Records, Dre Island, Popcaan, Jamie YVP, ZJ Chrome, ZJ Liquid, Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Kirk Lee & Road Block Films, Ruption (RD Studios), Venomus, QQ, Stashment Productions, Tashana BooBoo Perry, Overstand Entertainment, Alkaline, Dre Day productions, Adde Productions, J Boog, Tarrus Riley, Markhize (Subkonshus music), Konshens, Subkonshus Music, Sensi (Head Concussion Records), Sniggy (Head Concussion Records), Consi The Crime Minister, J Capri, Chronixx, Vybz Kartel, Short Boss Muzik, Hitmaker, Mavado, Armz House records, General Rado (Armz House Records), Gutty Bling & Shortman,, Black Spyda records, Gachapan records, Dameon Gayle, Bugle, vanessa Bling, TJ Records, Delomar (RDX), Renigade (RDX), Neil (Cash Flow Records), XtremeArts, Tommy Lee Sparta,King Jammys, Stephen "Di Genius" Mcgregor, Aidonia, Lalo & The whole JOP Crew, I am sure that I forgot some names, but just know that we recognize you as well and thank you for your support and musical contributions".

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May 2, 2014

Reggae Superstar I-Octane Has Hit The Jackpot Yet Again - @Realioctane

Ioctane-mama-video-pics-photos.jpgReggae superstar I-Octane has hit the jackpot yet again with the release of his song "Mama" off his latest album "My Journey." Octane, known for his ability to create music that resonates with the masses has penned another soul-stirring song especially for the mothers. In the song 'Mama', the artiste acknowledges all the sacrifices that many mothers make for their children and promises that "your [her] glory soon come" and that she will receive her reward for all the good she has done. The emotion and sincerity is evident in Octane's voice and the smooth melody and heartfelt lyrics is sure to make this song a popular anthem. The video for 'Mama' will be released next week.

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April 23, 2014

Macka Diamond To Drop 'Big Foot' Video This Weekend - @MackaDiamond1

Macka-Diamond-big-foot-hapilos-itunes.jpgDancehall superstar will be premiering the video for her sexually charged single, Big Foot, this week on CVM's Onstage.

"Big Foot ah go hard inna the streets, Foota Hype, Bredda Hype, Boom Boom, Harry Hype, everybody ah show the song love, and it ah get crazy pull ups, the male fans dem love the sexy voice mi a use pon the songs, the ting balance out now with both female and male fans," she said.

The song appears on the Stashment Records imprint. Macka Diamond is also pleased with the response to her 'Wicked Heart' video which is now in heavy rotation on HYPE TV, RE TV, LINKS, SWAG, and CVM TV.

In the meantime, the Spanish version of her breakout single, Dye Dye, which went number one on local and international charts, continues to get excellent rotation, giving the song a second boost. The song has been added to the playlists of several radio stations in Central and South America and the Spanish version to the song is selling well on iTunes in Latin America.

"The calls are coming in from Panama, Nicaragua and Columbia so far, so I have to be prepping up on my Spanish vocabulary," she joked.

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March 31, 2014

Jamaican Reggae Artiste Jahmiel Calls For Unity On Upcoming Video - @ItsJahmiel_YVP


Kingston, Jamaica (MPR Consulting) - It is unfortunately often portrayed in the media that young people are not conscious of the every day struggles. The youths are unfortunately portrayed as self-centered social media partying people. Of course we all know that this is untrue and Jahmiel is the perfect example as he delivers his socially-conscious messages.

Jahmiel wrote his upcoming single and video "United" after a conversation with Balla G of Rokus Records. "The whole united song idea came up after having a convo with Balla G on black history month talking about black history. I'm the type of artiste that sings about what i see around me, both negative and positive, but then give whatever I'm singing about a positive solution. We were speaking about the lack of unity between our black people. That we need to be reading and knowing where we coming from, then we'll see the light. I see more fussing and fighting than loving and caring. The fact is uniting strengthens everything we're doing so lets use that energy in the right way" states Jahmiel.

Filmed in Pinicle Hill, Spanish Town and Trelawny Jamaica, the video was directed by Ricardo Williams and co-directed by Kahlila Anderson, "United" is slated to be release within the next few weeks with an official video launch and showcase.

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February 19, 2014

@Anjublax looks to follow up YVA win with more hits in 2014 @UIMRecords

By Marc Parc
Freelance Writer

Mr. Anju Blaxxx has done it again. 2014 is off to a great start for the award winning producer.

Anju_Blaxxx_UIM_Records_Producer_Jamaica.jpgAnju Blaxxx has yet another notch in his production-award-belt, and for the second consecutive year it's the Youth View Awards, where he's taken a win in the Producer of the Year category.

And how does Anju Blaxxx keep the hits coming? Well, however you slice it, the producer is a legend in the making. Born Andrew Myrie, Anju Blaxxx is intent on making an indelible mark this year, as the accomplished yet humble producer, continues to churn hits upon the hits.

In a press release, UIM Records announced that, "We are now working on new projects with Robert Livingston. Also, albums are in the pipelines for artistes: Popcaan, Bugle and Tommy Lee Sparta. There will be new projects for our dedicated fans with international recording star Movado, we recently released the Redlight District rhythm featuring: Blak Diamon, Jah Cure, Popcaan, Agent Sasco, Shane O, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Vybrant, Seya among others."

He continued, "Everyone should be on the lookout for songs produced from the highly anticipated Chris Martin and Jah Cure album. There is also a new rhythm set to be released in March titled the Punjabi rhythm, which boasts artistes: Movado, Konshens, Blak Diamon, Popcaan, Tommy Lee, Shane O, Keely, Chase Cross, and more."

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February 11, 2014

Third World to Honour Bunny Rugs at the Blue Mountain Music Festival - @ThirdWorldBand


Kingston, Jamaica: Nestled among Jamaica's eastern mountains amidst majestic eucalyptus trees and indigenous flora, the Holywell Recreational Park will host the first Blue Mountain Music Festival. On February 22, TOK's Roshaun "Bay-C" Clarke and the Bombrush Records family invite you to this celebration of art, life and Reggae music.

The Blue Mountain Music Festival features a stellar line-up of world-class performers and exhibitors that the entire family will enjoy. This unique festival offers two days of eclectic entertainment, including dub poetry, comedy, massage, music and yoga. For just $2,500 per day, explore Holywell, while grooving to the sounds of T.O.K., Kabaka Pyramid, Jah9, Tanya Stephens, Chronixx and Third World, to name a few.

Third World Tribute to Bunny Rugs

The Third World band will perform in tribute to former lead singer William "Bunny Rugs" Clarke on Saturday February 22.

"It will be a good feeling to be in the mountains, raising the musical vibrations and honouring our dear brother Bunny Rugs. The band is really looking forward to performing at the Blue Mountain Music Festival," commented Third World bassist Richard Daley.

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February 6, 2014

Kiprich shoots video for Smart Phone - @Kipponubehavior

Smart%20Phone%20video%20kiprich.jpgDancehall Artiste Kiprich, recently completed the video shoot for his latest single "Smart Phone". Smart Phone is an exclusive produced by Outta Road Records that has been gaining traction both on the local and international airwaves.

"I have Great Expectations for this single. The shoot went well, It’s a great concept and it was well executed and all I have to say is look out for video" Kiprich said
The video "Smart Phone" was directed by Gregory 'Asha' McPhail of Slingshot Videos and is set to be released by end of February

Please see link below for Kiprich new single

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February 5, 2014

Exclusive: Sugar Bear & Cutty Corn - This is a Prayer - @Mekastep @Galawasp1 @RealCuttyCorn

Label: Mek A Step Records
Producer :Akeem Galawasp Davis
Email For Jingles Request:
Twitter: @mekastep & @galawasp1


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January 13, 2014

Demarco Nominated For 'Best African Song' In Australia - @DemarcoDaDon

Demarco_African_Award_Sammi_Australia.jpgRecent musical exploits in the land renowned for the Sydney Opera House, Kangaroos and its multi-culturalism appears to be bearing fruit for Jamaican Dancehall star Demarco who has landed his first-ever nomination for an award in Australia. The singer has been nominated in the Best African Song of the Year category for his 2013 collaboration Summer Party with Ghanaian star Samini in the Radio Afro Awards hosted by popular broadcasting house Radio Afro. A brainchild of the station's executives the award show in aimed at recognizing music of an African origin, considering its growing popularity in the Australian Diaspora.

Radio Afro was also very instrumental in the success of Demarco's I Love My Life eight-city tour last summer. Astound by the nomination, the talented Jamaican heaped bountiful adulations on the Australian masses and his team for yet another career milestone. "This is a great way to start the New Year, and to get a nomination only months after your first tour of that country is definitely an accomplishment. I would like to thank my hardworking team and especially the people of Australia for this one." The winner will be revealed in the coming weeks via the station.

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October 30, 2013

Diana King's Special Birthday Offer For Her Fans - @DIANAKINGDOM

Diana_King_Album_A_Girl_Name_King_itunes.jpgDIANA KING aka 'KingSinga' is world renowned and historically one of the top selling and celebrated artist to emerge from the island of Jamaica. Her unique style and ReggaeFusion blend of genres, has made KING a standout artist since her debut. Responsible for hits such as, SHY GUY - I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR YOU - LOVE TRIANGLE - SUMMER BREEEZIN - AIN'T NOBODY - TENDERNESS and L-L-LIES, she continues to "WOW" her audiences across the globe.

To show her love and appreciation to you, on her birthday November 8th, 2013, Diana King will make her latest Independent self-written and produced album 'AgirLnaMeKING' (A girl name KING) FREE to DOWNLOAD for 3 days Nov. 8-11 at her Label's 'SOUNDCLOUD' SITE BELOW.

This album is very special to KING. After being diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) a few years ago and told she may never walk again, Diana decided not to take any prescription drugs for her illness and used music as her therapy. And with each song, KING healed. INSTANT! GOOD VIBES when you LISTEN THIS ALBUM.



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October 28, 2013

Producer Don Corleon Talks Inner Circle's Influence on Reggae Music - @BadBoysOfReggae @doncorleonie

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October 2, 2013

Irish and Chin Announces the Explosive Return of "REEEWIND" - @IrishandChin


New York, New York -- October 2013 -- Irish and Chin returns with an explosive 5th edition of the insanely popular "REEEWIND & COME AGAIN" on Saturday, November 9, 2013. Going down on Veterans Day Weekend inside Amazura entertainment complex, this epic tribute to sound system/Rub-a-Dub culture will thrill patrons with more than 4 hours of live performances by top Reggae acts on legendary sounds including King Stur Gav (with URoy), Jah Love (with Ilawi) and King Addies (with Danny Dread). A tribute to the 80's, artists already confirmed on the line up include Brigadier Jerry, Sister Nancy, Charlie Chaplin and General Trees. Irish and Chin is positioned to make major announcements regarding at least 3-4 first time heavy hitters pegged for the line up in the coming weeks! This installment will surely move the massive!

The only show of its kind in the New York Tri-State area, "REEEWIND" captures the true essence of an era when sounds ruled the world, paving a way for rising artists. This historical event will have the industry talking for years to come. It's been over two years since the last staging of "REEEWIND" and fans have been anxious for the stellar event's return. "REEEWIND" shines as one of Irish and Chin's most successful brands, typically attracting 3,000 loyal patrons. Just imagine 7-8 powerhouse artists sharing the mic and toasting over intense foundation riddims, provided by resident sounds King Stur Gav, Jah Love and King Addies.

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September 20, 2013

Elephant Man, QQ and Richie B Set For The First Ever Mobay Nite Flexx - @RichieBcharts @EleDiEnergyGod


The inaugural staging of MOBAY NITE FLEXX, a VIP Celebrity Party series, is set to kick off at The Donway Jamaican Style Village on Friday September 27 at 9pm. The event will attract three major guest artistes namely Elephant Man, QQ and Sophia Squire. All the artistes are hyped and ready to entertain their fans, especially Elephant Man who said 'Yuh si like how mi neva get fi perform at Sumfest dis year, Mobay a guh get di bess a mi…shizzle'.

MOBAY NITE FLEXX coincides with a major birth night party for persons born during the month of September. Heading the list of celebrants will be popular radio personality Richard 'Richie B' Burgess of Mello FM who will also double as emcee. He along with his fans (who are September born) will be cutting a big birthday cake and popping bottles of champagne on the stage before midnight.

With these three guest artistes down to perform, Elephant Man, QQ and Sophia Squire, The Donway on Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay is expected to erupt with excitement. Elephant Man will also launch his latest song entitled Twerk, QQ, who has one of the biggest dance songs for the summer in the form of 'One Drop'. He will conduct a One Drop dance contest for a prize of $5,000.00. DJ Audley out of Kingston will be the special guest selector. Admission is $1,000.00 at the gate.

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RDX To Headline Arthur Guinness Day Concert in St Lucia - @DelomaRDX @RDXrenigade

RDX_guinness_author_day_st_lucia.jpgOn September 26, in several cities around the world glasses will be raised in honour of Arthur Guinness the man who introduced the world to the most famous dark brew. In Saint Lucia, local brewers of Guinness, WLBL will also join in the global celebrations with a number of bar promotions and the broadcasting of regional concerts held to celebrate Arthur Day. However it will not end there. On Sunday September 29, 2013 Guinness will host its official "Arthur Guinness Day" concert event featuring a major Jamaican act.

The event will be held at Fond D'or, Dennery and will be headlined by RDX of Jamaica. With steamy dancehall scorchers like "Broad Out", "Kotch" and "Jump" RDX have been ruling the clubs and the streets with their party anthems all summer long.

RDX members are deejay Renegade (Carlton Williams) and Singer Delomar (Andre Bedward). Both artistes first started out in the dancehall reggae business in 2003 as members of a group call "Xsytment" but went on to form their own group "RDX" in 2006. Their big break came in 2007 with the release of one of their big singles "Dance" which celebrated the latest Jamaican dance craze at the time. This was followed by "Everybody Dance" which was also a monster hit for them.

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Getting To Know Rising Sensation Jahmeil - @ItsJahmiel_YVP

Jahmeil_reggae_artiste_yvp.jpgNEW YORK, USA (Shuzzr PR): Rising sensation Jahmeil has been making his mark in Dancehall and Reggae music over the years. The artiste who is currently apart of the YVP label which boast international sensation Popcaan and others has been working non-stop to earn his keep in the industry.

This conscious positive, soulful singer has been busy in the studio recording as he plans to release several singles and videos in the weeks to come.

Check out Jahmeil's latest single 'I Wish' off the Free Spirit Riddim produced by Notnice Records.

Jamiel Foster who started out as Culture Jamiel and now known as simply Jahmiel is a rising star in his own fame. Born August 30, 1992 in Portmore, St. Catherine he grew up with the love for music. He attended the Jose Marti Technical High School and is now pursuing his dreams as one of Jamaica's finest artiste in the music industry. From the age of four Jahmiel's father recognized his passion for music as he would always be singing to his own tunes and lyrics. His love for music grew listening to musicians such as: Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Junior Gong and Sizzla Kolangi just to name a few.

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August 1, 2013

Tifa Is Europe Bound After Rocking The Cayman Islands - @TifaMusic

Tifa_dancehall_artiste.jpgFans in the Cayman Islands were totally satisfied after dancehall diva Tifa's performance last Friday. The dancehall diva rocked the 876 Pre-Independence party at Sparky Drive leaving fans salivating for more.

It was Tifa's second time performing in Cayman and it was a huge crowd that came out to party. And what a party it was.

Laced with old and current hits, Tifa took patrons on a musical high as they sang along word for word to a string of hits.

"Cayman was a good look and a lot of people came out to the event just to have fun and to enjoy themselves", Tifa said in a release to the media.

The event was hosted by DJ Preston of Hot 104.1 FM. It also featured several local acts from Cayman.

Jamaica's ZJ Chrome was also in action on the wheels of steel.

This weekend Tifa will take on Europe as she embarks on a short stint. Her European trek will kick off at the hugely popular Reggae Geel Festival in Belgium where Tifa will perform on the main stage alongside a number of major acts. Bounty Killer, Barrington Levy, Marcia Griffiths and Cutty Ranks are also on the Reggae Geel Festival lineup.

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July 26, 2013

International Reggae Star Tarrus Riley Set for Reggae in the Park @TarrusRileyJa

Tarrus_riley_reggae_in_the_park.jpgInternational reggae star Tarrus Riley is set to take the stage at this years second annual staging of Reggae in the Park.

Tarrus Riley the son of reggae singer Jimmy Riley, is known for his smooth tenor vocal style, and great writing skills, which seems to always drive home a hit single. With a strong Rastafarian consciousness, Tarrus Riley sends a message of love in his music, which resonates with all ages, all demographics and all lovers of music.

With a slew of hit singles like "She's Royal" "Superman", "Parables", "Good Girl Gone Bad", which he voiced with fellow international recording artist Konshens and more recently "Gimme Likkle One Drop." It is evident that on Sunday, August 4th, Tarrus Riley will have the Reggae in the Park crowd jamming, skanking and rocking to the sweet sweet reggae music he is so well known for delivering.

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July 20, 2013

SubKonShus Recording Artiste Delus Releases Video For Addicted - @DelusDj

Delus_Subkonshus_artiste.jpgSubkonshus recording artiste Delus is about to release the video for the single Addicted. The video was directed by Delus in collaboration with Nigel Angus and shot by Michael Manfredonia.

The video which was shot on location in Long Island, New York, features a cameo appearance from Delus' younger brother, recording artiste Rikroot.

In a release to the media, Delus explained the concept behind the video shoot.

"This is a different video from the normal videos that you see. I am playing the role of a delivery man, basically getting requests on my mobile to go and deliver goods and services. It's a fun video and the fans are going to love this one", Delus explained.

Addicted was produced by Downsound Records.

Delus has been on a tear in recent months dropping numerous singles. One of his recent singles Let Me Love You (Frankie Music label) got strong support on the airwaves. His recent recordings include Crush a Love (Fairy Tale riddim on Dejavu Records); I Like Her (featuring Cee Gee on the Goose Bumps riddim); Find You Out (Peter Keys Production on the Brimstone riddim); and Gallis from Birth (90's Bubble riddim from Blaqk Sheep records).

Lyrics and mp3

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July 13, 2013

Mr. Vegas Inspires With The Selection Of Love Yourself - @MrVegasMusic


Top flight Reggae/Dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas, who is known for heart tugging compositions such as Do You Know (2006) and more recently Black and Proud, has once again affirmed his place in the Jamaican reggae scene with a new and provocative Reggae jam titled Love Yourself.

This powerful song, co-produced by Mr. Vegas and Troy Mclean of First Name Music, was created while Vegas was vibing to a beat presented to him by Troy Mclean and addresses issues associated with true love, not love of money or vanity.

The track, laced over a true reggae beat, addresses issues of self worth and like Black and Proud, seeks to inspire fans to build their self confidence and self worth. With lines like, "Yuh cah find true love if yuh a run down wealth Some Nuh want Nuh love dem want physiological help". Mr. Vegas connects with current issues and concerns within the society.

According to Mr. Vegas, "The song is telling everyone to love themselves before anyone else....have self respect and appreciate life. Love Yourself was written when I just was holding a vibe and thinking about what people go through to reach stardom... the song is on the Selection Riddim and artistes such as Capleton, Christopher Martin and Sizzla have voiced on it"

Lyrics and mp3

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July 6, 2013

Nyanda Storms onto UK Club Chart "Slippery When Wet" - @NyandaBnL

Nyanda Storms onto UK Urban Club Chart with "Slippery When Wet"(@MusicWeekNews)

Nyanda_reggae_dancehall_brick_and_lace.jpgNYANDA's Provocative, yet Playful new single Slippery When Wet produced by Miami duo Black Lion has proven to be magic once again as she storms onto the TOP 30 of Music Week's UK Urban Club Charts.

"Love it!!!" [Benny D - Akon's DJ]

"This record is a creeper...It makes the phone go crazy when I play it." [Epik Jones - UK's DJ of the Year]

"The track itself has a certain degree of ‘catchiness' that resonates well with listeners, in other words… a few plays and not only are you hooked, but you're hooked on the words." [RSTO - Kingston Belle]

NYANDA's 1st solo record was a Black Lion produced reggae remix of Taylor Swift's smash hit I Knew You Were Trouble and it spent over 6 weeks in Music Week's TOP 30 UK Urban Club Charts.

NYANDA is no stranger to the Pop World. She is one half of the Pop/Reggae duo Brick & Lace, that exploded onto the scene with singles Love is Wicked, Never Never and Bad To Di Bone. Love is Wicked spent over 48 weeks on European Charts and catapulted NYANDA into the hearts of millions.


Lyrics and mp3

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June 24, 2013

Jamaica, Get ready for "3Some: Temptation", Backed by Hapilos Entertainment! - @Jwonder21

3-some-hapilos-party.jpgOn July 6th, 2013, you are invited to a 3Some proudly sponsored by Hapilos Entertainment! The night will offer a multitude of sinful experiences in 3 Areas such as 3Some Dancefloor with non stop partying, 3Some VIP and the 3Some Detox loft with lounge couches. 3Some will also feature 3 Bars, the main bar with 3 complimentary cocktails, the VIP bar and the Detox bar. 3Some Temptresses in lingerie will be serving 3 Degrees of Temptations.

The Hapilos Entertainment sponsored event will take place at Club Privilege in Kingston, Jamaica. "Hapilos Entertainment is pleased to be part of an event that is alluring to patrons. It has an interesting concept and offers first class features that even the selective party goer will enjoy. We have partnered with them for "Revolution" in December and it was a success. We believe that 3Some will be awesome" - Hapilos Entertainment spokesperson Peter Sims

Hosted by Sherilla Gordon, Natalya Jackson and Dominic McDowell. Music will be provided by DJ Supastylz, DJ Karyzma, DJ Kitt - 007 and DJ Cyclone.

"We have put together an amazing mixture of event features and we invite everyone to come out and enjoy themselves. 3Some is not about posing, its about absolute fun and fulfillment", states Sherilla Gordon, one of the event's promoters.

Lyrics and mp3

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June 13, 2013

Soca Sensation Big Shaw Debuts New Hit Single & Video - Fete @jhp_shaw @Foxfuse @Rhonafox@

Big_Shaw_Soca_artiste.jpgNew York, NY (FOX FUSE) - Rising soca sensation Big Shaw debuts his new hit single and video, "Fete," now available worldwide via iTunes. Born and raised in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Shermal "Big Shaw" Smith has been making a name for himself as the lead vocalist for Jammerz HP, one of the hottest soca bands hailing from the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI). "Fete" is the sizzling lead single from Big Shaw and Jammerz HP's album, FETE, released on April 1, 2013, just in time for the St. Thomas Carnival, which took place during the month of April. The aptly-named "Fete" fittingly sent carnival-goers into a frenzy during the dance parties or fetes, and Big Shaw is now taking his sound beyond his USVI borders and to soca lovers across the globe.

Penned by Big Shaw and produced by USVI-based JHP Produtionz, "Fete" is a groovy party tune, and a perfect blend of classic Trinidadian-soca flavor backed by a wicked USVI-styled rhythm. Known to locals as a lyrical powerhouse with a voice that commands a crowd, Big Shaw brings nothing but energy and excitement whenever he hits the stage and has the prized ability to mash up any fete.

Lyrics and mp3

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Duane Stephenson offered 3-year booking deal with South American company - @FromAugustTown

Duane_Stephens_Brazil.jpgRecently returned from a mega-successful mini-tour of Brazil, reggae singer Duane Stephenson is basking in the glowing aftermath of that trip. At the end of the tour, he knew three things for a fact: one - he had performed well; two - his audiences had been thrilled; and three - the promoters were all smiles.

But what Duane didn't know, was the extent to which he had impacted Brazil, and in fact, the entire South American continent. But he soon found out, when he was approached by representatives of THT Events, one of the top three promoters in South America, to sign a three-year booking contract with the company. Naturally, Duane was blown away.

"It was totally unexpected, but I just kept cool and listened to what they had to say. And it definitely sounds interesting," Duane disclosed.

He is now ironing out the details of the contract with Luciano Alves and Sidney Gresser with a view to going back to South America during the summer. And, being Duane, he intends to seize this opportunity with both hands. On his to-do list are plans are to record a song in Portuguese, the official language spoken in Brazil and also to do another in Spanish, which is spoken in the majority of South American countries.

Lyrics and mp3

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June 12, 2013

Sly & Robbie Present Danielle DI The Rebel

Danielle_DI_Rebel_Sly_Robbie.jpgLegendary production duo, Sly & Robbie are celebrating the release of their most recent project, The Rebel. The pioneers of rockers and Rub A Dub have fused their unique sounds with the vocals of dancehall bombshell, Danielle DI. The Rebel is Danielle DI’s debut album, constructed to showcase her to the world.

"It’s an immense opportunity to work with Taxi Records and One Pop Music. Sly and Robbie have worked with the best in the music industry on an international scale, from Britney Spears, Madonna, Mick Jagger, No Doubt to Grace Jones, Jimmy Cliff and Shabba Ranks, so I feel blessed. The tracks are very different, it’s far from what you would expect from a dancehall artiste, its more world music. If you don’t have a passion for genuine, authentic music you wont be able to comprehend or appreciate this one," Danielle DI exclaims.

Danielle DI is no new comer to the spotlight. Rorey Baker and the riddim twins produced one of her first tunes, Brown Girl featuring Beenie Man in 2006. Shortly after she scored her first hit in the European market with Ce'Cile, Turn Him On. Her breakthrough song on the local scene was the collaboration, Beat It with Vybz Kartel. Danielle DI has now embarked on a new journey. Her mission is to create a stable position in the forefront for her genre on a global platform.

Lyrics and mp3

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Aima Moses Teams With African Artiste Sol X-Ray


Two artistes from different parts of the world had one vision. That vision has become reality with the release of the single Beat Dem, recorded by Dominican reggae artiste Aima Moses and Toga, West African artiste Sol X-Ray.

Beat Dem, an effectively crafted track featuring drums and other key instruments, tells the tale about the fight against wickedness musically and spiritually, while inspiring listeners at the same time.

In a release to the media, Moses explained how the song materialized.

'The collaboration came about after Adrian 'Donsome' Hanson and Sol X-Ray's team wanted both of us to collaborate. Two artistes in different parts of the world with one vision, said Moses.

With its enigmatic beat and instrumentation which provides ear candy to the most discerning musical tastes, Beat Dem was produced by Hanson.

Lyrics and mp3

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June 11, 2013

Dre Skull Picks His Favourite Dancehall Producers - @dreskull

By ClashMusic


Dancehall is powered by controversial characters, by performers whose extrovert lyrics are married to lives which are more often than not played out in the headlines.

But then, the scene would be nothing without the studio boffins, the producers and engineers who gift Dancehall new ideas. Hailing from New York, Dre Skull has been a powerful advocate for Dancehall production, learning a few tricks along the way himself.

Working with the 'Werl Boss' himself Vybz Kartel, the producer was recently invited to submit beats for Snoop Dogg's own Dancehall project. Firmly acquainted with the legends of the genre, Clash asked Dre Skull to pick some of his favourite producers from across the Dancehall spectrum.

- - -

King Jammy
King Jammy is a legend of Jamaican music. Alongside Wayne Smith, he is the creator of the first digital-based riddim to make an big impact. The 'Sleng Teng' Riddim was essentially their move to create reggae on a digital keyboard (the Casio MT-40). In doing so, they opened the door to the current digital era of production and what we now recognize as dancehall. The 'Sleng Teng' is an absolute classic.

Sly and Robbie
Like King Jammy, the drummer Sly Dunbar and bassist Robert Shakespeare built their careers working in reggae. In the early 1990s, working together, they created the 'Bam Bam' Riddim with the hits 'Bam Bam' and 'Murder She Wrote'. Aside from being a classic riddim, with it's dem bow beat, it's a great example of the diversity of rhythms that I love about the dancehall genre. In dancehall, not unlike rap music, any tempo or cadence can work. A good dancehall producer can bring a new vibe to the table and if it's good, that's all that matters.

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June 4, 2013

The Marley-Owned Label, Ghetto Youths International Announces The Set Up Shop Tour


Ghetto Youths International is proud to announce U.S. dates for the Set Up Shop Tour. The Pacific Coast run - spanning Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada - will feature performances by rising Ghetto Youths Crew members Wayne Marshall, Jo Mersa, Black-Am-I and Christopher Ellis along with reggae heavyweights Damian "Jr Gong" and Stephen "Ragga" Marley.

The two-week stint will kick off Friday, June 14 in Maui at the Republik Music Festival (with island hops to Honolulu, Oahu and Kauai the following days) and come to a close on Tuesday, July 2 on their third sold-out night at the Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA. In between, the crew will make stops at Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in Boonville, CA and more. See full tour schedule below.

Ghetto Youths International is the family-owned record label incorporated in 2002 by Bob Marley's sons Julian, Stephen and Damian. The entity allows the brothers to work closely with each other on musical collaborations and release a catalogue of works featuring a new crop of artists as well as their own material.

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May 18, 2013

Miguel, Chronixx confirmed for final night of Reggae Sumfest 2013

By Marc Parc


Two of the music world's emerging superstars will be thrust into the spotlight at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay as American R&B singer, Miguel and Reggae sensation, Chronixx will headline International Night 2 of Reggae Sumfest 2013.

Miguel, whose hit single Adorn won this year's Grammy Award for Best R&B Song will make his maiden trip to Jamaica for the show. Adorn, a soulful rendition of Marvin Gaye's classic single, Sexual Healing topped the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop charts and was the feature track on his successful sophomore album, Kaleidoscope Dream, released last September.

Also known for hits such as Sure Thing, Where's The Fun In Forever and Do You, Miguel has been associated with Jamaican music before as Dancehall superstar, Konshens remixed his Adorn single last summer.

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May 17, 2013

Duane Stephenson takes on Brazil with the Wailers

Duane_Stephenson_brasil.jpgThe continent of South America is regarded as rich, fertile soil for the planting of reggae music, so it was with a "special joy" that singer, Duane Stephenson, packed his bags and journeyed with the Wailers to Brazil at the end of April.

An eight-city tour, which started in Curitibra and spanned through the capital Brasilia, Salvador, Porto Alegre, and on to Brazil’s famous Rio de Janiero, among other cities, was the perfect way for Duane to spend 12 musically exhilarating days. Duane had received his South American baptism on a previous sojourn to that continent, which had also included performances in parts of Central America, all of which helped to lay the foundation for his memorable return visit.

Despite putting in some hard work at building his career there, even Duane himself has confessed that he was surprised at the vibrant welcome he was given by his growing fan base in the Americas.

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May 12, 2013

RegaDancehall/Reggae Boss Lady Tenza Announced Summer Tour Dates For Europe.

Tenza_tour_summer.jpgTenza who have not tour Europe since last summer due to a number of unforeseen problems, but still maintains her grip on the music industry with her dedication and hard work doing countless dubs plates and guest appearance for some of her top sponsors.

Tenza is now set and ready to inaugurate on another explosive tour of Europe dub "The Ghetto Fabulous/Female on Fire Tour" which will feature Italian female dj Mad Betty and has been part sponsor once again by the ever present Redbull.

The tour is schedule to kick off on July 20th 013, which will see Di Boss Lady live in action in Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, Serbia, Italy, Holland, Germany, Norway, Finland and Austria. According to Tenza management team Tenza as being busy in studios none stop working on her forth studio album, which is due for, released this coming summer where a number of the new tracks will feature on the "Ghetto Fabulous" Tour. Kym-ling from TMD was quick to point out that even though the tour dates are being snapped up very quickly by promoters they are still a small amount of dates available for persons who are interested in booking Tenza, and can email or for more information on available dates.

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May 9, 2013

Damian Marley, Mr. Vegas and Tarrus Riley cop multiple awards at IRAWMA


Accomplished Reggae/Dancehall acts, Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley, Mr. Vegas and Tarrus Riley are celebrating triumphs achieved at this year's International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA) after each winning two honors during the show.

The event, which took place at the Coral Spring Centre for the Arts in Fort Lauderdale Saturday night was highlighted by the three men, who were the only Jamaican acts to take home multiple awards on the night. Marley took home Entertainer of the Year and Best Crossover Song for his chart-topping collaboration with Skrillex (Bun Dem). Riley copped the awards for Best Male Vocalist and Most Cultural/Educational Entertainer while Mr. Vegas won Best Song for Sweet Jamaica and Best Music Video for Bruk It Down.

Lady Saw and Etana were the biggest winners of the night amongst females as they won awards for Best Female Deejay/Rapper and Best Female Vocalist respectively. Romain Virgo was honored for his breakout year in 2012 with the Most Promising Entertainer award while Konshens also has his remarkable year consolidated with the Best Male Deejay/Rapper award.

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May 4, 2013

Rayvon & Red Fox Top The New York Reggae Chart


The Rayvon and Red Fox single No Other Like You is currently number one on the New York Reggae chart. This isn't the first chart topper for either artiste, as they have in the past topped the chart with various releases.

In a release to the media, producer of the track Musical Masquerade was overwhelmed at the success of the single.

"I always try to produce the highest quality music and I am always confident in any product that I release. But it is a pleasant surprise when a song reaches number one on the charts because until it goes out to the world, you never know how it will be accepted. So thanks to the fans and the media for their continued support", the producer noted.

The response to the song has been quite positive from all over the world. Locally, the song has been receiving consistent airplay on FM radio.

The accompanying video for the track was released last week to credible reviews. It is currently in rotation on Canada's Much Music and Much Vibe. The video is also in rotation on local television outlets. Servicing has commenced in various parts of the Caribbean and in Europe.

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April 29, 2013

Chronixx Talks About His European Tour OnStage Interview

Lyrics and mp3

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Cure Heads To Eastern Europe In June

Jah_Cure_That%20Girl_European_Tour.jpgInternational recording artiste Jah Cure is thanking his fans for their support of his popular single, 'That Girl', that roared to #1 on the HYPE VTX charts for the second consecutive week. The video is also #3 on the CVM Hitlist charts.

"I believe in this song so much that I just had to do a video. People have been asking me for the video on Facebook and Twitter over the last few weeks, so this video is for my fans who love the 'That Girl' song," he said.

The singer performed in Dubai late last year and he has been getting a great feedback from that reggae-loving city regarding 'That Girl', which is distributed by his own Iyah Cure Productions label.

"Two of the biggest disc jockeys from Dubai, DJ Pee Wee and DJ Crown Prince have told me via Twitter in the past couple of weeks that this song is huge in that part of the world with the biggest radio stations putting it on their playlists," he said.

Jah Cure will head to Eastern Europe later this year where he will do shows in the countries of Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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April 25, 2013

The journey continues for Duane Stephenson

Duane_Stephenson_reggae_artiste.jpgKingston Jamaica -The name Duane Stephenson conjures up images of a youngster singing with the seven-member group, To-Isis; a young adult embarking on a successful solo journey and more recently, a man on a musical mission traversing Europe, Central America and South America.

Fully accepting his role as a journeyman, it wasn't surprising that in 2011 Duane Stephenson teamed up with one of reggae’s most mystical groups, The Wailers, and enthusiastically accepted the call to travel with them as their opening act. With the door to musical elevation flung wide open, Duane stepped across the threshold and entered a new, exciting and totally rewarding phase in his professional career.

"I was aware of the fact that as a comparatively young singer in the reggae business, I needed to establish myself fully into the hearts of my home fans before moving on to a phase that would take me away from home for extended periods," the August Town singer explained.

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April 18, 2013

Shalli on a musical roll

Shalli_sings_canadian.jpgReggae singer, Shalli, is on a musical roll. She has been spending quite a bit of time between Canada and Jamaica, as she makes it her business to claim her share of the reggae pie.

The talented artiste, who is always seeking ways to diversify her product offerings, recently collaborated with Rory of Stone Love on a remix of her culturally defining single, Down In Jamaica. Accolades have already been heaped on the video, which shows off the immense beauty of Jamaica and the sincerity of Shalli's mission. On her visit to Jamaica in March, Shalli went into the studio with Rory and the result is a remix that is totally captivating.

"It was really a pleasure working with Rory, as he is someone who I have admired for a long time. He is a top class selector, so it is easy to understand that with his knowledge of the music he is also a great producer and has that ear for hit songs. And we all know just how important that is,” Shalli said.

Armed with a mission to give her fans more and more uplifting music, Shalli has also done a collaboration wit Or lando Octave entitled Fire on the Happy Feet riddim. Wasting no time, the video for this was shot on April 1 and both artistes and their management are happy at the outcome. A very uptempo offering, this could have been specifically made to celebrate carnival in Trinidad, and with the natural chemistry between the artistes, the song and video jelled perfectly.

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April 10, 2013

Getting To Know Zion Child


Zion_Child_In_De_Streets.jpgDancehall/Reggae artiste Adrian Lyle Tomlinson known as Zionchild, hails from the beautiful parish of St.Mary, Jamaica such as many other talented Jamaican acts like Capleton, Lady Saw, Ninja Man, Tiana, Munga just to name a few.

However, for the pass 14 years the talented Zion Child has been residing in Bermuda. Zion has had an interest in Reggae music from an early age but has taken it more seriously In the last 5 years.

Zion has a passion for writing his own songs such as Don't Stress Yourself, Day's, and Praise Jah to name a few.

Zion is currently working on a couple new projects which will definitely help to elevate his budding career on the international scene.

Zion Child latest release his titled "In De Streets" which is quickly becoming a favorite among his fans in Bermuda . The song which rides on the EvaFresh EvaClean Riddim will soon be available worldwide via iTunes and several other major online digital outlets.

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April 8, 2013

Watch Pree Dis TV Show Episode 128 parts 1-4

Lyrics and mp3

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April 6, 2013

I want to go to China Sean Paul Says


In his brief interview, Sean Paul noted that even though he has visited over 110 countries on five continents, he is still excited about touring and wishes to pay a visit to China. China is the most populous country on earth and boasts a very rich cultural heritage; a heritage well known to Jamaicans like Sean Paul.

China is a likely stop for Sean Paul who recently topped the UK charts on the remix for What About Us by British pop sensation, The Saturdays. The collaboration "naturally fell into place," Sean explained. He was familiar with The Saturdays' hit single Issues and instantly liked the new track.

What About US is the first number one single for the group, "So congrats to them," Sean chanted. The Jamaican born toaster is no stranger to the UK chart. The current track marks his 22nd entry; a testimony to the remarkable career of the reggae/dancehall superstar.

His career continues with an unprecedented fifth studio album for a major US label by a Jamaican artiste. Sean juggled touring and recording obligations to finish the set with the lead single due in May. Fans need not wait for the album to cop new tracks from the eclectic deejay. Jamaica based singles Badda With Them and Every Time are in rotation right now. Other Side of Love and Entertainment are slated for international release by the end of April while the music video for the collaboration with Beenie Man titled Greatest Galis is set to hit screens of all kinds very soon.

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April 5, 2013

Wada Blood Assembles New Team and Shoots Video Dedicated To Mothers

Wada_blood_jamaican.jpgLess than two weeks after the much publicized split with brother Andrew; Dancehall & Reggae singer Wada Blood has assembled a new team of professionals to oversee the handling of his career.

His management team believes this is necessary if Wada as a solo act is going to transcend his career to that next level.

In a statement to the media the entertainer explained, "I am now on a new path musically. So being a solo act I have to take a different approach to the industry and in so doing I need people around me who understands all aspects of the business."

Over the weekend the 'Rastafari Way' singer released two new singles titled 'Weh Mi Come From' on the MGP imprint featuring younger sibling Juju Blood and 'My Mother'. The latter a contemporary ballad dedicated to his and all the other devoted, hardworking mothers out there. 'My Mother' was produced by Jay Crazie Records best known for their contribution with Reggae stalwart I-Octane.

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April 4, 2013

Shane Brown bounces back, teams with Tarrus Riley after split with Busy

By M. Jodee Writer

Follower Me On Twitter @MarcParc1

Tarrus_riley_reggae_shane_brown.jpgIt did not take long for prominent producer, Shane Brown to find another managing gig as he has now joined the team of highly-acclaimed Reggae singer, Tarrus Riley.

Just two weeks after being dropped by long-time friend and prominent singjay, Busy Signal as his manager, Brown will now co-manage Riley alongside fellow manager and renowned saxophonist, Dean Fraser. The arrangement was announced on Wednesday.

"Him invite Shane fi come and be a part of managing Tarrus Riley," Riley told IRIE FM Wednesday. "Mi trust Shane, mi confide in Shane work skills and me and Shane are no strangers. Is like a family kind of vibes, is not strange. Mi really excited."

Riley and Brown have enjoyed success together before as they teamed for Riley's hit single, Start Anew in 2009. They also joined forces for Riley's debut album, Challenges in 2008.

Lyrics and mp3

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Shamari Drops Friends With Benefits

Shamari_video_shoot.jpgHe is new on the scene but Out-A-Road Recording artiste Shamari is making his mark on reggae music and is now set to release his latest video which is for his song Friends with Benefits.

The artiste, who at the beginning of the month made his stage debut by performing on Follow Di Arrow, is very excited at the release of the video.

He says he is very interested in the issue of abuse of women and wanted to use his song and as a means of bringing awareness to the matter and showing how circumstances can result in negative outcomes.

"This is my second video and, based on the reactions to the first one, I am very excited at the possibilities. Gangsters Paradise was about where I am from. It was about the daily struggles of the inner city and the dangers of growing up under such situations. This new song is more about relationships and some of the issues that happen in them. It looks at abuse and expectations and I am sure will connect with many people.

Shamari's Friends with Benefits was shot on location in Portmore, Jamaica and was directed by D'Nuclius and Rozanne.

Lyrics and mp3

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March 28, 2013

Droop Lion confirmed for six-week European tour

Droop_Lion_Rasta_European_Tour.jpgReggae singer Droop Lion, has clearly hitched his wagon to a star for 2013. He started off the year riding high on the acclaim he received at hardcore stage-show Sting in December 2012, and followed it up with yet another memorable performance at the recently-concluded, Follow The Arrow.

Indicating that he was more than ready for the big times, Droop Lion is credited with really getting the star segment of the show started at Follow The Arrow and the crowd showed their fulsome appreciation. As expected, his signature song, Freeway, caused quite a stir, but Droop was able to command the attention of the mixed crowd for his entire 15-minute set. And, having achieved his goal of making local audiences start singing his songs when they hear his name, Droop Lion and his management feel that the time is right for the artiste to spread his wings globally.

Come April 12, the singer with the big voice will hit the road in a meaningful way, as he gears up for his debut European tour which will see him taking centrestage as the opening act for the acclaimed reggae artiste, Capleton. Droop, who has been spending numerous hours in rehearsals, confesses that he is both excited and cautious at the same time.

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Shalli promotes Brand Jamaica in new music video

Shalli_Down_In_Jamaica.jpgMany persons have often lamented the fact that Jamaican music videos hardly ever showcase the true beauty of the island paradise. Well, enter Canada-based singer, Shalli, with her video for the patriotic single, Down In Jamaica, and instantly praises are being heaped on her.

Shalli and her team traversed the island and shot glorious footage of Jamaica at its very best. Of course, there is the sea, sun and sand aspect of the visit, but there is so much more. The happy faces of the children tell a story; the boys playing football, the cane man expertly peeling the cane; rafting, the 'dutchie' with the ackee and saltfish being cooked - in fact, a great mixture of the sights, sounds and taste of the island chronicling the the Jamaican experience, all in one video. And, of course, the fact that Shalli herself looks the part of a real island girl enhances the authenticity of the video.

With Brand Jamaica on the lips of everyone globally, Shalli clearly has a winning combination with the carefully crafted lyrics, which show her familiarity with and love for the island and the colourful, inspiring, music video.

Lyrics and mp3

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March 22, 2013

G Warren Rides Downsound Records Quarter Mile Riddim

G-Warren-dancehall_artiste_jamaican.jpgEmerging dancehall deejay/singjay G Warren has scored a minor hit with the single Rough Neck which is featured on the Downsound Records project Quarter Mile rhythm.

The song has been gaining momentum mostly in the dancehall and sessions. The song follows on the heels of his radio hit Bottle Party which was released late last year.

"Rough Neck is a song for the ladies who can defend themselves", said G Warren.

Describing himself as a humble and hardworking individual, G Warren came to the public's attention with the song Grip Me. Since then he has been working with producers to craft that elusive breakout single.

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March 15, 2013

Jah Cure Drops 'That Girl' Video


International recording artiste Jah Cure is pleased with the public response to the video for his popular single, 'That Girl', over the weekend in Jamaica to rave reviews.

The video is now in rotation on CVM, HYPE, MD TV and RE TV.

"I believe in this song so much that I just had to do a video. People have been asking me for the video on Facebook and Twitter over the last few weeks, so this video is for my fans who love the 'That Girl' song," he said.

The singer performed in Dubai late last year and he has been getting a great feedback from that reggae-loving city regarding 'That Girl', which is distributed by his own Iyah Cure Productions label.

"Two of the biggest disc jockeys from Dubai, DJ Pee Wee and DJ Crown Prince have told me via Twitter in the past couple of weeks that this song is huge in that part of the world with the biggest radio stations putting it on their playlists," he said.

Jah Cure has been in high demand, and he is booked for two shows in Guyana for the Easter weekend, and he will headline a major show in Kenya this Summer.

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March 6, 2013

Mye Laurell Scores With 'Move' Radio Hit

Mye_Laurell_singer_US.jpgNew York-based recording artiste Mye Laurell is bombing the airwaves into submission with the sexually-charged 'Move (Come On)' radio hit. Mye's crisp clear vocals on the chorus soar over the track, and she shows how versatile she is by deejaying the verses in a sultry, hardcore voice.

Yes, Mye Laurell has arrived. She is pleased with the reaction to the song.

"The song is very sexy, and my friends loved it when they first heard it and say 'Mye, yu a gwaan bad'. Since its release, I am getting a lot of feedback on Twitter and Facebook, people are feeling the song, it started to get play on HITZ, and my phone in blowing up. Right now, I am definitely thinking video," she said.

Born on November 11th at University Hospital, Mona, Jamaica, she attended St. Andrew High for Girls before migrating to the United States. She pursued nursing as a serious profession and in her spare time, worked diligently on her craft. Now, she has grown into a competent singer/songwriter who improves with every song.

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March 1, 2013

Sean Paul Going Back To Basic With His Sixth Studio Album in the works


International Dancehall artiste Sean Paul is at the wheels of creativity once more as he puts his creative genius to work. This time the eclectic artiste is working on his sixth studio album due to be released this year.

The Gimmie the Light singjay is in a Los Angeles studio working on songs for the yet untitled project which he hopes will follow in the blazing path set by its predecessors Dutty Rock and The Trinity. The singjay will also be going back to basics in his latest effort. "There will be more Jamaican production on this album compared to Tomahawk Technique," Sean Paul hinted on the production side of it and expects it to make a musical statement.

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Wayne Marshall busy on European Tour

Wayne_marshall_Tour_Europe.jpgWayne Marshall is now busy on his first solo Europe tour which kicked off on Friday, February 22. Wayne will be bringing Reggae music to eight countries with 19 shows over four weeks, making his first appearance in Spain, Norway and Switzerland. Other countries on his tour line-up include Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Denmark.

This tour precedes the much anticipated release of his fourth album - True Colours, to be released in April of this year. Described by Wayne Marshall as his best work to date, True Colours, which is produced by Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley for Ghetto Youths International (GYI), features collaborations with Tarrus Riley, Konshens, Bounty Killer and Sean Paul.

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February 25, 2013

Natural Black Putting Final Touches On 11th Studio Album

natural_blacks_reggae_tasz.jpgNo rest for the weary seems to be Natural Black's motto for the past few and upcoming months.

Even though the reggae singer is busy doing several shows, he is currently putting the finishing touches on his 11th studio album. The album just like his ten previous one will be conscious roots reggae true to his message, but fans won't have to wait for new music as several singles have been released, "I'm On My Way", "Natural Chronixx", "Who Care For Me" and "Party Truck" on Ghetto Lynxx Records' Party Truck riddim and have hit the airwaves to great and exciting reviews.

With a full touring schedule for the year, Natural Black is set to perform this Saturday, Feb 23, 2013 at a Spi-Tech Promotions at Cookie's Night Club in Portmore, on March 16th at the Mountain View Jamboree alongside Lutan Fyah, Chronixx, Cham and more, and at Lady Carla & The Party Animal. Uniform Party 4. on Saturday, March 30, 2013 at Rampage HQ in Kingston, Jamaica. Natural Black will then hit both coasts of the U.S. with a show in California and New Jersey. In May the "Far From Reality" singer will then embark on his U.K tour.

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Romain Virgo Expands Management Team

Romain_Virgo_reggae_artiste_young.jpgVikings Production and Shane Brown's Juke Boxx Production have collaborated their efforts with regards to the management of the singing sensation Romain Virgo. This move is an integral step in the effort to propel the international career of the rising reggae star to a new level.

Juke Boxx's relationship with Romain goes as far back as 2007 when he had his first studio recording experience with Brown while a finalist in the Digicel Rising Stars competition. Their synergy continued in the following years and has produced songs such as "Live mi life", "I know better" and "Dem a coward."

"Romain just has that "it" factor that will have crowds all over the world wanting more and that's exactly what this partnership will bring…our aim is to make Romain a reggae superstar and a household name worldwide" said Brown.

Romain has been managed by Vikings Productions since winning the popular talent competition 5 years ago and the team have released two albums in that time, the most recent being "System".

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February 22, 2013

Shamari Confirmed For Follow Di Arrow

Shamari_artiste_Jamaican_dancehall.jpgOut A Road Recording artiste Shamari has been confirmed for Magnum Follow the Arrow on Saturday March 2 at James Bond Beach in St Mary.

The artiste who has been making waves with his breakout hit Ganster's Paradise is gearing up for what will be his first major performance on the local stage and Shamari says he will make it memorable: "This will be my breakout moment and I want to make it special for the fans. I have several tracks that have been getting good airplay plus TV really loves the Gangster's Paradise Video. I want to dedicate this performance to the fans as they have been making this a dream come true."

Shamari who continues to make strides in his career is currently getting ready to release the video for his second single Friends with Benefits, which is expected to drop just before his performance on the Follow Di Arrow Stage. The artiste is also making an impact in Canada, the New York Tri-State Area and Caribbean countries such as Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago.

Shamari is also slated to release several other singles and videos over the next three months as he gears up for a summer push. The artiste says he is happy with the pace his career is taking and will continue to release positive strong songs.

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February 12, 2013

Spanner Banner and George Nooks to headline Valentine's Day concert in Negril

spanner_banner_george_nooks_show_negril.jpgMusic lovers in around the tourist resort town of Negril will get a special treat this Valentine's Day. Two of Jamaica's finest singers Spanner Banner and George Nooks will headline a special Valentine's Day concert dubbed A Valentine's Affair at the Bourbon Beach on Thursday February 14th Negril.

Spanner Banner who recently celebrated his birthday on the 6th of February says the event will be like a second birthday celebration for him.
"This show is gonna be like a second birthday celebration for me, I'm going to give a very special performance for all the fans, all the lovers who will be at the show are really going to enjoy this show. George Nooks and I are two of the best Lovers Rock singers so the fans are really going to get a show to remember," said Spanner Banner.

George Nooks also promises to deliver something extra special on Valentine's Day for his fans in the western part of the island.

"Valentine's Day is all about the ladies, so I’m going to give them a musical treat, I’m going to perform all the hits and some of the tracks from my new album called Broken Vessel, we are going to have a great time," said the artiste.

MC for the event will be none other than popular Video Alley TV host Suzie Q. Backing band will be the Hot Wax Band.
Admission is $800 presold and $1000 at the gate. Gates open at 6 PM, show time 9:30 PM.

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February 7, 2013

Tommy Lee Sparta Explains Spartan Angels

Tommy_Lee_Spartan_Angel_Song.jpgTommy Lee Sparta shows the world another side of him with his, Spartan Angel character. Many view the artiste as "the Jamaican demonic MC" or a "dancehall antichrist" today he exposes a whole new perspective, that's completely contrary to the branded persona.

With the release of Spartan Angels the artiste settles the score by releasing pent-up thoughts deriving from the responses to last year's hit, Uncle Demon (Shook). The lyrics, which, are written by Tommy Lee Sparta, delves into issues such as the influence his music has on the youths and society at large. The artiste sings, "Some a say mi bless some a say mi curse, God forgive me, if a me alone sin a earth". The track is very deep; it's a mix of soul, rock and dancehall that evokes feelings of darkness and light, happiness and pain.

According to the artiste, Spartan Angels, is very special to him and it expresses, the agony it brings for being misunderstood, the ache he experiences for being blamed for things extraneous to him. "Anytime mi talk them blame it on mi words, say mi words powerful and it will make the place curse...mi cant believe mi become a main source of a pain". He continues "System forgive me, Set me free, Time for the demons dwell, Send for the angels and fly away peacefully".

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February 5, 2013

Droop Lion All Set For Bob Marley Birthday Celebration

Kingston Jamaica - His compelling mix of culture, roots and reality songs is set to light up Negril's MX3 on February 5, when rising Rastafarian singer Droop Lion, will engage audiences on the eve of the birthday of reggae icon, Bob Marley.

Droop Lion says he feels honoured to play a role in the week-long tribute to Bob Marley, whose birthday is February 6, and notes that he intends to put his best foot forward as he makes a spiritual connection with the reggae legend. Conscious of his own place in the future growth and development of reggae music, Droop Lion is imbued with a strong sense of respect for all the elder statesmen in the business. He declares that he is a student, not only of Marley, but of every reggae artiste who has paved the way and on whose shoulders he now stands.

"Bob Marley is the person who has inspired a whole generation of reggae artistes, myself included. His legacy, musically and otherwise, spans the globe and this is especially significant. And there are many other singers and players of instruments who are right up there with Bob and who are also deserving of respect and gratitude. Naturally, I am more than pleased to be part of this movement to pay honour to Robert Nesta Marley," the Free People Entertainment artiste stated.

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February 2, 2013

Khago says Marnia Stretch Out has nothing to do with I-Octane

Khago_Reggae_Artistes_jamaica_Kingston.jpgDancehall star Khago says his latest hit single title Marina Stretch Out is not a counteraction for I-Octane's popular single called Gal A Gi Bun.

"Marina Strecth Out nuh have nutten fi do wid Octane song, all a wi a artiste an every man have the ability to create music dat will catch the people attention, Octane sey him girl a gi bun and mi sey a me mek dem marina stretch out, mi nuh seeh no problem wid dat, but some man a come gwaan like sey a him mi a drop wud fah. A just music mi a do fi mi people dem and dem love it," said Khago.

Khago also expressed concerns about criticism coming from certain quarters in the industry about his ability to continue being a major force in dancehall music.
"A whole heap a people a talk bout Khago boil dung inna di business, 2012 was di busiest year of my life, every week mi fly out, mi nuh stop do shows all over the world. Mi all hear dem a sey mi inna worst dress list mi nuh worry bout dat, cause mi have mi own style. Mi style simple white t-shirt, marina, baseball cap, sneakers and mi jeans and mi good. Mi dress the same way most of mi fans dress very simple and it’s a urban look, check out Jay Z and a lot of di other big hip hop stars dem nuh fussy, a because mi is a youth weh no hype pon people mek nuff a di fans dem love Khago."

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January 25, 2013

I-Octane Re-Signed As Digicel Brand Ambassador

…following breathtaking performances at Rebel Salute, Chug It, over the weekend
Kingston, Jamaica - Reggae/dancehall star I-Octane proved once again that he is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

He proved just that when he stepped onto the Rebel Salute stage over the weekend, wowing the audience, many of whom could hardly contain their excitement for the reggae star.

In one of the best performances of the night, I-Octane reminded fans why he is one of the top emerging acts in Jamaica.

The energetic artiste was true to form and every song he performed incited a frenzy within the crowd.

With a structured set that gradually gained momentum, I-Octane fired off an onslaught of hits including his most recent single, Gal a Gimme Bun, Bad Mind Dem a Pree, More Love and We Love the Vibes.

And indeed the crowd did enjoy 'the vibes' as Octane's high energy set saw fans singing along with every tune he delivered. I-Octane paced his set well, pausing at intervals during his performance to speak with fans.

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Delus Confirm For RJR Cross Country Invasion


Rising reggae/dancehall singer Delus is among several acts booked for the annual RJR Cross Country Invasion. Delus whose most popular songs to date include Another Gal and What Tomorrow May Bring, is quite upbeat about being added to the roster of one of the most popular road shows across the island.

"It is a great feeling to have gotten such a great opportunity to go island wide to sing my songs to my numerous fans and to promote myself and to build on the fan base. People island wide have been hearing the songs and now they will be able to put a face to the voice", Delus said in a release to the media.

Delus' current singles include Get Away for Warrior Music/Subkonshus Music; Galls from Birth for Blaqk Sheep; Let Me Love You (Chillax rhythm) for Frankie Music; Live My Life featuring Konshens on the Mad Panamera rhythm; and Hussler featuring Darrio on the Money Up Rhythm for 12 to 12 Music.

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January 22, 2013

Chronixx and Mavado in studio

Mavado_and_Chronixx_big_yard_studio.jpgAfter a great performance at Rebel Salute 2013 with Zinc Fence band in St Ann on Saturday night in front of a sea of people and an explosive appearance at Major Lazer party at Kingston University last night, Chronixx linked with Mavado at Big Yard Studio to voice a mad collaboration produced by Zinc Fence Records to be released soon. This week end Chronixx will perform at Jazz & Blues Festival on Saturday night.

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January 4, 2013

Tifa is quite optimistic about 2013 as 2012 can be defined as her best

Tifa_2012.jpgThe year 2012 will go down as the best year career wise for dancehall diva Tifa. The artiste who won countless awards, racked up successive hits in the dancehall, and delivered show stopping performances, maintained a musical high throughout the past year.

In a release to the media, Tifa spoke about the highlights and the not so good moments she experienced in 2012.

"2012 was a bitter sweet year for me. Many persons tried to tarnish my career and reputation with publicity stunts and lies. But through the grace of God, I managed to pull through and still make a notable impact at home and abroad", Tifa explained.

Among the musical highlights for Tifa were songs including Destiny featuring dancehall’s hot male act Konshens; Show Me the Bubble; Wife Me Up; Niceness; the chart topping Hold On; and Why Yuh Mad featuring Spice.

Why Yuh Mad accompanied by a high tech glossy and in-your-face video, raced to the top of the video charts and single danced its way up singles charts in Jamaica, New York, the UK, and Africa.

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December 28, 2012

Musical Masquerade Reggae remix of Diamonds gliters on the charts

Musical_Masquerade_artiste_dancehall_remix.jpgProducer Musical Masquerade has scored big with his reggae remix of Rihanna's global smash Diamonds. The remix which features newcomer Ranco, is currently charting on two major reggae countdowns.

The remix is number thirteen on Nikki Z Hot Caribbean Top 20 countdown, and number two on the Gold Reggae Top Ten chart on Galaxy Radio in the UK. It is also number three on DJ Gusma's Top 20 Reggae chart in Italy.

In a release to the media, the producer was quite upbeat about the success of the remix.

"It's a wonderful feeling knowing that the people are receptive to the dancehall interpretation of the song. By adding the dancehall beat and vocals of a talented up and coming artiste such as Ranco, this really represents for the Caribbean", said Musical Masquerade.

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December 24, 2012

Junior X collaborates with Clive Hunt and Demarco on new singles

Junior_X_Reggae_jamaican_Artiste.jpgRichard Whyte aka Junior X is rated by many music industry insiders as one of the best writers in reggae music today. The hard hitting cultural deejay who is signed to the US based record label Revolutionary Entertainment is now determined more than ever to take his rightful place in the reggae music industry.

Over the last five years he has consistently delivered some of the most lyrically potent hits including Plead My Cause, Freedom, Gangster Life, The Pill, I'm Not Afraid To Live, Destiny ft. Gyptian and Look No Further done in tandem with Queen Ifrica.

Junior X is ready once again to deliver more of his trade mark lyrical onslaught on the system. He recently recorded two brand new tracks, Dem Caah which was produced by top flight dancehall artiste/producer Demarco for Revolutionary Entertainment and White Line which produced by legendary music producer Clive Hunt and Fontano Thompson for Bonner Cornerstone Music.

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December 22, 2012

RDX Search For Jamaica's #1 Naughtiest Girl

RDX_girls_lollipop_tongue.jpgThe search is on to find Jamaica's Naughtiest Girl. Dancehall Dynamic Duo RDX will be launching a campaign to find the islands naughtiest girl which will play a lead role in their upcoming video for single titled "Naughty Girl" and will also be given a consolation cash prize.

The duo who is on the hunt to find Jamaica's Naughtiest Girl will invite females to a closed audition. Females who dare to challenge themselves and embrace the hedonistic side of them will be judged by the duo and other professionals. Contestants will be require to present themselves in a sexy, seductive or as one who can fulfill any man wildest dreams. Females will be required to use props such as costumes, sex toys, personal videos etc. to demonstrate that they are indeed naughty enough to play the lead role in the upcoming video.

Whilst the concept of the video-shoot hasn't been fully finalized, the duo has made it clear that the video will be a project that will not just give the world something to talk about but also a stance against society's hypocrisy as we need to just respect females who dare to publicly be spontaneous, creative as they try all kinds of Karma Sutra & wild sexual act(s) to keep and please their respective partners.

Even though critics and various cross section may be rattled by such a notion, RDX is resolute to expressing their creative freedom and making art whilst entertaining.

Please note this campaign is open to Females 18 years or older. Further details will be announced shortly.

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December 21, 2012

Busy Signal to tour Europe, continue promotions in the U.S.

By Marc Parc
OutAroad Writer

Busy_Signal_Case_US_Jamaica.jpgRecently freed Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Busy Signal will return to arguably his most accommodating overseas market as he's set to tour Europe early next year.

The popular singjay, who recently served a six month sentence for absconding bail in the United States, will embark on a promotional tour next month to highlight his highly successful album, Reggae Music Again. According to Busy's manager, Shane Brown, the album has thrived despite the singjay's legal issues and still has a strong shelf life in terms of popularity and appeal.

This is big news for Busy, whose album was recently named as one of BBC Music's top 10 albums of 2012. Not only was Reggae Music Again the only Reggae project on the list, it was lauded as some plaudits as an authentic representation of the Reggae genre, fitting for the island'’s 50th anniversary.
Busy Signal was humbled by this development, stating in a press release, "When I heard, I just went speechless. This is really a great honor and I just want to big up everyone who supports this album and who will continue to support this album."

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Rayvon & Red Fox Team Up For 'No Other Like You'


Billboard charting singer Rayvon has teamed up with dancehall toaster Red Fox on the bubbly and body rocking tune called No Other Like You.

The track was produced by Musical Masquerade, a Jamaican producer based in the United States.

In a release to the media, Musical Masquerade revealed how the collaboration came about.

"After I finished writing the song I thought about the best voices to fit it and heard the voices of Rayvon and Red Fox in my head. I felt they had the best voices to pull it off", the producer explained.

He also pointed out that the feedback to the song has been overwhelming.

"The feedback has been good. The radio jocks say they haven't had a song or a collaboration like this in a while and they also like the direction that the song is taking. It's not running down the regular dancehall hype, but it just stands out as an excellent song with excellent production and with the right voices".

Both Rayvon and Red Fox have for years toured with international dancehall sensation Shaggy as part of his Big Yard crew.

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December 19, 2012

Veteran artistes to be featured on GT’s Christmas Extravaganza

Yellow_man_king_reggae_artistes.jpgWhiles most promoters have chosen to feature mostly current reggae and dancehall acts on the lineups for their events, GT Taylor who promotes the annually held GT's Christmas Extravaganza stage show has opted for a more wider selection of artistes.

The veteran broadcaster who is popularly known as the Dancehall Master on IRIE FM said that in his opinion no real major Jamaican stage show event is completed without a lineup that features artistes from the early eras popular Jamaican culture.

"As a promoter I don't see how it's possible to stage a major event without featuring artistes from the different eras of our music. Our musical culture is so diverse and all eras produced a plethora of stars, so I don't really see how it would be possible to keep an event such as mine without featuring some of these acts," said GT Taylor.

According to GT over the years he has always selected a number of these artistes to be a part of Christmas Extravaganza and this year the trend will continue as the likes of George Nooks, King Yellow Man and Johnny P will be among the plethora of stars that will grace the Christmas Extravaganza stage this Christmas Night.

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December 18, 2012

Iba Mahr - Will I Wait

Iba_Mahr_reggae_artiste_jamaica.jpgHis style is unique and his sound is different, he has been hailed as one of the bright new stars in reggae. However Iba Mahr is not about to take his foot off the pedals anytime soon, the talented reggae singer who broke through earlier this year with the hit single titled Will I Wait, has been working overtime to cement his place on the global reggae scene.

Iba Mahr recently released a slate of new singles including The Time Is Now ft. Jahmali on the Born Rollin Production imprint, Let Jah Lead The Way for Notice Productions and A Lot Of Love on top flight producer Shane Brown's Juke Boxx label.

Ibah Mahr has also been very busy on stage; he recently delivered a blistering performance on the most recent staging of the Conscious Party reggae concert series which was held at Tony's Café. His presence was also felt when he performed at the recently held Utech Awards, at this function he rocked the house by performing two reggae classics, Bunny Wailer's Ball Room Floor and Black Uhuru's Guess Who's Coming To Dinner.

Iba Mahr is also booked to perform on a number of events during the upcoming holiday season including Sting, GT Taylor's Christmas Extravaganza and Galiday Bounce.

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December 17, 2012

Popcaan shots music video with rapper, Pusha T; takes Vanity Fair spotlight

Popcaan_Diplo_Vanityfair.jpgWorking assiduously at turning himself into an illustrious brand, while 'repping' for dancehall music, Popcaan has made a smooth entrance into the world of rap music through a recent collaboration with a popular American rapper.

The entertainer recently wrapped up a video shoot with popular US rapper, Pusha T, who is signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music label. Pusha T, who came to the fore as one half of the duo, Clipse, was featured alongside Big Sean on Kanye's blockbuster single, "Mercy", which went on to achieve platinum-selling status this year. A musically astute artiste, Kanye sampled the high-pitched vocals of Jamaican Fuzzy Jones, on "Mercy". Jones was a popular song/dubplate intro man during the 70's and 80's and with the huge success of Mercy, it isn't surprising that the G.O.O.D team have come to Jamaica for an original - Popcaan.

Papi is featured on Pusha T’s single "Blocka", and the decision was taken to have the music video shot on location in Jamaica using talented Los Angeles-based director, Orson Whales. Interestingly, while Pusha T was in Jamaica, Popcaan introduced him to all the main dancehall street parties, where Pusha T even got on the mic a few times, much to the delight of his Jamaican fans.

It was quite a busy period for Popcaan, as he also shot the video for the Dre Skull-produced single, “So We Do It”, on the Kling Kling riddim. The video was directed by "Vice" magazine editor and feature documentary filmmaker Andy Capper, whose credits include the Snoop Dogg documentary "Reincarnated".

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December 16, 2012

Producer Turned Artiste Elliven Release New Single - Christmas Time


Just in time for the holidays, Philadelphia based Jamaican reggae singer Elliven has released the track Christmas Time. It features deejay Hot Fyah.

Christmas Time was produced by Elliven's very own NAP Musiq label.

In a release to the media, Elliven revealed how the song came about.

'The idea for the song came about early one December day while moving about and I couldn't help but notice that people were in the Christmas vibe. The Christmas lights around the malls, and the houses adorned with Christmas decorations. It was then that the idea really hit me. Christmas is also my favourite time of the year', said Elliven.

Budding artiste Hot Fyah who is featured on Christmas Time, has appeared on several projects on the NAP Musiq label.

'The intention of releasing Christmas Time was to spread the joy of the season with family, friends and music lovers around the world', Elliven explained.

Christmas Time is just a precursor to what the artiste has prepared for 2013.

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December 10, 2012

Tanya Stephens Live In Concert Christmas Eve, Brooklyn, NY!

Friends and Family and Triple T Production Presents:
"Woman Is Boss" with live performance from Tanya Stephens!

Brooklyn, NY - Back by popular demand, legendary songstress Tanya Stephens is back in New York for a special Christmas Eve performance. "It's been too long" echoes the sentiments of her fans who have been anticipating Tanya's return to New York. The influential dancehall and reggae artist had been busy in the studio putting the finishing touches on her upcoming album.

What a great way to celebrate the holidays with Tanya Stephens performing a rendition of some of her greatest hits such as "Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet", "These Streets", "Goggle", "What A Day", "Pon De Corner", "Handle The Ride", "119", "The Truth", "Big Heavy Gal", "Draw Fi Mi Finger", "After You" among many others..

The event takes place at the Woodbine Ballroom in Brooklyn, New York on December 24th, 2012. Music will be provided by Thunderbolt, Elegance Sound and "The Youth With The Power" Noah!

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December 5, 2012

Vybrant Releases Video For Hurt Mi Heart

vybrant_reggae_artiste_jamaica.jpgFast rising rookie, reggae artiste Vybrant has released the video for his most recent radio hit Hurt Mi Heart. The artiste whose real name is Andre Johnson, has been knocking on the doors of stardom for the past three years.

Vybrant, who debuted with the chart topping single Ears Hard for Major Links Entertainment, says Hurt Mi Heart was done in tribute to one of his friends who died at the hands of law enforcement officials.

"A lot of emotions went into the making of the Hurt Mi Heart video. Just the fact that it's a real life situation, it did bring back a lot of memories", Vybrant explained in a release to the media.

The video for Hurt Mi Heart was directed by Jerome Hyde of Unplugged Multimedia. He described working on the video as 'full of energy'.

"Working on the video was fun and full of energy. A lot of people came out to support the video. But shortly after the video was completed, a girl who was in the video, she passed away. So that broke us down emotionally', Vybrant revealed.

Lyrics and mp3

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November 29, 2012

Junior Kelly Back In Jamaica After Successful Fall European Tour.


Reggae singer Junior Kelly is back home in Jamaica after a very successful fall European tour, which kicked off last October in Amiens, France. Even hurricane Sandy hitting Jamaica, weather conditions grounding flights and closing the Island airports couldn't put a damper on him. He remained in high spirit and great energy.

Kelly departed as soon as the country airport in Montego Bay reopened on the Thursday, October 25 late evening right before his Friday, October 26 performance. With no time to spare as he landed, Junior Kelly was up for his meet and greet, press and straight to his scheduled performance.

Full of energy, good form and positively great vibes, Junior delivered his hits to the delight of eager fans. Taking the crowd on a melodic musical journey with classic songs such as "Love So Nice" to his latest hit "Been There" video. The tour took Kelly and his band through the Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Lyrics and mp3

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November 28, 2012

Deep Jahi Aiming High

Deep_jahi_gully_side_julian.jpgDeep Jahi is closing out 2012 on a high note, after a very successful year. 2012 saw the young St Ann native walk away with the Magnum King of Dancehall crown and since gone on to release a slew of records that have been getting a good deal of airtime via radio and in the dancehalls across Jamaica.

"Reception has been overwhelming since emerging winner of the competition and signing with Rockstone Media," exudes the young singjay. "Boundaries have been exceeded and the future is looking promising. I want to big up all the radio DJs for the support, I know its hard as a young artist to get airplay but Sunshine, DJ Wayne, Smurf, Chrome, Liquid, Troy Mclean, Garfield Hamilton and so many more have shown my music crazy love and I'm very appreciative of that."

Deep Jahi's anthemic single My Life has been at the top of ZIP FM's Zip Code charts for several weeks, backed by a multitude of spins on all the domestic radio stations. Many disc jockeys are tipping Deep Jahi as one of Dancehall's next household names. The acclaimed music video for Life Goes On, shot by Mykal Cushnie in Tivoli Gardens, has been getting heavy rotation on all the domestic and cable TV stations also, climbing the Fiwi Choice charts in the process.

Lyrics and mp3

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November 27, 2012

Delus to perform at the launch of One Mic, The Artistic Movement


Reggae artist, Delus, will perform at the launch of One Mic, The Artistic Movement on Friday, November 30, 2012 at Club White Dragon in New Kingston. The "What Tomorrow May Bring" crooner will be among a line-up to include Keida, G Whizz, Raquel Jones, Rae Tay, Conkarah and Colas, backed by High Symbol Band.

With sponsors such as Billboard Magazine, Icey Jace Film Factory, HDP Media, Viewzz Media, White Dragon, Triple 7 Entertainment and Krystle Karee Design Studios, One Mic, developed by D'Events and Destine Media, will be a weekly event to be held at Club White Dragon for the next three months. Kemar Daswell of D'Events remarks, "One Mic's main goal is to expose emerging talents in Jamaica who are most often overlooked. Delus is one such artist. He bridges the gap of seasoned talent and emerging artist which is why he was selected to jumpstart the One Mic movement in Jamaica. Along with the positive nature of his songs and always upbeat disposition, he truly embodies the One Mic mission - dream and pursue."

Delus, who recently performed at 12 to 12 alongside Tarrus Riley, Bounty, Konshens, Kitty Kutchie and Darrio, has been busy recording, making appearances, media rounds and promoting singles "Live Mi Life" Panamera Riddim, "Gallis" 90s Bubble Riddim, "Work Hard" Paper Chaser Riddim and "Hussla" 12 to 12 Riddim, is looking forward to performing at One Mic. He adds, "This is a unique experience that I am happy to be a part of. To be able to perform my singles with a band and not tracks is always something I welcome. This is a great way to wrap up 2012. Much respect to D'Events for considering me - I appreciate the support."

Lyrics and mp3

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November 26, 2012

Tenza Release Promo Video for Badmind Single

The 'Push and Turn' singer Tenza shot the video for her latest single a few weeks ago, and as now unveil the highly anticipated promo video for the track which is the lead single from her upcoming mixtape "Tenzalious". The hot new mixtape is done by Austrian based and Europe number one female sound system "Badda Pum".

Tenza launched 'Badmind' at the end of August, as part of Kimichi Records Summer Skies Riddim Compilation, but have been getting rave reviews from her fans from around the world, and being enjoying heavy rotations in clubs and dancehall.

According to Kym-ling TMD CEO who is based in Japan, stated that the song is doing so well which see Tenza done the song on dubplate for more than 98 djs world wide, which is a major achievement for a female artist in a very competitive dancehall market that is dominated by males. Shanu Powerz ( Unique FM UK) "This is one of the best dancehall track from a female artist this year", (Dj Jin Slye Flying Tiger sound Japan) "strong lyrics coming from a artist who is known mainly for raunchy and sexy lyrics" Navdeep Singh Editor (Reggae India Magazine)" This is the birth of a band new feisty star in reggae/dancehall industry”

Lyrics and mp3

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November 10, 2012

Lady Saw contemplating baptism? - "I am struggling with both sides"

By M. Jodee Writer

Lady_Saw_Church_Christian_Jamaica.jpgThe Jamaican music industry may be witnessing the transformation of one of its icons as the most prominent female deejay of all-time has been considering a shift of gears, musically and spiritually.

Known for her raunchy, no-holds-barred musical persona, the Queen of Dancehall, Lady Saw shocked fans by tweeting that she has been contemplating baptism as she has been going through a spiritual transformation in recent months.

"Been thinking of getting baptized from about six months now, but then some people draw me out and I end up cussing them out. Well not anymore," she tweeted.

Lady Saw followed that statement up by insisting that her new single, Heels On will be her last Dancehall song, as she will be doing gospel music from here on in.

Insisting that this was no joke nor publicity stunt, Lady Saw revealed that she has scarcely released Dancehall singles over the last nine months due to the spiritual transformation she's experiencing.

"To all record producers, the reason why I didn't record your songs from nine months ago until now is cuz of what I've been experiencing, u get it," she tweeted.

Lady Saw has been dealing with her share of off-stage drama in recent weeks after she found out that her boyfriend of 17 years and prominent producer, Lloyd 'John John' James had impregnated another woman. This prompted Lady Saw to rant on Facebook and Twitter before revealing in a radio interview that she would stick by John John despite his latest case of infidelity.

Lyrics and mp3

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November 3, 2012

Twin of Twins to release volume 10 of Stir It Up later this month

By M. Jodee
Freelance Writer

twin_of_twins_stir_it_up_vol_10.jpgProminent comedic duo turned deejays, Twin of Twins will aim to satisfy fans ahead of the release of their milestone volume of the Stir It Up series with a prelude to the highly-anticipated CD.

The Twins, Patrick 'Curly Lox' Gaynor and Paul 'Tu-Lox' Gaynor are planning to unveil volume 10 of their skit-laden series, Stir It Up at the end of this month. However, the duo will release a prelude to Stir It Up Vol. 10 this week, dubbed Stir It Up: Vol. 9 ½.

According to Patrick Gaynor, this mini-version of the series will feature their unique takes on today's hot topics within Dancehall music and Jamaican pop culture, condensed into 10-15 minutes of comedy. Reports are suggesting that those topics include the cheating scandal involving Mr. Vegas' baby mother and Captain Barkey's untimely death in New York.

Gaynor branded Stir It Up: Vol. 9 ½ as a teaser to Stir It Up: Vol. 10 while revealing that the CD's release was postponed due to Hurricane Sandy's arrival in the island.

Lyrics and mp3

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November 2, 2012

Beres Hammond performing with the Roots on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Beres_hammond_Jimmy_Fallon_late_night.jpgNY: Reggae singer Beres Hammond is scheduled to make his late night television debut on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012. The Grammy-nominated reggae icon will be greeted by Jimmy Fallon and sit in with The Roots to perform his hits in and out of the commercial breaks.

The following day on December 12th, Beres Hammond will take over the new Brooklyn Barclays Center at the Sounds of Reggae Concert along with UB40, Maxi Priest and Shaggy. Beres Hammond will make the crowd melt performing his iconic songs as well as new material off his anticipated album One Love, One Life.

His new double-disc studio collection will be available November 13 on VP Records. Beres Hammond had a hand in producing 19 of the 20 songs. The first disc One Love includes his signature classic lover's rock sound on new singles like “No Candle Light” and “Keep Me Warm,” while the second disc One Life contains more of his socially-conscious, spiritually-empowering tunes including “You Stand Alone,” “Truth Will Live On” and “Prime Time.”

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October 25, 2012

International Reggae Artist Junior Kelly Kicks off Fall European Tour

junior_kelly_european_tour.jpgThroughout his extensive career, soulful reggae singer Junior Kelly has prided himself in making music that is both uplifting and empowering. Providing music that is eternal and knows no boundaries. Internationally known for his breakthrough single "Love So Nice", Junior Kelly cemented his name in reggae music history and thereafter delivered numerous hits such as "Smile", "Blaze", "Sick A Them Story", "More I See You", "Sunshine", "Boom Draw", "Juvenile", "Tough Life", "Too Late" with Queen Ifrica and "Missing You" with Bar-Bee amongst others.

In support and with the success of his latest single "Been There", Junior Kelly has been busy promoting and performing all summer throughout North America and the Caribbean, and to the delight of his European fans, will kick off his Fall European tour on Friday, October 26th 2012 in Amiens, France. Kelly's tour will see him performing in several cities including the Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. The Roots Harmonic band will provide the rhythms for Junior Kelly's unique blend of story telling and melodic singing, and will no doubt be one of his standout tours of the year.

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October 23, 2012

Konshens Announce the Title of His Sophomore Album 'Hotel Room'

Konshens_hotel_room_album.jpgInternational Dancehall Artist Konshens announces the title of his Sophmore Album 'Hotel Room'. Here is what Konshens had to say about the title and expectations of his upcoming album to be released 2013.

Question: So how did you come up with the title 'Hotel Room'?

Konshens: "The last album 'Mental Maintenance' had me on the road for the majority of the year, I was unable to go to the studio and voice as often as I would like. So we brought the studio on the road and voiced in the 'Hotel Room'.

My producer and engineer Mark Hize is also my DJ when on the road., so more time after a show we vibe and voice a song. On this album if you hear a soca song its possible that we just done perform a Trinidad and then go back to we room and voice. You may hear a bad one drop and we were probably in Africa at the time.

So the title really signifies the hard work we put in this past year on the road, thanks to 'Mental Maintenance' and the work we continue to do while on the road and voicing every chance we get in and out of the 'Hotel Room'".

Lyrics and mp3

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October 19, 2012

Falling in Love by Kafinal continues to rise

Kafinal_reggae_canada_jamaica.jpgCanada based Jamaican born reggae artiste Kafinal continues to reap success in the aftermath of his current single Falling in Love.

Kafinal, who shot to fame in Jamaica in 2004 with the amusing Cooking Dat Pwile with deejay Sambo, has been making strong inroads on the reggae scene in Canada.

In a release to the media, the singer/actor/comedian pointed out the many opportunities that have come his way since Falling in Love took flight.

'A lot has been happening and I am pleased with the way things are shaping up right now. Shows, events, endorsements, and a growing fan base. I couldn't ask for anything else", Kafinal stated.

Lyrics and mp3

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October 18, 2012

Delly Ranx Shoots Music Video for The Next Chapter on Location in Jamaica!

delly_ranx_reggae_dancehall_artiste.jpgVeteran Dancehall and Reggae artist, Delly Ranx will be in Jamaica late October to shoot the music video for his chart topping lead single "The Next Chapter."

The video will be directed by Terminal 4 Media and will be shot on location in Jamaica. Known for its' picturesque backdrops, Jamaica was chosen as the ideal setting for the music video.

As far as the storyline, "we want to keep that a surprise" said Jay Jay from Terminal 4 Media. What the director did reveal is that the video will keep to the theme of the song and will also showcase Delly as a timeless artist who performs meaningful music in Dancehall and now in Reggae. She continued by saying "Fans and music lovers' are gravitating towards this song because it echoes maturation in their own lives so we are going to deliver a video that they can gravitate to as well."

During a recent interview, Delly was asked about what fans can expect from the video to which the artist answered "when I heard the riddim, the words just flowed, and we are going to make that same flow happen in the video. Now is the right time to share the next chapter with my fans both musically and now in visually."

Lyrics and mp3

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October 1, 2012

One year later & Vybz Kartel is still alive on the Dancehall scene since his arrest

By M. Jodee Freelance Writer

vybz_kartel_dumpa_truck_chart_outaroad.jpgUpon returning Jamaica this past summer, I couldn't help but delve into a number of things during my stay: The food, the Olympic fever, the Jamaica 50 hoopla and the always vibrant party scene.

Mind you, I hadn't been to a party since migrating over two years ago but figured that it might be a bit different given that Dancehall's landscape has truly changed over that time regarding quality and the off-stage troubles affecting some of the genre's elite, most notably, Vybz Kartel. But no matter where I went, whether it was a session, regular hot spot or even on the bus, it seemed like more Kartel songs were being played across the board, nearly every wine from a girl at a party was from a 'Teacha' track. Heck, probably the loudest I've heard a crowd in a long time came when the famous line from his 'Back To Life,' song started playing inside QUAD.

"Listen, yuh cyaah get p** p** a prison, a next man have yuh gyal when yuh missin, stay far from war, dat a copper and lead, yuh cyaah get head when u dead," a packed QUAD sings in unison. By then it hit me that one thing hasn't changed, Kartel still rules the Dancehall scene.

It's now been a year since Vybz Kartel's arrest and subsequent incarceration on murder charges and, let's just put this to bed; OF COURSE the Dancehall landscape misses him. Ever since Kartel's legal situation took shape last September, Dancehall circles have been in a frenzy considering his absence. This has become increasingly obvious as radio stations and DJs seemingly play his songs more often while several fan pages, t-shirts, concerts and even tattoos have been dedicated to the ever-growing 'Free Worl' Boss' campaign. I've even had girls tell me that they won't truly enjoy themselves at parties if a Kartel song doesn't play, despite the fact that some of them hate his guts.

Lyrics and mp3

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September 30, 2012

Aima Moses' Love Choice Creating Waves On The Airwaves

Aima_Moses_reggae_artiste.jpgLove Choice is the brand new single from Dominican reggae artiste Aima Moses. The song is featured on the frequently rotated Amore rhythm from Donsome Records.

The romantic lovers rock tune highlights the emotions that a man expresses for the woman in his life while at the same time encouraging respect and appreciation for her.

In a release to the media, Moses explained the story behind the Love Choice single.

"Love Choice speaks about a man being satisfied and pleased with his wife, or girlfriend and expresses how he appreciates her while highlighting the good qualities about her", said Moses.

The Amore rhythm is the latest in a growing catalogue of projects from the Adrian Hanson led Donsome Records label. The project also features songs from Ginjah, Sizzla, Turbulence, Lady Lex, Erasto, Khago, Nature, Colton T, and Brown Shuga among others.

Asked how he felt being a part of the project, the singer said "My instant reaction to being involved with the project was exciting to me, just being part of such a project with so many powerful and authentic artistes", he pointed out.

Lyrics and mp3

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September 28, 2012

British Reggae Singer Lady Lex Sizzles On 'Just To Be With You'

lady_lex_UK_Donsome_Records.jpgBritish reggae singer Lady Lex highlights the story of a couple falling hopelessly in love and trying to maintain a long distance relationship, on her latest single Just to Be with You.

The engaging track with emotion and sugar coated vocal muscles, is featured on the Amore rhythm from Donsome Records.

"The song describes how the woman desperately wants to be with her man, even if it’s only for a couple of seconds", Lady Lex explained in a release to the media.

The inspiration for the song is based on a real life experience of a family member.

"One of my family members fell in love with a man overseas and she actually said to me that she felt like she wanted to swim to him, fly to him, and climb a mountain to be with him. I could feel the love from her and used that the inspire me", she explained.

Response to the song has been encouraging especially in the UK.

Lyrics and mp3

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Richie Spice to perform Sunday at Hope4Hope Concert

Richie_Spice_Free_Video.jpgConscious reggae singer, Richie Spice is one of the artistes scheduled to perform at the Hope4Hope on Sunday, September 30, to benefit the Hope Institute.

The concert is held annually in memory of Monique 'Mahima' Geourzoung, who held the Hope Institute in high regard. It is Jamaica's only specialist oncology hospital dedicated to the treatment and care of cancer patients at any point on their journey.

According to Richie Spice, he is honoured to be a part of the lineup for this extremely worthy cause.

"This life is all about helping others along the way. I feel special to be asked to be a part of this fund raising event and give thanks to the organisers," Richie Spice stated.

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September 20, 2012

DNZ & One Team Promotions Bring Konshens Back To CT To Finish What He Started!

Konshens_ct_dnz.jpgThe highly anticipated Konshens LIVE "The Return" took place this past weekend in Connecticut to a packed house. The DNZ & One Team promotions event took place in Hartford, Connecticut at the West Indian Social Club. The event was hosted by multi media personality Diva Nikki Z and reggae artist Delly Ranxx.

This was Konshens 2nd time appearing at the West Indian Social Club, but his actual first time performing. On May 4th 2012, eager fans gathered by the thousands to see him perform, Konshens mania had reached Hartford and the crowd spilled outside the venue which resulted in the Fire Marshal shutting down the night.

Second time was indeed the charm and at 12:30am the show started with New York's top selectors/djs Platinum Kids who themselves gave the crowd a performance that is still being talked about (watch performance below). the musical entertainment was then preceded by CT's elite DJ MDot, DJ Token and DJ Scarface.

Although this event was dubbed "Konshens Live The Return", fans were also treated to a performance by their musical host "Delly Ranx" and DNZ rising artist "Leximillion".

Lyrics and mp3

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September 19, 2012

DreDay Says "War Fi God" Ft Bounty, Kiprich & Calado is "not a Tommy Lee diss"

War_fi_god_bounty_killer_kiprich_calado.jpgDreDay latest productions "War Fi God" featuring Bounty Killer, Kiprich & Calado has yet to officially be released and it is already creating a heated buzz on social media and airwaves.

After a snippet was leaked on youtube with the song dubbed a "Tommy Lee Diss". Media and fans have speculated that a war has been brewing between the artists in anticipation of Sting 2012. Those rumors have been fueled with comments from artists via various social media and although no name has been directly mentioned, dancehall enthusiasts have already made their own deduction.

Producer DreDay states that the song was not a Tommy Lee diss "Kiprich brought the idea to me,he sang out the hook and i tracked it in and lay the beat. He was the one who thought that bounty killer would be a good addition to the project and later Kalado was added to the second verse and so it just came together"

The single distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital will be available Sept 18th 2012 on iTunes.

Having recently released The Baddest Riddim (available on iTunes via 21st Hapilos Digital) Dreday is busy in the studio putting the finishing touches on singles with Aidonia, Chevaghn & Konshen, Calado and Bounty Killer set to be release in the coming weeks. He is also in the process of working on an album with Voicemail. "I don't really follow the hype, I'm just always making music" he says.

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September 14, 2012

KC Jockey - "Y Hate Each Other"

KC%20Jockey.jpgNew York, NY (Sweet Sadie's Records) - Jamaican-born and New York-raised R&B artist KC Jockey is no stranger to the method of using song to spread a greater message. This week, in commemoration of 9/11, KC is releasing a new track titled "Y Hate Each Other," with a hope of spreading more awareness to the world of all the unnecessary hatred and violence that has plagued our way of life.

The tragic events of 9/11 have haunted and inspired KC to write this new track in time for the 11 year anniversary. As he imagines what the families of the victims continue to go through to this day, KC says, "NYC will never recover from this tragic incident, and we as a nation will only get stronger from our experiences. We will try to live better and do positive things and be aware of the violence and unnecessary hatred that's out there. We have to live together, so why fight."

KC has taken similar social stances in the past, with music and lyrics supporting the fight against domestic abuse of women. Being a huge fan of Jamaica's most beloved artist, and probably one of the most influential singer-songwriters to guide social change through music, Bob Marley, KC's musical approach follows many of Marley's ways in an never ending battle for change.

"They rejoice for your downfall wanna see you dead. Hidden from view my silent tears flow freely. God better anoint them before it's too late."

Lyrics and mp3

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September 13, 2012

Nando Rides to the Top

Nando_griffiths_american_jamaican.jpgWith the release of his debut album Yaad and Abroad on the One Jam Music label now officially set for September 27, singer Nando Griffiths has reasons to feel optimistic about the potential success of the 17-track album. Some of his optimism is in no doubt fueled by the momentum of his Ride All Night single, which has risen to the top of several Jamaican charts. Ride All Night, which features contributions from Oxxygen and Paashot, is holding down the number 1 position on the Jamaica Top 25 Dancehall Countdown for the second week in a row and is also occupying the top position on a number of video charts including CVM Hit List, BOJ TV Top 10, and the Hype TV VTX Top 10.

The success of Ride All Night follows that of Team Jamaica (Light the Torch), which burned up the airwaves before and during the London 2012 Olympics and was endorsed by several radio stations in both yaad and Jamaican communities abroad as their official theme song for the Jamaican team to the London 2012 Olympics. While Team Jamaica and Ride All Night set the pace for the release of Yaad and Abroad, My Everything, which is being hailed as one of the best original lovers rock tunes in recent years, looks set to continue Nando's relay of hits, as it has been steadily climbing the Jamaica Top 25 Reggae Chart and is now in the number 7 spot.


Lyrics and mp3

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September 11, 2012

Konshens Heads Back in The Studio To Voice Sophomore Album


New York, New York: As Konshens gears up to record his sophomore album. The work and major collaborations continue.

In June, 2012 Konshens recorded "Murder on the Dance Floor" with Colombian-American, world renown DJ, producer Erik Morillo and Sympho Nympho. Erik Morillo has worked with international superstars from the late Whitney Houston to Sean P-Diddy Combs. "Murder on the Dance Floor" is doing well on the international charts.

In August , 2012 Konshens teamed up with Tropical Blendz and Mike D on the remix with R&B superstar Miguel for his chart topping single "Adorn". Premiered worldwide on September 1st by Hot97's own Mr. Cee the song has received huge buzz and request globally.

As Konshens prepares to start voicing for his new album, when asked what can we expect from Konshens on your sophomore album, he says "Well you know say with Konshens, anything is possible so just stay tuned".

Lyrics and mp3

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Getting To Know Boardhouse Recording Artiste Lady Ali

Lady_ali_recording_artistes_female.jpgMuhammad Ali is one of the greatest Heavyweight Champions of all time who is known for his quick fists as well as his loud-mouthed braggadocio. And dancehall's own Lady Ali is no slouch either because her verbal fisticuffs on the dancehall stage have humbled and decimated many opponents.

This Boardhouse Records recording artiste is the red hot rookie bubbling up in the Bronx underground with her sizzling singles, larger-than-life onstage persona and high octane performances. She is the real deal and she is carving out her own niche in the world of dancehall.

Born Alecia Watson on July 10, 1985, she grew up in St. Mary where she was raised by her mother until the age of six. Then she was raised by her grandparents and her aunt until she reached aged 12, at which time she migrated to the United States.

Lyrics and mp3

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September 8, 2012

Getting To Know Miss Str8

Miss_str8_artiste_jamaican.jpgMiss Str8, the name explains it all. Straight, simple, sexy, sweet and unique. The young singjay grew up in the parish of Portland but is currently residing in Austria. She is a very humble and god-fearing individual anticipated by many who know of her lyrical and dance skills to be a very huge hardcore dancehall /one drop /rud a dub style in the near future.

Known for her sexy straight up ways and style of living she gave her self the name Miss Str8, after making a life changing experience in 2010. Thats when she made her first single "nuh care" that had so much influence, on so many young girls life in a very short period of time. Her powerful performance and her own unique way on stage is what every dancehall lover would want to see on any stage performing

As a young child growing up she always love to sing/dance. As the years go by she always just try to avoid the fact that she loves to sing/dance, but it just keept on coming back her way. She would always end up in a compititions as a youngster. Her friends who saw and know her talent always push her on stage or in a crowd to compete, she always end-up leaving winning or having the crowd asking for more.

Lyrics and mp3

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September 6, 2012

Beenie Man Condemns Violence At Labor Day Carnival [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

By Jerry L. Barrow, Senior Editor

New York’s West Indian Day Carnival has been a tradition in the city since the 1920s. Immigrants from Jamaica, Trinidad and various islands throughout the Caribbean held private celebrations in Harlem with music and food from their native countries that soon became public affairs. After undergoing several evolutions over the years, it now exists as one of the largest cultural gatherings in New York City attracting visitors from across the globe Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway.

However, in recent years gun violence has marred the festivities casting a cloud of justified concern. Grammy Award winning Jamaican Reggae artist Beenie Man has been a regular participant in the Labor Day Carnival and Parade since the mid ’90s and says his experience has been overwhelmingly positive. But he feels that artists need to take more responsibility for maintaining a level of decorum on the Parkway.

Watch his interview with where Beenie Man cautions today’s Dancehall artists to take the necessary steps to ensure their own safety, as well as their fans.

Lyrics and mp3

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September 5, 2012

Toronto Welcomes Delly Ranx with a Launch for his New Album 'The Next Chapter!'

Delly_ranx_album_launch_canada.jpgVeteran Dancehall artist Delly Ranx will be in Toronto to launch his new album, The Next Chapter on Saturday September 8th, 2012 at the Falcon Banquet Hall (1852 Dundas St. E.) in Mississauga.

The new album which was released in July sees the Dancehall Veteran performer depart from performing Dancehall singles, to embrace Reggae music which the artist acknowledges as his heritage. Of the project Delly says "I wanted to give my fans pure Reggae music on this album. They've heard me perform Dancehall so it's good to give them something different. Also the youths should know both sides of the music, not just one - this album is balance!"

Though the album launch party is on Saturday September 8th, 2012, Delly arrives in Toronto on Thursday September 6th where he will do interviews with key media personalities such as DJ Wiz, Ron Nelson, Natasha Von Castle and King Turbo.

Hosted by L3 Magazine and MYC Entertainment, special guests welcoming Delly to the City include Terminal DG, Tanya Mullings, Frazah C-Lection, JLogix, Tasha T, Empress Minott, Kafinal and more. Joining Delly from Florida is Froggy Madd Squad from Madd Squad Sound.

Lyrics and mp3

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September 4, 2012

Sean Paul Announces Tomahawk Technique North American Tour !

Jamaican Pop/Dancehall Superstar Unveils Fall Tour Dates in Support
of the New Album Tomahawk Technique Due Out Tuesday, September 18

Sean_paul_Jamaican_dancehall_pop_star.jpgToday, international superstar Sean Paul announced the preliminary dates for his Tomahawk Technique North American Tour this fall. The performances will take place across the country in support of Paul’s new album Tomahawk Technique, which hits stores on Tuesday, September 18 on Atlantic/VP Records. Anchored by the recently released smash single How Deep Is Your Love featuring Kelly Rowland, Got 2 Luv U featuring Alexis Jordan and She Doesn’t Mind, Tomahawk Technique has already topped the charts across the globe after being released with rave reviews.

“I took a different approach on this album in every way,” said Sean Paul. “I worked with a lot of pop producers and challenged them to make their interpretation of a dancehall beat while also collaborating with some artistes I’ve always admired but never had the chance to work with. The reaction to the album so far has been incredible but I am excited for it to come out in the States and to be able to support it with a great tour.”

Sean Paul, who has sold over 10 Million albums worldwide since bursting onto the scene in 2000 with Stage One, recorded with a star-studded collection of collaborators including Benny Blanco (Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa, Ke$ha), Norwegian duo Stargate (Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown) and superstar producer Rico Love (Usher, Natasha Bedingfield, Beyonce), resulting in an album filled with chart topping hits.

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Kappa Says "Hard Man a Go"

Kappa_artiste_jamaican.jpgThe artiste Kappa was born Courtney Linton to Jamaican parents in Brooklyn, NY on July 2, 1991. As a child, Kappa lived in Jamaica for a period of time. It was there he grew a love for reggae music. At a young age he was influenced by artists like Super Cat, Buju Banton, Megah Banton and Ninja Man. At the age of 10 Kappa tragically lost his father to cancer. Music was his source of strength during this rough time.

Kappa began writing his own music and soon discovered he wanted to make music a career. His mother showed her support by purchasing him a karaoke machine which allowed Kappa to practice and rehearse his craft on a daily basis. In recent years Kappa has began working with multi-genre producer KheilStone, better known as the creator of Cook Hennessy Riddim and Disorda Riddim. Kappa is now set to take over the music scene with his upcoming releases from KheilStoneMusic, sure to be a crowd pleaser!

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September 3, 2012

BridgeZ releases "All Dem A Talk" video from SoUnique's Aurora Skies Riddim

Take a glimpse at the brand new video for "All Dem A Talk" CLICK HERE:

Bridgez_all_dem_a_talk_video.jpgAlliance's First Lady, BridgeZ has been enjoying much success between "The Crossover" Mixtape and collaboration with International hip hop act M1, the Songstress/Dj successfully brought the attention her way from people across the world. While Bridgez was quite the busy body this summer, she snuck away to the beaches of Ocho Rios and areas of Kingston to film her new video for her blazing single off the Aurora Skies Riddim titled "All Dem A Talk" produced by So
Unique Records

The video premiered today on CVM TV's leading entertainment show "OnStage". The video is guaranteed to hypnotize those watching as the camera captures a true representation of the Diva that lies within this talented artist.

Carlington Wilmot, from popular media outlet who was the mastermind behind the video had this to say about working with Bridgez:-

"I wish we could do it all over again… It's always easier working with female artistes as they are always on time and prepared. Overall I had fun capturing every moment"

Her team expects nothing but the best outcome for this video, as the single has already been getting frequent airplay locally in Jamaica and Overseas. Bridgez plans to release more music videos from the singles featured on her mixtape, in which the song "All Dem A Talk" is featured on as well.

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August 31, 2012

Stephen Marley's Revelation: driven by a joy of spreading his message

stephen_marley_revelation_album.jpgEight-time Grammy Award-winning producer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Stephen Marley, recently ended his successful, nine-week Revelation Part Two Tour, which took him to a wide variety of locations in Europe. The tour acted as a follow-up of his 2011 Grammy Award-winning album, 'Revelation Part 1: The Root of Life' which Marley describes as leaning more toward "an eclectic feel."

The seasoned Reggae artiste and second son of the legendary Bob Marley, proved to be a hit among the fans of the Reggae crooner in Europe. The nine-week journey began on Wednesday, May 16 and took the conscious Reggae star to various places in Europe that now have been left with the “Positive Vibrations” of the Marley clan.

Booked as his longest tour to date, the 46-city trod witnessed him in the territories of The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Italy. Revelations Tour Part Two, served also as a preview for the release of the follow-up album of ‘Revelation Part One’, which will be released later this year under the same name as the tour.

While on tour, the artiste expressed that, “I’m here to achieve a greater purpose and that is to portray a positive message through my music...It’s a joy to spread this message,” in an interview with

Joining him in achieving this purpose were the Bad So singer, Jo Mersa, who is also Stephen Marley’s son. Jo Mersa has been doing extremely well as an upcoming Reggae artiste venturing into a fusion of Reggae and Dancehall. The Jazz-Reggae Peace Train singer, Jasmin Karma also joined Stephen Marley and Jo Mersa on the tour and added a mellow vibe in keeping with her unique sound.

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August 30, 2012

Patra & Delus To Premiere New Video On Hype Tv!

Patra_delus_come_ova_video.jpgOn Friday, August 31, 2012, the long awaited video for Patra and Delus' single Come Ova will premiere on Hype TV' Up and Live. The single, which was recorded earlier this year, not only gained popularity for its catchy lyrics and dancehall riddim but also the return of Patra who had been on hiatus for a few years. At the time of its release, both Patra and Delus took to the airwaves in Jamaica, the Caribbean, US, Europe and Canada to promote the single. During that time fans were assured that plans to shoot the video was in the making.

On Monday, August 27th, social media was a buzz as music sites posted the freshly released video. With the hype of the single building for the past three months, the timing seemed perfect for the video' release as fans expressed their views about the video. The positive feedback thus far has been encouraging for both Delus and Patra who will go on to promote the video in the coming weeks.

Producer Dameon Gayle of Warrior Music Productions who was instrumental in getting Delus and Patra to collaborate on the single remarks, "Making the video was just as enjoyable as producing the track. It was a fun environment working with Patra, Delus and the directors to create the exciting visuals for the song. I really loved working on the project and thankful to everyone."

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Kafinal Reaps Success With New Single Falling In Love

Kafinal_artiste_jamaican.jpgSince its premiere on CHRY 105.5 FM in Canada on DJ Wiz programme a few weeks ago, the song Falling in Love by singer/actor Kafinal has been riding a wave of success in Canada.

Locally, the song has been receiving rotation on Hitz 92 FM, Irie FM and Fame FM.

Kafinal is quite upbeat about the song's success thus far.

"The song has been growing on people and I definitely love the buzz. The song has made the top 5 most requested play list on Global Links radio and it has been a staple on internet radio for a few weeks now", Kafinal said in a release to the media.

The romantic one drop lovers rock tune is the comeback single for the artiste who made an impact on the charts in 2004 with Cooking Dat Pwile featuring Sambo.

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August 29, 2012

Sean Paul Supports Snoop Lion's Transformation

By Carmen Shardae Jobson


VIBE: Snoop Dogg has become Snoop Lion for 2012! What are your thoughts on that?

Sean Paul: I think it's great! He's doing what he feels to do. Now Snoop Dogg is the epitome of what the people call "gangsta rap, so big ups to him. He's sold millions; everybody knows his name. Everybody and their mom knows his name. Like my mom will be like, 'Oh, I like that song.' And I'm like 'Well what about it do you like?," and she'll say 'I don't know, I just love Snoop!' So he's a global phenomenon and for him to want to do reggae, let him do it, it's not like he's giving up on rap. He's just trying something different and people are talking [mess] about it and then can't even step on his shoelaces!

Like what happens in the music business is that you try to do something different and it takes a cutthroat person to try and kill them and their career. Do what you want to do! Talk about what you want to talk about! He's always been into reggae music, appreciated the culture. The people saying negative things are just hating. That's another things about social media. It has watered down the feedback of what artists receive sometimes. People can play jokes on artists on Twitter and poke them, all kinds of stupid shit. You couldn't do that before. I don't really care what people have to say about Snoop. They haven't walked in his shoes. He went through a murder trial. He's done so much different shit. He helped to bring the Crips and the Bloods together. And people are sitting in their room, talking shit, I don't care about what they have to say. It's not [just about] what you've done, or what you're doing, it's about where you're at right now.

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August 26, 2012

Singing Melody Receives 2nd Windows MSN Media Guide Feature for 2012!


For the second time this year, Singing Melody is featured on the worlds' leading media guide website, Windows MSN Media Guide.

Sharing the front page with Madonna, Adele and Jennifer Lopez, fans of the site have quickly taken to the single "Never Get Over You" which comes from the veteran singers' latest album 'They Call Me Mr. Melody. The smooth song is performed by a man missing his girl; the woman he truly loves, and the one he will never get over despite her leaving. Featuring melodic rock and roll riffs over a signature Lover's Rock groove, Singing Melody's voice shines brightly.

Calling it the Reggae and R&B blend, the artist's music is featured on the Reggae Radio channel. Speaking by phone enroute to Florida, Singing Melody says "music is a unifying force that moves people from all walks of life. I am blessed to be able to contribute to that unity through the MSN's Windows Media Guide website."

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J Khule On The Rise To The Top

J_Khule_artiste_jamaican.jpgBorn in Jamaica and raised in Anguilla; Jerome Reid aka J Khule has been honing his singing skills since the age of 10. Inspired by Reggae and R&B he vowed from an early age that music would be his ticket to a better life for him and his mother. His main goal is to unite ghetto youth and lead them to more productive things outside of the ghetto. He thinks peace and awareness and more positive chances can help to reverse the negative cycle.

Out now is his new single Emergency tearing up the charts Internationally. Shot in Jamaica; the video depicts graphic images of everyday life in the ghetto. He returned to Jamaica in 2010 since leaving for Anguilla at the age of 6. It was both a moving and enlightening experience for him. It also exposed him to more authentic reggae and dancehall sounds. Currently he goes between Jamaica and Anguilla Working with the best or the best in both worlds and collaborating with top producers in Jamaica and Anguilla his music reflects a melting pot of excellence.

Family is very important to him after losing his father at the age of 4 he only had his mother to lean on. His faith in God and his love for music is what got him through many hard times. Always singing and dancing he always knew that his chance would come one day when he could use his music to uplift others. With songs like Emergency, My Jamaican Girl and Rising; J Kool is definitely rising to the top. Talented, disciplined and motivated nothing is going to stop him from rising to the top.
-Article by; Rifa Madness

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August 21, 2012

Bunny Rugs - "Land We Love" all proceeds single goes to the Jamaica Children Heart fund charity


It's not every day a nation celebrates 50 years of independence. Accordingly, it's not every day the defining voice of the nation's most successful pop reggae band since the 1980s gets to make a personal contribution. "Land We Love" is a modern day praise song in the timeless soulful reggae tradition written and performed by Bunny Rugs, lead singer of Third World. Although performed by Rugs, "Land We Love" speaks for the nation.

"Jamaicans we are number one," he sings, "world leaders and champions, prophets and musicians". Assisted by Dean Fraser's breezy saxophone solos, Bunny Rugs puts a special spin on independence and a lot of love in the dance and through your speakers with "Land We Love".

"Land We Love" was recorded with Mikey Bennett at Grafton Studios, mixed by Stephen Stanley and mastered by Rohan Dwyer. Studio Musicians include Kirk Bennett on drums, Aeion Hoilett on Bass, Lamont Savory on Guitar and Kevon Webster on keys.

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August 13, 2012

Zimbabwe: Assassin Misses Target . . .


Assassin_Agent_Saco_Africa_Show.jpgReggae fans will quickly forget Assassin's first foray into Africa for the lethargic performance he gave on a breezy wintry night at the Harare Gardens but will be recollecting the lasting images of a fiery Lady Squanda and an inimitable Sniper "General" Storm.

For those who attended Winky D's flawless performance at the Samsung Galaxy Pocket launch at Red Fox Hotel in which he used a live band, C&A Entertainment's insistence on bringing reggae artistes without a band has not gone down well with many music fans in the country.

For long the company responsible for bringing Elephant Man and Mavado to Zimbabwe has been getting away with "murder".

Distinctly flaccid, Assassin's set was poor; largely pedestrian and only livening up towards the end.

The use of back tracks made Agent Sasco look ordinary, Dadza D had more energy than that and maybe that is what led to one fan grabbing the Jamaican chanter's shades, the only thing to remember him by, but certainly not his performance.

The bouncers must also be told that they do not hit a thief in the manner they did when police could have just arrested him, embarrassing it may be but they do not pulverise a human being like that.

The importance of a live band has never been understated; C&A Entertainment should get advice from the likes of Shumba Instrumentation, fellow promoters, who have always gone the distance in bringing artistes and their bands. In an instance that has not happened they have roped in Transit Crew.

The idea being live performances are different from studio works, some of our local DJs struggled for the "One Drop" like when Jiggaz was performing. Back tracks give the impression of child's play; put Assassin on stage and play his riddims and people will jump seemed to be the assumption.

Indeed, in the latter part of his set the fans did but that can be placed on his own versatility as an artiste.

It is certainly cheaper to bring top reggae acts as one-man bands but it also gives the impression that a promoter is out for a quick buck.


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August 11, 2012

Tifa to launch new video & special performance at Behind the Screens

Tifa_video_launch.jpgFresh from her recent performance at Reggae Sumfest Dancehall night, dancehall diva Tifa is set to deliver a special performance at the weekly Behind the Screens series at Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records on Tuesday August 14.

The Digicel brand ambassador will be delivering her well known hits along with some of her newer material.

The video for her hot new single Hold On will be launched at the series.

Hold On was directed by Ruption from the RD Studios camp, was shot at the Sunshine Amusement Complex in New Kingston. The song was produced by Conroy Forte for Washroom Entertainment and is featured on the Poolside rhythm.

Tifa had previously worked with Forte on Swaggin (WTF) featuring Wayne Marshall and Fambo and Certified Diva featuring Tami Chynn.

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August 9, 2012

Stein Steams Up the Summer, Launches Website & Shoots New Video


Jamaican dancehall artist Stein steams up the summer with the launch of his sleek new website,

The official site is Stein's direct link for media, bookings, radio and DJ drops, and dubplate requests. It also connects his audience directly with all his social sites. But mainly, the website offers up his catalog of music, with all songs titled and in one place, for the first time.

Stein also recently shot the video for his latest single, "Wheel It Off," produced by Chimney Records on their Money Box Riddim. The video is directed by Stein's long-time video collaborator, Andre "Silence" Dixon, and is set against the tantalizing backdrop of Miami Beach, Florida.

"I've been back in Jamaica recording music day and night for my debut album, All Or Nothing, due out early next year," reveals Stein. "I took a brief break to shoot a video because sometimes you need the visuals in addition to radio support. So I'm trying to get my music out there to the fans, in every way I can."

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July 27, 2012

Bambino Staying On Key In 2012

Trevor_Off_Key_Dancehall_Artiste.jpgFresh from an electrifying performance at Sumfest’s beach party, Jamaica’s king of parody and renowned resident Zip Jock, ZJ Bambino, whose real name is Orrett Hart Jr. is making strides in 2012.

He proved that he is one of Jamaica's most respected emcees when he was voted Selector of the Year at the Youth View Awards in February. When asked how he felt, Bambino said, “It is a great feeling! Especially knowing that the youth are listening I know I can be more of a positive influence on them.”

Shortly after receiving his award, Bambino took his turntables to Trinidad carnival for the third consecutive year. While there, he reveled in the festivities as he deejayed and played at the varying events including Carnival Monday and Tuesday on the Island People Truck, an experience which was made possible by sponsors Tara Couriers and FX Trader.

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July 26, 2012

Jahvinci Heads To Europe This Summer


Dancehall star Jahvinci is looking forward to a busy Summer as he cranks up the promotion of his new single, Drop a Night for Triple Dose Productions.

“The song is getting a great response in the streets so far, ZIP, IRIE, and HITZ ah play it hard, it’s a great look,” Jahvinci said.

The Watch Yu Friends singer is relishing his artistic freedom since leaving the Portmore Empire.

“I am building a new team, writing great songs, working hard, I have been getting a lot of encouragement from other artistes to just go out and do my thing and get my music and voice out there, I am not going to let them down, mi ah go just dweet,” he said.

He also shot a video for the single, Make Money Easy, that he will be releasing in August. Jahvinci recently performed during Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay.

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July 23, 2012

Countdown to Chino's Japan Album Begins

Chino_Japan_tour.jpgIn less than two months, singjay Chino McGregor will release what promises to be another stellar album for the Japan market.

The still untitled album will be released in early September to coincide with his Japan tour to promote the album. The celebrated artiste is no stranger to the market; in fact, not only have all his previously released albums done well, but they have also topped the charts in the region.

Chino's sophomore Japan album, Never Change, released in the summer of 2010 shot to the second spot on the iTunes Reggae chart, where it remained for a number of weeks. In addition, later that year his hit single, From Mawnin', also featured on the album went on to become the number one purchased and downloaded track/ringtone on Japan’s most established ringtone site, Reggae Zion. This was the first time anyone outside the region had accomplished such a feat.

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July 11, 2012

Agent Sasco Counts Down to the 9th Annual Montreal International Reggae Festival

agent_sasco_montreal_festival.jpgSince the year 1999, Assassin, a.k.a. Agent Sasco has been a lyrical force to be reckoned with in his songs, and on the stage.

Ranked in the top 50 on Reverb Nations top 50 chart, fans have declared Agent Sasco as one of the top artists they want to see perform at the 9th Annual Montreal International Reggae Festival. Songs such as "Idiot Ting," "Step Pon Dem" as well as recent hits "Nuh Jus A Come" produced by Bobby Digital have added to the artists longevity in the business.

Getting his start in High School, Agent Sasco, accompanied by his class mates, hit the cafeteria during lunch break where the class mates would build the riddim, and Sasco, with his clever lyrics, 'assassinating' his lyrical opponents, thus earning the title Assassin. He earned the attention of Dancehall veteran Sparagga Benz, and became Spragga's protégé where he went on to impress and earn the respect of the Dancehall fraternity.

For the 9th Annual Montreal International Reggae Festival, Assassin a.k.a. Agent Sasco welcomes you to take in his performance at the Old Port. Will the artist take lyrical aim? Come out to the Festival to find out!

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Mighty Crown's Month-Long European Tour A Hit

mighty_crown_european_tour.jpgMighty Crown "The Far East Rulaz" wrapped up an explosive month-long European tour at the close of June. And from the looks of things, Japan's most coveted sound system has no intention of slowing down. Mighty Crown's long overdue European Tour, which consisted of heavy hitting performances in 20 cities, attracted thousands of diehard followers. After loads of requests from promoters and fans, the tour went off without a hitch and was a bonafide success. Mighty Crown was thrilled to return to Europe after taking a hiatus from touring to solidify business deals.

As one of the industry's most accomplished sound systems, Mighty Crown has a wealth of accolades under their belt, including sponsorships, endorsements, stadium shows, a clothing brand, and a record label. With dancehall and sound system culture at the core of Mighty Crown's existence, the celebrated sound highlights these elements in every facet of their empire. "We are one one of the few camps that approach this craft as business, therefore, longterm planning and strategies are put in place to ensure the longevity and strength of the Mighty Crown brand," says Mighty Crown's manager Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin. "Now that we have accomplished gaining the attention of major companies and corporations, we are glad to be back on the road."

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July 5, 2012

R Kelly still coming to Sumfest

r_kelly_reggae_sumfest_jamaica.jpgChairman of Summerfest Productions, Robert Russell, says American R & B singer R Kelly will definitely be performing at Reggae Sumfest on Saturday, Juy 21.

"He is definitely coming. I have been in touch with them (R Kelly's publicists) and they say he is coming, and is really looking forward to performing here," Russell told the Jamaica Observer today.

The Summmerfest Promotions chairman was responding to reports in the media which stated that the R&B singer is suffering complications from throat surgery and will miss promotional appearances for his new album and memoir.

The report quoted Kelly's publicist as saying that the singer was on his way to New York on Wednesday morning when he became ill and returned to Chicago for medical treatment.

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June 29, 2012

Reggae Sumfest to honor Lady Saw

By Marc Parc Writer

lady-saw-Marion-hall-album.jpgInternationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Lady Saw will add another prestigious accolade to her collection as Reggae Sumfest prepares to honor the prominent diva.

Sumfest organizers will be recognizing Lady Saw for her contribution to the music industry, highlighting a successful career that has spanned three different decades. Summerfest Productions executive director, Johnny Gourzong made the announcement via press release on Thursday.
"Sumfest is pleased to showcase the hottest female acts in the Jamaican music industry right now."

"Among the hottest females on the line-up is Grammy award-winning artiste, Lady Saw, a true representative of the dancehall genre and, for this, she will be honored at the 20th staging of the festival."

Lady Saw will join fellow Dancehall/Reggae legends of Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Beres Hammond who've been honored at past stagings of Reggae Sumfest and will be the first female recipient of such a distinction.

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June 26, 2012

Down Sound Records Signs Production Deal With Khago

khago_downsound_records.jpgThe independent label Down Sound Records has inked a production and booking deal with international recording artiste Khago to boost his presence in the international marketplace.

"We believe that Khago is going to be a part of the transformation to uplift dancehall to its former self. That's why we are interested in doing albums with him that are geared towards particular markets. He can be the next big artiste out of Jamaica because of his crossover appeal and his wonderful work ethic which is on par with that of a Vybz Kartel," Josef Bogdanovich said.

"His ability to flow bar to bar in lyrical clashes with artistes like Assassin and Sizzla means that this artiste is a powerhouse, and beginning with these albums, we are marketing him as one of the future stars of dancehall music. He is a double threat because his reggae songs are very popular in Africa and Europe and his dancehall stuff is popular in the ethnic markets in the US, we believe he is a bonafide star."

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June 25, 2012

Kym Hamilton Is Whining For The General

kym_hamilton_video_dancehall.jpgKingston 11 Production and Director JahJah has collaborated to produced Kym Hamilton's latest music video "Don't Trick Me". In the video Kym says, "She ago whine fi de General so, thump it up", Kym is very lyrical and this needs to be recognized by everyone in the music industry. Kym is definitely a force to reckon with.

Kym took it back to the neighborhood for this one, with endorsement from Impulse Energy Drink and help from her school friends, Kym has turned the "Red Herring Riddim", into gold. The video was shot on location in Portmore, Jamaica.

The Red Herring Riddim is Produced by Kingston 11 Music group. Kym would like to thank "The Magnificent Dancers" out of St. Thomas.

"The female dancers are my classmates from Ascot High School, Me affi big dem up to, dem a give me all the support a girl needs", says Kym who will be shooting three more videos by the end of June.

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June 22, 2012

Busy Signal Petition


busy_signal_denied_bail_court.jpgIn 2002, Mr. Glendale Gordon was arrested and during the course of the trial Mr. Gordon did the unthinkable… he “ran”. He fled the United States and headed for his childhood home, Jamaica. Now, ten years later, Mr. Gordon's past is back to haunt him, resulting in him being extradited to the U.S. to face charges of “failing to appear”. At this point one can only assume what compelled the then twenty-two year old Gordon to flee before the trial had started. Whether it was the fear of facing a jury, uncertainty of what lay ahead, or the simple feeling of being overwhelmed - we can never be sure, but what we know is that now is the time when he will have to answer to “running”.

It is undisputed that crimes committed must be atoned for, and we have a civic responsibility to ensure that individuals who have done wrong be made to pay. However, is there any individual who in retrospect has not had feelings of shame and remorse for things done in the past? For every person there have been moments where, if given the opportunity to reenact those scenes in our lives, we would make alternate choices. Unfortunately life does not come with a “REPLAY” button, and we have all learnt to learn from our mistakes and move on. It is often said, that a person’s character is the result of their past experiences, and these experiences form the basis for future choices.

We as a music fraternity believe that it is that experience of Mr. Gordon, that has served its purpose to bring to the forefront the cultural icon we now call “Busy Signal”. In following the musical career of “Busy Signal” for the last eight years since making his debut on the music scene with the hit single “Not Going Down”, we have seen the work of this artiste show significant strides of intellectual growth, cultural awareness and personal development.

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June 15, 2012

Shabba Ranks set to return to Sumfest stage

By M. Jodee
Freelance Writer

shabba_ranks_reggae_sumfest_jamaica.jpgAfter nearly two decades away from the Reggae Sumfest stage, legendary Dancehall superstar, Shabba Ranks will return to the event in this, its 20th edition.

Shabba Ranks will join the likes of Beenie Man, Damian Marley, Konshens, Popcaan, Tifa, I-Octane and several other local artistes who will represent the island at the 20th edition of Reggae Sumfest, set to take place from July 15-21 at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay. This marks the first appearance by Shabba Ranks since the event’s second staging in 1994.
Shabba Ranks will be headlining on International Night 1 along with internationally acclaimed R&B singer, Trey Songz, who was confirmed for Reggae Sumfest earlier this week.

Shabba Ranks remains a wholly respected figure in the music industry; renowned for several classics including Trailer Load, Twice My Age, Mr. Loverman, Bedroom Bully, Wicked Inna Bed and Ting a Ling. The highly regarded deejay won two Best Reggae Album Grammy Awards for As Raw As Ever in 1992 and X-Tra Naked the following year; making him one of six Jamaican artistes to earn such a distinction.

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June 13, 2012

Charly Black Releases New Single on Multi Talented Music & Palm Tree Flow Records

charly_black_over_and_over.jpgDancehall DJ Charly Black raises his musical bar as the artist recently launched his own record label, Multi Talented Music, whose first single is a joint release with Palm Tree Flow Records called "Over & Over."

Performed on an exclusive in house produced riddim, the song hears Charly tell his lady how much he misses her when she's away, and that she's a top priority in his life.

"Over & Over" is released in the same vain as "Bubbling Party," "Claaaaaaty Again" and "Fall in Love Again" which are designed to keep the ladies moving in the club and to keep fans tuned in to their favorite radio host playing Charly's music!

"Right now it's about doing things where I can set a positive example. I want people to know that they can do what they set out to do. For me, my mission is to make good music that will last, and my label is the way in which I will make sure my music gets to fans the right way" said Charly while on location at his video shoot for "Claaaty Again" in Portmore Jamaica.

Lyrics and mp3

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June 12, 2012

'No Jamaican shows right about now,' says Mr. Vegas

By M. Jodee Freelance Writer

mr-vegas-sweet-jamaica-album.jpgJamaican fans may be made to wait for a while before they see internationally acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae singer, Mr. Vegas performs on a local stage show.

Following a shortened set at the Miami-based Best of the Best stage show on Memorial Day weekend, Vegas has seemingly decided to be more selective with which types of shows he'll be perfoming on going forward. During a recent interview on CVM TV's D'Wrap, the veteran singjay revealed that he won’t be gracing a local show anytime soon.

"No Jamaican shows right about now. If you wanna see me in Jamaica, you see me at any show or one a dem show deh. Di Jamaican people dem understand. I want to perform my song dem and sometimes some of these show doh mek yuh perform what yuh want to perform. It’s just simple as that" he said.

According to Vegas, he'll be looking to perform in shows across Europe and parts of America given that with certain Dancehall shows, he isn't allotted enough time to perform his catalogue of hit singles.
"I don't want to perform on any Dancehall shows with this type of situation because this is what happens: You have to go and rush the show…I'd rather perform in Europe and perform in the West coast in America and all these places because yuh get to perform and do yuh show," he intimated.

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Ragashanti to suspend Tambareen Radio

By Marc Parc Writer

ragashanti_live_Link_Up_Radio.jpgHighly regarded Jamaican radio talk show host, Dr. Kingsley Stewart, more popularly known as Ragashanti, will be suspending his popular Tambareen Radio outlet until further notice.

The online radio station, which was officially launched by Ragashanti last year, as well as its host website, will cease broadcasting and publishing effective June 14 as the controversial personality will be completely revamping both brands. Ragashanti announced the move on Sunday via Mix Up Yaad as well as his official Facebook page, explaining his reasoning behind this decision.

"I regret to inform you all that Mix Up Yaad ( and Tambareen Radio will suspend publishing and broadcasting Thursday, June 14, 2012. This is in order to initiate a total reconceptualization and revamping of both the site and the station. There is not yet a date on which the web site and the station will restart. I sincerely thank you for your support over the time you were affiliated with us. I also regret any inconvenience this necessary move may cause,” he said.

"Look out for a different and improved Mix Up Yaad and Tambareen Radio in the future!"

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June 11, 2012

Zj Liquid Wins International Dancehall Selector Award


International radio personality ZJ Liquid grabbed the coveted International Dancehall Selector of the Year at the fourth annual South Florida Reggae and Dancehall Awards in the United States recently.

The popular selector, whose real name is Michael Brissett, received the award after performing a number of his hit songs at the awards show such as the international dancehall number one hit, Wifey Walk Out on the One Day riddim. ZIP FM also won the award for Best Radio Station.

Recently, Liquid has been ratcheting up his international presence with gigs all over the world. He, along with reggae artiste Protoje, recently returned from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates where Liquid played music on the major urban station, Radio 1.

"I am the first disc jockey from here to go over there and spin on that station, it was a great privilege and a wonderful experience," he said.

While in Dubai, ZJ Liquid was able to sample the unique cuisine, and bustling night-life of the cosmopolitan city.

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Superstar Sean Paul Co-Signs Pop/R'n'b African Rising Sensation Stanboi

By Digital Journal


On Thursday May 18th International Dancehall Superstar Sean Paul was in concert in Wichita, KS with African rising Pop/Rnb sensation Stanboi the African Child as the opening act. This was Sean Paul's first time in Kansas and he was welcomed by a massive crowd of fans.

Having been inspired by Sean Paul all his life and identifying with him in so many different ways Stanboi and Sean Paul instantly clicked with each other at their first meeting in Wichita, KS. Stanboi's story as well as unique sound intrigued Sean Paul and led the two to ignite a relationship.

Stanboi the African Child is originally from Tanzania and has been residing in the US for 5 years chasing his dream to become an International recording artist. His songs "Take You Out" & "Round & Round" and music videos have been featured on tons of blogs, video stations such as,,, Channel O(MnetTV), East AfricaTube, Vlad TV and radio stations such as New York's Hot 97 (The Drama Hour), Power 93.9 Wichita, KS, Bongo radio and Tanzania's CloudFM.

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June 9, 2012

Junior Kelly embarks on Love So Nice - Red Pond Tour

Junior_kelly_red_pond_tour.jpgRoots reggae champion, Junior 'Love So Nice' Kelly, is quite upbeat as he makes his way across the West Coast of the United States to re-connect with fans and share with them his catalogue of hit songs.
The tour, which also features singer Prestige, along with a live band, brings Kelly to a stage that has been yearning for him for too long. Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz -- the one in California, not the Santa Cruz in St Elizabeth, Jamaica -- will host the kick-off show on June 9 and anticipation is running high.

Last year, Junior Kelly did the European circuit and this was hailed as significant. Armed with his VP album, Red Pond, a critically acclaimed reggae offering, Kelly's tour towards the end of 2011, re-established him as a authentic exponent of the genre.

Kelly, remarkably, has stayed true to his roots reggae format, despite the urging from producers and artistes alike to make a foray into something different. He is known around the world for his extensive catalogue, which includes the chart-topping classic "Love So Nice," "Smile," "Receive" and "Sunshine." These songs will form part of the list of hits that the singer will use to rock fans in California during the month of June.

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June 8, 2012

It's A Summer Of "Krazy Love" For Da'Ville

Daville_krazy_love_song.jpgKingston, Jamaica - Almost at the completion of his successful tour of Germany, where he continues to woo fans and wave the Jamaican flag high, reggae ambassador Da'Ville is getting ready to unleash his eagerly anticipated album, simply entitled Krazy Love.

Released on the Fashozy label, an imprint owned by the singer, Krazy Love is the third full length studio album from the artiste and comes on the heels of a well-received mix tape, Vitamin D, which was released on May 22. Da'Ville notes that Vitamin D was just one part of the prescription to heal his fans, and "everything comes full circle this summer with Krazy Love."

He emphasised, "Please note that it's crazy with a capital 'K' and there's a good reason for that."

Krazy Love, which features the chart busters Took A Break, Your Swag, When I'm With You, Thug Like Me and You Got Di Ting, is set for digital release on June 19 and will be distributed by international company, Zojak. DaVille, however, will jump right into the fireworks with this album, as the physical copy will be released on the fourth of July, traditionally celebrated as Independence Day in the United States with a fireworks display that is unmatched.

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May 29, 2012

Xyclone creating a storm within Dancehall

By Marc Parc Writer

Xyclone_artiste_dancehall_redsquare.jpgIt's often hard for upcoming artistes within any genre to breeze through the industry given the many hurdles that must be faced. But for emerging Dancehall star, Xyclone, he's stormed through the genre's circles with impactful results.

Born Roje R. Robinson, Xyclone had an affinity for Dancehall music from a young age; a love which seemed genetically inclined given that his father, Peter Blacks hails as the iconic disc jockey of the Reggae Vibrations sound system in Philadelphia, PA.
After years of trying to perfect his craft, Xyclone soon caught his big break after meeting up with veteran Dancehall megastar, Spragga Benz who had been instrumental in the rise of fellow Dancehall superstar, Assassin. Xyclone recalls his meeting with Spragga Benz in 2007; a meeting which helped build their chemistry off-stage before ever working together on it.

"We were watching a movie, The Black Wall Street to be exact. I never forgot that night, it was December 26th, Sting night and the artist did a eat some vegetables and beans. And wi did a reason about the plot of the movie’ nothing music, just a reason like we knew each other for years," he said.

From there, it was all systems go for Xyclone's career as he then signed to Spragga Benz's highly regarded Red Square stable, which features label mates Briggy Benz, Tajji, Bad Gal Bambi and Kemmikal. As a member of Red Square Tropical Heat Productions (RSQTHP), Xyclone has brought along his writing, producing and engineering abilities to the table, immediately showing his multi-faceted traits.

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May 25, 2012

Da'Ville Kicks Off 10-Show Tour Of Germany

Daville_germany_tour_concert_reggae_artiste.jpgReggae singer, Da'Ville, who has firmly bounced back from a self-imposed break from music, is bursting with enthusiasm and ready to go wherever his career takes him. After concluding a mini tour of the US East Coast and then hopping over to French Guyana in April, Da'Ville has now packed his bags again and this time he is heading to Europe, more specifically, Germany.

This will be the singer's opportunity to reconnect with his fans on that side of the globe and reclaim his space in the European market, which has always fully embraced him.

Da'Ville, who departed the US for Germany on May 24, explained that so far there are ten confirmed dates, with the first show taking place on May 26 in Mannheim. Among the other German cities where he is scheduled to perform are Berlin, Stockholm, Vienna, Helsinki, Stuttgart, Zurich, Basel and Mechelen with back-to-back shows between June 1 and 6. This will mean a lot of driving every day to get to the venues and sound checks on time, but Da'Ville says he is ready, both physically and mentally, for this grueling run.

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May 24, 2012

Reggae Music A Get A Fight Cuz We Are Disorganized, Disunified, & Badmind

By Olimatta Taal
Freelance Writer

Olimatta_Taal_photo.jpgWhen you compare reggae music to other genres of music, you will notice that reggae artiste make the least amount of money on the pay scale.

The industry is full of disunity from every angle with the two heads of the industry always at each other's necks. Whether it's for media exposure or not, it makes everyone in the industry look unprofessional and ignorant. When we fight each other, it's easier for them to fight us, ban us, and demean the music.

Artistes are forgetting that they are where they are in their careers because of the teams of people pushing their careers at every level. The management team can consist of a manager, road manager, publicists, booking agent, security, engineers, merchandise director, etc.

The team depends on how big the artists is and what is needed. Now days, the artistes want to do everything for themselves. They want to book their own shows, be their own manager, and have a whole bunch of yes people around them trying to conduct business who know nothing about the business.

The artiste are more interested in the business of dubplates and not real business like handling a professional website, publishing, licensing agreements, distribution, and bookings etc. Our artistes have become so consumed by their own egos and the dogma that surrounds them every day, that we are forgetting that this is a business.

Like Jimmy Cliff said, “Reggae Music is 99% business and 1% art.” How many veteran artistes have died and died poor? All the years of recording music, don’t amount to anything if the artiste and their teams are not handling the business side of things.

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$18.5M settlement for 'Transformers 3' injury

By rrstar

transformers_3_photo_4.jpgCHICAGO - The family of a woman left with brain damage after an accident during the filming of "Transformers 3" has reached an $18.5 million settlement with Paramount Pictures.

Gabriela Cedillo was working as an extra in 2010 when she was hit in the head by a piece of flying metal during the filming of a stunt sequence in Hammond, Ind. An investigation found the accident occurred because a weld connecting a car to a tow cable failed. Her attorney says the 26-year-old needs constant care and has suffered hallucinations, memory loss and substantial cognitive difficulty.

Cedillo's brother says her long-term prognosis is uncertain. Part of the settlement will be set aside for monthly payments to ensure Cedillo has care for the rest of her life.

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May 23, 2012

Do you think your Dad deserves to Dine Like a Star?

daddy_hapilous_competition.jpgSend us a picture of yourself and your Dad with a matching caption. Your pic and caption should tell the story! Get your friends to like your story to vote. The Story with the most "Likes" will become the winner. Each participant has to be a TEEN and a member of our TEEN PAGE. The winning Dad will dine in style - with his kids on Father's Day, at a restaurant to be announced and will be Limo-driven to the destination.

Send all entries to along with your Name, Father's name, phone number and email address. Competition ends June 6.

The contest is open to all Jamaica and U.S.A residents. Hapilos Ent group employees and their immediate families are not eligible.

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All White Charity Party By Diaspora Media Mogul To Save The Maia Chung Foundation

High_A_Ziya_Jamaica.jpgMaia Chung Managing Director of The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation (c) and Chino McGregor Jamaican Reggae Music Star... at the Wyndham Kingston Jamaica where the inaugural Autism and Disabilities Ambassadors Awards Banquet was held on April 28-2012 the fourth anniversary of the Foundation.

The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation, selected charity for annual “All White Party” by prominent business man David “Squeeze” Annakie.

Philanthropist and prominent media mogul David “Squeeze Annakie” after being informed of the impending closure facing the Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation from Jamaica has selected it as the key charity group that he will focus on when he holds his annual “All White Party”, an event geared towards supporting a charitable cause.

Autism is described as a complex disorder of the brain that significantly impairs a person’s ability to respond to his/her surroundings and form relationships with others. The disorder is often characterized by restricted interest and repetitive behavior. It affects people of all racial, ethnic and socio economic background although boys are generally affected at four times the rate of girls.

The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation is the first Autism focused FOUNDATION to be established in Jamaica. Since its inception the group, have won numerous awards in Jamaica and internationally.

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May 14, 2012

I-Octane On Six-Week Tour


Top singjay I-Octane kicked off his six-week "Crying to the Nation" tour in Canada on May 4 at Club G in London, Canada. He concluded his Canadian leg over the Mother's Day weekend making stops in Mississauga, Hamilton and Montreal. His song Mama received an overwhelming response as many embraced it to say thanks to their moms.

The Digicel Brand ambassador will now turn his attention to Europe where he's expected to be among the headline acts on three festivals. His first stop will be in Paris on Wednesday, May 16. The following day he turns his attention to the Amsterdam Reggae Festival at the Heineken Music Hall.
The singjay's final European Stop will be on Saturday, May 19 at the Reggae Splash Festival in Toulousse, France.

The Caribbean will be his next stop - Bermuda to be exact on May 23 before winding down his tour in the United States. May 27 will see him sharing stage with some of the hottest reggae and hip hop artistes on the prestigious Best of the Best show in Miami.

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May 10, 2012

Protoje Gradually Makes Reggae History

protoje_reggae_history.jpgAs far as contemporary Jamaican artistes go, only Sean Paul, Shaggy and Gyptian have done it before. Now add to the list Protoje, who was the fourth Jamaican artiste to perform in the United Arab Emirates this century. He reminisced about his recent performance on a roof top in Dubai with the world famous Burj Al Arab, the world's fourth tallest hotel, in plain view.

"While I was performing, I was able to look around and see these landmarks that I had only seen in books," marveled the St. Elizabeth native. "It let me know that Reggae music is a powerful force and I am determined to do my part to keep spreading it."

On the trip with Protoje was ZJ Liquid, one of the first disc jockeys on a mainstream Jamaican radio station (ZIP 103 FM) to play his music. In Dubai, Liquid also broke new ground by playing music live on Radio 1 for more than an hour. Radio 1 is Dubai's leading urban radio station.

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May 8, 2012

Nature Inked Management & Booking Deal With Down Sound Records

Nature_reggae_artiste_downsound_artiste.jpgReggae singer Nature inked a production & booking deal with successful independent record label, Down Sound Records (DSR), a move he believes will finally propel him into the spotlight and get him the recognition he richly deserves.

“It is a good look for my career right now because DownSound has a strong management,
promotion and production team to get the musical over the world, so right now, I am in the
studio, working on several tracks for an album,”
Nature said.
According to Billboard-charting producer Cordell ‘Skatta’ Burrell, who is in charge of production at DSR, the singer has recorded over 20 tracks so far. “We’re going to choose about 14 of them to do an album. We have some promising songs such as a Mama song which we believe is going is to set the reggae world on fire,” Skatta said.

The Billboard Top Ten producer had high praises for the young reggae singer who he described as a “fierce young voice moving on to bigger things in his future”.
“Nature is a very talented artiste whose time has come now. He is ready and he has a team around him, Josef Bogdanovich is ready to use his links in the world of reggae to make him to the next big thing from Jamaica…just look out for him.”

Nature has been locked in the studio for the past month creating the right vibes for an album that he hopes will rekindle interest in the art form of reggae among the Twitter generation of younger fans.

“I am doing music to uplift the mind and the soul, and I want to soothe the soul of all the
Jamaicans who are going through a difficult time, whether they are old, middle-aged or
teenagers. The people need spiritual food and that is why I am doing music,”
he intoned

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May 7, 2012

Upper Class Ent/Taurus Bash Riddim & Show Launch May 9th


Tarrus_bash_launch_riddim_show.jpgUpper Class Entertainment Int'l in association with Jamaica's very own music production mogul, Chiney K Productions, prepares to unleash producer Headnoize Production's upcoming hit "The Upper Class Riddim" at the 2K12 Taurus Bash on Saturday, May 12th, 9:00pm at the Chocolate Villas, St. Elizabeth Junction.

The 2012 Upper Class Riddim Showcase highlights plan to feature an exclusive line up of Jamaica's hottest emerging artists and celebrity moguls including, Jah Vinci, Turbulance, Mad Dog, Tyrical, Savage, and many others. Come and see some of the island hottest bodies bring on the heat as Kingston versus St. Elizabeth crew battle to win the Upper Class dance-off! There will be $100,000 in cash prizes plus the winners will be featured in the Upper Class medley video!

Hailing from Baltimore, the American producer's versatile approach to music production draws on a vast array of rhythmic elements found in dancehall, hip hop, r&b, house and pop. HEADNOIZE states "it is a significant honour and privilege to align forces with such reputable industry icons as Peter Lowe-Chin of Chiney K Productions. Chin's commitment to excellence and ability to synergize such remarkable and diverse talent on the 2K12 Taurus Bash stage is commendable.

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May 6, 2012

Bridgez drops the long awaited "Crossover" Mixtape

Brigez_female_singer.jpgBridgeZ, long awaited mixtape "The Crossover" will finally be hitting the streets and available for download virally this upcoming Tuesday, May 8th, 2012. The "Crossover" mixtape has been creating a buzz worldwide especially in Europe where Bridgez will be touring along with Alliance leader Bounty Killer to promote the Crossover Mixtape. The online hype for the mixtape has been the most prominent, with her twitter followers and facebook friends sharing their excitement on the social network sites. Bridgez first declared the upcoming release of her mixtape in early January in both TV appearances and Interviews.

The artist says her team is set and ready for the mixtape's campaign. Her fans have been anticipating new songs since the singer released her hit single "No Any Man" on Payday Music's "Bedroom Riddim." Bridgez goes on to say, "I'm very excited about this mixtape. It has most of my songs that I've worked on from the starting of my career until now so it gives people a chance to get to hear my growth as an artist also giving the chance for my newer fans to enjoy some of my older classics.”

The singer goes on to show appreciation to all the artistes that showed support towards the mixtape and explains why she named it "The Crossover".

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May 1, 2012

Sean Paul Defends Caribbean Counterparts Nicki Minaj and Rihanna's Image

Lea Brown


Many things can be (and have been) said when speaking about Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Everything from their chart-topping hits, to their fashion risks, they are some of the most talked about artists today. Yet another thing that unifies them is there highly sexual image. Go to any Rihanna concert and you may be present during a display of foreplay and masturbation on stage. Attend a Nicki Minaj concert and be entertained as Minaj walks around, dildo in hand and in place. Not to mention the impromptu (or not) lap dance for a surprised fan.

The vamped images of the singers have spurred some talk about the responsibility of entertainers to be role models. In an interview with British Vogue in October 2011, Rihanna explains “See, people…they want me to be a role model just because of the life I lead. The things I say in my songs, they expect it of me, and [being a role model] became more of my job than I wanted it to be. But no, I just want to make music. That’s it.”

Minaj, on the other hand, sees herself as a role model. The ‘Moment for Life’ singer told MTV News, “If there’s one thing I want people to take away from it, it’s just that little girls can aspire to be anything, and that’s all I want people to see.” The most recent display of pre-pubescent admiration for Minaj is Sophia and Rosie, the two little girls from England who famously and energetically sang ‘Super Bass’ on the Ellen Show; proof of the fact that the influence of Rihanna and Minaj trickles down to young children.

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April 30, 2012

The Excuberant SoFlo Awards Show Announces Performing Artist!



April 16, 2012 (Hollywood, FL) Spectators from around the world anxiously await South Florida's Dancehall Reggae Music Awards. This monumental musical show is a celebration of reggae, dancehall and soca music and is the most anticipated show Memorial Day Weekend among South Florida's Caribbean crowd. The Annual South Florida Dancehall & Reggae Music Awards will present yet again an exciting cultural ceremony. This musical award show will encompass world-class live performances and will give homage to the organization of Single Mothers of America.

This year SoFlo Awards Show has organized a spectacular list of performances, guests and honorees. Live performances featuring renowned artist locally and abroad makes this year's 4th Annual Award show the ultimate dancehall awards ceremony. Announcing LIVE performances by Dancehall/Reggae artist: ZJ Liquid, Spragga Benz, Raine Seville, Khago, Flippa Mafia, Telfon, Kristopher, Nefatari, Popeye Caution & Whitey Ordaz, Zeke Don & Regga PopRecords, Stylez n Khardo, Chux Star, Dollas Di Emperor and MANY MANY MORE!

The 4th Annual SoFlo Dancehall & Reggae Awards begins with a classy, eloquent and fashionable red carpet show starting at 6pm. This year SoFlo's Awards red carpet will be graced by fashion model icon Neil Pearl (ILand Magazine), New York's most prominent TV & Radio Personality Black Barbie (Dancehall Connection & Celebrity Roof Top) as well as Jamaica's own Marsha Stylez.

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April 26, 2012

Teflon's label Y.A.L teams up with Digital Vibez for "Africana Riddim"

Africana_Riddim_Teflon_Capleton_Reggae.jpgDancehall/Reggae artist Teflon's own label Y.A.L (Yard A Love) teamed up with Digital Vibez to bring music lovers the "Africana Riddim". Teaming up with Digital Vibez was a no-brainer for Teflon's label since not only is Digital Vibez part of his management team, but their production has delivered such projects as Higher Love, Scannerm Rejuvenation and more. Their work boasts well known artists like Capleton, Wayne Marshall, T.O.K, Voicemail and may more

The riddim now available on iTunes features Teflon, Capleton, Jah Balance and Rata Fire, and also welcomes Y.A.L's upcoming artists Potenkle I, Fiyah Chriss and One Cent.

Lyrics and mp3

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April 21, 2012

Natty Remo's Musical Journey Album Upcoming Video Release - "Hustlers (On the Corner)"

natty_remo_musical_journey-album_itunes_amazon.jpgKingrasta21 Music released Natty Remo's second album, Musical Journey, as a full color digipak on April 15, 2012, following the December 20, 2011 online release through Zojak Worldwide. The first official video of the album, "Hustlers (On the Corner)" is to be released in early summer 2012. Natty Remo was quoted in a recent interview, "The Hustler finds a way to make a living in a system that’s not made for him." He continued, DJ'ing his response, '"Ghetto university, that's what them get. Street side knowledge a that them have to take."

Musical Journey offers 19 dancehall reggae tracks with authentic, clean, conscious lyrics. "No Spoil Up the Music DJ" calls upon artists to join the conscious reggae movement. "Culture Rule" with the line, "what them ago do to get the culture out” reminds artists to keep the roots and culture alive. “Cleanliness is godliness,” from “No Mix the Dutte wid the Clean," summons people to live clean.

Natty Remo was born Burchell Bailey in Kingston, Jamaica. He began his reggae career in Jamaica dancehall in the mid 1980s. Moving to New York City in 1988, he jumped on the reggae circuit as Captain Remo. He was soon nominated for DJ of the Year three consecutive years in a row by the Tamika Awards (NYC) and for Best New Artist in 1996 by the Binns Awards (Jamaica). Natty Remo has toured the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, and Europe with the likes of Dennis Brown, Freddie McGregor, Beres Hammond, Buju Banton, Mighty Diamonds, Junior Jazz, and Ragga Lox, to name a few. He's performed at Sting, Reggae Sunsplash, Reggae Sumfest, White River Reggae Bash, Western Consciousness, at colleges, festivals, and venues worldwide.

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DJ Bambino's Road Trip Birthday Bash

dj_bambino_road_trip_party.jpgDJ Bambino is at it again…the creative, energetic and unique radio personality who currently dominates the morning airwaves on Zip 103 FM has fashioned a new concept to celebrate his birthday. Sunday, April 29 is sure to go down in the history books as a phenomenal celebration at the Wickie Wackie Beach in St. Thomas.

According to Bambino, he wanted to get patrons involved in the experience and he has always admired the rustic nature and feel of the venue. "I want patrons to have an adventure and Wickie Wackie will cater to delivering this incomparable vibe. My all-inclusive daytime affair will afford partygoers from as far as Montego Bay to travel to St. Thomas to party up-close and personal with enough time to get home and rest up for work on Monday morning".

He continued, "Entertainers do the club vibe all the time and I wanted to do something totally different for guests. Road Trip is a cool-out vibe…beach party…BBQ style that the discerning party animal will appreciate since it’s not an everyday, run-of-the-mill experience."

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April 18, 2012

Supamodel Joelee "Soo Sexy" Blazing the US Airwave

super_model_joelee_artiste.jpgIt has only been little over a month since Supamodel Joelee released her latest single "Soo Sexy", produced by DAGCK Promotions, and it has be getting a lot of airplay worldwide, especially from the US Urban Contemporary and Rhythmic Radio Stations.

Supamodel Joelee and her hit single "Soo Sexy" were well received as the song makes its way through the internet, clubs, colleges, and parties. "Soo Sexy" gained more traction in the US and globally after it started getting played on US Urban Contemporary and Rhythmic Radio Stations such as New York City Power 105, Augusta WIZ 97.9, Fayetteville Soul 104.5, Chicago Power 92, Buffalo The People’s Station 93.7, Rocky Mount Soul 92 Jams, Augusta WIZ 97, Columbus Foxie 105, and Huntsville Hot 103 to name a few. The single has also been getting consistent plays on Internet and College Radio Stations.

Supamodel Joelee is scheduled to shoot the official music video for "Soo Sexy" in Chicago, Illinois this coming May. Supamodel Joelee declares that “The music video for "Soo Sexy" is going to leave everyone breathless…more than how they were when they saw me in the "Mih Nuh Smile" music video". You can see Supamodel Joelee’s mesmerizing performance in "Mih Nuh Smile" on DAGCK Promotions Thousand US$ Rhythm Medley Music Video on YouTube, HYPE TV, RETV, and The Dancehall Channel.

Lyrics and mp3

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April 16, 2012

Pepita talks Intense experience, builds on debut single success

Pepita_singer_reggae_jamaica.jpgShe may no longer hosting one of Jamaica’s most popular entertainment shows but the career of prominent media personality, Pepita Little seems to have taken a strong turn for the better.

Since leaving TVJ's Intense almost four months ago, Pepita has enjoyed her share of accolades in various fields, winning Media Personality of the Year at this year's Youth View Awards for her work on the entertainment program in 2011. However, the curvaceous diva has already succeeded in an even tougher field, music as she unveiled her Reggae themed debut single, Luv Luv Me last month.

The Colin 'Bulby' York produced single has garnered Pepita high acclaim from fans and peers as well as air play across local airwaves. In a recent interview with Teen Spirit Magazine, Pepita described Luv Luv Me as a song that anyone who's found love can really relate to.
"This song is for all the love struck people out there. It's for everyone out there who is in love. Maybe later down in life I will find someone to dedicate it to," she said.

Describing her style as 'island pop,' Pepita hopes to build on the glowing success of her first record and even hopes to work with prominent singjays such as Mavado and Sizzla going forward.
"I would say Mavado because I love his melody. And I love the way he speaks. Weird, I know." she said.
As for Sizzla, Pepita joked, "I don't know, I have a thing for Rastafarians."

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April 13, 2012

Transporta: The Take Over

Transporta_hip_pop_jamaica.jpgRising Pop and Dance artiste Marlon Mcken aka Transporta is ready and geared up to take his music to the next level. The artiste who was born in Jamaica is back to stamp his place in his home country. According to Transporta he decided to do music because he wanted to reach out to the world, and the best way, was through music.

The artiste is known for his single 'I Wanna Dance With You', which is doing extremely well globally in the dance world. The single hit over a million view without a video when it was tag with the Step Up 3d Movie with thousands of "likes" and very positive comments.

Locally the single has been receiving favorable rotation on several radio stations. The video which was shot the US after realizing the impact it was having without one, has been receiving good television Rotation from TV stations including HYPETV and RETV and according to the deejay this is just the beginning of greater things to come.

Lyrics and mp3

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April 12, 2012

ZJ Liquid pleased with return to airwaves

By Marc Parc Writer


The Jamaican airwaves have been given a big boost as one of Dancehall music's most prominent disc jocks returned to radio on Tuesday.
Internationally acclaimed disc jock turned producer, ZJ Liquid made his long anticipated return to ZIP FM after serving a near four month suspension for an alleged breach of the station’s guidelines. During a set last December, Liquid played material which was deemed not fit for airplay by the Jamaica Broadcasting Commission, marking his fourth suspension for such an offense from the radio outlet.

However, after months of pleading from fans for the popular selector to regain his post on ZIP FM, ZJ Liquid graced the station’s presence, returning to his usual 2-6 p.m. Throwback Tuesdays slot and opening with a pair of gospel songs to help mark his comeback. This development was immediately met with mass positive feedback from fans, friends and industry players on Twitter and Facebook.
On Wednesday, Liquid took to his official Twitter page to thank all his supporters for their encouragement during his most recent ban.

"Big up everyone for their support and tweets and everything trust me. Them give me a reason to do this nuff respect everyone who say Liquid. God Bless," he tweeted.
Additionally, Team Liquid issued a press release on the zip jock's behalf, expressing gratitude for all the support while insisting that this experience helped reinforce the fact that Liquid holds social responsibility as a public figure and must uphold the standards that accompany this status.

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Magnum Kings & Queen of Dancehall Host Yanique Designs Her Way

Magnum_Kings_Queens_of_Dancehall_Host_Yanique.jpgHost of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall the Curvaceous diva Yanique recently showed that hosting is not her only talent as she also has an eye for fashion.

Over the past few weeks fans Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall might have noticed that Yanique was wearing her own design. This came about after the show’s executive producer Mark Kenny realized Yanique’s eye for fashion while she was doing the audition shows earlier this year.

“I have always has a knack for fashion and always loved dressing up and I also styled myself for the audition shows and mark Kenny noting that gave me the opportunity to design some outfits for the live shows. It has been a very exciting experience and I have had a chance to experiment with various styles and colours” says the rising media starlet.

Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall has become the go to place for the latest dancehall fashion and Yanique feels quite at home in that world. She says the reception to her designs has been great and the compliments keep coming.

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April 11, 2012

Tifa wants more respect for female artistes, denies beef with Timberlee

By Marc Parc Writer


Internationally acclaimed Dancehall star, Tifa has worked her way to the upper echelon of the Jamaican music fraternity. However, she wishes industry observers would give her and fellow female artistes the respect they deserve.

Tifa recently gave an interview on the Lauren O Lauren (LOL) show where she spoke of her career progress as well as the growing issue of respect for women in the Jamaican music industry. Despite scoring several top ten hits including Bottom of the Barrel, Spell It Out and Dash Out, Tifa admits that the road to success has had its share of adversity; facing similar trials and tribulations that other prominent female artistes have endured within the Dancehall industry.

Part of it, Tifa feels, is that industry players fail to acknowledge the work female artistes put out in the mainstream, insisting that though things have somewhat improved, women have had to work much harder just to earn similar accolades to their male counterparts.

"I don't feel they give women the respect they deserve…To me we haffi work harder, me did haffi work three hundred times harder cause when I started, everyone saw my legs, nobody neva did hear wah come out a mi mouth or go 'Oh, she too cute fi a sing Dancehall' cause at that particular time you had to look a certain way, dress a certain way, act a certain way to be a Dancehall artiste and I guess I kinda broke the mold," she said.

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April 10, 2012

Black Mattic Debuts New Single, "Superstar"

black_mattic_pop_artiste_reggae.jpgJamaican dancehall pop artist Black Mattic debuts his new single, "Superstar," the first track from his album upcoming album Diamond For Life Project, slated for a mid-2012 release. The single is available for sale on iTunes on March 27, 2012.

Written by Black Mattic and released by his label, Official Hitz Entertainment, "Superstar" exemplifies the artist's versatility in this pop dancehall fusion. It was produced by Yo Dash Productions and recorded at Official Hitz Studios in Queens, New York.

"This track is a representation of my goals in the music industry," states Black Mattic. "Being of Jamaican decent and residing in New York, I'm all about fusing dancehall with other genres, and you can hear the essence of my sound in this single. My focus is to bring dancehall to a more competitive and larger audience."


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April 9, 2012

DJ Fella says 'That's Big in Life' with new mixtape

By M. Jodee
OutAroad Freelance Writer

DJ_Fella_That_Big_in_Life_mixtape.jpgOne of Canada's top Dancehall disc jocks has unveiled a new compilation signaling the growth of Jamaican music in 2012, featuring some of the genre’s established and emerging acts.

Jamaican born disc jock, DJ Fella recently released his new That's Big in Life mixtape, featuring some of the biggest Dancehall and Reggae singles to drop so far in 2012 as well as songs and dubs from some of Canada's premiere Dancehall acts. The name, That's Big in Life was inspired by Gully Squad artiste, G Starr who also features on the mix.

The 83 track compilation features hits such as Cheating Games by Mavado and Raine Seville, Put It on Hard by Vybz Kartel and Gyal A Bubble by Konshens. Additionally, the mixtape features appearances from other prominent artistes such as Aidonia, Khago, Bounty Killer, Demarco and breakthrough Dancehall superstar, Popcaan while showcasing top Riddims such as the Real Reggae Riddim (Payday Music Group), Riva Stone Riddim (Boardhouse Records) and the Off The Bench Riddim (Fire Links).

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April 3, 2012

Lisa Hyper dubs herself 'the Female Kartel'

(Kingston, Jamaica) - I will thrive in Wisdom and Virtue and It Sticky Pan Them' are Lisa Hyper life motto. Lisa strives to prove that she is a lyrical force in this dancehall/reggae arena, she constantly surpasses herself and finds new and innovative way to deliver her music.

Lisa Hyper is all geared up and ready to make her mark in the music industry locally and internationally with the anticipated release of her Studio Album titled "D Rebirth". She has been dubbed by many critics as the Female Kartel.

Lisa explains that "Before I did this song I had a recent interview on hype tv where Too Sweet talked about how it was spreading in the streets where people were saying I am the female Kartel".

Lyrics and mp3

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April 1, 2012

Haitian Star, Rooby Man, Nominated for IRAWMA's Entertainer of the Year

Rooby_Man_Haitian_artiste.jpgHaving recently won the Chicago Music Award’s, Best Reggae Entertainer of the Year, the Haitian, Chicago-based, Reggae/ Pop sensation, Rooby Man, who has performed over 80 shows in 2011, continues to take the industry by storm. This time he is nominated for the highly coveted IRAWMA award, in the category of Entertainer of the Year.

From his teenage years Rooby Man has been rocking stages throughout Haiti, performing to hundreds of thousands. Back then he was a singer in a group called King of Kings, who earned the title of Best New Hip-Hop/ Reggae Group. They were later crowned at carnival as the Most Popular Artiste in the youth category. It was only natural, when Rooby Man migrated to Chicago, USA, that he gravitated towards the music scene, joining a local band and later launching off on his own solo career. Since then he has written, co-produced and recorded countless tracks, performing many of these, including his hit single “Showtime”, at venues throughout the Chicago-land area. Signed to StreetFame Music Group, other highlights of his career, to-date, include being featured on VH1’s “The Hungriest Rapper in Chicago” and performing as the opening act for Chicago’s own R. Kelly at the 12 Play Exclusive All White Affair, with Jive Records artiste, John Blu.

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March 29, 2012

KG Eager To Make Her Guyana Debut

Kereen-Gregory-gospel-female-artiste-jamaica.jpgGospel singer, Kereen Gregory, aka KG, is just about ready to exhale.
She confesses that she has been holding her breath, waiting for that call which would signal the official launch of her career internationally, and that moment has finally come.

The rising gospel artiste has been invited to perform in Guyana over the Easter, a period considered by Christians as the holiest of seasons. As Kereen explained, it's not that she has never performed overseas before, it's just that this time she is being recognised on her own merit. KG notes that she is therefore embracing the opportunity to step forward in her designated space and spread the message in song.

"To God be the glory," a bubbly KG said of the upcoming event. "Prior to now, I have gone abroad as a back-up singer, complementing a main gospel act. Don't get me wrong, I am truly grateful for the experiences and I have learnt so much while those journeys. However, there is a different feeling when a promoters asks for you, specifically. I feel like I am growing as an artiste and that the efforts of my team to put me out there are bearing fruit," KG said, with a huge smile.

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March 26, 2012

The Reggae Ambassadors to Perform at the 13th Annual Cape Town Jazz Festival!


Reggae legends, Third World, will travel 7000 miles to Cape Town, South Africa to headline in the leading South African event, Cape Town International Jazz Festival. The festival will take place March 30-31st at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Ten time Grammy nominated band will join platinum gold selling vocalist James Ingram, internationally renowned jazz saxophonist Dave Koz with special guest Patti Austin, six-time Grammy nominee and premiere jazz and jazz-fusion guitarist Mike Stern performing with accomplished drummer Dave Weckl, as well as South Africa's own Virtual Jazz Reality.

In a previous press release, Rashid Lombard, festival director and CEO of espAfrika stated, "We are extremely excited about the variety of the line up. Audiences can expect a sensational mix of world-renowned icons and top quality rising stars, both local and international, young and old, and male and female. As usual we have put together a few exciting collaboration performances which promise audiences some spectacular shows."
Prior to their performance, the band will also participate in a music workshop. Already apart of their tour regiment, "OUR MUSIC, OUR HISTORY" is the band's informative and interactive music workshop that focuses on the history and evolution of reggae music, demonstration of different styles of Reggae i.e. Ska, Rock Steady, Dancehall. The band also talks about the history of their four decade existence, charity work and accolades.

Stephen "Cat" Coore adds, "The band has not been to Africa in quite some time. To return and perform at such a huge festival with a reported audience of over 20,000 is amazing. This will be our first time performing at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival and already through correspondence we have been treated so well, that I can only imagine how we will be treated once we are there. To say that we are looking forward to this trip is a huge understatement. We are elated and honored."

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March 20, 2012

ZJ Liquid bemoans 'pay for play' system, expects return to airwaves

By Marc Parc Writer

liquid-zj-zip.jpgProminent Dancehall/Reggae disc jock, ZJ Liquid has long been aware of the much speculated politicking that occurs within Jamaican music. However, he refuses to partake in any of it.

The issue of payola or what locally termed 'money pull up' has been a major talking point within the Dancehall/Reggae industry in recent years. Groups such as the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JARIA) have questioned the highly unusual play rate of certain songs on radio as well as the regular endorsement of particular artistes by selectors during their sets; citing them as evidence of 'pay for play' schemes.

During a recent interview on the Lauren O Lauren show on Flow TV, ZJ Liquid addressed the payola concept; insisting that while such politics does exist within Dancehall/Reggae, he won't abandon his principles in order to make money within the industry.

"Dat natural enuh, people a go offer you cah everybody wah get dem ting out dere. But is fi you fi jus' kno seh yow, yuh hafffi stay true to music and at di same time, di whole money ting, a program ting dat same way so yuh still nah be true to the music," he said.

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Tenza "Out N Clean"

tenza_uk.jpg UK based recording artist Tenza fresh off her Norway tour where she performed, a breath taking and entertaining set for the Oslo public last Saturday night with 2 ray syndicate, has been on a roll recently and have now released another music video, this time for her 'Out N Clean' single produced by Suncycle Digital on the 'Kick Out Teeth' riddim. 'Out N Clean' is a product of Tenza's eccentric alter ego, Jasheen, who is on a mission to take over the international dancehall scene with a wicked line up of tunes for 2012.

SL Entertainment and Cruzier films directed the video, which was shot in Bisden studios and Brixton London, Tenza outfits was taking from her own clothes line Rasta fetish by FB Club Wear, while Tenza’s hair and make up was done by London based Jamaican hair stylist Camille Nicholson and young and upcoming make up Artist Tay respectively.

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March 17, 2012

Popcaan says there's a lack of effort within Dancehall industry

By Marc Parc Writer

Popcaan_only_man_she_want.jpgInternationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Popcaan believes there's something missing from the Jamaican music industry. But to him, the fact that Dancehall's biggest superstar languishes behind bars is just part of the problem.

Popcaan gave a recent interview on TVJ's Entertainment Report which aired on Friday; talking about the state of Dancehall music without currently incarcerated superstar deejay and long-time mentor, Vybz Kartel. According to the Only Man She Want deejay, Dancehall lacks energy without its centerpiece attraction.

"Wid no Worl' Boss around it a go have a different flavor to it because weh Worl' Boss name? Vybz Kartel so automatically him bring vibes to di ting," Popcaan said.
However, the self-professed 'Gaza Prefect' insists that a much deeper problem exists within the Dancehall community. According to Popcaan, too many artistes aren't putting enough effort and dedication into making music as well as ensuring that they're songs possess the quality and content required to strongly impact the industry.

"Certain artiste more relaxed now and dem nuh hungry fi di ting like one time so you know yuh a go have less hit songs. Di time weh dem wudda tek fi put into a song dem nuh really do it nowadays, most artistes don't," he said.

"Yuh cyaah just put out any song. Even if it no be a big hit it fi be a hit weh people can listen to same way. In order fi dat happen, the artiste dem jus' haffi put out more work and good music fi di people dem."

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March 15, 2012

Flava Squad Ent. Releasing The Hits Like A Quiet Storm

Quite_storm_reggae_compilation_flava_squad.jpgFlava Squad Entertainment, the promoters of HYPE 2K, never seizes in producing the authentic sweet original sounding positive reggae/dancehall music. With ten albums (10) release to date via iTunes and several releases on hard copy, they have once again released another two (2) exclusive albums.

In addition they have released several singles including Delly Ranx “Nuh Like Informer” that recently went number one on the charts in Toronto Canada and Atlanta Georgia; Khago “Daddy From You Gone” is also another smasher. With all this in mind a single by Warrior King featuring Biggaton on the “Pain Riddim” titled “Mother Earth” and that of Laden titled “Can’t Stop I” on the “Hazardous Riddim” was all released on March 9, 2012. Also released on that said date is the charismatic reggae one-drop “Quiet Storm” album, one that has some of Jamaica’s best vocalist and veteran singers caressing the “Quiet Storm Riddim” in style. This riddim features the likes of Sizzla, healing the world and crying for a better future with “This World” Khago and Lukie D are charming the ladies gracefully with “I Swear” and “I Love You” respectively. Luciano, Mikey Spice, Cobra, Natty King, Turbulance and new comers Sandy Micchiev and Icecream along with another few, are the ones whom have helped to create this collectors item.

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March 12, 2012

Lemonade refreshing audiences with 'Put It On Me'


Lemonade_artiste_put_it_on_me.jpgEmerging Dancehall/Reggae singjay, Lemonade seeks to refresh mainstream audiences with the release of his new single, Put It On Me.

Born Rory Beckford in the Kingston 11 area of Jamaica, Lemonade has resided in the United Kingdom for the past 11 years. He acquired the quite unique stage name due to his strong love for lemonade, often drinking it as a child and developing a thirst for it every now and again in his adult days.

Inspired by prominent Reggae acts such as Bob Marley and Dennis Brown, Lemonade had an affinity for music from an early age and recorded his debut single 19 years ago, entitled Buryin' A Sound Boy (produced by Shades of Shades Records). Additionally, he's performed alongside prominent Reggae stars such as Junior Kelly and fellow U.K. based singer, Alize Levy.

Now, Lemonade looks to stamp his authority as a legitimate breakthrough artiste Put It On Me. In the single, Lemonade showcases strong vocal abilities and versatility, expertly combining singing and deejaying elements for music lovers worldwide to take note of.

Lemonade sings, "I really really want this ting and I need this ting to really work, no mi nuh inna no idiot, not an idiot ting, mi no wan' fi mi heart get hurt, I will never take you for granted, mi neva dish you dirt, you're all I wanted, so mi nuh wah yuh fi splurt."

Lyrics and mp3

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March 10, 2012

Reggae Artiste Sizzla says accident changed his life

By M. Jodee Freelance Writer

sizzla_kalonji_reggae_artiste_life.jpgInternationally acclaimed Reggae singjay, Sizzla Kalonji continues to reflect on the accident that changed his life while seeking to return to full strength career wise.

Sizzla survived a near fatal motorcycle accident last August in St. Ann, suffering multiple broken bones as well as a ruptured liver. Since the crash, Sizzla has been recovering at home while slowly readjusting to the speed of the music business; releasing singles such as Mama Mek Mi Deh Yah So, None A Dat and So Lovely while unveiling his 67th studio album, The Chant last month.

Talking on Friday's episode of TVJ's Entertainment Report, Sizzla relented that the accident fully altered his focus in life.
"It's a vivid experience. It drastically changed my life. Even though we know time is the master spanner, there is no time to waste. You just got to do what you doing now and make sure you doing good because it's just love that had created us," he said
Though he has little memory of the accident, Sizzla insists that he's close to full strength.
"That's based upon time enuh and Jah but I'm feeling well, I'm working a lot," he said.

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March 7, 2012

Award - Winning German Reggae Artiste Gentleman Excited About Debut NYC Performance

gentleman_new_tork_outaroad.jpgNew York: With six albums under his belt and over one million collectively sold in Europe, German's multi-platinum and award-winning reggae artist Gentleman is fired up about his first major North and South America tour this month. The tour billed the "Gentleman & The Evolution Diversity tour," includes a west coast run supporting SOJA that will make stops in San Francisco; Santa Cruz; Hollywood & San Diego, California; Falls Church, Virginia and New York City.

Earlier this week Gentleman did a private meet & greet and an intimate performance at Universal Music. He did interviews on MTV Iggy in Times Square; Intiative Radio (an NPR-affiliated radio program that is syndicated to over 10 markets in the North East and Nashville) and Irie Jam radio, 93.5FM, the loudest voice to the Caribbean Diaspora in NY. He also did an acoustic performance and an interview on Sirius XM's 'The Joint' with host Pat McKay. His debut live performance at Le Poisson Rounge in Manhattan, New York will take place on Tuesday, March 13 with special guest singer Richie Stephens.

"I am extremely excited about my debut performance in New York, home to the largest Jamaican population in the Diaspora. Any opportunity I get to perform for my Caribbean fans is an opportunity I cherish" the German sinjay noted.

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March 6, 2012

Damian Marley calls for Jamaica to revamp Reggae music

By Marc Parc Writer

damian_marley_junior_gong_bob_son.jpgWith the apparent declining stronghold that Reggae music has within Jamaican culture, one of its premiere disciples hopes the local industry will help that change for the better.

Internationally acclaimed Reggae superstar, Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley addressed the local and universal state of Reggae music during an interview on CVM's OnStage this past Saturday. Marley, who's spent recent months back home after spending most of 2011 overseas recording and touring, believes that Jamaicans need to once again reap the benefits that Reggae music has provided to fans and musicians worldwide.

With many prominent foreign artistes such as Beyoncé, Justin Beiber and Rihanna using Reggae Riddims in recent hit songs, Marley insists that Jamaicans need to get back to their musical roots and show appreciation for the genre they helped make popular.

"I think Jamaica could pay more homage to their own music themselves. You go out…you don't hear a lot of cultural music. It's a bit imbalanced now," he said.

"Internationally when people hear of Reggae music they still really relate to original, cultural one-drop. They don’t think of what you really hear being played here right now."
With the globalization of Reggae music at an all-time high, Marley thinks this marks a great opportunity for Jamaican artistes to reclaim their genre and create more avenues internationally.

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March 4, 2012

Delroy’s Daughter Dazzles: Shana Wilson expands on legacy of Reggae icon

Chaina_Dancehall_Jamaica.jpgDelroy's Daughter Dazzles: Shana Wilson expands on legacy of Reggae icon For the child of a well-renowned musician, carrying their parents' legacy presents the toughest challenges; leaving your own hails as even more unenviable task. But don't tell that to the daughter of one of Jamaica's greatest foundation Reggae stars.

Shana Wilson, more popularly known by her stage name, Chaina hails as the daughter of legendary Reggae singer, Delroy Wilson, whose long resume of hits includes Dancing Mood, Better Must Come, and Last Thing on My Mind amongst several others. However, she only got glimpses of her father's eye-catching voice before Delroy Wilson's shocking death at the hands of a liver ailment in 1995, when Shana was only six years old.

However, Wilson's scintillating voice left an indelible mark on his fans and family; propelling Chaina to pursue a similar route to her father. Professionally recording since the age of 17, the emerging young singer has always been inspired by her father's work; hoping to build on a well-laid foundation that the prominent Reggae icon left behind.

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March 1, 2012

Teflon, GWhizz, Patexx & Nefatari gear up for "Intercontinental Tour"

africatour.jpgThe Intercontinental Tour features some of Jamaica's most talented star and promising acts such as Teflon, GWhizz, Patexx & Nefatari. The Tour will see them traveling to the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and Canada starting July through to September 2012. The tour is a mix of dancehall and reggae to please all music lovers.

These artist aren't strangers to the Music Industry as they have been making their mark not only locally in Jamaica but Internationally as well. The Tour will be a medium for their fans and Reggae Dancehall music lovers to hear great Jamaican Music and up front performances.

They are all apart of a generation of greatness touching and joining continents through music.

Although GWHIZZ has been in the music business since 2005, he gained international notoriety with “LIFE”; winning Carivibez.tv2009 Webby Award for Best Breakthru Video & the 2010 EME AWARD for “Best New Artists.”

G-Whizz has performed in the Japan, England, Canada, Cayman Islands, New York City, Boston, Atlanta, "Best Of the Best" Concert - Miami, England, Bahamas, St Croix, Bermuda and popular Jamaica Events: Capleton St Mary Me Come From Annual Charity Show, Anthony B Trelawny Fun Day, Reggae Sumfest, STING and Fully Loaded @ James Bond Beach in Jamaica.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 26, 2012

Eljai's 24/7 Single Impacting The Airwaves

elijah_reggae_artiste_jamaican.jpgReggae singer Eljai is quite upbeat about the progress of his latest single 24/7. The song has been impacting the airwaves in Jamaica as well as across the Caribbean.

This has now intensified plans for a music video which is scheduled to be completed within the next two weeks.

In a release to the media, Eljai expressed his thanks to the media for throwing its support behind the song.

"It feels good to know that when you toil hard and produce a product which is accepted by the media. Thanks to the media for the support and thanks to the fans who have been supporting me from day one", said Eljai.

Belize born reggae artiste whose single Leaders topped the Jamaica Music Countdown Reggae chart in 2010, wrote the thought provoking single which speaks volumes about the issues that people face on a daily basis as it relates to economic progression.

Apart from the chart topper the Leaders, Eljai is also known for songs including Don't Leave and Blessed featuring Capleton.

Eljai's most recent album release I Know is available now on iTunes and leading digital service.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 24, 2012

I-Octane 'Shell Down' Guyana National Stadium

i-octane-reggae-artiste-jamaican.jpgFor a moment one had to wonder if they were on Jamaican soil or in Guyana as torches blazed for Digicel Brand Ambassador I-Octane in his first performance in Guyana. The occasion was the celebration of Digicel's fifth anniversary in that island at its National Park on Friday February 17, 2012.

The singjay blasted on stage with his usual burst of energy singing No Love Inna Dem, which had his fans screaming and hands in the air. The pressure intensified when he drew for hits such as My Life, Nuh Ramp Wid Wi and Lose A Friend. It was sweet nostalgia when he went into his catalogue of old hits which included Stab Vampire and Different Page.
But it was when he did his two newest songs Jah Jah and Nah Eat that I-Octane got the surprise of his life. He received the biggest forward for those songs!

"I didn't know it had taken off so much in Guyana, why even a lot of my fans in Jamaica don't know it yet," he said after his performance.
Following I-Octane's hour-long fiery performance on stage it was time for R&B singer Keri Hilson. She could do no wrong the music lovers there and scored with songs such as Return The Favour, Slow Dance and How Does It Feel.

The sibling group Morgan Heritage brought the curtains down on the show in fine style performing hits such as Down By The River, Don't Haffi Dread and Best Friend. Earlier in the evening local acts got the chance to shine as they performed to good response

Lyrics and mp3

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February 20, 2012

Iba Mahr scores first number one with 'Will I Wait'

iba_mahr_culture_rasta_reggae_jamaica.jpgReggae's most exciting new prospect Iba Mahr is overjoyed with the success of his breakout single, Will I Wait, which t currently holds the number one position on Richie B's Reggae Countdown.

“It’s a great feeling to finally get the recognition that a song like that truly deserves and I hope it is a sign of greater things to come,” he said in a release.

The artiste continues to attract listeners more each day with his newest singles, “Sound a Alarm”, produced by Born Rolling Productions and more recently, “Burning”, produced by Notice Productions on “The Heart and Soul Riddim’ which also features Jah Cure, Chuck Fenda, Hezron, Busy Signal, Chris Martin and many others.

The singer’s management team believes that Burning is a sure-fire hit because of its hard-hitting message. Iba Mahr croons: “So caught in their world of wealth and nothing else is on their minds/ and oh so too ashamed to show it on the inside”.

“Burning is being featured on radio stations here in Jamaica, UK, South America and other parts of the world. These songs were really for the people, but it was also my intention to beg the high authorities a chance to address the nation with love and we could say these words didn’t fall on deaf hear as last year was considered one of the most peaceful elections,” the talented Iba Mahr said.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 18, 2012

Radio Host David 'Ram Jam' Rodigan Honored With UK's 5th Highest Award


London's Kiss FM radio host David Rodigan had his "moment" at Buckingham Palace in England on Feb 14th when he was presented with UK's fifth highest award, the prestigious Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE).

Queen Elizabeth couldn't make it to the award ceremony so it was His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales who presented Rodigan with the prestigious award.

Rodigan' illustrious career as a radio host and sound system selector spans 35-years. Rodigan can be heard on Sunday night 11 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. on London's Kiss FM and in the USA on WVIP 93.5 FM on Irie Jam Radio on the popular 'London Calling' which airs each Saturday.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 17, 2012

Richie Stephens To Be Honored With 'Lifetime Achievement Award' In New York

richie_stephens_reggae_singer_new_york.jpgNew York: Veteran reggae hit maker and "Pot Of Gold" label head Richie Stephens will be honored with a "Lifetime Achievement Award at the third annual Linkage Awards slated to take place on Sunday, March 11 at the Macedonia Center in Mt. Vernon, NY.

The announcement comes less than a month after he was presented with an 'Achievement Award' at the 16th annual Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival in Trelawny for his twenty seven year contribution to the reggae industry.

Stephens has had a whirlwind year since he and Gentleman released "Live Your Life" last summer. The song topped charts in Florida, Atlanta, Canada, Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean and was voted "Song of the Year" on New York's Irie Jam Radio 'Top 100 Songs for 2011,' ahead of Vybz Kartel (Summer Time); Mavado elilah); Popcaan (Ravin); Shabba (None A Dem); Popcaan (Only Man She Want); I-Octane (Ramp Wid ); Laza Morgan featuring Mavado (One by One); Beres Hammond (No Goodbye) and Sean Paul/Alexis Jordan (Got To Love Ya).

"I'm excited about the success that I have enjoyed since the release of 'Live Your Life.' Fans have embraced it all over the world and I am just thankful for the outpouring of love" the singer said.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 10, 2012

CopperShot Sound Scores The First Win Of 2012


Kingston, Jamaica: It’s looking to be another stellar year for one of Jamaica’s premiere sounds, Coppershot Disco.

2012 has started off with a bang for the established sound, who copped their third Youth View Award (YVA) on Saturday night at the National Indoor Sports Arena. The sound beat out Renaissance Disco and stalwarts Stone Love, to cop 'Sound of the Year 2011.’ This is the sound's second consecutive win at the YVA's, having won in 2010, and first won in 2008. Foundation Coppershot member Matthew Gray was pleased with the win as he said; "it feels good to have won at the YVAs for the third time, but the first time having won back-to-back. It shows that people are still rolling with us and showing us that we are still pleasing them and we plan to continue to bring new innovations and bring the vibes to the parties, no matter what."

They were also the runner up in The Jamaica Star news paper peoples choice award in which they were the only sound system nominated in a selector heavy category.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 8, 2012

I-Octane's 'Crying To The Nation' for Valentine's Day release

Signs two-year deal with Guinness

I-octane_album_crying_to_nation_album_reggae_dancehall.jpgDigicel Brand ambassador and popular singjay I-Octane will be releasing his debut album on the day designated for lovers - Valentine's Day.
It's definitely a musical love affair with the singjay and his many fans as he drops Crying To The Nation which is a 16-track joint venture deal with VP Records and Scikron, owned by Robert Livingston.

Among the featured tracks on the album are Rules of Life, Help I Please, L.O.V.E. Y.O.U., The Master’s Plan and the very popular Lose A Friend.
The album will also see I-Octane doing collabs with other artistes such as Albarosie, Tarrus Riley and Agent Sasco.
On Wednesday, February 8, VP records will kick start the album’s promotion with the shooting of the music video for the second single off the album L.O.V.E. Y.O.U. Scenes will be shot at Big Yard and several other locations across Kingston.
Produced by Christopher Birch the video will be done under the direction of Scorpio 21.

L.O.V.E. Y.O.U. seem to have hit all the right notes where his fans are concerned as the song is now in the number two position on Fi Wi Choice.
That is not the only song from the singjay sitting pretty on the charts Burn Dem Bridge is in the number one spot on Fi WI Choice and Hype TV top 20 Singles chart the video is number on CVM's Hitlist.

Lyrics and mp3

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Gospel Act, Kereen Gregory Gets Radikal With New Single

Kereen-Gregory-female-artiste.jpgWhen singer Kereen Gregory, aka KG, entered the JCDC Gospel Song Contest in 2008, she was defined as a great singer with lots of potential. Her lyrical path was the safe religious homilies that could light a spark and leave Christians with that good feeling.

However, four years later, Kereen Gregory is not merely setting off sparks, she is creating fires and firestorms of criticism as she explores her musical horizons in her quest to win souls for Christ. Her lyrical content has moved from safe to edgy -- some would perhaps say 'too edgy -- and KG has stepped out as a dancehall deejay, while keeping true to her God-centric focus.

In 2011, Kereen teamed up with controversial and successful gospel artiste, Prodigal Son and embraced the challenge to boldly step out into the world as a testimony to her faith. KG entered Prodigal's Radikal Yawd outfit and was re-baptised. She emerged from the studio sounding like a seasoned deejay, throwing down lyrics that were sure to make both Christendom and the world stop and listen.
One of her singles on the Radikal Yawd imprint is called Who Me You Mad and is chockful of sexual overtones, while driving home the point that God is her only man and is totally in charge of her existence. "You a di boss, You a di don", Kereen declares in one verse of the song, prior to going into the ear-popping chorus: Who me, you mad, fi one night of fun fi go cheat with the devil and give me God bun?

Lyrics and mp3

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February 6, 2012

Spechinal loves it when you "Cuss Me"

Spechinal-dancehall-reggae-artiste.jpgEmerging Dancehall star, Spechinal looks to continue his strong form in 2012 with the release of his new single, Cuss Mi.

The breakthrough singjay released several strong efforts in 2011 that earned strong acclaim such as Cool Down, Ambition and the scintillating holiday-themed single, Christmas Wish. Earning airplay, recognition from fellow industry players and potential opportunities for stage shows were all accomplishments that Spechinal achieved as a result of his growing status.

Now the Clarendon-born singjay hits the grounds running in 2012 with the release of his new single, Cuss Mi. The pulsating single talks about how arguments in a relationship can help make that union stronger while building character.
In Cuss Mi, Spechinal sings, "When mi say mi love you, I mean it, so mi no see no reason fi hide secrets, mi know seh yuh nuh really love complain, yuh jus’ wan’ dis relationship fi sustain."
He continues, "Dem she fi stand up firm and don't fall at all, but how di hell mi fi stand now and mi heart a call."

Showing the undying love within a couple, in spite of the predictable problems that occur is what Cuss Mi strives to achieve. Aiming to win a new sector of fans, Cuss Mi signifies messages that fans will relate to for years to come.

Lyrics and mp3

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February 4, 2012

Tarrus Riley launches Freedom Writer Competition For Black History Month

Tarrus-riley-school-children-artiste-reggae-black-history-month.jpgInternational reggae artiste Tarrus Riley has once again joined forces with radio station Irie FM to present the Tarrus Riley/Irie FM Freedom Writer Competition.

The competition seeks to unearth the creativity of teenagers and their knowledge about Black History.

In a release to the media, Riley said the feedback and response from the competition last year was overwhelming hence the decision to make it an annual one.

"Last year we had the competition and we got a lot of entries and most were quite impressive. We want to use this competition to create awareness about Black History", Riley explained.

The competition is open to students between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. They are required to write a poem or essay no more than 200 words and explain why black history is important and relevant to them.

Entries must be creative, original, and dynamic and can be emailed to Entries can also be dropped off at Irie FM Kingston or Ocho Rios offices.

The deadline for entries is February 29.

First prize is an I Pad and second prize is a book voucher valued at $20,000. There will also be consolation prizes.

Lyrics and mp3

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January 27, 2012

Lisa Hyper Heads To England In February

lisa_hyper_tour_us_dancehal_artiste.jpgFormer Portmore Empire deejay Lisa Hyper has pushed back the release date for her debut album, The Realest Bitch, because of other pressing obligations that would make it difficult for her to promote the album to the best of her ability.

"In February, I will be leaving for England where I will be doing a number of shows over there for at least two weeks, and then when I return to Jamaica, I will head to Canada for two shows so that is the main reason to push back the release date of the March, I will have more time to go all out in terms of marketing and promotion," Lisa Hyper said in a release.

Next week, Lisa Hyper will be completing the videos for her singles, 'Power' and 'Roll Deep', the lead singles for the album.

The videos will be directed by well-known video director Snow.

"I will be auditioning girls for the 'Power' video next Tuesday at King Jammys studio. We are doing two videos, one for Power and the other for Roll Deep, but I need a few girls to spice up the Power video," she said.

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January 25, 2012

Teflon explains his controversial song "Nah Tek No Talk"

teflon-sky-promo-photo-reggae-jamaica-outaroad.jpgAfter the dust settled from STING 2011 "Rumors Of War", reggae/dancehall artist Teflon was left with many things on his mind, and as most artist do, he expressed himself through his art with "Nah Tek No Talk".

As most fans took the time to listen they understood that the single "Nah Tek No Talk" was basically a review of STING 2011 "Rumors Of War" and not a diss to anyone as some people are suggesting. Teflon merely gave his own review on the event and on his role on stage. He explained that he prepared himself to clash, as STING had been branded as "Rumors Of Wars". Far from a veteran in this business he knew and understood that this mean a lyrical war, nothing personal, just entertainment, and he was ready for it.

After a tumultuous year and some fight from certain entities, Teflon felt better and had a new outlook on his career after "ST Mary Mi Come From", but it seemed that the day after STING, some people took his stage lyrical war personally, and thus went back to old ways.

He stated about the song "Mi affi keep it real, keep di truth and keep di fyah burning. Free up di hyah mind, free up myself cause di truth shall set di I free. People fraid fi chat, no disrespect thing but mi affi free up".


Lyrics and mp3

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January 24, 2012

Canadian Jay Kartier seeking Jamaican music recognition!

Jay-Kartier-reggae-canadian.jpgCanadian-based reggae artiste Jay Kartier is currently in the island to promote his new music video Sunshine, which was directed by Keith Watkis.

The upbeat Jamaican, who grew up in Above Rocks, St Catherine, said he's expecting a successful two weeks of promotion for the song, which was produced by his label Genesis of the production company called The Relatives.

"I hope that this week goes according to plan. I have several television interviews lined up and we are going to hit the street hard with other tracks such as Good Times, Moving Up and More Love," said the 29-year-old.

Amongst the intense media promotion scheduled, the silky-smooth Jay Kartier is also hoping to collaborate with a few top local artistes as well as to voice for two or three big name producers.
The singjay said he has always been interested in Jamaican music and believes that he can do very well due to his versatility.

"I love our music. Jamaican music has always been a part of me since childhood. I believe that my style would fit well with this industry, and I am here to maximize that," he said.

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January 23, 2012

One Girl Two Guys - D'Angel to unveil new books

By Marc Parc Writer

dangel-book-love-triangle.jpgProminent Dancehall diva, Michelle Downer, more popularly known as D'Angel will unveil an in-depth novel involving a girl, two guys and a lot of relationship drama. But it's not the threesome you might be thinking of.
D'Angel will unveil her debut book, Love Triangle in February, a book already dubbed "the most controversial dancehall novel." The book marks the first part of a two-book deal with Pageturner Publishing House as she will also release an autobiographical entitled, Break Free later this year, which will talk about her many successes and controversies on and off stage.

Love Triangle talks about three contrasting individuals, Dylan, Brandy and Malcolm involved in a steamy back and forth relationships. According to D'Angel, via press release, her new novel is far from PG.

"This is not a kiddy story, this is a story for the mature audience, much like some movies and music are for those of a certain level of maturity, and no, it's not porn, soft or hard, but we could call it Dancehall with a Soca undertone - interestingly pulsating," she said.

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January 22, 2012

Patexx A.N.G Releases New Single titled "Bare Back"

Patexx-ang-alliance-dancehall-artiste.jpgDancehall Artist and Alliance Next Generation (ANG) member "Patexx" has released his latest controversial yet socially responsible single titled "Bare Back" on QMIA Riddim.

Patexx latest single; a song for adults, touches on a mature topic in which he promotes "the healthy logical intimate progression" between a man and a woman who are in a committed relationship.

Giving listeners a clear and vivid description of possible scenario between himself and a young lady, Patexx wants to show that you can balance Values versus Responsibility and Entertainment. The song promotes Family Planning and Safe Sex while delivering great music.

Supporting his stance with a quote from the bible he maintains and also encourages others to "guard you life and guard you health" in a natural and healthy endeavor.

Patexx A.N.G
"As for you, be fruitful and multiply; Populate the earth abundantly and multiply in it." (Genesis 9 verse 7)

Lyrics and mp3

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January 21, 2012

Blak Ryno Explains 'Why Life Nuh Sweet'

black-ryno-life-nuh-sweet.jpgGarrison recording artiste Blak Ryno, kicking off the new year in high spirits has released three new singles since the start of 2012. The latest, a very riveting and thought provoking composition for Marcus Myrie son of incarcerated Reggae superstar Buju Banton.

The song entitled 'Why Life Nuh Sweet' sees the dancehall singjay advocating for the poor while lashing out at the system for its ongoing neglect of the less fortunate. The single was released earlier this week on iTunes and other digital platforms.

According to Ryno, "The song was inspired by things I see in the streets on my daily travels, people hustling to make ends meet, police brutatlity, inhumane treatment of the poor and elderly and just social injustices everywhere. So I am just providing a voice for them."

Prior to 'Why Life Nuh Sweet', Ryno also released 'Build The Youths' and 'Diss Me And Fled', all of which have been receiving favourable rotation on the FM airwaves.

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January 17, 2012

Bridgez leaves Alliance Next Generation

By M. Jodee Writer

bridgez_video_shoot_alliance.jpgEmerging Dancehall star, Bridgett Roache aka Bridgez will no longer hail as a member of the Alliance Next Generation (ANG) staple after just over a year with the Bounty Killer founded group.

On Monday evening, Bounty Killer announced via his official Twitter page that Bridgez would no longer be a member of Alliance Next Generation, a youth-focused sub group of the prominent deejay's Alliance super group. The "War Lord" recruited Bridgez in late 2010; joining forces with her on the internationally acclaimed single, Roll Out and later signing the On Fire singer as the ANG's first lady.

Bridgez issued a press release regarding her decision to leave ANG; explaining that she wants to successfully proceed as her own artiste instead of being branded with the Alliance Next Generation tag.

"My team and I made a mutual business decision that I was being branded too much; this is just the beginning of one of the steps I'll be taking in my career this year. I am still A.F.L… Alliance First Lady but I've always been more about making an impact than running with titles and Alliance is known for showcasing males more than females so my team and I are focused on making the name "Bridgez" a household name without having too many different brands following," the release stated.

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Kereen Gregory Unleashes Her Passion For Gospel

Kereen-Gregory-gospel-female-artiste-jamaica.jpgCreative, talented and inspiring are a few of the adjectives that readily come to mind when describing Kereen Gregory, a gospel singer whose musical mission is centered on bringing souls to Christ.

From as early as she can recall, Kereen had a passion for singing and she knew that her footsteps would ultimately lead her to the international stage. But she also knew that the stage would not be a secular one, because from the outset, she had totally dedicated herself to the Lord.

Hailing from Central Village in the old capital, Spanish Town, Kereengrew up in the church, where her talent was recognized at an early age and she was given much encouragement from her church family, her parents and siblings. Her father, too, had been blessed with the gift of song and it was often felt that Kereen would be the one to take over from him and fly the musical banner high for her family.

With this background it was inevitable that young Kereen, who now uses the moniker KG, would eagerly embrace every opportunity to let her voice be heard. Kereen had a special talent for turning even the most mundane sentence into a song and somehow, that song would end up being quite infectious. During her teens, she became involved in singing groups and while attending Tarrant High, Kereen was quite a popular choice to sing at school functions.

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January 15, 2012

Mario C The Jamaican Releases House Music Project

mario-c-bob-sinclair-house-music.jpgMario C gained notoriety on the Jamaican music scene a few years ago as the mastermind behind the 357 Records imprint. As producer, Mario C (real name Mario Campbell) scored a string of hits for the likes of dancehall heavyweights Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel, Elephant Man, Lady Saw and many others.

Known in party circles as a talented DJ behind the 3rd Dimension outfit, Mario C is ready to spread his wings and set sailing into the house music world. He has started a movement called Jam House which has already begun to reap benefits.

In a press release issued, Mario C the Jamaican highlighted the reasons for starting the house music movement out of Jamaica. "My interest in house music began over 15 years ago while I was living in South Florida and attending college. I decided to produce my own spin on the genre in 2009 as my country (Jamaica) is now more accepting of the sound due to the recent mainstream popularity in America. I also wanted to familiarize dance music fans in Jamaica with the genre through my association with the 3rd Dimension sound system", said Campbell.

In explaining the idea behind the name Jam House, Mario C pointed out "The name 'Jam House' is short for Jamaican House as the style is a combination of Dancehall and House music. The energy and crowd response to both genres are very similar and the marriage seemed like a match made in heaven so we took the step and based on the feedback that we have received so far, it seems this was destined to happen".

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December 30, 2011

World Caribbean Countdown becomes Nikki Z's Hot 20

nikki-z-top-20-chart-jamaican-female.jpgAs of next week World Caribbean Countdown becomes Nikki Z's Hot 20. Same great energy with more variety. Check out World Caribbean Countdown previous episodes on Itunes, BB Podcast & Podomatic.

The syndicated radio show "World Caribbean Countdown" now known as "Nikki Z’s Hot 20" airs on stations in Africa and across Caribbean and USA, it will retain the same format of bringing you the latest in dancehall/reggae/soca as well as candid interviews and favorite riddims of the week.

When asked why the name change, the media personality responded "It was a no brainier since most people always referred to the show as Nikki's countdown, the show has grown so much and I want to take it to the mainstream, make it bigger, better in the new years and beyond. It still has the Caribbean flair, I will stay true to who I am, drama, gossip, news and all lol"

This New Years Eve Nikki Z is back in the mix on Sirius XM "The Joint" it's the holiday celebrity special! Catch Hot 93.7's Nikki Z Live in the mix at 11pm followed by Hot 97's Bobby Konders at 12am and Jamaica's mix masters Flava Unit 1am.

Tune in this Saturday 11pm to "THE JOINT" on channels Sirius 42 | XM 42.

Lyrics and mp3

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December 22, 2011

The Reggae Industry Suffers As A Result of Exploitation, Bad Business Ethics & Dishonesty

Views expressed below are NOT necessarily those of

Olimatta-Taal-gambia-reggae-agent-jamaica.jpgThe Reggae Business Suffers As A Result of Exploitation, Bad Business Ethics, and Dishonesty. Reggae artists, promoters, and business people play a role in stifling the industry's progression. Everyone wants to do things on their own, the team concept of empowering each other is thrown out the window majority of the times. Artists receive funds and sign contracts for shows and don't turn up, the 15 million dollar suit against Vybz Kartel is a strong example of the lack of discipline in the industry. Promoters sometimes even send money to impostors posing as the artist, a recent promoter from Columbia experienced this when he sent a $10,000 US deposit to a fake.

What about the instances when the artist performs and the promoter doesn't have the money to pay the artist? How can the reggae industry grow with this type of unethical behavior continually looming throughout the business. This reflects badly on the business and the reputation of Jamaica at large. This type of behavior prevents the type of growth and development that is needed. Instead of Reggae moving forward, it is moving backwards. Millions and millions of dollars have already been lost in the past few years. This is money that could have helped the economy and provide jobs for the jobless.

Lyrics and mp3

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December 17, 2011

Shaggy excited with Grammy nomination, optimistic about 2012

By M. Jodee Writer

shaggy-grammy-nominated-reggae-photos.jpgInternationally-renowned Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Orville "Shaggy" Burrell continues to bask in constant glory that's surrounded him for nearly two decades in the industry. Following 2011's achievements, he hopes to build on this consistent run in the New Year.

Shaggy's list of accomplishments this year include his 10th studio album, Summer In Kingston, his fourth career Grammy nomination for said album as well as hit singles such as Girlz Dem Luv We featuring Mavado and the internationally acclaimed song, Sugarcane. Summer In Kingston became Shaggy's fifth number one album; re-establishing his presence as one of Jamaica's most prominent artistes in history.

According to Shaggy, his most recent Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album proves a humbling acknowledgement for all those who worked on making Summer In Kingston a success.

"It's good to be nominated for music's highest honor. Each time we're mentioned means that we've definitely been recognized for our work which is a great feeling for me and my band," he said.

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Chozenn "Go Fah" It This Christmas!!!

chozen-dancehall-artiste-magnum-kings-queen.jpgDuane "Chozenn" Besentie, "Go Fah" it this Christmas. With several shows under his belt, the 2010 "Magnum Kings and Queens of the Dancehall" third place finalist, has already been creating major waves on the dancehall scene.

Chozenn's latest single: "Go Fah" on the "LOOK RIDDIM", which is produced by Di Lab and Tripledose Productions, has been receiving positive reviews locally and internationally.
The artiste's management team is in the process of shooting a video for the "Go fah" single, otherwise called (The Backyard). However, a new single is in the pipeline titled: "Work and Sweat" which is produced by Tripledose Productions.

"I have done quite a few collaborations, with artistes such as: Konshens - for the single: Judgement on the Magnum Crank It Up rhythm, Syrup & Vodka with IQ and British based dancehall artiste Stylo G - single: Get Gal."

The "Work & Sweat" artiste will be performing at a charity event, at the National Children's Home, on Saturday December 17, 2011.
The 2011 MIA breakthrough artiste, has recently signed to Tripledose Productions; a company with young, innovative and multi-talented minds.
"Hello world and remember many are called but only one is Chozenn," the artiste quipped with a smile.

Lyrics and mp3

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December 16, 2011

Assassin breaks out of pack with big dancehall hits in 2011


As the year 2011 draws to a close, veteran rhyme slinger Assassin can look back at the past 12 months and mark it as the point where he finally staked his claim as one of the top dancehall acts in Jamaica. With incredible verve, and hard work, he has generated so much momentum that he has eventually become an undeniable force. Assassin wants, and deserves, to be the top dog.

During 2011, he scored three major number ones on several ethnic charts in the US, and locally with Run the Place for his own label, Boardhouse Records, Talk How Mi Feel on DJ Frass Production and Caan Do We Nutten for Big Ship Records. Other songs such as 'Late' and the socially conscious 'JPS' also charted in the top 10 of the ER Dancehall Charts.

"2011 has been my best year and I have a lot more in store for dancehall. Just watch," Assassin said in a release.

Being an ambassador of Jamaican music is nothing new to him.

"It's what we do every time, head on out to represent Jamaica, dancehall and the reggae community. We're ambassadors at all times!" he said.

The deejay established his own entrepreneurial venture, partnering with his brother Gareth Campbell, to form Boardhouse Records a few years ago. This year, Boardhouse Records became a household name when Assassin wrote and produced 'Ready Fi Dem', Bounty's biggest breakout hit and number 1 for 2011.

"That was a great project that helped solidify Boardhouse Records as a bonafide label in the reggae-dancehall industry and you haven't seen anything yet. We have some incredible releases to unleash in 2012," Assassin said.

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December 14, 2011

Mr. Vegas Makes Reggae Fans So Very Happy With New Single

By Raine

mr_vegas_jamaican_reggae_artiste.jpgInternationally celebrated Dancehall star Mr. Vegas has struck a note with foundation Reggae lovers worldwide with his latest single "You Make Me Happy." A remake of Reggae pioneer Alton Ellis' 1967 cover of Motown singer Brenda Holloway's Top 100 hit, "You Make Me Happy" is one of the featured singles on Mr. Vegas' first full Reggae album Sweet Jamaica, due to be released on February 7th.

Produced by renowned Jamaican producer Cleveland 'Clevie' Browne, "You Make Me Happy" is a refreshed, slightly up-tempo remake of Ellis' single. "You Make Me Happy" originally appeared on Ellis' debut album Mr. Soul of Jamaica. Produced by Duke Reid, another pioneering force in Jamaican music, Mr. Soul of Jamaica is a definitive Rocksteady album, and a key marker in the evolution of Reggae music. As Jamaica approaches its 50th Anniversary, Mr. Vegas is honoring Alton Ellis, and many of Reggae's foundation artists who crafted Jamaica's signature sound, on Sweet Jamaica.

"Alton Ellis is the 'Godfather of Rocksteady' and an important figure in Reggae music," says Clifford 'Mr. Vegas' Smith. "I was watching a youtube video of his last concert, he gave the audience his all, and called for a helper backstage to help him finish his show because he was unable to - I am answering his call and making 'You Make Me Happy' the first official release from this new album."


Lyrics and mp3

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December 12, 2011

Jamaican Production Company Master One Extends Services To Caribbean Artistes

master_one_production_Jyorken_Kennedy.jpgJamaican record label and artiste management company Master One Productions has expanded its range of services.

The company is known for its work with dancehall artiste Denno and the production of the First Born rhythm project a few years ago. Master One Productions will now be taking hands on approach to the business.

According to CEO and producer Jyorken Kennedy, the label will be offering artiste management on a broader scale, public relations services, compact disc duplication, replication and mastering, music video duplication, street promotions and bookings.

"We wanted to cater to a wider spectrum of the entertainment industry in Jamaica and as a result of this we have decided to expand on what we have already been doing internally.

The company is offering these services to entertainers from across the Caribbean who want to get that major break in Jamaica as far as radio and street promotions, music video servicing and bookings.

Master One Productions has offices in Florida, USA and in Jamaica. The company can be found on face book and also on twitter.

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Canadian Artiste Clinton Sly introduces himself with "What I Got is Love"

Clinton_Sly_reggae_canada_artiste.jpgMontreal, Canada: CLINTON SLY is one of Montreal's upcoming artist's, though a young artist in the Reggae genre, Sly is not new to the Montreal music scene. When Sly was younger he worked with a small hip-hop group and was able to do a few stage shows.

Clinton took a different direction and emerged himself onto the Montreal reggae scene this past year, being that his parents are from the small island of St. Vincent and The Grenadines and he was always surrounded by the sounds of Caribbean music. As a young reggae artists Sly has already managed to make a small breakthrough at just the early stages of his career with his biggest following coming from Europe, being that Sly focuses mainly on his "Dub" singles. [Dub is a genre of Reggae thats been popularized by famous artists such as King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, and Mad Professor].

Clinton's last single "Bigger Bad Man" created a buzz in Montreal, the classic dancehall single catching attention of some of Montreal's Radio Stations. When the song released he was a featured artist on Montreal's only station that plays 24/7 Reggae and Urban music. With that being said it also landed him a spot on the new riddim "Klap It" which also features Montreal's well-known Sampaloo.

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December 7, 2011

Getting To Know Delly Ranx


Born in Kingston, JA, Delroy Isaac Foster aka Delly Ranx has been a fixture in the Reggae Dancehall scene since his youth. Now a critically acclaimed artiste and producer, Delly Ranx represents the pinnacle of reggae music in the modern era. Blending conscious lyrics on dancehall and culture riddims, Delly is a versatile artiste with one constant, the universal upliftment of all peoples through his music.

Delly comes from humble beginnings growing up in South Side Kingston. Always a hard worker, he graduated from high school and took a job in a supermarket before breaking out on to the music scene. Delly's talent was recognized at an early age by his close friend Alsus who encouraged him to pursue a career in music. Taking Alsus's advice, Delly entered and won a youth talent contest earning the recognition and respect of his peers and birthing the artiste Delly Ranx.

Delly's first hit came as a soundclash tune called "Soundboy General" produced by Anthony Redroze. The hits continued to pile up with songs like "Gal Know More than You", "Headache", and "Pelpa", to name a few. International tours and performances followed as Delly's fame continued to grow.

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December 2, 2011

Sizzla Performs for Nigerian Foreign Minister & Ambassadors of the World

sizzla_Olugbenga_Adeyemi_Ashiru_africa.jpgSizzla Kalonji was invited to perform for the Nigerian Foreign Minister His Excellency Olugbenga Adeyemi Ashiru and Ambassadors of the World by the Nigerian Ambassador Peter Oyodele early this week at the Jamaica Pegusus Hotel On top of the World. This marked his first performance since his serious accident late August.

Although not one hundred percent recovered, Sizzla took the opportunity to represent the Rastafarian community and the Diaspora at large at this historic reception which marked an important union between Nigeria and Jamaica. Jamaica representing the breadbasket of the Caribbean and Nigeria as pioneer in opening doors between Africa and the Caribbean.

Sizzla was only suppose to perform one song, but the diplomatic guests insisted that he perform up to five songs. He also delivered an eloquent speech illuminating the joy of such an occasion representing a pivotal point in Rastafari and Pan-Africanism. Sizzla was accompanied by a few elders from the I-ncient Council who had the opportunity to deliver a letter to the Nigerian Foreign Minister addressing repatriation now to Africa and building relationships with the Rastafarian community in Jamaica.

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November 25, 2011

Inner Circle remake Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg's "Young, Wild & Free" with I-Octane and Bizerk


Miami - Inner Circle teams up with reggae artist I-Octane and upcoming recording artist Bizerk of Alligator City on an island vibe remake of Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg's recording "Young, Wild & Free".

Most people know Inner Circle via "Sweat" and "Bad Boys" the ubiquitous "Cops" theme song that typified Inner Circle as one of reggae's most successful groups ever. On the legendary band's latest release Blazzin Fire: Classic Cuts the album captures the sounds of Inner Circle's past and present. Inner Circle continues to tour the world entertaining sold out crowds in the U.S., South America and Europe in 2011 alone.

Jamaica's newest rising star I-Octane has been making a name for himself. Coming off a European tour, Byiome "I- Octane" Muir has worked with some of reggae's legends including Beres Hammond, Buju Banton, Assassin, and now Inner Circle. I-Octane musical beginnings began as a DJ in Jamaica and progressed to making and performing for the masses. "My work is different, I stand for positiveness and righteousness," stated I-Octane.

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Buju Banton issues statement regarding upcoming benefit concert

Buju Banton, promoters endorse upcoming benefit concert, say it will enhance artiste’s legacy

By Marc Parc Writer

buju_banton_benefit_concert_2012.jpgOn December 3, 2011, patrons are expected gather around a Tampa, Florida stage seeking to hear lyrics promoting messages of peace, love and harmony from their favorite Reggae superstars. However, while performers will offer various selections of a positive nature, they'll collectively try to honor an embattled singjay who nurtured his music to provide upliftment for fans worldwide.

Next week Saturday, the Buju Banton benefit concert will take place at the Supa D Tropical Bar & Grill in Tampa, Florida; starting at 1pm. Buju, currently serving a ten year sentence on drug related charges, becomes the subject of an event dedicated towards providing financial support ahead of his appeal on said conviction. The lineup card for the benefit concert includes internationally renowned Reggae artistes, Delly Ranx, Gramps Morgan, Nadine Sutherland, Glen Washington and Norris Man amongst others whilst featuring a yet-to-be named special guest artiste. Also, persons planning to attend the show will be asked to make a US$20 donation for the cause as organizers hope to make at least US$50,000 from the concert for Buju's legal defense.

The event's main organizer, Taranee Jiles, is a long-time friend of Buju Banton; desiring a concept to help the artiste's cause whilst languishing in a Texas federal prison. Out of friendship and the hope Buju walks free sooner rather than later, Jiles formulated the idea of the benefit concert; an idea fans and supporters of the Grammy-winning singjay quickly bought into.

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November 22, 2011

Delly Ranx expresses hope for Jamaican music industry, excited for Buju concert

By M. Jodee Writer

delly_ranx_mad_free_riddim.jpgThe Dancehall/Reggae music has endured a slew of public relations nightmares in recent months; particularly its main superstar, Vybz Kartel. However, one veteran artiste believes the local music industry's image can change for the better.

Prominent deejay and producer, Delly Ranx has proven himself as one of the most consistent artistes of his generation; witnessing the evolution of Dancehall/Reggae music since his debut in 1990. With several hits to boast in three separate decades, Ranx believes his music can help uplift fans of both genres; messages he's preached since appearing on the local scene.

"I've always done positive music from the day I entered the business and I'm sure my music will help to push the reggae/dancehall music in a positive light," a confident Delly Ranx insisted.

Additionally, Ranx believes that despite Reggae's struggle to stay relevant as a result of Dancehall's continued emergence, the response from fans and Dancehall observers will help determine its course going forward.

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November 13, 2011

Spice Back From Canada, Ready To Push New Single


Dancehall artiste Spice is back in the island after a three-week tour in Canada, and is ready to push her latest single, My Boyfriend's Name is Dick.

The tongue-in-cheek single, which showcases Spice's mastery of songwriting was produced by Seanizzle and featured on his Sunrise Riddim. Spice spoke in reference to her Canadian shows and the new single saying, "Oh wow, the reception in Canada was great. I had such a good time with my fans, not only while performing, but also hanging out after and doing signings. It's important to me to spend time with them in between shows, or after performing - it was a good time."

"As far as my new single goes, it was written after I heard the beat. It has a great vibe and I've been pushing it a lot in the streets and it has been getting a huge response. Though the title is a little bit of an eyebrow-raiser the song is extremely clean. It's just a fun play on words and anyone who went to high school with me can tell you English and drama are things I've always loved, so it definitely comes out in my writing and songs now," says Spice known for her mega-hits Jim Screechie, Ramping Shopalongside Vybz Kartel, which hit the Billboard charts upon its release, Slim Vs. Fluffy and others.

Spice is preparing to hit the African scene later this year to push her Afrocentric single, Hot Patty Wine.

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November 11, 2011

Tricia 'Zj Sparks' Spence aka D' Wildchild

All that appears isn’t always what is, so don’t live your life with your eyes wide shut!

zj_sparks_zip_wild_child_radio_personality.jpgHer personal mantra and one that she embodies in its entirety...
A Musical Selector, Emcee and Vibes Master, Producer, Voice Over Specialist, Copywriter and Actress, ZJ Sparks is definitely more than she appears to be. Firstly, she was not always a "ZJ"; Sparks' broadcasting career sprouted at KLAS 89 FM where she started as a Production Assistant. It was upon the prodding of Dennis Howard and Christopher "The Connoisseur" Jarrett that her voice made it on the airwaves as a Continuity Announcer and, eventually, the Co-host of a Carnival Programme with "The Connoisseur".‬

‪​Impressed with her vocal dexterity, Francois St Juste of FAME FM asked her to audition for the station. After a successful audition she was hired by FAME, where she nurtured and strengthened her roots in the Industry. Starting with a mid-morning programme, and then expanding to outside broadcasts, and emceeing the popular FAME Road Show, Sparks gained invaluable experience in dealing with a broad and diverse public. Whilst there, this multi-talented lady also did scriptwriting for the popular legal programme "Under the Law", created by Ed Wallace. It was at FAME where she earned her moniker D'WildChild for her wild hair and highly contagious and spirited personality.

It wasn't just FAME that had an eye for talent, however, as the new and upcoming station Zip 103 FM was also eyeballing the D'WildChild. She opted to take on new challenges and shifted gears to the Playstation Zip 103 fm, where she did both morning and afternoon shows. She learned mixing from ZJ Liquid and Delano from Rennaissance and received vocal training from re-known broadcasters Alma Mock Yen, Leonie Forbes, and Fae Ellington.

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November 5, 2011

Magnum Gives Consumers an Early Christmas Gift

magnum_tonic_wine_jamaica.jpgMagnum, the most popular tonic wine in dancehall, is giving 3000 consumers free tickets to attend the Magnum Christmas party on Friday, December 2 at the National Stadium Car Park.

The event dubbed Magnum Christmas: Crank It Up High Energy, will feature, performers from the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall talent series such as; Tanto Blacks, and several dancehall heavy weights. Patrons will also enjoy music from top disc jockeys DJ Liquid, Coppershot, Fotta Hype and Renaissance.

Leading up to the event, Lascelles Wines and Spirits, distributors of Magnum Tonic Wine will award each consumer one free ticket for the purchase of two (2) products at select locations. While the brand is an avid supporter of several events on the dancehall calendar, Lascelles opted to directly reward consumers who support and enjoy dancehall with an experience of their own. “Magnum continues to support the many aspects of the dancehall culture in Jamaica. This year we are giving our consumers even more with an added experience to the December calendar at little cost to them, it’s an early Christmas gift,” said Desmond Steel, Head of Expoze Entertainment, producers of Magnum Christmas: Crank It Up High Energy.

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November 4, 2011

"It's A Woman's World"- Cherine Makes Travel Chanel Feature


Dancehall Soul Queen Cherine appeared on the exciting final episode of The Travel Channel's documentary series titled "It's a Woman's World". Jamaica was one of four featured countries throughout the 2011 season, where the "It's a Woman's World" team journeyed to explore the island, its culture and delve into the lives of some of the country's most interesting and inspiring women. The episode on Jamaica premiered on October 31, 2011.

Cherine was handpicked by the producers of "It's a Woman's World" and was highlighted as one of Jamaica's inspirational, intriguing and empowering young female talents. Her life as a musician on and off stage was featured and the crew got a first hand look into her family life and rapped with her friends. "There were definitely many aspects of the interview that involved Cherine the person, not just Cherine the musician. Overall, the interview was broader than just my music", Cherine shared.

Taking them back to her roots, Cherine took the crew to her childhood home in Rockfort, a tough community in East Kingston Jamaica. The "It's a Woman's World" crew got a rare interview with Cherine's mother and sister and even a tour of sections of the community. The team including host Camilla and producer Julia Cornes spent an exciting and eventful day with the multi talented Jamaican singer, songwriter and actress Cherine, getting an inside peek into some of her daily activities.

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November 3, 2011

Sean Paul: 'I'm Proud Of Nicki Minaj For Being Eccentric'

Bigs Up The Young Money Starlet...

By Alicia Adejobi


Sean Paul has given his approval of Nicki Minaj's career in the rap game, even going as far as to say he is proud of her for being entertaining.

The MC has clearly been watching the music game develop over the years, despite being out of the limelight, and names Wiz Khalifaand Roscoe Dash as some of his favourite artists. "The things she talks about are never boring to me. She's really doing her thing. I'm proud of her," he told Rap-Up TV of Nicki.

"I think she's one of the best rappers right now," he added.

Meanwhile, Sean also highlights Rihanna as being his favourite artist to work with - even though he has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Eve and Keyshia Cole. "We spent a couple days just chilling out. I took her to the Bob Marley museum, which is something she always wanted to do," he said, recalling the time he took RiRi to Jamaica.

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October 21, 2011

Corey Todd To Release Catalogue On iTunes New Week

corey_todd_bill_cosby_club_riddim.jpgAmerican businessman Corey Todd will begin releasing dancehall and reggae music online through iTunes beginning next week. The first wave of releases will include the entire catalogue of music that he has produced in the past three months. He has scored hits such as Jahvinci's In My Life and Eagle and Hawk in recent months, both with producer Ainsley 'Notnice' Morris.

"I have my own iTunes account through which I will be releasing dancehall and reggae songs. I will be releasing projects that I have with the producers Notnice, Black Spider and Dre Day. I am also looking to do joint deals with other producers and I am willing to put up my own money as well to amp up promotion. If you come to me with a project that I love, I will shoot music videos for it, pump up the airplay, get it on mixtapes and playing in the club. I will go all out, I want to make dancehall music into a real viable industry. This was my dream all along and I am going after it," Todd said in a release.

Todd also plans to release new music every Tuesday via iTunes.

He is presently promoting Khago's latest single, If This Is Not Love, and the video for the song will be released this week as well.

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October 20, 2011

Sizzla Kalonji to perform again in 2012

By Marc Parc Writer

sizzla_reggae.jpgInternationally acclaimed Reggae singjay, Miguel Orlando Collins, better known as Sizzla Kalonji, has announced a return date regarding on-stage performances.

Last week, the "Solid as a Rock" singer announced that he was close to 100% fitness following a serious motor cycle crash that he was involved in last month in St. Ann; suffering multiple broken bones and a rupture liver in the accident. Additionally, he signaled his intent to shoot two new videos for singles from his 65th studio album, The Scriptures that was released this past summer.

However, Sizzla has once again addressed advertisement made by unscrupulous promoters; claiming he would perform at upcoming stage shows he had yet to agree to. To put an end to the speculation; intimating that fans will have to wait until the New Year (2012) to see him perform live, on-stage.

Sizzla hasn't performed a live show overseas since 2009 and hasn't performed overall since this past July.

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October 15, 2011

♫Baa, a me name Bad Goat Billy and me a nuh kid♫ - Trevor Off-Key

Sounds familiar? Yes! Of course
It's the intro to Mek mi mutton/Bad Goat Billy, one of Bambino aka Trever off Key's most comical songs.

This songs has many of us smiling or dying of laughter as it fills our airwaves, because is undoubtedly not what we are accustomed to hearing, as it not only brings a new twist to lyrical content but to the artiste itself, a singing goat!

So we have been hearing the song for a while and have been patiently waiting for the day that we will get to see this infamous Bad Goat Billy in action, well guess what? The video is finally here!!

The animation created by Yeuniek Hinds,student at UWI Mona, shows this goat in his element of the farm, relating to us why he is Bad Goat Billy.

Look out for this animated video as it will premiere tonight on local television station and cable television. I guarantee you, it will not disappointed but will only provide an entertaining visual to an equally entertaining song.

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Sizzla nears return to music scene, looks to release new videos

sizzla_kolonji_hospital.jpgInternationally acclaimed Reggae artiste, Sizzla Kalonji, is close to a full recovery following a serious motor cycle accident last month. As a result, the singer is ready to return to the music scene.

Sizzla has been resting comfortably at home since the bike crash in Runaway Bay, St. Ann. The crash left the "Solid as a Rock" singer with multiple broken bones as well as a ruptured liver. He spent 10 days in a Kingston-based hospital, receiving treatment for his injuries before his release on September 4th.

In a statement issued by Sizzla on Thursday, he expressed his gratitude towards his loved ones, fans and the doctors who made his hospital stay worthwhile. Now the Judgement Yard singjay feels as if he’s back to full strength. "I am feeling very strong, healthy, and I am coming along well. Thanks to the Most High Jah Rastafari," Sizzla intimated.

However, Sizzla claimed that he has been advertised for a variety of upcoming stage shows that he has yet to agree to. The singer explained that he has not authorized any winter tours or performances overseas since 2009, his most recent tour. Additionally, he has warned his fans not to be fooled by the rogue promoters, potentially scheming to scam money from them for these advertised shows.

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October 6, 2011

Portmore Empire artistes stick by Kartel in spite of legal woes

By Marc Parc Writer

popcaan_gaza_artiste_ravin.jpgVybz Kartel's prized protégés from the Portmore Empire have insisted that despite their leader being charged for murder, they're still sticking by their leader.

On Monday, Kartel was charged with murder, conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm regarding the shooting death of 27 year old businessman/promoter, Barrington "Bossie" Burton in Gregory Park, St. Catherine. To make matters worse, Kartel's reality show, Teacha's Pet lost its biggest sponsor as telecommunications outlet, LIME announced on Tuesday that they would no longer broadcast uncut episodes of the series. Additionally, producers of Teacha's Pet are discussing whether or not future episodes of Teacha’s Pet will be broadcast as a result of Kartel’s legal issues.

Despite the controversy surrounding the "Dancehall Hero", members of the Portmore Empire are showing loyalty towards their mentor. Empire artiste, Gaza Slim asked for law enforcement to release Kartel; insisting that she's praying for her mentor and that he will prevail despite his current troubles.
Meanwhile, another prized Kartel protégé, Andre "Popcaan" Sutherland said that he was stunned by the news that "Di Teacha" had been charged with murder, even though he did admit that he doesn't know how true the allegations are given that he doesn't fully know him personally. Furthermore, Popcaan said that he was hurt by the news and didn't expect such a thing to happen to his long-time mentor.

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October 5, 2011

Cali P extends European tour

calip_reggae_artiste_europe_tour.jpgAfter a hugely successful series of shows in Europe, Inspired Music Concepts recording artiste Cali P has decided to extend his tour based on the demand for his performances.

"He has completed the ski tour but the word got around among promoters who were impressed with him and so he has a number of others gigs in Switzerland and Sweden," Anil "Phantom" Montague said in a release.

Cali P is known for the chartburners, Like a Lion (Hot Steppa), and the popular No Time that have done well in the local market. He scored international success with his latest single D'Sunne Schiint reached No1 on iTunes Swiss Reggae Song Charts the day it was released in September this year and simultaneously hit the top spot on the German video charts and number one on iTunes in Switzerland. The single held the number one position for two days before settling into the top ten on the Swiss reggae song charts.

Cali P completed the original tour schedule on October 1st with a gig in Annecy, France. Cali P has been making major moves on the international reggae market since the release of his Like A Lion (Hot Steppa) single which was produced by Phantom, Cali P's partner in the Inspired Music Concepts label. The Like a Lion single featured prominently on the soundtrack for a documentary feature film of the same name about seven-time ESPN X-Games gold medallist, Tanner Hall.

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September 28, 2011

The Bloods US Tour Doing Well

andrew_wada_blood_junior_reid.jpgThe Bloods who have recently came off a one month long tour of Europe is once again back on the road as Junior Reid along with Andrew and Wada Blood will be whopping up a five-city tour of the United States. This will see the reggae superstars performing in Amboy, Los Angeles and Oakland, all in the state of California, as well as Denver, Colorado and Seattle in Washington.

This performance comes hot on the heels of the recent relaunch of Junior Reid's JR Productions and the recent return from their extensive European tour alongside Sly & Roby. Junior Reid has also just recently seen the release of his collaboration on DJ Suss One's Fifty Cent endorsed single entitled 'Champion' with hip hop giants Loyd Banks, Jada Kiss, French Montana and recent world boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather.

The two acts have promised to give the people a show they’ll always remember.

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September 26, 2011

Danielle Hooks Up With The Big Man Shabba!


Danielle has collaborated with Grammy winning deejay, Shabba Ranks for a follow up to her summer smash, Rebel (featuring Cherine). Rebel was an overnight sensation that swiftly climbed up the charts.

Hit makers Sly and Robbie certainly have the formula, producing the right sounds for the break out female act. The hit factor is transparent on the latest single titled, Big Man. The Taxi Gang production carries a contagious beat, reminiscent of the hard pumping dawn of dancehall with a modern day twist. The rhythm laid a fantastic foundation for the veteran deejay to drop his signature raspy vocals.

The hard core deejays blended well; both are infamous for lyrically expressing their sexuality on the dancehall stage. They make a perfect pair on the Big Man track as Shabba throws hot lyrics at Danielle who responds with fiery lines of her own. “It came so natural, I didn’t have to put on a show or try to embody a character in that booth. The style of the song is just me and everyone knows that Shabba can bring it slow and sexy or as raw as ever", said Danielle. “It’s a blessing to work with such an icon. He used authentic dancehall music to break down many doors, a challenge tried by so many”, she continued.

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September 24, 2011

Get Your Free Copy Of Colin Hines 90's Dancehall Mix



Lyrics and mp3

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September 20, 2011

Hapilos Pulls Out Of Weekly Parties, Readies For Concerts

hapilos_21st_concert_johnny_wonder.jpgPeter Simms, General Manager of Hapilos Entertainment, has announced the end of all the company's local parties.

The New York-based entertainment company which is known for their flagship parties, Happy Thursdayz and Portmore Fridayz, says they will be doing a lateral move into high quality concert productions instead.

As proof of this, they recently staged the much-talked-about Lakefest concert in Colchester, Connecticut, USA which featured a stellar reggae lineup including: Beres Hammond, Wayne Wonder, Etana and others.

"When we initially commenced operations in Jamaica, it was with the understanding that we were new here and were focusing on getting our name out there to the different target markets. The most effective way to create a buzz was through weekly parties with some of the island's top brands including Guinness, and this worked seamlessly. We thank Guinness wholeheartedly for being a part of our events since the beginning, and we hope to re-introduce our partnership via different projects in the near future. We are now going to move on to delivering classic concert productions our Jamaican audience and those across the world," says Simms.

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September 16, 2011

Yung Gunnerz Ready Fi Do Road

yung_gunnerz_logo_sound_system.jpgThe Yung Gunnerz sound was started in September 2010 with the founding members being Sandman, Al Chemical and Richy West. The name was derived from the fact that the founding members are all die hearted Arsenal (epl team) fans. Later Dj One Pop and subsequently Dj Vee were added to the YG line up.

Yung Gunnerz aims to provide quality musical services to all crowds hence 'bridging all the gaps' tag line, as YG can be found Uptown on Friday night, at a Street dance in any garrison on Saturday and at a Round Robin on Sunday displaying our musical versatility. YG has already played at many major venues including Club Afrodisiac, Constant Spring Golf club, UWI, Jewels (back road Portmore) and others and have already played alongside some of the best in the business including ZJ's Johnny Kool, Ice, Wah Wa, Bambino, Swatch International, DJ Jerry and others. 2011 into 2012 is Gunner time. Time to Do Road!!

The Yung Gunnerz are set to tackle their next major party, Inches on Heroes Day at the Waves Beach in Portmore. The sound is still on a high from releasing its first official mixtape which got rave reviews and are currently working on other projects including an R&B Hip hop double mixtape and the official Inches promo mixtape.

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September 13, 2011

JR Productions Getting Ready To Release Bomb-A-Drop

Kimberly Bernard Writer


JR Productions is ready to set upon Reggae and Dancehall lovers all over the world the newest addition to their label. His name is Bomb-A-Drop.

This explosive artiste has been on the dancehall scene for some fifteen years. He originally started out recording with JR Productions in the mid 90's but went on to work with Reggae icon, Coco Tea and 'Roaring Lion Productions' in 2000. He later went on his own before signing to J&M Productions. He eventually teamed up with Coco Tea on the legendary single entitled 'Barack Obama' which received massive rotation worldwide. He was also featured in the video which was played on CNN.

Bomb-A-Drop is now signed to JR Productions and doing things bigger than ever before. With his single on the 'Fish Scale Riddim' entitled 'Hype' currently receiving heavy rotation on the air waves, this artiste is set to go places this time around. The fiery medley video featuring Junior Reid and Bomb-A-Drop is to be released soon and promises to be a scorching one.

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September 11, 2011

To-Isis Teams up with Spanish Rapper 'Siervo'

to-isis_reggae_spanish_Siervo_Del_Nose_Donde.jpgWhen Spanish rapper Siervo Del Nose Donde came to Jamaica in 2009 to record collaborations with Jamaican artists, for his album "El Diario Dia A Dia" (The diary day by day) he definitely wanted to find that HIT single that would propel the album. Just by attempting this he had already made history because this has never been done in Spain before. When he went to Grafton Studios to start recording, he met the group To-Isis, they began to talk and the chemistry was instant.

The following day they got together and the song "Reggae Symphony" was created. Both parties were so pleased with how the song came out, that they immediately started planning a video. Majority of the video was shot in Franklyn Town, birthplace of To-Isis member Renardo, who said "The elements just really lined up for this one believe me, because we were about to leave when we met them, because our session had been postponed."

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September 8, 2011

Junior Reid Set To Re-launch His Chart Topper Label

junior_reid_reggae_singer_veteran.jpgThe One Blood hit maker Junior Reid is set to re-launch his JR Productions label that was originally formed in 1984. With the newly built Club View Studio located at 39b Eastwood Park Road...Junior Reid who's no stranger to #1s said he's ready to make his presence felt once more in the world of dancehall and reggae both locally and internationally.

JR Records has been the mastermind behind several international hits such as 'One Blood' and 'Rapapompom' which have been redone by Hip Hop mega hit-makers 'The Game' and 'Lil Wayne'.

JR Records was also the driving force behind the success of Junior Reid's career and that of Andrew & Wada Blood as well as legendary dancehall trail-blazer, Ninja Man's first number one single from the album 'Ting a ling a ling' produced by Junior Reid himself. He also produced an album for Dennis Brown, Mighty Diamonds and Gregory Isaacs to name a few.

The veteran reggae artiste expressed his excitement for the re-launch saying, "I'm looking forward to the re-launch of the label and signing new acts." The One Blood star continued, "Good music is needed that can cross over and impact the world and not just last for two months".

Currently signed to JR Records are Andrew & Wada Blood, Bomb-A-Drop, JuJu Blood, Young-JR and Bobo Shimron.

Reggae fans can expect big things from the rebirth of JR Records label soon

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September 7, 2011

Challenges Can Be Rewarding!

macka_diamond_cow_foot_dance_moves.jpgAmidst pleas and reward offers, the perpretrators that stole Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond’s pocket book and all her her stuff are yet to come forward. But despite the huge set back cause from loss of the documents, Macka Diamond relentlessly pushes forward. "Well I could always get back my I.D. and stuff but you know how tedious the process gets especially for me because I still have to be recording in the studio, still out in the streets promoting my music and basically kept abreast with what happening around me because I’m an artiste" Indeed its no easy feat getting as far as Macka has in the industry but it does comes with various challenges. The obvious lesson to be learned is knowing how best to deal with the challenges and keep going.

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September 1, 2011

Andrew and Wada Blood Return from smashing European Tour

By Kimberly Bernard

andrew_wada_blood_irie.jpgJR Production recording artistes, Andrew & Wada Blood are back in the island after a three-week-long tour of Europe. Featured on the tour were legends Sly & Robbie and veteran reggae artiste Junior Reid.

The trio left authentic reggae/dancehall fans in Paris, Budapest, Ostrada, Helsinki, Rotterdam, Victoria and Sines begging for more which could easily be described to kids crying for candy. The sensational duo described the tour as "a great experience". Wada Blood gushed about the experience saying..."It was amazing to hear 40,000 fans singing along to your songs". "It was an eye opening experience because it showed me there's room for reggae and dancehall worldwide", continued Andrew, "When we hear songs like 'Kick It Off' from the Flirtation 'riddim' playing in Europe, it's truly inspirational".

In the mean time The Bloods have a slew of singles blazing the airwaves such as 'Tek It To Dem' on the African Robot Riddim, 'Rasta Fi Real' on the Centre Stage Riddim along with a few singles off their soon to be released album 'Felling Irie' and 'One and Only'.

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August 31, 2011

Shatta Don putting Antigua on the Dancehall map

shatta_don_Antigua_dancehall_reggae.jpgThe Caribbean island of Antigua has never been associated with the Dancehall genre in the minds of many. However, one young artiste/producer is aiming to change that scope of thinking as he aims to put his native land on the Dancehall map.

Shatta grew up in the "Entertainment Capital of Antigua," known as Potter's Village and immediately was integrated with the area's musical culture as a youth. Various talent shows and sound systems that infiltrated Potter's Village inspired Shatta to one day become an artiste; following of the many musicians he watched growing up.

He later attended the La Chateau D'Or Orchestra music academy where he learnt to play instruments such as the piano, wind recorder and a single tenor pan. These instruments helped set a foundation for Shatta; helping to shape him into a well-rounded artiste 7 giving him confidence to pursue a mainstream career in music. Shatta got his first chance to prove his musical worth by performing his debut single, "This Is How We Do It" at the local talent show, "Sha Sha Marni." That performance helped springboard Shatta's talents and the single to new heights as natives began to take heed of abilities and he began to record music on a more regular basis.

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August 30, 2011

St. Lucia's First Female Dancehall Artiste Is More Than Just A "Summer Swag"

Government Minister & Producer assists St. Lucian to fulfill musical Dreams in Jamaica.

Iaeshaa_st_lucia_dancehall_artiste.jpgIeasha is a St. Lucian native who respects and loves reggae music, she is an avid performer and has an undeniable love for Dancehall.. Her love for the Jamaican Culture and respect for several locally based entertainers and producers was the intrinsic motivation that propelled her quest to travel to the island where Reggae was born.

Though the expenses where enormous and the likelihood of her being successful was slim, her determination drove her to seek sponsorship from a few friends which includes producer RAWL ROSSI ALCIDE and a Minister in the St. Lucian government.

Since being in Jamaica she has managed to accomplished quite a lot. She has networked with a few more producers, met her all time idol the general Bounty Killer, recorded 6 hit songs and had a blast at the parties and dances.

Check out "Summer Swag" and "Can't Keep Me Down" produced and recorded in Jamaica

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August 29, 2011

Getting To Know DJ Hypeness

dj_hypeness_new_york_deejay_radio.jpgDJ Hypeness one of New York's finest deejays might be new to some but she's definitely no stranger to the Reggae/Dancehall culture. This Dominican native grew up listening to the works of Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Buju Banton and a host of others pounding through the walls of her house with their sweet melodies.

Her true love for the culture was further discovered when she moved to New York 11yrs ago. Underground Dancehall parties became a past time and here she became hooked on the beats and mesmerized by the atmosphere. Whenever she got the chance, she partied and sought new music and new venues. In 2005 she was introduced to the land of Radio by a friend as a co-host, it was then she instantly developed a liking and started her new found passion in becoming a radio disc jock (DJ). As time progressed, she learned how to spin on the 1s and 2s and continues to see growth in this talent. DJ Hypeness fought her way through this male dominated business with skills and determination. She harnessed her skills to overcome her fears with every opportunity, and this she does by playing at numerous events, whether it's promotional or a paid gig.

DJ Hypeness released her first official Mix tape September of 2010 called "PAVE THE WAY" and received exceptional feedback which encouraged the release of "CLEARA".

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August 26, 2011

Saine looking to make a crazy impact on Reggae music's stage

saine_singer_rapley_jamaica.jpgReggae music has lost some luster due to the rise of Dancehall music and few young Reggae artists have emerged in recent times. However, one young starlet is aiming to change that perception; proving the future of Reggae music is in good hands.

Saine Rapley, a 19 year old female singer is already showcasing her potential as a breakthrough artist within the Reggae genre. The Clarendon born starlet long aspired towards being a singing sensation from a very young age; performing at church functions and graduations where she'd display her talents for large audiences. Saine also has had a good taste for interests as she loves to play her guitars.

The former Queens High School student began recording material in 2009 and the following year, released her debut single featuring Omigent, entitled "Ride or Die Chick." Fast forward to 2011 and Saine has found herself in a career-rejuvenating scenario; becoming the first lady of Aidonia's Jag One Productions (J.O.P) crew. Since forming that Alliance, Saine has quickly emerged as a strong presence with the Reggae ranks, releasing singles such as "Love of My Life," as well as "Nothing Come Easy," which was done on Weapon X International's Realization Riddim and released in June. She also release the soothing single, "One More Time," was unveiled two weeks ago on Weapon X International's Recess Riddim.

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August 24, 2011

Denno Releases Tribute To Joel Chin

denno_tribute_joel_chin_vp.jpgRising reggae artiste Denno was hit by the news that his mentor Joel Chin, A&R for VP Records was killed recently. Chin's death has impacted the newcomer, that he has recorded a song in tribute to him.

In a release to the media, Denno explained his reasons for recording the piercing and heartfelt song Gone too Soon. "Joel was a big part of the music industry and even though I met him twice, we kept in touch by telephone. He gave me a lot of encouragement as a young artiste in the business and he was always positive and jovial", said Denno.

The song Gone too Soon was produced by Master One Productions. Early response to the song has been quite positive. After being uploaded to youtube on August 18, the song has generated 2000 views in just two days.

"The tragic circumstances in which Joel died has hit the industry like a ton of bricks and it has affected a lot of people. He contributed a lot to the reggae music industry and his track record cannot be ignored", Denno explained.

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August 23, 2011

Brick and Lace still in Love with the Music

brick_and_lace_female_reggae_dancehall_group.jpgKingston, Jamaica: Always working, sometimes under the radar but never off the radar, Jamaican international recording artistes, Brick & Lace, have resurfaced to the delight of their fans in their homeland and internationally. After months on hiatus to regroup and diversify their musical interests, Brick & Lace, are now debuting their latest video, “In Love with the Music”, produced by top French DJ’s, Golden Crew.

The creative chemistry between the ladies and these talented music spinners is golden indeed and has generated this up tempo, Euro Dance / Reggae infused single which is currently getting heavy rotation on Trace TV, MT and Africa at large via South Africa’s Channel O. Brick & Lace, comprised of sisters Nyanda and Nailah Thorbourne, are also talented songwriters who compose all their own music. This skill set has been strengthened since teaming up with their sisters, Tasha and Candace to form the songwriting company, Bloodline.

Also strong writers, Tasha is a foundation member of Brick & Lace and Candace, the youngest sister, a vocalist herself, bring their own dynamism to the venture. Bloodline celebrated its first major placement with “Say Yes”, a favorite single on “Killer Love”, the latest album for Nicole Scherzinger, form lead singer of Pussy Cat Dolls. Working on their own music as Brick & Lace, the Bloodline team has been working steadily for placements of their music for hits with other artistes. As a first for the sisters, Bloodline has recorded their soon-to-be released single, “This Time”.

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August 1, 2011

21st-Hapilos - Portmore Fridayz

johnny_wonder_hapilous_21.jpgPortmore is about to get another dose of fun, this time it will be courtesy of the 21st/Hapilos Entertainment family.

The weekly party, 'Portmore Fridays' commences on Friday, August 5 and will be staged at the popular Club Aphrodisiac in Portmore, St. Catherine. Executive vice-president of 21st/Hapilos, Johnny Wonder says the weekly party series comes as a result of wanting to see Portmore have multiple sources of entertainment.

"Portmore is the perfect place to start another weekly party. Guinness Happy Thursdays in Kingston is doing well and we decided Portmore was the next best place to engage an audience of party goers and give them some exciting Friday evenings and nights. Portmore Fridays will be a lot of fun with great music and unbeatable drink deals," said Wonder.

Wonder who recently hit the promotion scene on TVJ's Smile Jamaica, Hitz FM, Fame FM and other media forums, says the 21st/Haplios digital distribution team is also currently focusing on promoting the latest dancehall releases.

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July 28, 2011

Denno Confirmed For St. Mary Mi Come From & Manchester Fiesta

denno_jamaican_artiste.jpgRising dancehall artiste Denno has been confirmed for two major events being held over the holiday season.

He is set to perform at General Degree’s Manchester Fiesta event on August 1. He will also get the opportunity to meet his growing fan base in St Mary when he takes the stage at Capleton’s St. Mary Me Come From stage show on August 5.

The Master One recording artiste continues to reap success with his breakthrough hit Caan Stop Da Yute Yah. The single which has been released on ITunes, has already hit the Top ten on several charts including the HYPE TV Top 20 Singles chart, and the Pree Dis Top Ten Countdown which airs on TEMPO.

In a release to the media, Denno was quite ecstatic about the way things have been going.

“I am giving thanks for the way in which the public has responded to Caan Stop Da Yute Yah. We put a lot of work into this and I want to thank all of the radio jocks, sound system selectors and the media for their continued support,” said Denno.

Denno is excited about the upcoming performances. He has promised the fans a performance that they will never forget.

Denno’s latest singles include Love Me, Bun Dem, and Buck.

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July 26, 2011

Toya Ready to blaze at 'St. Mary Mi Come From' on August 5th

toya_beenie_man.jpgDown Sound recording artiste Toya will be one of the featured acts at this year's annual 'St. Mary Mi Come From' concert in St. Mary on August 5th, and she is looking forward to the concert.

"I gained a lot of experience from performing last week during Dancehall Night at Sumfest, I loved the interaction with the audience and meeting the international press. So with my new experiences, I am looking forward to raising the bar at Capleton's show and doing an even better set. I really admire the work that Capleton does in his community and applaud him for the charitable donations he makes to the hospital and the school in his home parish. I am feeling very good about my onstage performances right now," she said in a release.

She will be one of the featured acts during 'Western Gala' in Montego Bay on August 6th which will showcase other big acts like Jahvinci and Stacious

Toya is known for the singles Hot Like a Fire, Boss Lady and True Blessings. Toya's popular single One Man Woman featuring Beenie Man is also doing well on FM radio and a video for the single was #1 for the second consecutive week on CVM TV's Hitlist.

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July 22, 2011

Nikki Z will get "locked up" on August 18th 2011 & needs your help to post bail!

nikki_z_bars_charity.jpgNicole Duhaney aka Nikki Z will get "locked up" on August 18th 2011 and needs your help to post bail!

When asked what crime she had committed and why she will be behind bars, Media personality "Diva Nikki Z" explained "I'm going behind bars for "GOOD" PLEASE HELP BAIL ME OUT! Your donation is my key to freedom! Be proud of the fact that together we're providing help and hope to kids and adults served by MDA in our community."

On August 18th 2011, Nikki Z will be going behind bars at Buffalo Wild Wings until she has raised enough money to be bailed out and help MDA.

With your support, MDA is able to continually provide help & hope to hundreds of thousands of children and adults living with neuromuscular disease. Donations from the Lock-Up will support local families and guarantee that MDA can continue its mission to find treatments and cures, as well as provide vital services.

CLICK HERE TO HELP POST BAIL (every penny makes a difference)

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July 21, 2011

Chezidek's Stand Still On His Secret Enemies


Jamaican reggae singer Chezidek has released a new single titled Stand Still. The track is the follow up single to his most recent hit Secret Enemy. The song is a poignant tale about the daily struggles of ordinary people. But despite the struggles and the hardships being faced, persons are encouraged to be strong and try to elevate themselves out of their situations.

Stand Still is currently enjoying solid rotation on most radio stations across Jamaica and in parts of Europe.

In a release to the media Chezidek outlined his reasons for tackling the issue of hardships that people face. "The daily struggle of people all around the world has been ignored by the respective leaders and it is about time that something is done about situations like this. In a nutshell the song is really saying that for poor people nothing happens. Everything is at a standstill for them. But at the same time they should stay strong despite the difficulties that they are experiencing because one day things will eventually get better," said Chezidek.

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July 18, 2011

Mya to perform at Reggae Sumfest with Wayne Wonder

Grammy Award winning American singer-songwriter, Mýa, is all set to hit the Reggae Sumfest stage with international reggae singer, Wayne Wonder.


The duo recently collaborated on a powerful remix of Wayne Wonder’s popular, chart-topping single, If I Ever, which is impacting radio in a huge way. According to Wayne Wonder’s management, they thought it appropriate to invite Mya to perform the song live with Wayne at the greatest reggae festival on earth.

If I Ever made its debut on the iTunes Reggae Chart at number four in December last year and subsequently climbed its way up; in Jamaica, it topped the Jamaica Countdown Chart in June and remained in pole position for two weeks. Internationally, the single has received massive airplay and loads of positive feedback.

“Undoubtedly the single has performed commendably, but we are always looking to take things up a few notches and reach a wider audience … and this is what we are confidently hoping to achieve with the collaboration with Mya,” Wayne Wonder explained.

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July 16, 2011

Gadiethz Wants To Get Rid of The Hustling In The Music Industry

Paul_Gadiethz_Peart.jpgStrong-minded aspirations and forward thinking are traits that set Paul Gadiethz Peart apart from most artistes. In his own words Gadiethz proclaim that he wants: "To improve the music industry in Jamaica from a hustling point of view to a corporate entity."

Paul got his name 'Gadiethz', from reggae heavyweight Sizzla Kalonji. Though not a Rastafarian by appearance, Gadiethz name is derived from Rastafarian roots meaning 'Protector of Israel'. Gadiethz, who brands himself an entrepreneur, first appeared on the scene in 1991 with his first performance on the proclaimed greatest one night reggae show on earth - Sting.

Gadiethz boasts a loaded and diverse portfolio. As an artiste he has performed with the likes of Bunny Wailer, Shabba, Maxi Priest, Tony Rebel, Gyptian, among other big names in the reggae/dancehall spectrum. He has done shows in the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Island, across the United States, at the St. Kitts Music Festival, among other places. However, despite all his travel and performances alongside some big name in music, Gadiethz feel he is still some way off from where he wants to be.

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July 14, 2011

A double dose of pleasure from Konshens at Reggae Sumfest 2011

konshens_sumfest_reggae_2011.jpgOver the years, Reggae Sumfest has attracted a star-studded line-up of local and overseas acts and this year’s festival is no different.

With artistes of the caliber of Nicki Minaj, R Kelly, Beres Hammond, and others leading the charge, the stage is set for top quality performances. Falling in the mix this year, by virtue of his popularity and his track record, both at home and abroad, is dancehall act Konshens. And this is one artiste who is definitely fired for his Sumfest performance.

Owing to prior commitments on the international circuit, Konshens missed out on Reggae Sumfest last year and disappointed several of his fans. According to the artiste, he too felt pain at being absent from the premier local reggae festival.

“But I am going to give my fans a double dose of pleasure this year,” the affable entertainer stated.

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July 7, 2011

Cha'Maine makes a mark with 'Work It'

chamaine_reggae_singer.jpgNew York-based recording artiste Cha'Maine is on the verge of a major breakthrough with her single, Work It, which has been put in rotation on most major radio stations locally and on urban radio in the tri-state area.

The disc jockeys in New York and Jamaica have responded really favourably to Work It because of its unique sound, soca, reggae and soul, a delightful mish-mash of different sounds and cultures, plus I am getting good feedback online," she said in a release.

The favourable response has prompted her to decide to come to Jamaica to shoot videos for the singles, Work It, and the R & B-flavoured Promise, a soulful gem of a song that has become a favourite song of newlyweds because of its promise of fidelity, loyalty and undying love.

"A couple of my friends and fans have used Promise at their weddings and the word just got out via Facebook and so every now and then, I get reports that the song has become somewhat of a wedding & re-commitment song," Cha'Maine said in a release.

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July 5, 2011

Dancehall Star Erup Calls For Unity

erup_unite_my_people_reggae.jpgKevin Saunders better known as Erup first exploded onto the dancehall scene with the 2007 smash hit 'Gyal a Run Dem Head' which was swiftly followed up by his infectious anthem 'Click Mi Finger'. When it comes to penning catchy lyrics in which the world can relate to, Erup continuously achieves this.

Emerging from a three year hiatus, Erup blazed into 2010 with the club banger ‘Pop the Bottle’ produced by Digiplay Records producer Ricardo Bailey. This year Erup is back with his latest masterpiece, another Digiplay production ‘Unite My People’. The song featured on the ‘Tearz Riddim’ also includes artists Faydra, Jahbert and Dadi-P, new members of Erup's Fully Govern team.

Erup and Faydra are currently on a two month European tour where they are spreading the message of unity amongst the various countries such as Greece, Italy, England, Switzerland but to name a few. When asked about the progress of the tour so far, Erup stated, "It’s a joy to be here, Europe is a nice place. ‘Click Mi Finger’ is still doing big things and the fans are feeling my latest singles such as ‘Unite My People’ and ‘Pop the Bottle’.

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July 4, 2011

Jahdore making waves with This Love is Over

jahdore_reggae_artiste.jpgSinger, songwriter and musical arranger JahDore has been creating waves with his current single, the very poignant and thought provoking This Love Is Over. Produced by Andrew Myers for Heartcour Productions/Rountoun Music Production and UIM Records, the song has taken over the airwaves with a bang. It is currently number sixteen on the Jamaica Music Countdown Top 25 Reggae Singles chart.

Another single Harlem Blunts equally showcases JahDore’s lyrical prowess and versatility as an artiste.

This Love Is Over is a witty tale of a relationship gone bad. It tells the story of a man who has been faithful to his significant other and who makes sacrifices beyond the call of duty to keep his family together. However in the short term, the flashiness and swag of another man, managed to catch the attention of his significant other, thus ending their relationship.

Harlem Blunts is the opposite. A playful party-flavoured track which helps to create a vibe inside a nightclub or at a party or session.

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June 29, 2011

Media Houses Got An Exclusive Pre-release of Transformers Movie Courtesy of Lime

Lime and Smirnoff Dream Weekend treated various media houses and several lucky Facebook winners to an exclusive pre-release of the well anticipated Transformers movie (Dark Of The Moon) at the popular Kingston Carib Cinema last night (June 28, 2011).

The Transformers movie which is scheduled to be in theaters by the 28th of June will definitely copped the movie of the year award with a doubt. Transformers is one of the few movies that doesn't depends on good movie reviews from movie critics around the world in order for the tickets to be sold out as fans are already confident that the next Transformers movie will be just as good as the previous or even better.

During the intermission four persons walked away with the new I-Phone 4 courtesy of Lime and their Transformers Exclusive Pre-release partners Smirnoff Dream Weekend.

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June 22, 2011

Prophecy song Body Bag charting worldwide

Reggae crooner Prophecy has scored an international hit, "Body Bag", which is charting worldwide. The song is currently number one on the Richie B Jamaica Music Countdown Reggae Singles Chart, and holds the pole position on the CALIFORNIA KDVS 90.3 FM Reggae/African Top 25.

In Italy, the single is number three on the Italian TPN RADIO & CARIBBEAN VIBES RADIO - DJ GUSMA TOP 20 SINGLES Chart. While in Australia “Body Bag” is number seven on The Jamdown Vershun Chart 92.1FM, it is number 8 on the Missgaza .com Top 25 Reggae Singles Chart, in Portugal where the song is rising up the Reggae chart also. The song is getting heavy rotation on FM radio in Jamaica, The Caribbean, The United States, England, Europe, Australia, New Zealand Portugal, Kenya, Ghana and Japan.

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Alliance members turned out for BridgeZ "Han Up Deh/I Said It" Video Shoot

bridgez_video_shoot_alliance.jpgAlliance members Bounty Killer, Mavado and ANG turned out to support the First Lady Singer/Dj/Songwriter Bridgez for her HAN UP DEH/I SAID IT medley video shoot recently. "Han Up Deh/I Said It" medley video is her first solo video that will be released from the artist since joining the Alliance.

The two day video shoot was shot in New Kingston and on the infamous Gullyside where fellow Alliance members Mavado welcomed Bridgez, other artists and other members of the Alliance like Bounty Killer, Iyara, Pattexx, Gulliance Kym along with artist like Gwhizz and Delus who all came out to support the artist. Bridgez speaks about the concept "The video itself is just a performance video; it's basically me having fun with the song. It's really a video that makes you focus on what I’m saying as oppose to what I'm doing and that’s really important to me because they are both positive songs"

The video was directed by Janelle Dyer and editor by Willo. Janelle is known for videos like Beenie Man & Fambo - Drinking Rum and Redbull, Beenie Man & Lisa Hyper - Nuh Stress Me Out, Denyque - Summer Love and more.

Lyrics and mp3

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June 21, 2011

And the winner is.... Nicole Duhaney aka Nikki Z!

nikki_z_ygb_awards.jpgThe Young, Gifted & Black Entrepreneurial Awards held their yearly event recognizing and celebrating Young Black Professionals.

Media personality and President & CEO of DNZ Productions Nicole Duhaney better known as Nikki Z was honored and received an Broadcast Communications Award.

Some of the distinguished recipient were Dr. Keneca Boyce, Senior Director of Program Development, Inwood House for Women in Business Award. Jeff Broom, Co-Founder, Making A Difference (M.A.D.) Team for Multi-Level Marketing Award and Gordon Chambers, Singer, Producer, & Grammy Award Songwriter. View full list HERE

When asked what this honor mean to her, Nikki Z stated "it was an honor to be nominated amongst so many accomplished individuals. To take home the broadcaster award showed me that I am on the right path. Being a young girl who came from the projects to being one of the top Caribbean Radio Personalities is something I dreamed of and I don't take it lightly. I want to share with all races and cultures the music I was raised on, the music I saw make all my family functions lively, exciting and fun. Reggae and dancehall to me is more then a job. It's a way of life.. When the music hits you feel no pain. Those words have guided me throughout my career. I want to help take away the pain one listener at a time."

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June 19, 2011

Freddy Mcgregor & Copeland Forbes To Be Honored By Toronto Festival

freddy_mcgregor_copeland_forbes_canada.jpgToronto, Canada: Toronto International Jamaica Day Festival (TIJD) announced recently that veteran reggae hit maker and label head Freddie McGregor and Jamaica's most prolific global tour manager, artist manager and reggae historian Copeland Forbes will both be honored for their outstanding contribution to the reggae music industry at a private reception to be held in New Kingston, Jamaica on Monday, June 20, 2011.

Known worldwide for his riveting reggae ballads, veteran reggae crooner Freddy McGregor began his musical journey in the 60's, under the musical direction of the legendary Coxone Dodd. He did his apprenticeship as lead vocalist of the Clarendonians and after the group split, he recorded his first big hit song “Why Did You Do It” with friend Ernest Wilson. In 1972 he formed the Generation Gap band, recording “Homeward Bound,” “Freedom” and “Justice & Equality” for producer Geoffrey Chung. McGregor eventually launched his solo career and has not looked back.

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June 15, 2011

Khristopher Urges To "Do Whatever"


Khristopher_video_jamaican_reggae.jpgJamaican vocalist Khristopher, has managed to create a buzz for himself with his latest pop single titled "Do Whatever" on various radio stations recently.

Produced by André "Dretegs" Hawthorne on the Fifth Element Records label, the track has an up-tempo vibe with a catchy hook and a melodious flow. It is a Dancehall/Reggae track but with a crossover appeal for both lovers of Pop and R&B. Several music industry insiders have elatedly expressed their delight at this track, suggesting that it is a great follow up to his previous single "Heartbeat Away", an R&B style track.

With all the rave reviews and the confidence received from his team, Khristopher had decided to shoot a video. After a long spell of not doing any music videos, it was definitely the right time to once again put visuals to this silky voice, in order to better portray the mood he was in while writing the song. It's a party song, especially for the ladies, and Khristopher felt the urge to convey his feelings to his fans by doing this video.

Lyrics and mp3

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June 6, 2011

Reggae Artiste Denno Keeping It Real

denno_dancehall_artiste.jpgMaster One Recording artiste Denno has his sights fixed on taking his career up another notch. The artiste is busy “working the rounds” as he showcases his talent. His hit single seem to b gaining new life everyday as it is now sitting in the No 11 spot on the Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart. The video, released a few weeks ago is also helping to propel the song’s popularity as it has also found its way on various video charts.

Denno could not be happier about the direction his career is going, he is also full of praise for the strong support given by his management company Master One Production. Even while he is enjoying success with Can’t Stop Dah Yute Yah the singing is now getting ready to unleash some new materials on the market. So far he has recorded over six new recordings including Straight for DJ Raff; My Mother for DK Tropical; Youths Moving Cold for Dalton Leith, Bun Dem for Stampede Music; Dem Waah Kill Me, for Lion House Production and Tek Me Life for Frenz For Real Productions.

From all indications Tek Me Life could very well be another big one for Denno as it has been receiving a lot of air play and the artistes says he has been getting a lot of positive feedback from those who listened to the track.

Lyrics and mp3

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June 1, 2011

Macka Diamond is the Proud Recipient of an IRAWMA!

MackaShowOffAward%20-%20IRAWMA%202011.jpgMacka Diamond is the proud recipient of the International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA) Best Female International Rapper/DJ for 2011. The Dancehall artiste (who also wears the hat of that of Author and Actress) is overwhelmed and said “even though there were indicators that I could have won, I simply did not think about it and so it took me completely by surprise.” A pleasant surprise it must have been for Macka who also performed her popular Hoola Hoop and Cow Foot tracks to a very receptive audience at the awards.

The International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA) celebrated its 30th year last weekend May 28th, 2011 at the National Academy of the Performing Arts in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Considered to be the only awards show to recognize the contributions of Caribbean and World music for over 30 years, IRAWMA was founded by entrepreneur, publisher and TV personality Ephraim M. Marting. The nominees included Trinidad’s 2011 Soca Monarch and Road Monarch champion Machel Montano, controversial and popular Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel, Taurus Riley, Jah Cure, Gramps Morgan, Queen Ifrika, International Reggae musician duo Sly & Robbie, JW Blaze, Shakira, Daddy Yankee and many more.

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May 31, 2011

I-Octane will not be performing at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival on June 19th

ioctane_new_look_reggae.jpgThis serves to advise the public that despite popular opinion and present promotions, I-Octane will not be performing at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival on June 19th. Though I-Octane had endorsed the show at some point, he was not aware of any negotiations for him to perform as he had not received any contract or deposit. Unknown to the artiste, negotiations had indeed been underway and a contract had been signed and a deposit received, but all this was done by a third party who does not represent I-Octane. I-Octane's team did not become aware of these negotiations until last week. This third party has also negotiated for another music festival of which the artiste has no knowledge. As soon as I-Octane's team was made aware of the situation, they contacted the promoter of the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival to try and rectify the situation. Unfortunately, they were unable to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement, and as a result, the artiste will not be a part of this year's staging of the event. I-Octane wishes to inform all his fans that he has several more performances for the summer and he hopes to see them there. He would also like to advise promoters to beware of unscrupulous parties claiming to represent artistes.

I-Octane will travel to St. Croix and St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, June 3rd and 4th to deliver two more energetic and unforgettable performances.

While completing his 'My Life' tour, the hardworking singjay continues to dedicate much of his time to developing his craft and putting out music that will inspire, educate, and encourage his fans.

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May 27, 2011

Teflon Speaks His Mind With "Squeeze"

Teflon & King Shango To Shoot Video For Same Struggle

teflon_capleton_same_struggle.jpgTeflon and King Shango will be shooting the video from their hit "Same Struggle" within the next few weeks. The video will be directed by Robin Chin from Enhanced Realizm Studios Limited.

The song produced by "Bread Back" has hit the charts and has been received internationally with an overwhelming positive feedback.

"A different day...same struggle, Always try your best....'cause that struggle never goes". We can all relate to those powerful lyrics, no matter where we are in the world, different class, creed or even religious we all have our struggles and those words will serve as inspiration.

In the meantime Teflon has been gearing up for upcoming local and international shows while spending most of his time in the studio. He has chosen to share some of his latest releases with his fans to show his appreciation and love for all their support.

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May 20, 2011

UK Waiting For I-Octane

ioctane_jamaica.jpgI-Octane’s busy summer continues as the artiste once again prepares to leave the island to travel the world with his music. This time he journeys to England where he will have two shows, one in Birmingham on Friday, May 20th and then again on Sunday, May 22nd in London. The singer will then return to Jamaica for a few days before flying to Miami on May 29th for the much anticipated show "Best of the Best" of which he is one of the headliners.

In the interim, I-Octane continues to work on his debut album which is set to be released near the end of the summer. The first single "Crying to the nations" was released two weeks ago and is currently garnering heavy rotation worldwide. It was recorded at Tuff Gong studios with live instruments which contributes to it's authentic reggae sound. The harmony was produced by Dean Fraser while the renowned Robert Livingston of Big Yard acts as executive producer.

I-Octane is set to have a blazing hot summer and he is excited for his fans to see all that he has in store for them.

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May 19, 2011

Konshens Enjoys Shooting Forward on the Buss Stop Riddim


From the busy business district of New Kingston to the hustle and bustle of the Downtown Kingston arcade, up to the lofty heights of Long Mountain, deejay Konshens took to the streets with his video crew to shoot footage for the single Forward.

The Cash Flow-produced song, which has been enjoying heavy rotation on radio, has made its way onto various charts, and has now become one of the most in-demand tunes in the dancehall. Interestingly, the term 'forward' has taken on new life and energy, in direct response to the impact of the song.

According to Konshens, “Everybody keeps asking me when I am going to do the video, so I just assembled a team and hit the road. It was a great shoot. The video director had some crazy ideas and we brought them to life … so now we are just moving Forward.”

His face lit up as he recalled the vibe as the team travelled along Mannings Hill Road and then went into the Arcade, where they were welcomed … not mobbed.

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Baby Chris Heads to London next month

baby_chris_car_video_jamaica_reggae.jpg5 Stars Recording Inc. artiste Baby Chris continues to generate excellent spins on several Caribbean radio stations in the USA with his 'What Did I Do' single.

After completing a whirlwind press junket in Jamaica a few weeks ago, Baby Chris travelled to the US, doing promotions and live performances and building his fan base. The response has been phenomenal so far

"He has been in the studio day and night diligently working on tracks of an international reggae pop album we've entitled 'Born Cwagg' off the Label 5Stars Recording Inc.," Clifton Lawrence, the artiste's manager said in a release.

He has been on a blitz of radio promotions on stations such as Royal Radio, LinkageRadio, Melow Radio, Rightvibes Radio, Mature Radio, HotlineRadio, Power 105, and Hot97. That activity appears to be paying off. The single got added to the playlist of six major urban stations in the United States over the weekend, racking up a total of more than 600 spins in the past ten days.

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May 18, 2011

Chezidek plots European tour dates

Releases video for Secret singles, and new management

Chezidek_reggae_artiste.jpgPerennial roots reggae singer Chezidek hits the right notes with his latest single Secret Enemy. The song has been enjoying widespread attention on Jamaican and European radio stations.

Released on the Sensitive Promotion label, Secret Enemy is a poignant warning for persons to be careful of the type of friends that they associate with.

An accompanying music video directed by Asha McHail was recently completed. The video effectively captures the message relayed in the song’s lyrical content.

With stirring images and effective camera angle, the clip showcases Chezidek in the role of a story teller, while various characters bring the storyline to life.

Chezidek, who has carved out a strong following on European shores where he is in consistent demand for appearances, topped the Jamaican music charts a few years ago with the mellow Leave the Trees single.

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May 17, 2011

Erup first European Tour 2011

erup_flying_dancehall_pilot.jpgBillboard chart topping artiste Erup will be in Europe for the first time summer 2011 from June 1.

Erup is known for mega hits such as Click Mi Fingers, Gal Run Dem Head, Drop Down, Gun Sound, Pop The Bottle…etc.

After reaching the Billboard with the tune Click Mi finger Erup gained worldwide recognition he also appears on several stage shows locally and internationally.
His Billboard debut follows a series of #1's on reggae charts worldwide, including the BBC 1Xtra Dancehall chart (United Kingdom), the hot 96 New York Hip Hop & Reggae Charts and South Florida Reggae Charts as well as the Jamaican Music Countdown for weeks.

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May 16, 2011

Dj Lisa Hyper To Raise Funds For Ocho Rios Youth Club

lisa_hyper_charity.jpgDJ Lisa Hyper will be lending her talents to help raise funds for the Ocho Rios Police Youth Club. She will be one of the featured acts during the club's annual fund raising event in the form of a fun day on July 9, 2011 at the Priory Beach, St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann.

"When they approached me, I thought it would be a good idea to give my services because the proceeds from the event will go towards feeding the homeless in and around the town of Ocho Rios, treats to the children ward at the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital and towards various educational and environmental projects," Lisa Hyper said in a release.

The Ocho Rios Police Youth Club has embarked on a number of community-based projects which allow us to contribute meaningfully to society, and set the stage for positive growth for the youth who are our future leaders.

"We need to make this country a better place to live, work and play," she said.

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