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March 28, 2013

Bounty Killer Talks About His Life & Industry on CVM TV Da'Wrap

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April 10, 2010

Bounty Killer, "Me Tired"

Mi tired fi mi black bredda dem behind di steel,
Mi tiyad fi see we hungry an' ah suffer fi di meal,
An' mi tiyad fi haffi beg di bigger heads fi sign di deal,
An' mi tiyad fi sweat fi nutten, but mi still a till the field.

bounty_killer_tiad.jpg(Kingston, Jamaica) -- Accomplished Dancehall artiste and head of the musical sect, The Alliance, Bounty Killer, has released one of his most prolific songs in recent years. The song, Me Tired, offers not only acute social commentary but also preaches a message of self-reliance on Romeich Records' Bank In A Pocket riddim. Some may even say the single bizarrely heralds some of the predicaments which recently befell the artiste, whose correct name is Rodney Price.

In sections of the song he roars: "mi tired fi dem tek whe we choices"- his United States visa was among those revoked by the US Embassy in recent weeks and "mi tired fi mi black bredda dem behind di steel"- the artiste was last week taken into custody on assault charges.

Producer of the Bank In A Pocket riddim, Romeich, says, "There are a mixture of songs with different themes on the riddim and so far everyone has their favourite song. For some it's the Versatile song, Bank Inna Mi Pocket and for others it's the Killer song or other songs. People will love the Killer because they love to hear him talk about their reality. No matter where you're from, he talks about something that affects you on this track. So far it's been getting a great response and we give thanks for that." DOWNLOAD MI TIRED CLICK HERE


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January 4, 2010

Bounty Killer Apologises to Shaggy & Friends for uttering antigay words

By Secret Agent Writer

Bounty Killer received a letter of apology from the Alliance yesterday, which stated that Bounty Killer's performance at the Annual Shaggy & Friends went a bit over board.

The incident took place when Mavado who was supposed to make a pledge called up Mr. Cross Angry, Miserable. However, with the introduction of Bounty Killer on stage it denies Shaggy from bringing down the curtains in style due to Bounty Killer's choice of words against homosexuals which calls for the promoters to pull the plug on the concert a head of time.

You can read Bounty Killer's apology below

After nearly 20 years at the top of the Jamaican music industry, I have been involved in many battles - sometimes with fellow artists, sometimes with outside forces and sometimes with the state and its politicians. I've learnt to choose my battles wisely and the grounds upon which to fight them.


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December 28, 2009

Bounty Killer - Cross, Angry, Miserable Sting Performance


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September 12, 2009

The General Takes Over

Bounty Killer Locks DownBrooklyn on Labor Day

BountyKiller-Caribbean-City.jpgHundreds of revelers, some still dressed in their West Indian-American Carnival gear, crammed into the Caribbean City Night Club on Labor Day to hail the 'Five Star General' on his long-awaited return to the Big Apple's Caribbean core--Brooklyn. After a stellar performance at Manhattan's famous Roseland Ballroom, iconic Dancehall deejay (MC) Bounty Killer stormed into Brooklyn dressed in his signature 'full suit of black' and armed with an arsenal of tunes from his 17-year catalogue of hit singles. Delivering one of his best performances to date, the 'Warlord' officially locked down the borough, bringing the Labor Day weekend festivities to a powerful close.

Only blocks away from the West Indian-American parade route, carnival masqueraders began lining up outside of Caribbean City as early as 8pm. Event promoter, Brooklyn's signature selector (DJ) Steelie Bashment alongside Troopa Traloopa, Tek-9 Movements, Johnny Killer, Suga Slick, Stereo Choice, Earth Ruler's Lee Major, Spin City, and Mr. Googles, and event hosts Nikki Z of Irie Jam Radio and Waah Gwan Radio's Steve Austin kept the crowd going for well over five hours until the 'Warlord' arrived at 2:30am. Dancehall deejay Spragga Benz and Reggae legend Sugar Minott were among the throngs of fans, entertainers, local industry executives, and media rammed into venue.


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September 4, 2009

The 'Warlord' Returns

The 'Big Clock' Brings 'the General' to Lock Down Brooklyn on Labor Day

bounty-killer-clash-kartel-vybz.jpgAfter delivery a powerful musical punch at this year's Brooklyn Music Festival in June, the '5 Star General' Bounty Killer returns to Brooklyn for round two this Labor Day. In celebration of the West Indian-American Carnival weekend, the General and his Alliance lieutenants will storm Brooklyn's Caribbean City nightclub on Monday, September 7th. After dominating Sumfest and Champions in Action, two of Jamaica's biggest summer stagings, the Warlord's return to Brooklyn is highly anticipated.

Billed as the 'After Parkway Jam,' the event--taking place immediately after the day-long carnival parade on Eastern Parkway--is a fitting close to the West Indian-American Day Carnival celebrations and the City's summer concert season.


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May 19, 2009

Bounty Killer Rides thru Texas

bounty-killer-texas-alliance.jpgThe Multi Ethnic Community Centre in Houston Texas was packed to the rafters on Saturday night for an appearance by the Alliance 5 Star General, Bounty Killer and Bling Dawg.

It was the Killer's first appearance in Texas for a couple of years so the anticipation was very high and the Ground Gad delivered a performance to remember. Riding through his extensive catalogue of hits, Bounty brought his Texas fans up to date by delivering the new material that many are describing as the rebirth of the Poor People's Governor.

Alliance member Bling Dawg aka Bawse Dawg also thrilled the crowd with old and new material.
Bounty was also a guest at a charity Basketball game during the day in Houston that also attracted many rappers from the South, including Nelly.

This performance kicks off a busy summer for the Grung Gad, with appearances coming up in New York (June 5), Boston (June 6), his own annual Its Tha Party (June 13), the Brooklyn Music Festival (June 21), Atlanta (June 27), Club Amnesia (July 3rd), Negril July 11, Fox All White Mobay (July 12), Caroline One Love Reggae Festival (July 19) and the inaugural staging of the New England Reggae Festival on August 1 in Hartford, CT.

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March 20, 2009

Bounty Killer helps with Charity at Spring Break


Dancehall legend Bounty Killer was in Negril Tuesday night, performing at Jungle nightclub packed with Springbreakers.

The performance was in aid of Soul Rebellion's "Buy a Brick" charity campaign that raises money to build schools and libraries in Jamaica.
"With Bounty being the Poor People's Governor he was a natural choice to help us with the campaign," said Richard Sloan, head of Soul Rebellion. "It was a great success and our aim is to buy thousands of books and computers for schools in Jamaica and Bounty lending his support has given us a tremendous lift."

The "Buy a Brick" campaign targets Springbreakers, encouraging them to contribute to Jamaica during their visit here, not just come to Jamaica party and leave.

"I am always an advocate for a positive movement in my country," said Bounty. "I always try and make myself available to help such causes and this was an honour to be a part of as it helps Jamaican kids directly. Soul Rebellion are doing a great job as there is always a gap between the needs of the people and what Government provides and they are helping to bridge that gap."

A film crew from BET were also in attendance, shooting a documentary on the project.


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August 29, 2008

Bounty Killer and Upliftment Jamaica Present "Saddle to the East 2008"

The-Best-of-Bounty-Killer-Pt.jpgBounty Killer and Gary Foster present “Saddle to The East 2k8” An Annual Charity Concert held in St. Thomas, Jamaica, at Goodyear Oval. This concert benefits Upliftment Jamaica, a non-profit 501-C3 organization. Saddle to the East was originally scheduled to occur on August 30th, 2008, but due to the addition of more reggae artists and sounds it will be rescheduled for October 18, 2008.

Rodney Price stage name Bounty Killer, is one of the original kings of Dance Hall. He is a Grammy award winning artist who has a strong voice in the Caribbean community. He initiated Saddle to the East in 1999 as an effort to rally the entertainment sector to give back to their community. Originally held during Christmas season, the moderately priced show gives less fortunate populations the opportunity to see the biggest and best names in Jamaican music, proceeds are donated to schools and charities in the country’s inner-city communities. When asked what drives Bounty Killer to support his community he stated “I have been through a lot in my life. I carry the pain of poor people with me where ever I go! This show represents a genuine and sincere effort to do what I can do with my friends to impact poor people lives. We in the entertainment community have to stand up for our youths."

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December 5, 2007

Bounty Killer For Magnum GT Taylor's Reggae Christmas Extravaganza

Bounty Killer
BountyKillerphotos-warlordrihannagirlsjamaica.jpgOver the past eight years IRIE FM radio personality George Taylor more popularly known as the Dancehall Master GT Taylor, has worked very hard to create a first class Christmas event for the parish of St. Elizabeth(Jamaica), where he was born and raised. Despite the many obstacles he faced in his endeavors, the very resilient and creative radio DJ along with his dedicated team stuck to the plan and has seen this event which started as a dance, grow into being a much anticipated calendar event. The event which started out eight years ago as GT Taylor's Christmas Extravaganza, is now officially known as Magnum GT Taylor Reggae Christmas Extravaganza.

Over the years this event has featured some of the very biggest and best acts in Reggae and Dancehall music such as Shaggy, Sean Paul, Coco Tea, Beenie Man, Yellow Man, Ninja Man & Lady Saw. This year will be no different, in keeping with the tradition of featuring the best that our musical genres has to offer, the Five Star General Bounty Killer be making his first ever appearance on MagnumGT Taylor Reggae Christmas Extravaganza. It is expected that his inclusion on the lineup for this year's staging of the event will bring about a lot of excitement to an already exciting lineup, which features several other top acts.

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August 17, 2007

Is Bounti Killa Quiet Because Of Court Case?

By: Gibbi Geraz

bounty_killer_d%27angelbeenieman.jpgEverybody and their mothers have passed comments and opinions on the Beenie Man and D’Angel saga except once important persona.

D’Angel ex-boyfriend, and Beenie Man’s Nemisis, Bounti “Warlord” Killa.

Usually a very vocal character especially when it comes to Beenie Man, Bounti Killa has been silent as a church mouse in regards to the saga. But with the recent news release of his hush hush “Judge and Jury” drama spiraling down to September 12th, is it a deliberate attempt to silence the noise of his own demons?

It surely would be prudent for Bounti to keep the ensuing court case out of the limelight. It could only add fuel to the ongoing Beenie Man saga and change the scope of the event from a twosome to a threesome, and Bounti's greatest fear is to end up in another replay of the love triangle saga that contorted itself during the early days of the current drama.

Coupled with the fact that is rumored (but quite evident) Bounti Killa and Cecile are an elusive item, and she is a female in the business who is a cut above the rest. Does Killa have more to protect that usual?

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