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March 8, 2013

Leighton Miller Shoots 'Press Along' Video In Jamaica

Press_along_miller_video.jpgReggae fans who have seen super-talented reggae singer Leighton Miller are always immediately impressed by the powerful compelling quality of his voice. Some have even remarked that his voice sounds like a cross between a young Richie Stephens and the late R & B superstar Luther Vandross. However, this humble young man doesn't allow accolades get to his head, he is on a musical mission.

He scored a minor hit with the single, Silly of Me, and he has followed up that success with the spiritually charged 'Press Along'. The response to 'Press Along' has been so encouraging that Miller flew to Jamaica last week to shoot a video for the single.

"I love how people have been responding to my music, I view this as a religious calling to use my voice to inspire and heal people and that is my main reason for doing music," he said.

He said that the 'Press Along' video is very touching and inspirational, and he hopes that he can lend hope to people struggling to survive the challenges of the inner city experience in the Corporate Area's poor slums.

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June 15, 2010

Behind The Scenes of G Whizz Feel It Video Shoot




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D'Angel shoots video for 'Come Over'

dangel_come_over.jpgDancehall diva D'Angel who's now back in the island from her stint in New York, last Thursday shot the video for her current chart bubbler 'Come Over' on the Roof Top Rhythm compilation produced by Rose Gold Production.

The edgy video directed by Dexter '3D' Pottinger sees D'Angel adopting the role of a female spy entangled in a web of love and espionage, interspersed with performances shots and some very fashion forward scenes courtesy of the stylist team.

The video shot throughout the thoroughfares of the Corporate Area including Princeville Plaza, Lady Musgrave Avenue, Knutsford Boulevard and the Hilton Hotel. The day saw cameos from video director Julia Braham, Sidonie of Zip 103 FM, upcoming artiste Versatile, Timberlee and popular dance group Shady Squad.

The project is due for release in approximately two weeks and promises a kaleidoscope of colours as D'Angel shows why she is truly the first lady of the dancehall.

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June 1, 2010

Cilon shoots video for Hot Girls Anthem ft S.Bless


Female recording artist Cilon who hails from out of the beautiful state of Indiana has teamed up with Atlanta based recording artist S.Bless to record the potentially hit single "Hot Girls Anthem" which is slowly becoming an anthem on the airwaves of radio stations located in and around Miami.


With the tremendous love that the song has been receiving from genuine music lovers in Miami has forced Cilon to immediately shooting a video for the single "Hot Girls Anthem" (Memorial Weekend) where the video was shot at various locations throughout Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

The video was directed by Shuttah Films one of Miami's top directors - while the track was produced by General who's shaping to become another dancehall/reggae genius in the area of beat creations.

Fans can expect to hear a lot more from Cilon “inna 2010”.


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May 26, 2010

Bounty Killer & Elephant Man - Behind The Scenes Of This Is How We Do It Video Shoot


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April 22, 2010

Lutan Fyah shoots video for Jail

By Ra-Umi Alkebu-lan

Since returning from a tour of France, singer Lutan Fyah spent time completing the video for his single, Jail. The one-day shoot took place in and around Spanish Town, St Catherine, specifically the Old Spanish Town Court House and Police Station recently.

The video highlights Lutan pleading his case to a policeman, trying in vain to convince him that he is innocent of the charges. He was taking away by two warders and locked up in an overcrowded jail with hardened criminals. And while in Jail, Lutan make note of each day by jotting it down on the wall with a stone. Also I - Zula calling Lutan Fyah's mother to get a Lawyer.

The Jail song, a real life story, chronicles Lutan Fyah's arrest and subsequent exoneration in the Jamaican courts. Lutan not only sings about his wrongful arrest but also highlights the conditions that exist in the Jamaican Jails, from overcrowding, to the cold, bad tasting rice, the insects and the stench. The artiste was in jail for 14 days.

"It was like a living hell," he explained.

The song is getting love from radio and in the dancehall. Radio Stations in the Caribbean, the United States, England, Japan and Europe also have it in rotation.

The video was produced and directed by Wayne Benjamin and the song Jail was produced by Chester Walker and Moonie.


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April 17, 2010

DJ Shine makes cameo in Tami Chynn and Tifa's 'Certified Diva' video

djshine_tammi_chyn_tifa.jpgWhen the video for Jamaican recording artistes Tami Chynn and Tifa's collaborative effort 'Certified Diva' is released within the next few weeks, among the personalities making cameo appearances are rising sound system selector and former Heineken Green Synergy finalist DJ Shine.

DJ Shine plays the fitting role of a selector on the turntables.

Directed by Dexter '3D' Pottinger, 'Certified Diva' was recently completed with scenes shot at Lindsay Crescent in Kingston.

Apart from DJ Shine, several other well known personalities make cameo appearances in the clip. They include recording artiste Natalie Storm, Irie FM's DJ Sunshine and Zip 103 FM's ZJ Elektra.

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January 9, 2010

Junior X set to drop music video for Gangster Life


Revolutionary Entertainment recording artist Junior X recently shot a music video for his latest single titled Gangster Life, which is the second single from his soon to be released debut album. The music video was shot at various locations across Kingston such as Waterhouse, down town Kingston and Rae Town under the direction of ace music video director Asha McHail. The music video will be released before the end of January.

Since its release in December of last year Gangster Life has been receiving heavy rotation on radio stations such as IRIE FM, ZIP FM, FAME FM and HITZ 92 FM.

Junior X is also doing well on the charts with his controversial single titled The Pill which was released in the middle of 2009. It is currently sitting in the number four position on the RETV reggae chart and number eighteen on the Jamaica Music Countdown reggae chart. Junior X booked to perform on the Pepsi Rebel Salute stage show which will be held at Port Kaiser Sports Club in St. Elizabeth on Saturday the 16th of January 2010.


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October 26, 2009

Timmi Burrell Shoots Video For Why Did You Leave Me

Timmi%20%26%20Thandeka%20044.jpgWestside Konnection Records recording artist Timmi Burrell wrapped up a two-day video shoot over the weekend, for his latest single titled Why Did You Leave.

His record label and Management Company contracted the services of topflight music video director Asha Mchail of Fareye Films to shoot the music video. The video was shot at several locations across Negril such as the Jungle Night Club, the Banana Shout Resort and the Sunset On The Beach hotel.

The story line of the video; is a simple love story of a man and woman who have faced trials in their relationship. The man’s life is shattered when one evening he returns home from work to find that his lover is gone, hurt and frustrated he goes in search of his girl. Timmi’s love interest in the video was played by Thandeka ‘Talia’ Donaldson. The video also features appearances from other artists from the Westside Konnection camp such as Rexxx, Trendy and GK. The video will be released to television stations island-wide next month.

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October 21, 2009

Jamaica's Barbee 'Feels So Good'


The 'Feels So Good' music video from sexy reggae singer Barbee premiered on Saturday on Winford Williams' OnStage and earned the soulful singer some big props.

After the premiere, her momiger's (mother/manager, Rose) phone was ringing off the hook as people called to congratulate Barbee on a great video and for her super hot sexy looks.

Shot at the prestigious Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston, TD Films under the direction of Ras Tingle worked round the clock to capture the perfect ambiance for the 'Feels So Good' single that has been getting heavy airplay locally and abroad.


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September 21, 2009

Behind Da Scenes of Tiki Wine

By Kon-Vick Writer


Out A Road recording artiste Tiki has wrapped up another video shoot over the weekend making it her second video since she won the prestigious Magnum Kings & Queens competition.

Fans will definitely love the outcome of the video for "Tiki Wine" as the script tells of Tiki being an Indian girl who demonstrates Tiki's Wine along with several other Indian dancers.

Jamdown & Abood Music publishing UK producer/artiste Deewaan also flew in all the way from the UK, to make a guest appearance in the video, as he's the one who sings the Indian part in "Tiki Wine".

Rick directed Tiki's "Tiki Wine" video along with members of his RXTA Video Production Crew while the potential hit single was co-produced by Deewaan alongside Skatta and Shady on the Hindu Riddim.


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May 25, 2009

Konshens apologies to Fans in Mobay, after Accident on Video Shoot


While on the set, of his latest video 'She's Happy' ft. Delus, Saturday morning, Konshens while performing a very physical stunt, (which included him being accosted by a police officer, played by his brother-Delus). However while the scene was being shot, Konshens was accidentally slammed into the front glass of Avery's Beauty Concept at Bujon Plaza, Molynes Rd, causing the glass to shatter.

Luckily, he failed to receive any major injuries to his face, however due to the direct frontal impact; several small pieces of small glass had entered the cavity of his eyes. This resulted in a postponement of several scenes in the video, and cancellation of his scheduled performance in Montego Bay for Saturday Night. The decision came after a family doctor recommended he remained in Kingston, for observation, if irritation to the eyes continues into Sunday.

Konshens wishes to apologies, and inform his fans, that he is recovering well, and that he is in fact in dismay, as he was eagerly looking forward to see them, and as such at the earliest time possible, he will aim to make an appearance in Montego Bay.


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May 18, 2009

Behind The Scenes - Delus' True Love Video Set

Media House Production recording artiste Delus next video shoot will be this weekend for the hit single She's Happy in collaboration with Konshens.



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May 4, 2009

Behind The Scenes - Wayne Marshall & Tami Chynn's Good Love


Wayne Marshall is at it again, bringing drama and creativity to the music video world. His latest video which is soon to be released titled "Good Love" is a sexy song with a killer hook, with an equally sensual setting at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston. He is accompanied by the beautiful Tami Chynn in a plot that is sure to spark the interest of the fans and have them craving to see it over and over again. The vivacious girls of Scorpio 21 who have been etching a name for themselves recently within the entertainment industry direct the video.

Marshall did not want to give too much away but he remarked that, "This video is as captivating as the two previous videos he did with Chynn." He stated that, “To this day when I go on the road fans always ask me when me and Tami going do the continuation of Arguing and Why, this is not part 3 but it will definitely give them something to talk about in the meantime. We got some great shots and the acting was on point. The thing was getting too predictable so we had to step it up a notch as usual, Jamaica love them 'soap-opera vibe', so we giving them that again."


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May 1, 2009

Behind the scenes of Chuckle Berry's Good Life video


Reggae artiste Chuckle Berry shoots video for the Sly & Robbie produced song 'Good Life" (Merry Go Round Rhythm).

The video highlights the artiste Chuckle Berry helping a young lady to escape the horrors of abused and struggle of poverty by completely transforming her life in to a well kept highly sophisticated woman and will feature various scenes depicting a life of the rich and the famous. Limousine, Yacht, Helicopter, Rafting, Horseback Riding, Plane, Parasail and much more.

The two days shoot took place in Ocho Rios. The song is currently the hottest song on FM Radio in Jamaica. It is number 9 on Richie B’s Jamaica Music Count Down Chart, Number 14 on Hitz 92 FM Chart, Number 2 on Gusma T TPN Hit Energy Chart in Italy and bubbling on various other charts in England and Europe.


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March 18, 2009

Behind The Scenes - Jah Cure's Call On Me

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December 10, 2008

Sneak Preview - Behind the scenes of Vybz Kartel & Spice’s Ramping Shop Video Shoot

vybz-kartel-spice-ramping-shop-video-scenes-sexy.jpgBy Secret Agent Writer

Vybz Kartel and Spice completed the video shoot for their steaming, hot, sexy hit single ‘Ramping Shop’ yesterday (Tuesday 9, 2008) at an indoor studio setting located at Lindsay Crescent, Kingston (Jamaica).

The video was directed by Nordia Rose one of Jamaica’s finest directors along with a few inputs from Addi Di Teacha.

The single that is less than a month old had the entire Jamaica questioning if Vybz Kartel and Spice new hit single has led them into a Ramping Relationship. 'Ramping Shop' is definitely one of the hottest singles for this coming Christmas season.



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April 30, 2008

Behind scenes of Delus' 'Informer' video shoot

Kon-Vick Writer


Newcomer to the dancehall arena, Delus, born Delmark St. Aubyn Spence Jr. shot his first solo video for the hard-hitting single Informer last Sunday at several locations across the Corporate Area.

The Sherlock Gardens resident was in a jubilant mood as he took directions from videographer Simeon, who boasts a credible portfolio. Simeon has worked on high profile videos including Barbee and Junior Kelly’s Missing You, Lutan Fyah’s De La Vega, Hollow Point’s Sitting by my Window, and several others.

According to Simeon, the song is self-explanatory and therefore the video has to have some additional drama that will captivate its audience.


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April 14, 2008

Behind the scenes of Konshens' video shoot for his hit single 'Winner'

By Kon-Vick Writer


A high-end video was shot last weekend at several locations across the Corporate Area for Jamaica’s newest sensation Konshens, whose mega hit single 'Winner' (This Year Mi Affi Be Di Winna) has attached itself onto the lips of many persons. went on the road with the production team on Saturday and brings to you information from behind the scenes of the Winner video shoot.

Video director Winston Mayhew, the man responsible for Busy Signal’s Jail, was in charge of bringing life to the inspiring song that is not only performed by Konshens, but also written by him.

The day started out at the Portmore Toll Booth, then onto the old Causeway Bridge, before heading to the waterfront, Downtown (Kingston). Driving a convertible BMW along the way Konshens definitely looked like a winner cruising along the road.

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February 13, 2008

Behind the scenes of Elephant Man's video shoot for 'Gully Creeper'


The energy god Elephant Man is steaming up the dancehall and airwaves once again with his new joint titled ‘Gully Creeper’.

Last week hit the streets with Elephant Man to captured behind scenes on the video shoot for ‘Gully Creeper’ which features various top dancers such as Ice from Roses Corner, Mad Michelle and members of 1St Class Dancers Latonya Styles and Ladii-Kadii

Video shoot was master minded by budding video directing Julia Braham and the single was produced by Shawn Nizzle.

Locations: Barbican’s gully beside the football field, Roses Corner home of the late Gerald 'Bogle' Levy, Fire Links’ Hot Mondayz and ended at Q45 Studio on Burlington Avenue.

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