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Nando Griffiths Hits #1 With My Everything

Nando_griffiths_my_everything_JMC_CHART.jpgAfter 27 weeks on the Jamaica Top 25 Reggae Countdown chart, singer Nando Griffiths' outstanding love ballad My Everything has finally reached the summit of the chart. The slow climb to the top is indicative of the song's gradual, as we say, soaking in with the Jamaican "massives", particularly the ladies, and also of its undeniable quality. Father Romie, proprietor of Exodus Nuclear Sound, was one of the first to endorse My Everything. He disclosed, "From di first time mi hear My Everything, mi say di tune a boom. Mi know it would a tek a likkle time fi reach number 1, because di singer a nuh one di front line artiste dem and di song is di only one on di riddim. Right yah now anytime it play inna dance di woman dem guh crazy and all di man dem waan dedicate it to dem woman dem."

One Jam Music, the folks behind Team Jamaica (Light the Torch), the widely endorsed theme song for the Jamaica Olympic team to London 2012, divulged that they wanted to create a lover's rock song with original lyrics and melody of such high caliber, that Jamaicans would go and check if it's a cover song. According to BoLan from One Jam, "We not into the hype. We want to create cover-worthy classics that will be considered old hits generations from now. We don't have a large catalogue, but we strive to deliver classics such as Lighthouse (Bushman), Team Jamaica, and My Everything."

Judging by their recent work with Nando Griffiths, One Jam Music is definitely on the path to building that catalogue of classics. Nando's recently-released debut album Yaad and Abroad has already posted four number one singles, of which My Everything is the latest. The album is an eclectic mix of urban pop, dancehall, and reggae that showcases Nando's and One Jam's range and diversity. They might be flying just below the radar now, but Nando and the One Jam Team are confident that once they continue to give their everything, the number ones will keep rolling in and then the sky's the limit.