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Macka Diamond disses Spice

By M. Jodee
OutAroad Writer


Macka Diamond and Spice, seem to be pre-occupied in their own issues as the two artistes have landed verbal jabs against each other in recent days.

Their quarrel stems from a recent interview that Macka gave to Winford Williams via CVM's OnStage where she referred to Spice as the 'Black One' when speaking of her problems with Lady Saw. Spice retorted when she appeared on the same show last Saturday, saying, "A couldn't me Macka Diamond a stop with, because mi know mi black but me beautiful and my mouth no chaka chaka like fi Macka," before referring to an incident in 2005 where she claimed she beat up Macka following an argument.

Macka Diamond has since voiced her anger in song with the release of Kill the Black One, making several disparaging remarks about Spice while even referencing a recent controversy in which fellow deejay, Pamputtae kissed another girl.

Whether any of these confrontations will be settled remains to be seen. But until that happens, perhaps Tifa's blunt assessments regarding the recent events involving female entertainers sums it up.

"We have been reduced to this! A bunch of headless chickens arguing for no reason & continuing to kill an already dying industry," she tweeted. "It's a shame it came to this. We could have all worked together to build the female force in dancehall to take females in the industry higher."