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Jah Cure Hits #2 On Reggae iTunes With New 'World Cry' Album

Jah_cure_world_cry_album.jpgInternational recording artiste Jah Cure is overjoyed at the excellent response to his recently released 'World Cry' album which has been registering excellent sales worldwide, hitting the #2 spot on the reggae iTunes chart in two countries, and charting in the top five in several others.

The album, released on Wednesday, charted at #2 in France, #2 in the US, #3 in the UK on the reggae iTunes charts.
"This is very gratifying to know that the long hard struggle to put out this album was worth it. The response from the fans in terms of sales speaks for itself. Right now, Bob Marley is #1, I am #2, and Bob is #3, so it’s evident that people were waiting for this album," he said.
He said that this was a “great day for reggae music”.

“It’s a great day in my career, and a good look for reggae. To know say for this long time, Bob ah hold it, and to know that we are still alive and touch it, it shows that we must follow up and continue to represent for reggae,” he said.
Jah Cure added that his strategy of limiting his recordings this year definitely paid off.
“I knew that the album was destined for great things, because I held my value, by not recording for anyone, and waiting to mi drop mi ting, mi never did a sing sing all about the place…people were waiting, and this ah the testimony,” he said.

The album will be distributed by Fontana Distribution, which takes its name and logo from the Fontana Records label, which was initially launched by Universal Music Group in 2004 and sold to digital music distributor INgrooves.

The 'World Cry' singer launched a video for his popular single, 'That Girl', over the weekend in Jamaica to rave reviews, feeding the heightened anticipation for the album's release.

The singer will return to Dubai for a performance on December 13th in the Hotel Atlantis.

"I am really looking forward to the performance because this time, it is an exclusive performance as only dignitaries and powerful business leaders really host events at exclusive venues like this…they have to see you as a decent, top flight act to be allowed to perform in these venues," he said.

He will leave Dubai and head to Kenya in east Africa to perform in that country's national stadium on the 17th of December. He is looking forward to a return to the continent to shoot a music video and check out the 'real Africa', not the sanitized version in the tourist magazines.

"I plan to shoot a music video for a song I just wrote called 'Mama Africa'. I want it to have an authentic feel so I plan to go to a local village and dress up like an African in my garbs, and hope that the Kenyans will share an authentic experience with I and I," Jah Cure said.

During his last trip to Kenya, Jah Cure visited Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, and the second largest urban slum in Africa.

"It is one of the biggest slums in Africa, and I am the only artiste who ever walk through it, through the muck and dirt, and the people dem love I and I, mi stay there with them and share everything with them, so mi ah look forward to visiting them again," he said.

The 2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census reports Kibera's population as 170,070, contrary to previous estimates of one or two million people, but the conditions in Kibera are extremely poor, and most of its residents lack access to basic services, including electricity and running water.