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Confirmed...Konshens For Sting 2012

Konshens_VP_Record_Bubble_Gyal_A_Bubble.jpgIt's the news that all serious dancehall fans have been waiting for over the past few weeks…Will Konshens be performing at Sting? Well, it has been confirmed that dancehall powerhouse Konshens has joined the exclusive and enviable lineup of the Greatest One Night reggae show on earth, Sting 2012.

The artist joins the lineup after a series of negotiations were finalized Saturday night between Sting Promoters Downsound Records and Konshens management team Subkonshus Music. Manager for Konshens, Miguel 'kiTTen' Noble states "Konshens will be at Sting, we finalized negotiations and it is confirmed that the artiste will be on the show".

In a release to the media, Konshens affirmed his support for one of the year's most anticipated entertainment shows.

"Initially Sting was a show I looked forward to "watch" not so much to be a part of. The hardcore dancehall is healthy for the culture but di bagga wild clashing an everyman a mek up story ting start water it dung and made it almost impossible to organize properly. But now with this new turn weh dem a try mek to give the show a facelift I'm happy to be a part of it. Sting a Jamaica show fi di grass root people dem so I am happy to be able to perform fi dem", Konshens stated.

This is not Konshens' first time performing at Sting. He has been previously booked for the event in 2008 but various reasons he wasn't able to complete his performance.

"I was at Sting 2008 only as a young artiste, coming off a European tour the day of the show and band say dem nah rehearse wid mi team if I'm not present. Mix that with the biggest and roughest dancehall crowd in the world and see wah u get. Mi escape the boos still", Konshens said jokingly.

It has been a good year for the dancehall star. He scored multiple hits and topped the charts repeatedly, along with nominations for the MIA awards among other awards; and appearing on the popular US based television show 'America's Next Top Model.

Fans can expect top notch entertainment from Konshens, with the same energy and enthusiasm of his Reggae Sumfest's memorable performance.