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Chris Brown Returns To Twitter With Provocative Pic of Rihanna

Brown left Twitter last week after a verbal spat with comedian Jenny Johnson and came back on Sunday with some Instagram pics of Rihanna.

By Gil Kaufman

Chris_brown_rihanna_photos_twitter.jpgLess than a week after abandoning Twitter following a profane verbal altercation with comedian and TV producer Jenny Johnson, Chris Brown returned to the service on Sunday with the latest in a string of provocative pictures of formerly and possibly current girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown made no comment about his hiatus from the service that has bedeviled him in the past
 or about his return, but simply posted a black and white Instagram pic of himself with a satisfied look and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth as Rihanna lounged in the background in a bra and underwear, wrapped up in a camouflage blanket.

The caption of the picture was, "What would music today sound like if these kids didn't exist?" At press time, Brown hadn't posted any new tweets, and the only message on the page was, "Keep it here for all things Chris Brown, updates from the tour and more ... #CarpeDiem." The background of the page featured images from Brown's current tour and noted that @chrisbrown hasn't tweeted yet, with no links to his previous Twitter history.

Johnson issued a non-apology about the incident in a personal essay
 posted by GQ magazine on Friday, in which she said she didn't regret the incident, but had learned a lot from the ordeal, which resulted in several thousand death threats.

"This is not an apology. I just want to clear some things up," Johnson began, summarizing what went down during the heated Twitter exchange.

She wrote that she assumed people would stop talking about her after a couple days -- but they didn't.