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August 31, 2012

Stephen Marley's Revelation: driven by a joy of spreading his message

stephen_marley_revelation_album.jpgEight-time Grammy Award-winning producer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Stephen Marley, recently ended his successful, nine-week Revelation Part Two Tour, which took him to a wide variety of locations in Europe. The tour acted as a follow-up of his 2011 Grammy Award-winning album, 'Revelation Part 1: The Root of Life' which Marley describes as leaning more toward "an eclectic feel."

The seasoned Reggae artiste and second son of the legendary Bob Marley, proved to be a hit among the fans of the Reggae crooner in Europe. The nine-week journey began on Wednesday, May 16 and took the conscious Reggae star to various places in Europe that now have been left with the “Positive Vibrations” of the Marley clan.

Booked as his longest tour to date, the 46-city trod witnessed him in the territories of The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Italy. Revelations Tour Part Two, served also as a preview for the release of the follow-up album of ‘Revelation Part One’, which will be released later this year under the same name as the tour.

While on tour, the artiste expressed that, “I’m here to achieve a greater purpose and that is to portray a positive message through my music...It’s a joy to spread this message,” in an interview with

Joining him in achieving this purpose were the Bad So singer, Jo Mersa, who is also Stephen Marley’s son. Jo Mersa has been doing extremely well as an upcoming Reggae artiste venturing into a fusion of Reggae and Dancehall. The Jazz-Reggae Peace Train singer, Jasmin Karma also joined Stephen Marley and Jo Mersa on the tour and added a mellow vibe in keeping with her unique sound.

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ZJ Chrome Once Again Delivers A Fresh New Sound With "Wild Bubble" Riddim

Wild_bubble_riddim_cover_itunes.jpgIt seems as if there is no slowing down for Jamaica’s top disc jockey turned producer ZJ Chrome. Under the helm of Cr203 Records, he has once again delivered a fresh sound whose title best explains the untamed and delicate music known as "Wild Bubble" riddim.

The raw energy emanating from the riddim is complimented by the same rawness of dancehall top artists such as billboard chart topping Popcaan with "Food Haffi Run" or Dancehall deejay Konshens "On Your Face". The "Wild Bubble" riddim gives music lovers a taste of the wild untamed street parties while the beat taps into your primitive instinct.

Dancehall Diva "Tifa", hardcore "Aidonia", the energy Gad "Elephant Man", Talented and humble "Bugle", outspoken Ladies favorite "Tony Matterhorn", rising artist "Blaq Diamon", Dynamic group "Voicemail", Tommy Lee and a track by Gaza Slim & "World Boss" Vybz Kartel make up this 19 tracks album now available for sale on iTunes distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital. The album offers both raw and radio friendly version of the songs to be enjoyed from the dance floor to your personal mp3 device.

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August 30, 2012

Kartel faces November trial date in conspiracy case

By M. Jodee Freelance Writer

Worl_Boss_Vybz_Kartel_Back_To_Life.jpgEmbattled Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel faces a third trial date within a two week span as the prominent deejay faces a mid-November court appearance regarding obstruction of justice related charges.

With his murder trials set to begin on October 29 and November 5 respectively, Kartel was ordered to appear in court in November 12 where he faces a charge of perverting the course of justice. The trial was initially set to begin on Wednesday inside the Corporate Area Resident Magistrates Court in Kingston, but got pushed back due to the absence of the presiding judge as well as the non-disclosure of statements to the defense.

Kartel's long-time protégé, Vanessa 'Gaza Slim' Saddler and studio engineer, Andre 'Pim Pim' Henry are co-accused of perverting the court of justice in the matter. Both Saddler and Henry were granted bail extensions while Kartel was remanded into police custody.

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Patra & Delus To Premiere New Video On Hype Tv!

Patra_delus_come_ova_video.jpgOn Friday, August 31, 2012, the long awaited video for Patra and Delus' single Come Ova will premiere on Hype TV' Up and Live. The single, which was recorded earlier this year, not only gained popularity for its catchy lyrics and dancehall riddim but also the return of Patra who had been on hiatus for a few years. At the time of its release, both Patra and Delus took to the airwaves in Jamaica, the Caribbean, US, Europe and Canada to promote the single. During that time fans were assured that plans to shoot the video was in the making.

On Monday, August 27th, social media was a buzz as music sites posted the freshly released video. With the hype of the single building for the past three months, the timing seemed perfect for the video' release as fans expressed their views about the video. The positive feedback thus far has been encouraging for both Delus and Patra who will go on to promote the video in the coming weeks.

Producer Dameon Gayle of Warrior Music Productions who was instrumental in getting Delus and Patra to collaborate on the single remarks, "Making the video was just as enjoyable as producing the track. It was a fun environment working with Patra, Delus and the directors to create the exciting visuals for the song. I really loved working on the project and thankful to everyone."

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Kafinal Reaps Success With New Single Falling In Love

Kafinal_artiste_jamaican.jpgSince its premiere on CHRY 105.5 FM in Canada on DJ Wiz programme a few weeks ago, the song Falling in Love by singer/actor Kafinal has been riding a wave of success in Canada.

Locally, the song has been receiving rotation on Hitz 92 FM, Irie FM and Fame FM.

Kafinal is quite upbeat about the song's success thus far.

"The song has been growing on people and I definitely love the buzz. The song has made the top 5 most requested play list on Global Links radio and it has been a staple on internet radio for a few weeks now", Kafinal said in a release to the media.

The romantic one drop lovers rock tune is the comeback single for the artiste who made an impact on the charts in 2004 with Cooking Dat Pwile featuring Sambo.

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Exclusive: Spanner Banner - Raise A Pay

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August 29, 2012

Sean Paul Supports Snoop Lion's Transformation

By Carmen Shardae Jobson


VIBE: Snoop Dogg has become Snoop Lion for 2012! What are your thoughts on that?

Sean Paul: I think it's great! He's doing what he feels to do. Now Snoop Dogg is the epitome of what the people call "gangsta rap, so big ups to him. He's sold millions; everybody knows his name. Everybody and their mom knows his name. Like my mom will be like, 'Oh, I like that song.' And I'm like 'Well what about it do you like?," and she'll say 'I don't know, I just love Snoop!' So he's a global phenomenon and for him to want to do reggae, let him do it, it's not like he's giving up on rap. He's just trying something different and people are talking [mess] about it and then can't even step on his shoelaces!

Like what happens in the music business is that you try to do something different and it takes a cutthroat person to try and kill them and their career. Do what you want to do! Talk about what you want to talk about! He's always been into reggae music, appreciated the culture. The people saying negative things are just hating. That's another things about social media. It has watered down the feedback of what artists receive sometimes. People can play jokes on artists on Twitter and poke them, all kinds of stupid shit. You couldn't do that before. I don't really care what people have to say about Snoop. They haven't walked in his shoes. He went through a murder trial. He's done so much different shit. He helped to bring the Crips and the Bloods together. And people are sitting in their room, talking shit, I don't care about what they have to say. It's not [just about] what you've done, or what you're doing, it's about where you're at right now.

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Elephant Man & Lady Saw Sidung Pon Di #1 Spot - HYPE TV Chart

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Buju Banton changes lawyer, faces October sentencing date

buju_banton_appeal_court.jpgInternationally acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Buju Banton will continue his fight for freedom with new legal representation after axing his long-time lawyer in his ongoing drug case.

David Oscar Markus, who has been representing Buju since his initial arrest in December 2009, has been sacked by the Grammy-winning entertainer. The move was confirmed on Tuesday by Markus himself.
"I will always consider Buju my friend and my brother and I think of him every day," Markus wrote in an email to the Broward Palm Beach Times.

"It pains me that he is in prison. I truly hope that he gets some relief."
Buju Banton will now be represented by Mississippi-based lawyer and human rights activist, Chokwe Lumamba. Lumamba remains renowned for representing late, great rap superstar, Tupac Shakur as well as Black Panther member, Assata Shakur (Tupac's step-aunt).

Buju Banton's shift in legal representation comes weeks after his request for a new trial was turned down. This, after an appeal made on his behalf to overturn a conviction and subsequent 10 year sentence on drug charges was dismissed on a Georgia Circuit Court as it had been determined that there was sufficient evidence to warrant the ruling against Buju.

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Pree Dis Episode 98 - Parts 1 to 4 - Entertainment Round Up With Kevin Jackson

Lyrics and mp3

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August 28, 2012

Watch Tommy Lee & Tiana shell-dung Sophisticated Beach Party in Ochi

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Dynamic Duo RDX Tours Europe And Represents For Jamaica!

RDX_duo_artiste_jump.jpgWhile the world was tuned to London for the 2012 Olympic Games, Dancehall Reggae Duo RDX was busy touring Europe and representing Jamaica as it celebrated 50 years of Independence.

The dynamic duo held back nothing as they gave their European fans an unforgettable performance making them Jamaicans not by nationality but by the cultural vibe that has resonated across the world over the years.

RDX documented their journey which will be done in a series to give their fans video clips, pictures and personal thoughts of the whole experience as they toured Europe and made Jamaica & themselves proud.

The following is an excerpt from the continuing story documenting the journey of Dancehall/Reggae duo RDX as they invite us on the adventure of their 2012 European Summer Tour.


"RDX kicked off their much heralded Summer Tour in Europe at Termoli in Italy with a typical RDX-charged performance in front of a bumber hard core Dancehall crowd. They were joined on stage by local dancers who felt a sense of honor to be sharing the stage with the artiste who have brought so many dancers to the forefront.

After driving for three hours to catch a plane in Napoli to their next destination, the infamous Sicily island, RDX got a glance of the various vineyards with outstretched arms across the Italian countryside with a dormant volcano in the back drop.

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Wasp Inks Deal With Award Winning Fashion Designer

Wasp_desinger_deal_artiste.jpgKnown for his lyrical prowess and versatility, Wasp is not only focused on conquering the dancehall genre but now has his sight set on the world of fashion.

The singjay recently inked an endorsement deal with award winning fashion designer Cecilia Davana Bucknor, making him an official campaign face of the Awahsuh brand.

Bucknor was the recipient of the 2012 Saints International Avant-Garde Designer award follow the presentation of her collection at this year's staging of the highly anticipated annual affair.

Wasp intimates that he decided to partner with the designer because her collection exemplifies his sense of style and appreciates her fashion forward creativity. He believes through presence and growing popularity he'll garner additional attention for the brand.

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August 26, 2012

Singing Melody Receives 2nd Windows MSN Media Guide Feature for 2012!


For the second time this year, Singing Melody is featured on the worlds' leading media guide website, Windows MSN Media Guide.

Sharing the front page with Madonna, Adele and Jennifer Lopez, fans of the site have quickly taken to the single "Never Get Over You" which comes from the veteran singers' latest album 'They Call Me Mr. Melody. The smooth song is performed by a man missing his girl; the woman he truly loves, and the one he will never get over despite her leaving. Featuring melodic rock and roll riffs over a signature Lover's Rock groove, Singing Melody's voice shines brightly.

Calling it the Reggae and R&B blend, the artist's music is featured on the Reggae Radio channel. Speaking by phone enroute to Florida, Singing Melody says "music is a unifying force that moves people from all walks of life. I am blessed to be able to contribute to that unity through the MSN's Windows Media Guide website."

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J Khule On The Rise To The Top

J_Khule_artiste_jamaican.jpgBorn in Jamaica and raised in Anguilla; Jerome Reid aka J Khule has been honing his singing skills since the age of 10. Inspired by Reggae and R&B he vowed from an early age that music would be his ticket to a better life for him and his mother. His main goal is to unite ghetto youth and lead them to more productive things outside of the ghetto. He thinks peace and awareness and more positive chances can help to reverse the negative cycle.

Out now is his new single Emergency tearing up the charts Internationally. Shot in Jamaica; the video depicts graphic images of everyday life in the ghetto. He returned to Jamaica in 2010 since leaving for Anguilla at the age of 6. It was both a moving and enlightening experience for him. It also exposed him to more authentic reggae and dancehall sounds. Currently he goes between Jamaica and Anguilla Working with the best or the best in both worlds and collaborating with top producers in Jamaica and Anguilla his music reflects a melting pot of excellence.

Family is very important to him after losing his father at the age of 4 he only had his mother to lean on. His faith in God and his love for music is what got him through many hard times. Always singing and dancing he always knew that his chance would come one day when he could use his music to uplift others. With songs like Emergency, My Jamaican Girl and Rising; J Kool is definitely rising to the top. Talented, disciplined and motivated nothing is going to stop him from rising to the top.
-Article by; Rifa Madness

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August 25, 2012

ER TVJ: Tommy Lee Talks About Gaza Issues - Novia Talks About Yohan Blake "The Beast"

Lyrics and mp3

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A Tasty Musical Treat With "Sweet Sounds" Riddim


Appropriately titled "Sweet Sounds" riddim, this latest production by Adde/SoShifty brings the voices of Christopher Martin, Ce'Cile, Cali P, Jah Vinci, Hya P, Lutan Fyah, Million Stylez & J Boog, Notch and Stylo G to this 10 track album.

Adde of Sweden & So Shifty of Germany have teamed up to bring a tasty musical treats to music lovers. The blending of the bass with the melodic piano makes the senses sway and will no doubt be a staple at every party.

Adde productions who hit the scene with his dancehall production of Popcaan "Ravin" on the Summertime riddim and top charting hit of Kartel "Summer Time" proves his versatility with this latest reggae sound.

"Sweet Sounds" riddim has already garnered thousands of hits within a few days of hitting youtube. The riddim distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital is now available on iTunes.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 24, 2012

Street Vybz Rum officially re-launched - Tommy Lee to help with brand promotion?

By M. Jodee Freelance Writer

Vybz_kartel_tommy_lee_street_vybz.jpgAfter months off local shelves, the Street Vybz Rum brand has been officially re-introduced to the Jamaican market following a truce struck between the product’s high profile creators.

Prominent American businessman, Corey Todd and embattled Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel recently announced the restoration of their business partnership after a very public falling out that took place in May of last year. With their resolution came the announcement that Kartel and Todd would bring back to popular Street Vybz Rum brand that initially debuted in 2009.

According to Todd, the overwhelming demand for Street Vybz Rum became too difficult to ignore, thus prompting he and Kartel to once again supply the liquor brand. Despite Street Vybz being off the market for several months, Todd believes that the product will once again find favor with customers given that it revolutionized the local rum market for music lovers while intimating that new flavors will be added to diversify the brand as he promotes it on an international scale.

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I-Octane in Defensive Mode

Singjay I-Octane has released two brand new singles and they both share one thing in common - his staunch support!

i-octane-Wah-Money-Bun-It-Laugh.jpgIn Wah Money on the Ja Productions label he adds his voice to the poor as he chants “politician come back fi unno gun dem ... a more money fi di slum dem, ghetto youths better than big rifle, ghetto youths nuh wah fi dead... before segueing into the chorus of “The people dem wah money, di people dem need money..”
The song is another intense look at the stark reality of ghetto livity. The Digicel Brand Ambassador shows his insight into the plight of suffering youths on this one.
A while back the singjay stirred some controversy with his hugely popular ganja-loving song Puff It ... well the Good Good Productions' Bun It and Laugh could easily be dubbed part two.

In this one I-Octane doesn’t hold back his fondness for the herb that “give him a charge”. After listening the only thing to say is “gi mi di light!” Listening to the two singles there is no doubt that they have the makings to follow in the steps of their predecessors such as Lose A Friend and My Life. The videos for Wah Money and Bun It and laugh will be done by Scorpio 21 no strangers to working with him as they also did My Story, Jiggle Fi Mi and L.O.V.E. Y.O.U.

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Nando celebrates with Team Jamaica


As the Jamaican community in both yaad and abroad basks in the glow of Jamaica’s record 12-medal haul at the just-concluded London 2012 Olympic Games, one Jamaican artiste has extra reason to celebrate Team Jamaica. Singer Nando Griffiths, whose song Team Jamaica (Light the Torch) served as the unofficial anthem for Team Jamaica in the weeks leading up to and during the games is overwhelmed not only by the achievements of the Jamaican team to the games but also by the reception that his Team Jamaica song received during this period.

Light the Torch was embraced by not only the Jamaican media and fans in yaad and abroad but also by the athletes themselves. Olympic gold medalists Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Yohan Blake both registered their fondness for the song over social media. Radio programs in yaad and abroad “tun up” Light the Torch especially during the Olympics. The song was used by certain diaspora media to build a vibes amongst their Jamaican audience abroad that was starved of quality coverage of Jamaica’s participation in the Games. In New York for example, Irie Jam - led by Dubmaster Chris, DJ Roy, and Irwine Clare - beat out Light the Torch worse than how Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake beat up on the still-recovering Justin Gatlin to keep Jamaican fans, many of whom were frustrated by NBC's delayed coverage of the Games on TV, excited about Jamaica's participation in the Games.

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Charly Black chopped down Europe

charly_black_europe_artiste_dancehall.jpgFresh from his European Tour, where he promoted his current hit singles, new materials as well as shot a music video for his latest single, Charly Blacks seems pleased with what he dubbed a successful tour.

The deejay who is currently enjoying the success of his current singles, “Claaty Again” and “Too Blessed” in Europe also had his new single, “We Found Love”, directed by Swedish videographer, Partillo.

On tour, he performed in front of more than 50,000 patrons at the annual Rurh Reggae Festival in Germany. The event also featured one of Reggae’s pioneer, Beres Hammond and dancehall giant Baby Cham. Apart from Germany, Charly Blacks also performed in Switzerland, Italy and Sweden. He enthusiastically reported, "All performances went well. The crowd love Charly Blacks and it was a pleasure for me to entertain them. Europe was a big success for me, but I have to continue this work as the journey has only just begun.” The deejay is now working on his first album, which is to be ready by March. Also on Charly Black's agenda is his annual Trelawny Fiesta, which will be kept on October 13 at the Zebra Force Lawn in the parish. The event promises to be an blissful experience.The artiste is slated to go on another European soon.

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August 23, 2012

Bogle inspires a generation: Top 10 Jamaican dancers - Dead or Alive

By Marc Parc Writer

Bogle_dancer_jamaica.jpg48 years ago yesterday, one of Dancehall's patriarchs was born as Gerald 'Bogle' Levy began his journey towards becoming Jamaica's most decorated dancer.

Though controversy surrounded his life, Bogle graced the world with his slick moves, undeterred ego as well as an ability to wow a crowd at every turn with his feet and works. His works are instrumental in creating a clearer avenue for Dancehall to travel through as his knack for entertaining audiences sparked a movement that has gradually grown since his mainstream debut in the early 90s.

With several dance crews including Shady Squad, Ravers Clavers and Sample Six infiltrating sessions and events worldwide, Bogle also paved the way for many individual talents to continue carrying out his work, even after his untimely death in 2005. Taking that fact into consideration here are nine other individual dancers who’ve shaped the foundation of Dancehall music and who are deserving of credit for adding interest to the genre in their own ways.

10. Kim Versatile: Known for her appearances in videos such as Hot Like We (Ce'Cile) and Gallis (Mr. Vegas), Kimiko 'Kim Versatile' Miller hasn't looked back since earning a runner-up spot on the popular Dancing Dynamites show in 2007. Hailing as an Edna Manley College and Ardenne High School alumnus, Kim Versatile has been leading the new wave of dancers in recent years and living up to her moniker through a borage of intriguing costumes as well as her undeniable flexibility.

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Ottawa Rhythm Festival - Sept 1st, - Junior Kelly, Allison Hinds, Thriller U, Prestige, & More

Ottawa_rhythm_festival_reggae_concert.jpgHaving done quite a few shows in the United States in the past two months, reggae singer, Junior Kelly will now stretch across the border into Canada as he continues his quest to thrill his North American fans.

"Canada has been clamoring for Junior Kelly," explained Tasz Smith of Triple T Productions."We have been collaborating with promotional teams across Canada to work out suitable dates and everything has finally jelled. Interestingly, things have worked out in such a way that Kelly will be doing two festivals two consecutive weekends -- August 25 and September 1," Smith added.

Saturday, August 25, will see Junior Kelly as one of the headline acts for FestCaribbean, being staged in Brantford, Ontario.

A truly Caribbean event, the show also features calypso/soca giant, David Rudder, alongside Mello G, Colour Quest, Chris Jackson and Dance Migration.

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21st Hapilos Digital Productions Launches First Project SWA (Sleep With Angels) Riddim"

Sleep_With_Angels_riddim_cover_artwork_reggae.jpgAs an all around veteran in the music business, Johnny Wonder has worked and produced some of the biggest name in the reggae/dancehall music business. From playing sound systems, working alongside legendary King Jammy to Being a Record Executive and A&R for over 20 years, his keen ear for music makes this latest project "Sleep With The Angels" riddim an instant success.

Enlisting stars of reggae and dancehall gives the riddim a diversity in rich sound and style. From the intense dynamic vocals of international recording artist Tarrus Riley on "Nah Mek You Mad Me" to the energetic deep sound of Spragga Benz "SWA (Sleep With Angels)", the riddim offers music lovers distinct songs that are sure to please even the harshest critics.

The riddim also features Demarco with "Ketch the Light", Bugle "Nuff Man Gone", I-Octane "Yuh Bredda Dat", Jah Vinci "When the Party Hot", Khago "Pushing Me Away", Charly Black "She Loves Me Now", Flexxx "Party from Mi Born", Navino "Gal Never Look Dem Yet", Stein "Wine Yuh Waist" and Ishawna "I Can't Love You".

Lyrics and mp3

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August 21, 2012

DJ Khaled & Mavado - Suicidal Thoughts / Aktion Pak | Music Video

by Jesse James


DJ Khaled is back with another new video today, this time around for his track called “Suicidal Thoughts”. The track and video finds the Florida native, DJ Khaled, linking up with Mavado for a dope clip that meshes rather nicely with the context of the track. The video is a gritty, dark video in which we see Mavado in a dimly lit jail cell splattered with blood, before he sets up shop with Khaled is a shot full of nooses and other signs of life ending. The track showcases the depressing situations that often lead to “Suicidal Thoughts”.

The video switches gear for the second clip which is for the bonus cut “Aktion Pak” also featuring Movado. Both of these tracks can be found on DJ Khaled’s upcoming album, Kiss The Ring, which drops tonight at midnight; get that. In the mean time check out the video after the jump and let us know what you think.

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Dancehall Artiste Wasp Returns 'Hot Like Fiya'


wasp_dj_artiste_dancehall_jamaican.jpgFollowing a brief hiatus dancehall lyricist Wasp has returned with a revamped teamed and a brand new single titled 'Hot Like Fiya'. Produced by Justus and Roach of JA Productions (2011 Producer of The Year and Rhythm of the Year winners) the single is featured on the heavily rotated Overtime Rhythm. Other acts on the compilation includes: Mavado, Beenie Man, Spragga Benz, Christopher Martin, Elephant Man and emerging stars: Khago, Spice, Blak Ryno and Navino among others.

Weeks earlier, Wasp delivered commendable performances at the Montego Bay Jerk Festival, several concerts across St. Elizabeth and the just concluded London Olympics Road Show which culminated at the Kingston Waterfront. The deejay is now preparing to release his ‘Above Average’ mixtape chronicled by DJ Dotcom and due for official premier at the end of August. The disc will contain approximately 15-25 tracks showcasing the artiste’s versatility intertwined with a series of skits and interludes and most importantly will be available free of cost.

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Bunny Rugs - "Land We Love" all proceeds single goes to the Jamaica Children Heart fund charity


It's not every day a nation celebrates 50 years of independence. Accordingly, it's not every day the defining voice of the nation's most successful pop reggae band since the 1980s gets to make a personal contribution. "Land We Love" is a modern day praise song in the timeless soulful reggae tradition written and performed by Bunny Rugs, lead singer of Third World. Although performed by Rugs, "Land We Love" speaks for the nation.

"Jamaicans we are number one," he sings, "world leaders and champions, prophets and musicians". Assisted by Dean Fraser's breezy saxophone solos, Bunny Rugs puts a special spin on independence and a lot of love in the dance and through your speakers with "Land We Love".

"Land We Love" was recorded with Mikey Bennett at Grafton Studios, mixed by Stephen Stanley and mastered by Rohan Dwyer. Studio Musicians include Kirk Bennett on drums, Aeion Hoilett on Bass, Lamont Savory on Guitar and Kevon Webster on keys.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 20, 2012

Corey Todd claims Vybz Kartel will be freed, speaks on former Empire members

By Marc Parc Writer

vybz_kartel__worl_boss_gaza_leader.jpgThough embattled Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel may be experiencing several downfalls as he awaits trial or separate murder charges but his long-time business partner continues to ensure that the deejay’s brand will continue to upgrade.
American entrepreneur, Corey Todd reunited with Vybz Kartel this past May after several months of communication. The prominent public figures had been at odds since severing business ties in May 2011 due to alleged threats that Kartel made towards Todd. However, a year following their split and Todd’s experimentation with music management, the American businessman has once again joined forces with Vybz Kartel as they aim to introduce several new products and also seek to re-invigorate the popular Street Vybz Rum brand.
Speaking publicly for the first time since their reunion, Todd promised big things resulting from his renewed partnership with the self-professed 'Worl' Boss.'

"We're working back together, we've definitely mended fences," Todd told TVJ's Entertainment Report.

"Some things were said and we just squashed it because at the end of the day, we both know that the two of us have done things in Jamaica that nobody has ever seen, so Round 2 very soon."

Due to Kartel's current legal situation, ensuring that this partnership flourishes could take much more work than ever before. However, Todd emphatically believes that the former Portmore Empire leader will beat his murder cases and emerge as a more popular entity.

"He is going to beat this…don't believe everything you hear, he is going to beat it, and when he comes out he is going to be the biggest thing Jamaica has ever seen," Todd said.

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Lil Wayne & Juvenile's Reunion Night Ends In Police Handcuffs

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

lil-wayne-hand-cuff-fight-juvenile.jpgCash Money's Lil Wayne and ex-labelmate Juvenile enjoyed a short-lived reunion in Miami Sunday (August 19) after police arrested Juvie on a disorderly conduct charge.

Details on the arrest hit the Internet hours after it all went down Monday morning.
Juvenile -- real name Terius Gray -- had just reunited with Lil Wayne on stage at LIV nightclub earlier in the evening ... when something went wrong. Juve and Wayne -- who were in the Hot Boys together back in the late '90s -- had a long running beef when the group broke up ... and last night was the first time they have been on stage together since the feud. But around 7AM, cops say Juvenile -- who's listed at 5'11, 150 lbs -- was involved in a fight that began inside the nightclub and spilled outside to the front of the hotel. Security told police the people involved in the fight were "creating a threat to life and property as well as the overall safety of the patrons inside." Miami Beach PD responded to the scene and arrested Juve -- he was hauled to a nearby station where he was booked. He is still in custody. (TMZ)
In April, the former Cash Money rap star talked about leaving Birdman's popular label in the 2000's.

"I wanted to stay," Juve said in an interview "You never wanna leave a winning team. That's like [Michael] Jordan leaving the Bulls. I just felt like I wanted to be compensated for my work, I just wanted to get paid for it. ... Once the success came, things started switching up and I was paying attention. ... [Child custody battle?] if you want to know what the situation is, I want custody of my son. That's all that is." (Power 105.1)
Back in January, ex-Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh called out the label over financial woes.

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Busy and Jr. Gong, Laid Back in the Kingston Town Remix



Triple Grammy award-winning artiste, Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley, has entered 2012 with hit after hit including his collaborations. Adding to his booming catalogue of musical partnerships, the young Marley partnered with popular dancehall artiste, Busy Signal in Busy’s Kingston Town Remix. The singers, on Wednesday, July 11, released a fitting video via the popular site, YouTube.

The video has images of a Down Town setting, bringing various scenarios to life. The screenplay shows an appreciation for one of Jamaica’s many subcultures; a very chill yet hardcore vibe amid the frustrations of the time. It does not spare the viewer and accomplishes its intention; to bring a very ‘real’ aspect of the society to the forefront to educate viewers in addition to the already telling lyrics of the song.

Dameon Gayle directed the well-produced, high-quality video. The video goes so well with the song that listeners have to be reminded that the video was not shot during the voicing as it switches between the artistes and others in the studio, to live scenarios that bring the lyrics to life.

Remixing Alborosie’s song, Kingston Town, the two artistes give the song a slightly faster rhythm merged with two styles to complete a very ‘conscious’ song. The remix is a social commentary, as expressed when the young Marley sings, “Dem a war ova turf like nothing else matters, pity them nuh know life has much more to offer.” The song is also included on the track list of Reggae Gold 2012.

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August 18, 2012

Tomahawk Technique to touch US soil

Sean_paul_Tomahawk_technique_album_cover.jpg US audiences are all set for the fall release of multi-platinum, Grammy award winning Sean Paul's latest album, Tomahawk Technique.

The album, which has done extremely well with hit singles She Doesn't Mind and Got 2 Luv U, will hit stores in September following on its June Caribbean release and its introduction to Asian and European audiences earlier this year.

Enthusiastic about the album, Sean Paul stated that “Tomahawk Technique is doing amazing” in a recent interview with the Gleaner. The artiste has been touring Europe to promote the album since Thursday, June 21. The collection is particularly special to the artiste as he was the key producer - signing off on his new acclamation as a producer, having particularly produced Roll Wid Di Don for the album.

The artiste, explained the significance behind the album’s name saying, “I call it Tomahawk Technique because I think it’s cutting-edge, as to what dancehall can offer to the world right now.” The album has received a lot of traction thus far and is a testament of his musical growth.

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Pree Dis Episode 97 - Parts 1 to 4 - Entertainment Round Up With Kevin Jackson

Lyrics and mp3

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Wayne Marshall doing new things with seasoned reputation

Wayne_marshall_go_hard_artiste_jamaican_marley.jpgDancehall singjay, Wayne Marshall, has undertaken a variety of new efforts since the start of 2012. The Dancehall star recently produced a new track consisting of unique elements; a collection of hard-hitting dancehall acts for a hardcore song. He is also currently working on his upcoming album with his new family at the Marley-owned label, Ghetto Youths International.

The song, Go Hard, has gained the attention of listeners not only for the lyrics dropped on the punchy rhythm, but also the never-before-seen synergy of styles on one song. Go Hard hears the voices of fellow Ghetto Youths International compatriot, Damian Marley, alongside Sizzla, Assassin, Aidonia, I-Octane, Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel. According to Jamaican DJ, DJ Nicco, “the song sick….it shows that Wayne Marshall is able to promote and make unity possible in the Dancehall scene.”

Internationally acclaimed DJ, Gee Fus, says “Mi like it,” when asked to address the new single. He continued expressing that, “the song a guh hard for real…give you an old school vibe…the freestyling makes you feel like you’re at a stage show and the mic a pass roun’….yeah man, it bad!”

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August 17, 2012

Nicki Minaj Cites Foxy Brown As One Of Her Biggest Influences

by Nadeska Alexis


Nicki Minaj has come a long way over the past couple of years, hitting unbelievable career highs, and now she has the chance to pay homage to those who paved the way for her. Minaj summoned Foxy Brown to the stage in New York City this week, calling her "one of my biggest influences in the game."

Foxy joined Nicki Minaj about an hour into her Tuesday night set at Roseland Ballroom, and she wasted no time telling her fellow Trinidad native that she was "ahead of her time" when she dropped her third solo album, 2001's Broken Silence. "I really wanna thank you for being one of my biggest influences in the game," Nicki said onstage, later admitting that the moment was equally special for her and Foxy.

"I never really told Foxy how much she has influenced me and how much she changed my life, and you've gotta tell people that when they're alive to even be able to take the compliment, instead of paying tribute to them when they're no longer here," Nicki explained, in a very honest moment. "I never really knew how she felt about me - in the industry, with women, you kinda just tread lightly - and I'm glad I was able to finally come out and say: 'You were the most influential female rapper to me.' "

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Nature continues his lead on the HYPE TV Chart with World Peace

Lyrics and mp3

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Exclusive: If Loving You Is Wrong "OFFICIAL VIDEO"

Lyrics and mp3

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August 16, 2012

Vybz Kartel Releases New Video "My Crew"

Lyrics and mp3

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Rihanna Cries To Oprah: 'I Was More Concerned About Chris Brown'

By Radar Staff

rihanna_chris_bron_oprah_show_cry.jpgDespite the brutal beating she endured at his hands, Rihanna admits in her upcoming interview on Oprah's Next Chapter that she felt "protective" over ex Chris Brown, and was more concerned with his well-being than her own in the wake of the 2009 incident.

"It was embarrassing, it was humiliating," the sobbing Umbrella singer told Oprah Winfrey about the fallout. "I lost my best friend -- everything I knew switched -- switched in a night, and I couldn’t control that … it's not easy for me to interpret -- it's not easy to interpret on camera with the world watching."

The S&M singer, 24, said she felt "protective" over her violent ex after he was demonized in the media for the shellacking, adding that the timeframe "was a weird, confusing" period in her life.

"Because as angry as I was -- as angry and hurt and betrayed -- I just felt like he made that mistake because he needed help. And who's going to help him?

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Konshens Collaborates With House Music Heavyweights Erick Morillo & Sympho Nympho

konshens_dancehall_red_hair_artiste_jamaica.jpgWith the current surge in house music on the international scene, prolific house music DJ/producers Erick Morillo and Sympho Nympho have commissioned dancehall/reggae artiste Konshens for their latest project.

The high riding Jamaican dancehall star is featured on the club banger Murder the Dance Floor which is already causing ripples among fans of house music.

The house track contains elements of reggae and dancehall and Konshens' ultra cool vocals provide the gateway to fun and pure pleasure for die hard house music fans.

Erick Morillo gained prominence on the international music scene and various Billboard and international music charts in the early 1990's with hits he produced for the Strictly Rhythm label. These include Can You Feel It and the monster hit I Like to Move It which he produced under the pseudonym Reel 2 Real fronted by the Mad Stuntman from Trinidad.

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August 15, 2012

Lady G & Lutan Fyah take over the #1 spot on Video Alley

For weekly Video Alley chart updates text VATT to 444-4636

Watch Video Alley on TVJ Saturdays 5:30pm RB Wenesday 12midnight or online at

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Tiana Releases Mixtape - Ft Vybz Kartel, Tommy Lee, Konshens, Mavado, Popcaan & More



Dancehall artiste Tiana has released a blazing hot mix tape titled, Real Bad Gyal. The forty-four track compilation is available for free download and is a treat the singer says for her supporters. "Its a fun mix, my favorite tracks from other artistes are mixed in with my own songs. I have strong support online and this is my way of saying thanks."

This mixtape features her popular songs: Dem A Bawl, Cant Talk Bad Bout Mi and Gyal Mi Love You. Vocals from well known local acts give the mix an extra intensity with hits such as, We Want Paper from reigning dancehall star, Tommy Lee. Contributions for the project came from top producers: So Unique, Roache/JA Production, Adde Production, D&H/SubKonshus and OutAroad Production.

After a successful release of her debut EP, Princess of the Dancehall via 21st Hapilos (Johnny Wonder) Tiana is making herself an act to watch. Her hit track, Dem A Bawl is currently in high rotation throughout the caribbean and climbing up the music charts. Richie B Charts has the single at number nineteen (#19) while Tempo's Pree Dis TV Show charts presently rates the music video at it's number ten (#10) spot. The video features cameo appearances from Gyptian, Elephant Man, Konshens, Kiprich, Demarco and ZJ Liquid all endorsing Tiana.

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Bob Marley receives new Grammy award

By Marc Jodee Freelance Writer

bob_marley_Lifetime_Achievement-Award-Grammy.jpgReggae music's greatest icon has posthumously captured another accolade after receiving a new Lifetime Achievement Award Grammy recently.

Legendary Reggae singer, Bob Marley earned a replacement version of the same lifetime achievement award that he initially copped in 2001. According to reports, Recording Academy personnel recently visited Jamaica and later noticed that the original version of Marley's lifetime Grammy had been damaged; thus, leading to the decision of creating a new rendition of said award.

Bob Marley's eldest son and fellow Reggae superstar, Ziggy Marley recently accepted the award alongside his sister, Karen Marley following a Recording Academy screening of the popular documentary, Marley at the Los Angeles Film School on Sunset Boluevard in Hollywood.

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Asid Reignz Music Presents...Speak Out Riddim With Beenie Man, Konshens Spragga & More

Produced by: Major Riddimz
Mixed by: Andre 'Suku' Gray
A&R: Michael Palmer
Executive Producer: Ian Dyer


The 'Speak Out' rhythm is indeed an exciting one, and features 10 lively tracks, which predominantly addresses the females, describing in most instances, male/female relations and sexual prowess. However, there were at least three tracks that opted to run from the norm and highlight different topics, ranging from bad mind to gangsters, the latter seeking to discourage violence.

The 'the doctor' Beenie Man's Mr. Feel Good, immeiatey gets the vibe jumping, as he sings about his date with a female, declaring, ‘she sey she neva know mi woulda touch ar suh good…she neva know a me name Mr. Feel Good.’

Mr. Easy's Hotta Dan Dem is again geared towards the females as he encourages females not to listen to the 'bag a chat', because ‘dem cyan stop yuh ting outta road'.
However, Konshens shifts gears in his Hot City song which appeals to the gangsters, 'a nuh everytime yuh haffi prove sey yuh bad…moretime yuh haffi easy an jus let God lead the way.' This is indeed a change from what listeners have come to expect from Konshens.

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August 13, 2012

Young Lion continues to push Dancehall/Reggae to higher levels


Dj Young Lion from BBC 1Xtra presents his new weekly Dancehall Reggae Bashment show podcast.
Now in its second week following a huge worldwide following, the first episode featured an interview with Potential Kid where he cleared up the rumours and stories that first broke here on about his former management taking money from U.S promoters and not telling him.

The podcast is being seen by many in the industry as a breath of fresh air, as Young Lion not only pleases the most hardcore set of dancehall followers but also geniously attracts new audiences to the genre.

"For years people from all over the world have constantly been requesting a regular mix cd or podcast from me. I could never understand why ... I am not the kind of person to crown myself, its always a better feeling when that crown is given to you by authentic music followers. When I play music I'm in my own world so I just do me. I don't have time to copy or follow trends." says a humble Young Lion when asked why its taken him so long to start his podcast while being one of the most popular dancehall djs in the UK.

Young Lion's weekly Dancehall Reggae Bashment show aka DRB can be downloaded via his website at
And also on iTunes with free weekly subscribtion at

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Zimbabwe: Assassin Misses Target . . .


Assassin_Agent_Saco_Africa_Show.jpgReggae fans will quickly forget Assassin's first foray into Africa for the lethargic performance he gave on a breezy wintry night at the Harare Gardens but will be recollecting the lasting images of a fiery Lady Squanda and an inimitable Sniper "General" Storm.

For those who attended Winky D's flawless performance at the Samsung Galaxy Pocket launch at Red Fox Hotel in which he used a live band, C&A Entertainment's insistence on bringing reggae artistes without a band has not gone down well with many music fans in the country.

For long the company responsible for bringing Elephant Man and Mavado to Zimbabwe has been getting away with "murder".

Distinctly flaccid, Assassin's set was poor; largely pedestrian and only livening up towards the end.

The use of back tracks made Agent Sasco look ordinary, Dadza D had more energy than that and maybe that is what led to one fan grabbing the Jamaican chanter's shades, the only thing to remember him by, but certainly not his performance.

The bouncers must also be told that they do not hit a thief in the manner they did when police could have just arrested him, embarrassing it may be but they do not pulverise a human being like that.

The importance of a live band has never been understated; C&A Entertainment should get advice from the likes of Shumba Instrumentation, fellow promoters, who have always gone the distance in bringing artistes and their bands. In an instance that has not happened they have roped in Transit Crew.

The idea being live performances are different from studio works, some of our local DJs struggled for the "One Drop" like when Jiggaz was performing. Back tracks give the impression of child's play; put Assassin on stage and play his riddims and people will jump seemed to be the assumption.

Indeed, in the latter part of his set the fans did but that can be placed on his own versatility as an artiste.

It is certainly cheaper to bring top reggae acts as one-man bands but it also gives the impression that a promoter is out for a quick buck.


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Chronixx...The Messenger Of Good Music

Chronixx_reggae_singer_artiste_jamaica.jpgReggae in Jamaica is NOT dead. While it may sell more worldwide, generate more non Jamaican artist than local; Reggae, through artist like Protege, Kabaka Pyramid, Iba Mahr, and many more; trod the road of Reggae in 2012. Amongst these storytellers of culture, finds a prodigy that's never recorded on vinyl or seen the greats (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh) perform live. His name is Chronixx and he is a soldier of the new generation.

At a mere age of 19, he forgoes the slackness of dancehall, the hypeness of skin out videos, for a more simplier style. With a mix of roots & culture, a dash of lovers rock, and the passion of a wide eye youth, he creates his uniquely authentic sound.

After an introduction to the Reggae scene last year, with his single "Behind Curtain", Chronixx musical journey has quickly flourished. Within the past year he has performed (gracing the stage with acts like Leroy Sibbles, Kabaka Pyramid, Protoje, Kelissa, and Infinite) in fourteen parishes, opened for Rebel Salute, and can be weekly at many live jam sessions and shows. From Jamaica to South America, Europe to Africa, Chronixx has conducted hundreds of interviews, most notably he's been featured on College Lifestyle 2012 season and most recently L3 (Canada) and Riddim (Germany) Magazines.

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August 11, 2012

Emperor Shabba Ranks Triumphs in the Studio with "War!"

Shabba_who_win_the_war_dancehall.jpgSince his performance at the 2012 staging of Reggae Sumfest in beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica, Shabba Ranks has been on fire in the performance arena, and in the recording arena.

Teaming up with one of Jamaica’s hottest younger generation producers, Calibud (Son of legendary producer Bobby ‘Digital B’ Dixon), Shabba recently returned to the studio to record the powerful song “War.”

Performed on the rebuilt riddim used to back Bob Marley’s song of the same name, Emperor Shabba Ranks denounces war of all types including psychological and physical, and appeals to the powers that be to keep the war away from his people. Turning to his community, Shabba calls for us to unite in order that his people to be uplifted. Using the song’s punch line to emphasize his point, Shabba simply asks “Ah who win the war; the police in the jeep or the soldiers in armored cars?”

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Badd Indyan Releases Summer Single & Has Changed His Name

Young and upcoming Dancehall artiste and producer of the Jamaican hit movie 'Concrete Jungle' Badd Indyan, has now decided to put all his focus and energy in his music, and with his new style of flow/delivery and his vigorous lyrical content in the game he now unveils a smother calmer and affectionate side in his newest single 'Motion Love' produced by Kimichi Records on the Summer Skies riddim. Now going by the name Hin-Dyann, he said that the change of name will help him to unlock and explore a more positive and creative energy that will take him to new heights.

Check out his latest single MOTION LOVE in the link below;

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Tifa to launch new video & special performance at Behind the Screens

Tifa_video_launch.jpgFresh from her recent performance at Reggae Sumfest Dancehall night, dancehall diva Tifa is set to deliver a special performance at the weekly Behind the Screens series at Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records on Tuesday August 14.

The Digicel brand ambassador will be delivering her well known hits along with some of her newer material.

The video for her hot new single Hold On will be launched at the series.

Hold On was directed by Ruption from the RD Studios camp, was shot at the Sunshine Amusement Complex in New Kingston. The song was produced by Conroy Forte for Washroom Entertainment and is featured on the Poolside rhythm.

Tifa had previously worked with Forte on Swaggin (WTF) featuring Wayne Marshall and Fambo and Certified Diva featuring Tami Chynn.

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August 10, 2012

Scenes From Marco Polo Water Party (RTI Negril Weekend)



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Nature Tops The Hype TV Chart With World Peace

Lyrics and mp3

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Pree Dis Episode 96 - Parts 1-4 - Entertainment Round Up With Kevin Jackson

Lyrics and mp3

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From Playing The Hits To Making The Hits, ZJ Chrome Presents Cr203 Hits, Vol. 1

chrome_cr203_21st_hapilos.jpgWho better to deliver the hits than a man who made his marks on the music scene by playing them on the airwaves. ZJ Chrome became known for blazing dancehall and reggae as part of one of Jamaica's top radio station "Zip FM". He rapidly became a fan favorite and with a keen ear for recognizing the hits, ZJ Chrome threw his hat in production and Cr203 Records was born.

From the first success of Chromium riddim to the international Vybz Kartel production of "Clarks", ZJ Chrome proved that he was more than a one hit wonder. With multiple hits under his belt, ZJ Chrome is now releasing the first Volume of 10 chart topping hits.

The album distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital is now available on iTunes and consists of songs featuring top dancehall artists. Vybz Kartel "Clarks" whose single remained over 40 weeks on top charts locally and internationally, and was featured both on the TV series So You Think You Can Dance (Canada), and on a CNN segment on dancehall. "Paper Loving" by Chris Martin whose video garnered over a million views on youtube, "Hold Her In My Arms" by multiple award winner I-Octane, "All Dem A Talk" by billboard chart topper Mavado, songstress Alaine "Bye Bye Bye" and dancehall sensation Cecile with "Woot Woot".

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Top Acts & Newcomers Flock The Amore Riddim Compilation

Amore_Riddim_reggae.jpgThe Amore rhythm is the latest project out of the Donsome Records stables. The project was produced by Adrian Hanson with Peter 'Shady' Harrison as co-producer.

The Amore rhythm was inspired by the current trend of lovers rock beats impacting the reggae scene not only locally but overseas.

In a release to the media, Hanson explained the idea behind the project.

"After producing various rhythms it became apparent that lovers rock is taking over the world. Shady and I dug deep to produce this project because we felt the artistes would be inspired to write great love songs", Hanson stated.

The project contains a delicious mix of appetizing treats from established as well as up and coming acts.

Reggae crooner Ginjah contributes Gimmie Your Love, while Sizzla is back with Love Connection. Former Digicel Rising Stars winner Brown Shuga sings about her Greatest Love, while current chart topper Nature places emphasis on Woman of My Dreams.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 9, 2012

Bugle's Musical Journey Chronicled On New Mixtape Tilted 'Psalms'

bugle_psalms_mixtape.jpgDancehall artiste Bugle has released a mix tape entitled Psalms. The project which features 43 tracks is a journey through the artiste’s decorated career.

In a release to the media, Bugle whose real name is Roy Thompson said there was some significance to the title of the project.

"I think Psalms is one of the most informative chapters of the Bible so based on the content of this mix tape, I chose the word Psalms as the title", Bugle explained.

Psalms was produced by Sean 'Razz' Cousley from the turntable/selecting duo of Razz and Biggy.

Feedback to Psalms has been quite overwhelming.

"The feedback has been positive and the fans enjoy the tracks that they hear. They have been asking me about my album so I just wanted to give them something to keep their ears in gear until they get the official album and to let them know that my standard of music hasn't dropped. I am still doing great music so they don’t have to wait until they hear a song from Bugle on the radio or in the dance enjoy what I have been working on. They can listen to the mix tape at their own convenience", Bugle explained.

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Tommy Lee Honors Usain Bolt

tommy_lee_spartan_usain_bolt.jpgFast rising dancehall star, Tommy Lee has remixed his hit song, Psycho escalating the Olympic fever.The overnight sensation has been getting tremendous feedback from his massive online fan base as the song leaked online. The track titled, Bolt Psycho Remix is solely dedicated to the fastest man on the planet. The lyrics describe the insanity of the Olympic record holder's phenomenal talent.

"Usain Bolt you a run from yu heart, with bay badness backa dat" , Tommy Lee rhymes on the new remix. The artiste is elated to be able to pay tribute to his favorite track star with his current hit track.

"Bolt is a true champion you zi mi, so we have to highlight him, a bay badness him a deal with on the track." Tommy continued to say that Team Jamaica was representing on the international stage extremely well especially being a small island. A second remix for the team was done to commend their success via the chart topper, Some Bwoy. The official videos for both songs directed by Omar "Celebrity" Aldana of Heavy Films have been edited to convey the Olympic excitement.

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I Octane's My Story Tops Video Alley Chart for a 4th week

Lyrics and mp3

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Stein Steams Up the Summer, Launches Website & Shoots New Video


Jamaican dancehall artist Stein steams up the summer with the launch of his sleek new website,

The official site is Stein's direct link for media, bookings, radio and DJ drops, and dubplate requests. It also connects his audience directly with all his social sites. But mainly, the website offers up his catalog of music, with all songs titled and in one place, for the first time.

Stein also recently shot the video for his latest single, "Wheel It Off," produced by Chimney Records on their Money Box Riddim. The video is directed by Stein's long-time video collaborator, Andre "Silence" Dixon, and is set against the tantalizing backdrop of Miami Beach, Florida.

"I've been back in Jamaica recording music day and night for my debut album, All Or Nothing, due out early next year," reveals Stein. "I took a brief break to shoot a video because sometimes you need the visuals in addition to radio support. So I'm trying to get my music out there to the fans, in every way I can."

Lyrics and mp3

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August 7, 2012

Scenes From Impy Skimpy & Pretty In Pink - RTI Weekend (Rum Bar Rum)



Lyrics and mp3

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Grammy Winner Performs for The Maia Chung Autism & Disabilities Foundation in the US

maxi_priest_billy_ocean.jpgGrammy Awardee Billy Ocean performs to help raise funds for The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation at "JAMROCK TRINIDAD 50" - at the Hammerstein Manhattan Centre in New York USA Friday August 3-2012.

David "Squeeze" Annakie who staged the event through his Biolife Energy Systems Solutions a part of the Link Up Media Group stated that part proceeds from this event will go towards the Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation in Jamaica; whichhe adopted as a cause to support this May 2012, when the Foundation had closed due to its inability to do it outreach without funds - which had ceased coming in due to the recession.

David "Squeeze" Annakie the editor in chief of JAMROCK Magazine and CEO of the Linkup Media group of companies under which JAMROCK Magazine falls said "he decided to invite both Maxi and Billy to be the headlines acts on the show mainly because of the music they have done over the years along with the wealth of experience they have had in catering to audiences the world over."

The MC for the night's proceedings was the United States based Kingsley "Ragashanti" Stewart now based at New York's WVIP 93.5 FM Link Up Radio - a part of the Link Up Media Group owned by Jamaican US based millionaire Davis Squeeze Annakie

Lyrics and mp3

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Snoop Dogg credits Bob Marley for 'Lion' transformation

Snoop_lion_reggae_artiste.jpgInternationally acclaimed rap star, Snoop Dogg has reinvigorated his career by morphing into a full-fledged 'Lion' and credits Reggae music's greatest product for his transformation.

Set to release his first Reggae album entitled Reincarnated, Snoop Lion has remodeled his musical approach in recent months; moving from the hardcore gangster raps he became renowned for into a more peaceful zone through efforts like La La La, the first single off Reincarnated.

In an interview with MTV earlier this week, Snoop Lion credited Reggae icon, Bob Marley as one of the pioneers who helped him change his musical style; also citing Beres Hammond, Peter Tosh. Gregory Isaacs and Bunny Wailer as inspirations that helped guide him towards forming his new persona.

In fulfilling his mission to become a legitimate Reggae presence, Snoop Lion travelled to Jamaica after receiving a blessing from Bob Marley's son, Rohan Marley. During his trip to Jamaica, he recorded material for Reincarnated while also recording footage for a documentary focused on the Rastafari Movement.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 3, 2012

Sean Paul stamps dominant Jamaican sound in international airways

Sean_paul_superstar_jamaican.jpgGrammy award-winning artiste, Sean Paul, continues to wave the Jamaican flag high, stamping his dominant Jamaican sound in the international airways. The Dancehall superstar is currently promoting his new album, just completed his summer tour, has a hit song on Reggae Gold 2012, will be performing in Las Vegas soon, and is slated to perform at the upcoming Nottinghill Carnival.

Sean Paul is currently promoting Tomahawk Technique - his fifth studio album. The collection is predominantly hybrid dancehall as the dancehall flavour has been merged with hip hop, pop and techno tempos shown respectively in the album’s hit singles How Deep is Your Love, She Doesn't Mind and Touch the Sky. Tomahawk Technique is also home to more hit singles like Got 2 Luv U, Wedding Crashers and Dream Girl, all of which have videos depicting various aspects of the artiste’s personality.

For this album, Sean Paul worked alongside Future Fambo, DJ Ammo, Kelly Rowland and Alexis Jordan. Got 2 Luv U and She Doesn’t Mind have shared the number one spot in Switzerland and Austria and are among the top 10 singles in other countries.

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Etana Shares Her Joy With The World!

etana_pregnant_baby_son.jpgSinger Etana is sharing with all her fans, supporters and well wishers that she is expecting a new addition to her family. Known for not opening up much on her personal life, Etana felt compelled to respectfully enlighten her fans by announcing she had a bun in the oven. The rumors of pregnancy have been circulating since her marriage to model/ Award Winning Actor, Andre Morris in March of 2010. Morris is a Pulse Model, popularly known from numerous runway shows, television commercials and acting roles in local plays.

I'm Surprised with a new life, a precious gift! Jah works in mysterious ways... Etana

The singer has kept herself busy throughout her pregnancy. Presently she is on tour in the UK preparing for her Jamaica Fifty performance at the Tower Ballroom in Birmingham on August 4th. Kenya will be her next stop before she appears on the Chimsee Reggae Summer Festival in Germany. She will finally get a break for nesting and preparing for her newborn due for arrival this fall.

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RDX "Jump" Becomes The Group's 6th Chart Topping Single

RDX_Jump_tour_europe.jpgDynamic Duo RDX has always managed to keep their fans and music lovers breathless with their high tempo music and energy filled entertainment. Since their explosion on the scene with mega hit "Bend Over", they instantly followed with more hits such as "Dance", "Everybody Dance", "Daggering" and summer party anthem "Summer Slap Weh" amongst others, the group has always gone beyond the call of their musical duties to not just deliver music but also entertain.

RDX has added another hit song to their collection. Their single JUMP released a little over two months ago has been in heavy rotation and with the release of the video has only added more fuel to the top of the charts.

JUMP has become RDX's 6th chart topping single and is now according to several of Jamaica's entertainment charts, the number one song and video. The "Jump" video has collectively acquired over 1 million views on YouTube and is also climbing the international charts. The single jump distributed by digital giants 21st Hapilos is available on iTunes.

RDX "Summa Slap Weh Tour" will be heading to Europe this August with stops in Italy, France and Germany and gracing festivals such as Ostrada (Poland), Rototom (Spain) and Sodueste (Portugal).

Stay updated for more dates and venues by logging on to their various social network sites.

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August 1, 2012

MTV IGGY - Konshens: Dancehall In Translation

By Beverly Bryan


Konshens is heavy as a lead weight. When he walks in you can feel the gravity in the room getting stronger like we’re suddenly on a bigger planet. The internationally popular dancehall star is 27 “on a good day,” yet acts much older. Business minded, keen of wit yet severe of manner, during his interview with with MTV Iggy he keeps his mirrored shades on but makes eye contact. He can be charming in conversation too. He’s a dancehall guy after all. Still, there’s always a touch of dread. This is true of his music as well as his personality.

He might be in his twenties, but as someone who has already been performing all over the world for the better part of a decade, Konshens has earned the right to speak like a grizzled veteran, however, you get the feeling he’s been a this way for a long time. No doubt it’s that gravity that has made him a globally sought after artist. (That, and he’s a great musician.)

He can calibrate his patois to be more or less intelligible to non-patois speakers and does so as he chooses. No doubt, he’s learned to shift his communication style to connect with fans scattered across the continents. He has a big following in Europe and he’s performed in Kenya, Guyana and also Jamaica. But his live debut was actually in Japan, where his following is outsized. Many of his biggest fans don’t speak English, let alone Jamaican patois.

A professional and a performer above all, the singer tailors his message to his audience and he’s never had one release that was available to all of his supporters, until now. With the worldwide release of Mental Maintenance on his own Subkonshus Music he will be able to bring one single message to everyone at the same time. And what is his message? On the lead track “World Citizen” he sings “we are one.”


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Drake and Rihanna lead MTV Video Music awards nominations

By Sean Michaels


Drake and Rihanna lead the nominees for this year's MTV Video Music awards. Each artist received five nods in a contest that will also see the UK boybands One Direction and the Wanted face off for the best new artist prize.

This year's VMAs will take place on 6 September at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. While Drake and Rihanna are at the top of the heap, Katy Perry received four nominations, with three each to Frank Ocean, MIA, Coldplay, and Jay-Z & Kanye West's Watch the Throne project. As for the biggest prize of the night, video of the year, there's an Australian earworm nestled in with the bangers: Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know will contend with songs by Drake, Rihanna, Perry and MIA.

So far, organisers have announced only two of the gala's performers: One Direction, who have the bestselling debut album of the year in the US, and Alicia Keys, who will preview her upcoming fifth LP. "It's the perfect setting," Keys said in a statement. "I debuted No One at the [2007] VMAs - it was the first time anyone in the world heard [the song]. It's the right energy. It's the right vibe. People are so excited about the night of music and hearing different styles that it just goes over really well."

Despite attempting a comeback album this year, Madonna was completely overlooked in this year's VMA nominations. The same is true for Lady Gaga, who was eligible for - and ignored in - two categories.

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Inner Circle Headlines Free Jamaica50 Celebration Presented by AT&T


Inner Circle Headlines the Free Jamaica50 Celebration Presented by AT&T at NYC's Central Park Summer Stage also featuring Israel Vibrations & The Mighty Diamonds on August 19, 2012 starting at 3PM. Summer Stage is New York's premier free performing arts festival hosted by the City Parks Foundation. It brings performances of superior artistic caliber, free of charge, to large and diverse audiences.

To anyone who's familiar with Inner Circle, the GRAMMY® winning band's 20-year-plus history in reggae has had a long string of successes. Inner Circle's special brand of pop-oriented Jamaican beats and energy-filled live performances have allowed the band to transcend the traditional reggae niche and enjoy widespread crossover appeal. From the launch of their first album in 1978 entitled, Everything Is Great, to the launch of the album, Bad Boys which became an international hit featuring the title track as well as the dance party favorite "Sweat," Inner Circle's brand of unforgettable hooks and island beats has kept the band a mainstay in the reggae world.

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Rupee Headlines 5th Annual Riddim Runway Festival

rupee_artiste_soca.jpgOn September 22, 2012, Caribbean Carnival comes to Southwest Florida as King Leo Promotions, in association with Hotel Indigo, presents their 5th Annual Riddim Runway Festival, carnival style. The streets of downtown Fort Myers will be filled with carnival costumed-paraders and end with a benefit concert featuring international reggae and soca artists.

Riddim Runway is a fusion of live Caribbean music and fashion, and was created by King Leo Promotions as a way of giving back/giving thanks by providing support to local charities. Each year, profits from Riddim Runway are allocated to local charities. This year's beneficiaries will be Colours School of the Arts and C.C.M.I Soup Kitchen.

"We are proud to announce that we have once again teamed up with Hotel Indigo to bring this festival to the River District in Downtown Fort Myers," says Jessica Williams, President of Marketing and Communications for King Leo Promotions. "Downtown Fort Myers has always been our home, we definitely feel the love here."

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