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"Impy Skimpy" Sexiest Party For Independence Weekend Negril, Jamaica (RTI)


Impy Skimpy is one of the most sexiest parties to be held in Jamaica but this year the Ocho Rios based event will be 'Bringing Sexy Back' to Negril this Independence Weekend.

The event which apart of the RumBar Temptation Isle series of event is one of the most anticipated events and as the name suggest, ladies are encouraged to adhere to the theme and its past legacy.

A weekend dedicated to pure unadulterated fun and responsible drinking will see over 30,000 patrons across the island being themselves and party like there is no tomorrow.

Impy Skimpy will be like 'Spring Break in Cancun' and one thing for sure its the perfect way to climb the party social ladder and party with hottest and the sexiest ladies across the island.

Dwaine Campbell one of the promoter of the event says "Impy skimpy is a fun and friendly event, where it allows the patrons to feel free about themselves. The Ladies come out in full force in there sexy wears an allow the men to lust at there desires!......its is held twice a year for the past 4 yrs and it has been an incident free party from ever since". A lot of people ask why does Impy Skimpy have so many DJs this year? Our patrons are use to less DJs to bring a more consistent musical vibe to the event.

This year Impy Skimpy brings to you something that you will find at none of the other 23 events in Negril. Impy Skimpy will have (2) two different uber musical areas in the event. The inside of the Jungle which is dubbed, "Club Ibiza" will have musical selections of alternative, techno, electronic and hiphop. While the outside which is dubbed. "Jam Rock" will have musical selections of dancehall, reggae and soca.

We have created 2 different types of events all in 1 to give patrons the opportunity to decide how they want to party. Our DJs are credible in the areas, ranging from, zip jocks, to links fm djs, and well known kings of reggae and dancehall in the industry. So patrons come out and rave like your clubbing in Ibiza or lest bruck out and do it Jam Rock Style.