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Raine Seville Playing "Cheating Games" With Mavado?

By Marc Parc Writer

raine-seville-mavado-cheating-games-payday-music.jpgAlliance stalwart singjay, Mavado and DASECA first lady, Raine Seville are creating several waves with the unleashing of their sensual duet, Cheating Games.

One of the eye-catching singles on the Payday Music Group produced Real Reggae Riddim, Cheating Games tells the story of a relationship gone sour as an unfaithful boyfriend looks back on a break-up which leaves him in shock while a reminiscing girlfriend turns away his pleas for forgiveness.

Raine Seville tells the "Gully Gaad" in the opening part of Cheating Games, "So now I'm leaving, no more grieving."
Mavado then responds, "This girl love me and leave me and left mi and gone, Raine pass mi and leave mi like a Gilbert storm, yuh did tell mi how much, forever more yuh wudda calm, now yuh feel insecure, yuh pack up and gone."

He continues to plead his case, "Is like mi get a big stone, mi prefer tek a gunshot, mi hear seh yuh gone, is like mi ketch heart attack."
Raine retorts by singing, "It's now that you wanna cry, no need to apologize, tellin' me all these lies, I can see it in your eyes. How could you treat me this way?"

The back-and-forth arguments put forth in song makes for a thought-provoking single that many couples in real life can relate to. The song's already received local airplay and high praise amongst Reggae fans that'd long been searching for a single to re-invigorate the genre.
The Real Reggae Riddim produces several high-flying hits such as Tek It to the Heights by Capleton, Be On the Alert by Wayne Marshall and Bounty Killer and I Ain't Missing You by Natalie Storm.



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