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January 31, 2012

Scenes From G Whizz Birthday Celebration - Mango Ranch



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LIME Celebrates Reggae Month With the Marleys

Major sponsor of ‘Trench Town Rock’ Concert

Bob-marley-lime-trench-town-reggae.jpgIn celebration of Reggae Month (February), telecommunications company LIME will be making the trod to the former home of reggae legend Bob Marley with his sons Stephen, Damian, Kymani, and Julian for the 12th staging of the ‘Trench Town Rock’ concert scheduled for February 4.

The concert presented by Ghetto Youths International in association with LIME will be in observation of the 67th anniversary of the birth of their father, Bob.

“We are extremely honoured to be able to pay tribute to a man who is an enduring icon associated with our beloved country and so we believe this is the most fitting way to celebrate his life and bring the community together in a positive way” says Stephen Price, Head of Marketing.

“In celebration of our 50th anniversary as an independent nation and of course in observation of Reggae Month, this is an excellent opportunity for us all to celebrate our proud legacy as Jamaicans” he added.

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Dancehall Artiste Elephant Man slapped with rape, sexual assault charges

By Marc Parc Writer

Elephant-man-dancehall-artiste-lock-up.jpgInternationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Oneil Bryan, more popularly known as Elephant Man has been charged with rape and grievous sexual assault.

According to CVMTV, the prominent deejay was slapped with the charges after several reports were filed against him last week. As a result, detectives from the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) took Elephant Man into custody in Sunday; questioning regarding several sex-based allegations.
Law enforcement officials claim that they cannot provide further details about the matter at this time, given that the investigations are ongoing.

This is the latest in a slew of negative news for the self-proclaimed, Energy God. Last June, the prominent entertainer was arrested at his Hillcrest Avenue residence in St. Andrew after law enforcement officials caught the deejay allegedly using illegal wiring in attempt to steal electricity from the Jamaica Public Service (JPS). He has since been charged with abstracting electricity and faces a February 7 court date in that matter.
Additionally, the deejay avoided a lawsuit involving designer who threatened to sue him for not paying off JA$1 million of accumulated debt regarding designer clothing. Immediately after that, he managed to pay half of the money owed.

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Irish and Chin Announces World Clash R.E.S.E.T.

Irish-and-chin-worl-clash-reset-dancehall.jpgNew York, New York -- World Clash is turning a new leaf for it's thrilling return in 2012, as part of Irish and Chin's year-long 15th Anniversary celebration. While the street's buzz for World Clash is immense, Irish and Chin recently announced big plans for the epic sound clashes to be held on Saturday, April 7 @ Amazura in Queens, New York and Monday, April 9 @ Pier 1 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The return of World Clash is being fueled by Irish and Chin's R.E.S.E.T. (Restoring, Exciting, Sound System, Entertainment Together) campaign, which was recently launched on their weekly Sound Chat Internet radio show. R.E.S.E.T. aims to bring back excitement to sound system entertainment on a global scale. Some major components of the campaign involve the creation of a unified arena for juggling and clash sounds, the admission of 45s (non dubplate recordings) in sound clashes and less profanity in competitions.

To address the incorporation of establishing a unified arena in the R.E.S.E.T. campaign, Irish and Chin co-owner Garfield "Chin" Bourne says "The global presence, which was once governed by Dancehall's top sound systems has become dormant, as both the juggling and clash sectors of the industry have suffered a decline in bookings and global visibility."

The promoter adds "In order to regain the position that sound systems once had, moving forward, it would be advantageous to create one arena, consisting of juggling and clash sounds/selectors. This fusion will allow Dancehall fans to experience a mixture of hardcore and bashment entertainment in one setting, ultimately resulting in a tremendous increase in patronage."

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January 30, 2012

Popcaan's Only Man She Want Tops The Hype TV Dancehall Chart

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Celine Dion Shines at Jazz & Blues Along With Reggae Veterans

By Marc Parc Writer

celion-dion-jazz-and-blues-festival.jpgNous t'aimons! Or "We love you" in English. That became the sentiment from Jamaican fans at the end of a thrilling three day Jamaica Jazz & Blues 2012 Festival, capped off by the effervescent presence of French-Canadian songstress, Celine Dion.

The Grammy-winning sensation graced the Greenfield Stadium in Trelawny late Friday night; her first ever performance on Jamaican soil. As Dion entered the stage, shouting "Hello Jamaica!" she immediately garnered several shouts of appreciation from the locals as the prominent singer opened with her classic single, I Drove All Night.

Dion made her debut performance in the island count as she sparked memories with hits like Beauty and the Beast, Where Does My Heart Beat Now and Because You Loved Me, which triggered a slow dance session amongst the patrons. Additionally, Dion shared the stage with Jamaican Reggae singer, Diana King, who recently returned to the island to unveil some new projects. King and Dion unleashed a rousing duet with the performance of Treat Her Like A Lady.

Dion's hour-long set featured four costume changes and even a wardrobe malfunction as a short gold mini dress she rocked on stage accidentally flashed fans looking below. Nevertheless, it was Dion's performances that proved more eye-popping as she sang more classics such as It's All Coming Back To Me Now, All By Myself and the resoundingly popular soundtrack of the classic Titanic movie, My Heart Will Go On.

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Dancehall Superstar Shaggy to unveil new version of Summer in Kingston

By Marc Parc Writer

shaggy-summer-in-kingston-dancehall-artiste.jpgInternationally acclaimed superstar, Shaggy will unleash a new version of his Grammy-nominated album, Summer in Kingston in February.

The eight-track digital album, originally released last July, will now be released in CD form, with two additional tracks. The release of the Summer in Kingston CD will take place around the time of the 54th annual Grammy Awards on February 12 in Los Angeles.

Shaggy explained the re-release during a recent interview with Splash; intimating that this version of Summer in Kingston will provide a different flavor.

"Initially we released the album digitally with eight songs and sold it at a fan appreciation price for a limited time. Now we are releasing the physical copy with a total of 10 songs, so it's now a full-length album," he said.

The new singles that will feature on the album include the Sly and Robbie produced, She Give Me Love as well as Hurting. Additionally, there'll be a new version of his new single, Dame, featuring Dominican-American singer, Kat DeLuna.

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Tiana Says Why Pree - When She's The Only Girl Him Want

Dancehall's Princess and breakthrough starlet, Tiana has declared her status in her newest release; insisting she's the Only Girl Him Want.

A remix of Popcaan's number one hit, Only Man She Want, Tiana outlines a storyline where she pledges allegiance to one man, in song. A raw, passionate anthem expressing loyalty, Only Girl Him Want showcases the raunchy style of Tiana that raised her to prominence in 2011 when she made waves throughout the underground Dancehall market with Pum Pum Phat, a remake of another Popcaan hit, Ravin'.

In Only Girl Him Want, Tiana sparks several imaginations by deejaying, "Like a signal, some gyal man roam, dem nuh know how fi wine pon di pole, mi nah haffi search inna mi man phone, Pum Pum Phat a di ringtone."

Tiana's thought provoking lyrics continue when she deejays, "Him seh a you haffi bare my fruit, 36 months equal to four ute, yuh a natural beauty, di pickny haffi cute, tonight mi nah use no more b…."

With close to 5,000 YouTube views since its release this past Saturday, Only Girl Him Want has already attracted strong notice of the Dancehall community as Tiana seeks to build on momentum achieved from a strong 2011. She attracted Female Deejay of the Year talk in 2011 with the release of several hits such as Gyal Mi Love Yuh featuring Konshens, Haffi Mek It, Highest Grade Song and Bruk Out and Wine on the Overproof Riddim to name a few.

Prior to this effort, Tiana unleashed her debut effort in 2012, Real Bad Gyal on the Cashflow Records produced, School Bag Riddim.

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Etana Electrifies At Jazz & Blues

Etana-reggae-singer-jazz-and-blues.jpgThe recently held Jazz and Blues Festival on the picturesque coastline of Jamaica, was an amazing event for music enthusiasts. Etana contributed with a fantastic performance. She showcased the gravitating sounds of reggae and the many moods of music celebrated on the island.

Etana feels blessed to be considered apart of this year's event, which was a special 50 years' tribute. Homage was paid to the country's independence, the birth place of reggae music and the legendary Bob Marley. "It was a real Honor to perform before Shaggy, as the closing act, after Maxi Priest, Luciano, Marcia Griffiths, just to name a few. A true honor", said Etana

It was in deed a treat as the female songstress entered centre stage elegantly attired with her L'Acado dancers flocking in all white gowns. The heavenly intro swept away onlookers, screaming in excitement as the songbird angelically vocalized her chart topper, Free. Her tightly packed set was filled with hit after hit, as she kept the tone smooth and silky. Etana continued to thrill with a Rhythm & Blues flavored, Warrior Love. She managed to transform the atmosphere to an intimate live performance in a small pub in the Big Easy, lights dimmed and strong vocals while the band blazed in the shadow.

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Reggae Singer Sista Quanna "Going Back To Zion" With Very Huge Records


Taking off from the "Cockpit" Dee side Parish of Trelawny, Sharnett Eccleston is "Sista Quanna". Quanna is the latest rising star to emerge from Chester Walker's "Very Huge Records" label based in Kingston, Jamaica. Of which she is proud to be a part of.

Born on April 11 1986 and raised in a traditional christian home a young Sharnett was a child with a powerful, uncommon and distinctively African sound under steered under the watchful eye of a Revival church. The love of singing is a natural part of her being and becoming the lead singer in the Deeside Cultural Group was a blessing. These two platforms gave numerous sights, venues and opportunities to perform all over jamaica.

Visiting the Addis Ababa Studio in Deeside was inevitable but the meeting of Jahra and Geba was the catalyst to introducing her to the "Real" thing about music. Upon their move to Kingston Quanna became and was introduced to Chester Walker of VHR through Jahra.

Now settled in Kington, Quanna Mother of one son Kazane and wife of 3 years is now training daily and working hard in the studio. Still guided by the doctrines of Rastafari and Jahra and Geba, Quanna praises her empowerment to the Way of Rastafari. Her debut track "Going Back To Zion" is a soulful and spiritually moving sound. In her own words "Zion is the Motherland where I and I is from ... Africa is I and I". Quanna Jan2012

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January 29, 2012

Assassin Racks Up 10,000 Downloads Of Mixtape In One Week

Assassin-river-stone-buss-dem-head-mixtape.jpgTop flight dancehall star Assassin a.k.a Agent Sasco has thrown down the gauntlet to his deejay peers as he lays claim to the title of being 'best lyricist' in the dancehall with the release of the critically acclaimed 'River Stone Buss Dem Head' mixtape. The mixtape is an hour long romp of thought-provoking lyrics, witty one-liners and complex metaphors that underline Assassin's prowess as the best rhyme spitter in the Dancehall Game today.

The 'Run the Place' lyricist released his brand new live mix tape on January 17th and to date, the mixtape has racked up over 10,000 official Internet downloads. Producers of the mixtape, Boardhouse Records, confirmed that just within a week of its official release date, over ten thousand (10, 000) Internet downloads have been recorded, in addition to massive positive feedback via Social networks, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter along with other media outlets worldwide.

Boardhouse Records dubs this effort the "the first ever live recorded Dancehall Mix Tape’ and to pull off this feat, they recruited Dr. Dre (Renaissance Sound) and Xync Fence Sound, to provide the sound system atmosphere. In addition to the versatile Agent Sasco, the mix tape also features fresh, young talents, Scaacha, Lady Ali as well as Muschino a.k.a. Quick Cook, who is responsible for creating the catchy phrase, ‘River Stone Buss Dem Head’.

The 63-track mixtape features a variety of new tunes, displaying versatility, energy and originality as well as hit songs, such as, ‘Run Di Place’, ‘Talk How Mi Feel’, ‘Madda Badman’, ‘Hand In A Di Air, ‘Drink & Merry ’and ’Late’; which are currently storming the airwaves, social media networks and dancehalls, local and internationally. Both 'Run Di Place' and 'Talk How Mi Feel' hit #1 on various dancehall charts during 2011.

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Man Who Discovered Nicki Minaj: 'She Was Disgraced By Sex Symbol Suggestion'

By Alicia Adejobi

Nicky-minaj-symbol-artiste-performing.jpgThe man who discovered Nicki Minaj before she was famous reveals that she was "disgraced" by his suggestion that she turn into a sex symbol to sell records.

Big Fendi credits himself as the man who gave Onika Maraj her start in the rap game, and reveals how she was not the outrageous persona she is today. The news may come as a shock to fans who know Nicki as the sex symbol with the huge derriere, but it wasn't always this way.

"I changed her name, I changed her image," Fendi told The Come Up.

"Me and Nicki Minaj was arguing because I wanted her to be the sex symbol and talk about p***y and get n****s open and she told me I was disgracing her name... But she still talking about p***y and ass, ass, ass," he added in reference to her remix of Big Sean's hit single 'Dance (A$$).'

Fendi also claims he is owed money by Nicki's label Young Money.

Do you believe Nicki was a prude before she became famous?

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January 28, 2012

It's official: Mavado marries longtime girlfriend in U.S.

By Marc Parc Writer


Queue the wedding bells. Dancehall superstar, Mavado has officially tied the knot.

After a few days of rife speculation, it was confirmed on Friday that the Alliance-affiliated singjay consummated his marriage to long-time girlfriend and the mother of his child, Monique McKenzie in Florida earlier this month.

According to media reports, a Clerk of Courts representative from the Broward County 17th Judicial Circuit of Florida confirmed that the official marriage certificate will be mailed to the newlywed couple next month. Additionally, the representative intimated that Mavado and his wife entered their offices to sort out details of their license.
Mavado, whose real name is David Constantine Brooks has a son with McKenzie, David Vitton Brooks. Reportedly, the internationally-acclaimed singjay intended to marry McKenzie since last year.

Earlier this week, a copy of the couple's marriage license application emerged on with their names and birthdates clearly outlined. Additionally, a picture of the couple was produced for the public to see.
Mavado's marriage bares similarities to that of fellow Alliance singjay, Wayne Marshall, who married longtime girlfriend and fellow singjay, Tami Chynn in a private ceremony three years ago. Details of their marriage emerged shortly after the ceremony took place in September 2009.

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2012 Video Web Awards Nominees Announced



Nominees: Mykal Cushnie, Jay Will (Game Over), Dexter '3D' Pottinger, Chris 'Icey Jace' Campbell, Melissa Llewellyn, Kirk Lee (Roadblock Films), JayFresh, Shutah Films, Mills Miller, Robin Chin
2010 Winner: Chris 'Icey Jace' Campbell
2009 Winner: Jay Will (Game Over)

Nominees: Lypher - Make One, J Cee - Air I Breathe, DJ Nicholas ft. Jason Mighty - Divine Mathematics, Carlene Davis - Threshing Floor, Ryan Mark - Touch Di Road, Khaos ft. Toi - If God Was Like Man, Omari - Jehovah Guide Me, Kerron Ennis - God Is Not Done With Me Yet, Kary Diamond - Selfish Act
***new category***

Nominees: Trudy TruDiva - Party All Night, Kahlil - You're Gonna Be Sorry, Stephanie Wallace - Got It Right There, Sky Nicole Grey - Lollipop, Akshan - Pearl, Khago - Tun Up Di Ting, Riquey Bingham - Come Back To Me, Neil Amos - Clear, BMWA - Down Deh, Nefatari - They Don't Know
2010 Winner: IeYe 'I Know'
2009 Winner: G Whizz 'Life'

Nominees: Spice - Jim Screechy, Cherine Anderson - Make Up Sex, Queen Ifrica - Time Like These, Tiana - Bruk Out n Wine, Tifa - Get Flat, Trudy TruDiva - Party All Night, Danielle & Cherine - Rebel, Keida - Bubble Up, Raine Seville - Tra La La / Showdown, Ikaya - Get High
2010 Winner: Lady Saw 'Party Til December'
2009 Winner: Raine Seville 'Slippery When Wet / Be Careful'

Nominees: Shaggy - Sugarcane, Chris Martin - Paper Loving, Romain Virgo - I Am Rich In Love, Charly Black - Too Blessed, Konshens - Simple Song, Tarrus Riley - Shaka Zulu Pickney, Mavado - Settle Down, Chan Dizzy - Hello Badmind, Popcaan - Gangster City, Mr. Vegas - Bruk It Down
2010 Winner: I-Octane 'Lose A Friend'
2009 Winner: Jah Cure 'Call On Me''

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The Autism and Disabilities Ambassadors Competition 2012

chino-charity.jpgDancehall superstar and son of Jamaican reggae icon Freddie McGregor: Chino is casting his superstar value behind the cause of raising awareness about Autism in Jamaica, as he will be the star and among the guests of honor at the first ever Autism and Disabilities Luncheon Awards Banquet at the Wyndham Kingston Jamaica.

The young dancehall heavy weight and burgeoning superstar and his reps., have confirmed that he will perform for the 35 exclusive invitees to the first ever Autism and Disabilities Ambassadors Awards Banquet at the Wyndham Kingston - which is a part of the prize for the Autism and Disabilities Ambassadors competition 2012, officially launched on Tuesday January 31-2012.

Chino will not only perform; but interact with the invitees, who will comprise high school students to which the competition is aimed at and several Autistic children.

Chino says, "I am very interested and willing to help this cause".

Representative of the Foundation confirmed they wanted a young male star that represented the positivity it endorses, and cites Chino as one of the rare examples of a young Jamaican male star who portrays integrity and decency while still being cool.

Open to any high school student between 12 and 18, the competition runs for 3 months as of its start.

Competitors will have approximately three months to volunteer with the disabled, not necessarily Autistically affected, set up a display at their community library, church, school to promote disabilities tolerance, aim at getting letters to the editor in the local newspapers to promote disabilities kindnesses and pen an essay due March 31-2012 about a disability of their choice. The activities have to be overseen by a teacher, pastor, or guidance counselor to ensure that he work is done.

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January 27, 2012

Khago Holds #1 Spot On Boston Hot 97 Dancehall Charts

khago_blood_boil_uk.jpgInternational recording artiste Khago has scored another number one with his breakout crossover single, 'Tun Up De Ting' on the Overproof Riddim, which has been #1 on the Boston Hot 97 dancehall charts
for six consecutive weeks.

"He's been number one on the Boston Hot 97 HOT 5 charts for the past six weeks and that has been an impressive run," Paul Parrara, the general manager of Boston Hot 97, said in a release.

The HOT 5 charts airs every Saturday during a show called 'Inside the Dancehall'. The chart is rounded out by Damian Marley's 'Set Up Shop at #2, Popcaan is #3 with 'Only Man She Want', while Konshens just entered the charts at #4 with 'Do Something' and Mavado is #5 with 'Settle Down', which is also on the Overproof Riddim.

In the meantime, Khago's recent hit single, Tax Inna My World, has hit the top five on the ER dancehall charts and is #3 on the Fiwi Choice Top Ten Charts.

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Teflon says he is willing to lyrically clash any Artist that dare to challenges him!

teflon-clash-artiste-dancehall-lyrical.jpgIn his own words "Me ready fi clash any artist weh have a problem with di me. We nuh deal wid badmind, we nuh born wid it or catch dem things deh. Nuh blood boiling, We system clean, lone Ital food and herbs to we system".

And if you wonder where this comes from, very simply... Sting and the unfinished "Rumors Of War". After releasing "Nah Tek No Talk", Teflon was inundated with his fans asking for more. Of course Teflon wants it to be clear that first and foremost he loves and breathes for his craft, his music, and that any clashing is for lyrical entertainment and not personal, well not personal to any artists, but some of it personal to some parts of the business. So to "Follow Di Arrow" he aims and promises to give his fans what they want, and at the same time, if any artist dare to challenge him, he's willing and able!

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Top 10: The Best of Buju Banton

By M. Jodee Writer

An icon of his generation and a spokesman of positivity through his music, Buju Banton made an art form out of making hit songs that sparked deep thought and strong emotions.

In a successful career, spanning parts of three decades, the "Gargamel" became one of Reggae music's most conscious artistes while also excelling whilst creating more Dancehall oriented material. Though his ten year prison term on drug-related charges may tarnish his image to some, he remains an inspiration to many through his music. Despite the relatively unknown status of his career going forward, given his pending appeal, Buju's career produced several impactful songs; ten of which still have much significance.


10. Psalm 23 (featuring Gramps Morgan):
Rarely do artists exhibit some sort of spiritual identity in a musical world filled with sex, drugs and controversy. However, Buju and Morgan Heritage member, Gramps Morgan defied logic with their Reggae themed remix of Psalm 23. The Reggae/Gospel fusion worked to perfection as it showcased Buju Banton in a more sensual light; representing himself as a visionary with deeply rooted faith in God. That faith remains publicly evident as, despite his current predicament, he reportedly remains strong and optimistic that he will see the light of day sooner rather than later.

9. Hills and Valleys:
Buju Banton also remains renowned for being a freedom fighter; showcasing a more roots-oriented vibe with his hugely popular song, Hills and Valleys in 1997. Experimenting vocally throughout his successful album that year, Inna Heights, Buju scored with his fans by documenting the struggles of his people in a world that was slowly but surely crumbling. Hills and Valleys kept Buju relevant during the 1990s as he continued to prove his deserved status as Reggae's most influential star since Bob Marley.

8. I Don't Know Why (featuring Wayne Wonder):
This 90s classic help boost the careers of Buju Banton and Wayne Wonder as it showcased their sensual sides. The scintillating single, also known as Bonafide Love won both artistes countless female fans as it combined rough and tumble vocals with a soothing undertone which Wonder famously produced in the song’s chorus. I Don't Know Why remains one of the most popular Reggae duets in the 90s and continues to play across events locally.

7. Love Me Browning:
Before Buju became known for his social consciousness, the “Gargamel” had a more hardcore sound when he broke onto the Dancehall scene in 1991. Perhaps his first major breakthrough hit was the lady-friendly single, Love Me Browning. The single dominated locally while slowly introducing his scruffy, deep-toned voice to the world. Love Me Browning set the tone for Buju's career as he broke the all-time record, previously held by Bob Marley for the most chart-topping songs by a Jamaican artiste in a singular year (1992).

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Lisa Hyper Heads To England In February

lisa_hyper_tour_us_dancehal_artiste.jpgFormer Portmore Empire deejay Lisa Hyper has pushed back the release date for her debut album, The Realest Bitch, because of other pressing obligations that would make it difficult for her to promote the album to the best of her ability.

"In February, I will be leaving for England where I will be doing a number of shows over there for at least two weeks, and then when I return to Jamaica, I will head to Canada for two shows so that is the main reason to push back the release date of the March, I will have more time to go all out in terms of marketing and promotion," Lisa Hyper said in a release.

Next week, Lisa Hyper will be completing the videos for her singles, 'Power' and 'Roll Deep', the lead singles for the album.

The videos will be directed by well-known video director Snow.

"I will be auditioning girls for the 'Power' video next Tuesday at King Jammys studio. We are doing two videos, one for Power and the other for Roll Deep, but I need a few girls to spice up the Power video," she said.

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January 26, 2012

Before They Were Stars with Mr. Vegas

By Marc Parc Writer


One of the more musically flamboyant artistes of his generation, Mr. Vegas has become one of the most internationally-renowned Dancehall superstars during the last 15 years. His career resume boasts many hits and his sexpot persona on stage has made him very much in-demand with his female fans. However, M. Vegas' career almost ended before it started.

Born Clifford Smith in 1974, he immediately grew a love for music and gained a stage name worthy of the big-time. During his childhood days, Smith acquired the name Mr. Vegas due to his tendency to kick a football like a Las Vegas dancer. Smith took on the moniker and began singing covers of Dancehall/Reggae hits at parties and events; creating some buzz amongst his peers.

However, Smith's career was nearly cut short when, during a fight over stolen mixtapes, he was hit in the face with a crowbar. Smith suffered a broken jaw and had said jaw wired shut for nearly two months. This injury threatened his progress but, in awkward sort of way, built his confidence as he soon changed his speech patterns and deejaying style once his jaw continued healing.

In 1997, Mr. Vegas teamed up with prominent Dancehall producer, Jeremy Harding, where despite not having fully recovered from his injury, recorded his first mainstream single, Nike Air. The song became an instant hit on local Dancehall charts as he gained clout within the industry; particularly amongst female fans.

However, it was in 1998 when Mr. Vegas established himself as a permanent figure within Dancehall history with the release of his internationally-acclaimed hit, Heads High. With chart-topping success in Jamaica, Heads High also featured on the Billboard Top 100 R&B Charts in the United States as well as charts in the United Kingdom. Following the unveiling his debut album, Heads High that same year, Mr. Vegas earned even more acclaim as the project garnered chart-topping acclaim while earning a British Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Award for Best Reggae artiste in 1999.

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Teacha & Mackerel - Step Pon Dem Clean Mix Vol.11



Lyrics and mp3

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Nefatari Reveals the Behind the Scenes of Her Video on Tempo Network

Nefatari-video-jamaica-tempo.jpgTeamNefatari has been looking to kick off the year 2012 with a bang. It started out with Nefatari opening for internationally known "Singjay" Mavado (who was recently signed to DJ Khaled) in Miami mid-January. But the real bang starts this Friday at 7pm, where Nefatari can be seen on the hype TEMPO network on their programme "ZYNC Links". Nefatari will be taking you Behind The Scenes of her recently filmed video for the hot single "Day You Mess Up" produced by Echo One Productions. TEMPO currently broadcasts in 24 Caribbean islands, with approximately 3M viewers, and as well broadcasts in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut on Cablevision Channel 1105.

The video was directed by "Chris "Icey Jace" Campbell and was shot in different area's of "New York"; Nefatari's home-state, including scenes taken in the Bronx and Brooklyn. Nefatari's love for fashion created a strong impact in the music video, the reggae popstar can be seen dressed in the latest fashion, as she was dressed by top designer Laquan Smith, who has dressed top females in entertainment indusry such as Lady Gaga, Ciarra, Tyra Banks, and Niki Minaj.

Nefatari started her career as a background singer for superstars such as Lindsay Lohan and Emma Button (From the Spice Girls), and has strong set of supporters behind her from her management, team, right up to her Mother Constance White who is originally from Jamaica and is Editor-In-Chief for the top black culture magazine "Essence".

Expect the unexpected from the pop reggae rockstar as she plans to release nothing but the hottest singles this year.

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January 25, 2012

Mavado Speaks About the Death of His Friend at the Quad Nightclub

Mansion Records CEO Mavado Hopes That Justice Will Be Done

I David Brooks wish to make the following statement:

mavado-hope-%26-pray.jpgOn the 13th June 2011, arising out of an incident which took place at the Quad Nightclub in New Kingston where Conroy Edwards aka "Connie" was fatally shot whilst being unarmed.

To date, this matter continues to be the subject of investigations with the lapse of seven (7) months.

The matter became one of public interest to the extent that one of the major news stations, TVJ, has featured video clips of the part of the incident leading up to the shooting of Conroy. This feature formed part of its 2011 Year in Review Highlights.

As a witness to the incident and a Jamaican citizen who is committed to the rule of law, it has caused me great concern that, what I, in my humble view, see as a clear case of homicide, has failed to result in an arrest thus far. Myself, along with five (5) other persons who were eyewitnesses to the incident, have carried out our civic duties by giving statements to the police. I attended the Constant Spring Police Station immediately after the incident where I gave my eyewitness statement to the police about the shooting I witnessed and about the assault on me.

A determination of this matter, which we understand was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for a ruling, is anxiously being awaited.

It is no secret that allegations made against me led to my arrest within hours after the said June 13, 2011 incident and subsequently to me being charged for assault. However, contrastingly, the person against whom statements were given, a serving member of the JCF, has yet to be arrested. How could this happen? I was assaulted first by the police officer, I reported the incident first and subsequently was arrested first. Connie was killed while being unarmed. I have deliberately kept my silence for the last seven (7) months, but the time has come for me to go public with the hope that justice will be done.

-David Brooks (Mavado)

Lyrics and mp3

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Indie producer brings "Gangsta Comedy" to life: Blind Shotta

Blind Shotta - Movie directed by Diavallon Fearon (Dia)


When one door (or many) closes, especially if you're a Jamaican, you open a few more.

In the case of Diavallan Fearon, who had built a career in music against the odds (his music enterprise is aptly named Builders Music), the doors to radio airplay were repeatedly being shut on him and his ever-expanding stable of artistes. Some of them, like the DJ Predator, had already achieved some level of notoriety in the dancehalls and even on radio, but it proved to be of little effect.

Unable to continue to find space for his productions on tightly controlled local radio, Fearon, who had long harboured ambitions toward a career in film, started taking matters into his own hands, and created his own vehicle. Thus, we have "Blind Shotta" which he unofficially bills as a "Gangsta Comedy".

"I was inspired by some serious events" he recalls. "Living in [the Lady Huggins area of] north-central Kingston's Grants Pen community, I would frequently hear gunshots. On one occasion, I was awakened by a very long barrage of fire, but after the shooting stopped, no one, it seems had been injured or killed. So I said to myself, it must be a blind shotta, and the idea just grew from there."

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Teflon explains his controversial song "Nah Tek No Talk"

teflon-sky-promo-photo-reggae-jamaica-outaroad.jpgAfter the dust settled from STING 2011 "Rumors Of War", reggae/dancehall artist Teflon was left with many things on his mind, and as most artist do, he expressed himself through his art with "Nah Tek No Talk".

As most fans took the time to listen they understood that the single "Nah Tek No Talk" was basically a review of STING 2011 "Rumors Of War" and not a diss to anyone as some people are suggesting. Teflon merely gave his own review on the event and on his role on stage. He explained that he prepared himself to clash, as STING had been branded as "Rumors Of Wars". Far from a veteran in this business he knew and understood that this mean a lyrical war, nothing personal, just entertainment, and he was ready for it.

After a tumultuous year and some fight from certain entities, Teflon felt better and had a new outlook on his career after "ST Mary Mi Come From", but it seemed that the day after STING, some people took his stage lyrical war personally, and thus went back to old ways.

He stated about the song "Mi affi keep it real, keep di truth and keep di fyah burning. Free up di hyah mind, free up myself cause di truth shall set di I free. People fraid fi chat, no disrespect thing but mi affi free up".


Lyrics and mp3

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Mr. G claims Baby Cham is ungrateful towards Bounty Killer

By Marc Parc Writer

mr-g-baby-cham-feud-dancehall-artistes.jpgVeteran Dancehall deejay, Chad Simpson, more popularly known as Mr. G has called out former stable mate, Cham following recent comments the artiste made about him, Red Rat and Alliance leader, Bounty Killer.

Cham gave an interview on CVMTV's OnStage on January 14 where spoke about the success of his hot new single, Wine as well as the role of long-time mentor, Bounty Killer in building his career. During the interview, Cham claimed that during the late 90s, he had bigger hits than Bounty Killer associates, Mr. G and Red Rat but didn't rise to prominence as quickly due to lack of promotion. Additionally, Cham claimed that Bounty Killer assisted in his career as built his way toward mainstream success in the early 2000s and beyond.

Responding to Cham's claims, Mr. G, formerly known as Goofy, intimated through a recent interview that the Drop It Like You Doing It singer has always been jealous of him and Red Rat's successes.
"How Baby Cham fi talk say inna 1996-7, him have bigger songs than Rat and me by far, but the only thing him never get was promotion, and how much him never get the highlight even though he was bigger than me and Rat. Cham is nothing but a red-eye guy, me and Rat was the pacesetters, we do the ting, travel out the world and been travelling. Him need to understand him little self and him fi know anything ah anything," he said.

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January 24, 2012

Mavado Is Still Free & Single

mavado-married-photo-rumor-outaroad.jpgIt has been reported on several news outlets that Dancehall superstar Mavado recently got married to his longtime companion, Monique McKenzie. However according to a key member of Mavado's TEAM it's just a rumor.

According to one of the reports: A supposed copy of their marriage license application can be found on the internet. Though the venue for said venue remains unknown and pictures being leaked from the marriage are unfounded, the website claims that sources close to the couple insisted that they were going to marry. Last year, reports surfaced that Mavado, whose real name is David Constantine Brooks, intended to marry McKenzie at some point.

Ladies don't believe this rumor of Mavado being married…However is he engaged?

Pertaining to his musical exploits so far in 2012, Mavado recently unveiled his new collaboration single alongside DASECA first lady, Raine Seville entitled Cheating Games. Additionally, he released the sequel of his popular single, Settle Down featuring dancer turned deejay, Chi Ching Ching as well as Clean Everyday on the DJ Frass produced, Riva Stone Riddim.

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New Dance Moves: F#@K And Fight?

Lyrics and mp3

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Akon in Jamaica, recording with Marley brothers

By Marc Parc Writer

akon-jamaica-bob-marley-museum%20.jpgSenegalese rap superstar, Akon has become the latest international artiste to grace Jamaica's shores as he joins forces with Reggae's most prominent family.

The Ghetto singer recently arrived in the island, as he will be recording new material alongside Damian “Junior Gong Marley, Stephen Marley and Julian Marley at the highly regarded Tuff Gong studios in Kingston. In addition to his musical exploits, Akon also visited the Bob Marley Museum in Liguanea, St. Andrew; posting pictures of said visit on his official Twitter profile.

Akon is no stranger to the Dancehall/Reggae industry as he's previously joined forced with Jamaican artistes such as Shaggy for What's Love and, most recently, Mavado with Survivor. Additionally, he's done remixes and toured alongside Grammy-winning Dancehall/Reggae artiste, Sean Paul.

This news comes two weeks after the announcement that American R&B superstar, Alicia Keys arrived at Geejam Studios in Portland to record new material for her upcoming studio album. Additionally, reports suggested that she'd be doing a collaborative effort with a prominent Dancehall/Reggae singjay.

Lyrics and mp3

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Canadian Jay Kartier seeking Jamaican music recognition!

Jay-Kartier-reggae-canadian.jpgCanadian-based reggae artiste Jay Kartier is currently in the island to promote his new music video Sunshine, which was directed by Keith Watkis.

The upbeat Jamaican, who grew up in Above Rocks, St Catherine, said he's expecting a successful two weeks of promotion for the song, which was produced by his label Genesis of the production company called The Relatives.

"I hope that this week goes according to plan. I have several television interviews lined up and we are going to hit the street hard with other tracks such as Good Times, Moving Up and More Love," said the 29-year-old.

Amongst the intense media promotion scheduled, the silky-smooth Jay Kartier is also hoping to collaborate with a few top local artistes as well as to voice for two or three big name producers.
The singjay said he has always been interested in Jamaican music and believes that he can do very well due to his versatility.

"I love our music. Jamaican music has always been a part of me since childhood. I believe that my style would fit well with this industry, and I am here to maximize that," he said.

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January 23, 2012

Khago Blood A Boil In The #1 Position - OutAroad Top 20 Hot Singles Chart Top 20 Hot Singles Chart


TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 02 - (10) Khago - Blood A Boil - TJ Records

02 - 01 - (08) Tiana - Pum Pum Phat (Ravin Remix) - (2wks@#1)

03 - 04 - 05) Mavado - Settle Down - JA Production

04 - 03 - (09) Mavado - Delilah - Mansion Records

05 - 09 - (04) Vybz Kartel - Freaky Gal - Notnice Production

06 - 06 - (10) Popcaan - Ravin - Adidjaheim Records - (3wks@#1)

07 - 08 - (07) Tiana ft Konshens - Gyal Mi Love You - Fams House Studio

08 - 10 - (11) Andrew & Wada Blood - Roll Wid Mi Bredda - Notice Production

09 - 12 - (04) Khago - Tun Up Di Ting - JA Production

10 - 13 - (05) Konshens - Duh Sum’n - Ward 21 Production

11 - 05 - (12) Chan Dizzy Hello Badmind - Head Concussion - (peaked@#5)

12 - 14 - (03) Popcaan - Only Man She Want - Sounique Records

13 - 07 - (11) Danielle ft Cherine - Rebel - Taxi Records - (peaked@#7)

14 - 16 - (07) Beenie Man - Nah Talk Too Long - Seanizzle

15 - 17 - (03) Tiana - Bruk Out And Whine - Ja Productions

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Karrueche Tran, Rihanna: Catfight Over Chris Brown!


Karrueche Tran and Rihanna almost took their disdain for each other to another level recently when they met up at a Hollywood club. Chris Brown was present but for once, he was not the source of the drama well, actually he was the source, he just wasn't the one causing the drama.

Apparently, Karrueche and Rihanna aren't really buddy-buddy and don't get along. It shouldn't come as a surprise though, since everyone is speculating that Rihanna is trying to steal C Breezy from Karrueche.

Though that probably won't happen, it seems like Karrueche is letting Rihanna know where she stands - and it isn't with Chris Brown!
Media Take Out is reporting that the two women almost got into a spat over Chris when they both ended up at the same club in Los Angeles.

Nothing happened, but the two were reportedly ready to come to blows.

Oddly enough, they all looked pretty happy when they were leaving separately, it should be noted.

Do you think Karrueche and Rihanna would actually have a physical fight over Chris Brown or is this just Media Take Out trying to create drama where there is none?

Source: celebs.gather

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One Girl Two Guys - D'Angel to unveil new books

By Marc Parc Writer

dangel-book-love-triangle.jpgProminent Dancehall diva, Michelle Downer, more popularly known as D'Angel will unveil an in-depth novel involving a girl, two guys and a lot of relationship drama. But it's not the threesome you might be thinking of.
D'Angel will unveil her debut book, Love Triangle in February, a book already dubbed "the most controversial dancehall novel." The book marks the first part of a two-book deal with Pageturner Publishing House as she will also release an autobiographical entitled, Break Free later this year, which will talk about her many successes and controversies on and off stage.

Love Triangle talks about three contrasting individuals, Dylan, Brandy and Malcolm involved in a steamy back and forth relationships. According to D'Angel, via press release, her new novel is far from PG.

"This is not a kiddy story, this is a story for the mature audience, much like some movies and music are for those of a certain level of maturity, and no, it's not porn, soft or hard, but we could call it Dancehall with a Soca undertone - interestingly pulsating," she said.

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January 22, 2012

Exclusive: Mavado's Survivor Mixtape By Teacha & Mackrel



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Patexx A.N.G Releases New Single titled "Bare Back"

Patexx-ang-alliance-dancehall-artiste.jpgDancehall Artist and Alliance Next Generation (ANG) member "Patexx" has released his latest controversial yet socially responsible single titled "Bare Back" on QMIA Riddim.

Patexx latest single; a song for adults, touches on a mature topic in which he promotes "the healthy logical intimate progression" between a man and a woman who are in a committed relationship.

Giving listeners a clear and vivid description of possible scenario between himself and a young lady, Patexx wants to show that you can balance Values versus Responsibility and Entertainment. The song promotes Family Planning and Safe Sex while delivering great music.

Supporting his stance with a quote from the bible he maintains and also encourages others to "guard you life and guard you health" in a natural and healthy endeavor.

Patexx A.N.G
"As for you, be fruitful and multiply; Populate the earth abundantly and multiply in it." (Genesis 9 verse 7)

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Dancehalll Artiste Konshens Gears Up For An Epic 2012 & Launch His Clothing Line

konshens-clothing-line-dancehall.jpgNew York, NY - Rising Reggae superstar Konshens closed 2011 on a high note with quite a few major announcements, leaving his fans anticipating the February 28 release of his debut album Mental Maintenance.

As he prepares for the release of his worldwide debut album, Konshens chips in the turbo and kicked off the year with a busy schedule. Ringing in the New Years with a performance in Guyana in front of several thousand fans at a Mackeson endorsed event, Konshens returned to Jamaica and is gearing up to launch the release of his clothing line OH'K.

Konshens, who is personally spearheading the initiative, says it's the perfect combination of two of his loves; fashion and his fans, which for the most part are females. The clothing line is casual and artistically unique with artisanal quality and a touch of glamor. The name of the clothing line titled OH'K draws its inspiration from the Jamaican dancehall, urban culture and hot new trends in graphic art and fashion. The OH'K female are youthful, chic and urban with her finger on the pulse of what's fresh and happening now. The line will represent and speak directly to the females with that urban edge.

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Soca Artiste Tele Cruz Releases Scorching Video For 'Sweat'

tele-cruz-sweat-soca-artiste.jpgTobago based soca artiste Tele Cruz has amped up the promotion of his latest single Sweat with the release of the accompanying music video. The video was shot on location in Tobago at a mansion villa as well as at Cruz Cocktail Bar and Bistro. Additional scenes were shot at the famous Back Bay beach in Tobago.

In a release to the media, Tele Cruz outlined the concept of the scorching new video. "The story behind my new video is basically having a good time whenever you party or whine with the same anticipation as you are working out in the gym. It’s not supposed to be glamorous but just rough fun and letting loose, similar to what carnival is all about”, said Tele Cruz.

Sweat was directed by Swedish producer Neil Luckz of 4Sons Entertainment. Luckz has worked mainly with international artistes from England, Sweden and the USA.

The video features a plethora of cultural melting pot. The extras comprised persons from Grenada, the UK, Sweden and the US.

Said Tele Cruz "We all came together to show how we party in the Caribbean which was great fun”.

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January 21, 2012

I-Octane and Chan Dizzy prove that "Til Kingdom Come," Thy will be done

By Marc Parc Writer

i-octane-chan-dizzy-til-kingdom-come-russian.jpgDancehall/Reggae singjay, I-Octane and breakthrough deejay, Chan Dizzy have re-affirmed their statuses as stalwarts within the industry with their new hit, Til Kingdom Come.

Produced by prominent Dancehall producer, Tarik Johnston aka Russian of Head Concussion Records, Til Kingdom Come offers a stark display of lyrical ingenuity while addressing the ever-pressing issue of envy or "bad mind." Vowing that their enemies won't hinder their progress, I-Octane and Chan Dizzy assert their presence on the track as they give praise to the Almighty for all the blessings received throughout their careers
I-Octane leads off the initial verse by saying, "Death dem nah go see, no care how pagans shot off a mi, work witchcraft on mi, A Jah a provide hard for me, so dem nah see me inna pain and agony."

Chan Dizzy follows up by saying, "Dem nah go eva get fi hear mi seh mi last words, dem nah see mi flesh a pass dirt, nah see no church or funeral, seen no pastor, jus’ gwaan enjoy mi hard work."

Already Til Kingdom Come has copped over 10,000 YouTube views since its release last week and has earned strong airplay across ZIP FM and other local radio stations.

For I-Octane, 2012 has already seen hits from the elite singjay such as Walk With Jah Jah, Mama Food Put On, produced by Buju Banton's son, Markus Myrie and Money Me Want on the Riva Stone Riddim.

Meanwhile, Chan Dizzy released his first single of 2012 entitled Mi Nuh Care on the Off The Bench Riddim last week.

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Specialist Tops The Hype TV Dancehall/Reggae Chart for a Second Week

Lyrics and mp3

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Blak Ryno Explains 'Why Life Nuh Sweet'

black-ryno-life-nuh-sweet.jpgGarrison recording artiste Blak Ryno, kicking off the new year in high spirits has released three new singles since the start of 2012. The latest, a very riveting and thought provoking composition for Marcus Myrie son of incarcerated Reggae superstar Buju Banton.

The song entitled 'Why Life Nuh Sweet' sees the dancehall singjay advocating for the poor while lashing out at the system for its ongoing neglect of the less fortunate. The single was released earlier this week on iTunes and other digital platforms.

According to Ryno, "The song was inspired by things I see in the streets on my daily travels, people hustling to make ends meet, police brutatlity, inhumane treatment of the poor and elderly and just social injustices everywhere. So I am just providing a voice for them."

Prior to 'Why Life Nuh Sweet', Ryno also released 'Build The Youths' and 'Diss Me And Fled', all of which have been receiving favourable rotation on the FM airwaves.

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Pree Dis Episode 65 - Part 1 to 4 - Entertainment Round Up

You can watch Pree Diss on Flow Jamaica Channel 100 or you can also watch the show on Tempo and a host of other TV stations located in and out of the Caribbean.

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Lisa Hyper looks back on Empire days, claims Kartel could have achieved more

By M. Jodee Writer

lisa-hyper-vybz-kartel-female-artistes-male.jpgFormer Portmore Empire starlet, Lisa Hyper continues to reflect on what could have been with the "Gaza" group as well as its revered leader.

Hyper, whose real name is Felicia Gordon, was renowned for singles such as Paper, Bills, amongst other songs when she hailed as a member of Kartel's crew from 2007-2009. However, Kartel kicked Lisa Hyper out of the group in December 2009 shortly after a sex scandal had rocked the internet.

Now, three years removed from that situation, Hyper still employs lessons she's learnt from her Empire days within her re-modeled image. During an interview with TVJ's Entertainment Report, the Dancehall diva intimated that the "Gaza" camp's environment was very competitive; where members literally and figuratively fought for respect.

"Gaza was really a battle field. The motto was fight for what you you believe in. It was really a learning process," she said.

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January 20, 2012

The Top Ten Best Vybz Kartel songs of all time

By Marc Parc Writer

Despite facing potential trials and rulings that could greatly impact his legacy, internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel will still go down as one of the genre’s greatest entertainers. Whether you love him or hate him, you can't help but rate his music.
vybz-kartel-top-ten-songs-dancehall-reggae-outaroad.jpgKartel's lyrical arsenal and savvy vocal abilities made him an icon over the last ten years; etching several classics in the minds of his fans worldwide. Whether he'll earn the chance to make more remains to be seen but with various chart-toppers attached to his name, Kartel's presence will forever resonate throughout Dancehall. Though a top ten for an artiste of this caliber seems mighty restrictive, even controversial, there were several number one hits Vybz Kartel produced that stood out more than others.

10. Tek Buddy:
In 2002, Kartel announced himself as a mainstream force with the release of the hard-hitting track, Tek Buddy. This no-holds barred lyrical display of sexual innuendos with mixed with clever pun placements won Kartel a lot of clout amongst fans and industry players alike.
Having done well on several local and international charts, Tek Buddy established a foundation for himself. Inadvertently, it also helped build the foundation of fellow Dancehall artiste, Macka Diamond, who recorded a worth counteraction, Tek Con which made her a household name in the industry also. In a way, Kartel's hype machine rubbed off on other stars from he stepped onto the scene.

9. Life Sweet:
Despite 2008 being the height of a very nasty feud between himself and Mavado, Vybz Kartel unleashed a more conscious side through the release of his single, Life Sweet. The single, encouraging people to embrace the simplicities of life won Kartel mass airplay, several top-ten slots and proved that Kartel was more than just a mean machine on the mic.

8. Never Love Another:
After dominating the charts with sexually charged and 'bad man' lyrics which made him feared and respected by his competitors, Kartel switched lanes in 2005 with Never Love Another. The single offered a softer, gentler side of "Di Teacha," melting the hearts of his female fans.
It also showcased Kartel's vocal abilities as he'd forever be renowned for having three different voices. The "melodic" Kartel who softly sang his heart out and elicited strong emotion, the "evilous" Kartel who sounded murderous with his deep, dark vocal delivery and the "ladies man" version, which displayed a more playful, mid-ranged tone.

7. Mama:
Another sensual hit, which attained chart-topping status was his single dedicated to mothers, simply titled Mama. This song explored the hardships and challenges which mothers endure on a daily basis; winning over various demographics with his soothing vocal delivery; driving home a message that fans and fellow artistes can relate to one way or another.

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Spice Celebrates New Single with R&B Superstar M'ya

spice-mya-r%26b-dancehall-cover.jpgIt's a New Year and dancehall sensation, Spice is on a brand new page as she releases three fresh tracks to jump start 2012. An international collaboration tops the list as Spice adds a dancehall reggae flavor to the track Take Him Out.

Take Him Out, is a featured single on Grammy winning recording artiste, M'ya's new album, KISS. The R&B sweetheart is as equally excited about the song as her guest performer, Spice. The anticipated club banger tells the tale of a relationship falling apart, a story females can definitely relate to say's Spice. The music video is currently in post production and will be launched in both Jamaica and the United States next month. The American singer has always been a fan and supporter of reggae music evidenced in the Billboard hit, Girls Dem Sugar with Beenie Man.

Spice has started off the year on a high, with nominations from the Jamaica Star and Youth View Awards, a total of five nods. She dominated last year with her mega hit, Jim Screechie that scorched the airwaves for weeks on end. The summer song, Fun that features, music hit maker, Missy Elliot was also in high rotation. Spice is now on to a Brand New Page as the title of her new, one drop release suggests. The deeply conscious and soul searching ballad shows her versatility; a far cry from Ramping Shop. Ramping Shop was a monster hit, this single made its way on to the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Charts.

Catering to a broad cross section of fans, she is prepared to deliver for all tiers. Her third release, Gyal a Chat is expected to be an overnight sensation on the hardcore dancehall scene. This track is clean yet exciting, full of life and colorful, reminiscent of the early nineties where fun poking songs rocked the out door sessions on the pepper-seed among other rhythms.

DJ's Download Spice's new Singles HERE
Take Him out Mya ft Spice

Lyrics and mp3

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Cen'C Love Begins 2012 With A Featured on FOX Network in Washington, DC

cen-c-love-reggae-fox-tv-dc.jpgCen’C Love’s December was one for the highlight reel as it was filled with performances, fashion and festivities; all of which served to deepen her connection with fans.

Early in the month, Cen’C performed in Washington D.C. and Maryland where she performed for ‘A Night of Music, Fashion and Pep.’ The show was hosted by one of DC’s most recognized personalities, Peppy Parke, and also featured fashion from Cen’C’s Mom, Sequoia, whose fashion line, Ites International, is embraced by fashionistas worldwide. See the photos here

Prior to Cen’C’s evening performance, the star performed and was interviewed on one of DC’s favourite television stations, Fox DC. Fusing Jazz with Reggae through her beautifully unique voice, Cen’C and Asadenaki performed the acoustic version of “Hey You” for WTTC TV viewers which included overtones of the classic Bob Marley “Waiting in Vain.”

Watch the Video on the FOX Network site here

Lyrics and mp3

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Dancehall Star Serani Gets Stronger

serani-get-stronger-dancehall-artiste-outaroad.jpgMultitalented Artiste/Producer/Musician Serani is out the blocks with a bang in 2012. A barrage of new singles heating up the local airwaves and the release of 2 new videos augments well for the Kingston native, as sales of his smash hit single No Games pass 200,000 copies, a huge milestone for a Dancehall act.

Serani's new material will feature on his ready-for-release mixtape "Make Me Stronger" - title taken from his new single on Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor's Tenement Yard riddim. It will feature fresh tracks such as Naah Beg Friend on Fire Links' Off the Bench Riddim (a riddim Serani also built for Links,) Chimney Record's My Life, Real Friends produced by Cashflow Records and Have You Ever feat. Sashi produced by Serani's own boutique label, DASECA Productions.

The download link for Serani - The Make Me Stronger Mixtape:

Serani's avant-garde keyboard performance of Sweet Love at HOT 97's On Da Reggae Tip show last year revitalised the record, spiking spins both locally and abroad and a video was subsequently shot for the single. The clip premiered on internet video channel VEVO two weeks ago and has already shot to 70,000 views.

Watch Sweet Love here:

Lyrics and mp3

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January 19, 2012

Before They Were Stars with Ce'Cile

By Marc Parc Writer


Regarded as one of Dancehall's most frank and thought-provoking lyricists, Ce'Cile has asserted herself as a permanent fixture within the genre's foundation since the new millennium's beginning. A winning combination of sex appeal and sultry vocal presence has enabled Ce'Cile to stamp her authority on the Dancehall framework.

Born Ce'Cile Charlton on February 24, 1977 in Manchester, Ce'Cile found motivation to become an artiste through her sisters, who themselves were good singers. While attending Bishop Gibson High School, Ce'Cile decided to follow her dreams and ended up recording her first song at the age of 15. She then gained her first bit of tutelage within the music industry as she teamed up with her father's friend and then Third World guitarist, Michael "Ibo" Cooper. Alongside Cooper, Ce'Cile recorded her second single entitled Beat of My Heart, an effort which gave the teenage singer confidence as she pursued a successful music career.

However, Ce'Cile refused to limit herself to only learning the pros and cons of the music industry from an artiste's perspective. She later worked at Celestial Sounds; understanding the business and productions aspects of music while harmonizing for veteran Reggae acts such as Spanner Banner and Norris Man, amongst others.

Channeling her childhood days, listening to a variety of international superstars such as Anita Baker, Fiona Apple, Beenie Man and Madonna, Ce'Cile aimed to incorporate bits and pieces of these artiste's styles within her craft. With a mixture of attitude and soft vocals, Ce'Cile sought to make a major impression on Dancehall by putting more established acts on notice. She succeeded with the release of her first mainstream hit, Changez in 2000. A Dancehall remake of the hit single, Changes I've Been Going Through by Mary J. Blige, Changez showcased clever wordplay; invoking the names of several prominent Dancehall names, including Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and several others as an effort to elicit thoughts from the local music community. The song earned mass airplay locally and internationally, showing the fearless character of a female artiste who demanded respect from her female and male counterparts.

Lyrics and mp3

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Natalie Storm switches lanes, claiming "I Ain't Missing You"

By M. Jodee Writer

Prominent Dancehall star, Natalie Storm offers a contrasting sound to the norm with her second release in 2012, I Ain't Missing You.
natalee-storm-artiste-female-jamaica.jpgKnown for her raunchy, on-the-edge lyrical delivery and accompanying sex appeal, Natalie Storm has changed the pace with the release of the Reggae themed, I A'int Missing You on the appropriately titled, Real Reggae Riddim. The Payday Music Group produced single offers a reminiscent vibe which her fans and fellow Dancehall/Reggae observers can strongly relate to.
A rare look into her singing credentials, Natalie Storm tells the story of a girl who's rebounded from a break-up with her boyfriend. The song is aimed to encourage females in a similar situation to move on from past relationships and the hurt accompanying any fallout from said relationships.

Storm sings "Take everything with you, every single kiss, you can have it all baby, they're just memories. You took my heart on a weekend, now I just smile cause you're leaving', knowing everything I do, she could never do for you."

The sensual Storm continues, "I'm no lonely girl, but I sure know you miss me, cause the greener grass that you thought would last slowly dying now baby."
I Ain't Missing You has already garnered mass appeal and strong acclaim since it appeared on January 16. The change in style has also been welcomed by Natalie Storm's fans as she hopes to build her already high-ranking status on an international level in 2012.

The Real Reggae Riddim features several notable acts such as Luton Fyah with Ghetto Living, Capleton with Tek It To The Heights, Wayne Marshall and Bounty Killer with Be On The Alert and Mavado featuring Raine Seville with Cheating Games.

Lyrics and mp3

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Khago Signs New Booking & Production Deal With Stashment Records

khago-stament-records-booking-dancehall.jpgInternational recording artiste Khago has signed a production and booking deal with Stashment Records to boost his presence in the marketplace both here and in the US.

"Since Stashment has been involved in my career, things just step up, everything in terms of my street presence, my radio play, I have shot videos for my hit songs like Tax Inna My World, and we will be doing videos for songs like That's All Mi Care Bout on DJ Frass new Riva Stone riddim and Wine Pon the Pole for Elvis' So Unique Records...Stashment tun up mi ting," Khago said in a release.

Stashment Records has been steering the careers of red hot rookie Lanmine known for his combination 'Creeping' with Fambo, and Digicel Rising Stars personality Jermaine Michaels who scored a hit last year with the reggae hit, 'Cornerstone'.

Stashment Records CEO Stasha Smith believes that Khago is an artiste with a lucrative future and an act who has the ability and the drive to achieve mainstream success in the competitive US market.

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A Historic Moment: Gyptian Meets Legend of Nigeria - Femi Kuti!!!

gyptian-africa-nigeria.jpgState of Emergency was in full effect in Nigeria . Just a few days ago while Gyptian was on tour in Lagos, Nigeria, roads were blocked off and Police were out in full effect, with AK 47's painted in Red, Green an Gold at every intersection.

Although there was a State Of Emergency, it did not dampen the spirits of the artiste, as The Nah Let Go hitmaker, had an opportunity to meet one of Africa's legend: Femi Kuti at The Shrine. Femi Kuti’ is a famous African Pop Artiste, who was awarded by a record deal with MCA for his excellent 1999 release, Shoki Shoki.

The Shrine is a Night Club in Lagos, Nigeria, which is a historic venue that was built for the People of lower class with Live music. It was there that Gyptian alongside other notable artistes, performed.

Gyptian bounced up on stage setting the crowd in the historic Nigerian Night Club into a frenzy. The fans chanted the artiste’s name, while they sang every song word for word.

Lyrics and mp3

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January 18, 2012

Raine Seville Playing "Cheating Games" With Mavado?

By Marc Parc Writer

raine-seville-mavado-cheating-games-payday-music.jpgAlliance stalwart singjay, Mavado and DASECA first lady, Raine Seville are creating several waves with the unleashing of their sensual duet, Cheating Games.

One of the eye-catching singles on the Payday Music Group produced Real Reggae Riddim, Cheating Games tells the story of a relationship gone sour as an unfaithful boyfriend looks back on a break-up which leaves him in shock while a reminiscing girlfriend turns away his pleas for forgiveness.

Raine Seville tells the "Gully Gaad" in the opening part of Cheating Games, "So now I'm leaving, no more grieving."
Mavado then responds, "This girl love me and leave me and left mi and gone, Raine pass mi and leave mi like a Gilbert storm, yuh did tell mi how much, forever more yuh wudda calm, now yuh feel insecure, yuh pack up and gone."

He continues to plead his case, "Is like mi get a big stone, mi prefer tek a gunshot, mi hear seh yuh gone, is like mi ketch heart attack."
Raine retorts by singing, "It's now that you wanna cry, no need to apologize, tellin' me all these lies, I can see it in your eyes. How could you treat me this way?"

The back-and-forth arguments put forth in song makes for a thought-provoking single that many couples in real life can relate to. The song's already received local airplay and high praise amongst Reggae fans that'd long been searching for a single to re-invigorate the genre.
The Real Reggae Riddim produces several high-flying hits such as Tek It to the Heights by Capleton, Be On the Alert by Wayne Marshall and Bounty Killer and I Ain't Missing You by Natalie Storm.

Lyrics and mp3

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Busy Signal's Sticky Inna Earth is the new #1 song on The OutAroad Weekly Top Ten Reggae Chart

OutAroad Weekly Top Ten Reggae Chart

01 (03) (07) Busy Signal - Life (Sticky Inna Earth - Good Good Productions (Zum)

02 (01) (13) Vybz Kartel -- Yea Though I Walk – Human Rights Production - (1wk@#1)

03 (04) (07) Tiana -- Highest Grade Song - OutAroad

04 (05) (04) Chris Martin -- Paper Loving - CR203

05 (02) (09) Laza Morgan feat. Mavado -- One by One - Elektra - (3wks@#1)

06 (09) (01) Christ Martin -- Cheaters Prayer (Cheat On My Girlfriend) - ZJ Chrome/CR203 Records

07 (08) (03) Cecile -- When You're Gone - CR203

08 (06) (11) Tiana -- Don’t Trust Dem - CashFlow Records - (peaked@#3)

09 (10) (01) Romain Virgo -- I Am Rich In Love - Lifetime Music

10 (07) (06) Nazine - Neva Haffi Wake - K20 Records/ Jah Snowcone Ent - (peaked@#7)


1 Shaggy -- Sugarcane - Ranch Entertainment

2 Agent Sasco -- Late - Di Genius

3 Ryan Oneil -- Ah Nuh Me - Raw Moon Production

4 Mr. Vegas, Shaggy & Josey Wales -- Sweet Jamaica - Clifford Ray Music

5 Elly Ess -- Money Wont Change Me - Rock Star Ent.

Lyrics and mp3

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From Follow The Arrow to Sting..Teflon reflects back on 2011

teflon-reggae-artiste-jamaica.jpg2011 has been a whirlwind for dancehall/reggae artist Teflon. After a somewhat turbulent past few years, Teflon finally is in a happy and blessed frame of mind.

In 2011 Teflon made his presence seen all over Jamaica by performing on stage shows like Follow The Arrow, ST Mary Mi Come from GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza and Sting. Of course he also showed love to his fans by several club appearances where he mixed and mingled while delighting the crowd with several hits.

2011 was also the year where Teflon finally returned to Canada, and took advantage of his second home by filming the video "Blessed" a Black Ice Productions. His European and African Tour were rescheduled for 2012 because of prior conflict of interest with his end of year shows in Jamaica. He wants his International fans to know that he will be there sooner than later and thank them for all the love and patience.

Lyrics and mp3

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Bruno Mars clear of Vegas cocaine possession case

By KEN RITTER, Associated Press

bruno-mars-cocaine-charge-free-court.jpgLAS VEGAS (AP) - Pop star Bruno Mars was cleared of a felony cocaine possession case in Las Vegas on Wednesday, after his attorneys told a state court judge the Grammy-winning pop star stayed out of trouble, performed community service and met other conditions of a plea deal reached almost a year ago.

Mars, whose real name is Peter Gene Hernandez, didn't appear in person for the brief hearing at which Clark County District Court Judge Jessie Walsh dismissed the case.
The 26-year-old singer-songwriter of hits including "Just The Way You Are," ''It Will Rain" and "Grenade" pleaded guilty Feb. 16 to cocaine possession, but the judge postponed accepting the plea.

Mars didn't get formal probation, but the judge fined him $2,000 and ordered him to perform 200 hours of community service and eight hours of drug counseling.
Mars acknowledged having 2.6 grams of cocaine when he was arrested in a bathroom in September 2010 after a nightclub performance at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Lyrics and mp3

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January 17, 2012

Worl Boss assets seized by police

By Marc Parc Writer

vybz_kartel_head_shot_photo.jpgThe news gets from bad to worse for embattled Dancehall superstar, Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer,who must now contemplate the loss of several highly-prized valuables as he remains incarcerated on murder charges.

According to media reports, law enforcement officials seized many of Kartel’s assets in light of his September 2011 arrest and subsequent murder charges in October. The seizures took place shortly after the arrest and following the approval of the newly passed Proceeds of Crime Act which allows police and other law enforcement personnel to confiscate someone's property if there are discrepancies in the acquisition of said property by citizens. Once that transpires, the person whose assets are seized will have to show evidence that they acquired those valuables legally.

Among the items taken during the recent seizure include his highly-touted 2010 Mercedes Benz S-Class which is worth over JA$20 million, a laptop containing music-related projects and documentation regarding properties that he owns. Each of these valuables are now stored at the Police Commissioner’s Office in St. Andrew.

Law enforcement officials claim that this operation is part of a wider investigation against Vybz Kartel, who already faces two murder charges and two obstruction of justice related charges stemming from a pair of incidents which took place last summer.

This past month, a judge ordered Kartel to pay JA$15 million to a promoter in the Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos after the Portmore Empire leader missed his scheduled performance at a 2009 event there and did not respond appropriately to a lawsuit filed against him regarding show proceeds.

Lyrics and mp3

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Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel call out Jamaican government on buggery law

By Marc Parc Writer


Internationally acclaimed Reggae superstar, Queen Ifrica and Tony Rebel are letting their feelings known regarding the recent announcement by Jamaican Prime Minister, The Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller to repeal their buggery law.

Both artistes were headliners on the 19th staging of Rebel Salute at the Kaiser Sports Club in St. Elizabeth this past weekend. The annual concert, hosted by Tony Rebel, took place on the Reggae artiste's 50th birthday; producing a strong lineup card that included Romain Virgo, Capleton and several others.

Queen Ifrica, who recently revealed that she's pregnant with her third child, gained strong favour with patrons by performing several of her hit singles, including Below The Waist where she pointed to her growing belly in glee.
However, she got the loudest applause from fans when she called out Jamaica's Prime Minister, Portia Simpson-Miller regarding her announcement that she'd look into tweaking the buggery law that's been in place for several years. The law, which refers to the dispelling of particular sexual acts amongst heterosexuals and homosexuals, has been a strong topic of contention for several months.

During Ifrica's performance, she warned that, "I would like to send a message to those who want to change the laws of nature. No buggery law nah repeal a Jamaica." She then performed the thought-provoking song, Keep It Yourself as a means to re-emphasize her stance.

Lyrics and mp3

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Bridgez leaves Alliance Next Generation

By M. Jodee Writer

bridgez_video_shoot_alliance.jpgEmerging Dancehall star, Bridgett Roache aka Bridgez will no longer hail as a member of the Alliance Next Generation (ANG) staple after just over a year with the Bounty Killer founded group.

On Monday evening, Bounty Killer announced via his official Twitter page that Bridgez would no longer be a member of Alliance Next Generation, a youth-focused sub group of the prominent deejay's Alliance super group. The "War Lord" recruited Bridgez in late 2010; joining forces with her on the internationally acclaimed single, Roll Out and later signing the On Fire singer as the ANG's first lady.

Bridgez issued a press release regarding her decision to leave ANG; explaining that she wants to successfully proceed as her own artiste instead of being branded with the Alliance Next Generation tag.

"My team and I made a mutual business decision that I was being branded too much; this is just the beginning of one of the steps I'll be taking in my career this year. I am still A.F.L… Alliance First Lady but I've always been more about making an impact than running with titles and Alliance is known for showcasing males more than females so my team and I are focused on making the name "Bridgez" a household name without having too many different brands following," the release stated.

Lyrics and mp3

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Kereen Gregory Unleashes Her Passion For Gospel

Kereen-Gregory-gospel-female-artiste-jamaica.jpgCreative, talented and inspiring are a few of the adjectives that readily come to mind when describing Kereen Gregory, a gospel singer whose musical mission is centered on bringing souls to Christ.

From as early as she can recall, Kereen had a passion for singing and she knew that her footsteps would ultimately lead her to the international stage. But she also knew that the stage would not be a secular one, because from the outset, she had totally dedicated herself to the Lord.

Hailing from Central Village in the old capital, Spanish Town, Kereengrew up in the church, where her talent was recognized at an early age and she was given much encouragement from her church family, her parents and siblings. Her father, too, had been blessed with the gift of song and it was often felt that Kereen would be the one to take over from him and fly the musical banner high for her family.

With this background it was inevitable that young Kereen, who now uses the moniker KG, would eagerly embrace every opportunity to let her voice be heard. Kereen had a special talent for turning even the most mundane sentence into a song and somehow, that song would end up being quite infectious. During her teens, she became involved in singing groups and while attending Tarrant High, Kereen was quite a popular choice to sing at school functions.

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January 16, 2012

ER: Notnice & Corey Todd Splits - Gaza Slim Talks about Her Loyalty to the Worl Boss

Lyrics and mp3

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Nine Cops Might Lose Their Jobs for doing favors for Vybz Kartel

By J-Tymz Writer

vybz_kartel_bail_cops_case_court.jpgDancehall giant Vybz Kartel who has been behind bars since October 1, 20011 is said to have been receiving special treatment which includes visits in restricted area of the Gun Court Remand Centre and the usage of a cellular phone. However, word in the street is that the Worl Boss also got a special favor from a female who visited Vybz Kartel at the Remand Centre.
Nine officers have been held responsible for granting these favors. gets to understand that the nine officers act against the prison regulations and might possible be without a job if found guilty of accepting money from an inmate.

Anti-Corruption Branch is still probing the matter and will take the necessary disciplinary action against the nine officers.

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Exclusive From Seanizzle Production: Ryan - Oneil I'm Just Saying

Lyrics and mp3

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Blind Shotta Movie Trailer HD Preview

Lyrics and mp3

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January 15, 2012

Baby Cham Attacked By Girls At Fresh Fridays

Lyrics and mp3

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Pree Dis Episode 64 - Part 1 to 4 - Entertainment Round Up

You can watch Pree Diss on Flow Jamaica Channel 100 or you can also watch the show on Tempo and a host of other TV stations located in and out of the Caribbean.

Lyrics and mp3

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Mario C The Jamaican Releases House Music Project

mario-c-bob-sinclair-house-music.jpgMario C gained notoriety on the Jamaican music scene a few years ago as the mastermind behind the 357 Records imprint. As producer, Mario C (real name Mario Campbell) scored a string of hits for the likes of dancehall heavyweights Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel, Elephant Man, Lady Saw and many others.

Known in party circles as a talented DJ behind the 3rd Dimension outfit, Mario C is ready to spread his wings and set sailing into the house music world. He has started a movement called Jam House which has already begun to reap benefits.

In a press release issued, Mario C the Jamaican highlighted the reasons for starting the house music movement out of Jamaica. "My interest in house music began over 15 years ago while I was living in South Florida and attending college. I decided to produce my own spin on the genre in 2009 as my country (Jamaica) is now more accepting of the sound due to the recent mainstream popularity in America. I also wanted to familiarize dance music fans in Jamaica with the genre through my association with the 3rd Dimension sound system", said Campbell.

In explaining the idea behind the name Jam House, Mario C pointed out "The name 'Jam House' is short for Jamaican House as the style is a combination of Dancehall and House music. The energy and crowd response to both genres are very similar and the marriage seemed like a match made in heaven so we took the step and based on the feedback that we have received so far, it seems this was destined to happen".

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January 14, 2012

Sean Paul Says "Guh Suck U Mada Wit Straw" To Jamaicans Who Hate Him

By Marc Parc Writer


Internationally acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Sean Paul appears to have run out with patience regarding staunch critics of his music back home in Jamaica.

The Grammy-winning deejay, currently in the island celebrating his 39th birthday, has long been criticized by Jamaican music fans for not putting out "authentic" Dancehall songs since unveiling his Dutty Rock in 2002. Known for doing several successful Dancehall/Reggae singles with a crossover vibe, including the recently released Got 2 Luv U featuring American singer, Alexis Jordan, Sean Paul has copped mass criticism from locals yearning for him to produce a more original Dancehall sound.

However, the We Be Burning deejay took to official Twitter account to sharply address said critics; suggesting the work he does should be appreciated more by Jamaicans.

Shortly thereafter, fans called out Sean Paul for his tough talk. Upon reading fan retorts, Sean Paul further clarified his stance.



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Popcaan's "Nuh Box Pon Jaw" banned from local airwaves

By M. Jodee Writer

popcaan_ravin_outaroad_chart_dancehall.jpgA recent single from emerging Dancehall superstar, Popcaan has drawn the eyre of Jamaica's Broadcasting Commission; resulting in its removal from local airwaves.

Nuh Box Pon Jaw, a song recorded last October on the UIM Records produced Nymphomaniac Riddim will no longer play on Jamaican radio and television following the Commission's decision that the track's content promoted violence. The Broadcasting Commission advised Popcaan regarding his violation; announcing on Friday their reasoning for the ban.

In a press release, the Commission explained that, "The Commission, in November 2011, determined that the song was transmitted in breach of the Children's Code for Programming as the song in totality endorses violence as a means of resolving conflict and under the Code attracts a V4 (D) rating. Material attracting a V4 (D) rating should not be transmitted on broadcast radio or television at any time."

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Stylysh scores big hit with 'Me a Wife'

The shapely Stylysh, known for her unusual brawling deejay style, has quickly gained a loyal, rabid following in dancehall on the strength of her Me A Wife single which has generated over 400,000 hits on youtube.

She first came to national attention when she placed in the top five of the Magnum Kings and Queens of the Dancehall contest, but most people now recognise her from her drops for popular ZIP FM Bambino which play every morning, and her bikini-wearing shots in the popular video for her hit single, Me a Wife.

"The video for the single Me a Wife has been getting good rotation on HYPE, RE and CVM, mi caan walk the street now without someone pointing me out," she said in a release.

She said that it is a blessing to be on a riddim with the heavyweight Gaza acts.

"The Lost Angel riddim has really launched my career out there, I believe that the songs kinda compliment each other, all the girls on the riddim are dealing with relationships, from different aspects, so it connect in the streets, plus with Vybz Kartel, Shawn Storm and Popcaan on it, it put me inna the big leagues, and show me can hold my own out there," she said.

Lyrics and mp3

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Richie Loop's latest single "Happy Day" says everything about the vibes of the song

ritchie-loop-happy-days.jpgThis scorching hot, new single resonates a joyous sensation to its listeners. Just from hearing the first few words of the song, you will want to rewind it over and over again. The melody and stylistic flow will have you singing every word after the first listen. The rhythm extends a nice vibes into any room and has everyone from the very young to very old rocking to the tune. "I like the riddim and the song made me feel better after hearing it," said a fan from a social network. "Happy Day" has "massive hit" written all over it. It solidifies a statement that Richie made a few years ago in an interview with the Jamaica Observer: "We do songs with visa, songs that can pass airport." There is no doubt that this song will do just that and receive a few awards on the way.

This single is a Aappy Feet Music Production. When we contacted the team, they said the song was a good look for all who contributed and is a potential chart topper. Both, the Aappy Feet Team and Richie Loop have full confidence that “Happy day” will soon take control of the airwaves, parties, and dancehall scene, right into spring.

For all those who wish to have a "happy day," we recommend you browse your network and check out this hot single. Reggae fans and music lovers should definitely give a listen to catch the pulsating vibes of this new tune. We have no doubt you will be in a happy mood for days on end. Richie Loop and management want to thank all fans for their continuous appreciation and support of his music.

Lyrics and mp3

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January 13, 2012

21st-Hapilos Celebrates Great 2011, Ready For 2012

After a phenomenal 2011 for the 21st-Hapilos team, plans are afoot to ensure an even more successful 2012.

hapilos-21st-johnny-wonder-digital-distribution.jpgLast year the Digital Distribution company saw a number of their clients' productions dominating the local and international airwaves, namely, the much-talked-about Over Proof Riddim by Ja Productions, Popcaan's Only Man She Want, produced by Sounique, the TJ Records-produced Party Shot (Ravin' Part 2) by Popcaan, Buju Banton's Set Up The Mic, produced by Young Blood / 21st-Hapilos, Boomshots Volume 1 by 21st-Hapilos, the Cardiac Strings Riddim by Zj Chrome, Ravin Vol. 1 by Adde productions and Chimney Records' Intensity Riddim.

This year, some of the highly anticipated projects being marketed by 21st-Hapilos will be I-Octane & Chan Dizzy's newly released Till Kingdom Come, produced by Russian of Head Concussion Records and the Fifth Gear Riddim, produced by Markus Records (one of Buju Banton's sons).

Lyrics and mp3

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Tiana proving she's a "Real Bad Gyal" in 2012

PR JAMAICA ENT - KINGSTON: After a precipitous rise to fame last year, the self-professed "Princess of Dancehall," Tiana returns with her first single of 2012 entitled, Real Bad Gyal.

Produced by prominent Dancehall hit makers, Cashflow Records, Real Bad Gyal once again showcases the fierce side of this fast-rising diva. A feature on Cashflow's newly released School Bag Riddim, Tiana's newest effort sends a strong message to her competitors that she's not a lady to try and intimidate.

Her sharp-shooting lyricism shows from the get go on Real Bad Gyal as she deejays, "Dem a jus' mouth talk and intimidation, but mi nuh back from no situation, a cudda gyal, a cudda man..tell dem nuh f*** wid dis gyal."
Additionally she says, "Mi nuh tek nuh beat up or no bait up, a gyal diss, she an' har man a get drape u, mi a hothead! Tell yuh dis straight up."

A promo video for Real Bad Gyal emerged on Thursday as Tiana gave her fans a preview of what to expect visually from the single. Additionally, both Raw and Radio versions of Real Bad Gyal are available for download.

Tiana emerged as one of Dancehall's biggest breakthrough acts in 2011 with several smash hits and accompanying videos such as Gyal Mi Luv U (featuring Konshens), Highest Grade Song, Pum Pum Phat and Bruk Out And Wine on the Overproof Riddim. With 11 videos and a few number ones to boast, Tiana elevated her status in 2011 from potential starlet to a female deejay of the year candidate. Now the deejay hopes to improve her already strong resume by accomplishing more accolades in 2012.

Lyrics and mp3

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Spice Switches It Up For 2012

spice-female-artiste-2012.jpgDancehall artiste Spice is singing a new tune for 2012 in more ways than one. The dancehall diva who is usually known for her catchy dancehall rhymes, she has flipped the script and released the reggae single, Brand New Page as her first track for the year.

The reggae song which speaks from the point of view of someone who wishes to turn his life around, undoubtedly showcases Spice's vocal ability. Spice spoke in reference to the single which was produced by Blaqk Sheep Music on the Tropical Connection Riddim, "The song is basically talking about wrong-doers who want to make a big change in their lives and I specifically wrote it a first person narrative point of view, so that people can actually sing it as if it were their own story."

Spice who is known for her hit singles, Ramping Shop with Vybz Kartel, Slim Versus Fluffy, Jim Screechie, Hot Patty Wine and others, says she has not made a permanent switch to reggae and singing, but "music is art and art is about self-expression, and I always like to explore new and creative beats and genres to express myself. That way it remains fun and you don't become predictable."

Lyrics and mp3

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Reggae Artiste Denno Releases New Singles Ahead Of European Tour

Denno-reggae-artiste-jamaica-tour.jpgIn a bid to capitalize on the recent success of the single Tek Mi Life, Master One recording artiste Denno will embark on a promotional tour of Europe in February.

The trek will see Denno performing in France, Paris, Italy, Amsterdam and in the UK.

In a release to the media, Denno was quite ecstatic about upcoming jaunt. "The tour will show the world who Denno is and what I am capable of delivering as an artiste. I am really looking forward to entertaining the people who have been supporting the work that I have been doing", said Denno.

Denno recently released the songs Dem Nuh Real and Think Bout Gal. Dem Nuh Real tells the tale about friends who are fake. It was produced by Master One Productions.

Think Bout Gal which features newcomer Melloquence was recorded as a treat for the ladies. Said Denno "We realized that the females are being ignored so Melloquence and I decided to team up and give the girls their due".

Both songs have been enjoying steady rotation on FM radio both in Jamaica and overseas. They will serve as a precursor to Denno's debut reggae album which is being produced by Penthouse Music's Donovan Germain.

Among Denno's newest recordings are Nuh Hail fi Dem, Mix up Time, Chatty Chatty and Mama Hungry.

Lyrics and mp3

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Alicia Keys to team with local artiste while in Jamaica

By Marc Parc Writer

alicia-keys-recording-jamaica-portland.jpgApparently big plans are in the works for American R&B superstar, Alicia Keys as she temporarily calls Jamaica home to delve into new music projects.

On Saturday, the 14 time Grammy Award winner arrived in the island; making her way to Geejam Studios in Portland. The renowned studio complex, known for previously hosting international acts such as rock bands, No Doubt and Gorillaz offers several accommodations, including a self-contained villa, spa, gym and restaurant, amongst other luxuries. Also, the level of privacy and security Geejam Studios offer create safe havens for the high-volume celebrities who visit the island.

However, details have emerged regarding the nature of Alicia Keys' recording work in the island. According to online magazine, Urban Islandz, Keys is currently doing new material for her fifth studio album, set for a 2012 release. Sources close to a local producer Keys has teamed with told the magazine that it was easy to get the prominent singer on board.

Lyrics and mp3

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January 12, 2012

Tiana Real Bad Gyal - (Viral) School Bag Riddim - Cashflow Recordz

The official video coming soon



Lyrics and mp3

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Billboard: I-Octane, Rising Dancehall Star, Poised to Break Through

By Patricia Meschino, New York

i-octane-billboard-reggae-artiste-jamaica.jpgDancehall artist I-Octane's sensitively fashioned love songs have made him a ladies' favorite while his outgoing personality is ideally suited to his role as Brand Ambassador for such products as Jamaican telecommunications company Digicel. But the sing-jay's chief contribution to dancehall reggae is his persuasive socially conscious voice denouncing violence and the lack of opportunities facing the island's poor.

Now, with a just-released EP, a full-length album due in February, and an experienced music industry team that includes Destine Media and VP Records, can the 27-year old sing-jay's distinctive dancehall brand break though to the mainstream market?

"Bob Marley and others already did social commentary about political fights, people getting shot, starting wars for their own benefit, so I have to make sure I do mine in the I-Octane way," reasoned the artist, born Byoime Muir in Clarendon, Jamaica.

Rather than glorifying the harshness of ghetto realities, I-Octane's grittily detailed expressions of rude boy runnings, delivered with a distinguishing, haunting guttural cry, offer cautionary messages regarding wanton gun use and redemptive sentiments rooted in Rastafarian teachings, an amalgamation that has made him one of Jamaican music's hottest commodities.

The artist's complex musical identity comes into sharper focus, especially for the international market, with two separate releases. The six-song EP "Straight From The Heart", the introductory project from his Conquer The Globe label, was released on Dec. 6 in association with New York City based Destine Media. His debut album "Crying To The Nation," due on Feb. 14, is a joint venture between Queens, New York-based independent reggae VP Records and Scikron Entertainment (based in Miami and Kingston); I-Octane isn't signed to either company.


Lyrics and mp3

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January 11, 2012

Before They Were Stars with T.O.K

By Marc Parc Writer


Generally, the ability to maintain chemistry and unity within a group proves a difficult task. However, prominent Dancehall group, T.O.K has defied the odds; building its reputation as one of the strongest teams within the music industry; overcoming several obstacles while sustaining relevance within the genre's framework.

Originally inspired by internationally-renowned R&B group, Boyz II Men, Alistaire McCalla aka Alex, Craig Thompson aka Craigy T, Xavier Davidson aka Flexx and Roshaun Clarke aka Bay-C formed T.O.K in the early 90s. McCalla, Thompson and Clarke sang on the Campion College school choir while Davidson attended Calabar High School; all hoping to emulate the highly-acclaimed American group. Initially, the quartet performed R&B covers but quickly changed their identity as they aimed to represent their country through an authentic Dancehall sound.

Training with local vocal coach, Georgia Guerra, the quarter performed several high school parties and at hotels before entering the annual Tastee Talent Trail competition, where they placed second. Exposure on the Tastee-sponsored talent show landed them several recording sessions with Nuff Records as well as where they experimented their sound professionally.

However, T.O.K's big break came in 1998 when they linked with prominent engineer, Richard Browne, whose label, High Profile produced the quartet's first mainstream success, Hardcore Lover, alongside Dancehall diva, Lady Saw. The single charted well locally and overseas; exposing T.O.K to new found success.

Lyrics and mp3

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The Real Meaning Of Beyonce's Baby Name - Blue Ivy

beyonce-baby-photo-pics-ivy-blue-birth.jpgIvy is in reference to the couple’s love of the number four - roman numeral for 4 is IV. Beyoncé and Jay-Z were married on April 4, 2008

Jay-Z's birthday is December 4

Beyoncé’s birthday is September 4

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have matching IV tattoos on their wedding fingers. The singer’s latest album is called 4 which was her fourth solo studio album. Jay-Z has a trilogy of albums under The Blueprint banner which could have inspired his daughter’s name: He has released The Blueprint, The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse and The Blueprint 3

The 30-year-old singer’s daughter arrived via scheduled caesarean section at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City last night.
The couple’s close friend Gwyneth Paltrow confirmed the baby’s name on Twitter, writing: ‘Welcome to the world Blue! We love you already.’

Jay-Z was telling friends he and Beyonce had named their daughter Blue Ivy Carter, E! Online reported. The 30-year-old singer’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, arrived via scheduled caesarean section at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City on Saturday night.

Lyrics and mp3

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Alicia Keys currently in Jamaica, At Geejam Studio recording new material

By M. Jodee Writer

alicia-keys-jamaica-recording-gee-jam-studio.jpgAmerican Grammy-winning R&B superstar, Alicia Keys has made Jamaica her temporary home, as she will embark on a recording project in the island.

The songstress, known for several classics such as Fallin, A Woman's Worth and Superwoman arrived in the island on Saturday for music-related purposes. According to media reports, Keys began attending recording sessions at Geejam Studios in Portland.

The studio complex houses three deluxe cabins, a self-contained villa, spa, gym, swimming pool and restaurant. Additionally, reports claim that the privacy Geejam studios offer assured Keys safe accommodation.

Lyrics and mp3

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January 10, 2012

Gaza Slim Out - Vybz Kartel remanded

By Marc Parc Writer

gaza-slim-vybz-kartel-vanessa-bling-court.jpgA turn of the calendar hasn't changed the fortunes of embattled Dancehall superstar, Adidja Palmer, aka Vybz Kartel as he will remain behind bars for the foreseeable future.

On Monday, the prominent deejay was remanded into custody until February 1 regarding charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice while attending a hearing at the Corporate Area Resident Magistrates Court in Kingston. Kartel, along with his Portmore Empire protégé, Vanessa Saddler aka Gaza Slim were slapped with both charges last month.

Meanwhile, Gaza Slim walked away a temporarily free woman as she posted bail in the Home Circuit Court with the condition that she must return to court alongside Kartel on February 1.

Lyrics and mp3

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Rebel Salute - January 14 @ Port Kaiser Sports Complex, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica


Rebel Salute is undeniably a masterpiece! What began as a show to commemorate the January 15 birthday of reggae icon Patrick “Tony Rebel” Barrett has become a staple on the live music events calendar. Every year since its first staging in 1994 in Brooks Park, Mandeville, Tony Rebel and Flames Production Inc. has delivered a world-class roots show unlike any other while promoting and preserving the healthier aspects of reggae music. The show has since then been moved to its new home at the Port Kaiser Sports Complex and is set against the backdrop of the unspoiled beauty of the parish that is known as the "bread basket" of Jamaica - St. Elizabeth.

Rebel Salute treats patrons to a drug-free, violence-free, alcohol-free and meat-free, family-oriented environment. Food vendors serve a strict Jamaican vegetarian menu, which is complimented by a diet of cultural roots rap from reggae's finest. One can truly immerse themselves in Jamaican culture here as authentic Jamaican arts and crafts are also on display and for sale.

Lyrics and mp3

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Despite issues with Lauryn Hill Shaggy pleased with show outcome

By M. Jodee Writer

Dancehall mega star, Orville Burrell, more popularly known as Shaggy, believes his charity event, Shaggy and Friends resulted in success despite a few problems involving one of the show's headline acts.

The third edition of Shaggy and Friends took place this past Saturday on the lawns of Jamaica House in Kingston. The show included several strong performances from local and overseas acts such as Eve, Deniece Williams, Maxi Priest, Beres Hammond and Romain Virgo, amongst several others. Shaggy also performed at various intervals alongside Tarrus Riley, Tessanne Chin and others.

However, former Grammy-winning singer/rapper, Lauryn Hill, who closed out the show, drew mixed reactions from what was regarded as the show's largest crowd to date. A drawn out band change caused unrest amongst fans that waited an hour to see the former Fugees starlet grace the stage. Once she did arrive on stage, Hill expressed her dissatisfaction with the stage setup and continually restarted tracks during the first half of her set.

Lyrics and mp3

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January 9, 2012

Macka Diamond accuses Jamaican music industry of unfair treatment

By M. Jodee Writer

Veteran Dancehall superstar, Macka Diamond bemoans what she calls undeserved criticism from fellow, local music industry players.
macka-diamond-photo-shoot-artiste-jamaican-girls.jpgThe prominent deejay made this claim following her recent nomination by the Jamaica STAR for the Worst Dressed Female category at this year's Star People's Choice Awards. Macka Diamond faces competition from fellow, highly-acclaimed acts such as Danielle aka D.I., Alliance Next Generation first lady, Bridgez and Reggae superstar, Etana.

With that marking her only nomination for the award show, Macka Diamond gave a recent interview blasting the Jamaican music industry for demeaning her various achievements in 2011, including the International Reggae and World Music (IRAWMA) award for International Female Rapper/DJ of the Year.

"This demonstrates the disregard persons have for individual achievement in this industry. If they don't like you, no matter how well you do, your work is not contemplated; and that is one of the self-inflicted wounds this industry suffers and will continue to suffer if nothing is done to curb the actions of those who fail to put professionalism before personal vindictiveness," she said.

The artiste, whose real name is Charmaine Munroe intimated that she could care less about the People's Choice Award nomination; refusing to apologize for her creativity while citing that fans overseas show more appreciation regarding her style.
"In my opinion I believe women in Dancehall should be creative and represent Dancehall so my dressing is by choice and I make no apology for being creative, an important ingredient that is lacking locally," Macka Diamond said.

Lyrics and mp3

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Downsound Recording Artiste Specialist Tops The Hype TV Dancehall/Reggae Chart

Lyrics and mp3

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Vybz Kartel & Gaza Slim For Court Today

gaza-slim-vanessa-bling-vybz-kartel-court-case.jpgInternationally-acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Adidja Palmer, more popularly known as Vybz Kartel along with one of his protégés Vanessa "Gaza Slim" Saddler will appear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrates Court today where they will answer to charges of conspiracy to pervert the court of justice and attempting to pervert the course of justice in the Clive "Lizard" Williams murder case.

Kartel and Gaza Slim were slapped with said charges after law enforcement officials claimed that they possessed a cellular phone containing a text message what the self-proclaimed "Worl' Boss" ordered Slim to concoct a robbery story involving Williams. On October 29, Gaza Slim filed a police report at the Constant Spring Police Station; claiming she was robbed and gun-butted by Williams during an incident in Havendale, St. Andrew. This took place five days after Kartel was charged with murder in the Williams case.

Lyrics and mp3

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January 8, 2012

Getting To Know Natty Remo

Natty Remo's Musical Journey Album Released by Kingrasta21 Music, Inc. and Zojak World Wide (December 20, 2011)


natty-remo-reggae-artiste-album.jpgKingrasta21 Music, Inc. in collaboration with Zojak World Wide released international reggae artist Natty Remo's second album, Musical Journey, online December 20, 2011. The record label is a manifestation of Natty Remo's vision of conscious reggae music.

The album opens with "Glorify the King," giving praises to the Most High. Named Musical Journey, this album includes recordings from the mid 1990s until 2010, encompassing two decades of the artist's musical work. It could rightly be called The Best of Natty Remo, but more is yet to come.

Natty Remo was born Burchell Bailey in Kingston, Jamaica. He began his reggae career in Jamaica dancehall in the mid 1980s. Moving to New York City in 1988, he jumped on the reggae circuit as Captain Remo. He was soon nominated for DJ of the Year three consecutive years in a row by the Tamika Awards (NYC) and for Best New Artist in 1996 by the Binns Awards (Jamaica). Natty Remo has toured the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, and Europe with the likes of Dennis Brown, Freddie McGregor, Beres Hammond, Buju Banton, Marcia Griffiths, Mighty Diamonds, Junior Jazz, Ragga Lox, and Frankie Paul, to name a few. He's performed at Sting, Reggae Sunsplash, Reggae Sumfest, White River Reggae Bash, Western Consciousness, at colleges, festivals, and venues worldwide.

Lyrics and mp3

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Tifa gearing up for debut album this summer

By Marc Parc Writer

Tifa-album-female-artiste.jpgProminent Dancehall deejay, Tifa will attempt to dazzle the mainstream and build her status overseas as she plans release her first album this summer.

Tifa copped several accolades last year; making a strong case as 2011 female deejays of the year. Amongst her achievements included multiple hit songs such as Move Yuh Body, Matie Wine, Dash Out on the highly-acclaimed Overproof Riddim and Wedding Chapel on the Matrimoney Riddim. Additionally, the Dancehall diva asserted her presence on the international charts as her collaborative single, Swaggin' that featured Wayne Marshall and Fambo topped the BBC 1Xtra Dancehall charts in the United Kingdom as well as the MTV Base charts.

In a recent interview, Tifa intimated that 2012 would mark an industrious year for her; relenting that she hoped to accomplish more on the international stage while opening various marketing doors for herself. Also, the Bottom of the Barrel deejay stated that she wants the album to tell a story that fans can related to.

Earlier this week, Tifa earned eight Youth View Awards nominations and will appear at the show, scheduled to take place on February 4 at the National Indoor Sports Centre in Kingston. Following news of her nomination, Tifa expressed humility regarding the recognition.

Tifa's most recent musical project Nuh Want Yuh No More on the Bubble Gum Riddim while last month, she held her birthday party dubbed Pink Xstacy (Pink and White Edition).

Lyrics and mp3

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Kali Blaxx Performing Live At Gt Taylor Extravaganza

Lyrics and mp3

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January 6, 2012

Tiana's Pum Pum Phat rules for a second Week on the Chart Top 20 Hot Singles Chart


TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 01 - (07) Tiana - Pum Pum Phat (Ravin Remix) - (2wks@#1)

02 - 03 - (09) Khago - Blood A Boil - TJ Records

03 - 02 - (08) Mavado - Delilah - Mansion Records

04 - 06 - 04) Mavado - Settle Down - JA Production

05 - 04 - (11) Chan Dizzy Hello Badmind - Head Concussion

06 - 05 - (09) Popcaan - Ravin - Adidjaheim Records - (3wks@#1)

07 - 07 - (10) Danielle ft Cherine - Rebel - Taxi Records

08 - 10 - (06) Tiana ft Konshens - Gyal Mi Love You - Fams House Studio

09 - 12 - (03) Vybz Kartel - Freaky Gal - Head Concussion

10 - 11 - (10) Andrew & Wada Blood - Roll Wid Mi Bredda - Notice Production

11 - 08 - (11) Assassin - Talk How Mi Feel - DJ Frass - (peaked@#6)
12 - 14 - (03) Khago - Tun Up Di Ting - JA Production

13 - 15 - (04) Konshens - Duh Sum’n - Ward 21 Production

14 - 16 - (02) Popcaan - Only Man She Want - Sounique Records

15 - 09 - (16) Mavado - All Dem A Talk - ZJ Chrome - (peaked@#3)

Lyrics and mp3

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Tifa and Timberlee falling out? Deejays involved in alleged altercation

By Marc Parc Writer


It seems as if tension continues to exist between prominent Dancehall divas, Tifa and Timberlee, especially following an alleged incident that took place during New Year's weekend.

This news comes a month after comments that mutual friend and fellow deejay, Natalie Storm made during an interview on the LaurenOLauren (LOL) show on Flow TV. When asked by show host, Lauren Dunn about relations within the TNT (Tifa, Natalie Storm, Timberlee) camp, the Hotta deejay hinted that tension existed between Tifa and Timberlee.

"It's the two musketeers now…I try to keep out of it because I still talk to both girls…there’s no more TNT...we're all off doing our own individual things."

Lyrics and mp3

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Bramma's First Int'l Gig for 2012/Pumps Up Promotion on New Tracks

bramma-unity-fest-dancehall-artiste.jpgBramma's first international performance in 2012 will be an appearance at Unity Fest in Florida. He accompanies Freddie McGregor and other members of the Big Ship Family and shares stage with the likes of Reggae/Dancehall fire chief, Capleton. It is always like starting fresh at the beginning of each year for the artistes as their focus is geared toward getting the momemtum back up by pumping up releases dropped in late December or January. With a refreshed slogan to the name Dancehall fans have come to know him, Bramma 'Da Gorilla' pushes along with single Never Worry released December 2011 on Big Ship label and already he is encouraged from the feedback. Zimbabwean radio jock DJ Smiley told Bramma on facebook that, "the Harare Dancehall fans are loving the song and 'the feedback is impressive."

Just the tip of the iceberg on what's to come, Bramma's Pressure Dem track on new juggling out on the Tenement Yard riddim is also getting consistent plays on radio. Also on stream is the 'super-mad colab, Haters Warning with Esco, Chino, Chan Dizzle, Ward 21, Rolling X and Bounty Killer as Godfather. Producer Esco invited Bramma and others to unite in lyrics and create a track that is aimed at sending a strong message of unity to fellow artistes in the industry as he believes there are too many envy and hatred among artistes in general.

A video for Bramma's Never Worry single is already contemplated and will be shot soon. He has come out early in hope of touring this summer as well as picking up as many gigs as possible throughout the Caribbean, United States and Africa.

Mr G Conquers Uganda With 'Swaggerific'

mr-g-clean--beenie-man-video.jpgResurgent dancehall recording artiste Mr. G is a big hit on the African continent. The Swaggerific deejay made a triumphant appearance at a show at the Speke Resort in the town of Munyonyo in Kampala, Uganda on December 31st.

"I knew that the show was going to sell off because from the moment I arrived, the major tv stations such as Capital One TV, and Record TV came to the hotel to meet us, and N TV, the biggest station in the country came as well. The buzz was incredible…even the Meet and Greet brought out a lot of media," he said.

Mr. G was the only dancehall act on the show, which also featured veteran reggae act Chaka Demus and Pliers, as well as major African stars, Bebe Cool, and Coco Finga.

Mr. G was the penultimate act, blazing a high energy 25 minute set that ignited the huge venue of 20,000 patrons. He hit the stage singing his recent top ten hit, Beat Dem Bad, before segueing into Swagarrific which was met with great cheers. He then deejayed a recent single, We Never Like Dem, before launching into a medley of early dancehall hits that included Big Man She Want, Fatty Boom, Nah-nah-nah-na, Work We a Work and Wine Pon It.

Lyrics and mp3

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January 5, 2012

Mavado and Bounty Killer settle their issues

By M. Jodee Writer

bounty_killer_mavado_feud_gully_alliance.jpgAlliance leader, Bounty Killer and long-time protégé/Gully Squad leader, Mavado seem to have resolved their issues after months of tension within the popular Dancehall group.

The Dancehall stalwarts have encountered months of turbulence within the Gulliance camp ever since a shooting incident that took place outside Bounty Killer's birthday party at the QUAD nightclub in New Kingston last July. Following the party, Gully Squad member, Chase Cross released a diss song aimed at Bounty Killer after alleging that the "War Lord" disrespected his friend who died during aforementioned incident. Several diss songs between the Gully Squad and Alliance Next Generation have been exchanged since the release of Chase Cross' song, Mash Up Everything in late July.

However, Mavado and Bounty Killer are back on the same page once again following a meeting at the Uptown Mondays party on January 2. Reportedly, the duo posed for several photo-ops while later embracing each other inside the party.

Lyrics and mp3

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Before They Were Stars with Mr. Lexx

By Marc Parc Writer


Always flamboyant and confident in his abilities, Dancehall superstar, Mr. Lexx has never been afraid to showcase his talents in unique ways as a measure to distance himself from fellow stalwarts in the industry.

Venturing within various aspects the performing arts, Mr. Lexx has accumulated a number of accolades worthy of high acclaim. Somewhat underappreciated, the artiste continues to persevere in light of doubt from fans and critics within the Dancehall industry.

Born Christopher George Palmer, the aspiring artiste grew up in the rough-and-tumble area of Mountain View in Kingston. Hoping to master different avenues of the arts, Palmer was a member of the renowned Dance Troupe Squad in the early 90s. Additionally, Palmer featured in several plays while attending the Fox Drama School; earning a Best Actor Award for his stage efforts.

However, music became Palmer's true calling as he looked to follow in the footsteps of his biggest inspiration, Shabba Ranks; practicing the craft during his high school days. At 16, Palmer unveiled his debut single, Own A Home, saluting independent women who could financially support themselves.

Lyrics and mp3

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I-Octane "Buzzworthy Newcomer" (NPR) Kicks 2012 Into High Gear

Debut Album Crying To The Nation out Feb 14

i-octane-crying-for-the-nation-album.jpgI-Octane will release his debut album Crying To The Nation on Feb 14, 2012. The 16-track opus is a joint venture deal with reggae powerhouse VP Records and Scikron, which is owned and operated by Robert Livingston, former long-time manager of multi-platinum artist Shaggy. On I-Octane's first full-length LP, he will reinvigorate the feeling of roots and dancehall at its purest. I-Octane has already proven himself as a powerful lyricist and unveils his uncanny ability to sing romantic ballads and socially aware tunes on this traditional reggae album.

"Puff It" Makes NPR's End-of-Year Countdown for Top 5 Dancehall Tracks

I-Octane's "Puff It," which is featured on Crying To The Nation,is chosen as one of National Public Radio's Top 5 Dancehall Tracks for 2011. NPR's Baz Dreisinger describes I-Octane as "2011's buzzworthy newcomer: a Rastafarian DJ in the vein of Sizzla or Capleton, comfortable moving from conscious music to hardcore dancehall and back again." The year's favorite anthem showcases his "signature style: rapid-fire rhyming skills, haunting vocals and simple, singalong hooks," Dreisinger adds.

Lyrics and mp3

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Damian Marley optimistic about 2012, wants more exposure for Jamaican artistes

By Marc Parc Writer

damian-marley-junior-gong-jamaican-artiste.jpgInternationally-acclaimed Reggae artiste, Damian Marley aka Junior Gong has an optimistic outlook for the New Year following a rather successful 2011.

Marley enjoyed several accomplishments during 2011, including a completion of his Distant Relatives tour alongside hip-hop superstar, Nas as well as the formation a new super group, Super Heavy including British songstress, Joss Stone and Rolling Stones front man, Mick Jagger. Their subsequent, self-titled debut album and the success of other collaborative efforts such as Jah Army with Stephen Marley and Liquor Store Blues alongside R&B sensation, Bruno Mars rose Marley's international stock as he continues to build a legacy somewhat reminiscent of his legendary father, Bob Marley.

Looking ahead to 2012, Damian Marley seeks to enhance his international reputation once more. In a recent interview published via the website of Reggaeville Magazine, Marley hopes to unveil new projects as well as groom some of his family members, such as Joseph and Daniel Marley, who each released singles last year.

"There is a lot of work that has been done that hasn't been released yet…We have some music that we're working on and some stuff to come out…a lot of things are happening behind the scenes to tell you the truth," he said.

Lyrics and mp3

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January 4, 2012

Promoter seeks damages from I-Octane following botched show

By M. Jodee Writer

i-octane_burn_dem_bridge_photo.jpgThe wallet of internationally-acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae singjay, I-Octane could soon be lighter after a promoter claims he wrecked an event he performed at during the holiday season.

I-Octane performed at the Western Kite Festival at the Mannings School in Westmoreland on New Year's Day (Sunday). The event also featured Reggae singer, Romain Virgo and Dancehall star, Popcaan.

In a radio interview on Tuesday, the festival's lead promoter, Tia Reinford intimated that patrons began littering the stage with bottles after I-Octane abruptly ended his set. Reportedly, I-Octane asked event organizers to dim the lights during his performance but couldn't meet his demand. At that point, I-Octane walked off stage in disgust; prompting the bottle throwing incident.

Lyrics and mp3

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Flava Unit Got The "Flava" For 2012

flava-unit-sound-system-jamaica-portmore.jpgThe Portmore based sound system Flava Unit who hails from the vicinity of Waterford the home town of the Worl' Boss Vybz Kartel has finally found the "flava" with Badda Bling and Likkle Rich under the guidance of Tallman and Dezi.

Flava Unit has ended the year on a high note with a well supported Anniversary party that hosted several big acts such as Konshens, I-Octane and upcoming stars such as Tiana, Specialist, Darrio and Delus etc… With that said the team is now busy putting plans in place to maintain a strong presence in 2012.

"We will be working on our studio and record label, we want to work with young stars on the rise such as Stylish, Tiana, Skelle-Dung-Wendy, Pattexx, Bencil, Masikka, etc along with veterans like Konshens, Khago, Lady G, I-Octane, Bugle, Nitty Kutchie and many more,” said Tallman. He continues, "We will be doing a few overseas dates in the early part of the year. We are very grateful to our many fans all over Jamaica, especially in Portmore and we also like to say a big thank you to all the promoters such as Solid Agency, Supreme Promotions, Jermaine Bibbions, Tara Scott, Shari-ann Vaz and the business communities such as Guinness, Lime Jamaica, Magnum to name a few."

Flava Unit can be found on several social networks one of such network is facebook: flavaunitmusic

Look out for great things from Flava Unit in 2012 and beyond.

Lyrics and mp3

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Macka Diamond Ring in the New Year with Weekend Birthday Celebration

macka-diamond-birthday-2012-weekend-party.jpgKnown across the length and breath of the Dancehall circuit for her relentless work ethics and mastering the art of re-inventing her image, Money O Diva Macka Diamond ring in the New Year with what promises to be an exciting weekend dubbed, 'Macka Diamond Birthday Weekend.' The first of the three day party series, the 'Pre-Party' kicks off on Friday January 13 at Club Impulse located at the center of Kingston's night life city, New Kingston. Party goers and seekers as well as guess will then roll out on Saturday January 14 to the 'Rock n Roll Club' in the cool parish of Mandeville and from thereafter to experience the grand finale on Saturday January 15 cool it down at the, 'Pool Party' at Club Cali in Trelawny.

Special Guest Artistes will include head of the Alliance, Bounty Killer and Future Fambo as well as selectors Panta from Black Kat Sound, Foota Hype, Gary Chucks, Kirk Riley the party animal, Little Richie and the Rich Squad, Black Shadow from Canada, Alex Frass, Richie Pooh, DJ Sparks, DJ Satday, Dancers Shelly Belly, Latesha, M.O.B., Global Dancers and more.

Lyrics and mp3

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January 3, 2012

Year in Review: Top 10 Dancehall Singles of 2011

By Marc Parc Writer

2011 had its share of memorable hits as many Dancehall stalwarts proved that the foundation and depth of their genre remained strong.
Dazzling local and international charts with their musical masterpieces, these internationally-acclaimed artistes elevated their statuses while creating new avenues for the genre overseas. Ten songs in particular encompassed said sentiment while blazing the airwaves with the results of their creativity; making them relevant throughout 2012 and many years to come.


10. Mavado - Delilah: The first single off Mavado's newly founded Mansion Records showcased a sound not familiarly associated with the "Gully Gaad."
• Delilah, released in May 2011, presented a crossover effect with its R&B sounding instrumentals but resonated with his fan base locally and overseas.
• The singjay's vocals were on full display as the single topped several Dancehall charts, including in the United Kingdom while earning constant airplay across clubs and concerts locally and in the United States.

9. I-Octane - Badmind Fi Di Year: I-Octane followed up an extraordinary 2010 with a resolute showing in 2011; primarily with the release of his single, Badmind Fi Di Year.
• The Cashflow Records produced single, released in March 2011, proved I-Octane could continue to produce thought-provoking songs with substance. The single topped several charts across the Caribbean as well as Europe; statistically making this one of his most successful singles.
• A regular on the local airwaves, Badmind Fi The Year was a fan favorite across sessions and mixtapes within the Dancehall; sparking another strong run for the singjay, whose debut album will hit stores later this month.

8. Beenie Man - Go Go Club: 2011 witnessed somewhat of a renaissance year for the self-proclaimed "King of the Dancehall," Beenie Man.
• Go Go Club, released in March 2011, became an instant sensation within parties on the local scene while featuring in several promotions and advertisements.
• More importantly, Go Go Club marked Beenie's first number one hit of 2011; topping the HYPETV charts as well as other prominent Dancehall charts in Jamaica. It began a strong stretch of hit singles from Beenie including Let's Go on the Overproof Riddim and Young Bud on the Notnice-produced, Takeover Riddim amongst others.

Lyrics and mp3

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Reggae artist Tenza Closed 2011 in Style

tenza-europe-tour-reggae-female.jpgReggae star Tenza closed 2011 with class and talent while ranging 2012 in style with a commanding, performance in Stockholm Sweden. Tenza, who was in no nonsense mood when she hit the stage in front of a sold out crowd at the Lax Night Club, went straight into her set, picking up where she had stopped two nights earlier in Gutenberg where she puts on tantalising performance at the Parken Club.

Tenza Unleashed a slew of her past hits to bring back memories, before thrilled her fans even more some of her newer materials "Out N Clean" and "Natty" to name a few. Tenza was clearly making a massive impact on the Swedish crowd when she have everyone waving goodbye to poverty as she belts out one final track before exciting the stage to a thunderous applause, Tenza was invited back for a second time where she did not failed to please her fans as she brings the curtains down on a extremely eventful and successful night at the Lax Night Club.

Tenza is now set to perform next at the end of January 2012 in Norway and in the UK early February 2012.

According to Tenza team 2012 is shaping up to be a very busy and eventful year for the artist who is set to release her third album along with number of plan tours of Africa Eastern Europe and Asia.

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Dancehall Artiste Aidonia Live at Sting 2011

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January 2, 2012

Lost Angels Riddim Blows Up Internationally - So Unique Records

So-Unique-Elvis-Redwood-lost-angel-reddim-producer-jamaica.jpgA relative newcomer to the world of dancehall, red hot producer Elvis Redwood has been catapulted into the heavyweight leagues with his hit riddim, Lost Angel, which has spawned a number one hit with Popcaan's 'Only Man She Want' and made the whole world sit up and listen, waiting to see what will be his next move.

"It is a blessing how everything just transform with this project, it is still challenging but mi see where I can keep going and make music that the whole world can appreciate and enjoy," Redwood said.
Redwood was once the principal beatmaker for Armzhouse Records, scoring major hits alongside his friend, fellow producer Rado, but moved on to start his own label in 2010.

"Ah just one family with Armzhouse Records, we still link same way," Redwood said.

Redwood's first project on his own label, So Unique, was dubbed 'Blue Gem' featuring artistes like Elephant Man, Kibaki, Gaza Slim, Sheba, Iyara, Lisa Hyper, Kim 'Gaza Kim' Hamilton, Predator and General B. However the riddim, unlike its name, failed to shine.

"That did reasonably well, but never got a great promotional push, however, it made people realize that I can do this," he said.

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Khago receives death threat, claims music industry is corrupt

By Marc Parc Writer

khago-death-threat-jamaica-dancehall-reggae-artiste.jpgEmerging Dancehall/Reggae singjay, Ricardo Gayle aka Khago remains defiant despite receiving an unwelcome message to start the New Year.

On Sunday morning, the internationally acclaimed artiste received a chilling death threat, via phone, from an unknown caller. Khago's management team intimated that they're taking said threat very seriously; contacting law enforcement officials to investigate the matter.

Though startled by the threat, the Nah Sell Out singer insists that this incident won't deter him from continuing his mission to showcase positive songs within what he calls a corrupt music industry.
"Mi get the phone call at about 9 a.m. and the caller say 'p****hole yuh a go dead later' and then hang up the phone," Khago explained via press release.
He continued, "But dem caan intimidate me, mi ah go continue to do good work and sing songs for the people, too much corruption inna the music business but mi naa back down."

Though conscious of the fact persons have developed envious attitudes towards him, the young
singjay warned his enemies that shouldn't underestimate his resolve.
"Dem need fi know say mi no frighten fi dem threat even though there is no coming back after death because mi know all of my enemy dem and my friend know all ah my enemy dem so dem fi know wah dem a do."

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Pree Dis With Kevin Jackson - Episode 63 - Part 1 to 4 - Entertainment Round Up

You can watch Pree Diss on Flow Jamaica Channel 100 or you can also watch the show on Tempo and a host of other TV stations located in and out of the Caribbean.

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January 1, 2012

Matterhorn ready to clash with Artistes that are more Established - still open to Twins rematch

By Marc Parc Writer

tony-matterhorn-clash-rematch-twins-of-twin.jpgProminent selector turned deejay, Tony Matterhorn continues to receive praise for his dominant effort at STING 2011 against comedic duo, Twin of Twins. However, the entertainer maintains that his victory on Boxing Day was no fluke.

Matterhorn and the Twins attempted to settle their long-standing feud via a lyrical clash at the 28th edition of STING in the early hours of Tuesday morning at Jamworld in Portmore, St. Catherine. After a sluggish start by both participants, Matterhorn stamped his authority on their lyrical battle with an array of freestyles as well as a snippet of his upcoming Dancehall Duppy 4 single.

Following the clash, Twin of Twins member, Patrick Gaynor aka Curly Lox intimated that he fell ill due to a nasal congestion received as a result of excess touring during the holiday season. Gaynor explained that after having a drink of Magnum following the consumption of medication, he felt funny, thus, leading to a sub-standard performance by the comedic duo. As a result, the Twin have denied that a clash took place; issuing a rematch invitation to Matterhorn to settle their differences once and for all.

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Sean Paul Reveals Cover Art, Tracklisting for 'Tomahawk Technique'

sean-paul-album-cover-tomahawk-technique.jpgSean Paul is going international with his fifth album Tomahawk Technique. The Mohawk-sporting dancehall star will release the project in France, Belgium, and Switzerland on January 27, followed by Germany and Austria on February 10, and the U.K. and Ireland on March 12. A U.S. date will be announced soon.

The 12 tracks feature contributions from Akon, Ester Dean, DJ Ammo, and Benny Blanco, along with Kelly Rowland on the Stargate-produced “How Deep Is Your Love” and Alexis Jordan on the first single “Got 2 Luv U.”

“I’m trying to bridge the gap, broaden my artistry,” Sean told Rap-Up TV. “I’m asking [the producers] to try and make dancehall from their perspective. So it’s sounding more international than dancehall.”

Tomahawk Technique Tracklisting

1. “Got 2 Luv U” feat. Alexis Jordan
2. “She Doesn’t Mind”
3. “Body”
4. “What I Want”
5. “Won’t Stop (Turn Me Out)”
6. “Dream Girl”
7. “Hold On”
8. “How Deep Is Your Love” feat. Kelly Rowland
9. “Put It on You”
10. “Roll Wid Di Don”
11. “Touch the Sky”
12. “Wedding Crashers”

Source: rap-up

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Will Gaza Slim Walk Free on January 9th?

gaza-slim-court-jail-vybz-kartel.jpgIt has been more than a month since Vybz Kartel's Protégé Gaza Slim been arrested and charged along with him for perverting the course of justice.

Kartel and Gaza Slim were slapped with said charges after law enforcement officials claimed that they possessed a cellular phone containing a text message what the self-proclaimed "Worl' Boss" ordered Slim to concoct a robbery story involving Williams. On October 29, Gaza Slim filed a police report at the Constant Spring Police Station; claiming she was robbed and gun-butted by Williams during an incident in Havendale, St. Andrew. This took place five days after Kartel was charged with murder in the Williams case.

Both artistes are scheduled to return to the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s on January 9th.

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