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Tiana Pum Pum Phat Lyrics - Dancehall

Woooohhhhhhiiiiiiii bare hot fuck inna mi hole again
A Tiana Enuh!!!
Mi pum pum phat
More fluffy from back
Bwoy come mek mi squeeze up yuh cock
Well versatile guh pon mi head top
mi wi jiggle body and bruk off yuh cock

Him seh oh gosh
Yuh punnany phat
him luv when mi whine and turn pon di cock
him seh highgrade neva mek him feel like that
not even when him smoke off 40 bag

him seh hi dare
yuh a di only one
mek mi buddy stand stiff like a firm mountain
goodaz like you mi nah walk out pon
hey tight pussy gyal mi haffi be your husband

Sub Chorus:
Hey bwoy
luv how yuh pants front brace up
like a nine millimeter inna yuh waste up
da phat pussy yuh fi lace up
cocky rule over tongue suh nuh taste up

A bare hot fuck inna di cabin
Hey bwoy come send on di stabbing
Like a spider di ceiling mi crawling
Hot fuck til morning
Then after di fuck straight tearing
Mi wi done yuh bank book and yuh saving
Mi neva yet fuck a man weh nuh sharing
Tell di truth mi not swearing

Woooohhhhhhiiiiiiii bare hot fuck inna mi hole again



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Posted by allaince | October 27, 2011 3:28 PM

tiana me want to f**k u am train to f**k

Easy B:
Posted by Easy B | October 28, 2011 7:59 AM

I was very disappointed when she sang this one after singing "no new friends" i really thought she would have kept a positive message, but i guess that's the influence a certain artists had/have on her.

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