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'Nothing but the love of God,' says Prodigal about edgy love song

prodigal_son_christian_love_me_like_jamaica.jpgGospel artiste Prodigal Son confesses that he has the love of God boiling up and coursing through every cell in his body. And as a way of expressing that uniquely intimate relationship with his Maker, the artiste has penned a song like no other.

Entitled Love Me Like This, the single on his very own Radikal Prodigal label, is as confounding as it is enticing. Amid all debate about the edginess of the song, one thing is crystal clear, Love Me Like This is a love song. However, the question that arises is: Love for whom? Is Prodigal Son expressing his love for a God who loves him unconditionally - the agape type of love? Or is he pouring out his passionate love for a woman - the eros?

"This is definitely all about my love for God. This is my testimony," Prodigal Son says without even a hint of a smile.
As a matter of fact, with all that is being said about the single and its inappropriateness for church worship, the artiste refuses to go into defense mode. Prodigal Son instead takes time to quietly emphasise the fact that "all love is from God and of God" and that church music is always evolving.

"As one who ministers to souls, I have to find creative ways to speak to this generation in particular … Generation X as it is called … to get their attention and get them to focus on God. We all know the power of music and I consider myself a vessel through which this music is passed," Prodigal declared.

A quick listen reveals that the writing is quite clever and there are certain expressions and phrases contained in Love Me Like This that are at best ambiguous, and at worst, downright steamy. It starts out with a line from the Minnie Ripperton's mega hit single, "Loving you is easy cause you're beautiful" and then the expressions of undying love move from strength to strength with graphic descriptions.
And, even though the artiste admits, Love Me Like This can be listened to on two levels, Prodigal Son says that, like many Christians who listen to and love the song, he sees God shining through the lyrics.

"It is my love song to a loving God. Rather than take a secular love song and turn it into a Christian song, like some singers do, I have chosen to dedicate a love song to the Father. It could be considered my personal rededication to God, which is really something that, as Christians, we need to do daily," Prodigal said. And, as he says so passionately at the end of the song, "Lord God, you have mi heart."