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Ninja Man drops assault case against fellow inmate

By M. Jodee Writer

ninja-man-prison-bars.jpgEmbattled Veteran Dancehall artiste, Desmond "Ninja Man" Ballentine has dropped an assault case relating to an incident in which the deejay was hit in the head by a stone.

The "Bad Man Can't Make Love," deejay, who's awaiting the start of his murder trial, was knocked unconscious by a stone, concealed in a sock, by a fellow inmate. Ninja Man immediately pressed charges following the August 3rd incident at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre in Kingston.

The accused, Kevin "Nashy" Maitland, was acquitted of the charge in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Thursday after Ninja Man insisted that he no longer wished to pursue the matter. The prominent artiste intimated that he wasn't sure who threw the stone after him; placing the blame on Maitland given that he was the closest man within the vicinity of the incident.

Maitland responded by suggesting that the alleged incident was prompted by a war started by Ninja Man and his prison block. Additionally, Maitland stated that Ninja Man threw a water bottle at one of the TVs; igniting the war within the prison.

Ninja Man was charged with murder in relation to a March 2009 incident in which he, his song and two other men were involved in the shooting death of Richard Johnson. The long-awaited murder trial was postponed again in June; rescheduled for November 28th.