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Gyptian disses Nicki Minaj, Mr. Vegas in drunken rant

By Marc Parc Writer

Internationally acclaimed singjay, Windel Beneto Edwards, more popularly known as Gyptian, is the subject of controversy following a drunken rant recently captured on video

A video surfaced Thursday on youtube with the "Beautiful Lady" singer in studio addressing how his collaboration with American hip-hop superstar, Nicki Minaj came about for the "Hold Yuh" remix. According to Gyptian, Minaj never jumped on the original "Hold Yuh" single when asked to voice the song. Once the single gained international acclaim, Gyptian implied that's when Minaj decided to do the collaboration.

"Is a f**k up b, guess wah bun me out a everything and den di gal a jump pon di song. Di b***h a get $25,000 from VP dem fi get di bloodcl*t song hard and never bloodc***t go pon di song, and when di song go out and get big now she jump pon di song off a her own. First ting she ask when dem ask her fi voice pon di song, Who Gyptian? She nuh kno mi," Gyptian said.

Then, when producers in the studio intimated that Gyptian wasn't an artiste who called out other artistes via Twitter, the singjay replied, "I'm not Vegas," referring to prominent, veteran deejay, Mr. Vegas.

"Vegas mi an' yuh no vex, but mi want yuh stop do wha yuh a do, yeah, da bag a chatting chatting dem an' chat bad bout di bag a artist dem, especially me man, yuh sound like a sissy man. Mi cyaah even seh p***y cah u rich an' yuh know yuh have u ting lock already," a seemingly drunk Gyptian said.

This controversy comes five weeks following an incident in which an argument between Gyptian and veteran producer, DJ Frass led to the shooting death of a man at Supa Hype's recording studio at Dumbarton Avenue in St. Andrew. Gyptian was reportedly questioned and released by the Major Investigation Task Force following the incident.


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