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Flippa Mafia ready for lyrical battle with "Money Fight War"

flippa_mafia_money_war_fight.jpg PR JAMAICA ENT - KINGSTON: The self-professed "Flossing King" is back with a vengeance thanks to his latest release on the confrontational War Monger Riddim.

Dancehall star, Flippa Mafia unveiled his newest single, "Money Fight War" on the Open Ear Records produced Riddim; showcasing his lack of fear regarding lyrical battle. In the song, Flippa Mafia leaves no stone unturned; calling out some of Dancehall's biggest names such as Bounty Killer, Tony Matterhorn and long-time rival, Elephant Man.

In "Money Fight War," Flippa implies that too many artistes are pretending to be rich while entering lyrical clashes. The "Flossing King" deejays, Killa how yuh bruk an' wid Beenie, yuh gone look war? Dem tek weh u van, yuh gone go rent car, drive wid Hennessey, yuh nah buy out no bar, Drunkie! Bruk man cyaah fight war."

He also calls Elephant Man a "light thief" with reference to his confrontation with JPS. Additionally, he addresses Tony Matterhorn, saying, Inna di war, Matterhorn a move stale, nah buy no house, a move from to hill to hill, him betta dan Energy God cah him a pay light bill, Majji, bruk man cyaah fight war."

However, the "Flossing King" doesn't stop there as he takes shots at the self-proclaimed "Dancehall Hero" Vybz Kartel; intimating that he’s ran from past clashes, including the battle with Flippa's label mate, Assassin. Nuff a dem a seh dem rich an' have dis, have wah? Ready fi start war and fraid a Cobra, An' da one deh weh seh 'Head hot like Grabba' start war wid Sasco and run from Spragga," Flippa deejays.

"Money Fight War," proves that Flippa Mafia is not intimidated by many of Dancehall's greats; proving he can hold his own when going up against them.This single is the latest effort since Flippa's return to Jamaica; releasing singles such as, Flossin on the XXX Riddim and Nah Wish Bad, produced by Juke Boxx productions.