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Flippa Mafia "Nah Wish Bad" for any man

flippa-mafia.jpg PR Jamaica Ent - Kingston Jamaica: The self-proclaimed “Flossing King” of Dancehall, Flippa Mafia has re-asserted himself on the Jamaican music industry once again with his new single, "Nah Wish Bad"

The song, produced by Juke Boxx Productions, sees Flippa address Jamaicans who perceive themselves as Americans given their residence in the United States; not promoting money-making once on their home turf. "Nah Wish Bad," calls for Jamaicans who live abroad to remember where they've come from once establishing themselves overseas; not looking scornfully upon those they've left behind due to international status.

Flippa deejays, "Nuff man a mek money a foreign an' nah sen it a yard, have big house a foreign an' nah go no yard, hype vehicle a foreign, nah drive none a yard, and a dem same one a badmind down a yard."

Later in the single, Flippa calls out persons who wasted opportunities while aiming for a greater standard of living overseas without gauging wealth in Jamaica.
"Nuff man fly out, go foreign go bug out, lost everyting and neva sen' none out, seriously, inna bank book well rub out and have nuttin fi show when dem come out."

He then goes on to re-affirm his stance as a true money maker who's set a foundation for himself locally and overseas.
"Money a yard, dat me a promote, AC inna house when sun come out, Remote! Gate open, Porsche tun’ out and have nuff nuff money weh cyaah run out."

The "Mi House" deejay has been working on other projects since his return, including "Flossing" on the XXX Riddim in September and "Money Fight War," which, like "Nah Wish Bad," was unveiled earlier this month.