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D'Angel claims her “Goodies” re-ignited Beenie Man-Bounty Killer feud

By M Jodee Writer

dangel_beenie_man_bounty_killer_diss_song_good.jpgInternationally acclaimed deejay, Michelle "D'Angel" Downer has fired the latest salvo in the recently re-ignited Beenie Man-Bounty Killer feud; claiming her "Goodies" is what’s caused the rivalry to re-emerge.

D'Angel unveiled her controversial new single "Good Good," on Friday; produced by the self-titled record label, Good Good Productions. The song addresses Bounty and Beenie's recent exchange of diss songs, suggesting that her loving has caused unnecessary tension between the two legendary artistes.

At the beginning of the song, D'Angel refers to herself as "The Ex," before deejaying, "Di odda day mi see two man a par, All of a sudden my goods mek two man a war, and di two man a two mega star, Me unnu wan blame? Betta doe tek it too far." Later in the song, D'Angel asks for Beenie and Bounty to take her name out of their feud before telling Bounty, "Yuh will only be a b***h, if you counteract this."

D'Angel continues, "Di two man obsess ova mi good, from yuh good, yuh jus’ good,” before addressing Bounty Killer again; telling him “Mi nah fi diss yuh fi get a forward, yah di only bwoy weh discriminate woman." He then reminds Beenie Man that he's her baby's father and should be careful of what he says in public; asking he and the "War Lord" to show her respect going forward.

Bounty Killer and Beenie Man's recent conflict started following comments that the "Grung Gaad" made regarding Beenie's divorce from D'Angel. Bounty suggested that D'Angel was using Beenie for her own personal gain. This coming days after an interview where the "Doctor" implied that D'Angel's decision to attend Bounty's birthday party and not his was one of the deciding factors regarding their separation.