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Baby Chris Drops New Video For 'Why'

baby_chris_car_video_jamaica_reggae.jpgInternational reggae pop star Baby Chris has a brand new single called 'Why' that’s been enjoying excellent rotation on radio since it came out two weeks ago. Signed to 5 Stars Recording Inc, Baby Chris immediately shot the video for the single because of the incredible reaction in the streets to the song.

"This is the next big one, right now, the reaction has been great, it plays at least four times a day on ZIP, and other stations start picking it up. Everytime it play, mi ah get ping pon mi blackberry, more time, ah just crazy messages so I know the streets are responding to the song. Right now, every singer inna Jamaica ah pree me and ah say , 'where is Baby Chris finding these melodies?'," Baby Chris said in a release.

“Why” is produced jointly by producer Jam 2 who has scored multiple hits locally and 5 Stars Recording Inc., led by Clifton Lawrence, Marlon Morris and Juanita Colon, who have put their financial muscle behind this song.

The single can be heard on Jamaican radio stations daily and is running hot on the internet, racking up several thousand spins during the last two weeks. “Why” is written by Christopher Lloyd (Baby Chris) and his good friend Neil Amos.

"It’s about a relationship breakup and describes the pain experienced when a macho man loses his woman, every man feels it, that haunting question, why, why," Baby Chris said.

The music video has been shot and edited and will premiere on TV/Cable and online this week. The video was filmed at a private residence in Kingston, Jamaica on Saturday Sept. 24th by Videographer and Director Tony Ra of 2DMP with the support of production manager Tyehimba Kafele of 5 Stars Recording Inc. and her team from Earthlife Music.

The music video is A1 quality and features Baby Chris in a mood that his fans haven’t seen him in before. Overall this record has all the elements of becoming a genuine International reggae pop Hit and the team is hard at work to ensure that the true potential of “Why” is maximized.

"This could be my second time round on the Billboard charts because this is the same reaction I got to Ring Ding," he said.