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September 30, 2011

The Vybz 'Worl Boss' Kartel Arrested and Charged

By Secret Agent Writer

vybz_kartel_mtv_uk_bleaching_story_photos.jpgThe Worl Boss was arrested and charged by members of the Flying Squad early this morning (September 30, 2011) after they found a small portion of marijuana in his New Kingston hotel room.

His arrest was confirmed by Senior Superintendent Elan Powell the Head of the Criminal Investigation Bureau…He also mentioned that Vybz Kartel aka the Worl Boss was being interrogated in connection to several other issues. will keep you posted

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Booty Short Shorts Part3 - Di Gyal Dem Tun Up Di Scheme

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High Expectation For Fantan Mojah's First Performance In Africa!

fantan_new_songs.jpgRoots Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah will make his first ever appearance on an African hosted event stage when he performs at the Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival at Glamis Arena, Harare Zimbabwe and Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo along with Beres Hammond, Cocoa Tea, Sungura giant Sulumani Chimbetu and popular Zimbabwean Dancehall Chanter Winky D and Stunner. A release by the Beer company states the following:- Leading Jamaican conscious reggae artists Beres Hammond, Cocoa Tea and Fantan Mojah are billed to perform at this year’s Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival which takes place in Harare and Bulawayo next month.

Sungura giant Sulumani Chimbetu, popular Zimbabwean dancehall chanter Winky D and Stunner, who shared the stage with Beenie Man at last year's event, are also set to grace the occasion. The festival, hosted by Delta Beverages, will be held on October 15 at the Glamis Arena in Harare followed by another one in Bulawayo at Queens Sports Club on October 22.

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Kartel's music hits Guyana's airwaves once more following ban

Marc Parc Writer

vybz_kartel_eme_2011_awards.jpgJust one week after the Guyana National Broadcasting Commission announced that controversial Dancehall artiste, Vybz Kartel was banned from their airwaves, "Di Teacha" is back on radio in the South American nation.

Last week Wednesday, Martin Goolsarran, a spokesman for the state-owned radio outlet, National Communications Network (NCN), confirmed that Kartel's indefinite ban from Guyanese radio was indefinite. Goolsarran implied that Kartel's music offered "nothing positive" to the entertainment industry and contained a mass amount of obscene lyrics that weren't appropriate for airplay.

However, reports from Guyana have indicated that some of Kartel's songs have found their way back on the nation's airwaves. A source close to the NCN and the situation at hand confirmed that Kartel's songs are indeed being played via their TV & radio outlets; specifying that the self professed, "Dancehall Hero's" clean songs have been playing since the ban was originally announced.

The self-professed “Dancehall Hero, who intimated that he has a friend who’s a disc jock in Guyana, said that this confirms his Guyanese & international fan base as a whole is stronger than any other artiste’s own.

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September 29, 2011

Beenie Man calls out Ity & Fancy Cat for using his son in skit

By M Jodee Writer

beenieman_visa.jpgThe public falling out from the divorce of long-time couple, Moses "Beenie Man" Davis and Michelle "D'Angel" Downer has drawn mass public scrutiny and ridicule in recent weeks. However, Beenie Man claims that popular, Jamaican comedic duo, Ity & Fancy Cat have taken it too far.

On Sunday night, Ity & Fancy unveiled a skit mocking Beenie Man and D'Angel while also making fun of Bounty Killer's recent comments regarding the divorce. The skit also included controversial actor, Keith "Shebada" Ramsey who was the "new man" in D'Angel's life. At the end, Shebada's character says, "It soon TV time too..Spongebob! TV time with Marco Dean and his new Daddy," before Beenie Man's character said, "Wah..mi nuh wan mi son call no odda man Daddy." A boy posing as Marco Dean Davis responded to Beenie Man's claims by saying, "Yuh Luddy."

Beenie Man was not amused by the comedians' use of his son for entertainment value. Beenie stated in an interview that, "Ity and Fancy Cat needs to leave Marco Dean outta dem comedy ting. I am an international artiste so if dem want to ridicule me, that is fine, that is no problem, but not my son. That was in really bad taste, and dem need fi know wah dem a do because dem a diss my family now."

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Before They Were Stars with Spice

Marc Parc Writer


Grace Hamilton has been known to provide Dancehall music with a lot of "Spice" in recent years. Spice has been well seasoned within music and the performing arts throughout most of her life and before she was a star within the local music industry, she was destined to become a Dancehall superstar.

Hamilton was born in the tough area of Braeton in Portmore, St. Catherine; dealing with the realms of poverty. Hamilton was an avid listener of Gospel music in her younger days; becoming a big fan of the internationally acclaimed Gospel group, The Grace Thrillers.

She soon took her affinity of music to greater heights whilst attending St. Catherine High School where she participated in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's (JCDC) annual music festival; winning several gold medals. After excelling in her CXC's, Hamilton immediately desired to capitalize on her growing potential as a musician; plying her trade at the Edna Manley School for the Visual and Performing Arts to study voice and drama.

Her training at Edna Manley built her confidence as Hamilton soon focused her attention towards becoming a Dancehall artiste. Hamilton would begin to showcase her deejaying prospects; performing at community stage shows while displaying her lyrical dexterity with a hardcore edge. It was in 2000 where Hamilton's would be given the biggest Dancehall stage to prove her worth as an up-and-coming talent; performing a STING that year thanks to established promoter, Heavy D who discovered her and decided to make her a staple in the show. Her performance garnered widespread attention for both her lyrics and looks; winning her fans and as a result, "Spice" was born.

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Beenie Man's Go Go Club stands firm for two weeks atop of the Hype TV Chart

hype_tv_dancehall_reggae_chart_Sep_16_11.jpg atop

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Lanmine Creeping to success along with Fambo

lanmine_fambo_creeping.jpgLanmine is all smiles these days as his new single, Creeping featuring Fambo has been blowing up all over radio especially since it has spawned a new Creeping dance that is all the rage in the street dances in the Corporate Area.

"The song just tek off, we have been working it for over three weeks now and it ah get crazy play inna the dances, people start do the Creeping dance that Shelly Belly create, so it looks good. And now the radio man dem start to play it, so we're planning to shoot the video next week when Shelly Belly return," Lanmine said in a release.

The 'Creeping' single is on a catchy dancehall beat and the singalong hook of "I'm creeping..." makes it a favourite among party goers who want to get their groove and their drink on. Born Shorvon McKinson, "Lanmine" grew up in the tough Riverton City community. He is no stranger to struggles and he has worked hard to hone his writing, recording and performance skills. His tireless work ethic has earned him the respect of many musical heavyweights in the local industry.

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VP Records to Release Macka Diamond's 'Don't Disturb Me' Album!

macka_diamond_cow_foot_dance_moves.jpgDancehall artiste Macka Diamond was adamant about releasing an album and had planned to drop the 15 track "Don't Disburb Me" project October 11th. But on her return from New York where had gone to shoot a new video, she revealed that the label's C.E.O. Chris Chin was involved and the album would be released on the VP Records Label. "Me happen to talk to Chris Chin while in New York and it was all positive, VP is on board so the release date had to be changed there is much in store for this album to ensure it reach fans wherever they are" said Macka.

'Don't Disturb Me' takes the title of Macka's signature Dancehall jargon that distinguishes her from her female counterparts.

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September 28, 2011

Tiana shows the ladies how to "Bruk Out & Whine" on Overproof Riddim

PR JAMAICA ENT (MPARC): The emerging "Princess of Dancehall," Tiana continues her great run of form in 2011 with the release of her latest effort, "Bruk Out & Whine" on the highly acclaimed JA Production Overproof Riddim.

Tiana's new single adds to the slew of hits that the Justus Bustus/Roach produced Overproof Riddim has offered over the past month and a half; once again putting the singjay's sex appeal on full display. The video for "Bruk Out & Whine" was unveiled last week; producing a sultry vibe for Dancehall observers to take notice of on a beautiful beach setting.

In "Bruck Out & Whine," Tiana deejays, "Di man dem a mad ova mi body, dem a text & a tweet seh Mami, yuh body a di winner fi di Grammy, yuh body a di winner fi di Grammy." Additionally, Tiana displays her lyrical dexterity and confidence in the song by saying, "Watch mi whine and dip pon di dance floor, like a grine mi a grine..mi di man dem adore, pretty looks and ma shape equal to allure, so mi kill dem wid di tease, man dem bawl out More!" She continues, "Mi get madd when Overproof buss inna mi drone, haffi get some hard anytime mi go home, mi split, mi cotch pon di edge till it sore, mi love when di man dem seh.."

The video for "Bruk Out & Whine," has already earned tens of thousands of YouTube views just days after its release whilst gaining her more buzz locally, in North America and across the world. "Bruk Out & Whine," is the latest of a number of hit singles for Tiana; a list that includes "The Highest Grade Song," "Gyal Mi Love Yuh," featuring Konshens, "Haffi Mek It" (Love My Life), and the sexually charged remix of Popcaan's summer hit, "Ravin," entitled, "Pum Pum Phat."

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Hail The 2011 Digicel Rising Star - Tasha Lamont

After 12 long weeks of performance shows, Jamaica has finally chosen their 2011 Digicel Rising star. All hail Tash!


Seventeen year old Chantal Lamont aka Tash, set the bar high in the beginning of the season, and for the most part maintained her standard, until it all finally paid off!

“I feel wonderful, I feel great! Actually doing so much hard work and it paid off? Awesome!” she said moments after being announced the winner. “I can’t wait to go to Edna so that I can study the saxophone, keyboard, just all the music that I can! And hopefully in about a month, I can release a single! I want to go hard!”

Jamaicans carried Tash all season like a favourite football team, but do they really know who Tash is?

Hailing from St. Thomas, the intriguing and eccentric Tash, raised primarily by her grandmother, is a recent graduate of the Yallahs High School.

“I have graduated, yes, but them call me back, and said come back to school Monday morning, because I never got to do all of my subjects.” She said noting that she has to meet the minimum CXC subject requirements to take advantage of one of her prizes, a one year scholarship to the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.

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Clif-Twang taken in by police, released

cliftwang_brown.jpgPopular YouTube sensation turned deejay, Clifton Brown aka Clif-Twang, was reportedly taken in by the Grants Pen Police this past weekend.

The man who's internationally renowned for coining the terms, "Nobody Canna Cross It," and "Di Bus Can Swim" was leaving Jamaica House following a meeting with Information Minister, Daryl Vaz and heading for the Barbican area in St. Andrew. All of a sudden, Clif-Twang heard sirens trailing his vehicle but didn't think that they were trying to stop.

In an interview with IRIE FM, Clif-Twang explained the incident; suggesting that he kept on driving as he didn't suspect he was being sought by anyone. The internet superstar continued to drive his vehicle before pulling over at a stop light, when police asked him if he didn't realize that he was being stopped.

He then pointed out that the car he was driving was a rental he was due to return later that day and after further speaking with officers, Clif-Twang was taken in by the Grants Pen Police where he would be charged and a issued a ticket for his troubles.

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The Bloods US Tour Doing Well

andrew_wada_blood_junior_reid.jpgThe Bloods who have recently came off a one month long tour of Europe is once again back on the road as Junior Reid along with Andrew and Wada Blood will be whopping up a five-city tour of the United States. This will see the reggae superstars performing in Amboy, Los Angeles and Oakland, all in the state of California, as well as Denver, Colorado and Seattle in Washington.

This performance comes hot on the heels of the recent relaunch of Junior Reid's JR Productions and the recent return from their extensive European tour alongside Sly & Roby. Junior Reid has also just recently seen the release of his collaboration on DJ Suss One's Fifty Cent endorsed single entitled 'Champion' with hip hop giants Loyd Banks, Jada Kiss, French Montana and recent world boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather.

The two acts have promised to give the people a show they’ll always remember.

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September 27, 2011

Vybz Kartel re-affirms love for naughty girls with "Freaky Gyal Part 2"

By M Jodee Writer

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel has once again put his hardcore persona on display with his newest single, "Freaky Gyal Part 2"

The single is a sequel to the controversial but eye-catching, "Freaky Gyal (Juleen)" that produced a recorded voice message of a girl named Juleen; explaining her affinity for the self-proclaimed "Dancehall Hero" in no uncertain terms. The song became an immediate underground hit following its release this past April; regularly playing at sessions and appearing on mixtapes nationwide. Additionally, Kartel unveiled an un-official video for "Freaky Gyal," from his Portmore home; playing the voice note from his phone while singing the song. The video earned tens of thousands of views via YouTube.

Now, with the help of prominent Dancehall producer, Tarik "Russian" Johnston, Kartel has dropped the sequel, "Freaky Gyal Part 2," re-affirming his love for rude girls. In typical, no holds barred fashion, "Di Teacha" deejays, "Eh gyal yuh p***y tight yow, mi wah fi strip off yuh clothes right down, mi love di way yuh look like ho, like she u wudda s**k a c***y right now." Additionally, Kartel deejays, "Eh gyal come play wid mi seed bag, mek mi beat beat up di p***y real bad, mi gi yuh Versace clothes, Louis V bag, yuh get a house, mi get a money green Jag." The "Worl’ Boss" also claims that he wants to know any girl willing to "go down" on him; leaving no doubt as to what he prefers behind clothes doors while pulsating the minds of his legions of female fans.

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Supa Hype proves his range on Overproof Riddim with "She Gone"

Internationally renowned producer and disc jock turned deejay, Supa Hype has once again shown his wide range with the release of his effort, "She Gone" on the Overproof Riddim.

"She Gone," has proven to be one of the more, highly acclaimed songs on the Roach/JA Productions produced Riddim since the video for it was unveiled in August. Supa Hype offers a sensual, club vibe in "She Gone" that Dancehall fans can enjoy; proving a perfect fit for the party aura that the Overproof Riddim presents.

Supa Hype deejays, "Ping di gyal dem pon di Blackberry, 50 gyal inna mi presence when it necessary, is a Fluffy Summer but she need a flat belly, gyal dem seh mi sexy b, a mussi Makaveli." He goes on to sing, "Right now mi rub her like di herbs inna mi palm, me & her go pon a trip; we gone a Westmoreland, right now she neva know my loving was so strong, and she neva know it wudda last so long..yeaah.” Supa Hype's affinity for the ladies is on full display in "She Gone," and the video has received thousands of views on YouTube as well as regular rotation on local TV networks.

Supa Hype is one of a myriad of artistes to grace the Overproof Riddim; a Riddim that has generated the biggest buzz within the Dancehall genre in quite some time. With over 20 of Dancehall's most established and emerging artistes gracing the JA Productions masterpiece, Overproof has gained international recognition since its release via iTunes in August. The Riddim features songs such a Beenie Man's "Let's Go," Mavado with "Settle Down," Wayne Marshall & Kurrup with "Right Back," Khago with "Tun Up Di Ting," and the "Princess of Dancehall," Tiana with "Bruck Out & Whine."

- Marc Parc Writer

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Beenie Man, Bounty Killer beef intensifies with "Cah Puff Mi Chest"

By Marc Parc Writer

The long-standing rivalry in Dancehall music between legendary entertainers, Beenie Man and Bounty Killer continues to intensify following the release of Beenie’s new single, “Cah Puff Mi Chest.”

Both deejays have exchanged a plethora of sharp-shooting diss songs at each other over the last week; starting with Bounty Killer's counteraction to Beenie's "Nah Talk Too Long" entitled, "Who Tell Him Dweet." That song followed comments that Bounty Killer made regarding Beenie's divorce from his ex-girlfriend, D'Angel earlier this month; claiming D'Angel was using him for her own personal gain. Beenie responded this past Saturday with the single, "Da Idiot Song Deh," where took shots at both Bounty Killer and fellow adversary, Tony Matterhorn. The next day, Bounty counteracted that song with, "Run Inna War," suggesting that D'Angel didn't want any "pissy tail bwoy" and even took a jab at Vybz Kartel; calling him "Lady Gaga."

Beenie's new effort, "Cah Puff Mi Chest," was released on the War Monger Riddim; produced by Open Ear Records. In the chorus of "Cah Puff Mi Chest," Beenie deejays, "P***y yuh cyaah puff mi chest, yuh cyaah beat me, Bounty have an eating disorder; yuh freaky, Gyal use yuh tongue as red carpet weekly, yuh teeth dem soon drop out, yuh too greedy." Beenie later addresses Bounty's claims regarding his association with controversial actor, Keith "Shebada" Ramsey; claiming the "War Lord" would fill a full segment of Shebada's story while re-affirming his heterosexual status.

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September 26, 2011

Bounty Killer issues quick counteraction against Beenie Man with "Run Inna War."

By Marc Parc Writer

Prominent Dancehall deejay, Rodney “Bounty Killer” Price wasted no time in responding to Beenie Man's counteraction released this weekend entitled, "Da Idiot Song Deh."

The "War Lord" unveiled his own counteraction, "Run Inna War" on Sunday; unleashing his lyrical ammunition against Beenie Man. In the opening, Bounty says, "Angel she she nuh wan nuh pissy tail bwoy, run inna war mi nuh force yuh, call up mi name like a me mek di b***h divorce yuh," referring to Beenie's claims that Angel's appearance at Bounty's birthday party was the last straw that led to their recent divorce.

Additionally, Bounty Killer calls out fellow, long-time rival, Vybz Kartel along with well-renowned actor, Keith "Shebada" Ramsay. Bounty deejays, "Say Elephant sponsor me well dat irrelevant, Peter King sponsor yuh, say dat yuh elegant, inna di mansion have yuh a give him belly dance. He continued, "Just shut up Shebada come pon TV ah seh yuh buss up and yuh just tek it so silent and hush up, look like yuh and him a love up and touch up. Well Fisheenie yuh future looking mawga, yuh des and bruk yuh haffi tek show wid Shebada and did yuh know di Gaza abbreviate yuh borda, so why yuh tink di Worl' boss look like Lady Gaga."

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Beenie Man issues counteraction against Bounty Killer with "Da Idiot Song Deh."

By Marc Parc Writer

The lyrical war involving legendary Dancehall deejays, Beenie Man and Bounty Killer has been turned up a notch following a stark counteraction issued by Beenie called, "Da Idiot Song Deh."

The new song is a direct response to Bounty Killer's most recent effort, "Who Tell Him Dweet," that said in part, "Mi nuh wah nutten fi kill him mi do dat fi free, by now Betweenie shoulda know how mi dweet, so any day again we buck again down a stage show, Him a dead around one a mi murder round three." Bounty's single came on the heels of comments he made regarding Beenie Man's recent divorce from D'Angel; claiming that D'Angel never loved him and was using him during their marriage. Beenie suggested that D'Angel’s decision to attend Bounty's birthday party and not his was the final straw in his marriage to the "Stronger” singjay.

In "Da Idiot Song Deh," Beenie calls out Bounty; suggesting that he's still upset over D'Angel, who was the "Grung Gaad's" ex-girlfriend prior to Beenie's marriage. The "King of Dancehall" deejays, "Bout pass back mi Hennessey, but who pan you? Yuh start drink dat when mi ex did a mad you, step up inna QUAD bout yuh nuh wan talk to Blue, yuh ugly like! Mi nuh wan no friend from you.” He continue by saying, "Yuh write inna STAR bout Angel rate you, call mi Betweenie but what to call you? General Gal Clown, Sir I salute you, a one more ting mi tell you."

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Buju Banton to serve ten year sentence in Texas prison

By M Jodee

buju_banton_cocaine_trial.jpgInternationally acclaimed Reggae superstar, Mark Myrie, more popularly known as Buju Banton will officially serve his time at a prison in Texas.

Banton, who had been listed in transit on the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, will begin serving his 10 year sentence at the Limestone County Correctional Institution in Groesbeck, Texas. The Grammy award winning singer was transferred, by air, from the Federal Holding Centre in the neighboring state of Oklahoma, where he spent the last month.

Speculation in recent weeks was that Buju would be moved to a correctional facility in Mississippi. However, due to the fact that one of the co-defendants in his drug trial was already serving time there, he was transferred to the medium security prison instead. He is expected to call the Limestone County Correctional Institution home until his scheduled release date of February 1, 2019.

Buju was initially sentenced this past February to 10 years in prison following convictions on 3 drug related charges stemming from a sting operation conducted in Miami, Florida during December 2009. The "Destiny," singer was deemed guilty of conspiring to organize a cocaine deal in a police-controlled warehouse a day after winning his first ever Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album. He will not be allowed to record songs during his time in jail.

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Danielle Hooks Up With The Big Man Shabba!


Danielle has collaborated with Grammy winning deejay, Shabba Ranks for a follow up to her summer smash, Rebel (featuring Cherine). Rebel was an overnight sensation that swiftly climbed up the charts.

Hit makers Sly and Robbie certainly have the formula, producing the right sounds for the break out female act. The hit factor is transparent on the latest single titled, Big Man. The Taxi Gang production carries a contagious beat, reminiscent of the hard pumping dawn of dancehall with a modern day twist. The rhythm laid a fantastic foundation for the veteran deejay to drop his signature raspy vocals.

The hard core deejays blended well; both are infamous for lyrically expressing their sexuality on the dancehall stage. They make a perfect pair on the Big Man track as Shabba throws hot lyrics at Danielle who responds with fiery lines of her own. “It came so natural, I didn’t have to put on a show or try to embody a character in that booth. The style of the song is just me and everyone knows that Shabba can bring it slow and sexy or as raw as ever", said Danielle. “It’s a blessing to work with such an icon. He used authentic dancehall music to break down many doors, a challenge tried by so many”, she continued.

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September 24, 2011

Shaka Zulu Pickney is the chief of the #1 spot - OutAroad Weekly Top 10 Reggae Chart


OutAroad Weekly Top Ten Reggae Chart


01 (02) (07) Tarrus Riley -- Shaka Zulu Pickney - Bombrush Records

02 (03) (08) Etana -- People Talk - VP Records

03 (01) (11) Protoje ft Ki-mani Marley -- Rasta Love - Don Corleon - (3wks@#1)

04 (04) (06) Vybz Kartel -- Yea Though I Walk – Human Rights Production

05 (06) (04) Tony Rebel -- Love Soldier - Penthouse Records

06 (08) (02) Laza Morgan feat. Mavado -- One by One - Elektra

07 (07) (04) Tiana -- Don’t Trust Dem - CashFlow Records

08 (05) (14) Romain Virgo -- Taking You Home – Penthouse - (2wks@#1)

09 (NEW) (0) Busy Signal - Life (Sticky Inna Earth - Good Good Productions (Zum)

10 (NEW) (0) Tiana -- Highest Grade Song - OutAroad


1 Mr. Vegas, Shaggy & Josey Wales -- Sweet Jamaica - Clifford Ray Music

2 Sophia Squire -- Nature Calling - Tremor Maddanize/Bredrocmusic

3 Nazine - Neva Haffi Wake - K20 Records/ Jah Snowcone Ent

4 Romain Virgo -- I Am Rich In Love - Lifetime Music

5 Colin Levy -- Lover's Holiday - Kings of Kings

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Get Your Free Copy Of Colin Hines 90's Dancehall Mix



Lyrics and mp3

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September 23, 2011

Lisa Hyper denies sex photo claims

By Marc Parc Writer

fake_lisa_hyper_pic.jpgEmerging Dancehall deejay, Felicia Gordon, more popularly known as Lisa Hyper has vehemently denied that an X-rated picture that went viral on the web is of her.

A picture of a woman with similar facial features as Lisa Hyper spread quickly via internet and BlackBerry on Thursday morning; prompting rumors of the former Portmore Empire protégé being involved in yet another sex scandal. The woman in the picture is apparently performing oral sex; resembling a pic released of Hyper two years ago in a similarly compromising position.

Upon hearing of the pic, Hyper immediately insisted that the girl in the pic wasn't her; claiming it's a deliberate scheme perpetrated by haters to damage her career. Via Blackberry Messenger, the "Roll Mi Waist" deejay intimated, "Stick a pin me a clear up one pic wid a ugly gal weh dem claim it's me..It is not me, mi pierce mi eye and mi pierce mi nose two times, plus mi have a heart tattoo over mi mouth pon the left side. Mi no shave my eyebrow dem, mi a coolie so mi eyebrow dem pretty and my nails dem caan look so atrocious, my nails dem nuh look so. She nuh have no tattoo on her chest or her neck or on her finger dem. Ah just some people ah try a ting, to all of the haters that have been leaving comments on that pic saying it's me come SWALLA ME Up unnu caah stop me I'm too persistent if you guys feel say a lisa dah one deh. Unnu get Trick, lol"

Lyrics and mp3

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Romain Virgo, First Reggae Act At Country Music Awards

Singer, Romain Virgo electrified a packed audience at this week's Academy of Country Music Awards, Nashville, Tennessee.
The award-show which was staged on Monday night, featured Romain alongside Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, performing their hit, All The Gold In California. Romain who came to the musical fore after winning the 2007 Digicel Rising Stars competition, and is known for his hits, Cyaa Sleep, Who Feels It Knows It, Wanna Go Home and others became the first reggae artiste to ever grace the ACM Awards' stage.

He says, "The feeling was a good one, overwhelming actually. To be the first reggae artiste in any country to walk the red carpet like that and be taking photos with such huge country music stars while representing my country and genre, was a great feeling. I am humbled by the experience."

"After the performance with the Gatlins, we got a standing ovation from the audience, and with people like Taylor Swift in attendance, who is one of the most recent and popular country singers right now - it was great," says Romain who had recently recorded a cover of Larry Gatlin's California.

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Spice Says "Put It On Her"

spice_put_it_pon_me_dancehall.jpgSpice's recent single, Put It Pon Mi on producer, Not Nice's Takeover Riddim is steadily becoming a fan favourite.

The raunchy new track has tongues wagging about the vivid imagery and clever lyrics. Spice says, "I was in the studio one night listening to it and it has a really nice, sexy vibe. After listening to it,that track was the end result. So the rhythm was what inspired the lyrics."

The song which instructs her male partner to 'put it on her' is the third of six singles for the year. Already released, are: Fun featuring Missy Elliot and the afrocentric Hot Patty Wine, while on their way are, tracks alongside Mya and other international artistes.

Lyrics and mp3

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L.A Lewis out on bail, will return to court in November

By M Jodee

la_lewis_graffiti_artiste_jamaica.jpgWell-renowned entertainer, Horace “L.A.” Lewis was released from a Half-Way-Tree jail on Thursday after posting JA$50,000 bail.

The eccentric personality was granted bail when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrates Court; answering to charges of illegally marking or defacing public spaces. Lewis will re-appear in court on November 28 regarding the charges.

L.A was held in jail on Wednesday after failing to turn up to his court hearing and answer allegations that he's responsible for marking many walls across the Corporate Area with graffiti; promoting his name. Lewis was originally fined JA$70,000 by the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) and was charged with 7 breaches of the National Solid Waste Act. However, Lewis refused to pay his fines by the due date of September 5th; prompting a September 19th court date being set where the entertainer’s case was set for mention.

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September 22, 2011

(Preview) Watch The Girls Fight On Teacha's Pet Over The World Boss

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Kartel's music banned in Guyana a month after missing show

By Marc Parc Writer

vybz_kartel_guyana_bann_dancehall_hero.jpgControversial Dancehall entertainer, Adidja "Vybz Kartel" Palmer's relationship with Guyana and its fan base seems irrevocably damaged following the announcement that all music from "Di Teacha" has been banned from the country's airwaves.

Kartel has had his share of issues with Guyanese officials; pulling out of two shows in the South American nation due to alleged death threats he claimed people in Guyana made against him. Now, Guyanese radio stations are taking an unprecedented stance against the self-proclaimed, "Dancehall Hero" by deciding to no longer play Kartel's music as a result of the obscene and hardcore lyrics his songs entail.

The Guyana National Broadcasting Association announced their decision on Wednesday; suggesting the ban was indefinite. Martin Goolsarran, a spokesman for the state-owned radio outlet, National Communications Network confirmed that Kartel's music brings "nothing positive" to the entertainment industry. In addition to the ban issued against the "Worl" Boss," Goolsarran hinted that the Association is reviewing the lyrics of other musicians and could also take them off the airwaves, though he declined to name which artistes were being investigated.

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Beenie Man's Inna Di Go Go Club Tops The Hype TV Chart


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L.A. Lewis thrown in jail after missing court date

By Marc Parc Writer

la_lewis_mp_court_jail.jpgPopular Entertainer and self-proclaimed "7 Star General," L.A Lewis spent Wednesday night in a Half-Way-Tree jail cell following his absence from a hearing Monday; answering charges of defacing property.

Lewis, who refused to plead guilty regarding allegationsillegally marking or defacing public spaces across the Corporate Area, was thrown behind bars on after a warrant was issued for his arrest yesterday. L.A was originally ordered to pay a fine of $JA70, 000 to the National Solid Waste Management Authority for 7 breaches of the National Solid Waste Act. However, the entertainer refused to pay his fines by the due date of September 5th; leading to a September 19th court date being set where the case against L.A was set for mention.

An angry L.A Lewis spoke from his jail cell on Wednesday; implying that his arrest was politically motivated and had nothing to do with graffiti or any alleged marking of property. Additionally, Lewis re-iterated that he would never plead guilty for an offense he didn't commit.

Lewis announced his intentions last month to become Member of Parliament (MP) for West Kingston; filing paperwork in an effort to get official recommendation to proceed with his campaign. Despite his willingness to run, an offer of $100,000 was made to him by an unknown person; asking him to drop out of the race and not make a mockery of the electoral process.

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September 21, 2011

Gyptian Questioned By The Police

gyptian_new_york_award.jpgGyptian’s Manager, Ivor Ruddock has stated that Windel Beneto Edwards popularly known as Gyptian, was questioned by the Major Investigation Task Force in the presence of his lawyer, Peter
, regarding the incident at a popular recording studio on Dumbarton Avenue on September 12.

Mr. Ruddock further stated that, “Gyptian was questioned by the relevant authorities, which he was later told that he was free to go.”

The artiste wants his fans and the public to know that he is a law abiding citizen, however; as a Jamaican citizen he is obligated to do his civic duty, by assisting the police with their investigations, since he was present at the time of the incident.

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Before They Were Stars with Vybz Kartel

By Marc Parc Writer


Today he's known as one of the most captivating and controversial artistes of his era. However, Adidja "Vybz Kartel" Palmer had to endure moments that were far from treasured before becoming Dancehall music's crown jewel.

Palmer was born in January 1976; originating in Waterhouse but spent most of his youth growing up in the tough neighborhood of Waterford in Portmore. During his younger days, he would often watch his uncles, who were aspiring artistes, performing various genres from Jazz to Dancehall.

At the age of 10, Palmer studied the lyrics of some of his favourite Dancehall acts such as Papa San and his idol, Ninja Man; singing out their lyrics word for word to friends. He also developed an affinity for hip-hop; listening to the likes of Will Smith and KRS-1 and used his knowledge from the various genres to help build his own desire of becoming a successful musician; particularly a deejay.

During his days attending Calabar High School, Palmer recorded his first single at the tender age of 15 entitled, "Love Fat Woman," under the Buju Banton dedicated moniker, Adi Banton. However, Kartel wanted a different name to help expand his outreach to the masses and, at 16 he along with singer Escobar and another friend formed a group named Vibes Cartel after a movie Palmer watched talking about infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar.

However, Palmer's musical interests were conflicting with his education as he constantly got in trouble in class. At 16, he was expelled from Calabar High School for truancy but would rebound; earning his degree at a tutorial college. Meanwhile, Palmer's musical pedigree was quickly building and soon he adopted his group’s moniker; changing his deejay name to Vybz Kartel.

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Tiana Shoots Sexy Video For "Bruk Out and Whine" on The Overproof Riddim

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Vega To Headline Arthur's Day Concert IN Guyana


Jamaican dancehall star Clifford ‘Mr Vegas’ Smith is set to be the headline act at the Arthur’s Day™ Live concert slated for the GNS Grounds in George Town, Guyana on Friday September 23, 2011.

The versatile sing-jay will entertain the Guyanese fans with his slew of dancehall hits, namely “Heads High”, “Hot Wuk” and “Tek Whe U Self” to name a few. Sharing the stage with Mr Vegas on the night will be Guyana’s very own Natural Black as well as the Mingles Sound Machine band. The concert is part of a global celebration recognizing September 22 as Arthur’s Day.

Arthur's Day™ is a series of music events which was first organized in 2009 to celebrate the 250-year legacy of the exemplary visionary Arthur Guinness, founder of the Guinness® brewing company. The thought-provoking single "Certain Law" on the recently released Barbwire Riddim has been getting a lot of airplay and spins at the street dances all over Jamaica.

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September 20, 2011

Reggae Star Buju Banton to be released in February 2019

By Marc Parc Writer

buju_banton_2019_free.jpgBuju Banton will have to wait until the final year of this decade to become a free man once more after the United States Bureau of prisons confirmed that his official release date has been set for February 2019.

The official release date quells rumors that have swirled that Buju would originally serve 6 years; counting time already served and good behavior. However, the Bureau's official release date set for February 2019 includes the time the prominent Reggae entertainer served in prison prior to and between his two trials within the last year.

According to Professor and highly regarded attorney-at-law, David Rowe, explained that Buju Banton will also get credit for 16% of "federal gain time," that is time that he serves whilst not violating federal rules behind bars. Should he violate the rules, Buju's sentence may be extended.

Buju Banton was convicted on three drug related charges this past February as a result of a December 2009 incident in which he allegedly conspired to organize a drug deal within a police controlled warehouse. Banton received a ten year sentence for the incident. However, his lawyer, David Markus plans to appeal that ruling in a Georgia courtroom in the near future.

Currently, Buju has yet to officially serve his time; remains listed in transit as he’s expected to be sent to a federal prison in Mississippi.

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Hapilos Pulls Out Of Weekly Parties, Readies For Concerts

hapilos_21st_concert_johnny_wonder.jpgPeter Simms, General Manager of Hapilos Entertainment, has announced the end of all the company's local parties.

The New York-based entertainment company which is known for their flagship parties, Happy Thursdayz and Portmore Fridayz, says they will be doing a lateral move into high quality concert productions instead.

As proof of this, they recently staged the much-talked-about Lakefest concert in Colchester, Connecticut, USA which featured a stellar reggae lineup including: Beres Hammond, Wayne Wonder, Etana and others.

"When we initially commenced operations in Jamaica, it was with the understanding that we were new here and were focusing on getting our name out there to the different target markets. The most effective way to create a buzz was through weekly parties with some of the island's top brands including Guinness, and this worked seamlessly. We thank Guinness wholeheartedly for being a part of our events since the beginning, and we hope to re-introduce our partnership via different projects in the near future. We are now going to move on to delivering classic concert productions our Jamaican audience and those across the world," says Simms.

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September 19, 2011

Scenes From French Kut Saturdayz ft Popcaan - Tiana - Junior Reid - Wada Blood and Mr Lex



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Bounty Killer takes lyrical aim at Beenie Man in new song

By Marc Parc Writer

It seems as if there will be no end to Dancehall legends, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man more than 15-year-long ongoing feud due to the release of Bounty's latest single.

On Saturday, the "Grung Gaad" unveiled his new single, "Who Tell Him Dweet," taking lyrical aim at Beenie Man; counteracting the "Doctor's" single released in April entitled "Nah Talk Too Long." In Beenie's song, he took a shot at Bounty Killer in the opening line; deejaying, "How Bounty fi seh mi cyaah call him name again? BOUNTY! BOUNTY! Mi call yuh name again."

Bounty offers a stark reply with "Who Tell Him Dweet," deejaying in the chorus, "A who tell Mi hear mi name, A who say Bounty? Nuh Beenie, Him tek di bait and now him haffi get defeat, Yuh shouldn't mess wid Warlord, Di Grung Gaad at every street." Bounty continues his lyrical assault by singing, "Mi nuh wah nutten fi kill him mi do dat fi free, by now Betweenie shoulda know how mi dweet, So any day again we buck again down a stage show, Him a dead around one a mi murder round three."

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Specialist makes a mark with 'Street Hustle' - "Phone Card, Phone Card"

Down Sound recording artiste Specialist has captured the imagination of the masses with his infectious 'banana chips and phone card' hook on his breakout 'Street Hustle' single. And there’s no turning back for this confident 21 year-old deejay.

"The success feels good, it is a great feeling to hear your song on the radio and on mixtapes, everywhere mi go, people ah show mi love," he said in a release. Specialist explained how he got the idea for his 'Street Hustle' song.

"Mi get the idea in May when I was still on the campaign to raise money for votes in the Magnum contest. So I was in HWT ah campaign when mi look around and mi see the banana chips man, the phone card man and the cash for gold man dem ah do dem ting, and ah just de so mi build the lyrics and now the world have it," he said.

There is also a decent underground buzz around his follow up single, 'Juggle' which has been popping up on mixtapes this fall.

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D'Angel heavily booed at Digicel Summer To Di World show, accuses fans of taking sides

d_angel_female_bounty_killer_beenie_man.jpgEmbattled Dancehall superstar, Michelle "D'Angel" Downer was jeered and booed heavily in her first performance since the announcement of her divorce from Beenie Man nearly a month ago.

D'Angel, who's faced massive public scrutiny since the divorce was made public took the stage at Digicel's recent Summer To Di World stage show in Downtown Kingston and was immediately booed after she was announced by the show emcee, Ms. Kitty. Seemingly angered by the fan reaction, D'Angel asked, "Wah unnu a boo mi fah? Weh mi do unnu?..Unnu a boo mi fi mi talent?" D'Angel accused the fans of taking sides with Beenie Man; intimating that what goes around comes around and that they shouldn't be biased against her given that her marriage with the "Doctor" didn't work out.

The crowd continued to shout expletives and boo her; prompting D'Angel to walk off stage. However, the "Stronger" singer was convinced to return to the stage where she was better received; performing her popular collaboration with Beenie Man, "Time Of The Life," while insisting, "A neva me seh so, Him seh so." After the performance, D'Angel told ER that she will continue to perform and make public appearances; choosing to ignore the public bashing.

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September 17, 2011

Mavado's Star Bwoy Takes Over The 1# Spot From The Dancehall Hero Top 20 Hot Singles Chart


TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 03 - (15) Mavado - Star Bwoy – Chimney

02 - 05 - (07) Vybz Kartel - Summer Time - Adidjaheim Records

03 - 01 - (15) Vybz Kartel - Dancehall Hero - ZJ Chrome - (2wks@#1)

04 - 02 - (18) Demarco - I Love My Life - Star Kutt Pro - (1wk@#1)

05 - 06 - (09) Vybz Kartel - Look Pon We - Head Concussion

06 - 07 - (11) Tifa - Move Yuh Body - ZJ Chrome

07 - 08 - (07) I-Octane - Nuh Ramp Wid Wi - Cashflow Records

08 - 09 - (09) Mavado - All Dem A Talk - ZJ Chrome

09 - 04 - (14) Chan Dizzy - Strange Face -- Head Concussion - (peaked@#4)

10 - 16 - (02) Popcaan - Ravin - Adidjaheim Records

11 - 11 - (06) Shabba Ranx - None A Dem - Di Genius

12 - 12 - (06) Mavado - Pepper - Di Genius

13 - 14 - (04) Chan Dizzy Hello Badmind - Head Concussion

14 - 15 - (04) Assassin - Talk How Mi Feel - DJ Frass

15 - 17 - (03) Danielle ft Cherine - Rebel - Taxi Records

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Bling Dawg Says No Change

blingdawg_dancehallartiste_alliance.jpgLyrically fierce DJ Marlon “Bling Dawg” Williams is set to drop his newest single No Change produced by Baby G from out of the Jammy's studio. Bling Dawg has also been expanding his catalogue and musical resume with new music and projects which tests his production skills for his own "Dawg House" production label.

The dancehall anthem, No Change ,which is on the Voodoo rhythm is reminiscent of the DJ’s style in the music business which has always been about staying true to what he believes in and maintaining his morals and values.

Bling Dawg acknowledges the fast pace in his industry and has plans to stamp his dominance on the stage which is his first love. "I plan to hit the road hard in the later part of the year, with new songs and upcoming shows. I have an upcoming tour with Busy Signal so fans can look out for Bling Dawg in fine style,” he said.

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September 16, 2011

Gyptian Not In Custody

gyptian_mobo_soul_train.jpgGyptian's Manager, Ivor Ruddock has confirmed that Windel Beneto Edwards popularly known as Gyptian is not in the custody of the police nor has he been listed as a person of interest.

Rumours have been circulating that the 2010 Soul Train and MOBO Award winner had been taken into custody following an incident on Dunbarton Avenue on Monday September 12, which resulted in the unfortunate death of a man.

Mr. Ruddock also stated that Gyptian will not be conducting any interviews until he speaks with his attorney.

The artiste wants to assure his fans however that he abhors violence in any form and that he did not instigate the incident that resulted in the regrettable loss of life.

Gyptian is also extending his sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

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"Tell Me How Me Sound" - Warrior King Comes in Loud & Clear with New Album on September 23rd

warrior_king_how_me_sound_album_september.jpgReggae giant Tad's Record is finally set to release Tell Me How Me Sound, the highly anticipated, long-awaited album from Reggae champion Warrior King to stores and digital outlets on September 23rd. Produced by award-winning engineer/producer Colin 'Bulby' York, Tell Me How Me Sound is over two years in the making - with a crystal clear sound that is exactly what fans of Reggae music have been missing.

Tell Me How Me Sound boasts a robust collection that includes "Nah Tell Nuh Lie," produced by famed production team Steely & Clevie, "Sweet Empress" from iconic production duo Sly & Robbie, "Melody (Tell Me How Me Sound)" from York's Fat Eyes Productions team and music from Warrior King's own Rootz Warrioroutfit. The album is a stellar product with the pounding bass lines, Rastafarian philosophies, and level of quality that roots Reggae was founded on. Reminiscent of the era that birthed international Reggae icons like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Culture, Tell Me How Me Sound aims to prove to Reggae music fans that good music still exists.

"Many people feel that Reggae is deteriorating; that its become a hustle to put together a tune, get it out and get a dollar as fast as possible," says Mark 'Warrior King' Dyer. "I wanted to do something that builds on the foundation of excellence set by Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Toots, Jimmy Cliff, and all of the artists that branded Reggae internationally - something that music fans will be playing for years and years to come."

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Yung Gunnerz Ready Fi Do Road

yung_gunnerz_logo_sound_system.jpgThe Yung Gunnerz sound was started in September 2010 with the founding members being Sandman, Al Chemical and Richy West. The name was derived from the fact that the founding members are all die hearted Arsenal (epl team) fans. Later Dj One Pop and subsequently Dj Vee were added to the YG line up.

Yung Gunnerz aims to provide quality musical services to all crowds hence 'bridging all the gaps' tag line, as YG can be found Uptown on Friday night, at a Street dance in any garrison on Saturday and at a Round Robin on Sunday displaying our musical versatility. YG has already played at many major venues including Club Afrodisiac, Constant Spring Golf club, UWI, Jewels (back road Portmore) and others and have already played alongside some of the best in the business including ZJ's Johnny Kool, Ice, Wah Wa, Bambino, Swatch International, DJ Jerry and others. 2011 into 2012 is Gunner time. Time to Do Road!!

The Yung Gunnerz are set to tackle their next major party, Inches on Heroes Day at the Waves Beach in Portmore. The sound is still on a high from releasing its first official mixtape which got rave reviews and are currently working on other projects including an R&B Hip hop double mixtape and the official Inches promo mixtape.

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September 15, 2011

Gyptian, DJ Frass taken in for questioning regarding shooting incident

By Marc Parc Writer

gyptian_frass_law_death_gun_reggae_dancehall.jpgInternationally acclaimed Reggae superstar, Gyptian and prominent Dancehall producer, Kimani "DJ Frass" Palmer have turned themselves in to local authorities; facing questioning regarding a fatal shooting that occurred on Monday night. The shooting took place at the recording studio of well-renowned Dancehall producer, Steven "Supa Hype" Davis in St. Andrew.

Reportedly, the shooting happened as a result of an argument between Gyptian and DJ Frass; a dispute over a track that the "Hold Yuh" singer voiced on Frass' Riddim. The dispute became increasingly intense; prompting Frass to leave the studio and return moments later, accompanied by several men. Allegedly, Frass and the men proceeded to drape Gyptian and grab him by the waist and one of the men appeared to be reaching for his waist to draw a weapon. When that took place, a group of armed men then entered the recording studio; opening fire and hitting a 27 year old man multiple times.

According to information sent by the Half-Way-Tree CIB, the armed men who opened fire escaped in a white Honda motor car following the shooting. The victim, Davion "Burro" Bailey was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

DJ Frass was taken in for questioning regarding the incident on Tuesday night while Gyptian turned himself in Wednesday morning.

Frass is known for several hit Riddims including the Shadow Riddim, Israel Riddim and Hot Patty Riddim while Gyptian is recognized for several, highly acclaimed singles such as "Hold Yuh," "Beautiful Lady," "Serious Times," and "Mama Don't Cry."

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Before they were stars with Stacious

By Marc Parc Writer

Prominent Dancehall entertainer, Stacy "Stacious" Scarlett has proven to become of Jamaica's fiercest and most versatile female artistes in the 21st century. However, it took time and a few bumps in the road to help this curvaceous diva shape her career into a success.
Born on December 28, 1982, Scarlett had developed an affinity for music from an early age; idolizing many of Dancehall's greats such as the aforementioned Lady Saw and fellow legendary female artiste, Patra along with the "War Lord," Bounty Killer. However, Scarlett began to seriously invest her time towards a career in music at the age of 19, following her graduation from St. Hugh's High School. It was while she spent some time living in New York following her graduation when she did background vocals and was told by her producer that she had the skills to become a deejay. That producer who duly noted her talent was internationally acclaimed producer, Paul Henton aka "Computer Paul." Paul previously worked with many musical heavyweights such as Reggae legends, Jimmy Cliff and Inner Circle as well as Sizzla and George Nooks; aiming to turn Scarlett into the next Jamaican starlet.

Despite the support of such an A list producer and being exposed to the pros and cons of the music industry, Stacious career seemed to stagnate and she thought about quitting the industry on a whole and work for the airlines as she was also a certified travel agent. However, she re dedicated herself to her first love and those efforts would soon be rewarded

Her raunchy, no holds barred lyrical approach and sex appeal touted Stacious as "The next Lady Saw" by many Dancehall observers, Stacious aimed to prove that females could successfully deejay gangster lyrics like their male counterparts. Her debut single in 2005 entitled, "Thug Gal," proved said sentiment to be true; displaying lyrical dexterity with an edge and making her one of Dancehall's hottest properties.

Lyrics and mp3

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Dilly Chris Makes The Girls 'Sweat'

dilly_chris_dancehall_artiste_miami.jpgMiami-based reggae artiste Dilly Chris is blowing up local FM radio with the club banger ‘Sweat’ featuring Chudney J, a monster combination of a song that has won him a legion of young fans who love the sexy lyrical interplay and chemistry between the two artistes.

"The song gets a lot of airplay on ZIP and IRIE, and a couple of disc jocks on HITZ are playing it now, it continues to be one of the most requested songs on the radio," Dilly Chris said in a release.

During the "Sweat" video's first week on the popular Youtube channel, it racked up over 1000 hits per day for a week, and it is presently in rotation on CVM, RE and HYPE TV.

On the strength of this single, Dilly Chris performed on two shows over the recent ATI weekend in Negril, Westmoreland in August. One of the shows was called ‘Heatwave’ and other was a performance at the Jungle nightclub alongside DJ Assassin.

Dilly Chris may get the opportunity to open for R&B superstar Chris Brown next month when he appears at the Atlantic Centre in Miami Beach, Florida.

Lyrics and mp3

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Learn About The Rules Of A Gangsta In 'Certain Law' Movie Starring Mr. Vegas

mr_vegas_certain_law_photos_video.jpgInternational recording artiste Mr. Vegas released his new 'Certain Law' video this week to rave reviews.

"The response to the video has been phenomenal so far, people love the acting, and the comedic elements to the concepts of how males are acting different nowadays and adopting female characteristics in terms of their fashion choices. The actor Orville Hall did a good job bringing across the concept, and Terminal 4 Media did a great job directing it," he said.

The thought-provoking single "Certain Law" on the recently released Barbwire Riddim has been getting a lot of airplay and spins at the street dances all over Jamaica.

Mr. Vegas recently completed a successful Euroepan tour where he performed in countries such as Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Spain and Switzerland.

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September 14, 2011

Junior Reid, Lloyd Banks, Jada Kiss, Montana & Boxer Floyd Mayweather Are The Champions

Internationally acclaimed reggae superstar Junior 'One Blood' Reid is set to dominate the mainstream market once again with his newly potential billboard hit song titled "Champion" which also features international heavyweights such as Loyd Banks, French Montana, Jada Kiss, and top boxer Floyd Mayweather.

With just a day since its official release...already the song has been creating a enormous buzz via the world's #1 video sharing website Youtube where it has given the thumbs-up by Hip Hop's Billboard chart-topper Fifty Cent who talks highly about the track and even gave a few interesting pointers as to what can be done in order to make the track successful.

The world renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather who raps in one of the verses will meet the current WBC World Welterweight Champion, Victor Ortiz in battle on the 17th of September in Las Vegas in the WBC Championship fight. Mayweather will make his big entrance on the night using the track as his theme song.

Lyrics and mp3

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CVM TV's coverage of Reggae Rhythm & Blues concert

Lyrics and mp3

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Seanizzle sizzles in new video, set to do major work with Ne-Yo


Teaming up with director Dameon Gayle from Roadblock Films! (Ding Dong - Holiday; Vybz Kartel & Russian - Straight Jeans and Fitted; Konshens - Buss A Blank), Dancehall producer and artiste Sean 'Seanizzle' Reid has released the music video of his latest effort on the Troytan label/Soul Emotion Riddim, 'Another Yute Drop Again'.

In the video, Reid takes a soulful peek into the sordid effects of violence and the painful impact on those left behind to pick up the pieces, "Since the video premiered on local television, the response has been tremendous. The message behind the song is relatable as people often lose their loved ones to crime and violence so the tune really connects to listeners..." quips Reid. "Also with this track, I'm giving a different sound than what persons are used to hearing from me...this song has a more socio-conscious feel... a positive and powerful edge."

With the single gaining steady rotation on Jamaican airwaves and the video making network distribution rounds across the Caribbean, Reid is also working fervently on the production end as he puts the final touches on a new riddim from his Seanizzle Records camp entitled 'The Cure'. "We've been working on a new project called 'The Cure' and thus far we've completed recordings with Gyptian, Mr. G, Tarrus Riley, I-Octane, Tnez, Bencil and Ikaya. It has a cultural and 'rootsy' feel to it so we're pretty excited to see the response it will get when it's finally released."

Lyrics and mp3

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September 13, 2011

Gyptian-DJ Frass altercation leads to shooting death of man at Supa Hype's studio

By Marc Parc Writer

gyptian.jpgTragedy took hold of Prominent Dancehall producer, Steven "Supa Hype" Davis' studio on Monday after a man was reportedly killed following an argument that developed between Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Gyptian and Dancehall producer, DJ Frass.

Reportedly, Gyptian and DJ Frass were discussing a track that the "Nah Let Go" singer had voiced on Frass' Riddim while at Supa Hype's Studio at Dumbarton Avenue in St. Andrew. The discussion then evolved into a heated argument between the Dancehall/Reggae personalities; prompting Frass, real name Kimani Palmer to leave the studio. When Frass returned, he allegedly brought men with him; one of them grabbing Gyptian, real name Windel Beneto Edwards in the waist.

The argument reached its breaking point when one of the men appeared to be reaching towards his waist for a gun. That's when one of Gyptian's friends pulled his gun and fired at the man; killing him on the spot. No further details of the incident have been released at this time.

Lyrics and mp3

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Foota Hype Tun Up French Kut Saturdayz Along With Teacha & Mackrel and Dj Rinse

By J-tymz
OutAroad Writer

Alliance selector Foota Hype alongside Teacha & Mackrel and Cash Flow's selector Dj Rinse all played an energetic selection of dancehall/hip hop and R&B's finest music which had the patrons at French Kut Saturdayz dancing as if it was the last night on earth.

The vibes started off with Cash Flow's top "gunner" DJ Rinse who graced the turntable with his musical touch unleashing the ultimate party selection of dancehall mixes accompanied by mixture of Hip Hop joints…minutes after it was the street veterans Teacha & Mackrel who had the entire venue swagging to every beat they dropped…Teacha & Mackerel however got their biggest encores of the night when started playing a slew of hits from the Life Soon Sort Out hit-maker G Whizz which had the patrons shouting Bartender!!!.

Up next it was the big man himself Foota Hype who "tun di place upside dung" with a commanding set that had the ladies daggering, gyrating, splitting and "balancing pon dem head top"Foota Hype's sexual daggering set not only earned him encores but also a daggering invite from one of the sexy French Kut waitresses which saw Foota Hype throwing down the microphone to fulfill the waitress' daggering request by bending her over on the bar counter.

At about minutes to 5am Cash Flow's selector Dj Rinse took control of the turntable once more who easily managed to maintain the vibes with songs from Andrew & Wada such as Irie before launching into the infectious Summer Time Riddim which saw the dancers "dem tek ova di" dance floor the moment Dj Rinse played Vybz Kartel's Summer Time. The patrons instantly got overly hyperactive once they heard "up inna di club wi gone again," (Popcaan's Ravin)...DJ Rinse then smoothly mixed in the self proclaimed Princess of Dancehall Tiana's hit song Pum Pum Phat that commanded the ladies on the dance floor to expose their fluffiness from back.

Lyrics and mp3

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Bounty Killer expresses feelings regarding Beenie-D'Angel saga

By M Jodee Writer

bounty_killer_tiad.jpgLegendary Dancehall entertainer, Rodney Price, more popularly known as Bounty Killer has shared his feelings publicly regarding the recent announcement that former rival, Beenie Man and ex-girlfriend, D'Angel are seeking a divorce.

News broke three weeks ago of a divorce when Beenie Man clarified on TVJ's Entertainment Report that D'Angel sent divorce papers; insisting that the two had not spoken for weeks and that they could no longer co-exist as a couple. One of the breaking points within the marriage was when D'Angel did not appear at Beenie's birthday party despite turning up at ex-boyfriend, Bounty Killer's birthday party earlier in the summer. "Regardless a if mi and her have a divorce agreement to deal wid, I tink she shudda still come a my birthday because mi is her husband and me is Marco Dean father, so why should you call me and tell me pon my phone seh yuh a go to Bounty Killer birthday party, when Bounty Killer disrespect you so much in the media & call yuh di worst tings," Beenie intimated during an interview with TVJ's EMix that aired September 3rd.

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Young Veterans and Lady Saw hit the studio! Tun Up Loud!!!

lady-saw-promo-pic-jamaica.jpgYoung producers and Veteran artist makes for a winning combination when Young Veterans and Lady Saw hit the studio!

The 2003 Grammy Award winner and Queen of dancehall Lady Saw gives us "Anuh Anything" on the Tun Up Loud Riddim. The riddim which has been blazing the airwaves both locally and internationally with the voices of Capleton, Macka Diamond, TOK, Munga, Al Third and others brings back the vibes of a dancehall era past.

Having the voice of Lady Saw who defines dancehall was a no brainer and a blessing, and when Young Veterans was asked to comment, all they replied was "Tun Up Loud"!!!

Lyrics and mp3

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JR Productions Getting Ready To Release Bomb-A-Drop

Kimberly Bernard Writer


JR Productions is ready to set upon Reggae and Dancehall lovers all over the world the newest addition to their label. His name is Bomb-A-Drop.

This explosive artiste has been on the dancehall scene for some fifteen years. He originally started out recording with JR Productions in the mid 90's but went on to work with Reggae icon, Coco Tea and 'Roaring Lion Productions' in 2000. He later went on his own before signing to J&M Productions. He eventually teamed up with Coco Tea on the legendary single entitled 'Barack Obama' which received massive rotation worldwide. He was also featured in the video which was played on CNN.

Bomb-A-Drop is now signed to JR Productions and doing things bigger than ever before. With his single on the 'Fish Scale Riddim' entitled 'Hype' currently receiving heavy rotation on the air waves, this artiste is set to go places this time around. The fiery medley video featuring Junior Reid and Bomb-A-Drop is to be released soon and promises to be a scorching one.

Lyrics and mp3

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September 12, 2011

D'Angel & Beenie continue public battle regarding divorce

By Marc Parc Writer

Prominent Dancehall couple, Moses "Beenie Man" Davis and Michelle "D'Angel Downer continue to offer their best explanations to the public; revealing more details as to why their marriage of five years has finally reached its conclusion.
In separate interviews to Winford Williams on CVM's OnStage that aired Saturday night, both deejays told their sides of the story that continues to play out through the media. First up was Beenie who claimed that he was the first person to issue divorce and not D'Angel; explaining that the "Blaze" songstress avoided the papers he sent before he received hers hours later. The "Doctor” also insisted that he was putting out maximum effort as he tried to repair their marriage on several occasions. "Outta all di years, is me. Anytime yuh si me and D’Angel back together, is me. But is always fi di ute. It no mek no sense, yuh a work so hard and yuh nuh happy," Beenie intimated.

In addition to their emotional problems, Beenie suggested that there was a lack of physical intimacy at times within the marriage; causing the connection to be lost. Regardless, the self-proclaimed "King of the Dancehall" maintained that despite his attempts to make his wife happy, she wasn't. "There's no acceptance of what you have done, everything you have done is nothing. So it nah go mek no sense if you try fi do everything fi please a person & that person is not pleased," Beenie said.

Responding to Beenie's claims, D'Angel gave an emotional interview; vividly stressed out by the way their divorce has been dissected in the public. The "Stronger" singjay expressed that she and Beenie had constant issues communicating. "I actually came to my breaking point where there was too much confusion. We're not seeing things eye to eye…We can't have a discussion without an argument, we don't have the same dreams, we don't have the same beliefs. All that take a toll on me so I finally reached my breaking point," D'Angel explained. Furthermore, the songstress has no regrets about the marriage but implied that if she could start over, she would have tried to get to know Beenie before they wed in 2006.

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Konshens Makes Girls' Sextape In Europe


Konshens_tapes_sexy_mix_girls_europe.jpgKonshens has teamed up once again with Kingston All-stars to create a mixtape for the ladies titled "Konshens girls sextape" , it is 100% songs for the ladies and is the second mixtape they have produced together. Konshens is currently on the second half of an extensive tour of europe along with the SubKonshus Band and fast rising young dj Darrio. They made stops in almost every major European city performing on the major festivals as well as popular club venues, also breaking new ground by performing in ISRAEL for the first time. The band is now back on Jamaican soil and Konshens and Darrio will continue their run for another month.

Konshens however has been working overtime to maintain a strong presence on the local scene as he has singles released such as "12 to 12" on the 12 to 12 Riddim, "Love this life" feat. new singer Markhize, "Gal Deem Song" on Head Concussions Rio Riddim, "Hard fi love" on Jeremy Hardings Deep Cover Riddim, "Violation" on his School Fee Riddim which also features Agent Sasco, Chozen….Darrio with the title track that has been getting a lot of airplay on local airwaves since its release and other tracks to be added in coming weeks…Konshens has tracks to be released by Washroom Entertainment, Chimney Records and his own SubKonshus Music label.

Lyrics and mp3

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Alley Cat aka The Imperial secret of longevity/NEW HITS!!!


One of the secret of longevity in the entertainment business is to reinvent oneself, and such is the path that Alley Cat aka The Imperial has taken.

Taking the reigns of his career in this ever changing modern times, Alley Cat has become a full fledged producer and up the ante as an artist.

Under his Imperial Productions label, he has produced and created rhythms for the likes of Mavado, Monster Empire, Harry Toddler, Crisintie, Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel, Lutan Fiyah, Mitch, Terry Ganzie ,Fiona and Gentleman from Germany and released his own latest album "Dancehall Knowledge, Vol 2" a follow-up to Imperial Level.

Busy on a promotional tour since his album release, Alley Cat has also taken the time to respond to social issues, he recently released the single "Please Use A Condom" following rumors of a fellow artist HIV infection.

Alley Cat and his Imperial Production label believes in sharing the blessings and has open its door to new talent, he states "I feel my role is to try to teach the people especially through the music and to set this thing so that other youths can really get a strong opportunity to step up their levels and do their thing properly"

Lyrics and mp3

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September 11, 2011

Protoje's Rasta Love ft Ky-mani makes it week #3 on OutAroad Weekly Top Ten Reggae Chart

OutAroad Weekly Top Ten Reggae Chart



01 (01) (10) Protoje ft Ki-mani Marley -- Rasta Love - Don Corleon - (3wks@#1)

02 (02) (06) Tarrus Riley -- Shaka Zulu Pickney - Bombrush Records

03 (04) (07) Etana -- People Talk - VP Records

04 (05) (05) Vybz Kartel -- Yea Though I Walk – Human Rights Production

05 (03) (13) Romain Virgo -- Taking You Home – Penthouse - (2wks@#1)

06 (07) (03) Tony Rebel -- Love Soldier - Penthouse Records

07 (08) (03) Tiana -- Don’t Trust Dem - CashFlow Records

08 (10) (01) Laza Morgan feat. Mavado -- One by One - Elektra

09 (06) (12) Buju Banton -- Innocent - Gargamel Music - (peaked@#3)

10 (09) (13) Queen I-frica -- In Times Like These - 2 Hard Music - (2wks@#1)


1 Mr. Vegas, Shaggy & Josey Wales -- Sweet Jamaica - Clifford Ray Music

2 Sophia Squire -- Nature Calling - Tremor Maddanize/Bredrocmusic

3 Busy Signal - Life (Sticky Inna Earth - Good Good Productions (Zum)

4 Romain Virgo -- I Am Rich In Love - Lifetime Music

5 Colin Levy -- Lover's Holiday - Kings of Kings

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Mavado claims he has no problems with Bounty Killer, Alliance

By M Jodee Writer

bounty_killer_mavado-friends_alliance.jpgInternationally acclaimed Dancehall entertainer, David "Mavado" Brooks has finally addressed rumors of a growing conflict between his Gullyside crew and Bounty Killer's Alliance crew.

Talking with CVM OnStage's Winford Williams following his performance at the Reggae Rhythm & Blues in New York, Mavado addressed a variety of topics; most notably the recent Gulliance drama. Mavado insisted that he has no personal issues with Bounty or the Alliance; confirming that some arguments have happened but that he'll always be a part of the Dancehall super group. "Mavado and Killer could neva war, mi nuh tink a person can really live long enough fi see dat," the "Pepper" singjay stressed before adding, "We always remember where we comin from no matter where we at in life, no matta di journey weh wi reach inna life & no matta wah happen."

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To-Isis Teams up with Spanish Rapper 'Siervo'

to-isis_reggae_spanish_Siervo_Del_Nose_Donde.jpgWhen Spanish rapper Siervo Del Nose Donde came to Jamaica in 2009 to record collaborations with Jamaican artists, for his album "El Diario Dia A Dia" (The diary day by day) he definitely wanted to find that HIT single that would propel the album. Just by attempting this he had already made history because this has never been done in Spain before. When he went to Grafton Studios to start recording, he met the group To-Isis, they began to talk and the chemistry was instant.

The following day they got together and the song "Reggae Symphony" was created. Both parties were so pleased with how the song came out, that they immediately started planning a video. Majority of the video was shot in Franklyn Town, birthplace of To-Isis member Renardo, who said "The elements just really lined up for this one believe me, because we were about to leave when we met them, because our session had been postponed."

Lyrics and mp3

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Spartacus star Andy Whitfield, 39, dies in Sydney

Spartacus_Whitfield_dies_lymphoma_actor.jpgANDY Whitfield, the 39-year-old star of the cable series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, has died in Sydney.

Manager Sam Maydew said Whitfield died yesterday of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Whitfield's wife Vashti in a statement called her husband a "beautiful young warrior" who died on a "sunny Sydney morning" in the "arms of his loving wife".

Whitfield - who was born in Wales and lived in Australia - was a virtual unknown when he was cast as the title hero in Spartacus, a hit original TV series that made waves with its graphic violence and sexuality.

Whitfield was preparing for the second season when he was diagnosed 18 months ago. Australian actor Liam McIntyre took over the role this year.

Source: news

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September 10, 2011

D'Angel says there was little trust, communication during marriage

By Marc Parc Writer

dangel_fly_free_from_beenie_man.jpgProminent Dancehall deejay, Michelle Downer aka D'Angel gave her first television interview since the announcement of her highly publicized divorce from her husband of five years, Moses "Beenie Man" Davis.

Speaking to Anthony Miller on TVJ's Entertainment Report last night, an emotional D'Angel offered an in-depth explanation as to why she decided to put an end to her relationship with the "King of Dancehall." D'Angel insisted that she finally reached her breaking point; explaining that the couple's inability to express their issues was the roots of the marriage's downfall. "I had a husband I couldn't communicate with; we couldn’t share our thoughts," D'Angel implied.

D'Angel also elaborated that there was a lack of trust that continually developed within the marriage; explaining that the two weren't even living together whilst claiming that Beenie Man owned a "bachelor pad" while the two were together. Given their constant arguments as well as the public embarrassment that she suffered, she believed that it was finally time to pull the plug on their marriage. "I called Moses and I said, you know what, nothing's happening, no growth…I made provisions to file for a divorce," D'Angel said.

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Vybz Kartel's skin care line rejected by Bahamians

By MP Jodee Writer


Internationally acclaimed Dancehall entertainer, Adidja "Vybz Kartel" Palmer is set to launch his new line of skin care products and fragrances on September 15. However, not everyone is enthusiastic about purchasing the products; particularly in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas Tribune interviewed several Bahamians about Kartel's new skin care brand that includes Vybz Body Brightener, Vybz Skin Brightener Vybz Astringent and OH! Men's cologne and women's perfume. Many Bahamians have called Kartel hypocritical and contradictory regarding the introduction of these skin care items, including one person who claimed that any product that made them look like the "World Boss" will make them look like a hot mess. Another Bahamian pointed out Vybz's skin bleaching and tattoos; comparing him to a walking corpse despite admitting to rating Kartel as an artiste.

In response to the various negative comments regarding his new products, Kartel intimated that the Tribune interviewing a cross-section of Bahamian people didn't truly represent the country's feeling on a whole regarding the skin care line. Furthermore, he insisted that he didn't care at all about the comments relating to Vybz's changing skin colour; explaining that if people can buy guns that kill off members of their own society then there should be no problem with persons buying his skin care products and fragrances.

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Serani Surprises Reggae Tip Show


Following up last year's show-stealing performance at HOT 97's On Da Reggae Tip show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, Serani re-affirmed he is currently one of the best live performers on the Dancehall scene.

An accomplished producer and musician, Serani decided it was time to showcase his skills to the world and started his performance on this year's Reggae Tip show seated at the keyboard.

Dapperly-dressed in suit and tie, Serani started out singing new single Sweet Love and had the crowd watching in awe as he sung accompanying himself on the keyboard. He segued into his second Billboard hit single She Loves Me before jumping from the keyboard and continuing the rest of his high-energy set on tracks, spun by Troopa Chaloopa.

Serani had the audience in raptures for the rest of his set, interacting throughout as he gave them favorites such as Doh, Badmind and the classic No Games

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Rumours of shooting involving Mavado untrue

By Marc Parc Writer

mavado_bash_cancelled_party.jpgProminent Dancehall singjay, David Brooks, more popularly known as Mavado is alive and well following rampant rumors that he was shot in New York earlier today.

Rumours swirled within the Jamaican music industry that the "Gully Gaad" was shot in Brooklyn, New York on Friday and rushed to hospital for treatment. The rumour started via Blackberry Broadcast Message (BBM) and spread like wildfire within the Dancehall fraternity. However, Gully Squad producer and friend, DJ Frass has vehemently denied the rumors; confirming that Mavado was never shot and in good health.

Frass, who just returned to the island from New York on Wednesday, claimed that Mavado's career is the only thing that's been shot; insisting in a radio interview that the "Delilah" singjay told him that everything was normal and even explained that he, Mavado and Busta Rhymes were recently hanging out there.

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September 9, 2011

Tony Matterhorn fires back at Beenie, Twin of Twins in Dancehall Duppy 3

By Marc Parc Writer

Controversial selector turned deejay, Dufton Taylor, more popularly known as Tony Matterhorn has fired lyrical shots once again at some of Dancehall's best with his latest single, "Dancehall Duppy 3 - Porky's Revenge."

The trilogy of Matterhorn's Dancehall Duppy singles takes direct aim at legendary Dancehall artiste, Beenie Man and prominent comedic duo, Twin of Twins; responding to recent diss songs the artistes made about him. On one lyric of the DJ Smurf produced song, Matterhorn refers to Beenie Man as the "Queen Of The Dancehall," before adding, "When Shebada use him head and empty yuh like a bokkle." Additionally he makes comments relating to Beenie Man and D'Angel's pending divorce.

Meanwhile, Matterhorn launches a scathing lyrical attack on his biggest rival, the Twins saying amongst other things, "Google it Gay inna dem last name." The "Fluffy Summer" singer also takes shots at emerging singjay Khago; calling him a "Hairdresser caught in a compromising position."

Porky's Revenge is the reply to Beenie Man's recent single, "Young Bud" on the Notnice/Corey Todd Records produced Takeover Riddim where the "Go Go Club" singer makes disparaging remarks about Matterhorn. Twin of Twins also released another Matterhorn diss song, "Fraid Like a Puss," on DJ Smurf's 12 to 12 Riddim while Matterhorn was away in Europe; following up other diss tracks aimed at the disc jock such as "Cigarette Murder: and "A Song Dat.

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Street Life Productions running the streets with the Marathon Man Riddim

marathon_man_riddim.jpgUnited Kingdom based production crew, Street Life Productions are closing out the summer in style with the release of their highly anticipated, Marathon Man Riddim. The Marathon Man Riddim offers a sound fit for the nightclubs; presenting singles for female fans to savor as well unleashing acts proudly representing the future of the Dancehall genre

Street Life Productions is a label founded and developed by Zino and U.K based producer/deejay Sam Dash who creates all beats for the productions company. The multitalented Dash features on the pulsating Marathon Man Riddim with the title song, "Marathon Man," a single dedicated to the ladies who are in search of a man with the combination of strong stamina and the ability to please. Lyrics such as "Wan wi train like fi 2012 Olympics, Marathon Man, no man fi sprint it," and "On yuh marks, get set, blast off, nah false start when di draws dem pop off," show Dash's potential as a legitimate dual threat within Dancehall circles.

The Marathon Man Riddim also features internationally acclaimed singjay, Gappy Ranks who makes his presence felt on the Riddim with the single, "Gimme Some." The Greensleeves Records artiste leaves no stones unturned with his lyrical dexterity, dropping rhymes such as, "Every weh mi go, gyal a stop mi and tek picture and ask mi fi sing dem a song like di Scripture,” as well as "We mek gyal jump up and we mek gyal leap, a gyal a tell mi seh mi mek di sommen start leak.”

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The Ultimate - The People Dem A Bawl Video Coming Soon


Jamaica's fast rising reggae sensation The Ultimate who has been favorable love from authentic reggae lovers in UK, Africa and several European countries will be treated to another amazing Ultimate video titled The People Dem A Bawl which will be his fourth music video for.

This single speaks of what is taking place in the society today such as high inflation, rising of taxes, high level of cost of living, lack of employment and also the economy. Straight forward, positive constructive message, he delivers has he expresses himself. The video was directed by FiWi Films over a two day period at different locations such as Half Way Tree, Majestic Gardens A.K.A. (back to) and different areas in Down Town Kingston. The Ultimate is known for songs such as I Wish, Look Around You and Set Me Free just to name a few on his own record label Black Q Records. I am happy and anticipating the release of this new video he said.

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September 8, 2011

Jah Cure's conviction sees reggae artist disqualified from MOBOs

jah_cure_mobo_awards.jpgReggae artist Jah Cure has been disqualified from this year’s MOBO Awards.

Nominated in the Best Reggae Act category, the event organisers have now taken him off the shortlist after being informed of his conviction for rape, gun possession and robbery for which he served nine years in jail. Jah Cure - real name Siccature Alcock - was arrested in Jamaica in 1998 and went to jail in 1999 after being found guilty. He was released in 2008, reports The Sun.

The artists remaining in the Best Reggae Act category are Alborosie, Khago, Mavado and Damian Marley & Nas. Jah Cure was disqualified due to the "severity of the crime".

This year’s MOBO Awards take place on October 5 at Glasgow SECC. Jason Derulo will be hosting the event, which will see a 20th anniversary performance from Boys II Men, among others.

The winners of the awards are chosen by public vote. For more information visit

-Source: nme

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Junior Reid Set To Re-launch His Chart Topper Label

junior_reid_reggae_singer_veteran.jpgThe One Blood hit maker Junior Reid is set to re-launch his JR Productions label that was originally formed in 1984. With the newly built Club View Studio located at 39b Eastwood Park Road...Junior Reid who's no stranger to #1s said he's ready to make his presence felt once more in the world of dancehall and reggae both locally and internationally.

JR Records has been the mastermind behind several international hits such as 'One Blood' and 'Rapapompom' which have been redone by Hip Hop mega hit-makers 'The Game' and 'Lil Wayne'.

JR Records was also the driving force behind the success of Junior Reid's career and that of Andrew & Wada Blood as well as legendary dancehall trail-blazer, Ninja Man's first number one single from the album 'Ting a ling a ling' produced by Junior Reid himself. He also produced an album for Dennis Brown, Mighty Diamonds and Gregory Isaacs to name a few.

The veteran reggae artiste expressed his excitement for the re-launch saying, "I'm looking forward to the re-launch of the label and signing new acts." The One Blood star continued, "Good music is needed that can cross over and impact the world and not just last for two months".

Currently signed to JR Records are Andrew & Wada Blood, Bomb-A-Drop, JuJu Blood, Young-JR and Bobo Shimron.

Reggae fans can expect big things from the rebirth of JR Records label soon

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Raine Seville is making her presence felt with three hot new videos

raine_seville_female_jamaica.jpgThe singer last week shot the video for her song 'Listen' produced by ZJ Chrome on his 'Cardiac Bass' riddim. The video was directed by newcomer Roli and shot in Cherry Hill and Downtown. Although the song was released last year Raine believes the song is still popular with her fans all over the world. She said, "The song shows the more conscious side of Raine Seville. The video itself is a simple yet very effective concept, which plays on the lyrics of the song. In the video a girl who sleeps around and ends up with AIDS and a boy who idles and takes up gun dealing ends up in jail. So the video is also conscious."

Second video out soon is 'Showdown' for Payday Music, which has been getting all the buzz in the streets. "'Showdown' has a buzz around it especially with the fact that I'm deejaying in it, so again it shows a different side of Raine. My lyrics are very powerful in the song so that will be brought across in the video," she said. Roli will also direct the video this Friday.

Last but not least is the 'Bedroom' medley video from Payday Music. She added, "Bedroom medley I can't say much about the entire concept but my scene will show my appeal, confidence, high fashion, attitude as stated in my song on the riddim "See Dem A Look". The Bedroom Medley video is scheduled to be shot on September 15.

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September 7, 2011

Before they were Stars with Busy Signal

By Marc Parc Writer


From a very early age, Reanno Gordon, now known to the masses as Busy Signal, strives towards becoming an artiste that went beyond his genre; spreading messages that would impact various walks of life. Before becoming a “Busy” superstar within Dancehall music, Gordon had to overcome various, inner-city struggles on his way to prominence.

Gordon was born in 1982 in Brown’s Town, St. Ann; raised his mother who sent eventually sent him to Brown’s Town Comprehensive High School where graduated with good grades. However, Gordon’s family, also including three brothers & one sister had to endure several hardships; moving around several times to places like Tivoli Gardens, Spanish Town & Papine in an effort to find a better life.

In an effort to prevent Gordon from practicing an illegal lifestyle, his mother brought him to Church twice a week. It was at church where persons first witnessed the talent that Busy possessed when he sang one of the church hymns; displaying vocal strength and clarity to the pleasure of the congregation who roundly applauded his efforts. Continuing with his musical interests, Gordon was a regular purveyor of cassette tapes from artistes of varying genres such as R&B legend, Celine Dion & Dancehall icon, Super Cat. Other inspirations such as hip-hop superstars, Jay-Z & Eminem as well as R&B icon, Whitney Houston helped develop an affinity for various musical styles. However, his desire was to become an established Dancehall artiste; constantly making beats on his desks during school days & deejaying songs from one of his idols, Bounty Killer.

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Challenges Can Be Rewarding!

macka_diamond_cow_foot_dance_moves.jpgAmidst pleas and reward offers, the perpretrators that stole Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond’s pocket book and all her her stuff are yet to come forward. But despite the huge set back cause from loss of the documents, Macka Diamond relentlessly pushes forward. "Well I could always get back my I.D. and stuff but you know how tedious the process gets especially for me because I still have to be recording in the studio, still out in the streets promoting my music and basically kept abreast with what happening around me because I’m an artiste" Indeed its no easy feat getting as far as Macka has in the industry but it does comes with various challenges. The obvious lesson to be learned is knowing how best to deal with the challenges and keep going.

Lyrics and mp3

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When You're Hot You're HOttttt!!

Sophia_Squire_hot_reggae.jpgSo are the steamy love songs oozing out of Sophia Squire’s catalog these days. This bashful female Reggae vocalist has touched the hearts of many Reggae fans. It’s not that she’s doing something relatively new or different from her peers, as a matter of fact she’s doing pretty much the same stuff, but somehow her fan base has grown tremendously locally and internationally over the past few months. Could it be her show of innocence on some of the tracks or the story she has to tell? Whatever it is, the soon to be mom has got a host of fans screaming for more. Keep it coming Squire, the fans are listening.

Lyrics and mp3

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September 6, 2011

Sean Paul at The Bank; Keri Hilson, Landon Donovan at Aria

By Robin Leach

sean_paul_the_bank_perfomance.jpgReggae pop superstar Sean Paul presented a high-energy performance at The Bank at the Bellagio, plus paid an unexpected visit to Haze at Aria, where he surprised partygoers by performing his hits including fan favorites “Temperature” and “Break It Off.”

At The Bank 24 hours later, it was a one-of-a-kind performance while shooting his latest music video for “Got 2 Luv U.” The singer and musician gave shout-outs over the mic from the DJ booth and mingled with fans and clubgoers.

Singer Keri Hilson returned to town for another crowd-pleasing performance at Haze, her third appearance at the Aria hotspot. Keri performed her hits “Knock You Down” and “Turnin’ Me On” to a packed nightclub.

Partygoers went crazy when the blonde R&B star hopped off the stage and posed for photographs. Keri partied the night away at her VIP table hanging out with her entourage of friends, sipping on cocktails and dancing.

Robin Leach has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past decade giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.

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Dancing Vs Hospital - This Party Is Crazy

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Sizzla discharged from hospital

By Marc Parc Writer

sizzla_kolonji_hospital.jpgInternationally renowned Reggae artiste, Miguel Orlando Collins, more popularly known as Sizzla Kalonji, has been released from a Kingston-based hospital nearly two weeks following a serious motor cycle accident in St. Ann.

Sizzla was involved in a crash on August 24th in Runaway Bay when his bike collided with a bus that tried to overtake him. The bus caused Sizzla, not wearing a helmet during the accident, to swerve and his motor cycle slammed into the bus; throwing the entertainer off his bike. The bus driver involved in the accident reportedly refused to stop to avoid getting caught.

Sizzla was later taken to the St. Ann's Bay hospital for emergency treatment; suffering many broken bones including a broken collarbone as well as internal bleeding as a result of a ruptured liver. The following morning, Sizzla was airlifted to an unidentified Kingston hospital for further treatment and to allow the "Solid as a Rock" singer privacy to heal.

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Tiana's Pum Pum Phat Remix of Popcaan's Ravin The Latest Cyber Buzz


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September 5, 2011

Beenie Man heartbroken by divorce from D'Angel

beenie-man-winegal-photo-tax-arrest.jpgInternationally acclaimed Dancehall artiste, Moses "Beenie Man" Davis has gone into greater detail regarding his separation from his wife of 5 years, Michelle "D'Angel" Downer; implying that he is heartbroken by their recent marital issues.

Beenie Man told TVJ's EMix that he initially intended to divorce D'Angel last year but the couple constantly resolved their issues and ended up back together. However, the "King of the Dancehall" intimated that D'Angel's decision not to appear at his birthday party almost two weeks ago was the last straw; made worse by the fact D'Angel went to former rival, Bounty Killer's birthday party earlier this summer.

"Regardless a if mi and her have a divorce agreement to deal wid, I think she shudda still come a my birthday because mi is her husband and me is Marco Dean father, so why should you call me and tell me pon my phone seh yuh a go to Bounty Killer birthday party, when Bounty Killer disrespect you so much in the media and call yuh di worst tings,” Beenie said. Bounty Killer, formerly was in a relationship with D'Angel, engaged in a lyrical battle with Beenie Man regarding the "Blaze" singer in 2006.

Given that factor, Beenie suggested that he could no longer take the emotional toll their issues had on him; asking D'Angel to send the divorce papers that would finally put an end to their rollercoaster marriage. "Mi jus' decide seh, Please mi a beg yuh, jus’ finish mi heartache and mi hurt, just please mi a beg yuh, jus’ sen di divorce papers," Beenie stated. D'Angel sent the divorce papers two days later and released a statement clarifying that she sent them and that they could no longer co-exist as a couple.

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Kiprich to clash any Dancehall artiste at fans' request

Kiprich wants lyrical clash

By Marc Parc Writer

kiprich_talk.jpgDancehall artiste, Marlon Plunkett, better known as Kiprich is in a war mode, lyrically that is as he is ready to enter a lyrical confrontation. However, the decision of which artiste he'll face will be left to his fans.

Kiprich has already released a slew of controversial songs in the last few months; most notably "Talk" in which he calls out a number of Dancehall heavyweights such as mentor, Elephant Man, Beenie Man and Vybz Kartel. Kiprich has long sought after a clash with Vybz Kartel in the minds of several Dancehall observers, dating back to him counteraction to "Di Teacha's "Cake Soap" single entitled "Cyaah Get Brown" last fall.

Entering the "Dark season" in Dancehall, Kiprich says he will enter a lyrical clash if his fans call for it; insisting that he will do so if he feels that sort of vibe from them but will only clash a reputable name. Additionally, the "We Nuh Fraid" deejay says he will survey his competition before fans decide later this fall that he should face at STING 2011 in Portmore.

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ZJ Wahwa - DECEPTION Mixtape Racks Up Impressive Downloads

Chronicles_of_ZJ_WahWa_Chapter_1_Deception.jpgPopular radio jock and Darkcide International selector ZJ Wahwa still on the recovery path has a lot to smile about following the release of his second Summer mixtape over the weekend.

The zip jock released his 'Chronicles of ZJ WahWa : Chapter 1: Deception" on Friday and in less than two days the project has already racked up and impressive 2,500+ downloads via the social networks and other digital platforms.

The compilation interspersed with skits and a plethora of custom dub-plates features some of Jamaica's most prominent and rising stars among them: Mavado, Vybz Kartel, Chedda, Blak Ryno, Munga, Popcaan, Tony Matterhorn, Busy Signal, I-Octane, Khago, Jah Vinci, Konshens, Ding Dong among others.

Meanwhile, the ZJ's recent media blitz has spiked a demand in his services. WahWa is expected to depart the island in the coming days for several overseas assignments.

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September 3, 2011

Exclusive Preview of Teacha's Pet Mansion

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Tiana's Gyal Mi Love You Ft Konshens Climbing The Charts

Dancehall Princess Tiana who has finished the Summer on a high with her immediate hit Pum Pum Phat a remix of Popcaan's chart topper Ravin also ends the summer within another successful acheievement when her hit single Gyal Mi Love You ft Konshens made its debut on the popular Hype TV Dancehall/Reggae Chart.


The single entered the chart at #20 before jumping two places the following week to #18. Meanwhile the Gyal Mi Love You is also riding high in the bubblers of the OutAroad Top 20 Hot Singles Chart.

Gyal Mi Love You is also a banger in several countries such as Africa, Europe, Belize, Costa Rica while its also buzzing in the several states in America such as New York, Boston and Florida (Miami)


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September 2, 2011

Mavado's All Dem A Talk Tops The Hype Tv Chart


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Mavado inks deal with hip-hop star, DJ Khaled's record label

By Marc Parc Writer

mavado_khaled_sign_miami.jpgInternationally renowned Dancehall artiste, David Constantine Brooks, better known as Mavado, has earned him a major, overseas record deal. The prominent popular singjay announced during an interview with HOT 97's Angie Martinez that he's signed a record deal with DJ Khaled's We The Best Music Group.

Mavado took to the airwaves of the popular, New York City based radio station, HOT 97 to break the big news; prior to DJ Khaled's elaboration regarding Mavado's new deal. "That's right, New York City! Mavado is officially signed to We The Best Music Group," said an overjoyed Khaled. The Miami born hip-hop superstar and disc jock explained the reasoning behind the new deal with the "Gully Gaad."

"Mavado's part of the family; part of the brand. It's about to be an expansion to the movement. It's going to be a movie, you feel me? I'm really excited about this because my roots and where I come from, I've known Mavado since before he was Mavado. Mavado always puts great music out, and I just want to add more to it, add some steroids to it," Khaled told HOT 97. Mavado featured on the remix for Khaled's smash hit, "Welcome To My Hood," in March alongside hip-hop superstars Jadacris, T-Pain and Busta Rhymes amongst others.

The announcement comes nearly two months after Mavado was re-issued a United States visa by the United States Embassy in Kingston. Furthermore, this comes four months after Mavado launched his own record label, Mansion Records and released his hit, debut single via the label, "Delilah" shortly thereafter. "Delilah" was added to HOT 97's regular playlist earlier this week.

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Exclusive: Formila One - Walking

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September 1, 2011

Corey Todd insists he paid ZJ Wah Wa's medical fees, Disc jock denies claim

By Marc Parc Writer

corey_todd_aidonia_rum_dancehall_wah_wa_zip.jpgProminent American businessman, Corey Todd and popular Dancehall deejay, Sheldon "Aidonia" Lawrence have been called liars by ZJ Wah Wa’s management team after the duo’s interview on IRIE FM Wednesday night.

Aidonia claims that the recent tension between himself and ZJ Wah Wa dates back to when the ZIP FM disc jock's manager, Raymond "Shadow" Small wanted to manage the "Jackhammer" deejay but he refuse Small's offer. Additionally, Aidonia continued to deny that he had any involvement in the altercation involving Wah Wa and members of the deejay's entourage at the QUAD nightclub two Fridays ago.

Wah Wa's management offered a swift response to Aidonia's claims via a press release issued Thursday morning. Firstly, Aidonia seems to have a very vivid imagination or selective memory loss, I Raymond 'Shadow' Small and Aidonia never once had any conversation about managing his wilting career. What is factual is that he did ask me to render assistance to him and the members of his camp in a Public Relations capacity for which he has never paid me a dime because he could not afford it. Nonetheless it was done out of the respect and professional friendship we shared," Wah Wa's management team implied.

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Khago nominated for MOBO award for Best Reggae Act

khago_mobo_award_nominee_uk.jpgKhago has been nominated for a MOBO award in the category of Best Reggae Act alongside Jah Cure, Mavado, Damian Marley and Nas, and Alborosie.

"Two of the show go mad, one was postponed, mi so happy to see people come out to see me, the world was just hidden from me and now my eyes are open, and mi feel so good to know how well my career is good. Mi really enjoy the London Carnival as well, performing in front of 1.8 million people," Khago said in a release.

Khago scored two number one hits last year with Nah Sell Out Mi Friend Part 1, and Part 2. He has continued that great form, scoring another number one hit with Blood a Boil that remained at #1 for three straight weeks on the Fiwi Choice Top Ten charts.The song is presently at #2 in the Fiwi Choice Top Ten charts while his new song, Tun Up Di Ting on the Overproof Riddim is doing well.

Khago will head to the 44th annual West Indian Carnival Festival 2011 which ends on Labor Day, Monday September 5th in New York City.

The historic Brooklyn event - described as the "Mother of all Caribbean Parties" - is the largest parade of its kind in the United States. The parade typically attracts over 3.5 million participants, effectively pulling more people than the population of the entire island of Jamaica.

"Mi ah look forward to performing on the truck on the Parkway alongside Mr. Vegas in front of all those Caribbean people, " he said.

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Andrew and Wada Blood Return from smashing European Tour

By Kimberly Bernard

andrew_wada_blood_irie.jpgJR Production recording artistes, Andrew & Wada Blood are back in the island after a three-week-long tour of Europe. Featured on the tour were legends Sly & Robbie and veteran reggae artiste Junior Reid.

The trio left authentic reggae/dancehall fans in Paris, Budapest, Ostrada, Helsinki, Rotterdam, Victoria and Sines begging for more which could easily be described to kids crying for candy. The sensational duo described the tour as "a great experience". Wada Blood gushed about the experience saying..."It was amazing to hear 40,000 fans singing along to your songs". "It was an eye opening experience because it showed me there's room for reggae and dancehall worldwide", continued Andrew, "When we hear songs like 'Kick It Off' from the Flirtation 'riddim' playing in Europe, it's truly inspirational".

In the mean time The Bloods have a slew of singles blazing the airwaves such as 'Tek It To Dem' on the African Robot Riddim, 'Rasta Fi Real' on the Centre Stage Riddim along with a few singles off their soon to be released album 'Felling Irie' and 'One and Only'.

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Fashionista Lena British styling with her producer's cap

lena_british_producer_dancehall.jpgThis is no joke, and in fact, Lena British herself could not be more serious. Dancehall's best loved style diva and entrepreneur is now flexing with the big boys as she puts on her producer's hat and gets busy in the studio.

Although some might be tempted to view Lena as a dancehall socialite, under all that glamour lies a sharp business acumen, which has seen her running a successful hair salon and other ventures. Now, with her foray into music production she combines two of her loves - business and music.

Lena British, however, is no stranger to the ins and outs of reggae/dancehall music, having been involved at various levels, whether as stylist, designer, model or promoter. Her newest venture will see her being totally involved in creating music from start to finish.

"I have always had an ear for good music," Lena explained, adding that over the years she has developed a keen sense of what can work and what can't.

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Ryan Oneil - Ah Nuh Me

Look out for the video on a TV near you


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