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August 31, 2011

Energy Gad Vs JPS - Begins on November 30th

By Krazy Katty Writer

elephant_man_clovis_observer_jps.jpgThe alleged abstracting electricity artiste Elephant Man aka the Energy Gad is slated to reappear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court for the beginning of his trial on November 30.

The deejay will fight his case with the help of his attorney Linda Wright.

On June 2, a team of JPS members alongside the police force raided the deejay house after suspecting that the Energy Gad's electricity connections were not legally connected.

According to JPS, Elephant Man's regular estimated bills are always expected to be over 60,000 as most of the Energy Gad's electrical appliances are High Watts Usage.

Lyrics and mp3

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Before They Were Stars with Agent Sasco

By Marc Parc Writer


Prior to various fan bases and Dancehall industry players knew him as a lyrical "Assassin," Jeffery Campbell was the typical youngster aspiring to become a world renowned deejay. However, Campbell is a rare case of an artiste who got his break at a young age and, in his case, on the first try.

Born in 1982, Agent Sasco had an affinity for music from his childhood days and carried that love with him to Camperdown High School where he excelled in the arts and often engaged in lyrical clashes within the school's cafeteria. His lyrical fluidity and constant victories in clashes against schoolmates earned him the nickname Agent Sasco, and built his confidence as an emerging Dancehall talent hoping for a breakthrough. Prior to his final year at Camperdown, a 17 year old Assassin decided to test his musical skills in a different way; writing the lyrics to a song entitled, "Big Up All Di Shotta Dem," and giving them to a friend to use.

That friend, Briggy passed on the lyrics to his Uncle and legendary Dancehall/Reggae artiste, Spragga Benz. Spragga was impressed with what he saw and almost immediately voiced the song on the classic, Street Sweeper Riddim by internationally acclaimed producers, Steelie & Clevie. Though the song itself was part of a summer job he had been doing in order to find out if he had what it took to be successful in the music industry, Spragga saw that Assassin had even more potential as a pure deejay. Spragga soon took Assassin under his wing and harnessed his talents; making him one of the hottest young prospects in Dancehall music in the early 2000s. Assassin's mainstream breakthrough would arrive in 2003 when he unveiled the medley video for his singles, "Do My Thing" and "Cyaan Lock Off Di Dance." The singles received great acclaim and started a great two year run for the Spragga Benz protégé; unveiling hit singles such as "It's A Girl Thing," "Girls Gone Wild," and the internationally acclaimed single, "Idiot Thing Dat," in 2004.

Lyrics and mp3

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Dancehall/Reggae Artiste Jahvinci Shells Down Montreal And London

jahvinci_carlington_wilmot_photo_outaroad_reggae_artiste.jpgCorey Todd Records recording artiste Jahvinci returned to the island on Monday after a hectic two week trip that saw him performing at over three shows on two continents.

Jahvinci performed at the Montreal Reggae Fest two weeks ago and flew from Canada to England to perform on two major shows.

"Montreal was sick, the show was proper, everything ah work....Montreal was mad, mad, mad, next time mi a go back, I have to have a band, because ah de so mi get the biggest forward from mi a fly from then until now," Jahvinci said in a release.

He said that the shows in England also did well. He was accompanied in England by producer-deejay Ainsley "Notnice" Morris and road manager Omar 'Milla 9' Miller.

Lyrics and mp3

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Shatta Don putting Antigua on the Dancehall map

shatta_don_Antigua_dancehall_reggae.jpgThe Caribbean island of Antigua has never been associated with the Dancehall genre in the minds of many. However, one young artiste/producer is aiming to change that scope of thinking as he aims to put his native land on the Dancehall map.

Shatta grew up in the "Entertainment Capital of Antigua," known as Potter's Village and immediately was integrated with the area's musical culture as a youth. Various talent shows and sound systems that infiltrated Potter's Village inspired Shatta to one day become an artiste; following of the many musicians he watched growing up.

He later attended the La Chateau D'Or Orchestra music academy where he learnt to play instruments such as the piano, wind recorder and a single tenor pan. These instruments helped set a foundation for Shatta; helping to shape him into a well-rounded artiste 7 giving him confidence to pursue a mainstream career in music. Shatta got his first chance to prove his musical worth by performing his debut single, "This Is How We Do It" at the local talent show, "Sha Sha Marni." That performance helped springboard Shatta's talents and the single to new heights as natives began to take heed of abilities and he began to record music on a more regular basis.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 30, 2011

Do You Think Bounty Killer Should Have Replied To Chass Cross Dis Song?

For the pass few weeks there has been an ongoing feud within the Gulliance…whereas the Gully Squad members are pissed with Bounty Killer over the death of Mavado's close friend Conroy Edwards aka Connie.

However, recently Chass Cross released a song dissing Bounty Killer, but what's even more surprising is when Bounty Killer answered back Chass Cross with a song titled Waste Cross. Many seems to not agree with Bounty Killer for replying to Chass Cross… Below are the views of the Public concerning the matter.

Davian Ricketts, Age:23
Bounty Killer a mi general and if him really voice a counteraction directing at Chass Cross then mi nuh rate him fi dat it better him did guh ansa back Beenie Man’s song weh titled Mi Call Yuh Name Again.

Raquel Fondler, Age: 27
Right now Bounty Killer answering Chass Cross has just made Chass Cross officially an artiste because nuh body never rates Chass but a guess if Bounty Killer can find the time out fi reply to Chass Cross then I guess Chass is of some substance.

Stitchie, Age: 31
First thing I have listened the songs and Bounty Killer seems to be on the losing side in terms of lyrical content and when Bounty Killer as a veteran counteracts a young artiste like Chass Cross and yuh nah loss him or waste him then don’t even bother lower your standard to his level. Then again Bounty Killer is known for bussing artiste and right now him just buss Chass Cross big time.

Lando Sullivan, Age: 20
A Gaza mi seh straight because when Kartel cut left Allaince them seh him ungrateful but a guess we all know the reason why Vybz Kartel left because Bounty seems to forget that even though yuh might introduce di yutes dem to di dancehall that doesn’t mean seh yuh mustn’t have respect for them. Once an artiste starts to become his own a man you cant treat dem like likkle bwoy. In life Bounty sometimes yuh affi know when fi run.

Lyrics and mp3

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Vybz Kartel is still the Dancehall Hero - #1 Top 20 Hot Singles Chart


TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 01 - (14) Vybz Kartel - Dancehall Hero - ZJ Chrome -(2wks@#1)

02 - 02 - (17) Demarco - I Love My Life - Star Kutt Pro

03 - 03 - (14) Mavado - Star Bwoy – Chimney

04 - 04 - (13) Chan Dizzy - Strange Face -- Head Concussion

05 - 08 - (06) Vybz Kartel - Summer Time - Adidjaheim Records

06 - 06 - (08) Vybz Kartel - Look Pon We - Head Concussion

07 - 07 - (10) Tifa - Move Yuh Body - ZJ Chrome

08 - 09 - (06) I-Octane - Nuh Ramp Wid Wi - Cashflow Records

09 - 10 - (08) Mavado - All Dem A Talk - ZJ Chrome

10 - 05 - (20) Shaggy ft Alaine - For Your Eyes Only - Ki-Licious Music - (2wks@#1)

11 - 13 - (05) Shabba Ranx - None A Dem - Di Genius

12 - 14 - (05) Mavado - Pepper - Di Genius

13 - 11 - (19) Mavado - Warn Dem - Dj Frass Production - (peaked@#2)

14 - 16 - (03) Chan Dizzy Hello Badmind - Head Concussion

15 - 17 - (03) Assassin - Talk How Mi Feel - DJ Frass

Lyrics and mp3

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St. Lucia's First Female Dancehall Artiste Is More Than Just A "Summer Swag"

Government Minister & Producer assists St. Lucian to fulfill musical Dreams in Jamaica.

Iaeshaa_st_lucia_dancehall_artiste.jpgIeasha is a St. Lucian native who respects and loves reggae music, she is an avid performer and has an undeniable love for Dancehall.. Her love for the Jamaican Culture and respect for several locally based entertainers and producers was the intrinsic motivation that propelled her quest to travel to the island where Reggae was born.

Though the expenses where enormous and the likelihood of her being successful was slim, her determination drove her to seek sponsorship from a few friends which includes producer RAWL ROSSI ALCIDE and a Minister in the St. Lucian government.

Since being in Jamaica she has managed to accomplished quite a lot. She has networked with a few more producers, met her all time idol the general Bounty Killer, recorded 6 hit songs and had a blast at the parties and dances.

Check out "Summer Swag" and "Can't Keep Me Down" produced and recorded in Jamaica

Lyrics and mp3

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D'Angel breaks silence on marital issues with Beenie Man, insists it’s time to move on

By Marc Parc Writer

d_angel_break_up_beenie_man.jpgProminent Dancehall deejay, Michelle "D'Angel" Downer has finally spoken about her impending divorce from her husband of 5 years and fellow, well-renowned deejay Moses "Beenie Man" Davis.

On Friday, Beenie Man told TVJ's Entertainment Report that divorce papers have indeed been sent out but could not confirm if they had been signed. Additionally, Beenie said he was told by D'Angel to come out of her life; suggesting that both parties could no longer co-exist.

On Monday, D'Angel broke her silence about the recent marital issues between herself and the "King of the Dancehall," telling IRIE FM that after serious consideration, she has decided to separate from Beenie Man and move on with her life, though she didn't elaborate as to what exactly caused the rift between them.

However, D'Angel insisted that despite the personal issues the two artistes have with one another, the two will try to co-exist in the best interest of their five year old son, Marco Dean as they aim to provide stable environment for him to grow in. Beenie previously stated that D'Angel will likely have custody of their son due to his busy schedule but will remain a very active part of Marco Dean's life going forward.

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Magano - Never Be Your Child


Lyrics and mp3

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August 29, 2011

Scenes From French Kut Saturdayz - Week 2



Lyrics and mp3

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Beenie Man and D'Angel's marriage over? Divorce papers issued

By Marc Parc Writer

beenie_man_divorce_split_d_angel_marriage_photos.jpgWell-renowned Dancehall power couple, Moses "Beenie Man" Davis and Michelle "D'Angel" Downer seem to be heading their separate ways after Beenie revealed on TVJ's Entertainment Report this past weekend that divorce papers have indeed been sent out and that the two are separating.

The couple's marriage has endured various trials and tribulations and endless speculation regarding possible infidelity by both parties amongst other rumors. Beenie and D'Angel previously separated in 2007 but reconciled shortly thereafter and all seemed normal within the Davis household. However, the "King of the Dancehall" now insists that their most recent break-up could be permanent. "Yeah, divorce papers send, mi nuh kno if it sign.” Additionally, he claimed that D'Angel told him to disappear from her life and intimated that the two haven't spoken within the last two weeks. "Divorce a divorce man, that how it goes man, you move on. In life, you have to adapt and adjust, when yuh adjust in life, yuh haffi jus move on, yuh a big man," he intimated.

Lyrics and mp3

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Sizzla's fully conscious, talking five days since motor cycle accident

By Marc Parc Writer

sizzla.jpegInternationally acclaimed Reggae artiste, Miguel Collins, more popularly known as Sizzla Kalonji is slowly but surely returning to full strength following a motor cycle crash he was involved in Wednesday Night in St. Ann.

The crash occurred when a bus tried to overtake Sizzla, causing the "Praise Ye Jah" singer to lose control of his bike whilst travelling in Runaway Bay; throwing the singer off his motor cycle. Sizzla, who didn't wear a helmet at the time of the accident, suffered several broken bones, including a broken collarbone as well as broken ribs and internal bleeding cause by a ruptured liver and was initially treated at the St. Ann's Bay Hospital. The bus driver involved in the crash sped off after he hit Sizzla and has yet to turn himself in.

Today, Five days since the crash, Sizzla's publicist, Olimatta Taal explains that Sizzla's condition has improved greatly as he recovers in a Kingston-based hospital, where he was airlifted to on Thursday morning. Sizzla is talking, eating well and fully conscious of his surroundings following the accident and is expected to make a full recovery.

Lyrics and mp3

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Getting To Know DJ Hypeness

dj_hypeness_new_york_deejay_radio.jpgDJ Hypeness one of New York's finest deejays might be new to some but she's definitely no stranger to the Reggae/Dancehall culture. This Dominican native grew up listening to the works of Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Buju Banton and a host of others pounding through the walls of her house with their sweet melodies.

Her true love for the culture was further discovered when she moved to New York 11yrs ago. Underground Dancehall parties became a past time and here she became hooked on the beats and mesmerized by the atmosphere. Whenever she got the chance, she partied and sought new music and new venues. In 2005 she was introduced to the land of Radio by a friend as a co-host, it was then she instantly developed a liking and started her new found passion in becoming a radio disc jock (DJ). As time progressed, she learned how to spin on the 1s and 2s and continues to see growth in this talent. DJ Hypeness fought her way through this male dominated business with skills and determination. She harnessed her skills to overcome her fears with every opportunity, and this she does by playing at numerous events, whether it's promotional or a paid gig.

DJ Hypeness released her first official Mix tape September of 2010 called "PAVE THE WAY" and received exceptional feedback which encouraged the release of "CLEARA".

Lyrics and mp3

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August 27, 2011

Flava Unit Clear's The Air

flava_unit_sound_system_jamaica.jpgThe Portmore based sound system Flava Unit has made it clear that they are a juggling sound, speaking with tall man and Dezi, head of Flava Unit, they said promoters as far as Africa has been calling for clash dates. Since their victory at fully loaded against Black Kat the 7-time World Clash Champion. Flava Unit states that they will clash anytime, any where as long as the money is right, Flava Unit has been in high demand since their victory against Black Kat, the summer has been extremely busy for us, we have been playing 5 to 6 nights a week.

The Summer Mix cd is doing well in the streets, Flava Unit is gearing up to release their next mix cd due out mid October titled Portmore's Finest which will feature the likes of, I Octane, Konshens, Khago, Chan Dizzy, Spice, Killer, Vibez Kartel, Movado, Beenie Man, Tiana, Munga, Gyption, Fambo, Kutchie, Tiffa, Ikya, Bugle, Wayne Marshall and more. (The fully loaded champion) will be heading to a few over seas date's before year ends. We are also in the planning stage of our anniversary to be held on December 23rd 2011 at a venue to be announce shortly which will feature some of Jamaica's top sound system's and radio dj's along with a host of artiste, the flava unit team states they are giving thanks to its many fans across the length and breath of Jamaica.

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August 26, 2011

Vybz Kartel to debut skin care product line in September

PR Entertainment Jamaica - (M. Parc): Internationally renowned Dancehall artiste, Adidja “Vybz Kartel” Palmer is testing his skill set as an entrepreneur as he's set to debut a new line of skin products as well as a new fragrance called "OH!" next month.
The OH! Fragrance line, based off Kartel's popular catch phrase, will begin stocking local shelves September 15th; accompanied by a variety of skin care products including astringents amongst other products for women and men. Kartel explained the gist of his upcoming products via press release, saying, "It is the fragrance from Vybz Kartel called "OH,” and It’s for men and women. Also i have astringent, and skin lighteners/toners for the ladies as well. "It's a whole line of skin care products from the Worl' Boss."

This will be the third different line of products merchandized by Vybz Kartel since the beginning of this year. This past February, the self-proclaimed "Dancehall Hero" announced the launching of his new shoe brand, "Addis," whilst announcing his intention to release t-shirts, dog tags and belt buckles based off the Kartel brand. "Di Teacha," also unveiled his own brand of blue power soap called "Vybz Cake Soap," in May across select stores in
Kingston and Falmouth. Kartel's Cake Soap, branded as an "acne cleansing" product sold off various batches of the product within its first few days on the market. Additionally, Kartel is reportedly still planning to debut his own rum line; months after his successful Street Vybz Rum brand was effectively discontinued following the severance of ties with former business partner and American businessman, Corey Todd.

Kartel is currently shooting episodes for his upcoming reality show, Teacha's Pet to debut on CVM TV next month and has also released new singles within the last two weeks such as "Dedication" and "Love You Enuh" on Sounique Records’ Lost Angel Riddim.

Lyrics and mp3

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Week #2 At #1 for Protoje Rasta Love ft Ky-Mani

OutAroad Weekly Top Ten Reggae Chart



01 (01) (09) Protoje ft Ky-Mani Marley -- Rasta Love - Don Corleon - (2wks@#1)

02 (03) (05) Tarrus Riley -- Shaka Zulu Pickney - Bombrush Records

03 (02) (12) Romain Virgo -- Taking You Home – Penthouse - (2wks@#1)

04 (05) (06) Etana -- People Talk - VP Records

05 (06) (04) Vybz Kartel -- Yea Though I Walk – Human Rights Production

06 (04) (11) Buju Banton -- Innocent - Gargamel Music - (peaked@#3)

07 (08) (02) Tony Rebel -- Love Soldier - Penthouse Records

08 (09) (02) Tiana -- Don’t Trust Dem - CashFlow Records

09 (07) (12) Queen I-frica -- In Times Like These - 2 Hard Music - (2wks@#1)

10 (NEW) (0) Laza Morgan feat. Mavado -- One by One - Elektra


1 Mr. Vegas, Shaggy & Josey Wales -- Sweet Jamaica - Clifford Ray Music

2 Sophia Squire -- Nature Calling - Tremor Maddanize/Bredrocmusic

3 Busy Signal - Life (Sticky Inna Earth - Good Good Productions (Zum)

4 Romain Virgo -- I Am Rich In Love - Lifetime Music

5 Colin Levy -- Lover's Holiday - Kings of Kings

Lyrics and mp3

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Chedda disassociates from J.O.P following Wah Wa incident

Cheddar_fader_magazine.jpgEmerging Dancehall artiste, Chedda claims he's not affiliated with Aidonia's J.O.P crew; the crew he's been associated with since he made his presence felt within the Dancehall industry in 2009.

This claim comes days after the infamous incident involving members of Aidonia's entourage and popular ZIP FM's, ZJ Wah Wa; resulting in Wah Wa being assaulted and beaten with a bottle and leaving him with 12 stitches in the head. Chedda has received mass criticism from fans and was even tied to the altercation that took place on Friday night at the QUAD nightclub in New Kingston. Chedda addressed the claims and rumors; intimating that he has no affiliation with Aidonia's crew. "I am not a member of J.O.P, though I have a mutual respect for them. I am my own individual artiste and have been operating in that context since officially signing with my label Darkcide International. It's very unfortunate what occurred and hope that there can be an amicable resolve to the matter," Chedda stated via press release.

Additionally, Chedda condemned the incident; wishing ZJ Wah Wa a speedy recovery and urging Dancehall artistes to stop resorting to extreme physical mean to resolve their issues. "Violence is something that should never be condoned in any form and so I implore my fellow coworkers and the general public to explore other avenues to resolve their disputes," Chedda implored.

Lyrics and mp3

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Saine looking to make a crazy impact on Reggae music's stage

saine_singer_rapley_jamaica.jpgReggae music has lost some luster due to the rise of Dancehall music and few young Reggae artists have emerged in recent times. However, one young starlet is aiming to change that perception; proving the future of Reggae music is in good hands.

Saine Rapley, a 19 year old female singer is already showcasing her potential as a breakthrough artist within the Reggae genre. The Clarendon born starlet long aspired towards being a singing sensation from a very young age; performing at church functions and graduations where she'd display her talents for large audiences. Saine also has had a good taste for interests as she loves to play her guitars.

The former Queens High School student began recording material in 2009 and the following year, released her debut single featuring Omigent, entitled "Ride or Die Chick." Fast forward to 2011 and Saine has found herself in a career-rejuvenating scenario; becoming the first lady of Aidonia's Jag One Productions (J.O.P) crew. Since forming that Alliance, Saine has quickly emerged as a strong presence with the Reggae ranks, releasing singles such as "Love of My Life," as well as "Nothing Come Easy," which was done on Weapon X International's Realization Riddim and released in June. She also release the soothing single, "One More Time," was unveiled two weeks ago on Weapon X International's Recess Riddim.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 25, 2011

Sizzla Kalonji Is In Serious But Stable Condition After Bike Crash Wednesday Evening

sizzla_reggae.jpgThe family of Miguel Collins and staff of Kalonji Muzik would like to thank everyone for praying for Sizzla Kalonji and sending him positive energy. Collins was hit by a bus overtaking his motorcycle in St. Ann's Bay, Wednesday evening. Currently, he is in serious but stable condition. However, the driver of the bus ceased to stop after the accident.

Immediately after the accident, Sizzla was taken to St. Ann’s Bay Hospital where Doctor’s and staff worked diligently to ensure his stability. The hospital was packed like a stage show with friends and fans concerned about his health. He received several broken bones and internal bleeding from a ruptured liver, which contributed to him being airlifted to an undisclosed hospital in Kingston early this morning.

As strong and resilient as his messages, we look forward to seeing him on a powerful journey towards healing. He is surrounded by lots of love from his family and friends. The family is asking for the fans to give Sizzla a few days to recover, therefore the hospital that he is located at will not be disclosed. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. The family is pleased with the outpour of love that has been coming from all over the island and internationally.

Lyrics and mp3

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I-Octane Blazing A Trail In Japan

i-octane-japan-tour-reggae.jpgIf reggae supper star I-Octane had any doubts about his reception in Japan they were effectively dispelled by the overwhelming reception he got after he took centrestage there.

“It was amazing! To see the fans responding with wild abandon at my songs was almost like a replay of dancehall night at Reggae Sumfest,” I-Octane said about his performance. So far he has set a blistering trail with the three shows he has already done, the first being Reggae Breeze at Utsumi Beach in Nagoya on August 20th where over 5,000 people attended.
Club Star Nite in Chiba City and Kyoto Club in Kyoto City followed on August 21 and 23 respectively.

“Everything is going great with every performance I am feeding on the love and energy from the dancehall-loving fans here in Japan,” the singjay said, adding that he is having a great time representing with songs such as Mama you alone, No Love Inna Dem, Puff It, Lose A Friend and his biggest song in Japan, My Life.

Lyrics and mp3

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Mavado turns Guyana into "Gullyana"

mavado_Guyana_concert_caribbean_dancehall.jpgGully Gad Mavado caused musical mayhem last Friday night in Guyana, which many have now come to re-name "Gullyana." Jamzone 2011, held inside the National Stadium, was packed with a sea of people all who came to see Mavado represent.

"Its the biggest turnout of any show I've ever seen in Guyana," said the promoters of the event. "After Kartel ran off the planet it was left for Mavado to carry the event by himself. 40,000 people turned out to see the Gully Gad and he gave them a spectacular performance. It was history."

Originally the event was to be historic for another reason - it was going to be the first time in the Caribbean outside Jamaica that Mavado and Vybz Kartel were to perform on the same bill as headliners. Promoters had worked tirelessly to make it happen but despite Kartel's absence the show was a huge success.

Several Guyanese artists, including Natural Black, warmed up the stadium but when the MC entered the stage to introduce Mavado and urged the tens of thousands of patrons that it is time for all Guyana to go Gully as the "Gaza had abandoned and disrespected the people," the crowd went into a frenzy.

Lyrics and mp3

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Sean Paul cuts ties with long-time manager

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae artiste, Sean Paul has split from long-time manager, Jeremy Harding following a 15 year business partnership.

sean_paul_jereny_harding_split.jpgHarding and the Grammy Winning deejay have worked together since 1996 when Sean Paul launched his breakthrough single, "Baby Girl," via Harding's label, 2 Hard Records. Other hit singles such as "Hackle Mi" and "Infiltrate," were released via Harding's label; establishing Sean Paul as one of the biggest, rising stars within Dancehall music during the late 90s and early 2000s. Furthermore, Harding managed Sean Paul's four previous studio albums, including his debut album "Stage One," in 2000 as well as his Grammy Award Winning album, "Dutty Rock" in 2002, "The Trinity" in 2005 and most recently, "Imperial Blaze" in 2009.

Headline Entertainment, representatives for Sean Paul, confirmed the split; intimating that Sean will now be managed by David Sonenberg, founder of the music management label DAS Communications. Amongst Sonenberg's clients include legendary Reggae musician, Jimmy Cliff, legendary and hip-hop songstress, Lauryn Hill amongst countless others.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 24, 2011

Aidonia denies involvement in ZJ Wah Wa beating, claims the disc jock instigated the incident

By Marc Parc Writer

aidonnia_canada_tour.jpgProminent Dancehall deejay, Sheldon "Aidonia" Lawrence has strongly denied any involvement in an altercation that took place on Friday night between ZIP FM disc jock, ZJ Wah Wa and members of Aidonia's entourage.

The incident took place in the VIP parking lot at the popular QUAD nightclub in New Kingston following ZJ Wah Wa's set inside the club. Reportedly, an argument ensued between Wah Wa and men affiliated with the J.O.P leader; dragging out into the parking lot. The men allegedly blocked the disc jock's car as he attempted to leave the area; intensifying the argument. Two of the men then emerged from their cars; assaulting Wah Wa and busting his head open with a bottle. Wah Wa was later taken to the St. Andrew's Memorial Hospital where he received 2 stitches to his head.

Following Wah Wa's recollection of the incident which he gave Monday night, Aidonia retorted; suggesting that the ZIP FM disc jock instigated the ensuing events by hurling insults at the men. Additionally, Aidonia claims that Wah Wa started a fight with the men once the argument escalated and once he realized the fight was too big for him to take on, he looked to Aidonia for help but the deejay didn't want to get involved given that he doesn't want any involvement with negativity

Lyrics and mp3

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Before They Were Stars with D'Angel

By Marc Parc Writer

d_angel_before_there_were_stars.jpgPrior to being known as the "Angelic" presence that graces Dancehall circles in present life, Michelle "D'Angel" Downer has overcame her share of demons to escalate towards becoming one of the best female deejays of the 21st century. From a young age, D'Angel was bound to spread her wings and become a superstar but, at first, it wasn't music where she first gained noteworthy, mainstream buzz.

Born and raised in Spanish Town, St Catherine, Downer was destined to become a stage performer. She developed an affinity for singing during her pre-teen days; performing for friends and family before showcasing her musical talents on wider scales at school parties and concerts.

However, Downer's interests soon changed as she aspired to become a well-renowned model. In the early 90s, Downer began to strut her stuff for runways locally and overseas while doing photo shoots; most notably for hip-hop superstar, Jay-Z's Roc-A-Wear clothing line. Such a lifestyle of glitz and glamour seemed to do Downer well and she soon launched her own clothing store; unveiling her unisex boutique, "D'Angel's" in 2002.

Lyrics and mp3

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Denno Releases Tribute To Joel Chin

denno_tribute_joel_chin_vp.jpgRising reggae artiste Denno was hit by the news that his mentor Joel Chin, A&R for VP Records was killed recently. Chin's death has impacted the newcomer, that he has recorded a song in tribute to him.

In a release to the media, Denno explained his reasons for recording the piercing and heartfelt song Gone too Soon. "Joel was a big part of the music industry and even though I met him twice, we kept in touch by telephone. He gave me a lot of encouragement as a young artiste in the business and he was always positive and jovial", said Denno.

The song Gone too Soon was produced by Master One Productions. Early response to the song has been quite positive. After being uploaded to youtube on August 18, the song has generated 2000 views in just two days.

"The tragic circumstances in which Joel died has hit the industry like a ton of bricks and it has affected a lot of people. He contributed a lot to the reggae music industry and his track record cannot be ignored", Denno explained.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 23, 2011

Tiana's remix of Popcaan song gets "Ravin" reviews


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PR Entertainment Jamaica: The "Princess of Dancehall," Tiana has dominated the web and the streets with her latest single dubbed, "Pum Pum Phat," a remix of Popcaan's summer hit, "Raving." Since the song and accompanying video's debut this past Saturday, "Pum Pum Phat" has been well-received within the Dancehall framework; appearing on over 50 YouTube Channels, earning tens of thousands of YouTube views and becoming the topic of conversation on various blogs and Dancehall forums worldwide.

Tiana's latest effort is a hardcore, no holds barred display of lyrical clarity; turning heads with her lines such as, "Mi pum pum phat, more fluffy from back..bwoy, come mek mi squeeze up yuh c**k, Well versatile guh pon mi head top, mi wi jiggle up mi body and bruk off yuh c**k.” The chorus of Tiana's new single also paints a vivid image in the minds of countless, male Dancehall observers as she sings, "A bare hot f*** inna di cabin, eh bwoy come sen on di stabbing, like a spider, di ceiling mi crawl in, hot f*** till a mawnin. Afta di f**k a str8 tearing, mi wi done yuh bank book an yuh savings, never yet f**k a man weh nuh sharing, tell di truth, not swearin."

According to Tiana, "There will be no radio version for this song, Pum Pum Phat is just for the streets and the dancehall sessions...A lot of radio jocks have been begging for me to do the radio version but I think it would be better if they play my recent releases such as Gyal Mi Love You ft Konshens, You Mi Want ft Darrio, Haffi Mek It, Highest Grade Song and a lot more that's readily acceptable for airplay."

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Khago becomes newest artiste to be managed by Corey Todd

By Marc Parc Writer

khago_blood_boil_uk.jpgUp-and-coming Dancehall-Reggae star, Ricardo Gayle, more popularly known as Khago, has put pen to paper on a management deal with American businessman, Corey Todd just a week after firing long-time manager, Paul "Bankey" Giscombe.

According to a source close to Todd...Khago and Todd had a closed door meeting late last week talking about the possibility of a joint venture. The meeting concluded with Khago signing a contract with Vybz Kartel's former business partner; resulting in Todd becoming the "Nah Sell Out" singjay's new manager.

Furthermore, the source explained that as terms of Khago's new deal, he will be one of the faces on Todd's new "Yaad Stout" drink that will stock local store shelves later this week; hinting that Todd believes Khago has unlimited marketing potential. Khago joins J.O.P deejay, Aidonia and self-professed "King of the Dancehall," Beenie Man as acts that have joined forces with Todd for promotional purposes; endorsing the Yaad Swag and Stout drinks respectively.

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ZJ Wah Wa attacked by J.O.P Members?

By Marc Parc Writer

djwah-wa-zip.jpgWell-renowned ZIP FM disc jock, ZJ Wah Wa was assaulted during an incident outside the QUAD nightclub in New Kingston this past Friday night; allegedly by entourage members of J.O.P deejay, Aidonia.

Wah Wa, who's known for playing Aidonia and J.O.P artistes' songs on a regular basis, had just completed his set inside of the club before being approached by members of Aidonia's entourage. According to eyewitness accounts, members of Aidonia's entourage then approached to Wah Wa and an argument ensued. The entourage members followed Wah Wa to his vehicle at QUAD's VIP parking lot where they surrounded his vehicle as he attempted to leave. Words were again exchanged and two members from Aidonia's entourage emerged from their vehicles; attacking Wah Wa and beating him in the head with a bottle; busting his head open. Reportedly, two passers-by, who saw Wah Wa being attacked came to the disc jock's aid; helping Wah Wa to go back in the club to recover from the attack

Wah Wa's management team later confirmed the incident; explaining that the ZIP FM disc jock was treated at the St. Andrew's Memorial Hospital in Kingston; receiving 12 stitches to the head. On Monday night, audio was released of Wah Wa discussing the incident; suggesting the altercation could have taken place as a result of him playing songs from Aidonia's rival, Vybz Kartel. Aidonia's road manager and brother, Lav denied that the J.O.P front man neither sent the men nor confirmed that he was even there.

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Brick and Lace still in Love with the Music

brick_and_lace_female_reggae_dancehall_group.jpgKingston, Jamaica: Always working, sometimes under the radar but never off the radar, Jamaican international recording artistes, Brick & Lace, have resurfaced to the delight of their fans in their homeland and internationally. After months on hiatus to regroup and diversify their musical interests, Brick & Lace, are now debuting their latest video, “In Love with the Music”, produced by top French DJ’s, Golden Crew.

The creative chemistry between the ladies and these talented music spinners is golden indeed and has generated this up tempo, Euro Dance / Reggae infused single which is currently getting heavy rotation on Trace TV, MT and Africa at large via South Africa’s Channel O. Brick & Lace, comprised of sisters Nyanda and Nailah Thorbourne, are also talented songwriters who compose all their own music. This skill set has been strengthened since teaming up with their sisters, Tasha and Candace to form the songwriting company, Bloodline.

Also strong writers, Tasha is a foundation member of Brick & Lace and Candace, the youngest sister, a vocalist herself, bring their own dynamism to the venture. Bloodline celebrated its first major placement with “Say Yes”, a favorite single on “Killer Love”, the latest album for Nicole Scherzinger, form lead singer of Pussy Cat Dolls. Working on their own music as Brick & Lace, the Bloodline team has been working steadily for placements of their music for hits with other artistes. As a first for the sisters, Bloodline has recorded their soon-to-be released single, “This Time”.

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August 22, 2011

Scenes From French Kut Saturdayz

The First 30 ladies to call (876 381 3874) will be added to the VIP GUESS list for this Coming French Kut Saturdayz



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Corey Todd due in court Tuesday to answer assault charge

By Marc Parc Writer

corey_todd_bill_cosby_club_riddim.jpgPopular American businessman and Vybz Kartel's former business associate, Corey Todd will appear in court on Tuesday to answer an assault charge stemming from an incident Stone Love selector, Bill Cosby earlier this month.

Todd reportedly received a summons to appear in Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court this past to answer the charge relating from an altercation with between the two men inside Club Riddim.

The incident occurred while Cosby was juggling during the weekly Club Riddim event, Swag Tuesdays. During Cosby's set, he played a series of Vybz Kartel songs including a song by "Di Teacha" that allegedly takes lyrical shots at Todd. In an attempt to dissuade Cosby from playing the song, Todd initially dropped a cup then a banner on the Stone Love disc jock's head to gain his attention. After ignoring Todd attempts, Cosby claims that Todd approached him with a box full of CDs; throwing them at Cosby who knocked away the box. The disc jock intimated that he was injured in the industry.

Todd later confirmed that altercation taking place and that he did indeed drop a banner on Cosby's head but insisted that the altercation was far from physical. Nevertheless, Todd said that the Kartel diss song towards him sparked the incident and insisted that no Kartel diss songs or any diss songs in general should be played at any Club Riddim event.

Todd is the former business partner of Vybz Kartel, who he severed ties with after alleging the "Dancehall Hero" made threats on his life.

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August 20, 2011

Ninja Man knocked out cold in prison

By Marc Parc Writer

ninja-man-prison-bars.jpgEmbattled, legendary Dancehall deejay, Desmond John Ballentine, more popularly known as Ninja Man was reportedly knocked unconscious by a fellow inmate in a recent incident at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre in Kingston.

Ninja Man has spent the last two years in the prison facility as he awaits his long-delayed murder trial, stemming from a March 2009 incident in which he, his 20 year old son, Janiel and two other men are alleged to have been involved in the shooting death of 20 year old, Richard Johnson.

This most recent incident involving the self-proclaimed, "Don Gorgon," occurred on August 3rd as Ninja Man was walking back to his prison cell. Allegedly, on his way to the cell, Ninja was hit by a stone in the head. The stone was hidden in a sock but did enough damage to knock the "Border Clash" deejay out cold.

The accused inmate has since been charged with unlawful wounding and he, along with Ninja Man are expected back in court on Monday. A police investigation is ongoing regarding the matter.

Ninja's murder trial was supposed to take place in late June; just two days after a benefit concert that took place at Jamworld in Portmore, St. Catherine that was dedicated towards covering Ninja’s legal fees. However, the trial has once again been pushed back until November 28th after the judge in the case intimated that the matter should have been on the mention and not the trial list. Along with the murder charge, Ninja Man will answer to counts of conspiracy to murder, shooting with intent and illegal possession of a firearm charges in the case.

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Aidonia becomes focal point of ad campaign for Corey Todd - Yaad Stout

By Marc Parc Writer


Prominent American businessman, Corey Todd is once again venturing within the liquor industry as he prepares to unveil his latest product, Yaad Stout to the public. The new drink will debut only two month after Todd debuted his "Yaad Swag" rum brand; teaming with the "King of The Dancehall," Beenie Man to endorse the product through various media outlets.

Yaad Stout's marketing campaign will use Todd's newest business partner and Jag One Productions (J.O.P) leader, Aidonia who inked a management deal with the American entrepreneur last month. Aidonia recently sampled the brand; insisting Yaad Stout is a quality product with a sufficiently satisfying taste.

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August 19, 2011

T.O.K still on top in over 10years!!!



Dancehall group T.O.K emerged on the scene in 1999 with a different sound, look & style which captivated the Jamaican fans and earned them three number 1 singles, "Hardcore luva" ft Lady Saw and produced by Richard Browne, "Whoa" produced by Danny Browne & "Eagle's Cry" produced by Dave Kellly which immediately became Dancehall anthems. T.O.K gained other local hits like: "Hands In The Air", Hold on" , "All I Really Want" and "Ginseng" but in late 2000 early 2001 they became a worldwide phenomenon with the release of one of their biggest billboard singles "Chi Chi Man" produced by Tony Kelly which made them the first Dancehall act to grace the stage on Bet's 106 & Park and the only Dancehall group to gain popularity at this international level .With this new found glory they continued to bring hits like: "Fire Fire", "Shake yuh Bam Bam"," Fire haffi bun", " Man a Badman" ft Bounty Killa & "Yuh a murda" which cemented their title as Dancehall's/ Reggae's greatest group and took them to new horizons.

In 2003 with no record label strength they hit the billboard charts once again with "Gal u a lead", "Money to burn", "She's hot", " Solid as a rock" and "Galang gal" which were major hits locally and internationally and in 2005 they released another smash hit produced by Don Carleon entitled "Footprints" which was a dedication to Alex's younger brother who was killed by gun violence that year. T.O.K became even stronger after their loss by adding more reggae to their catalog and along with their dancehall single "Hey ladies" they dropped other reggae hits which includes "Tears," & "Marijuana".

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Tarrus Riley Thrills On Recent European Tour


Reggae artiste Tarrus Riley and his Blak Soil band recently put the lid on a successful European tour. The tour was the artiste's third annual jaunt and he aptly described the outing as phenomenal.

In a release to the media, Riley recalled the stand out moments and the excitement from the fans which greeted his party at each performance.

Said Riley "The tour was great. We performed at some new venues as well as some really interesting festivals. The highlight for me though were the shows that we did in Germany. We received an overwhelming response from the crowd".

The four week jaunt snaked its way through countries including Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and Holland.

One of the major festivals that Riley performed at was the Roskilde Festival in Germany which attracted a reported 100,000 fans.

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The Smirnoff Co. Partners With Madonna For The World's Biggest NightLife Exchange In 50 Countries

World’s No. 1 Female Artist Joins the World’s No. 1 Vodka in Search for the Most Original Nightlife in the Universe

madonna_smirnoff_experience.jpgThe Smirnoff Co. today launches the next Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project with the audacious goal of getting 10 million people to discover, share and swap the most original nightlife experiences in 50 countries. The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project is an ambitious attempt to discover the world’s most unique and interesting nightlife, culminating in one-of-a-kind experiences on the same night all over the world. This year, Madonna joins the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project to find the best dancer to join her next tour.

Revellers worldwide are invited to co-create and participate in the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project by contributing ideas on what makes their local nightlife distinct in the categories of drinks, dance, fashion, music, places, and more creating a nightlife cocktail of unique events. The most inspiring suggestions from each region will be captured online and then exchanged with another country in November. By participating online, fans will have the chance to win a place at one of the global events or experience another country’s party at a Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project event in their own city. Go to to find out more.

One of the consistent aspects in nightlife culture around the world is the importance of dance. As well as submitting ideas on what makes their country’s nightlife special, fans can enter an exclusive dance competition online. Madonna will attend one of the selected Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project experiences where finalists will compete in front of her for the winning spot. The winner may get the opportunity to join Madonna on her next tour as one of her dancers.

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Exclusive: Silky Smooth Medley Video - Stacious - Jehvauri - Sidra - Russell Diamond & Sashi Lamont

Lyrics and mp3

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August 18, 2011

VP Records producer, Joel Chin shot & killed in front of home

By Marc Parc Writer

joel_chin_dead_shot_killed_vp_records.jpgThe Dancehall/Reggae fraternity is in mourning following the news the VP Records producer, Joel Chin was murdered in front of his Stony Hill, St Andrew home on Tuesday night. Reportedly, Chin was surrounded by gunmen as he exited his vehicle in front of his home and shot several times by the men. He was later taken to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. He was just 35 years old and is survived Joel is survived by his mother Juliette, his father Clive, his newborn daughter, two brothers, and three sisters.

Chin is the grandson of VP Records founder, Vincent Chin and nephew of the New York based label's owners, Chris and Randy Chin. Following in his family's lineage, Joel became heavily involved within the Jamaican music industry in the 1990s; helping to launch the careers of many Dancehall/Reggae heavyweights such as T.O.K, Wayne Wonder, Sean Paul, Sizzla, Etana and several others. He also was instrumental in the annual Reggae Gold album series by VP Records which is a compilation of the year's biggest, chart-topping Dancehall/Reggae singles.

Chin's greatest achievement as a producer was during his time with Sean Paul; working on Sean's debut album, Dutty Rock that later sold over 7 million copies worldwide. Two years ago, Joel returned to Jamaica; opting to focus more on the local music scene & developing young talent within the Jamaican music industry. During the last two years, Joel wrote hit singles for the aforementioned Etana as well as the "Energy God," Elephant Man and many other artistes.

Funeral arrangements for Chin will be announced at a later date.

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Zamunda Ready to take over the UK

zamunda_reggae_jamaica.jpgUpcoming reggae superstar Zamunda is finally on the verge of stardom since his Badda Dan Dem combination with I Octane hit #1 on reggae-dancehall charts all over the world.

The Badda Dan Dem singer will be heading to England for three shows next month. The first show will be held on September 29th, with two others in early October.

This will be his third trip to the UK since the start of the year.

"Right now, mi ah look forward to England and it will be a mad ting. I am returning to England, the third time from the year start so it shows that the music is connecting over Europe. When I return to Jamaica, it will be time to hit the road again as I have a show in Trinidad, but after that, I will be taking a break so that I can focus on finishing my One People album," he said in a release.

In June, he did four shows in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester.

Zamunda's extremely powerful and uniquely soulful lyrical stylings has been winning over a new generation of reggae fans. Known for such wonderful reggae gems as Jah Love Surround Me, Cyaan Programme Me produced by Courtney Mcintosh, and Science Dem A Work, but he is only now getting the recognition he yearned for.

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Stylysh scores radio hit with Mean Man

stylysh_dancehall_snow_cone.jpgJahsnowcone recording artiste Stylish is about to flip the local dancehall industry on its head with her high-energy swashbuckling deejay style. Ask anyone who has met her and they will tell you that this 22 year-old ghetto sex bomb projects the threat that she can derail anything and anybody in her path.

"People think my voice is brawling and intimidating but that is just my onstage persona, Stylish off stage and off camera is laid back but when yu see me on the stage, yu better watch out," she said in a release.

Stylish has been getting major props for her breakout radio hit, Mean Man, which has been in heavy rotation on HITZ, ZIP and IRIE FM.

"The song ah go hard, trust me, everywhere mi go, people shout out 'mean man', and mi glad dem undastand, mi caan tek a mean man, mi will work wid a bruk man because we're in a recession, but mi definitely have a problem wid the mean man dem," she said.

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Vegas Gets Rave Reviews on European tour

mr_vegas_black_and_proud.jpgInternational recording artiste Vegas has had a very successful European tour so far in August. The Heads High singer has performed in countries such as Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Poland, and Finland in the past few weeks. During the next week, he will be doing gigs in Spain and Switzerland.

"I am sharing the stage with Capleton, Sean Paul, Stephen Marley, Sly and Robbie and a number of great European artistes, the feedback has been great so far in the newspapers and the radio stations here in Europe," Vegas said in a release.

The tour ends on August 23rd.

In the meantime, Vegas has also been getting rave reviews in the dancehall for his provocative and risque single, Bruck It Down. Another standout song is the thought-provoking single "Certain Law" on the recently released Barbwire Riddim. The track opens with horns from Harry Toddler's classic single, "Bad Man Nuh Dress Like Gir" showing that Mr. Vegas is a real student of the history of dancehall culture. He goes on to address certain worrying fashion and social trends regarding masculinity that have stirred controversy within the dancehall community.

"Vegas is going to release two videos this week for the Bruck It Down and Certain Law singles. One was directed by Jay Wil, the other by Jay Jay of Terminal 4 Media so we're going full force for the rest of the Summer...the girls in the dance love the Bruck It Off Down and the selectors dem a work wid it," Q45, Vegas' manager, said in a release.

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August 17, 2011

Before they were stars with Wayne Marshall

By Marc Parc Writer


Internationally renowned Dancehall singjay, Wayne Mitchell aka Wayne Marshall has proven to be one of the genre's most consistent and multi-talented artistes since emerging on the Dancehall scene in the early 2000s. The veteran Alliance artiste has truly worked his way towards becoming one of Dancehall's elite acts and his creativity & versatility can be traced back to a very young age.

Entrenched within the vintage, Reggae-heavy sounds of the 80s whilst living in an uptown community, Marshall immediately developed an affinity for music; desiring to become an artiste despite his parent's wishes for Wayne becoming a pilot or doctor. During his teenage years, Marshall was introduced to the confines of the legendary Kings Jammy's studio in Waterhouse, St. Andrew. Marshall's regular trips to the famous studio helped him to get up to speed with the creative process of music & gave him the dedication towards becoming a complete product as an artiste.

During his days at Wolmer's Boys' School, Marshall would often mimic his favourite deejay & icon, Rodney "Bounty Killer" Price. Despite Marshall's singing prowess, Wayne was known to mimic Bounty Killer during his high school days & Bounty's songs inspired Marshall to write music & discover his own talents. With the help of a well-renowned voice trainer, Marshall perfected his vocals & soon linked with prominent Dancehall producers, Ward 21 where Marshall would record his first official single on the "Bada Bada Riddim." However, the buzz surrounding Marshall would soon land him his big break as Bounty Killer took notice of his talents and the duo recorded the hit single, "Smoke Clears," on the Trilogy Riddim in 2001.

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Dancehall Artiste Beenie Man To Receive Proclamation From New York City

New York: Bobby Clarke, CEO of Irie Jam Radio disclosed that The Doctor Beenieman, the musical genius behind such classics as "Matie," "Slam," "Romie," "Old Dog," "Dancehall Queen," "Who Am I," "Girls Dem Sugar" (featuring Mýa), "Dude," "King of the Dancehall" and "Back It Up" will be presented with a proclamation from US Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans), for over three decades of outstanding contribution to the reggae industry. The official presentation will take place at the inaugural Reggae Rhythm & Blues Concert slated for Roy Wilkins Park in Queens, New York on Labor Day Sunday, September 4, 2011.

beenie_man_baby_face_mavado_machell_mantano_tarrus_riley.jpg"Beenieman has an impressive catalogue of timeless hit songs. He is a celebrated dancehall recorder, a seasoned performer and is worth of this very important United States recognition, especially since he has just received his visa and can travel freely to the USA," Clarke said.

Beenieman (aka Moses Davis), who was born in Waterhouse, Jamaica started his career as a youngster. He garnered his first real break on the international scene in 1997 with the hit single “Who Am I” that was a staple on Hot 97 radio in New York and earned multiple spins on urban stations across the USA. The single quickly went Gold and opened the door for Beenieman to grace the pages of Newsweek and other major media outlets. His album on Virgin Records, 'ART & LIFE' was certified Goldand won him an all important Grammy award for ‘Reggae Album’ of the Year in 2001. His international star power was further cemented when Janet Jackson, the Neptunes and Lil' Kim all turned up as guests on his 2002 album Tropical Storm. He has since released a number of big hits in Jamaica and delivered many stellar performances including a crowning performance at Sumfest 2010.

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Are Gospel Reggae Artists Sounding Too Secular?

For years there has been a debate over whether or not these nowadays gospel artists are sounding too much like secular ones. For some reason, this debate has intensified recently as Bonitto Hassock releases a Dennis Brown cover track, "Without Your Love", and Ryan Mark locks his hair.

Some persons within the gospel community are of the belief that what today's gospel artists do and how they do it is irrelevant as long as they win souls for Christ. While others think that it is imperative that they uphold the tradition, sound and style laid out by gospel artists of yesterday.

In speaking with Bonitto Hassock, he said he enjoys redoing older songs whether they are lover’s rock or soul music. And regardless what the public has to say he plans on releasing more cover tracks. That being said, he was very clear about his love for Christ and his desire to sing gospel, he just does not plan to limit himself.

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August 16, 2011

Popcaan, JahVinci, Khago, Chan Dizzy & Patexx...Upcoming male artistes spark hope for Dancehall's future

By Marc Parc Writer

With some of Dancehall's prized veterans such as Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartelentering the latter stages of their storied careers, many Dancehall observers are eager to find out which young upstarts are ready to carry the genre's torch going forward. In 2011, five emerging male acts are poised for major breakthroughs within the Dancehall industry; sparking hopes for Dancehall's evolution.
One such artiste is a prized protégé of the aforementioned Vybz Kartel. At just 18 years old, Popcaan debuted on the Dancehall scene with his single, "My War," on the Fight Fi War Riddim in March 2009. Popcaan gained clout within the industry & brought along a unique, juvenile sounding voice that made him a standout within the group. The deejay's big break came early in 2010 when he featured on the internationally acclaimed single, "Clarks," alongside Kartel and then new recruit, Gaza Slim. "A weh yuh get dem new Clarks deh dawdie," became one of 2010's regularly used catch phrases & Popcaan's confidence as a solo act grew as a result. Hit singles such as "Gangster City" and "Dream" went on to do well on the charts & showed a more versatile side of the Portmore Empire deejay. Another hit collaboration alongside the "Dancehall Hero," entitled "Hot Grabba," also gained Popcaan recognition internationally. Fast forward to 2011 and, despite many departures from the Portmore Empire, Popcaan has helped carry the banner for the "Gaza" group; unveiling hit tracks such as "Gangster City Part 2," and "Middle Day." However, Popcaan once again earned a breakthrough with the release of the summer smash hit, "Ravin." The single's become one of the most talked about songs for the season & has made Popcaan a hot property within the industry. With Vybz Kartel's tutelage & a growing following, the Portmore Empire is one of Dancehall's most intriguing acts to watch going forward.

One of Kartel's former protégés is another up-and-coming superstar within the Dancehall fraternity. Ex Portmore Empire singjay, JahVinci enjoyed a flurry of success with the Gaza camp; winning the hearts & support of many fans with the street anthem, "Watch Yuh Frenz," along with the pulsating Reggae track, "Baby Girl I'm Alone," in 2009. His
various talents were evident from the get go; adapting well to Reggae & Dancehall sounds
& producing a slew of hit singles along the way whilst with the Empire including "Guide
Me," "Mama Don't Cry," "Money,"
& "Remedy." Such singles gained JahVinci a lot of buzz; proving his worth as one of Dancehall-Reggae's biggest prospects. However, performing opportunities & noteworthy singles slowly declined regarding Jahvinci over the last year; causing he & Kartel to reach an impasse and JahVinci to leave the Empire this past May. Since leaving his mentor, JahVinci has enjoyed a career rebirth; particularly with the summer hit, "In My Life." The heartfelt single won him many morel legions of fans & chart accolades along the way. Performance opportunities have also increased since his departure; culminating in a successful performance at Reggae Sumfest 2011. Other singles such as "Wah Fi See Mi Fall," "I Love You," and the recently released "Nuh Trust Fren," have not only proved Jahvinci can make it without Kartel, he's poised to become one of Dancehall's biggest superstars in future.

Lyrics and mp3

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Alty-B making waves internationally with "Splice" song

alty-b-splice-jamaican.jpgUp-and-coming Jamaican deejay, Altiman Grason, more popularly known as "Alty-B" is making his move on the Dancehall scene with a song promoting one of the hottest dance moves in Jamaica, "Splice."

"Splice," is the latest project from Alty-B, a former Jamaica College student who grew up in the inner-city area of Drewsland in Waterhouse, St. Andrew alongside his grandmother & witnessed many hardships during his time in the area. Alty-B then left the island in 2003 for Canada in an effort to pursue his dream of becoming a top record producer & make a better life for him & his family. Since arriving in Brampton, a suburb in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada, Alty-B has perfected his craft; a craft he claims chose him. "Music has always been a calling, but mi neva know how fi mek it happen," Alty-B intimates.

Alty-B has recorded a slew of singles including a counteraction to Jamaican-American hip- hop act, Sean Kingston's smash hit, "Beautiful Girl" in 2007 as well as "Song For Mama" on the Abyss Riddim and "Want You" on the Gal Farm Riddim. Additionally, Alty-B's made his name performing in talents shows across Canada & also emerging as a presence on the GTA party scene.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 15, 2011

Dancehall/Reggae Artiste Khago Fires Manager

khago_blood_boil_uk.jpgDJ Khago has dissolved his managerial partnership with Paul ‘Bankey’ Giscombe and is advising the public that Giscombe is no longer authorized to conduct business on his behalf.

“I am the ultimate boss of my career so as of this date, August 14th, I will no longer be represented by Paul Giscombe as his mismanagement of my career has cost me millions in potential earnings and caused me a lot of stress,” Khago, whose real name is Ricardo Gayle, said.

Khago said that Bankey’s management style was dictatorial as he did not consult with him on most business and booking decisions that affected his career, and that Bankey famously sided with I Octane agaisnt him earlier this year during their long-running feud -- a move that branded him as the antagonist and a troublemaker.

“Him shelve mi career when him tek Octane side when the 'Blood a Boil' song just come out, and worse, him never even consult wid me before him go to the paper and say him no agree wid me doing that song. The manstall mi career because from January, mi hardly a get no show, ah just one month ago mi fly for the first time, months after mi have the Nah Sell Out Mi Friend Dem, the biggest song inna Jamaica fi 2010,” he said.

"Bankey turned down several shows for me, him cramp me career bad."

Lyrics and mp3

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Watch Chass Cross Interview - "Nuh Body Pon Di Gully Nuh Fraid A Dem"


Lyrics and mp3

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Prominent Dancehall disc jockeys defend right to play their own recordings on radio

Prominent Dancehall disc jockeys defend right to play their own recordings on radio
Well renowned Dancehall disc jockeys, Foota Hype & ZJ Liquid have strongly refuted accusations from prominent music video director, Ras Kassa & an executive director of the Broadcasting Commission that they are involved in any conflicts of interest by playing their own songs & Riddims on Jamaican radio stations.
Last week, Ras Kassa implied that too many DJs have been playing many of their own songs & Riddims on local radio stations to boost personal status. Furthermore, Kassa insisted that such self-promotion is causing local Radio & the Dancehall industry in general to lose credibility. Jamaica Broadcasting Commission executive director, Cordel Green shared similar sentiments; implying there was a conflict of interest issue involving disc jocks; claiming that playing their own material while doing sets for Radio stations was “connected content” and that radio stations need to monitor how their disc jocks promote their own material.

In response to their allegations, veteran Dancehall disc jock, Foota Hype denied that any conflict of interest is involved; intimating that once the music is fit for airplay disc jocks should be free to play their own recordings. Furthermore, Foota blamed radio stations; insisting that they were hypocrites given that don’t allow disc jocks enough time to play a variety of songs; diluting the quality of airplay in the process. As a solution, Foota called on members of the music fraternity to unite & ask for more airtime to increase the playing of local material from various acts on radio & at sessions also; building local exposure.

Lyrics and mp3

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Magano Ready To Take Reggae Music Into The Next Fifty Years

By Contributor


magano_female_reggae_artiste.jpgReggae singer Magano is purposefully making her way to the very pinnacle of musical success. This Shining Star - as her name means - radiates the passion she feels for reggae in every move she makes. And Magano, born Andrea Sawyers, has been making all the right moves.

Managed and produced by Le-G-Nae Records, this female singer is starting to attract a lot of attention owing to her musical accomplishments and the manner in which she is being positioned in today's music trends. Formerly a part of Coco Tea’s Roaring Lion outfit, Magano is appreciative of the opportunity she was given to hone her skills under the tutelage this reggae veteran. It was Coco Tea who wrote and produced her first single of note, I Am Leaving and, that song, was prophetic in its own way. It signified Magano leaving behind a life of obscurity as she readied herself for the inevitable spotlight.

It was on the cusp of the new millennium that Magano threw herself totally into music with her decision to work the arduous cabaret circuit. She was exposed to a side of the music she had only heard about and Magano, a graduate of Vere Technical High School, was like a sponge, absorbing everything and enjoying the exposure.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 13, 2011

Clif-Twang's baby mother claims he hasn't paid child support

By Marc Parc Writer

Internationally renowned internet sensation, Clifton "Cliff-Twang" Brown is apparently not in good graces with his baby's mother who accuses the "entertainer" of not paying adequate child support for his children.

The center of the recently popular YouTube video, "Nobody Canna Cross It," was summoned to the Family Court last week by the Mavis Bank police following accusations by the mother of his children regarding lack of child maintenance. Brown has since been given bail until August 23rd when he will be expected back in court. Clif-Twang defended himself; out rightly denying the allegations and claims he has proof that he paid child support on a regular basis. He is expected to provide said evidence come his next court date.

Clif-Twang rose to prominence in Jamaican popular culture with his famous
sayings, "Nobody Canna Cross It," & "The Bus Can Swim," in a remix video of a TVJ interview he did whilst talking about the Mavis Bank Bridge & its problems dealing with flood rains. The video, done by former Ardenne & current UTECH student, Kevin "DJ Powa" Hamilton has over a million & a half hits on YouTube to its credit.

Initially displeased with the video, Clif-Twang has capitalized on his new found fame; signing an endorsement deal with LIME, appearing alongside Beenie Man at Reggae Sumfest 2011 & has done several interviews as well as jingles/dubs for various disc jocks. Brown was being managed by veteran Dancehall producer & Magnum Kings & Queens judge, Skatta Burrell & his label, Downsound Records who helped him broker some of those. However, Burrell announced on Friday that he's parted ways with Clif-Twang; claiming business hadn't fully gone according to plan & that he stopped doing business with Brown weeks ago.

Lyrics and mp3

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Delus: Best Foot Forward...The Artist Opened For Ne-Yo During ATI

delus_reggae_dancehall_sojah.jpgContinuing his solo quest, Triple 7 Entertainment recording artist, Delus, is forging with great speed and claiming his place in reggae music. With new singles Silent River, Get Away and Life heating up the airwaves, he continues to put his best foot forward. How?

On Saturday, July 30, 2011, Delus opened for singer, songwriter and producer, Ne-yo, at The Jungle Nightclub during the R&B singer's event "Rhythm in the Jungle." Delus was a part of the line-up that included Stratdon, Hezron, Voicemail, Beenie Man and Stacious. Karelle Elizabeth, Compound Island (Kingston) Event Coordinator remarks, "Delus did an excellent job despite issues with the sound. The patrons enjoyed his performance and whoever was unsure as to who Delus is, surely knows now. The performers were hand chosen out of many who wanted those slots. The line-up was a line-up I wanted people to pay attention to and remember, "Oh yeah! I saw them at Ne-yo's show. They are what's gonna happen next!"

A staunch supporter of giving back, Delus has devoted his time to support several outreach programs. One of which is the Konnecting Minds workshop. The summer outreach program focuses on exposing participants to various aspects of the business industry as well as providing guidance on selecting the best career choices after leaving high school. Delus received a certificate for participating in a creative workshop where the attendants asked him questions about the music industry, the obstacles that he faces and how he stays grounded. Delus was also asked to judge a skit that the students had been working on.

Lyrics and mp3

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Bay-C details ongoing issues within T.O.K

By Marc Parc Writer

bay_c_tok.jpgRoshaun "Bay-C" Clarke, member of the popular, veteran Dancehall group, T.O.K has outlined his views relating to the ongoing rift that's putting the group's future in danger.

Last month, fellow TOK member, Craig "Craigy T" Thompson revealed via Blackberry Broadcast message that he was taking a break from recording with TOK due to circumstances beyond his control. He later explained that creative differences were the focal point of the rising tension within the group.

Bay-C echoes Craigy T's sentiments; explaining in an interview with Tallawah Magazine these creative differences have been existent for some time now. Bay-C intimated that the level of frustration within the quartet was evident given the various ideas each member had for certain songs. Referring to the views Craigy T expressed earlier, Bay-C claimed that given the sharp contrast in ideas, one member might find another member's idea as detrimental towards the group's progress; sparking thoughts that the rest of the group are fighting out those ideas. Such compromising of views between the members has cause dissatisfaction within the group & a desire for creative freedom is what's frustrated group members, particularly Craigy T.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 12, 2011

G Whizz's Japan Album Tour "Who Jah Bless" July 2011 a success

Reggae, dancehall singer and song writer….that's the multi faceted Jamaican bred
artiste GWhizz.


Gwhizz left Jamaica on July 12, 2011 did an overnight show in Canada and arrived in Japan on July 14 and that's when we had his first experience with Japan's earthquake in "Ibaragiken" Japan.

Gwhizz said, "In our hotel room on the 9th floor, jah know me and John GQ (assistance manager) ran down the stairs when we reach outside everyone was looking normal doing their own thing I guess them use to it but no."

Gwhizz's first show was held at at "CLUB SIKI" Ibaragiken, Japan on July 15... Gwhizz said, "this show was amazing and surprising to see how a next culture love and appreciate my songs and respect me as a recording artiste. The turnout was good I like it."

The second show: "WEATHER KING" was held at Miyazakishi Japan, on July 16...the audience sang along with Gwhizz to all of his songs, word for word.

Lyrics and mp3

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I-Octane heads for Canada, set to tour Japan

i-octane_crying_to_the_nation_album_reggae.jpgKINGSTON JAMAICA - Fresh from his Independence Grand Gala performance at the National Stadium where he excited over 30,000 people who crammed the venue, I-Octane is now turning his attention to Canada where he is expected to do three shows before kicking off his mini tour of Japan.

The Lose A Friend singjay will kick off the first of three performances at Club Government in Toronto on August 12th, before heading to ED Lounge in Montreal and then his final performance stop in Canada will be in Calgary on August 14th.

Following his short stint in Canada, the red hot artiste will head for Japan where he is scheduled to do a 12-city tour from August 19th -September 5th. Among the stops I-Octane will be making are Tokyo, Nagoya, Chiba, Kyoto, Osaka and Yokohama.

"I am excited about these performances. I am really looking forward to pleasing my Japanese fans," said the artiste about his upcoming performances in that continent.

Lyrics and mp3

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August 11, 2011

Mavado back in court on September 29

By Marc Parc Writer


Internationally acclaimed Dancehall artiste, David "Mavado" Brooks appeared in the Montego Bay Resident's Magistrate Court on Wednesday; answering to charges of assault & malicious destruction of property stemming from an incident last month in the parish

The "Delilah" singer allegedly got into a heated confrontation with a 51 year old man after the man refused to allow space for the deejay and his entourage to pass along Belmont Road in St. James. An argument ensued & allegedly Mavado used his car to ram into the complainant's car; injuring the man's hand in the process. Furthermore, it's alleged members of Mavado's entourage emerged from the vehicle and attacked the man and his 17 year old son with a machete; leaving them with several injuries.

Mavado's lawyer, Martyn Thomas filed an application on Wednesday; asking that the case go to mediation instead of trial. However, presiding Resident Magistrate, Coralin Tie, postponed her decision on the application until a full medical report became available. Mavado was then ordered to re-appear in the Montego Bay courtroom on September 29th.

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Tiana Drops Video Directed At "Sexist Music Industry"



Rising dancehall act, Tiana claims she has been facing prejudice in the music industry. The artiste has made it clear in several recent interviews that female acts are not given a fair chance. Her belief has motivated her to shoot a new video for the track, "Haffi Mek It". The lyrics show Tiana's defiance and intention to press on with efforts in attaining respect for herself and fellow female artistes.

"Its time for the females to stand up, band together and ignore the obstacles. Patra, Lady Saw and Diana King have proven that once we are determined to kick the door down, they can"t stop us again", Tiana emotionally professes. The artiste claims a lot of female acts have not been admitting the serious challenges with getting airplay, once they jump the hurdle of being recorded on a male dominated riddim. The Producers wanting more than business is another everyday clash.

"Mi flow sicker than nuffer the male artiste", is one of the blows she throws in the new release. Tiana goes on to say that she has not been garnering much local support; overseas has shown more love and respect for the budding singer. Her track, "Gyal Mi Love You", which features Konshens has been getting great feedback outside of her home country, the song has debut on several music charts, yet it is completely absent from prominent play lists locally. According to Tiana this is not a first, her hit track "No Man Cant Talk Bad Bout Mi", was a club anthem included on countless mix tapes, with dub plate requests through the roof from overseas DJ's, contrary to a spark received on local soil.

Look out for the new video which is anticipated to hit screens soon.

Lyrics and mp3

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4 Weeks at #1 for Vybz Kartel's Dancehall Hero


Lyrics and mp3

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August 10, 2011

Exclusive: Dumplin & Butter Medley Video

Lyrics and mp3

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Before They Were Stars With Tifa

By Marc Parc Writer

Well renowned Dancehall deejay, Latifa Brown, more popularly known as Tifa has become one of the genre's flag bearers for female Dancehall artistes since she burst on the scene in the mid-2000s. However, her ascendancy towards becoming of Dancehall's top deejays required lots of hard work; defying the odds along the way.
Tifa's affinity for music developed from a young age; listening to & finding inspiration from legendary female artistes such as Patti Labelle & the "Queen of Soul," Aretha Franklin. Her extended family also had musical traits as her stepfather, Sampulae was a prominent Reggae producer who was instrumental in the rise of the "Queen of Dancehall," Lady Saw; motivating Tifa to become a Dancehall artiste.

Tifa's love for the performing arts was evident during her time attending Wolmer’s Prep; becoming a part of the school's dance troupe with which she won a gold medal in the 1994 festival competition. Additionally, Tifa was a member of the school's choir & drama club; establishing a well-rounded core that helped shape her into a complete performer at an early age. She later became a member of Ashe Caribbean Performing Arts Academy and Ensemble; an internationally acclaimed performing arts group based in Kingston with which she toured with regionally & across North America

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Rasta Love By Protoje ft K-mani Marley is the new #1 on The OutAroad Weekly Top Ten Reggae Chart

OutAroad Weekly Top Ten Reggae Chart



01 (02) (08) Protoje ft Ki-mani Marley -- Rasta Love - Don Corleon

02 (01) (11) Romain Virgo -- Taking You Home – Penthouse - (2wks@#1)

03 (04) (04) Tarrus Riley -- Shaka Zulu Pickney - Bombrush Records

04 (03) (10) Buju Banton -- Innocent - Gargamel Music - (peaked@#3)

05 (06) (05) Etana -- People Talk - VP Records

06 (07) (03) Vybz Kartel -- Yea Though I Walk – Human Rights Production

07 (05) (11) Queen I-frica -- In Times Like These - 2 Hard Music - (2wks@#1)

08 (09) (01) Tony Rebel -- Love Soldier - Penthouse Records

09 (10) (01) Tiana -- Don’t Trust Dem - CashFlow Records

10 (08) (10) Stevie Face -- Thank You For Loving Me - Penthouse - (peaked@#6)


1 Mr. Vegas, Shaggy & Josey Wales -- Sweet Jamaica - Clifford Ray Music

2 Sophia Squire -- Nature Calling - Tremor Maddanize/Bredrocmusic

3 Busy Signal - Life (Sticky Inna Earth - Good Good Productions (Zum)

4 Laza Morgan feat. Mavado -- One by One - Elektra

5 Colin Levy -- Lover's Holiday - Kings of Kings

Lyrics and mp3

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August 9, 2011

Aidonia performance in Ocho Rios ends prematurely following stabbing incident

By Marc Parc Writer

aidonia_stabbing_incident.jpgPopular Dancehall deejay, Sheldon Lawrence, more popularly known as Aidonia, had his performance during an event inside the Amnesia Nightclub in Ocho Rios end prematurely after a patron was stabbed during his set.

Aidonia was performing his set during the show, Ova Load on Friday night and things seemingly went according to plan. However, while Aidonia was on stage, an argument erupted regarding who was the better deejay: Aidonia or Vybz Kartel; involving members of Aidonia’s entourage. Reportedly, one patron was stabbed after he suggested that the self-proclaimed "World Boss" was the better of the two artistes. However, it is unknown who was responsible for the stabbing.

The victim was immediately rushed out of the venue; cutting short Aidonia's performance. The man is currently undergoing treatment at the St. Ann's Bay hospital for stab wounds.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Carlton Wilson who's Commanding Officer for the St. Ann Police Division confirmed the incident involving the patron & members of Aidonia's entourage. Police in the area are investigating the matter.

The rivalry involving Aidonia's J.O.P crew & Kartel's Portmore Empire has gained traction over the last year & intensified when the J.O.P leader publicly challenged Kartel to a lyrical clash this past January in an effort to settle their longstanding argument. However, Kartel
has yet to answer Aidonia's challenge or even acknowledge the "Bad People," deejay since he made that challenge. Last week, Aidonia he signed a management deal with Vybz Kartel's ex business partner & American entrepreneur, Corey Todd. Aidonia will be the center of a marketing campaign for new products that Todd will soon unveil.

Lyrics and mp3

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Rihanna Pays Her Stylist Over $1 Million a Year

Ursula Stephen is living the good life, thanks to her No. 1 client.

By Kimberly Walker


For the cost of one year’s in-state college tuition, Rihanna keeps her hair laid. According to a member of the singer’s entourage, Rih-Rih spends a whopping $22,400 a week to employ the services of super stylist Ursula Stephen.

The hair maven, who’s responsible for all of Rihanna’s trendsetting ‘dos, charges a daily retainer fee of $3,200. “She makes several public appearances a week, and the cost soon stacks up,” reveals the source to the UK’s Daily Mail. “Ursula is a close confidante and they are together all the time. You have to wonder why she insists on keeping such an expensive member of her entourage on the payroll 24/7. Most of these costs are paid for by her management.”

Rihanna just recently abandoned her infamous red tresses for brown, two-toned waves. Guess you really do have to pay the cost to be the boss.

Source: BET
(Photo: REUTERS/Brendan McDermid)

Lyrics and mp3

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MDTV Empowerment Session - Delus - Black Barbie - Sky & Barbee


The Jamaican Beauty Barbee, eye candy Delus and the Amazing Sky Nicole Grey were all celebrities that took part in the recently held MDTV Empowerment Session for the Miss Jamaica Caribbean Talented Teens contestants. The event was hosted by Black Barbie from New York City (Parti Fm) on Thursday August 4, 2011 at 4pm on the University of Technology grounds. The Contestants were surprised after thinking that they were only about to have a regular day of rehearsals. MDTV organizer Talisa Taylor started off by greeting the ladies and introducing Black Barbie who kicked the session off.

The Beautiful Jamaican Barbee was first up and was greeted greatly by the ladies; she was the highlight of the evening. She spoke of self confidence and how important it is that the ladies stay determined all through. The ladies listened keenly and were amazed by everything she said. She was also the ideal person to give the ladies beauty tips and tips as to what to do before going on stage. After her speech the ladies rushed Barbee once again for countless pictures and autographs it was clear that the ladies were big fans. Barbee left with the ladies saying "Everything Pretty".

Lyrics and mp3

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August 8, 2011

Tiana, Ikaya, Keida, Denyque - Young female talent stirs hope for future of Dancehall/Reggae music

By Marc Parc Writer

Female artistes having to increasingly fight for recognition in Dancehall/Reggae music ever since both genres began gaining international recognition. For, the newest crop of female, Dancehall/Reggae artistes the aim is no different as they proudly look to carry on that burden; attempting to gain the respect & recognition of their industry peers.
One such artiste is the self-proclaimed "Princess of Dancehall," Tiana who burst on the scene in 2009 with her debut single "I Won't" has shown great promise as one of the genre's future superstars. The song addressed the pressing issue of domestic violence; showing that her lyrics showed social consciousness as well as ingenuity. Her versatility continued to show as time developed; collaborating on the dance song "Skippin Feelin," with Chi Ching Ching & of course her chart topping single, "No Man Can Talk Bad Bout Mi," in 2010 that showed her edgier, "don't tek chat" type attitude that forces observers to take female artistes seriously.
But in 2011, Tiana has proven she's not content with being one of the best, she's striving to become on Dancehall's leading ladies. Her sultry collaboration, "Gyal Mi Love Yuh," featuring Konshens helped solidify her status as a growing sex symbol; making her one of Dancehall's more marketable figures. Tiana has received international accolades & attention for her quality of music. However, just as important for her, Tiana's become a spokesperson for females in the industry looking to gain more credibility & recognition within Dancehall & going forward, her work ethic & desire to see females strive will only make her one of the genres hottest commodities.

Another promising female act within Dancehall music is Ikaya. The emerging singjay initially appeared on the scene back in 2001on the Martial Arts Riddim; collaborating with Reggae superstar, Capleton for the single, "Fire." However, it was 2009 when Ikaya truly made her presence with the video for her single "Good Up," showing a sexy side to the Kingston native with a touch of fearlessness to her persona. Her fearlessness was shown even more when she engaged in brief lyrical disputes with former Portmore Empire artiste, Lisa Hyper & established female deejay, Macka Diamond. Her ability to take lyrical jabs at other, more recognized artistes gave her street credentials. However, her biggest hit to date was of a more conscious nature with her thought-provoking Reggae single "Hard Way." The video for Hard Way was a chart topper; launching her path to super stardom. Fast forward to this year & she's continued to mix up styles with songs like "Fly Away," "These Tears," & "Ain't Giving Up." She performed at Reggae Sumfest recently & her evolution as a Dancehall singjay is gaining her clout as she's being touted as one of the future superstars in Jamaican music.

Lyrics and mp3

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Flava Squad promoter considers lawsuit against Vybz Kartel

By Marc Parc Writer

flava_squad_logo_dancehall.jpgPopular Dancehall entertainer, Adidja "Vybz Kartel" Palmer could soon be embroiled in a lawsuit from promoters, Flava Squad Entertainment after failing to turn up to perform at one of their events.

Hype 2K11 organizer & CEO of Flava Squad Entertainment, Ewan McRae explained in an interview that the self-professed Dancehall Hero was scheduled to perform at last year's edition of the show (Hype 2K10). Kartel's payment requests were later met; ratifying an agreement that seemingly guaranteed his appearance at the April 2010 show. However, Kartel was a no-show for the event & McRae alleges that Kartel has yet to return the money he pocketed from the promoters to perform at Hype 2K10. Various efforts to contact the "World Boss" to retrieve were unsuccessful & the Flava Squad CEO intimated that Kartel has not offered a valid explanation as to why he hasn't returned the funds.

McRae now suggests that he & his lawyers are drafting documents requesting that "Di Teacha" return the money to the organizers almost a year & a half following the Hype 2K10 show; warning Kartel that should he fail to comply with these requests, he will sue Kartel for breach of contract. Vybz Kartel has not commented regarding McRae's allegations.

Lyrics and mp3

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Andrew and Wada Blood Rocking Europe - One Month Tour

By Secret Agent Writer

andrew_wada_blood_junior_reid.jpgDancehall blood brothers Andrew & Wada Blood who are currently on a one month tour in Europe alongside veteran reggae artistes such as Sly & Robbie and Junior Reid are overwhelmed with the love they have been receiving from European reggae/dancehall lovers.

Andrew told that, "The Bloods music is well received over here and I'm loving Paris the food the girls and even the weed."

The duo rocked the venues night after night with their usual high energetic set that includes songs such, Hustle Til Day I Die, Irie, It's My Time, Life A Sin (money print) and their latest fast rising hit Role Wid Mi Bredda.

According to Wada, "so far we have been to Holland, France, Portugal & allot more place in Europe…We have done 15 collabs with European artists so far and we have 10 days more to go before wi touch back a yaad."

Lyrics and mp3

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August 6, 2011

Vybz Kartel is the #1 Dancehall Hero - Top 20 Hot Singles Chart Top 20 Hot Singles Chart


TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 03 - (13) Vybz Kartel - Dancehall Hero - ZJ Chrome

02 - 01 - (16) Demarco - I Love My Life - Star Kutt Pro

03 - 04 - (13) Mavado - Star Bwoy – Chimney

04 - 05 - (12) Chan Dizzy - Strange Face -- Head Concussion

05 - 02 - (19) Shaggy ft Alaine - For Your Eyes Only - Ki-Licious Music - (2wks@#1)

06 - 07 - (07) Vybz Kartel - Look Pon We - Head Concussion

07 - 08 - (09) Tifa - Move Yuh Body - ZJ Chrome

08 - 12 - (05) Vybz Kartel - Summer Time - Adidjaheim Records

09 - 13 - (05) I-Octane - Nuh Ramp Wid Wi - Cashflow Records

10 - 11 - (07) Mavado - All Dem A Talk - ZJ Chrome

11 - 06 - (18) Mavado - Warn Dem - Dj Frass Production - (peaked@#2)

12 - 09 - (20) Tiana - Cant Talk Bad Bout Mi - D&H/SubKonshus - (peaked@#4)

13 - 14 - (04) Shabba Ranx - None A Dem - Di Genius

14 - 15 - (04) Mavado - Pepper - Di Genius

15 - 10 - (10) Aidonia - Nuh Tek Chat (Bad People) - ZJ Chrome - (peaked@#8)

Lyrics and mp3

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August 5, 2011

Beenie Man Quits 2 for 1 Concert With Shebada - "Mi Ago Clean Beenie Man Like A Fridge"

By Krazy Katty Writer

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man who was billed to perform alongside comedian Shebada and Delcita at the highly anticipated Two For One Concert has made it clear that he will no longer be apart of the project that's scheduled to take place this weekend.

Beenie Man shy away from the event after learning that it’s a possibility he might be going up against Shebada on stage.

However according to the promoter Bunny Allen, Beenie Man alone cannot decide weather or not he will be part of the show…Mr Allen's final speech was Beenie Man will definitely be performing at the 2 for 1 stage show.

Shebada went back on the attack against Beenie Man during a TV interview on CVM at Sun Rise declaring, "mi ago dun Beenie Man a 2 for 1…mi ago finish Beenie…mi ago empty Beenie Man like a wata bottle and clean him like a fridge."

Lyrics and mp3

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Did Corey Todd Bax Stonelove's Selector Cosby For Playing Too Many Kartel Songs' In The Club?

By Marc Parc Writer

corey_todd_bill_cosby_club_riddim.jpgVybz Kartel's former business partner, Corey Todd is being accused of disrespect & assault by Stone Love selector, Bill Cosby. The incident, which occurred at Club Riddim's weekly, "Swag Tuesdays" event, took place as Cosby was playing a series of Vybz Kartel songs, to Todd's chagrin.

Cosby explained that he took to his set at 2am during Swag Tuesdays at Club Riddim. As soon as he began playing Kartel songs, particularly a diss song aimed at Corey Todd done by the self-proclaimed "Dancehall Hero," Cosby alleges that's when Todd approached him; dropping a banner on his head initially to get his attention. Once he ignored that, Cosby alleged that Todd threw a box full of CDs after him, swatting away the box.

The veteran Stone Love selector intimated that he was still in pain following the incident & even accused Todd of being a hypocrite given that he was publicly portraying a negative image similar to the one he depicted of Vybz Kartel once the two men severed ties this past May.

Lyrics and mp3

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Khago Hits #1 With Blood A Boil

khago_blood_boil_uk.jpgBankeylous recording artiste Khago will be heading to England to perform on two shows alongside Jahvinci at the end of August. One of the shows is called 'Nah Sell Out We Friend Dem' and will be held over the bank and carnival weekend on August 28th at Club 19. Producer NotNice will also be making an appearance at the event which is being heavily advertised in London.

"Mi really a look forward to flying out to England fi shell it down wid Jahvinci, mi love how mi career looking right now, this ah mi second international show, so things are great right now, things are changing in the industry, artistes" he said in the release.

Khago is busy promoting his latest hit single, Blood a Boil, which has been bombing FM radio into submission over the last month. The single, which has been boosted by the release of a video which is in heavy rotation on CVM, RE TV, HYPE TV and other cable stations. The song is said to be a direct counteraction of I-Octane's song Nuh Ramp Wid Wi done on Cashflow Production's Bus Stop rhythm. The video hit #1 on Fiwi Choice Top Ten chart for three consecutive weeks.

The deejay delivered an amazing set during Dancehall Night at this year's Reggae Sumfest show where he dissed selector Tony Matterhorn and got huge forwards for Blood a Boil and Nah Sell Out Wi Friend Dem.

"Mi forwards dem real, just check the youtube fi yu self, the ting never normal over de and ah so mi plan fi go hard fi the fans dem pon every show," he said in a release.

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Jahdore Captures The #1 Spot With This Love Is Over

jahdore_jamaican_reggae_artiste.jpgAs a musician, newcomer Jahdore has played on hits for a number of established acts over the years. Now as a recording artiste, he has scored his first solo number one single with the track This Love is Over.

The song has taken over the coveted spot on the Jamaica Music Countdown Reggae Singles chart. The song's chart action also extends to the Pree Dis Top Ten Singles chart which airs on TEMPO. The song is number three on that tally.

In a release to the media, Jahdore was quite excited about the song's chart success. "The success of the song just goes to show that people are still looking for music that they can relate to their everyday life situation," said JahDore.

JahDore carved out a niche as a musician before he decided to pursue a career as a recording artiste. For years he toured with a number of reggae's biggest names.

Jahdore is set to perform on this Friday night's staging of Capleton's St. Mary Me Come From stage show in St. Mary.

"The fans in St. Mary can come out and expect to be fully entertained", Jahdore promised.

The follow up single to This Love is Over is Nah Let Mi Go. The track was produced by Courick Clark for Heartcour Productions.

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August 4, 2011

Rihanna rekindles relationship with her first boyfriend, Barbadian 'Love God' Negus Sealy

rihanna_sexy_bleaching_ligther_boyfriend_relationship.jpgRihanna has apparently rekindled her relationship with her first boyfriend Negus Sealy after the pair were seen dancing together at a festival back in Barbados.

The 23-year-old singer is said to have become inseparable from her first love Sealy, nicknamed the 'Love God' by local ladies, since arriving back in her home country 12 days ago.
The pair first dated back in 2006, before Rihanna made her name in the music industry, and are said to have given things another go in 2009 when the Rated R singer was rebounding from her violet relationship with Chris Brown.

A source told The Sun: 'Negus has hardly left her side. He was her first true love. The ladies here all love him - they call him the Love God.
'They've hooked up in the past when she's been back in Barbados but now things have progressed into a proper relationship again.'

Rihanna and Sealy were photographed dirty dancing together at a festival to celebrate Kadooment Day earlier this week.

A partygoer told the newspaper: 'They were all over each other and their dancing got very hot and heavy.'

Rihanna flew back to her home country earlier this week, ahead of her Loud Concert tour date in Bridgetown on Friday, when her role as the official ambassador for Barbados will officially begin.
And the singer seems to be enjoying herself, tweeting fans: 'My home, my country, my people....BARBADOS!!!

Source: dailymail

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Twin of Twins & Tony Matterhorn trade lyrical blows

By Marc Parc Writer

The ongoing feud between the popular Dancehall comedic duo, Twin of Twins & renowned selector turned deejay; Tony Matterhorn has heated up after a recent exchange of diss songs between the two parties.

The Twins, Paul & Patrick Gaynor launched a sharpshooting lyrical attack on Matterhorn; releasing a preview of their newest single, "Cigarette Murder," on Tuesday. The song uses Matterhorn's name in cheeky wordplay to disrespect him. One line in the song says, "Badness is a car? It bruk dung? Suh wah mek Matterhorn a push it?" while another lyric claims, "Yuh expose yuself wid di name wey yu find, cause Matterhorn a mountain wey bare man a climb."

"Cigarette Murder" was issued as a response to recent comments Matterhorn made about them when the "Dutty Wine" singer claimed that he would diss the Twins anywhere he saw them after they alleged that he refused to play their songs. One of the Twins, Patrick "Curly Lox" Gaynor implied that Matterhorn crossed the line with his recent comments. "Matterhorn is the one that started the disrespect. He just became disrespectful and stupid," Gaynor suggested. Furthermore, the Twins claimed in the song that they were the originators of calling up artistes' names in songs long before Tony Matterhorn & intimated that Tony Matterhorn's new single, "Dancehall Duppy" was inspired by the Twins' work. Furthermore, they called the "Fluffy Summer" deejay a hypocrite for calling out artistes in "Dancehall Duppy" and later shouting them out near the song's conclusion; suggesting that Matterhorn was a coward.
Upon hearing of the Twins' scathing attack in "Cigarette Murder," Matterhorn quickly issued a counteraction entitled "The Sin of Twins," which was released on Wednesday. The song opens with a sample of the Twins' popular saying "My Godddd" before launching an all-out attack; including lyrics saying, "Twins go blame unnu parents, it doe look fine, how much months u spend inna di womb..bout 9? At some point, one of you was behind, at some did a 6 & one a 9."

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Gyptian and Nitty Kutchie Rocked Wembley Arena last Sunday in London

gyptian_nitty_kutchie_reggae_festival.jpgThe massive venue which seats over twelve thousand that has hosted several historic events including: The Olympics, sold out concerts for The Beatles, The Jackson 5, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Britney Spears and Beyonce`.

The event dubbed, The One Love Peace Reggae Festival that is inspired by Bob Marley's memorable 1978 concert in Kingston, Jamaica also shares a similar purpose, the reduction of violence within inner city communities.

Gyptian and Nitty Kutchie shared the stage with other mainstream voices that promote non-violent music such as: Shaggy, Sean Paul, Busta Rhymes, Abyssinians and Etana.

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Dancehall Hero Controls The #1 Spot On Hype TV Dancehall/Reggae Chart


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August 3, 2011

Before They Were Stars With Konshens

By Marc Parc Writer


Popular Dancehall-Reggae singjay, Garfield Delano Spence, better known as Konshens, has emerged as one of the industry’s biggest players since he burst onto the Jamaican music scene in 2008. However, his desire to become more than just an artiste dates back to his younger days when he realized that music was his true calling.
Spence grew up in the tough community of Sherlock in Kingston; brought up by his mother, a cosmetologist and his father, a former member of the army. Following his graduation from Excelsior High School, Konshens became fascinated with the Gospel & Reggae genres & was particularly inspired by legendary Reggae singer, Beres Hammond. Such music helped teach Konshens the fundamentals required to become an all-rounded musician & soon committed to produce music that would not only be popular, but provoke strong thoughts in the minds of future fans.

Konshens initially debuted on the music scene as a part of the Sojah Brothers duo alongside his brother & fellow Dancehall-Reggae artiste, Delus. Their hit single “Pon Di Corner,” got little buzz in Jamaica but gained noteworthy buzz in Japan; earning them top 5 spots on the Japanese Reggae charts. The following year, the Sojah Brothers released their first studio album, “Sons Of Jah,” which was a big hit in Japan. Konshens & Delus proceeded to do a tour in Japan; building their international brand. Yet, Konshens still aspired to make it big in his native land.

In November 2007, Konshens was introduced to Natural Bridge Studios by's founder, Carlington Wilmot; enabling Konshens to record a single on Natural Bridge's Cranberry Riddim entitled "Street Life," that received rave reviews. The producers & CEO of Natural Bridge were so impressed with Konshens' flow; they immediately signed him to their label. The CEO, Mark Pinnock had a strong resume; working with artistes such as well-renowned Dancehall deejay, Bounty Killer & focused on helping build Konshens into the genre's next superstar.

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Irish & Chin Plan Star Studded B-Day Party for Beenie Man in NYC

beenie_man_birthday_bash_new_york.jpgNew York, New York -- : Last week, Beenie Man received his visa to travel to the U.S. and promoters Irish and Chin are throwing him a celebration fit for a king....a Dancehall King that is! Set for Saturday, August, 20 in Amazura, Irish & Chin's spectacular fete for Beenie Man will serve as a welcome back and earthstrong celebration wrapped in one. Moreover, it's a way for Dancehall's top promotions team to formally say thank you to the "King of the Dancehall" for his hard work in the industry and reliable support of the Irish and Chin brand over the years.

Guaranteed to be a star-studded affair that lives up to the Irish and Chin standard, "Beenie Man Birthday Bash" will be filled with great music, excitement and a slew of celebrity guests. In addition to extending an invitation to the entertainer's scores of die hard fans in the New York tri-state area, Irish and Chin has confirmed the attendance of some of Beenie's closest friends, industry players and others who have played a role in his U.S. career. This birthday bash will not feature a performance by the DJ, as he has not yet received a work visa. Never-the-less, patrons should anticipate thrilling performances from special guests.

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I-Octane 'Focus' MixTape Featured in NY Times Jon Carmanicas Playlist

ioctane_new_york_times.jpgNew York, NY - Reggae artiste I-Octane continues to make waves both locally and internationally. This time, he makes his mark in Sunday, July 31st NY Times: Jon Carmanica's Playlist where his 'Focus' MixTape, mixed by Dev Kutta, is featured as a reinforcement of the steady rise to stardom bestowed on this young talented reggae artiste.

Jon Carmanica discusses the versatile mix Dev Kutta, of Livity Movements, used to highlight the diverse musical talent of I-Octane. According to Jon Carmanica the 'Focus' mixtape showcased I-Octane over caustic and punchy rhythms to some of his recent hits like 'Puff It' and 'Nuh Ramp With Mi'. The feature also highlighted a soon to be released single, 'Crime A Rise' produced by Garry G of 'Uniiqe Impact Productions', which showcase a new sound of I-Octane.

Coming off of a 48 city US Tour and returning home to perform at Reggae Sumfest and receive numerous accolades that his performance was one of the best of the night, has catapulted I-Octane to another level in his young career. "I am happy to know that my fans can get an opportunity to see me give a heartfelt performance on such a huge stage like Reggae SumFest, and in return I can see, feel, and hear their appreciation for my music, its a humbling feeling", says I-Octane.

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Kiprich Ruffles Deejays' Feathers With "Talk"

kiprich_outaroad_gossip_dancehall.jpgDJ Kiprich is known for his no-holds-barred approach to deejaying where he uses witty one-liners and heavy doses of sarcasm to document the various going-ons with artistes in the local music industry.

His latest single, Talk, which makes fun of various entertainers is blowing up all over FM radio. A snippet of the hard-hitting lyrics go: the Teacha go circle the Embassy/and say, wait, oonu nuh memba mi/look how mi change all mi colour fi please oonu till all people say Russian fava me.

"Well, the response to the song has been incredible, when mi deejay it anywhere, a just crazy forward, the other day, mi do it for Laing stage show inna Belfield and the girl dem beat down the stage continuously, people love it, everybody have dem favourite part, whether is the Beenie part, Kartel part or the Energy God part, the song just ah go hard, it have a little ting fi everybody," he said in a release.

Kiprich performed at a community stage show in Belfield, St. Mary over the weekend, and over the Independence weekend, he is booked for three shows, one in Westmoreland, the popular HYPE 2K11 show in St. Elizabeth and then he has a show in Old Harbour.

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August 2, 2011

Why can't artistes seem to stay out of trouble?

By Marc Parc Writer

mavado_bounty_killer_vybz_kartel_dancehall.jpgDancehall artistes & trouble with the law seem to come hand in hand these days. Following recent brushes with the law involving Dancehall singjay, Mavado as well as other prominent artistes getting in trouble within the last year & a half, it makes you think why exactly these musicians keep putting themselves in these predicaments.

The most common reasoning one would attribute such problems to regard the entourages artistes are surrounded by. Some Dancehall artistes choose to roll with large entourages whenever they choose to go out. Some of those entourage members are persons involved in the music process while others are either family members or close friends who aren't necessarily comprehensive of the musical aspect of the artiste who they're aligned. Thus if they see any portrayed disrespect or slights towards their artiste, such members of the entourage who aren't involved in the music process could resort to physical means to defend the artiste, often leading to trouble with police & smearing the artiste's reputation in the process.

A lot of times, bringing large entourages to a public place can cause serious issues. For instance, an incident that took place last August when members of Vybz Kartel's entourage, including Popcaan & now former Portmore Empire producer, Notnice allegedly beat up a pilot at a Bahamian airport. Kartel's entourage was also involved in an incident at Junior Reid's birthday bash when entourage members were engaged in a physical altercation with police during Kartel's performance; bringing a premature end to the show. Bringing entourages can even lead to deadly instances as proven outside of Bounty Killer's party when, following a scuffle with said entourage and security, one of his best friends, Conroy Edwards was shot & later died at hospital.

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Etana Rocks The Wembley Arena In London

etana_wembley_concert_europe.jpgLast Sunday caught the Billboard charted musician, Etana in high gear as she played for scores at the UK’s flagship live music venue, The Wembley arena. The massive venue which seats over twelve thousand has hosted historic events including: The Olympics, sold out concerts for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Britney Spears and Beyonce`. The event dubbed, The One Love Peace Reggae Festival that is inspired by Bob Marley’s memorable 1978 concert in Kingston, Jamaica also shares a similar purpose, the reduction of violence within inner city communities. Etana shared the bill with other mainstream voices that promote non-violent music such as: Shaggy, Sean Paul, Busta Rhymes, Abyssinians, Third World and John Holt.

The songbird made her entrance to the grand stage with her hit song, Free, with welcoming screams and excitement from the crowd. She wasted no time before she got into her UK chart topper, August Town that was produced by London based hit maker, Curtis Lynch. In true essence of the festival’s goal in uplifting the inner-city, the appropriate track, Roots was next. Staying within the theme she went into a rendition of the honorable Jimmy Cliff’s, You Can Get It If You Really Want. Another cover that went over very well was Bob Marley’s, Is This Love. The climax for the British crowd came with her popular track, Blessings. People Talk and Warrior Love were also hits. Before exiting the stage Etana had the audience asking for more and closed with, I Am Not Afraid. The audience went into frenzy as she went on to remix the track with Richie Spice’s, The Plane Land. Etana produced a well rehearsed and exciting set.

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Bounty Killer & Mavado trying to quell the Gully/Alliance feud

bounty_killer_mavado_feud_gully_alliance.jpgLegendary Dancehall artiste, Rodney "Bounty Killer" Price & popular Dancehall singjay, David "Mavado" Brooks are giving their best efforts to prevent an all-out feud between their respective camps following their issues in recent weeks.

Bounty Killer's Alliance contingent & Mavado's Gully crew have been the subject of countless rumors of a possible divide. Last week, speculation was intensified when Bounty admitted last week that there indeed were developing issues between the two camps; claiming that he was offended by Gully Squad member, Chase Cross' song, "Mash Up Everything." He also felt disappointed knowing that such a song could not be released without the Gully Squad's founder, Mavado giving his seal of approval.
However, an anonymous Alliance member intimated this past weekend that the "Grung Gaad" & "Gully Gaad" are actively seeking to quell an "unnecessary" tension that's brewing within the "Gulliance." "The whole thing is unnecessary and the younger youths need to understand that Alliance is an organization that build, not destroy," the member said whilst adding, "Vado and Killer have a reason about the situation from what I understand, so you won't hear anymore idiot track from within Alliance or Gully, we a still one."

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August 1, 2011

Sexy Jamaican Fluffy Bombshell Kimiko


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Dancehall Artiste Agent Sasco Heads To Europe

assassin_agent_sasco_dancehall_jamaica.jpgAfter a scintillating performance during Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest, Boardhouse Records recording artiste Assassin will be heading to Europe this week for a number of gigs.

"I am looking forward to the idea of connecting with my fans in Europe, and I plan to do all out to give them a powerful set because I don't get the chance to go that continent so often so I am going all out to please them," Assassin said in a release.

The 'Talk How Mi Feel' deejay performed on Sunday, July 31 at the Jungle Nightclub during the "Negril Fantasy Island" event, rocking the audience with a steady stream of his hits.

Assassin wowed a 20,000 strong Sumfest audience recently showing that he can "Run the Place' with a well-rehearsed, and wonderfully delivered onstage stint at Reggae Sumfest. He introduced his songs with panache and delivered said songs with great skill. He got a big forward for the 'We Are Not Afraid' songs and "Madda Badman'. Screams greeted 'Hand Inna Di Air' on the Sort Out Di Ting riddim and the crowd sang along to every line. However, the high point of his performance came when he delivered a Buju Banton-like delivery of "Almighty Protect Me' and even paused to deliver some social commentary regarding the recent spate of four beheadings in the Corporate Area.

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21st-Hapilos - Portmore Fridayz

johnny_wonder_hapilous_21.jpgPortmore is about to get another dose of fun, this time it will be courtesy of the 21st/Hapilos Entertainment family.

The weekly party, 'Portmore Fridays' commences on Friday, August 5 and will be staged at the popular Club Aphrodisiac in Portmore, St. Catherine. Executive vice-president of 21st/Hapilos, Johnny Wonder says the weekly party series comes as a result of wanting to see Portmore have multiple sources of entertainment.

"Portmore is the perfect place to start another weekly party. Guinness Happy Thursdays in Kingston is doing well and we decided Portmore was the next best place to engage an audience of party goers and give them some exciting Friday evenings and nights. Portmore Fridays will be a lot of fun with great music and unbeatable drink deals," said Wonder.

Wonder who recently hit the promotion scene on TVJ's Smile Jamaica, Hitz FM, Fame FM and other media forums, says the 21st/Haplios digital distribution team is also currently focusing on promoting the latest dancehall releases.

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