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Tony Matterhorn & Twin of Twins at odds

By Marc Parc

Popular Dancehall selector turned deejay, Tony Matterhorn is at odd renowned Dancehall comedic duo, Twin of Twins regarding comments the Twins made during an interview last Wednesday.


The Twins, Paul & Patrick Gaynor gave an interview for an Atlanta based radio station; calling Matterhorn out for the fact that the Bass Odyssey sound selector chooses not to play their songs. "Yuh have nuff artistes weh seh dem nah do show weh wi deh pon. Matterhorn do it already and dem laugh wid mi when dem see wi and mi nuh hate Matterhorn. Mi nuh do Matterhorn nutten fi him nuh play mi song dem neither," one of the Twins intimated to

The statement infuriated Matterhorn; prompting him the following day to blast the Twins via Twitter. "How y'all never told me Twin of Twins was dissing me today on a radio station in Atl! Now I have to diss those 2 ... it's on ... Those ... twins! DUMB and DUMBER ... it looks like Dancehall Duppy 3 is gonna be here sooner than I think! Lol," Matterhorn tweeted.

Matterhorn then told the Jamaica STAR he believes they're using his name for publicity & doesn't understand why the Twins would even think he's biased against them. Furthermore, the "Fluffy Summer" singer boasted, "Twin of Twins, mi will crush unuh 'cause mi nuh trouble people unless dem trouble mi. Anyweh mi see unuh mi aguh diss unuh."

Twin of Twins, who recently released Volume 9 of their "Stir It Up" series entitled "Trial & Error" stood by their original statement made in the interview; claiming that they have no personal issues with Matterhorn & they were just speaking their minds. The Twins also claimed that they believe Matterhorn's bias against them can be tracked back to a 2009 incident in which they did a dubplate for Bass Odyssey imitating Bounty Killer but felt disrespected without going into details of why they felt that way.

The Twins also claim that they’ve been underappreciated & underrated by their peers within the Dancehall industry. Patrick Gaynor implied that, "We cannot suffer in silence. Everybody can tek yuh argument and dem caan play yuh song. Whole heap a people trouble wi and when wi retaliate, they take it as an attack. Matterhorn can trace all him want, wi seh weh wi a seh and it done."

Matterhorn recently released "Dancehall Duppy" & the song's sequel "Hog Pen" that calls out a plethora of major Dancehall names in an attempt to encourage them to be upfront during lyrical confrontations.


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Posted by raggy | July 19, 2011 9:06 PM

mi believe di twins, even dem song "how come" had a silent ban on it,why?because was saying the truth.di truth is an offense,but not a sin.
when ever that no linga riddim was played,that song wasn't.
Plus i remembered beenie man saying he would not work on any stage show with until a promoter in mobay or there abouts said enough was enough, if he didn't want to work, then that's his problem,but he's not taking di twins off the line up.
Matterhorn badmind,him a artist?no selector him be,same liquid,an in no time dem hav no 1,dat show you how di music corrput like politics.a pure fool fool song him do,all dutty wine weh go no 1,him no seh nutten inna di song, only"di duty wine my girl dutty wine,just like ding dong,only ting him seh, badman forward badman pull up.
everbody a tun artist,an a clog up di airway wid crap,tru dem a djoc and selector dem play dem fren song an vise versa an stiffle real artist.yu think mi wodda pay money fi go si all matterhorn perform,him a selector.Him fi low real artist,di twins dem did a write hit song fi killa long before dem bust,dem wi slaughter yu matterhorn,no past yu place tru dem a do comedy.dem highly intelligent,do idiot or dunce caan do comedy,just listen to dem latest cd.

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