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Gadiethz Wants To Get Rid of The Hustling In The Music Industry

Paul_Gadiethz_Peart.jpgStrong-minded aspirations and forward thinking are traits that set Paul Gadiethz Peart apart from most artistes. In his own words Gadiethz proclaim that he wants: "To improve the music industry in Jamaica from a hustling point of view to a corporate entity."

Paul got his name 'Gadiethz', from reggae heavyweight Sizzla Kalonji. Though not a Rastafarian by appearance, Gadiethz name is derived from Rastafarian roots meaning 'Protector of Israel'. Gadiethz, who brands himself an entrepreneur, first appeared on the scene in 1991 with his first performance on the proclaimed greatest one night reggae show on earth - Sting.

Gadiethz boasts a loaded and diverse portfolio. As an artiste he has performed with the likes of Bunny Wailer, Shabba, Maxi Priest, Tony Rebel, Gyptian, among other big names in the reggae/dancehall spectrum. He has done shows in the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Island, across the United States, at the St. Kitts Music Festival, among other places. However, despite all his travel and performances alongside some big name in music, Gadiethz feel he is still some way off from where he wants to be.

Gadiethz puts it like this: "You can be the biggest giant in the world, but if you are not recognized in the Jamaica, especially when doing reggae music, then you are not there as yet."

Gadiethz is now trying to get ingrained in the Jamaican music niche after migrating to the British Virgin Island (BVI) in 2002. He is now working towards making himself a household name and have returned to the island to promote The Haitian Remix, which is already in rotation on RE TV and Tempo. He will also be promoting Burn Bad Mind and The Rise Up Compilation.

As noted, Gadiethz's portfolio is mixed and he is presently employed to Zrod 103.7 FM in the BVI as a disc jock, host of The Morning Ride Show, which also have a TV spin-off on JTV in the BVI, and a marketing manager. Gadiethz also runs his own label 'Three P Production'.
Gadiethz is no stranger to success, and have already copped an International Reggae and World Music Award (IRAWMA) for work done with Freddie McGregor, who received the Best Performing Artiste.

According to Gadiethz his style is lover’s rock, done with a dancehall flavour. For Gadiethz just making music is not enough, he notes that: "As an artiste I want to use music as an economic empowerment of our people. All my songs have an uplifting message that can teach the people positive ways to conduct their lives from both a dancehall and cultural point of view."