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Pepsi Launches Bubbla

PEPSI_500ml_Bubbla.jpgKingston, Jamaica - Pepsi has done it again! Jamaica's favourite cola is giving back to its consumers in a very special way. The product Jamaicans have come to love and enjoy has decided to 'tun up' the refreshment by introducing a new Pepsi bottling called 'Pepsi Bubbla'.

The Bubbla is a new and stylish 500ML bottle. It is lightweight and has a slender grip for the convenience of consumers while boasting the same signature blue and red colours of Pepsi.

According to Carlo Redwood, Head of Marketing at Pepsi Cola Jamaica, the new bottle is being introduced as a response to consumers.

"Our consumers are most important to us. We realize these are harsh economic times for many and we wanted to make it easier on each consumer’s pocket. By creating this new bottle at only $50, consumers are able to continue to enjoy the same great taste of Pepsi in a sleek and convenient packaging," Mr. Redwood said.

"Pepsi is now more affordable for everyone and more appealing to the eye," he added.

Pepsi Cola will be unveiling the new product through an island wide series of launches, the first of which, will take place on Friday June 24, 2011 in Kingston. Simultaneously throughout the day, Pepsi will be promoting this new product in Half Way Tree, Cross Roads and Liguanea.

The Bubbla 'train' will also make stops in Clarendon, Mandeville, St. Elizabeth, Sav-la-Mar and Montego Bay.

"We wanted to touch as many consumers as possible with this new product as such we decided to embark on a tour of the island. In addition, we are introducing this new bottle at a time when we are aligning with a number of music sponsorships and activities including Reggae Sumfest and the Smirnoff Dream weekend, both of which are staple events on the entertainment calendar," Mr. Redwood further commented.

"We are using all these avenues to further connect with consumers and enhance our consumers’ experience at these events," he said.

The new Pepsi Bubbla is available in supermarkets, bars and grocery stores where Pepsi is now being sold.