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Mavado leaving the Alliance?...Bounty Killer claims tension exists within group

By Marc Parc Writer

bounty_killer_mavado_photo.jpgVeteran Dancehall entertainer & leader of the Alliance crew, Rodney “Bounty Killer” Price has confirmed that there’s indeed a growing tension between his camp & Mavado’s Gully camp.

Bounty Killer made the admission during an interview on IRIE FM yesterday; insisting that the new song released by “Gully Squad” member, Chase Cross entitled, “Mash Up Everything,” could potentially cause a rift within the “Gulliance” & has stirred up even more tension between the Gully & Alliance affiliates. The song allegedly calls out the “Grung Gaad,” and other Alliance members with some of the song’s lyrics seemingly referring to the aftermath following the incident involving Mavado & his entourage outside Killer’s birthday party at the QUAD nightclub last month. Chase’s manager later insisted that his song was speaking to his true feelings; alluding to perceived negative comment made by Alliance following his friend’s death.

Bounty commented during the interview that he felt disrespected & offended by Chase’s song; even more so because he knows that that Chase Cross couldn’t record such a song without an official seal of approval from the Gully Squad’s founder, Mavado. Reportedly, the “War Lord” is encouraging Mavado to break his silence & elaborate on the recent tension between the Gully & Alliance camps. Mavado has yet to publicly address the song or talk about the issues between the two crews.

Mavado has been mentored by Bounty Killer since his teenage days when Killer helped show him the pros & cons of the Dancehall industry. He made his debut with the Alliance in 2004 with his internationally acclaimed hit single, “Real Mckoy,” on DASECA’s Anger Management Riddim. Since then he’s become of Bounty’s greatest protégés; releasing several classics as a part of the group including “Money Changer,” “Neva Believe You,” “Last Night,” “Pepper,” amongst countless other number one hits. He’s also considered to be one of Bounty’s closest friends within the “Gulliance,” & has appeared with Killer on medleys such as the aforementioned Anger Management Riddim Medley & also the Energize Medley in 2006


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Posted by rudiology | July 29, 2011 8:06 AM

Alliance and Gully, uno noh bother wid the foolinish right now. Movado you and Killer a come from far, soh uno just sit down like 2 big responsible man and work out uno differences. mi undestand that a close friend of yours got killed Movado at Killer party, which shouldn't really have happened and you must be hurting about that, but dont let matters get from bad to worse fi uno self.

a dat nuff a uno rivals wanna see happen, so uno be smart.

Alliance and Gully str88888888888t..

Posted by frass | July 29, 2011 9:33 AM

damne dats really f**ked up, all now mi still cant belive seh di man dem a try violate killa

Posted by Anonymous | August 2, 2011 5:02 AM

If chase cross do one more song a diss di boss watch and si anyweh mi nuck him him get f**k

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