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Macka Diamond Sends Strong Message ‘All Dem A Talk’!!

macka_diamond_cow_foot_dance_feud.jpgNo one can deny that ‘Cowfoot’ and the dance move created for the song by popular Dancer Shelly Belly, rules the Dancehall. The song and dance has become viral, yielding repetitive ‘forwards’ and ‘pull up’ in every dance/party these days. However, in light of its popularity there is a small minority of persons who seem to be disappointed that the song has hit and have converged in an effort to try and derail what the people in the streets have approved. So the IRAWMA 2011 International Female DJ/Rapper of the Year, Macka Diamond dropped another track entitled, ‘All Dem A Talk’ on the Kool Like Dat riddim settle the matter.

The lyrics come across as a feisty backlash and reminder to those who seem to forget the successes she has had in the industry over the years. Directly responding to reports circulating in the media with regards to the ‘original creator’ of the Cowfoot Dance, Macka says, "Twitter is a baby" and when asked about what she really thinks about "Twitter's" twittering in the media she said “every upcoming artist try to attach themselves to a name fi get out deh so its nothing new, da little artist deh a do him ting. However a Shelly Belly created the Cowfoot Dance move a Maxfield so big up Maxfield people de ting tun up loud loud.”

For Macka Diamond and her crew it matters not now who created this dance move because it has become a craze among fans that literally wait until the joint is played to ‘buss a move.’ The international audience however seems to think otherwise as Macka Diamond has once again been voted Female DJ of the Year and Most Outspoken Female of the Year in the Music Industry Achievers Award, the ceremony is scheduled to commence on September 27, 2011.