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Getting To Know Chuky

chucky_dancehall_artiste.jpgYoung, vibrant, energetic and multi talented Chuky arrived in Jamaica 5 Months ago armed only with his musical intellect. Since arriving on the Island he has made a huge impact with his smash hit singles such as Whine Pon Mi and Mr Agriculture. When the video for Whine Pon Mi was released and began airing on the music channels in Jamaica. The hit single Mr Agriculture took Jamaica, England and several surrounding Islands by storm. The up-beat remake of Pina Colada made a huge impact and soon Chuky was being greeted by the title Mr Agriculture. When Chuky performed this single on any stage show/Road case the audience would sing along to the lyrics.

Subsequently to the buzz that was created, Chuky began receiving requests by various media outlets, both on TV and radio. These included Irie FM, Hitz FM and Zip FM. Chuky also made guest appearances on Fi Wi Choice and Fluffy Diva TV.

It wasn't long before the European market embraced Chuky's Whine Pon Mi video and began airing it on their music video count down chart (reggaefrance). Chuky continued putting his energy into recording, writing and producing music in no time the single “happy Feeling was born. This is collaboration with the legendary George Nooks who Chuky approached with the idea. This summer hit single has taken George Nooks out of his comfort zone of lovers rock and gospel music into a young effervescent and pulsating territory. The single “Happy Feeling and Mr Agriculture is currently receiving vast play by the likes of DJ Smurf, Big A, Ellis Skelly, Gary G from Irie FM and ZJ, Elektra and ZJ from Zip FM continuously on rotation.

Both singles have attracted other interests from the surrounding Islands, Australia, Canada and not least the UK. The music industry is really feeling what Chuky is doing presently as it is relevant in todays moving music market. The radio stations in the UK feed back any response to Chuky UK Manager and the response has far exceeded expectations. The Manager has contacted Chuky for several Jingles, Dubs and Skype interviews.

Chuky has since been contacted by a number of promoters and agents wanting to book him on to their shows. Chuky has a live performance scheduled in Los Angels California and the following week he is booked to appear in Miami, Florida. Following the completion of the
Promotional tours, a reliable inside source has it that Chuky will be back in the studio producing and recording on a project with two big names in the Hip Hop and R & B business. When Chuky is asked how he feels about the big buzz going on right now his reply is there is still so much work to do at his time and I dont have time to sit and lose myself in this excitement. Im here to work and to work harder to get the job done and along the way I give thanks for my blessings.

How would you describe your music? My music is a commercial theme geared towards a youthful market.