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Diplo Prodcucer of Beyonce's Run The World - To Remix Mavado's Delilah

mavado_diplo_remix_delilah_reggae.jpgSuper Producer Diplo came to prominence behind the boards of M.I.A's Grammy-nominated Paper Planes single, before going on to work with the likes of Shakira, Kid Cudi, Bruno Mars, Snoop Dogg and Beyonce's recent Run the World (Girls) single. A huge fan of Jamaican music, his Major Lazer project - a melting pot of dancehall with a host of musical styles, featured a number of Jamaican acts. Diplo has now turned his beat-making skills to Mavado's smash single, Delilah (Mansion Records), giving it a "Dubstep" remix. Dubstep is a drum and bass-heavy electronic dance music genre that originated in London, UK.

"Mavado is a legend," expounds Diplo. "I tried a few things on the mix but this Dubstep style is really popping off. Mavado's voice lends itself so well to that deep bass sound. I want to introduce his Delilah song, a phenomenal record in its own right, and his whole vibe to a new audience. And of course its always a pleasure working with Alliance crew, they run the road."

Delilah Diplo Remix will be released via iTunes next Tuesday, to be followed soon by all other digital outlets.

"This Diplo Remix of Delilah takes the record into a whole other direction," said a representative of Mansion Records. "Since we dropped the single at the end of May, Delilah has been gathering great momentum locally but especially overseas where we have great hopes that the record will cross into other markets. We think this Dubstep remix will certainly help do that."

Delilah was the first release from Mavado's newly-formed Mansion Records, having Produced the song himself with New York-based Logwood Productions providing the beat.

"The response to Delilah has been as we expected," said Mavado. "Its a huge record and even though its a little controversial, the ladies love the song. Everywhere I go women ask me about it or run a little joke with me about the record. Delilah is a song that a lot of people can relate to and it has a great sing-a-long vibe to it that has captured everyone's imagination. I plan follow-up releases from Mansion Records in the near future that will feature me, my Gully Squad and other artists."

Mavado will be shooting the Delilah video in the coming weeks as he and his team gear up for a promotional push that they hope will take the record to the next plateau. Mavado will be making his first live appearance in the US in New York on Labor Day weekend, to be followed by an extensive North American tour. He will be appearing at Reggae Sumfest next week, slated to be his last local performance for a while.