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Craigy T to leave T.O.K? Artiste stops recording with Dancehall group

By Marc Parc

tok_craigy_t_reggae_group.jpgCraig "Craigy T" Thompson, a member of the popular Dancehall quartet, T.O.K for the past 15 years has decided to stop recording with the group; citing increasing tension within the camp.

Craigy T sent out a Blackberry Broadcast Message yesterday announcing that he would take time off from T.O.K. "After careful consideration I have decided to stop recording in studio with T.O.K. You may still hear songs with the four vocals in the future but studio and public appearances are becoming increasingly difficult for the four of us to be present. I do not expect everyone to understand," Craigy T explained to his fans.

Craigy T is unsure if he's willing to part ways with T.O.K altogether but says he is looking to build himself & his music on an individual level.
Furthermore, Craigy T intimated that he feels he's been creatively restricted within T.O.K & implied that this has been going on for quite some timeā€¦.Nevertheless, Craigy T has committed to fulfilling his performing obligations with the group until the end of 2011.

T.O.K has been one of Dancehall's elite groups since their emergence in the mid-90s; dropping classic songs such as "Chi Chi Man," "Gal Yuh A Lead," & "Footprints." Some of their most recent material includes video for their singles "I Don't Care," "No Sah," & "God Pickney," featuring Magnum Kings & Queens judge and the self-proclaimed "Fluffy Diva," Miss Kitty.


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Posted by Marie | July 21, 2011 6:46 PM

Fifteen years is a long time for any set of people to stay together. Not even marriages are lasting that long these days. May you continue to be a success on your own, Craigy T!

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