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Vybz Kartel Explains Why He's The Dancehall Hero




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Posted by Mark | June 10, 2011 4:03 PM

Da one deh a lie, Ryno Di Stinga buss a summer song last year, called "RYNO DI STINGA - STYLE" soh dat is NOT a reason y u are a dancehall hero..... soh wheel again.....

Posted by Mark | June 10, 2011 6:50 PM

seeet deh: LIQUID_SUMMER-SCHEME, Bugle Ft. Chevaughn & Razz & Biggy -Summer Break, Bugle - Anything Goes........... ALL A DEM YA A SUMMA TUNE WEH BUSS LAST YEAR, SOH A F**KERY KARTEL A COME CHAT.... A SMADY HIM WAH FE SEE HIM......

Posted by killabee | June 10, 2011 10:34 PM


Posted by Mr.Truth | June 11, 2011 1:49 AM

Dear Mr.Palmer:

How can you be a Dancehall Hero, What are you doing positively to help the Industry.

Introducing Youngsters to the Business, who then become your "Floor mats" and Slaves.

Starting an "Empire", where hungry and ambitious Young men and Women work for you so that you acheive your "Goals", get the "Girls" and gain the "Glory".

You are unbelievabble, so many Dancehall Summer songs have beeen released after Ding Dong's hit single "Holiday" and before your Hip Hop "Water down" song "Summer Time".

You are a very talented ADULT, Please use your skills wisely.

Yours truly

Posted by RiddimUp | June 11, 2011 10:38 AM

Addi, U admit seh Ding Dong did it last year? Suh how u gwaan like seh yuh ah di first fi do it??? Ding Dong - Holiday is a better tune, plus its still a hit fi dis summer again! Any dance, party, club, pool party, beach, boat cruise that tune ah lock di place, all in the damn winter! Look like yuh ah follow like twitter. Jah,jah nah sleep mi yute. Ur Empire is crumbling. Ur not the only smart one on the planet, Damn it!

Posted by The people | June 11, 2011 11:54 AM

Dear Mr. Palmer:

How can you be the Dancehall Hero, what have you positively done to make the industry better?

Introducing Younngsters to the Business who then become your "Floor mats" and Slaves.....

Promoting the "Gaza" and starting an "Empire" where ambitious and hungry Jamaicans work both positively and evilously, in order for you to acheive your Goals and be glorified.

There are so many Dancehall Summer songs that have been released after Ding Dong's hit single "Holiday" and before your Hip Hop, "water down" song "Summer time."

Please go head and do your research.

Vybz Kartel you are a very talented ADULT, please use your Skills wisely and positively.

Yours truly,
The voice of the poor.

Posted by diggy | June 11, 2011 1:16 PM

aidonia and cristipher martin had a summer song long bfore u ever do a summer song and killer summer song did bfore ur summer song jus that ur summer song release bfore.

Posted by Mightybvuwo | June 12, 2011 7:04 AM

kartel ur full of sh*t. ur nt hero in malawi. that meks u adancehal fool. ur nuttin bt insane teacher. to hell wit ur summa tune. nt recognzed in malawi. we knw voicemail holiday tune.

Posted by leegy | June 12, 2011 3:54 PM

kartel a ediot check youtube..july 2010 bounty killa and pattex summer time..u is no hero just a zero

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