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Beenie Man Lands Endorsement Deal For Yaad Swag Rum

beenie_man_yaad_swag_rum.jpgInternational recording superstar Beenie Man has secured a lucrative new endorsement deal with American businessman Corey Todd to develop a new line of liquor products.

"I am the one to sing rum and Red Bull so if me ah go promote and endorse a rum, it has to be mine. I am looking forward to promoting this product and creating a successful partnership with Corey Todd," Beenie Man said in a release.

The deejay, who is currently hard at work on a studio album to be distributed by Universal Records, is looking forward to a global marketing campaign which will roll out soon to promote the brand, Yaad Swag, the first product that has been produced under this new partnership.

"Beenie Man was signed because he is an icon in music and he has a huge passion for the brand. He was the first artiste that I approached to work with when I first came to Jamaica four years ago. However, for various reasons, he was busy flying all over the place so we didn't get the chance to co-ordinate and work it out. This is going to be bigger than Street Vybz, more international and it's going to be great for dancehall," Corey Todd said in a release.

Todd did not divulge the financial details of the endorsement deal but said it was "very lucrative".

"This will be the first of a line of products, the next move is a high end product that fits Beenie Man's fan base internationally. This is a partnership/endorsement deal, and it is better than the Street Vybz deal because Beenie Man is a bigger artiste," Todd said in a release.

As part of the deal, the deejay who has notched several Billboard hits to his name, will serve as a spokesperson in the campaign’s TV commercials worldwide, as well as feature in the radio and print ads for the Yaad Swag brand. Beenie Man continues to secure deal after deal in endorsements proving that he is not your average dancehall star, a fact that Todd recognises.

"Beenie Man is an international superstar who has been able to score huge hits on Billboard, he is a great live performer and there is no doubt that he will raise the international profile of the brand, and help us break into new markets in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean," Todd said.


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Posted by Judy | June 27, 2011 6:17 PM

Can someone please investigate who is the real Corey Todd? Last I know of Corey Todd he is a criminal in the USA who travel from state to state and defraud people of their money with bad investment deals then he disappears when the money is all gone. Beenie Man needs to run as far as he can from this Grand Master Mind Criminal before he robs him blind! Beenie Man hasn’t learned anything from the Kartel situation; always remember there are two sides to every story. One thing I know for sure the people who know of Corey Todd know him as a criminal. Just like Carlos Hill and his ponzi scheme no difference! Please Beware!

Posted by jonny | June 28, 2011 9:12 AM

a how kartel feel fe know sa the vybes rum him ues to endorse a beeine man a endorse it now even change the name from vybes run to yaad swag kartel a the biggest idiot, never bite the hand that feed you {FREAK}

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