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Konshens to excite NY’s Amazura in July

konshens_amazura_club_entertainment.jpgAlthough Konshens officially made his name in the dancehall from 2008, his career path has not followed that of the typical dancehall act who makes New York and the Tri-State area their happy hunting ground.

Konshen’s NY debut was in three years when the song Winner was at the height of its popularity. His other show there was a cameo appearance in 2010, when he performed the combination single Good Girl Gone Bad alongside reggae singer, Tarrus Riley. And, while both performances were memorable, Konshens hasn’t really yet performed for the New York massive. But that opportunity will present itself on July 15 when he will be one of the featured acts at club Amazura in Queens, and what a night that promises to be.

“I’m excited,” Konshens said simply. “I see this as my first real show in that city and it’s a show with great acts - Jadakiss and I-Octane are the headliners - so you know, the adrenaline is pumping. Turbo charged and ready,” he said laughing.

Konshens has made remarkable progress in his career since 2008 when all he delivered was the one song, Winner, and exited centrestage. The reality was that Winner was the only thing the crowd wanted to hear from the then rising artiste.

“Now I have what them call a ‘repertoire’. Bag a tune can reel off and sing and sing and still have more tune,” Konshens said humorously.

“Seriously,” he added, “ I have come a long way and a huge part of it has been the love shown to me by these same persons who will turn up at
Amazura. I intend to do a really great set as my way of showing appreciation to these fans who have listened to my music, bought mix tapes and who have decided to pay their hard-earned dollar to see me perform,”
the artiste said soberly.

Konshens is currently riding the Hype TV Chart at number 4 with the single Represent, while another big song, Forward, is listed on the ‘Bubblers’. Other songs doing well for the artiste include This Means Money, Pretty Devil, Rasta Imposter, Realest Song, Simple Song, Gal Dem A Talk and of course, old favourites such as Winner and Good Girl Gone Bad (w/Tarrus Riley).