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I-Octane's Women Mi Seh Was Written For Bounty Killer


i-octane-rasta-jamaica-reggae-dancehall-artiste.jpgThe Management team of I-Octane would like to make it clear that the song “Woman Mi Seh” on the Coach Riddim that has been released by Free Willy Music is in no way shape or form representative of the music of I-Octane.

On the request of Arthur 'Whale' of Free Willy music I-Octane had written and recorded the song as a demo to be recorded by fellow entertainer Bounty Killa. The artiste's last involvement with the song was when he personally handed it over to Bounty. Although there was no written agreement to cement the above deal, it was understood by both parties that the demo was simply a guideline for Bounty Killer.

The management of I-Octane did not hear anything about the demo after over a period of three months, when the song was written. Unfortunately, this week the demo was released by Free Willy Music, which is contrary to the initial verbal agreement.

Although the recording uses I-Octane’s artistic vocals, he wishes to isolate himself from the content of the song since it doesn’t represent his beliefs, practices, or image. In addition, he has never performed the song and it is not a part of his musical repertoire.

This is not the first time that the artiste is writing for other entertainers and as such he knows their style of music and the content they wish to express. Hence, while it is not in keeping with his musical values, he believes in the freedom of artistic expression and each artiste has a unique identity which can normally considered when writing songs. That was the premise under which that song was written for Bounty Killer.

As a result of the unscrupulous conduct of Free Willy Music and their direct attempt to take advantage of our artiste and tarnish his brand, we have contacted our lawyer to file an injunction against the producer and the company. We are also in dialogue to have the song REMOVE from youtube and other social and music networking sites.

The lesson to learnt from this is that the music industry needs to move towards a more structured format, where verbal agreements are not the only binding or conclusive element of a deal, hence contracts should be drafted and signed. This is something that the management will insist on going forward.

I-Octane would like to apologise to all his supporters for any confusion that this song may cause and we maintain that this is just another learning experience.


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Posted by yampido | June 5, 2011 12:15 PM

nontheless i personally love di tune

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