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Excerpts from "Voice of the Ghetto" By Vybz Kartel Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 - 'Dollar Sign(hustle di money)'

vybz_kartel_book_cover_tattoo.jpgI start the song, by repeating “hustle the money” “me a hustle the money” almost to make the message subliminal. Careful. Read again. Haters, critics, read again and listen carefully - its hustle the money not steal the money, not take a gun and rob the money, not start a ponzi and con the money- just hustle the money. I stress the point repeatedly because there is a sector of society that believes when ghetto youths acquire ambition for financial success it means that we are going to begin to embark on some unscrupulous or illegal behaviour to rob people money. I often wonder why the elite of society don’t think us ghetto youths don’t want the same for our family as they do. NEWSFLASH, we waan go big school, drive nice car too, we would like ac in our house, we want our mother retire young and yes we want to be rich, there, I said it, Vybz Kartel want Ghetto people to be rich. Babylon, deal with it.

Society, likes to blame us poor people for Jamaica’s weak economy. Not true, not fair. The only thing I have heard creative where government is concerned is how to increase and make new taxes. That does not make sense, in fact, there is a term for it - we have a regressive tax system where the poor is forced to bear the biggest burden and the rich keep getting away. They recently tried to tax patty and pad hard. Rich man don’t eat patty for lunch and rich ladies shop in foreign. Our government so good at taxing, they found a way to tax Jamaicans overseas by putting over a 100% levy on calls coming in on a landline, even the US companies begged for us but our government said no, tax them.

The Custom’s Department just celebrated 7.7 billion dollars in collections above the 98 billion they projected for 2010. Now, say what they want, we know most of that money come from people who work overseas and struggle to send little things for their families or our Informal Commercial Importers or “higglers’ who hustle little buying and selling. The tax man now open an informer line and stop people from travelling over taxes which is confusing because if you want a deejay to pay his tax bill, why prevent him from earning money to pay you Mr. Taxman? How does that make sense? How you punish a man for not paying his bills and then kill his livelihood at the same time? You sure you not trying to kill his livelihood and using the tax issue as a cover? Pon the Gaza, we don’t take anything Babylon do simple, them always preeing the Dollar Sign, so we say Ghetto people must pree it to.

I am not naïve, I know a country needs taxes to run but have we not gone too far when we want to tax patty and women “necessaries?” We know that without vision the people perish and trust me, poor people perishing really bad every day. We pree the real numbers pon the Gaza, our debt (poor people never borrow any of it) is over 125% of our GDP, put it another way, we owe at least a 1/4 more than what our economy produces. Congratulations Jamaicans, even though the bank never lend you any money, you owe more than $500,000 per person when you divide the total debt of Jamaica by its population. Hence, every man, woman and child even the baby on his mother’s breast, born half of a million dollar in the hole. By the way, in case you never know majority of that debt is what Society used to bail out their rich friends when their businesses failed and could not pay back the bank. When poor people can’t pay back the bank, bailiff come to take your things – so the thing set Jamaica.(N,B. PATOIS INTENTIONAL)



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asha makka :
Posted by asha makka | June 15, 2011 2:10 PM

kartel a try manipulate and undermind ghetto people when you robbed all the little young youth them around n elevate yourself off the whole empier your living poison to society go erase yourself n your double standard book

Posted by Anonymous | June 15, 2011 4:18 PM

You are a wise man apart from the thing people say about you are speaking up for all the poor and needy people out there not only for jamaicans but for the world.... thanks you addi

Posted by Anonymous | June 15, 2011 4:32 PM

bull sh*t man stop trying to fool black people

Posted by observer | June 15, 2011 7:44 PM

wow,,,we fight even education as black people. Like him or not (and I dont) at least he is speaking up against social ills. Who are we helping when we come on these sites and criticize entertainers? I bun fire serious fire on him when he is wrong but lets not be ignorant and hate on something progressive. Thats plain stupid. Thanks for the information, Kartel. I wish we could see more of this from you and not the other waste time.

j mobz:
Posted by j mobz | June 15, 2011 10:46 PM

the man aint saying nothing wrong but coming from this man is trash

Posted by boss | June 15, 2011 10:54 PM

bwoy if kartel a speak up for u, then good for u, but that nigga aint talking nuttn that make sence!!! him tek ghetto ute fi fassyhole

Posted by Vanessa | June 16, 2011 12:25 AM

If any one thinks that this is fooling poor people or black people, then unnh deserve every thing the JLP/PNP government is doing to you. I am not a Kartel fan, but the truth is the truth Kartel now you see who Jamaica really is even when you try to educate them about their own situation dem sell you out, Jamaican people for the most part are weak sell outs. Bruce Golding fi season him shit inna curry an give unnh fi eat wid some rice and peas and a 10 pack sell out fools dats why Jamaica can't and wont change. Kartel left dem inna dem bang a rang ya

Posted by Ugly | June 16, 2011 2:20 PM

Yow gaza or gully...a real ting d man a talk...u don't afi like d man personally but a real talk...all who a chat a bag a foolishness bout dem a comment jus naïve,stupid,dunce,iliterate and all the othr synonyms that go with it...ignorant to..

Posted by Anonymous | June 16, 2011 4:05 PM

Rhatid...Instead of being glad that someone a stand for poor people,,,unu ,,,still a fight...bwoy mi neva go big school but u people seem more educated than me but u acting like JLP/PNP. It dont matter wat one party to do, good or bad unu support it sake a brainwash. This ya word is fi ghetto people..mi respect anyone who stand up fi we,,,cos we a suffer...stop worry bout kartel and him personal life that is fi him business...Kartel nor Bruce or Portia can tell me fi bleach...that is a personal choice...Poor People mi sey whether dem is Gully or Gaza,,,when a man wrong him wrong when him right him is right

real ting:
Posted by real ting | June 16, 2011 8:34 PM

Jah know Kartel yu a nuh my artist which i dont ave nothing against you,i love your music,i am a alliance,gully fan....but youth you speaks the truth,wish some of these artist come together and see what the jamaican government is all about,ghetto ppl nuh ave nuh talk,rich ppl sey a pure loud noise we the ghetto ppl meck a night time and dem ca sleep,them na look and see sey a our means of surviving,again kartel well said,truth a truth,gwaan spill the beans...

Posted by anancydaddy | June 17, 2011 10:18 AM

Mr. Palmer, the biggest snag in this our beautiful society is not “them” its “us”, its not “you” its “me”, it’s me that prevents me from excelling!

One writer spoke about what he submits as the ‘Ant Philosophy’, the ant never quits, if they are going somewhere and you stop them they look for another way, and how long will they look, until they find it, or die! The ant think winter all summer…they are always in a hurry! Therefore as a people we need to change our attitude and how we view the system focus on ourselves.
According to Ian Thomas in his book entitled ‘The Dead Yard’ writes, “reading seriously, at any age, is often associated with reading for examinations”. Isn’t this very heartbreaking? ‘Readers are leaders’, hence if we do not value education and adapt an ant state of mind we will but pass away.
If we will only change our attitude as Jamaicans of the ghetto, we will see a drastic change in socio-economic status. Lets move away from blaming “Babylon”, “them”, “the system” and whomever we are pointing fingers at for our catastrophes. Ghetto people are too sluggish and frivolous, we cannot party all day and all night and expect to be rich…it doesn’t work that way, lets stop blaming others and lets go work on us!

And note to self Mr. Palmer, “Music is a very serious business in Jamaica, influencing every aspect of life from dress to speech”.
Thomson, Ian (2011). The Dead Yard: A Story of Modern Jamaica (p. 5).

Posted by REALTALK | June 17, 2011 1:49 PM

You can hate the messenger but this is a clear cut summary of how the Jamaican population is manipulated and trick on a year to year basis. . . the fact that what some of your comments says, tells me a lot of you seems to deserve it or worst to be stupid enough to not want progress!!!

Posted by jojo | June 17, 2011 2:51 PM

why should i listen to this perverted, american wanna-be, bleached out fool.

Posted by Raggy | June 17, 2011 10:27 PM

People wake up, how long onno ago mek addi fool onno.weh him a seh tru,but yu think him sincere?onno think him give a dam bout ghetto people,him only caa fi himself,family and him gunman fren who a watch him head back.
mek mi show onno something,why so much artist a leave gaza?ansaw, dem a get much people colud not tel lie.
jus go pon yutube an listen merrital family, talk bout dem plight inna gaza, dem haffi cut fi enhance dem self,cause down to dem royalty fi dem song weh dem fi collect, dem hear seh addi greed palmer sign up fi it an a collect.
dem echo wah cory seh, di artist dem ah jus him toy, wen him feel like him put down a artist, no music, no a release fi dem,yet wen him si you him a hail up, an laugh like everything good,an yu fi gwaan like everything good too.
notice fi a while wi neva ah hear nutten from vinci,a popcaan him put a front inna ryno space, wen vinci deh deh before him, cause vinci a no press button, corn,storm dem a ah yes man.
plus merrital seh di man no waan nobody reach him levels or pass him, so dat hole tru, him a trykeep down vinci, cause a him a di only real artist in deh, (apart from slim,she hav nice voice).
right now too wen last nobody hear no song from indu,ah suffer she a suffer deh now.merrital family seh right now artist deh inna gaza a dead fi hungry, an only ah talk behind kartel back, dem waan left an fraid.
kartela user,himbus a artist,dem dem wok off dem ass, an him jus collect, a slavery ting,hear vinci seh him madda stil a suffer.den wehhim ready him kick dem weh like lisa an use di controversy fi bus a nex artist,notice a so him ah bus artist, as one gone , 1 born.
so if him a threat him own a artist dem so, a ghetto people him cata fah?who him can fool.him an jps an di politician dem a di same ting.

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