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Dj Sunshine is still in the "Heart of the Party"

sunshine_heart_of_the_party_video.jpgDJ Sunshine is at it again, this time she is making big waves with her latest single and video Heart of the Party.

The video which was directed by Karl Durrant on the Stashment Records label has made big inroads since it was premiered on OnStage a few weeks ago. The video made its debut on CVM’s Hitlist in the number two position, it is also enjoying rotation on major telvision local cable channels.

Commenting on the success of the video, DJ Sunshine says she is pleased that the song and video has been embraced by music lovers.

“Honestly, even I am surprised that it made its debut on the chart one spot away from the top spot. It just goes to show that when if you take the time to do something right, it will pay off,” she said giving credit to the creative team she worked with on the video.

In Heart of the Party is DJ Sunshine as you have never seen her. A fun, jazzy effort the video depicts Sunshine kicking back with her crew and indeed showing that she is the heart of the party. In the video Sunshine totally abandons her disc jock persona and ‘bruck out’.

Heart of the Party is all about flossing, having fun and throwing away all inhibitions! This is made clear in one scene where Sunshine put on some sensuous moves in a skimpy outfit. “I wanted the sense of fun to come across in the video…after all that’s what the music should be about,” commented Sunshine on her latest effort.

“What can I say, the title says it all ‘heart of the party’ - and to be that there must be a lot of vibes and fun involved,” the Irie FM disc jock teased.

Heart of the Party has been receiving a lot of hits on YouTube and the promoter/producer/deejay/disc jock can’t wait to get busy on other projects.

“There definitely will be no holding back. I have a lot more to bring to the table…so watch out!” promised Sunshine.