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May 31, 2011

Vybz Kartel: "Jamaica Will Not Be The Same After This Book Is Released"

"Voice of the Ghetto: Social Commentary For My People"

In the midst of all the noise regarding nightclubs and threats, ace dancehall artiste, Vybz Kartel announced today that he will be publishing a book to be released in the summer.

vybz_kartel_book_voice_of_the_ghetto.jpgKartel stated that the book has been in the making for over two years and has finally come to fruition. As a surprise to many, the intended release date of the book is July 23, 2011 on Haile Selassie's Earthstrong but may push it forward as he thinks there is a move to discredit his book before it is even released. This is due to some recent statements he has been hearing in the media from persons trying to derail his career and destroy his character.

"I think there was leak regarding some content of the book, the book is very potent, Jamaica simply cannot and will not be the same after this book is released," explained Kartel.

Unlike other books penned by other Dancehall artistes, this book will not be about Adidja Palmer's life or a glorified story based on a ficticous character. Instead, the book is titled "Voice of the Ghetto (or Gaza if you prefer) - Social Commentary for My People" which is an in depth look at ghetto life in
Jamaica through Kartel's eyes, the historical causes for how Jamaica got into the problems it now has and some suggestions from Kartel on how to improve the plight of the ghetto that may astonish many.

Though the book is not about Kartel's life, it will serve to "Crack the Kartel Code" as the world will finally get to know the thoughts of one of the most captivating and mysterious personalities ever to come out of Jamaica.

"People always wonder why Kartel does the things he does? What was he thinking when he sang that song or made that statement? Where does he get his point of view from? All of my thoughts will be unveiled so if you think you knew Kartel, you will be surprised when I introduce myself to the world through this book," Kartel stated.

Lyrics and mp3

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Baba Dee Tun Up Di Swag At Expression Thurdayz & Bounty Sundayz

Baba_dee_selector_dancehall.jpgDancehall underground selector Baba Dee who's known to normally give fans a night to remember whenever or wherever he plays turns out to be more than just a night to remember when he played last week at Expression Thursdays alongside the mighty Fire Links. After ravishing Expression Thurdays, Baba Dee next stop was at the popular Bounty Sundayz held at the Village Café.

Listed as one of the best underground selectors it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, for Baba Dee to earn encores after encores as simple as telling a child to recite his/her ABC. Baba Dee had the Bounty Sundayz audience on a high the moment he started his energetic selection which “tun up di swag levels” especially whenever he plays songs by Bounty Killer or the Gully Gad.

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Barbee's all grown up; video with Trina sizzles


Singer Barbie is currently in Jamaica on a promotional blitz that has seen her getting connected with media and fans as she unveils her latest offering -- the completed video for Come See About Me, featuring US rapper, Trina.

Perhaps the one thing that is most striking about Barbee (let’s forget her derriere for a minute) is the fact that she has matured so much as an artiste and is totally focused on her career and on being a good role model. She is steadily meeting her goals and the Come See About Me video is testament to this fact.

Shot on location in LA, the video is clean, full of energy, overflowing with a glitzy wardrobe, beautiful bodies and a bit of passion.

“The video shoot was a lot of fun,” Barbee recalled. “Trina was just fabulous, the dancers strutted their stuff and the leading man was a dream to work with. The video director is amazing and all the elements combined to produce a quality video that we can all be proud of,” the reggae singer said.

Lyrics and mp3

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I-Octane will not be performing at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival on June 19th

ioctane_new_look_reggae.jpgThis serves to advise the public that despite popular opinion and present promotions, I-Octane will not be performing at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival on June 19th. Though I-Octane had endorsed the show at some point, he was not aware of any negotiations for him to perform as he had not received any contract or deposit. Unknown to the artiste, negotiations had indeed been underway and a contract had been signed and a deposit received, but all this was done by a third party who does not represent I-Octane. I-Octane's team did not become aware of these negotiations until last week. This third party has also negotiated for another music festival of which the artiste has no knowledge. As soon as I-Octane's team was made aware of the situation, they contacted the promoter of the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival to try and rectify the situation. Unfortunately, they were unable to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement, and as a result, the artiste will not be a part of this year's staging of the event. I-Octane wishes to inform all his fans that he has several more performances for the summer and he hopes to see them there. He would also like to advise promoters to beware of unscrupulous parties claiming to represent artistes.

I-Octane will travel to St. Croix and St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, June 3rd and 4th to deliver two more energetic and unforgettable performances.

While completing his 'My Life' tour, the hardworking singjay continues to dedicate much of his time to developing his craft and putting out music that will inspire, educate, and encourage his fans.

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May 30, 2011

Mr Vegas Donates Wheel Chair To Angella After She Was Shot & Crippled


Kingston Jamaica- PR Jamaica Entertainment: A gruesome act some 15 years ago have left 38 year-old Angella Green wheelchair bound. Recounting the incident to Mr. Vegas, Angella talked of how she was walking along London Avenue in Portmore on that unforgettable night, when she was pounced upon by a man brandishing a gun. The gun-toting man was soon joined by a taxi driver, and they both took her to some bushes in the Portmore community where she was raped.

After being raped she recall the gun-toting man telling her to run, and being scared and frightened from the encounter she began to run. Angella remembered being shot in the shoulder, the ribs, and then the spine, after which she fell to the ground. Her attacker then walked over to her and gave her one last shot to the head.

Evidence of her encounter is still quite clear some 15 years later. Angella Green is wheelchair bound, with a bullet still lodged in her head and the scars from the other bullets still tell a daunting tale.

However, Angella has yet to give up hope and from time to time several Good Samaritans still show compassion and kindness. The latest to do so was dancehall sing-jay Mr. Vegas.

Lyrics and mp3

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Sean Kingston Critically Injured in Jet Ski Accident

By USmagazine

Sean_kingston_jet_ski_crash_bike.jpgSean Kingston was involved in a Jet Ski accident Sunday, his rep confirmed to Us Weekly.

The 21-year-old singer was driving the watercraft that apparently crashed when it went under a small bridge at about 6 p.m., CNN reported. A female passenger on board was also injured.

By early Monday morning, Lauren Ceradini, Vice President of publicity at Epic Records, told CNN, "Sean is stabilized" and refuted online claims he was dead.

Hip-hop singer Trav visited Kingston in the hospital and told the site: "He is good in stable condition."

"[Sean] and his family thank everyone for the well wishes," his rep told Us.

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DownSound Drops Fantan Mojah Again


Several years ago reggae artiste Fantan Mojah walked out of his management contract with DownSound Records to trod the rocky road on his own. However after a few months the artiste career was erased from off the local scene. Earlier this year Fantan Mojah teamed up once again with his old management team but according to a statement received on the behalf of DownSound Records it stated that they are no longer managing Fantan Mojah.

You can read the statement below

Fantan Mojah begged the company to take him back. After a year of solicitation DownSound decided to move forward with extreme caution especially in the light of all the nonsense he said some 7 years ago. We have recorded some songs over the past few months and they are getting favorable play in the dance hall and on radio. The company has extended it's hand to Mojah introducing him to it's marketing staff in the US and in Europe and have done a comprehensive marketing plan designed to get him into the international market as a headline act and more importantly to arena type venues that frequent the likes of Eminem and Jay Z. However, after further discussion and general observation DownSound has decided to no longer do business with Mojah. It seems that he has fallen back into his old ways of listening to ignorant voices steering him away from professional and transparent business practice. The future of Reggae is far to important of a commodity to jeopardize with continued none sense, continued negativity and in the case of Mojah, illiteracy. DownSound will not be a part of that.

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May 28, 2011

Vybz Kartel: "Your Best Friend Can Turn Out To Be Your Worse Enemy"

By Vybz Kartel



Many of you have heard or seen the recent accusations made by my former associates in the past few weeks. I don’t know why all of these individuals, think the most appropriate action to take after a philosophical difference occurs is to go to the press and attack me.

I can only say that I am reminded of Bob Marley’s admonishments when he said man is so unjust, you don’t know who to trust…your best friend can turn out to be your worst enemy…I shall say no more, other than who the cap fit, mek them wear it. I am issuing this statement because I think these accusations are due to a breach of confidentiality as certain individuals got wind of my upcoming projects and initiatives and they know they can’t stop me without resorting to underhanded tactics.

See Jamaica, Vybz Kartel has been carrying a secret for a very long time and I think it is time that I reveal it before persons try to derail the projects that I have put together by continuing to make false reports about me in their attempt to have me muzzled. Two years ago, I had an epiphany whilst on stage. I saw thousands of people screaming for Kartel, jumping up and down, listening to ever word that I uttered on stage, it was like the people were eating out of the palm of my hands. At that moment, something strange came over me, as I heard the people screaming for more, I suddenly realized that my calling was to be more than a Deejay.

I realized that the people were not eating out my hands but they wanted to hear Kartel speak because finally somebody was telling their story in a profound no holds barred manner. Whether I was addressing sexuality, poverty, police brutality, injustice,the trials and tribulations of the ghetto I was finally giving ghetto people a voice - a big voice like society never heard before.

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Let The Count Down To ATI Begin!

ati_logo_negril_jamaica.jpgATI is the longest ruling party series in Negril, celebrating a historic 10 years. For the promoters of the stalwart event, the next decade will be just as great. Across the board, all seven ATI events, including veterans Stages and Pretty in Pink, were a success in terms of vibes, patronage and production. This year patrons can expect the same quality from Friday July 29 to Monday August 1.

Absolute member, Bobby Chantrelle explained that there would be eight parties and a whole new concept that looks forward to the future of partying in Negril. He said, “We’ve brought on some new events including Miami’s #1 party - Naked. We’ve brought on the top party from Western Jamaica, ‘Officially Diagnosed.’ Also we’ve brought on Kingston fastest growing party, ‘Smudge’. Plus, on Monday August 1 we’re going to have a sound clash called ‘Heatwave.’”

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O'Neil Jason Charles Edwards - Higher and Higher

O%27Neil%20Jason%20Charles%20Edwards_voicemail.jpgMay 08, 1974 - May 26, 2010 - When he sang the words “Mr. Wacky is gone but his dancing lives on”, O’Neil Edwards could ever have known that his end would be equally tragic. He was named O’Neil Jason Charles Edwards at birth, an event that took place on May 8, 1974. One of ten siblings, O’Neil’s five sisters and four brothers knew that music would be the road he would take from early in their lives.

He was destined to be in the music business, following in the footsteps of his father, well-known Jamaican recording artiste and producer Rupee Edwards. The performance and production of music was a part of O’Neil’s early life as he watched his father, heard the sounds, felt the excitement of the music business and decided this was what he wanted to do.

Even as he was making a decent living as an entrepreneur, the music business called out to O’Neil. Confident of his ability and determined to succeed, he joined with his neighbourhood friends, Jerome "Craig "Jackson, Kevin Blaire, Robert Manning and Leonardo Grant to form a multi-talented group of singers. It was 1999, and the new century was to bring a round of success for the brand new group Voicemail.

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May 27, 2011

Jahvinci - "I Am No Longer Managed By Vybz Kartel"

jahvinci_quit_gaza_member.jpgRecently Vybz Kartel and his business partner Corey Todd part ways because of personal differences between the two...However, the latest Gaza member to quit is dancehall singjay Jahvinci. In a statement sent to various media outlets Portmore Empire singer stated that it's not his intention to re-sign a booking or recording contract with the Portmore Empire.


"I want the world to know that I am no longer managed by Vybz Kartel and the Portmore Empire..."In all honesty, it was a great learning experience but the BEST decision is for me to move on given the musical direction that the Empire has been moving in for quite some time. I appreciate the support that Vybz Kartel has given me as a mentor but at this stage in my career, I want to move in a different creative direction with my choice in management. I will now be managed by Corey Todd, and my road manager will be Milla 9."

"There were certain things going on in the Empire that I did not agree or condone but all that is in the past I am excited about the possibilities and I know that this is the start of a great journey in my career. I want to deliver my message of peace and unity to my reggae fans. I have to keep moving forward no matter the obstacles that stand in front of me," the statement said.

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Watch The Story Behind The Story: Corey Todd's Fallout With Vybz Kartel


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Teflon Speaks His Mind With "Squeeze"

Teflon & King Shango To Shoot Video For Same Struggle

teflon_capleton_same_struggle.jpgTeflon and King Shango will be shooting the video from their hit "Same Struggle" within the next few weeks. The video will be directed by Robin Chin from Enhanced Realizm Studios Limited.

The song produced by "Bread Back" has hit the charts and has been received internationally with an overwhelming positive feedback.

"A different day...same struggle, Always try your best....'cause that struggle never goes". We can all relate to those powerful lyrics, no matter where we are in the world, different class, creed or even religious we all have our struggles and those words will serve as inspiration.

In the meantime Teflon has been gearing up for upcoming local and international shows while spending most of his time in the studio. He has chosen to share some of his latest releases with his fans to show his appreciation and love for all their support.

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May 26, 2011

Star Bwoy Mavado Rules The #1 Spot On Hype TV Chart


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Tarrus Riley's Love Scars Tackles Heartbreak

tarrus_riley_love_scars_reggae.jpgA failed relationship can in most cases cause severe heartbreak. That is the essence of Tarrus Riley's brand new single Love Scars which was produced by Roshaun ‘Bay C' Clarke of Bombrush Records.

This is the third time that Riley has teamed up with Clarke. One of their previous collaborations yielded the thought provoking Shaka Zulu Pickney a few months ago.

Riley who is known for his healing and message music, said it was necessary for him to convey his thoughts on Love Scars. In a release to the media, Riley outlined his reasons.

"I felt it was important to tackle a subject of this nature. It is real because there are a lot of people walking around with different love scars. Sometimes relationships end on a bad note and it leaves emotional scars, so this song is real and relevant," said Riley.

Riley had previously tackled a similar subject matter on the single Start Anew which was well-received by the public three years ago.

Lyrics and mp3

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May 25, 2011

Vybz Kartel & Corey Todd's Business Relationship Generates Over 10 Million Monthly

vybz_kartel_cake_soap_box_picture.jpgVybz Kartel then business partner Corey Todd reveals that his partnership between himself and Vybz Kartel generates over 10 million dollars each month. Mr. Todd also dismissed Vybz Kartel's statement to the press last night that both of them had "a cordial business and personal relationship to date".

"That statement is a pack of lies, why would I prematurely end a business relationship when it was generating over 10 million a month? Why would I be willing to walk away from a "relationship" of that magnitude if it were so cordial and so good? Kartel cannot call me a liar and hide behind polite words, I know the truth about who you really are," Todd said.

Todd went on to say that he just wants the world to know one thing.

"If anything happens to me, they should know where to look, that's it," he said.

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Jah Snowcone and the Dubtonic Kru Cook up the Susumba Riddim

susumba_riddim_snow_cone.jpgNew York, NY: Platinum-selling producer Rohan "Jah Snowcone" Fuller has joined forces with 'Global Battle of the Bands' winner Dubtonic Kru for his latest musical stew the 'Susumba Riddim.' The savory one-drop rhythm features the Dubtonic Kru, roots Reggae warriors Nazine, Nesbeth, Nature, and Faya Star, versatile Gully Squad deejay Savage, and Reggae sirens Sophia Squire and Chantelle Ernandez.

The Susumba riddim is reminiscent of the bass and guitar driven rifts that elevated bands like the Wailers and Culture from local musicians to international icons in the 1970s. Named 2010-2011 'best new band of the year,' Dubtonic Kru brings back an organic sound that is rare, and sorely missed, among the computerized 'island hop' sounds that have invaded Reggae/Dancehall over the past few years.

"I want to bring the Reggae and Dancehall back into Jamaican music; over the past few years, the sound has become watered down and drowned out," says Jah Snowcone, best known for producing Sean Paul's Billboard topping hit "Temperature." "The Susumba riddim has that REAL Reggae sound. That sound that reminds us of what Reggae music is all about."

"Come Together" - Dubtonic Kru
"Natural Love" - Nazine
"Badness" - Savage
"Sweet Reggae" - Sophia Squire

Lyrics and mp3

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May 24, 2011

Alaine Takes Over The #1 Spot From Nesbeth

OutAroad Weekly Top Ten Reggae Chart


01 (02) (07) Alaine -- Your Are Me - 1 Thirty 1 Records

02 (01) (10) Nesbeth -- A Nuh Suh Mi Want Live - Jan Biggs Production - (1wk@#1)

03 (04) (08) Ikaya -- Hard Way - Out A Road Records

04 (05) (06) Queen I-frica -- In Times Like These - 2 Hard Music

05 (06) (06) Romain Virgo -- Taking You Home – Penthouse

06 (07) (05) Buju Banton -- Innocent - Gargamel Music

07 (08) (05) Stevie Face -- Thank You For Loving Me - Penthouse

08 (09) (03) Protoje ft Ki-mani Marley -- Rasta Love - Don Corleon

09 (03) (11) Chuck Fenda -- Good Man In Your Life – Penthouse - (2wks@#1)

10 (NEW) (0) Etana -- People Talk - VP Records


1 Vybz Kartel -- Yea Though I Walk – Human Rights Production

2 Tiana -- Don’t Trust Dem - CashFlow Records

3 Sophia Squire -- Nature Calling - Tremor Maddanize/Bredrocmusic

4 Anthony Cruz -- Only The Father - John John/Shan Shan

5 Colin Levy -- Lover's Holiday - Kings of Kings

Lyrics and mp3

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May 23, 2011

Mavado Gets Bail - Vybz Kartel Responds to Corey Todd's statement


Mavado was released from jail today after posting station bail in the sum of 50,000. Mavado who's charged with malicious destruction of property will appear in court on June 9 along with several other members of his entourage.

Vybz Kartel Responds to Corey Todd's statement

Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel responded to a statement that was published earlier today on this website courtesy of his business partner Corey Todd…In the release Mr. Todd stated that "I cannot be associated with or do business with someone I don't trust. Kartel and I haven't seen eye to eye in a while, and late last week, after a disagreement, he threatened me on the phone because I "refused to tek chat".

Vybz Kartel however disapproves of making any such comments about or towards Corey.

"It has come to my attention that rumors have been circulating that I have made certain disparaging remarks about and towards Mr. Corey Todd. I must state that nothing could be farther from the truth. Mr. Todd and I have had a cordial business and personal relationship to date. However, we have reached a point in our professional journey where we are going in different directions and consequently we will be wrapping up our business relationship. I wish Cory the best in all his future endeavors."

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Vybz Kartel Still At #1 With Cake Soap Top 20 Hot Singles Chart


TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 01 - (12) Vybz Kartel - Cake Soap - Adidjaheim/Notnice - (2wks@#1)

02 - 03 - (14) D-Major, Busy Signal & Richie Loop - Scikron Entertainment

03 - 05 - (12) Mavado - Warn Dem - Dj Frass Production

04 - 02 - (14) I-Octane Nuh Love Inna Dem - Cashflow Records - (3wks@#1)

05 - 06 - (14) Tiana - Cant Talk Bad Bout Mi - D&H/SubKonshus

06 - 04 - (14) Konshens - Gal Dem Ahh Talk - D&H/SubKonshus - (peaked@#4)

07 - 08 - (13) Shaggy ft Alaine - For Your Eyes Only - Ki-Licious Music

08 - 10 - (07) Vybz Kartel - Dancehall Hero - ZJ Chrome

09 - 09 - (10) Demarco - I Love My Life - Star Kutt Pro

10 - 07 - (14) I-Octane - Puff It - Cashflow Records - (peaked@#2)

11 - 12 - (07) Mavado - Star Bwoy – Chimney

12 - 15 - (06) Chan Dizzy - Strange Face -- Head Concussion

13 - 14 - (10) Aidonia - Jack Hammer -- Equinoxx Production

14 - 16 - (04) Aidonia - Nuh Tek Chat (Bad People) - ZJ Chrome

15 - 18 - (03) Tifa - Move Yuh Body - ZJ Chrome

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Rihanna & Britney Spears' Share Steamy Kiss During Their Billboard Music Awards Performance


Lyrics and mp3

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Vybz Kartel & His Business Partner Corey Todd Split

vybz_kartel_corey_todd_split.jpg In a press release sent to by Vybz Kartel business partner Corey Todd...He stated that he will no longer be conducting businesses with Vybz Kartel due to alleged treats made against his life.

Below is a copy of Todd's press release

American businessman Corey Todd has chosen to immediately dissolve his business partnership with Adidja Palmer a.k.a Vybz Kartel in the wake of alleged threats made against Todd's life.

"I cannot be associated with or do business with someone I don't trust. Kartel and I haven't seen eye to eye in a while, and late last week, after a disagreement, he threatened me on the phone because I "refused to tek chat". I don't take kindly to threats against me and my family, and I have contacted my lawyers and the relevant authorities to deal with this issue immediately," Todd said.

"I am my own man, I have never worked for Vybz Kartel, I helped to build his career, but I was never about the division in music, or his need to pigeonhole everything as Gaza or not Gaza. I don't understand the creative direction he's moving in with regards to his image or his music. I don't know this new Vybz Kartel, I haven't known him for quite a while. Enough is enough. I wish him the best with his career," Todd said.

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May 22, 2011

Mavado Behind Bars


The Gully Squad leader Mavado was jailed last night by the St. Ann's police after several members of his entourage got into a bloody confrontation with a delivery man. It is understood that the incident was reported to the police…within less than an hour the law officers arrested Mavado, it is not sure if members of his entourage were detained as well.

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Cherine reunites with Chuck Fenda on hot new duet - "Call On Me"

chuck_fender_cherine_call_on_me.jpgDancehall Soul Queen Cherine and Chuck Fenda "The Living Fire" have done it again. They are two of Jamaica's best talents and have teamed up to release a sizzling new hit single "Call On Me". The track is produced by Unga Notice for Desires Production and is poised to do very well in the coming months.

Cherine's sultry and soulful voice combined with Chuck Fenda's melodic tone gives "Call On Me" a unique sound that only these two could have created. "Call On Me" as the title suggests is a song that encourages lovers to rely on each other, and celebrates real love. The song is perfect for lovers.

Since their massive reggae hit "Coming Over", fans and supporters have been asking for another collaboration. According to Cherine "since our hit "Coming Over", we talked about doing another song together but we've both been really busy so it just took longer than we expected". Chuck Fenda added that "we had to respond to the people, the people in the streets a ask for another Fenda and Cherine tune so wi jus a give the people what them ask for". Both singers agreed that going in studio to record "Call On Me" was just majic and felt like they were continuing where they left off with "Coming Over". It seems like the hit-making chemistry of the two singers has not been lost as all the radio and sound system DJs as well a select group of fans who previewed the track last week are all very excited about its release.

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Exclusive: "Heart Of The Party" - Sunshine


Lyrics and mp3

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May 20, 2011

Richie Loop & Chris Martin Already Creating The "Summer Spazz"

Richie_chris_martin_summer_spazz_song.jpgLast summer the Buzz was 'My Cupp,' from newbie Richie Loop from the Scikron Entertainment camp, this year the summer fever has again hit this talented artist and producer, has he managed to officially team up with label mate Chris Martin for a fresh new track entitled 'Summer Spazz.'


Summer Spazz, written by Richard 'Richie Loop' Webb, Christopher Martin and Robert Livingston comes at the start of what is presenting itself to be a busy entertainment season for Jamaicans, with an influx of events on every social calendar. The track which was composed and produced by Richie Loop is what music lovers considers to be a 'Happy' rhythm, and as such listeners should feel the need to have fun, and enjoy themselves. "My aim has always been to make fun loving music, and i am happy i am getting a chance to do it once more, 'My Cupp' started it all 'Party Like Your Birthday' then 'All I Really Know' and recently 'What Yuh Thinking', and now 'Summer Spazz', they are tracks for the clubs, parties and any event where people intends to have fun," said Richie Loop.

Lyrics and mp3

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UK Waiting For I-Octane

ioctane_jamaica.jpgI-Octane’s busy summer continues as the artiste once again prepares to leave the island to travel the world with his music. This time he journeys to England where he will have two shows, one in Birmingham on Friday, May 20th and then again on Sunday, May 22nd in London. The singer will then return to Jamaica for a few days before flying to Miami on May 29th for the much anticipated show "Best of the Best" of which he is one of the headliners.

In the interim, I-Octane continues to work on his debut album which is set to be released near the end of the summer. The first single "Crying to the nations" was released two weeks ago and is currently garnering heavy rotation worldwide. It was recorded at Tuff Gong studios with live instruments which contributes to it's authentic reggae sound. The harmony was produced by Dean Fraser while the renowned Robert Livingston of Big Yard acts as executive producer.

I-Octane is set to have a blazing hot summer and he is excited for his fans to see all that he has in store for them.

Lyrics and mp3

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May 19, 2011

Queen Ifrica remains on top for a second Week - Hype TV Dancehall Chart


Lyrics and mp3

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Konshens Enjoys Shooting Forward on the Buss Stop Riddim


From the busy business district of New Kingston to the hustle and bustle of the Downtown Kingston arcade, up to the lofty heights of Long Mountain, deejay Konshens took to the streets with his video crew to shoot footage for the single Forward.

The Cash Flow-produced song, which has been enjoying heavy rotation on radio, has made its way onto various charts, and has now become one of the most in-demand tunes in the dancehall. Interestingly, the term 'forward' has taken on new life and energy, in direct response to the impact of the song.

According to Konshens, “Everybody keeps asking me when I am going to do the video, so I just assembled a team and hit the road. It was a great shoot. The video director had some crazy ideas and we brought them to life … so now we are just moving Forward.”

His face lit up as he recalled the vibe as the team travelled along Mannings Hill Road and then went into the Arcade, where they were welcomed … not mobbed.

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Baby Chris Heads to London next month

baby_chris_car_video_jamaica_reggae.jpg5 Stars Recording Inc. artiste Baby Chris continues to generate excellent spins on several Caribbean radio stations in the USA with his 'What Did I Do' single.

After completing a whirlwind press junket in Jamaica a few weeks ago, Baby Chris travelled to the US, doing promotions and live performances and building his fan base. The response has been phenomenal so far

"He has been in the studio day and night diligently working on tracks of an international reggae pop album we've entitled 'Born Cwagg' off the Label 5Stars Recording Inc.," Clifton Lawrence, the artiste's manager said in a release.

He has been on a blitz of radio promotions on stations such as Royal Radio, LinkageRadio, Melow Radio, Rightvibes Radio, Mature Radio, HotlineRadio, Power 105, and Hot97. That activity appears to be paying off. The single got added to the playlist of six major urban stations in the United States over the weekend, racking up a total of more than 600 spins in the past ten days.

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May 18, 2011

Risto Benji Killed By Gunman

By Sekret Agent Writer

Micheal Benjamin more popularly known as Risto Benji was killed last night (May 17 2011) in Church Pen otherwise known as Vietnam (St. Catherine)

According to police reports Risto who was relaxing on the outside of a house in the community was gunned down about minutes to 10pm by an unknown assailant who riddled his body with multiple gunshot wounds…Benji died on the spot. The St. Catherine Police has yet to establish a motive for this brutal attack.

Risto Benji was once the talk of the town in the early 90s with songs such Passport Buddy Fi Di Visa Punny and Gun John Crow.


Risto later went on to collaborate with several other top gunz such as Ninja Man on the track titled Pepper It Pepper and another with Beenie Man called Mama Cry. On this track Beenie Man chants, "mama inna room a cry and papa tell har fi wipe har eye...shi put har hand pon har head and everyday mama sid dung one-side and sid dung and wonder why dem affi kill entertainers...yuh nuh hear dem kill one more a I man deejay bredda.

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Chezidek plots European tour dates

Releases video for Secret singles, and new management

Chezidek_reggae_artiste.jpgPerennial roots reggae singer Chezidek hits the right notes with his latest single Secret Enemy. The song has been enjoying widespread attention on Jamaican and European radio stations.

Released on the Sensitive Promotion label, Secret Enemy is a poignant warning for persons to be careful of the type of friends that they associate with.

An accompanying music video directed by Asha McHail was recently completed. The video effectively captures the message relayed in the song’s lyrical content.

With stirring images and effective camera angle, the clip showcases Chezidek in the role of a story teller, while various characters bring the storyline to life.

Chezidek, who has carved out a strong following on European shores where he is in consistent demand for appearances, topped the Jamaican music charts a few years ago with the mellow Leave the Trees single.

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Getting To Know Ryan Oniel

ryan_oneil_dancehall_famemous.jpgEver since his debut single "Dreaming" in 1990 on the Oasis record label, Ryan Oniel has captured the listening ears of music lovers with his smooth velvet voice. Ryan's musical ambition was driven by a strong desire to emulate his reggae/dancehall idol, Sanchez who is considered by many as one of Jamaica's best vocalist. Further influences came from the music of Bob Marley.

Born Ryan Shaw and raised in the urban community of Kencott and later Glendale, Ryan Oniel attended Melrose all age school. After leaving school, he began working on various construction sites as a carpenter. Singing at work or during his spare time, Ryan attracted the attention of co-workers and friends alike who urged him to pursue a singing career.


Like many other dancehall singers during the 80's and 90's, Rayon Oniel, known then as Triller 'T,' began practicing his craft by singing live on "Black Magic" sound system. Impressed by his unique singing style, the owner of black magic sound took Ryan to Arrow's Recording studio where he cut several dubpates for the sound. When played in the dance, the dubpates had to be played back several times in response to the thunderous applause from the crowd. Ryan remembers singing live on the legendary sound system "Rambo Mango" international and sharing the microphone with "Ninja Ford" and the then hot dancehall crooner "Derrick Parker" whom he had met at "Aquarius Record Shop".

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May 17, 2011

Cocoa Tea To Sing For The Queen (2012 Olympics)

cocoa_tea_queen_2012_olympics.jpgPlatinum Camp's Reggae Ambassador, Cocoa Tea, is booked for the '2012 Olympics in London England. The only reggae artist requested to sing for the Queen and the entire world. When asked if he was prepared to meet Her Majesty, his only response was "I'm ready and waiting". Not only is he ready to meet the Queen, but he's also ready to meet the world press.

Cocoa Tea's new single "A Love Like Yours and Mine" is about to hit the world stage. This song is about a tender love story, which is said to be one of his finer works among hits like, "Rikers Island", "Informer", "18 and Over", "I lost My Sonia", "She Loves Me Now" to name a few. His song "Obama" became a hit and a favorite for the Obama's and among the Kenyan's during the '08 election campaign, and he is once more geared up to go back into the studio to record another song for the upcoming '2012 election as well.

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Erup first European Tour 2011

erup_flying_dancehall_pilot.jpgBillboard chart topping artiste Erup will be in Europe for the first time summer 2011 from June 1.

Erup is known for mega hits such as Click Mi Fingers, Gal Run Dem Head, Drop Down, Gun Sound, Pop The Bottle…etc.

After reaching the Billboard with the tune Click Mi finger Erup gained worldwide recognition he also appears on several stage shows locally and internationally.
His Billboard debut follows a series of #1's on reggae charts worldwide, including the BBC 1Xtra Dancehall chart (United Kingdom), the hot 96 New York Hip Hop & Reggae Charts and South Florida Reggae Charts as well as the Jamaican Music Countdown for weeks.

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May 16, 2011

Pree Dis TV Show - Tifa - Cherine - Appleton Maydaze Party & More


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Dj Lisa Hyper To Raise Funds For Ocho Rios Youth Club

lisa_hyper_charity.jpgDJ Lisa Hyper will be lending her talents to help raise funds for the Ocho Rios Police Youth Club. She will be one of the featured acts during the club's annual fund raising event in the form of a fun day on July 9, 2011 at the Priory Beach, St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann.

"When they approached me, I thought it would be a good idea to give my services because the proceeds from the event will go towards feeding the homeless in and around the town of Ocho Rios, treats to the children ward at the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital and towards various educational and environmental projects," Lisa Hyper said in a release.

The Ocho Rios Police Youth Club has embarked on a number of community-based projects which allow us to contribute meaningfully to society, and set the stage for positive growth for the youth who are our future leaders.

"We need to make this country a better place to live, work and play," she said.

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Muscle Emanuel - It's D Love - Official Video


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May 15, 2011

The Buss Out Riddim Is Here

Buss_Out_Riddim_Konshens_Tiana_gwhizz_Shawn_Storm.jpgBy J-Tymz Writer

Fams House Studio the home of recording artiste G Whizz - latest project titled the Buss Out Riddim will definitely be among the top riddims that might possible rule the Summer.

The Buss Out Riddim which was recently released is already picking up the pace in various countries and has been immediately added to several radio stations playlist in Jamaica. Meanwhile the Buss Out Riddim has also taken over the popular video sharing network YouTube along with dozens of postings in several dancehall/reggae forums and blogs.

The Buss Out Riddim features acts like G Whizz with My ShareTiana ft Konshens with Gyal Mi Love YouFormila & Supa Hype with Nu Know WeShawn Storm with Whine GyalSunshine with Watch Over MeBrain Damage with Pree MustT'Nez with Inna My LifeBum Roots with Seh A LoveTimberlee & Pretty Kitty with Come OverTanto Blacks ft Timberlee with Me Dem Want and Fambo with Party.

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May 14, 2011

T.O.K's Bay-C Responds to Kartel's Statement on Hair Extensions

tok_group_reggae_dancehall.jpgRecently the self proclaimed Dancehall Hero Vybz Kartel sent out a statement in which he addresses the gossip about his new hairstyle. However Vybz Kartel uses several other artistes as examples which states: .P.S. MAVADO, ELEPHANT MAN, MACHEL MONTANO (whose hair done by the same girl who did mine) I OCTANE T.O.K. ETC HAVE ALL HAD EXTENTION PUT IN. TALK BOUT THAT".

A few days ago I-Octane sent out a press release advising the public that he has never worn hair extensions. Bay C from TOK also responded saying, "To all who seem to be confused, TOK have NEVER worn extensions. To each his own, it's not for me to judge. Having said that let me make it clear....mi a RASTA!!! Lion of the tribe of Judah! DON'T confuse the mane of a LION with the tail of a HORSE!!! BOMBRUSH say that!!!

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Nesbeth's A Nuh So Mi Waa Live Takes Over The #1 Spot on the OutAroad Weekly Top Ten Reggae Chart

OutAroad Weekly Top Ten Reggae Chart


01 (02) (09) Nesbeth -- A Nuh Suh Mi Want Live - Jan Biggs Production

02 (05) (06) Alaine -- Your Are Me - 1 Thirty 1 Records

03 (01) (10) Chuck Fenda -- Good Man In Your Life – Penthouse - (2wks@#1)

04 (04) (07) Ikaya -- Hard Way - Out A Road Records

05 (05) (05) Queen I-frica -- In Times Like These - 2 Hard Music

06 (07) (05) Romain Virgo -- Taking You Home – Penthouse

07 (08) (04) Buju Banton -- Innocent - Gargamel Music

08 (09) (04) Stevie Face -- Thank You For Loving Me - Penthouse

09 (10) (02) Protoje ft Ki-mani Marley -- Rasta Love - Don Corleon

10 (06) (11) Busy Signal -- Comfort Zone - Penthouse - (3wks@#1)


1 Etana -- People Talk - VP Records

2 Vybz Kartel -- Yea Though I Walk – Human Rights Production

3 Tiana -- Don’t Trust Dem - CashFlow Records

4 Anthony Cruz -- Only The Father - John John/Shan Shan

5 Sophia Squire -- Nature Calling - Tremor Maddanize/Bredrocmusic

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May 13, 2011

I-Octane Rubbishes Claims of Hair Extensions

ioctane_hair_style.jpgRising superstar I-Octane has categorically denied ever putting extensions in his hair in the wake of statements made by fellow entertainer on Thursday.

"I can't control what another artiste chooses to say," I-Octane stated. "But I've been growing my locks for several years now and the people at Jus Natural in Portmore can vouch for that."

When prodded to respond about how he feels about the allegation, I-Octane made things very clear. "In this industry you come to expect that people will do and say anything. Is music mi a deal with and I won't allow anyone to shift my focus from that. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't make sense for me to spend a lot of time thinking or even talking about this issue. Jah teach me that you empower what you focus on, and as mi seh, music is my focus. Nobody can draw me out or try to involve me inna mix up. Anyone who has been following my career can look at me through the years and see that my locks grow natural. Its not an overnight thing. As a matter of fact, people a suffer all over the world. Mek wi focus on dem type a tings."

In response to questions as to whether he would respond in a song, the singjay laughed. "No sah! Mi nuh haffi do nuttn. Memba dat in mi song mi seh Touch not the Lord's anointed. Mi nuh haffi do a ting."

The artiste is in Orlando, Fla. preparing for a show on Friday (May 13th). He will then be heading to England next week for two shows, one in Birmingham on Friday, May 20th and on Sunday, May 22nd in London, England. He is also one of the headliners for Best of The Best in Miami on Sunday, May 29th.

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Konshens says Gyal Mi Love You to Tiana

Kingston Jamaica: Popular Dancehall/reggae artiste Konshens and fast rising female sensation Tiana have join forces to deliver a steamy sexual track tilted Gyal Mi Love You which was produced by Fams House on the Buss Out Riddim.

This track definitely has all the right ingredients that are necessary to propel the song to the top and will certainly become a favourite on the playlist of many radio disc jocks both local and international.

In the chorus of the song Konshens expresses how he feels about her seductive hip movements which make him chants "Gyal mi love you…mi love di way yuh whine…I love it when you whine for me…Gyal mi love you, gyal mi love you. Tiana then replies, "Mi love it when yuh whine pon me could a day or night mi affi get yuh body…come mix mi up like Ragashanti…no intermission inna dis yah movie….The song even got more heated in the second verse when Tiana warns Konshens that, "Tonight ago crucial…di whine yuh ago get ago feel like two gyal…no sympathy mi don't want yuh partial…yuh big package get mi approval.

Both Tiana and Konshens have reaped favorable success from their songs on the Trailer Reloaded riddim on which Konshens boasted, "di gyal dem a talk bout me…right yah now mi name stink aroad - while Tiana brags, "no man cant talk bad bout mi…cause mi name it good out a road.

According to both artistes fans can be on the look out for the Shutah Films directored video that should be out before the end of May.

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Getting To Know Muscle Emanuel

Muscle_Emanuel_reggae.jpgThe name Carl Donald Blackwood is not one with which most persons in the music business would readily identify.Yet we have heard his music and witnessed his performance.He has been making steady progress through his reflective musical observations bearing the Afrikan Bump imprint and is poised not only to make himself a significant player among the creators and performers of Jamaican music but to assist others in making a name for themselves as well.

Blackwood who is more familiar to us as Muscle Emanuel spent his early years on Orange Street in Downtown Kingston a hotbed of musical creativity. The Orange Street of Blackwood's childhood teemed with numerous record stores and entertainment personalities.It was difficult walking in that section of Kingston at the time without bumping into one of the important figures of Jamaican entertainment who would constantly traversing the thoroughfare conducting business.

Blackwood's childhood would record encounters with the likes of Leroy Smart, Ken Boothe,

Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown who would serve as influences for his eventual career choices. Yet Blackwood despite his early exposure to the music in Kingston would not come to public attention until his family moved to Spanish Town where he would attach himself to some of the popular sound systems providing entertainment in the old Jamaican capital.It was on the popular set Stereo One that he would serve notice of his intention to become an entertainer.

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May 12, 2011

Queen Ifrica Rules The #1 Spot on Hype TV Dancehall/Reggae Chart


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Vybz Kartel Releases Statement about his Hairstyle

The most talked about Vybz Kartel topic recently on "wat a gwaan pon dat gwaan" which can be found on all major websites, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and even dozens of blogs are pictures of Vybz Kartel latest hairstyle that he's sporting.

Below is a statement that was released by Vybz Kartel pertaining to his Hairstyle.

.P.S. MAVADO, ELEPHANT MAN, MACHEL MONTANO (whose hair done by the same girl who did mine) I OCTANE T.O.K. ETC HAVE ALL HAD

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"Jr. Gong" Marley Joins The Line-up Of 'Reggae 4 Japan Benefit Concert In NY

junior_gong_japan_quake.jpgNew York, New York -- Three-time Grammy Award-Winning artist Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley has officially joined the line-up of "Reggae 4 Japan," a benefit concert to support the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Effort of the American Red Cross on June 5, 2011 at the York College Performing Arts Center in Queens, New York. The addition of this world-renowned Reggae artist further solidifies the commitment of the Reggae music industry to aid Japan. "Reggae 4 Japan" is produced by Japanese sound system and ambassador of Reggae music Mighty Crown and their management team Irish and Chin with executive sponsorship from VP Records. Additional sponsorship for the concert is being provided by Irie Jam Radio (official media sponsor), Scion, Rocker's Island, 24x7 Records, Woofin', NRL, Far East Connection, Nesta Brand, Bennett Limo, Riddim Driven and Conkur Printing.

"Japan has always had a great amount of fans support Reggae music and culture through out the years," says Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley. "It's only right that we give forward to lend some support to Japan in this much needed time."

Popular Reggae artist Mr. Vegas is also new to the line-up. The singjay's involvement in "Reggae 4 Japan" injects a Dancehall element. In addition, "Reggae 4 Japan" has a roster heavy-hitting Reggae artists, who boast exceptional catalogues of music, including Freddie McGregor and the Big Ship Family (Stephen Di Genius, Chino and Laden), Maxi Priest, Tarrus Riley, Capleton, Fire Ball (Japan's #1 Dancehall/Reggae group), Tanya Stephens, Alaine, Gramps Morgan, Peter Morgan and Etana. Overall, Japan has played a strong role in the careers of most of the artists billed for the show. The artists deem their involvement with "Reggae 4 Japan" as a way of saying thanks and giving back.

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May 11, 2011

Check out Vybz Kartel's New Look



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Konshens Gave A Brilliant Performance At Wata Party


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Chris Brown Has Bi-Coastal B-Day Bash

Breezy does South Beach and Vegas

By Kimberly Walker


Though his doctor ordered him to get some rest and avoid travel at all cost, Chris Brown was determined to forget his pesky chest infection and enjoy his huge 22nd birthday bash in Las Vegas. He even made a pit stop by South Beach, Miami on Friday night, where he partied with Trina, Lil Wayne and Roscoe Dash at Club Play. The singer hit the stage, ripped off his shirt and showed off a few moves before being presented with a birthday cake designed to look like his F.A.M.E. album cover.

The next day, Brown then jetted over to Las Vegas for part two of his weekend birthday fest. Around 1am late Saturday, Breezy was welcomed by a group of screaming female fans as he entered PURE nightclub and made his way to V.I.P. After welcoming guests, the singer lost his shirt once again and posed with his second birthday cake, a graffiti-inspired sweet treat.

“I just wanna thank everyone for making this day so special! Rough roads, crazy moments, and life lessons. My love for my fans is so eternal,” Breezy later tweeted about his whirlwind weekend.

(Photo: RD/ Kabik/ Retna Digital)

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May 9, 2011

Vybz Kartel's Cake Soap Tops The Top 20 Hot Singles Chart Top 20 Hot Singles Chart


TW means This Week, LW means Last Week and WOC means Weeks on Chart
TW - LW - WOC Artiste Name ----- Song Title ---- Record Label

01 - 02 - (11) Vybz Kartel - Cake Soap - Adidjaheim/Notnice

02 - 01 - (13) I-Octane Nuh Love Inna Dem - Cashflow Records - (3wks@#1)

03 - 04 - (13) D-Major, Busy Signal & Richie Loop - Scikron Entertainment

04 - 05 - (13) Konshens - Gal Dem Ahh Talk - D&H/SubKonshus

05 - 08 - (11) Mavado - Warn Dem - Dj Frass Production

06 - 07 - (13) Tiana - Cant Talk Bad Bout Mi - D&H/SubKonshus

07 - 03 - (13) I-Octane - Puff It - Cashflow Records - (peaked@#2)

08 - 10 - (12) Shaggy ft Alaine - For Your Eyes Only - Ki-Licious Music

09 - 11 - (09) Demarco - I Love My Life - Star Kutt Pro

10 - 12 - (06) Vybz Kartel - Dancehall Hero - ZJ Chrome

11 - 06 - (13) Mavado - Stulla - ZJ Chrome - (1wk@#1)

12 - 13 - (06) Mavado - Star Bwoy – Chimney

13 - 06 - (14) Vybz Kartel - Dumpa Truck - ZJ Chrome - (2wks@#1)

14 - 14 - (09) Aidonia - Jack Hammer -- Equinoxx Production

15 - 15 - (05) Chan Dizzy - Strange Face -- Head Concussion

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Darrio Performing Live in San Pedro, Belize

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May 8, 2011

Stone Love Stands Alone For 34 Years


There are over 200 sound systems in Jamaica to date, but when the question is asked as to which is the champion and reigning king of them all, without hesitation the response is Stone Love. Stone Love made their entry into the dancehall business in 1972 and for the past 34 years it has been the sound systems with the most potent and magnetic force to pull crowds and cork any dancehall. Stone Love has recently signed a partnership with Magnum Tonic Wine.

The name Stone Love has become an international household name and it is the most sought after sound system today. Record producers, singers and Djs will do anything to hear tunes being played on the set. The dancehall massive will follow the sound to wherever end of the earth it goes to listen to the voices of their favourite entertainment idols. Stone Love is the brainchild of Winston WeePow Powell, a man that thousands of people today, hold in high esteem for his professionalism, credibility, and persistence of excellence.

During his childhood years, WeePow wanted more than anything else in the world to be the owner of his very own sound system. An ardent lover of music and growing up in Molynes Road, an area known for its regular dancehall sessions, no dance ever missed him. WeePow's mentor, singer Hopeton Lewis, who lived in the same yard as he, took him to dances everywhere which was what the young sound-inclined lad wanted.

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May 7, 2011

Vybz Kartel Replies To Shabba's None A Dem? - Listen Song

By Kon-Vick Witer

Vybz Kartel latest single titled Nuh More Than Mi has been described by many as an answer back for Shabba's None A Dem on Steven Di Genius' Pepper Riddim.

In the intro Vybz Kartel warns, "Hey bwoy don't past yuh place…nuh even up…yuh come a huff and puff like yuh evilous…a bruk yuh bruk but in god mi trust…mi nuh frighten fi people.

Controversy gets more heated when Vybz Kartel started to paint a picture of his victim.

Mr. badmind yuh nuh like how di gyal dem a seh Addi….a my time now,
Yuh fig uh sid dung yuh step up inna age now… A gaza, a gaza a run di stage now…this a nuh 90's…everything change now weh yuh ago wid yuh analog brains now…mi a di encyclopedia and yuh caan touch a page yow


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Kingston Lies About Throwing $3 000 To Fans

By radiovop

sean_kingston_performing.jpgHARARE - Jamaican rapper Sean Kingston who already has a frosty relationship with Zimbabwean journalists lied to the world on his Facebook page that he threw $3 000 to people who attended his show at the Celebration Centre on Friday and at the Glamis arena on Saturday.

“I love my fans in Africa.I just threw $3 000 in the crowd - I love to give back man, best feeling ever,” says his Facebook page.
However according to fans who attended both the Friday and Saturday shows nothing of that sort happened.

“I did not see any money. What the hell is the guy talking about. I can just tell you that the show was a boring performance, ” said Davis Takuneni, one of the fans who attended both shows.

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May 6, 2011

Mad Vibes At Fallback Bash


Lyrics and mp3

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We've never had sex before, will he cheat?


Dear Mr.Proppafix,

I am a female and I have a boyfriend in Jamaica. We've been together for almost 2 years now. I stay overseas to attend school. He has never been in a long distance relationship so I know this is hard for him. We really have feelings for each other and promise to never let anything come between us. Problem is we never have sex and all my guy friends are saying that "you are not around to comfort him so he'll turn to other females". I try my best to ignore what they are saying but then I have second thoughts. I really think this relationship will work! Do you think he will turn to other females? What should I do about this relationship? I am impatiently awaiting your reply, Please help. Please and Thanks in Advance :)


Dear friend,

Most people would say if he really loves you he will wait, but my advice to you is that you can only hope for the best. Sometimes in life we have to make decisions that may affect us negatively such as losing important things or persons, but I personally believe what is meant to be yours will be.

1) There are some guys who will cheat on you the moment you are away.

2) There are some guys who will wait no matter how it takes for you to come back home.

3) Then there are some guys who will cheat on you even when you are around.

For now you just have to hope he fits description #2. However I am not saying he won't cheat, but at the end of the day it's not right for me to advise you that he will be faithfully. I think the best possible solution is to call each other regularly or via webcam which would even be a much better method.

That's my advice young lady tek it or leave it.

Are you having an issue that you can't resolve by yourself? Need some advice? Send your emails to

You can read previous Proppa Fix letters at this link READ MORE PROPPA FIX

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Danielle Hits ER Top Ten - Ready For Best of The Best

danielle_rebel_video_clip_reggae.jpgDanielle a.k.a DI has been added to the line up of this year's Best of the Best show in Miami based on the US buzz of her new combination single, Rebel, featuring Cherine Anderson.

"I am also booked to perform at a club show in Curacao and another show alongside Gyptian in the Virgin Islands. The 'Rebel' song is opening a lot of doors for me, especially in Europe, and I am working hard on a number of new singles for Sly (Dunbar) and other producers, I am coming to take the Summer.

The single hit #6 on the ER dancehall charts last week and it has just entered the Fiwi Choice Captain Bakery charts. Danielle is known for the hit singles, 'Beat It', the top ten hit Brown Girl in the Ring featuring Beenie Man, and 'Downtown Man'.

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May 5, 2011

Alaine jumps on Mike D remix of Bruno Mars' The lazy Song

Alaine releases new single Tahrir Square

Singer Alaine has a knack for effectively translating her feelings and emotions into song. Her latest effort Tahrir Square is another such recording.

Inspired by the recent events in Cairo, Egypt, Alaine said she was deeply moved by the images that she saw. "Thousands of people gathered in Tahrir Square and peacefully and successfully protested against the 30 year tyranny of the Mubarak led dictatorship. They set an incredible example for the world to follow. Tahrir means liberation and there are many obstacles that we can overcome in our everyday life if we stand in a consciousness of liberation. Know that you are free and no chains can bind you," Alaine explained in a release to the media.

Tahrir Square was produced by Alaine and release on her 1Thirty One label. The response to the song has been nothing but positive to date.

An accompanying music video is to be directed by Ras Shac over the next few weeks.

When Mama Prays and Good Good are two recent recordings that have been released to radio. The sugar-coated ear candy with a strong message When Mama Prays was produced by Romeich Records; while the bouncy and danceable Good Good featuring Shaggy was produced by Kingyard Entertainment and Ranch Entertainment.

Additionally, Alaine is featured on the Mike D remix of Bruno Mars’ current chart hit The Lazy Song.

Said Alaine, "I am so excited about the remix. I love it and I am sure everyone can relate to those days when you 'just waan lay down star.

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Lil' Kim Refuses to Name Her Dog After Nicki Minaj

By Theboombox

nicki_minaj_lil_kim_dog.jpgThings have been relatively quiet between Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim for the past few weeks, but the latest flare-up took place on Twitter, Monday night (May 2).

Kim fired off a series of angry messages at Minaj in reply to a tweet from the Young Money rapper that reportedly read, "Lil Kim U Next." A look at Nicki's Twitter timeline will show no evidence of the tweet now, but it angered Kim enough to send her into a rage.

After asking fans to help with choosing a name for her new dog, she took aim at Minaj after followers suggested she name the pup after her rival.

"I would never name her "S---ty Garbaj"!!! My dog is way prettier than that b----!!!," she wrote. "What type of coward lame a-b---- tweets some s--- and then deletes it. REAL b-----s stand by what they say BOZO..."

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Macka Diamond says Young Fans Enjoys Nonsensical Music

Sends Strong Message to Detractors

macka_diamond_cow_foot_dance_moves.jpgDancehall artiste Macka Diamond has this to say to her detractors, “Get wid it! One is as old as he/she feels and right now my swag tun up!” Ahead of dropping a new video and launching a beef-up publicity campaign for her promising ‘Cow Foot’ track, the veteran Dancehall artiste says she acknowledge that the music industry is not the same as it was 10 years ago, "young music fans appreciate more, music grown folks believe is nonsensical" she said jokingly then continued, “from my experience you can’t ignore what the people want dem say Cow foot so a Cow foot a do it.”

Macka Diamond said she released a couple of Dancehall tracks over the past few weeks/month and personally loved a track called, “Too Much Bull Ina De Video Light” but observed that the fans loved ‘Cow Foot’ more that all the other tracks. Macka said, “a Cow Foot the people dem keep requesting ina de Dance, Shelly Belly even created a Dance for it which add to the excitement it jus run gone lef everything else.”

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May 4, 2011

Konshens Thrills Guyana


“It was total violation of my body and my innocent eyes,” Konshens said, trying hard - and failing miserably - to let his facial expression match his words. Unable to hold it back any longer, the laughter erupted and shook his whole body.

The deejay was describing the aftermath of his performance on Easter Monday for the people of Guyana, a land where reggae, dancehall and Konshens have the ability to bring out the best in music lovers. Konshens, in recognition of the huge and ever growing fan base he has secured there, took his ‘A’ game to Guyana and connected in a major way.

The concert, entitled Singers’ Anniversary, was held at the Guyana National Stadium and showcased the talents of dancehall artistes Lady Saw, Cham, Spice, Jah Vinci, Popcaan and Konshens. Thousands of hungry fans turned up to the event, which saw all the artistes representing well and flying the Jamaica flag high.

Konshens, whose single Gal Dem Talk has been one of the biggest tunes in Guyana for over a year, got full marks for showing his appreciation for the love that Guyana has given him. When he touched the stage, that was the first song he unleashed and the frenzy which it triggered was maintained throughout his entire set.

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Sanjay’s Many Hats - Musical Artiste and TV Personality

sanjay_artiste_tv_personality_reggae_jamaica.jpgFresh from completing a degree in psychology at the Florida International University, Sanjay returned to Jamaica some years ago to pursue music which is his heartbeat and one true love. Many viewed his musical ambition with skeptism, he had to be an educated uptown yute with too much time on his hands or a wannabe DJ whose interest would burn out fast. Some may even cite his current work in TV as a presenter and producer as proof of him not being serious about his music.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Sanjay, a long term planner who is always looking towards the bigger picture, is grateful for his opportunities and experience learning and collaborating with industry talents such as Luciano, Vybes Kartel, Tami Chynn, Aidonia and Ce’Cile. The knowledge he received from working with producers like Christopher Birch, Steven McGregor, Mikey Bennett and Arif Cooper has helped to broaden his musical horizons considerably and inspired him to learn about all aspects of the music.

His time behind the camera as a producer for TV shows such as The Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall has given him a keen appreciation for the value of team work and good production work. His stint before the camera as host for TVJ’s Intense has introduced his charismatic personality into the homes and hearts of thousands of Jamaicans.

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Tarrus Riley Added To Best Of The Best Line-up

Tarrus%20Riley%20current%20press%20photo.jpgWith his most recent hit Shaka Zulu Pickney currently riding the New York, South Florida, RETV and HYPE TV charts, singer Tarrus Riley is set to unleash his arsenal of hits at the 2011 staging of the Best of the Best concert in Miami on May 29.

Riley has joined the lineup of performers which includes some of the hottest names in reggae, dancehall and hip hop.

“I am looking forward to entertaining and pleasing the fans,” Riley said in a statement to the media.

New Singles
Riley’s Never Leave I single which was produced by Jordan McClure of Chimney Records, is currently creating waves across the Caribbean. It is presently number one on the reggae chart in Aruba.

“It was a pleasure working with Jordan on this track. The response to Never Leave I has been overwhelming both in Jamaica and in the Caribbean. I would like to thank the fans, the media and the radio disc jocks for their continued support of my work,” said Riley.

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May 3, 2011

Rihanna Shoots "Man Down" Video in Jamaica

by Contessa Gayles

Rihanna teased her fans with a behind-the-scenes look at her island video shoot for her new single 'Man Down,' the latest from her fifth studio album 'Loud.'
The Bajan babe chose to film the new video in Jamaica and tweeted all the way. "WELCOME TA JAMROCK!!! #projectmandown," she posted upon her island arrival. Rihanna teamed up with long-time partner in crime, director Anthony Mandler for the 'Man Down' video. Mandler began working with Rihanna in 2006 on her 'Unfaithful' video and most recently worked with the superstar on the set of 'Only Girl (In the World).' He has also worked with stars like Drake, Usher, Jay-Z, T.I. and John Legend.

"Eatin a roti, on my way to #JAMRock Rah Rah!!!!," she posted to her Twitter page on her way to the shoot (left). She tweeted another ... behind ... the scenes photo of her self in colorful, barely-there-bottoms and signature red hair with a pal "chillin on set" (right).

The singer made sure to stay relevant and on top of current events despite her mini island vacation away from the States -- she wrapped that video shoot and her series of tweets with a mash up of her 'Man Down' lyrics and a nod to the news of the Osama Bin Laden's death. "Obama Bama Bama...sry I meant, oh Mama Mama Mama, I just shot a man down #brrrap," she wrote earlier today (May 2).

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Richie Loop's Musical Takeover - What You Thinking

richie_loop_what_you_thinking.jpgRichie Loop of the Big Yard Music Label / Scikron Entertainment continues his musical takeover for 2011 by releasing not one, not two, but three new singles within one month! These three energetic releases are “Love Zone”, “Gyal Yuh Body Clean”, and “What You Thinking”.

“Love Zone” is featured on the “One Away Riddim” and “Gyal Yuh Body Clean” can be found on the “Hot Noodles Riddim”, both produced by Robert Livingston for Big Yard Music Label / Scikron Entertainment. "Love Zone" can also be found on the "Dancehall Rock" album released last month.

Expectations are especially high for “What You Thinking”, a scorching hot club banger that features Pretti Kitti and is guaranteed to get revellers moving whenever heard.

In addition to a slew of new recordings, Richie Loop continues to perform for his fans at the highest level, and this can be attested at the Jamaica International Kite Festival in St. Ann which was held last Monday. Before a crowd that numbered in the thousands, Richie Loop gave a resounded performed alongside Fambo and Ajrenalin to the satisfaction of those in attendance.

Persons can continue to expect music and performances of the utmost standard from Richie Loop at the highly anticipated Best of the Best Concert at Bicentennial Park, Miami on May 29, 2011 (Memorial Day Weekend).

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Cherine Does It "Honor-Rebel"

The Queen of Dancehall Soul set to heat up the summer with new singles

cherine_reggae_soul_queen.jpgCherine, the multi-talented Dancehall-Soul 'rebel' is making strides as one of the most refreshing young acts on the dancehall/reggae scene. She is expanding her horizons by releasing not one but seven new singles ahead of the summer's exciting party period.

Showing that she is more than versatile, Cherine varies her musical styles with these new singles. The independent women anthem "Make up Sex" is the first single to hit the streets and is already receiving strong support from fans across the globe. Cherine turns up the heat in the must see video "Make up Sex", which reveals a side of the songbird that most fans have never seen.

Cherine continues to rock the airwaves with the radio friendly hit "Rebel", a collaboration she co-wrote and performs with dj Danielle (DI). The Sly & Robbie produced hit "Rebel" is currently climbing several charts such as the Jamaica Music Countdown, and is currently # 5 on TVJ's Entertainment Report Video Chart, #3 on Hype TV's VTX Chart and recently entered FIWI Choice, CVM TV Hitlist as well as Carib Vibez TV Top Ten Video Charts.

"Fade 2 Black" and "We Don't Stop" produced by U.I.M and Dancehall Soul Productions respectively, addresses issues being faced by many Jamaicans and have been added to radio play lists in countries such as Venezuela and Kenya.

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May 2, 2011

Vybz Kartel - Ooohh Oh Here We Go

Controversial deejay Vybz Kartel’s latest single titled Summer Time is already ticked off by several local and international disc jocks as one of the ultimate party songs for this summer.

In the intro Vybz Kartel raps, "Pool partyyyyyyy…if a even di beach mi affi reach…a summer time". He then warns, if yuh a bleacha guh back home fi yuh umbrella because di sun a bun.

The song will officially be released on Vybz Kartel EP titled Gaza Don.


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Popcaan Flying Hard

popcaan_gaza_hotskull_portmore_empire_dancehall.jpgBy Krazy Katty Writer

With Summer being just two months away the Gaza Prefect Popcaan's itinerary is already overloaded with shows.

Recently Popcaan gave a "Gaza" performance in Tobago and Guyana over the weekend which had fans begging the Hotskull deejay for more. The results were no different in Suriname and French Guiana the day before.

Popcaan next scheduled performance will in Dominica alongside Gaza Slim on May 5th.

After which he will then head back to Jamaica for a series of local shows.

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Ryno Headlines International Night at Dominica's Mayfest

ryno_blak_may_fest_photos.jpgWith the Trinidad & Tobago Easter festivities now behind him, dancehall deejay Ryno (Blak Ryno) is all set to make his official debut this weekend at the annual May Fest 2011 in Dominica.

The Garrison recording artiste is booked to appear as the headliner for International Night which unravels this Sunday, May 1st at the Marigot Fisheries Complex. Other confirmed acts includes fellow Jamaican group Voicemail and local bands: X-Plus Band, Burning Flames and Triple Kay International among others.

The May 1st activities forms part of the larger four-day event now in its 5th staging and is organized by the Marigot Development Corporation. The festival is also the largest village tourism and musical undertaking in Dominica.

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