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Rihanna reveals her sexual fantasies

The R&B singer confesses to being a sexual masochist, something she is not proud of but believes to be the result of abuse she received as a child.

rihanna_dark_room.jpgR&B pop sensation Rihanna will fill the front page of the next edition of Rolling Stone magazine, within whose pages she makes some revealing confessions about her sex-life: "I live feeling like I'm somebody's girl," says the singer.

In a totally spontaneous and honest way, Rihanna opens up to the publication about her most intimate secrets: "I love to be tied up and spanked," she reveals.
"Using whips and chains is too planned... you have to stop and look for the whip. I prefer them to use their hands," she adds.

During the interview the singer also says she has to make so many decisions on a daily basis, that in her private life she likes to feel like someone else is in charge. She also declares herself a masochist, something she confesses to not being very proud of, but which she attributes to the abuse she suffered as a child.

Rihanna tells Rolling Stoneshe was just nine years old the first time she saw her father smoke crack: "I was always terrified on Friday because he could come home drunk. That was payday, and half of it went on alcohol," says the artist.
Unbelievable as it may seem, Rihanna says she lives on a diet of chips, cheetohs and KFC, though she is fully aware of the damage this could have: "your tits and ass are the first to go".

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Posted by nicky | March 29, 2011 3:05 PM

Enjoyed the whooping from CB then

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