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Dacehall Tour Skips Across The US & Canada

serani_ding_dong_skip_to_my_luu.jpgThe Edge Agency, a new venture formed by Julian Jones-Griffith and Rahim Visram, is proud to announce the roll out of the SKIP TO MY LUU TOUR 2011, one of the biggest Dancehall tours of recent times. With 36 confirmed dates, with more likely to be added, the tour kicks off this Saturday at Windsor University's annual Sports Weekend.

SKIP TO MY LUU TOUR stars an eclectic and energetic mix of what Dancehall has to offer. Producer/Musician/Artiste Serani has had phenomenal success over the last three years, including a good measure of crossover success with his hits No Games, She Loves Me and Skip to My Luu, as well as a slew of Dancehall smashes such as Study People, Stinkin Rich and Mama Still Hungry. Touring the US, Canada, Europe, Caribbean and UK, Serani has built a solid fan base with his exciting live set that has already ensured him longevity in the game.

Ding Dong first found fame as a dancer but has had major impact with hit songs Badman Forward, Skip to My Luu and smash hit Holiday. Ding Dong is known as one of the best dancers ever to come out of Jamaica, having been responsible for the invention of many signature moves that have caught fire across dance-floors worldwide. His live performance is a hot mix of music and movement and fans can expect nothing but energy from Ding Dong on this tour.

Bugle has built a reputation as one of Dancehall's top flight lyricists, with a catalogue of conscious and hard-hitting tracks, such as Journey, What Have I Done To You, Hypocrite Friend and Doh, since bursting onto the scene under the guidance of DASECA Productions. His powerful delivery and stagecraft will provide the perfect edge to Serani and Ding Dong's larger-than-life sets.

Ace Dancehall selectors Razz n Biggy are also a part of the Skip to My Luu tour and will provide early vibes before the Artists hit the stage, giving patrons a taste of an authentic Dancehall session.

"It really is a very complete package," says Edge Agency's Rahim Visram. "The Skip tour is such a positive movement and is packed with entertainment and vibes. We are confident that audiences who come to the shows will be left breathless when the night is over. Hit songs and energy from Serani, Ding Dong with his crazy dance moves, conscious vibes from Bugle and top selectors straight out of the dances of Kingston, patrons can look forward to a real feel of genuine Dancehall culture."

"Touring is essential to build an artiste's long-term career," adds Julian Jones-Griffith. "Getting these acts into these markets creates great opportunities for them and for others too. With all the criticism Dancehall has undergone recently and in such harsh economic times, the fact that we've pulled in nearly 40 shows is testament that Dancehall is alive and kicking."

The Edge Agency is currently putting together packages for a wide array of artistes, announcements of these tours and other events will be made shortly, as well as the launch of their web site

"We're open to work with any artiste that wants to work," says Rahim. "This is just the beginning and its the Edge Agency's mission to keep the Dancehall and Reggae music flag flying high, where it belongs. We have an incredible network and there are a lot of acts out there that are being under-utilised or overlooked and we think that there are a lot of opportunities that can help the industry and artists of every level."


March Canada
19 Windsor
23 Niagara Falls
24 London
26 Montreal
26 Laval
27 Scarborough
31 Oshawa

April US
1 Boston
2 Washington DC
5 New Haven
7 Nashville
8 New York (Queens)
9 Lawrence
10 Vermont
14 Hartford
15 New York (Bronx)
16 Poughkipsie
17 Waterbury
19 Atlanta
21 Jacksonville
22 Orlando
23 Edmonton (Canada)
24 Vancouver (Canada)
28 LA
29 San Diego
30 Oakland

1 Eureka
2 San Francisco
3 Santa Cruz
4 Sacremento
5 Santa Rosa
6 St Petersburg
7 Virginia Beach
8 West Palm Beach
13 Raleigh
14 Greensboro