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Bramma ‘Nuh Trus People’!

bramma_nuh_trust_people_steven_mcgregor.jpgEver Since going public with story about a robbery attempt and alleged attack on his life, Dancehall artiste Bramma has received overwhelming support from not only fans but fellow artistes, musician and members of the industry locally and internationally; of whom he wish to thank publicly.

Bramma released a track voicing his opinion of the ordeal entitled, ‘Nuh Trus People’ on the Peppa Riddim produced by Steven McGregor ; that heats up the Dancehall when selected. The track has been getting multiple spins on almost all local stations.

The feedback Bramma claim is encouraging and plans are now afoot to produce a video which he hope to have in rotation on all local television and cable stations by the end of April. “Fans are cognizant of the fact that ‘Nuh Trus People’ is a reality” says Bramma, “so to relate to such a song comes natural, you don’t haffi mek trouble, trouble finds you”. This in explaining why he thinks the song is so popular and earn the tremendous uproar it gets when selected in the Dancehall.



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Posted by nightstaka supreme | March 28, 2011 4:46 PM

bomb gad mi seh from dayone
bomb dem up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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