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Shutah Films & Lion Path Love Jamaica - Thank You

shutah_films_miami_jamaica.jpgRecently one of Miami's finest directors Shutah came to Jamaica to shoot several videos for Media House Production two of which were done in medley style featuring various artistes such as Tiana, Sotto Bless, Andrew & Wada Blood and Konshens. Tiana got a tally of four videos done while Sotto Bless got two videos.

Below Is A Note Thank You Note From Shutah Films

I would like to thank Media House ( Production for trusting in my creativity and vision during the filming of their recent projects in Jamaica. The courtesy, generosity and professionalism experienced, was truly humbling and I look forward to working on future projects. I would like to thank, in no particular order, Carlington, Sotto Bless, Tiana, Tracy, Iceburg, Linkon, Andrew Blood, Wada Blood, Konshens and everyone who participated in making these film projects a success for Media House ( Production. On the behalf of Lion Path, thank you and all the best for the New Year.

Best Regards,
Shutah Films