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Rick Ross Presents Ashes to Ashes & Mayback Jamaica

rick_ross_ashes_to_ashes-mixtape.jpgAs we Delve into the year 2011, Miami Based Rapper Rick Ross seems to be Leading the HipHop Industry into an Unprecedented Era of Greatness. Rick Ross, who dominated the music charts throughout most of 2010, has taken his competitive genius to the next level. Ross has distinguished himself from most rappers and other musicians by stamping his name on a movement and branding it with "Total Success"!

Rick Ross alongside his artist Magazeen, has formed MayBach Jamaica, which is a movement geared at placing reggae artists on the same competitive platform as their musical counterparts of other genres. Rick Ross made this vision clear when he signed Magazeen, the very 1st dancehall artist signed to MayBach Music Group. Following this genius idea, Rick Ross went on to do a musical collaboration with Jah Cure and Mavado, a hit record entitled "Like I See it", which evidences the growing unity among HipHop and Reggae Artists, as evidenced by the recent recording sessions with rapper Busta Rhymes and Vybz Kartel.

HipHop emerged from the Sound System culture of the Island of Jamaica, through HipHop's "Founding Father" Kool Herc, who came from Kingston Jamaica and took the style of "Toasting" which is talking or rapping over instrumentals and brought it to the Bronx, New York where HipHop was born! Thirty years later, Rick Ross has pioneered the effort to tie the two Musical communities together once again.

Rick Ross has ended the year 2010 with the release of the Final MixTape of the year, entitled "Ashes to Ashes", which seems to symbolize the "End" of an Era (Ashes symbolizing the end of life), and the Dawn of a New Era! Ross has worked with some chart topping artists this year such as: Chrisette Michele, Drake, Jah Cure, Mavado, Estelle, etc. His work is proving that music on a whole is fast approaching a Dawn of Light, which brings a Breath of Fresh Air from the direction of the music of yesterday! In his newest MixTape "Ashes to Ashes", he has a song entitled "Even Deeper", which hits home with the idea that music is the property of none, but belongs to all, and his efforts alongside many others in the Island of Jamaica and abroad are leading the way and blazing a trail for more entertainers to take their music beyond the scope of their personal experiences and translate that creative energy in the direction of bringing music to a state of pure "Genius" where all embrace it regardless of skin color, financial success, or gender, but instead a music that unites the soul with "Mystic" relationship it has to voice and sound!