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Future Fambo Ready For Sting

future_fambo_sting_performance.jpgComeback Kid, Future Fambo, whose career has seen a fruitful resurgence in 2010, is getting ready to perform on one of the biggest shows this season - Sting.

The deejay sees this as a great way to close off a year in which he has performed in every parish across the island, several Caribbean territories, North America and Europe.

With his monster hit, Rum and Red Bull racing up charts and claiming number one spots locally and internationally, Fambo, the self-titled Drunken Master of the Dancehall, has been kept very busy, not only by performing, but also in the studio voicing follow-up songs.

Fambo’s studio efforts have paid off handsomely and singles including Swagaholic, Pop Bottle, and This Life have found favour with fans locally, in the Diaspora and the Caribbean. Even Fambo himself has been surprised at the popularity of the songs when he performs overseas and fans sing them word for word.

“This year has been really a great one for me. I give thanks for the blessing - nuff nuff blessings - and the love from the fans,” he said humbly.

He added that he has invested in his career and has done music videos for some of his singles, the last such video being This Life, which was premiered last month.

“Right now it’s all about Sting. Last year this time I had no idea that I would be considered for this show in 2010, but when your time comes nothing can stop it. You just have to take advantage of it and keep your focus,” he declared, adding that his last Sting performance was five years ago.

Does Future Fambo have any surprises for his fans at Sting?

“Well, you know I am the Drunken Master, never sober,” he said with a laugh. “Seriously though, fans can expect the best of Future Fambo. The usual high energy performance combined with good music and lots of swagga,” Fambo promised.

Sting, the annual Boxing Day gala, is scheduled for Jamworld in Portmore, St Catherine on December 26.