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Eddie Murphy Dies: Death Rumors Get Old

Posted by Tim Smith
robotceleb News

eddie_murphy_alive_rumors_death_celebrity.jpgEddie Murphy is the first online death today as rumors that the actor has died run rampant.

Eddie Murphy died is already trending today as the same idiot who started the Aretha Franklin, Charlie Sheen and Adam Sandler death rumors is at it again. It is really getting old that I have to write these articles up daily to extinguish a stupid ass death hoax.

For the gullible ones that already believe Eddie Murphy died, he did not. Murphy is very much alive and well and did NOT die in a damn ski accident. Much like yesterdays Aretha Franklin, Charlie Sheen and Adam Sandler death rumors; the Murphy one is clearly a hoax.

You may all go back to your regularly scheduled work days as Eddie Murphy has not died, he is alive and well.