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Waggy Tee Weighs In On The Genesis

genesis_riddim_daseca.jpgAs DASECA's Genesis riddim surpassed all expectations and became the third best-selling (iTunes) album of all new Reggae album releases on day one of its digital release, Floridian Reggae - icon radio DJ Waggy Tee - voiced his opinion on the way the Genesis was marketed and promoted:

"I hope we can take this whole industry back to where it was beneficial for everyone, first up the producers," said Waggy Tee, who premiered the Genesis on Miami's 99 JAMZ station last week. "Any service or input I can give in this new movement to improve our music (reggae, dancehall) to make it official and proper I am willing to give assistance," continued Waggy Tee, echoing the sentiments of many people in the industry since DASECA announced three weeks ago that they would be promoting their riddim in a structured way.


"So much years I have fought with corporate to respect our music and add it in rotation for airplay," lamented Waggy. "But end up in a wall because of so much low quality production (non mixed & mastered) circulating around and no direction in promotion, no managing & production department to call or talk to about their music. It’s so unreal, and to the crossover market they look at our music as not ready for prime time since we don't have our shit together (organized). Anyway i could go on & on and sound like a broken record (cliche) about the past 10 years of our music and industry it’s sad that we still haven't gotten the formula yet to compete in the market."

With several other Jamaican production houses also structuring releases in a similar way, it seems their may be a new movement in Dancehall and Reggae to address the ailing sales and lack of proper marketing/promotion by the traditional Reggae labels. Genesis rididm is available on iTunes, Amazon, Juno and all other digital retail stores now.


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J mobz:
Posted by J mobz | March 24, 2010 8:35 PM

Great news this is the only wAy dancehall will get where it should have been bc Jamaica to me is out of this world bc we produce so much good tunes and in the past may be right at this moment our music is a bit weak but to tell u the truth if we buy our own music it will get bigger bc more record company will sign Jamaican company will sign Jamaican music and if good record company sign us they can easily get us the air play we need to become main stream that mean we can see more of our song on bet MTV and urban radio more Oren.big up Jamaica cut out the gun tune dem .daseca great move I'm gnja get my copy on I tune now. Jamrock mi love u bad cut out the crime and mek more investment run yard and we will get jobs then I'll return

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