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Ikaya Drops Money Ova Man video to rave reviews


Directed by the ultra-talented Scorpio 21 team, the video depicts Ikaya as a money-hustling go-getter who has her priorities down to a tee: ice over wedding rice. The video kicks off with her stepping out of a posh two storey house, briefcase in hand, and straight into a waiting limousine. TO WATCH VIDEO CLICK HERE

Her destination? A St. Andrew hillside overlooking the Corporate Area where she's making a daytime transaction, a briefcase of US dollars for her latest CD. After that, she returns to her tricked-out home for a bubble bath.

Ikaya shows off a number of striking looks during the video. There is a scene where she is in a darkened room on an executive swivel chair and as the camera approaches, she swings around, cigar in hand, and begins to deejay. She looks like the ultimate female hustler. And just in case,

you felt that move was too butch, she steps into a body-hugging bikini where her ample breasts strain against the fabric. After a dip in her pool, she lounges in a chaise, in iced-out wrist wear, sipping on expensive Nuevo and a slobbering, pampered pitbull at her feet. Damn, girl!
Ikaya is the essence of crazy-sexy-cool all throughout the video and she rocks several different outfits and sports different looks, her lips inviting and promising..., well, everything. Check it out. Open your mind, and Ikaya will follow.



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Posted by Sherine | March 24, 2010 10:09 AM

Video & song mad

Posted by Mistyblue | March 25, 2010 6:21 PM

Ah just aint feelin dat girl... sorry

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