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Full House at Acropolis For In-Digg-Nation


Slot machines were not the only things being played at the Acropolis Gaming Lounge last Friday night. Drums were being struck and guitars were being strummed as well. It was as though members of In-Digg-Nation manipulated the very air in the building. For all the net worth of the venue, the priceless energy could not be purchased. Protoje, stepped on stage at around 8:30pm to let the crowd know that it was going to be ‘Dread.’

"The entire performance was one of the most memorable occasions in the history of Acropolis,” said Brian George, President and CEO of Supreme Ventures, which owns the establishment. "The size of the crowd speaks for itself but what is more significant is the positive vibes that Protoje generates on stage."



During the second song, 'On The Road,' one could notice a group of middle-aged businessmen nodding their approval at Protoje's fresh approach to lyricism. When author and lawyer, Yvonne McCalla Sobers started dancing on stage to the sounds of Inilek Wilmot's ‘Africantic,’ the crowd was in full frenzy.

A brief intermission was followed by ‘Arguments’ by popular demand. Soon thereafter, Protoje dismissed himself to introduce his alter-ego, Diggy, a repeat occurrence of his December 2009 event, The Seven Year Wish. That segment was geared towards addressing social issues including the illegality of marijuana.

Protoje's set included an appearance by Janine ‘Jah9’ Cunningham, who performed her current singles, 'Warning’ and ‘Keep Holding On.’ She also provided her vocals for the encore duet, ‘Grow’ which is expected to be on Protoje's upcoming album, The Seven Year Itch. Jason Lee Worton also put his magic touch on the proceedings.

Interestingly, a very wide cross-section of society was represented in the audience. It would have been difficult for one to label the crowd except to say that it consisted of genuine lovers of good music. Not only were there the young and the old but also a unique balance of artists, corporate heads and intellectuals who turned out primarily to observe Protoje and the In-Digg-Nation movement in action.


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Posted by Pierre | March 20, 2010 10:26 AM

Great show by Protoje and company.

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